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Aside from all manner of homosexual behavior, I have one additional warning.  There is occasional mention of drug use characteristic of the time period.   I promise that it is only incidental here and there and not constant. It was not included to proselytize but only for the sake of authenticity. 

Addendum: The chronology pertaining to the first world war is fairly accurate in terms of days and dates.

Addendum 2: I know that the readers here are primarily interested in the sexual parts as I am, but this has evolved into a genuine story that will soon need resolution leaving all happy and satisfied at its conclusion so know that this is my intention and bear with me.

New York 1912” by Larkin all rights reserved

Continued upon request:

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March 1918:

I followed the news and was very fearful that the U-boats would get the American troop ship that Peter might be on.  The thought weighted on me in the middle of the night.  By the end of February I received a letter.  It had been opened and pasted shut.  Inside was a deplorable collection indecipherable chicken scratches.  I was so glad that he was safe.

Dear Edmund and Billy,

I'm here and it is all very exciting.  I knew that you was all worried about the boat gettin torpedoed.  I've made some great friends. 

Edmund stop being such a ponce.  That's a new word I learned from the English.  They call me a Yank.

Peter McGuire.  Corporal, First Class, AEF

The letter was a relief. I was so fearful about the North Atlantic passage. 

I put my arms around Billy who was looking fresh and innocent on this morning and said. "Peter is a real survivor.  He has the instinct to stay out of harm's way."

Once he made it safely across the Atlantic, I intentionally stopped reading the paper concerning news about the war.

Having these boys come into my life has made me vulnerable and sentimental.  I had never been so susceptible to emotional feelings of love before and I am not sure how it happened.  When Billy and I would be together, our close physical contact would frequently slide into intense sexual congress. We would give each other what we wanted and needed but inside I had the growing fear that somehow it  might all slip away and I would find myself alone.  Billy gave me no reason to feel this way but he was growing up and I knew he would he change.   He was now in his senior year and would be graduating soon.  He is already enrolled in Columbia, starting in the Fall. 

~Old Haunts

During the week days, with nothing to do and with the ever trying Peter gone off to war, I was on my own again.  I didn't attempt to operate the Marmon automobile because of all the worry it gave me so I willingly returned to the public transit and the subways.  If I was a professional at anything, it was  observing people.  My natural haunt was my old neighborhood of Greenwich Village, specifically in the vicinity of my pieds-à-terre.  After the three of us moved uptown, I had only visited rarely.   

I noticed a beautiful dark, Mediterranean smile and surprisingly, it was one of recognition.  I wasn't exactly sure because he was much taller now.   An Italian boy standing on the corner, poorly dressed but of healthy peasant stock.   

"Mr. Edmund, don't you remember me?"

It was Joey, the son of the fruit vendor from 7th avenue. "Of course I do Joseph, how have you been?"

"Mr., I look for you all the time but you have been gone."

 "I know, I moved uptown."

He fell in along side of me and we headed in the direction of my old apartment on West 10th St.  I put the key in the lock and we entered the small apartment.

"Joseph, let me look at you.  You are growing tall and so beautiful."  He soaked up all my compliments.

Smiling,  he raised his arms up high in an act of luxury as if trying to touch the ceiling.  I carefully pull off his shirt. His lose pants fell to the floor and he stepped out of them naked.  His entire body was the warmest brown. Flat, undefined chest and belly made him like a graceful sculpture from the past.  His penis hung curved and slightly suspended over his full scrotum and it was much larger than I remembered it. 

He climbed on me and curled himself up and then extended arms and legs and his warm body in the most familiar act of affection. 

"Mr. Edmund, I wish my father was like you."

He slipped his hand down into my pants and then moving so close, looking into my eyes, extended his sweet tongue till we kissed.  

He doted on me, pushed my clothes aside and then sucked on my cock. 

He looked up at me and said, "Are you gonna fuck me?  I want you to."

After a most intense resolution, leaving me unsure who was more spend, Joseph or me.  He lay naked and still erect on my bed.  I returned with bread, cheeses and spiced meats and some red wine.  Not long after we ate, drank and talked, we started it all over again, only slower this time, savoring each other's scent and taste.

I examined Joey's shoes and I could see sunlight through their soles.  His feet were calloused but the worn shoes were no protection against the cold.  In the closet I found a sturdy pair that had belonged to Peter and we were both pleased to see that they fit.  Also in the closet were other old clothes of Peter's and I considered giving them all to Joseph but I couldn't bare seeing Joseph in all of Peter's clothes.   It seemed like a bad omen to dress him up as if he was a replacement.  Instead I gave him some of my old clothes and a good coat, too big for him, that I no longer wore.  

I gave him some lose silver coin and a gold piece that unless he was robbed, should take care of him until the weather starts getting warmer.


April 8th, Monday:

Billy was staying home from school so that we could go downtown to Wall Street to see the war bond rally. He knew how much I loved Charlie Chaplin. Fairbanks and Pickford were to be there too.  They were more properly called Liberty Bonds and of course I would buy a war bond but the idea of earning 4, 1/2 interest on war was offensive to me. I would only do it to support Peter and planed to give it to him when he returned home.

We took the subway and found it so blocked with people that we thought it better to get off at Canal and walk towards Wall Street, but the closer we got the more and more crowded it became. 

Billy was excited. "Oh come on Edmund, we've come this far!"

The sea of people got thicker and thicker.  The air was festive but with uncertain tension.  Both sides of Wall Street and Nassau Street were barricaded by police who were only letting in people who were well dressed or known to them.  A policeman signaled Billy and I in and the barricade opened and then closed up behind us.  Billy was eager and had been swept up in the fever of the crowd.  The objective was to witness the event of seeing real motion pictures stars and to sample a moment in history.  Billy would look back at me to make sure I was still trailing him.  The expression on his face was one of brilliant astonishment of where he was and what was happening. 

If I had been alone I might have fled for fear of anarchists or Bolsheviks using the event to make a dramatic statement at the expense of human life. 


Sometime in September 1918:

Billy hardly ever slept in the studio.  I am grateful that he preferred to be in with me.  The bedroom was dark and I am sure it was during the wee hours.  It was when the desire for sex hits you out of a deep sleep and there is someone warm and curled up next to you.  Without even waking him I availed myself of his smooth body.  Softly stroking his cock and bringing it to life, he has regained consciousness and he reached out and puts his arms around me.  He is so receptive and my rigid cock slides up and into him.  Our motions are slow and complementary, demonstrating an adoring mutuality. 

I love this boy.  How can anyone on this earth find fault with it?

Continued upon request:

jet2larkin  at  Jeemale dot kom---- (reinterpret)