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Aside from all manner of homosexual behavior, I have one additional warning.  There is occasional mention of drug use characteristic of the time period.   I promise that it is only incidental here and there and not constant. It was not included to proselytize but only for the sake of authenticity. 

My apologies for the delay but I had to complete a long neglected story.

Continued upon request:

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June, 1912, The New Age:

The three of us moved in my dead mother's townhouse almost immediately.  I had her room cleaned then locked and bolted the door.

Having a chat with Peter, I suggested that maybe he should consider quitting his job at Western Union. The ever cagey Peter gave me a side glance to assess my hidden motives. 

I spoke candidly, "Well, with telephones becoming more and more ubiquitous, it might bring hard times to telegram delivery, especially local ones being delivered one place to another within the city itself. Anyway, we are going to get our own telephone this coming week."

Peter was giving me a suspicious look as if my relationship him was full of tricks and traps.  He didn't really need an excuse to quit but as usual he was holding out for a deal.

"I need you to manage the various contractors I've engaged in modernizing the house.  Someone to make sure they are doing the job properly.  All the gas lighting must be torn out, so that the entire house can be electrified and the kitchen must be rebuilt,.. Peter, I desperately need your help."

I knew that he really wasn't experienced, but one has to start some time. "How is $8 dollars a week?"

He almost took the offer but held himself back and resumed his pensive gaze.


Many laborers do not get this much digging ditches all week and his current job would be less if we didn't count his tips.

"$12.75, but Peter, that is my final offer."

"In gold?"

His mischievous smile returned and the deal was done.

This was the perfect time for me to advance my own needs and take hold of his wiry body.  Feeling his crotch and running my hand between his legs and through his behind might provoke him but Peter had to be convinced.  He had to be talked into doing what he really wanted all along.  If I didn't play this delicate game with him I would run the risk of having him lose interest. He required a new seduction every time we sexually engaged.  It kept our tryst always new, thrilling and interesting.    

We kissed deeply putting him on the verge of giving in.  Both of us had lowered our pants and were mutually stroking our cocks.  I loved what a sweaty boy he was.  My cock was absolutely rigid. 

"Peter, just take my cock into your mouth and soothe me a little.  I promise to hold back my jizum and I will not trouble your rear-end if you do me this small favor."

It was a delicious comedy and we were both playing our parts.  Once he complied as a special favor just for me, I rubbed and fingered his dirty hole and lavished it with spit.

Peter protested but offered not the slightest resistance. "Go ahead, treat me like a woman, rob me of my manhood and stick your big ole cock up my shitty asshole if that's what you want but remember you'll owe me a debt if you do."

While penetrating him and building towards a perfect rhythm, I brushed his cheek and whispered into his ear. "Peter, I shall care for you and all your needs forever and ever."

Peter responded with a cool and clever smile.


On an inspection tour that lead us down to the back entrance, there was a horse stall and room for a carriage, but instead, there was a tall black contraption.

Peter said, "It's a Baker Electric."

Billy jumped up and opened the door and climbed in. He was followed by Peter and myself.  The inside was done up like a lady's vanity with gray velvet cushions and tasseled trim.  I wondered what possessed my mother to buy such a thing?

Peter tried the switches and moved the tiller.  "The battery is exhausted, it won't run."

There was a cluster of menacing wires fastened to the wall next to the vehicle that I expect was for a charging device but it had already been bypassed for the coming electrification of the rest of the house.

Knowing how unpredictable and mysterious electricity was I said, "Peter, please don't touch any of that!"

"Edmund, this is a ladies automobile I don't want to be seen being transported in something like this..let me look for something fast and sporty and I'll be your driver."

Knowing Peter he'd probably want an additional pay check for the service.  We both agreed and I asked him to run an advertisement putting the old thing up for sale.

Billy still sitting at the tiller said "I like it!"


July 4th 1912, Myles Koenig comes to visit:

My boyhood friend Myles, graduated from the Naval College and was immediately offered a commission in the American Navy, but through his father's connections, was instead considering accepting a commission offered to him by the Imperial German Navy. (Kaiserliche Marine)

Myles spent most of the last 4 years in Germany and has become not only fluient in the German but easily accepted into Prussian aristocratic society.  This was mainly due to his handsome and dashing personality. He was sexually liberal and made no secret of it.  I would like to claim some responsibility for this latter fact.   

When he arrived both his parents were still on holiday and not due home until the next day.  I invited him for supper and to introduce him to Peter and Billy.  I also suggested that he stay with us instead of an empty and lonely apartment.  

The same age as I, Myles had grown up to be a well built and extraordinary handsome.  He had become a man full of Teutonic arrogance and self confidence. In his startling blue eyes was the suggestion that we rekindle our sexual relationship without pause.  Upon our initial conversation Myles didn't hide the fact that he had a thing or two to show me. 

During the evening meal, both boys were polite and mannerly but they were captivated by Myles' heroic stories and personal bravado. His conversation was imposing and jocular. He was not the shy giggling Myles I once known.

Addressing an enthralled Peter, he said. "I bet you have good luck with the ladies, but remember never tell them you love them, always keep them guessing,.. and never put your cock in the proper hole unless you want to be a father."

This was followed by vaguely tense laughter largely because of Myles' overbearing personality.

It is certainly possible that Myles had calculated the nature of our triple relationship but nothing was said.  Consequently I put the boys in my room and I brought up wine and pastries and planed on spending the night sharing tales of old times in the large front guest room with Myles.   

Myles stripped to the waist exposing to me the finest example of manhood I had ever seen. He made muscles with his arms and strutted around the room. Even though my preference was towards boys, I was impressed.

"Und here is the best part."

He opened his pants and lowered his underwear. Lifting his large scrotum with one hand he held up a very large cock with the other.

"How do you like that?"

I was both impressed and intimidated.  He moved up closer stroking it into an erect state.  Pulling down his foreskin revealed a large bulbous head and offered it to me. 

"Come Edmund,  It will feel wonderful at the back of your throat."

Conjuring up my innate tendency for a rude and pornographic experience combined with the distant familiarity with Myles, the person,  I sucked stroked it to an even more impressive erection.  His ample foreskin retracted until it completely vanished

He wanted to attempt penetration but it looked much too large for me to accommodate.  Myles insisted and using butter from the pastry tray he loomed over me like a giant and pushed his advantage.. 

His voice was booming. "How do you like that!"

He went on and on and on until I was in ruins. 

In the morning, knowing that I would not see him again for some time we hugged and reaffirmed our friendship.

He commented on my two boys saying that he would like to have both of them for a night.  Not deny him but more to protect them, I said, "Myles you wouldn't put our friendship in jeopardy now would you?"

Myles was planning marriage into Prussian nobility.  He bragged that in spite of marriage he intended to keep a pied-à-terre in Berlin so that he could continue to fuck boys.  I can only describe Myles' obsession with physical culture and manliness as sort of an affectionate brutality.  I think this is why I prefer boys and not older men.

Continued upon request:

jet2larkin  at  Jeemale dot kom---- (reinterpret)