A New Beginning

Disclaimer: This story contains sex between 2 men in their early 20s if this offends you or is illegal where you live please leave now otherwise enjoy.
Summary: This story is about a 25 year olds cultural scientist named James from Philidelpia. In 1785 Under order of the congress he leaves his home in order to live among the Oneida Native Americans for one year. However during the first few days of his study James falls madly in love with his Native American mentor Light Foot. Will James and Light Foots love blossom will the 2 of them find happiness and how will they deal with the challenge of being gay in 18th century America.
At 25 James Martin was one of the most revolutionary cultural experts in the newly formed nation of The United States Of America. He had pioneered a technique called field observation which challenged the old ways of cultural studies. Contrary to the old ways of studying books and other documents from a society James preferred to live among them. He would immerse himself in their culture learning every detail he could about it. He found this the most effective way to study culture as it allowed him to learn quirky little facts that could not be learned from books. James had perfected this technique during the American Revolutionary War. Commissioned by the congress he infiltrated the British held Philadelphia and installed himself as a loyalist aristocrat. From his numerous dinners and balls with high ranking officials of the British army he had found that they were very overconfident and took the Americans rather lightly. James noted that the British army ran on a strict set of rules and that unconventional warfare such as sabotage was never considered. He thought it rather arrogant that the British expected the colonials to fight the same way and almost laphed at the fact that the British where surprised and baffled when the colonials didn’t. After that winter James reported back to the congress. He told them about the British army’s refusal to use unconventional or as the British referred to them Ungentlemanly tactics and stressed that if the colonials where to win this war it would be by picking away at the strength and moral of the British army with these tactics.

After the Revolution and the independence of the United States his report on the British went public and he was hailed as a hero a genius of his craft. The Boston globe had called him a pioneer and the people embraced his unique style.

Once again James Martin stood in Independence hall listening to why his services where once again needed. It had been 2 years since the Treaty of Paris signing in 1783 and the Congress of the Confederation had finally gotten its act together. Having settled European concerns and governmental establishment the congress had finally turned its head to expansion. A new ordinance which detailed conditions for new states to be admitted to the Union had just passed and it appeared that expansion was going well. However the congress knew that the Native Americans posed the most significant problem to U.S expansion and since no reasonable solution could be constructed the most reasonable thing to do would be to conduct a cultural study in order to better understand the native government and way of life.

“Mr. Martin you are to spend one year living among the people of the Oneida tribe they will teach you the workings of their everyday life as well as their government. You are to take detailed notes and write down everything you see as relevant. In one year’s time you will return to Philadelphia and report your findings back to this congress.”

“Just one thing congressmen who are the Oneida I have yet to hear of them.”

“The Oneida tribe is a moderate size Native American group in upstate New York.  They where one of our allies during the revolution and volunteered for this study. I can assure you that they are a gentle people and will treat you well Mr. Martin.  You may have the rest of the night to gather your things and a wagon will be at your house tomorrow morning to pick you up.”

“I just want to thank this congress for bestowing such an honorable and important task upon me and for paying me such a gracious salary. I hope my report will live up to your expectations.”

As the Congress moved on to other business James excused himself and left Independence hall. As he moved out onto the street the sun was just begging to set and it cast a glow on the nearby harbor. James would miss Philadelphia in the next year but he was proud to have an important role in the government of his new nation.

As he walked through the door of his apartment his landlady greeted him with a big smile saying she was so sad to see him go.

James walked into his room and packed any last minute items. He wasn’t bringing much as the Oneida tribe was suppose to supply him with anything he needed. In fact all he was bringing was food and a change of clothes for the trip from Philadelphia to fort Washington New York which was at least a week away.

James lay down in his single bed. James had never married. He had always blamed his work saying that it would be impossible to take care of a family and do field work at the same time however he had just never found a woman that he had any attraction to and while it was a strange thing in the community his expertise overshadowed any negatives of this.

Light foot was as you could say a strange case. At 20 seasons old he still had not taken a squaw something most males did at 15. He didn’t talk about women like the other warriors and didn’t seem to have any interest. However his one keystone was his diplomacy. For 5 years Light foot had proved himself one of the best negotiators in the tribe. He had been key in several alliances between other tribes as well as the white settlers. He had learned English from an early age and was one of the swiftest negotiators the Oneida had. It was no surprise when the council overwhelmingly picked him to be the mentor to the one called James who would be observing the tribe for the next year. He was to teach James every aspect of Oneida life.

Light Foot galloped on about 10 miles from fort Washington. He loved the feeling of the summer wind blowing agents his body as he rode. It sort of put him at peace with the earth

James Martin sat inside fort Washington waiting for the Oneida representative to arrive. He had had a nice trip up from Philadelphia. The fort itself was in a very secluded area on the edge of New York hundreds of miles away from any large city however he found the quiet atmosphere calming and a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia. Just then he heard a horse gallop up to the fort gate. It stopped then rode on through. A few second later a Cornel came into the fort with a Native American warrior.

“Sir may I present to you Light Foot the representative from the Oneida tribe.”

A little taller than James Light Foot was about 6 feet in height.  He had shoulder length strait black hair that seemed to blow in the wind. He had a pointy face and his skin was a brownish color like the rest of the east coast natives. He was the most built man James had ever seen as his arms and chest seemed to be building with muscle. His legs no doutably strong from a life of riding where as big as small tree trunks. His feet where bear in fact the only piece of clothing he wore was a small breech cloth.

“You must be Mr. Martin of the Americans your reputation precedes you. My people are honored to have the chance to work with you.”

“Why thank you sir and I hope that my work may lead a better understanding between our people.”

“My people hope the same we strive to live in a world where the Americans and Oneida people live as friends.”

“Well if you are I am all ready to go.”

“Of course my horse is just outside we have many miles to ride before sunset.”

Light foot walked out of the building back towards his horse and James couldn’t help but stare at his strong muscular legs.

“Mr. Martin if you have any trouble with them savages you just come right back here and well take care of em for you.”

“Thank you Cornel but I think ill bee just fine.”

“Well good luck to ya.”

James walked out of the building to the fort gate where Light Foot was already mounted on his horse.

James hopped up on the back of the horse and Light Foot kicked her lightly sending them forward into the forest.

About 2 hours into their journey Light Foot stopped the horse apparently in the middle of nowhere.

“Why are we stopping?”

“Where almost in Oneida territory. It’s time for you to change clothes you dressed like that would probably get us both killed.”

James hopped off the horse obediently as Light Foot took out a second breechcloth from a sattle bag.

“Ok here is how you put on a breechcloth. You tie the belt to your waist, then you take the cloth and tuck it under the front part of your belt, then (lifting the front of his breechcloth) you take the remaining cloth and pull it over your crotch up covering your backside and tuck it over the other half of the belt tying both ends down. You got that?”

“Yea I should be able to do it.”

To Light Foot’s surprise the white man put the breechcloth on perfectly with no trouble. Light Foot put James clothes in the sattle bag as now he too was clad in only a breechcloth. James though not as fit as himself was in pretty good shape as his chest muscles could be seen. For some reason seeing James in a breechcloth gave Light Foot a tingling feeling in his crotch that he didn’t quite understand.

James hopped back up on the horse and the Journey continued.  

“You know I can see why you Indians like these things I mean my body feels so free it’s great.”

“  You white men don’t know what you missing buried under all those clothes. I wouldn’t have it any other way than this.”

James and Lite Foot arrived in the Oneida camp just before sunset. James was amazed by the complexity of the camp. There were hundreds of tipis set up in clear defined rows with breaks in-between every now and then. The result was that roads where created and traffic of the camp could move freely.  It seemed at least as well designed as the city of Philadelphia maybe even better. Light Foot rode the horse over to the stable area tying her up and patting her on the back.

“The chief is expecting you for dinner tonight he wants to welcome you to the tribe. Now he doesn’t speak any English so I will be translating for you. Now when you enter the chief’s tipi you must bow like so the same while exiting. Other than that just be yourself.”

Light Foot lead the way up what seemed to be the main street until they came to a large tipi at the end. James followed Light Foot in and bowed upon entering. James took a seat directly across from the chief while Light Foot sat to his right. The chief and Light Foot immediately started talking in a dialect that James couldn’t make heads or tails of. After a few minutes Light Foot turned to James and started translating back.

“The chief says that he is honored to have you hear as our guest. He says he is well aware of the reason why you are hear and he hopes that you can play an integral part in the alliance between our 2 nations. Now he would consider it a great honor if you would accept this first meal as his token of appreciation.”

“Of course”

Light Foot translated this back to the Chief who shouted out an order and within a few seconds a young woman carried in a bountiful meal.

The meal really was great. It consisted of buffalo meat chicken and a half a dozen vegetables that James didn’t recognize but was sure he would come to know. Over the meal talk of both American and Indian policy was discussed as well as some personal matters but most important of all James really felt like he was welcome. At the conclusion of the meal a peace pipe was smoked between the 3 men before James and Light Foot departed.

By the time they left the Chiefs tipi it was pitch black outside however the light from the fires inside the tipi’s lit the way. James followed Light Foot through the infinite maze of the tent city until they reached a dark tipi on the outskirts of the encampment. He followed Light Foot into

the dark tipi and sat down on the ground. Light Foot immediately went over to the fire pit and started a small fire for both warmth and light.

“Well this is my home. I have everything I need right here. As you can see I have my bow and arrow and tomahawk collection you will learn much more about those tools tomorrow, and I have my bearskin blanket witch I captured myself. You may share that with me you will find it gives great warmth and comfort for sleeping. It may seem a bit simple to you but this is all I need to live and be happy. By the way your journal and writing supplies are in the corner over there I know you requested them as a necessary part of your work.”

James immediately went over to the sattle bag in the corner and started rummaging through it. He found his journal, ink and quill and immediately started taking notes.

The natives seem like a very friendly bunch they welcomed me with open arms. They also make smart use of the land their homes are compact and small but efficient. They arrange them in rows with breaks every 20 or so making an efficient street. They defiantly seem smarter than we previously gave them credit for and seem to know how to work and hunt this land very efficiently.

James closed the book putting the Journal, quill and ink back into the bag. He turned around and was surprised to see that Light Foot had taken off his breechcloth and was hanging it on a line dangling from the ceiling leaving him completely exposed.

Although he was embarrassed to admit it James was very impressed with Light Foot’s butt. It seemed as if every muscle was toned to the max as there were several areas on the 2 huge round globes where the muscles made a dent distorting the roundness and adding to the beauty.

Light Foot turned around bringing his genitals into full view. James who had never seen a naked native before studied Light Foot carefully and was quite impressed. Light Foots penis was about 6 inches in length the brown uncut skin reaching all the way around the head stopping just before the pee hole. His balls hung in a huge sack that was just as long as his penis adding to the sheer girth of his manhood. The fire played upon his brown skin nicely bringing this scene in and out of shadow giving it a mysterious look. As fire danced back on Light Foot James noticed the bush of black curly pubic hair surrounding his genitals. The thick ring of pubic hair almost look like a main on a lion giving Light Foot a fierce look even while totally naked. James still couldn’t believe that Long Foot was comfortable exposing himself like that.

“You really feel comfortable exposing yourself like that to me?”

Long Foot looked over at James with a casual look.

“Nudity really isn’t a big deal with us natives. It seems to be only you whites that have a problem with it. It’s part of our tradition and belief system. You see by baring myself I am giving thanks to the animal that died to bore me this covering. I am inside my own tent not threatened by Mother Nature, enemies or before elders so this covering is not needed. Our beliefs state that we must pay respect to the animal’s that died to give us these coverings by treating them with the most gentle of care and using them when only absolutely necessary. This is one of our most important laws so if I am in my own tipi for an extended period of time I must bare myself to pay my proper respects I expect you to do the same.”

James watched as Light Foot walked over to his sleeping mat watching his brown penis and balls sway from side to side like a penjelum in a clock. He couldn’t explain it but he felt a tingling feeling in his own crotch and started to get aroused. He wondered how Light Foot kept from getting “excited” in this situation.

Light Foot already under the thick bearskin blanket said

“You coming to sleep yet? You are welcome to share my blanket.”

“Yea I guess so I am tired from today.”

“You can hang your breechcloth on that line over there.”

James still wasn’t thrilled about having to be naked in front of his native host or having to share a blanket with the naked man but he didn’t see a choice in either matter so he hung his breechcloth on the line and got under the blanket with Light Foot. He had to admit that he felt kind of aroused even sexually charged being just a few inches from his hosts bare penis and he couldn’t help but wonder why he never felt this way for a woman. This was his last thought as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Light Foot couldn’t help but stare at that perfectly round white ass that slept not 3 inches away from him and although he knew that he was only suppose to feel this way about squaws he always felt a certain amount of arousal towards white men.

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