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Aside from all manner of homosexual behavior, I have one additional warning.  There is occasional mention of drug use characteristic of the time period.   I promise that it is only incidental here and there and not constant. It was not included to proselytize but only for the sake of authenticity. 

Continued upon request:

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Recollections:  St. Paul's Episcopal School for Boys.  1899:

Robbie, my ill-fated Latin tutor, revealed to me, the art and magic of masturbation.  It lit a fire that could not be doused except by periodic and frequent manual manipulations.  I looked forward to each daily devotion with relish and urgent anticipation. 

It was exactly at this time that I began to eye the boys in my class at St Paul's School. During study I would scan the room looking for a boy of like mind or a boy that might return a knowing glance. 

There was Horton, a pudgy red head that from what I saw, had a penis no bigger than a button and that if I would see him naked I imagined that he might look like a large winged, pink baby one sees in a museum painting.  

There was Richard who was dark and sullen and entirely too studious.  He never smiled or took note of any of my inquiring stares. 

Myles was blond and cute and actually a very good friend.  I liked that he didn't have a serious bone in his body. More about him later.. 

Then there was Anthony Grey.  Although none of us could really be aware of our own impending puberty, there were a few exceptions like Tony Grey.  For some unexplained reason, he had a head start on all of us. Only a little taller than me he was beginning to show some signs of masculine maturity.  The more obvious sign was a trace of a future mustache.  One of the fathers at school suggested to him that maybe it was time for him to practice shaving.  Sitting next to him in class, I glanced up to see a red faced Tony squirming uncomfortably in his seat.  A large erection had come up in his pants and it was plainly visible as a large lump.  He tried to hide it but it was too big.  I suddenly realized that this is what I'd been looking for all along.  

Towards the end of the day I came up to him.  "Tony, where do you live?" 

Since we were familiar with each other, he was very easy to talk to.

"On the other side of the park on 80th.."

"Would you like to come over and visit with me after school?"

He favored the idea and at the end of the day, we met up and made the walk to my house.


Whatever had been bothering him in class had subsided and Tony was now polite and focused.

As we entered the front door, the maid appeared but when she saw that it was only me and a friend, she retreated back down to the kitchen. I took Tony upstairs to show him my room. Tony's parents were well off so he was not overly impressed with my surroundings. There was a globe of the world on my desk and He pointed out all the places he had traveled to with his parents.  His father had an automobile and he invited me to come next time they went on an outing.

In the spirit of exploration we went up the back stairway to the 4th and 5th floor.  Both floors were dusty and unlived in.  There was no furniture or carpet so our voices and footsteps echoed in the empty rooms. 

I felt Tony behind me when he said, "Is it haunted up here."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know, maybe?" 

When boys suddenly discover that they are unsupervised and out of reach of parents and teachers, there is a tingling feeling that starts first in the belly and then the mind. It is the thought that everything forbidden is suddenly possible if only for a little while.  I felt it and I am sure Tony felt it.

In spite of that, I was afraid that nothing was going to happen unless I did something first. 

Remembering a quote in some school book about inventions, I recited it to myself. 

"The boy who takes risks reaps the reward." 

The room was large with windows that looked down onto the street.  In the corner there was a large pot harboring a long dead neglected plant.  I stood back and taking out my penis, I peed up high and into the pot.  Tony responded with amused shock. When I finished with a series of  diminishing squirts, I began to stroke it into an erection.  I watched carefully for his reaction. When it was stiff and standing I lowered my pants and pulled up my shirt so that he could see my growing penis and neatly packed scrotum.

I gave him an encouraging smile. "No one ever comes up here." 

Cautiously he looked around the room as if someone might be hiding in a corner and when he was sure it was just the two of us, he began to open his pants.  I was pretending to be only about half interested, pulling my stiff penis down and letting it flip up like a clockwork spring.

He had pubic hair, which I didn't.  His penis was long with a pointy tipped foreskin.  Mine had a pointy foreskin but it wasn't nearly as long.  Tony's cock was a genuine handful and mine was certainly not.  Where he used his fist to stroke, I relied on the nimble dexterity of my fingers just to keep it on track.  

I smiled at him and said, "You had a big stiff dork in class and I wanted to see it."

Without an invitation I took hold of it, handled it and made it rise and stiffen in my hand.  He watched me with passive but breathless approval.  I discovered the special intoxication that goes with feeling someone else's rising pleasure.  Remembering Mr. Robbie's methods, I stroked Tony's cock up and down along with my own. Another thing he had that I didn't have was jizum and lots of it.  It didn't take long at all and when it resolved, it squirted out and spattered on the floor. Standing back after it was done, I marveled at what a fascinating object it was...


Wednesday, April 16th, 1912

Billy came round the block just as I left the front door of my building.  He came up alongside of me as if this was his natural and rightful place. 

"I smiled at him and said, "let's go to breakfast."

If Daniel was there I already decided to introduce Billy as my nephew. 

He chirped up at me. "I would much rather visit with you than to go to school."

I found my usual table at the Little Cup Cafe and made room for Billy.  The cranky waiter was back and took my order for coffee toast and a soft boiled egg.  Billy got juice and wheat cakes.

When the manager passed by I said to him out of earshot, "You've got the cranky waiter back?"

The pudgy manager rolled his eyes. "I know, I had to fire that other one because he was a crazy loon."

After the manager moved on I thought to myself, "So Daniel had been fired. Poor boy.." 

I felt bad for him but agreed with the manager that he was a silly loon.


I had the whole day with Billy and I didn't want to use up the best part up right away and he didn't mind just so long as he wasn't at school.  

We purchased every cake and candy along the way ending up at Washington Square, where we sat out on the spring grass in the act of enjoying the warm Spring day.   

I inquired, "I suppose you have lots of brothers and sisters?"

"No, just me and my dad."

"No mum?"

Preoccupied with a blade of grass he finally said, "No, she died a while ago when she was birthing a baby, they both died."

I offered my condolences.

"So what don't you like about school?"

"Mostly the nuns. They have it in for me and I get hit all the time."

He looked up at me and said, "I don't think they like my face."

I had to laugh. "Billy, how could anyone not like you?  What does your dad say about that?"

"He says it's good for me but he's just a liable to hit me too."

"You seem fairly polite to me, why does he hit you?"

"I donknow?  Mostly when he comes home from drinkin."

Billy asked me if I had a smoke? I gave him the box of Fatimas I had been carrying around in my jacket pocket and watched while he dug through it to retrieve a single cigarette for himself.  I was readied myself  with a match.

I guessed that made him feel like an adult. I certainly enjoyed watching him engaged in the act of smoking.

It wasn't until mid-day that I began to recover from the fatigue of the previous night.  Billy and I made our way back to my flat.  He already knew what being in an enclosed room with a man could mean and he had been here once already with me.  Billy needed no encouragement and he went right for my cock, tugging and pulling my pants open.  I lay back on my bed and let him have his way.

All social and moral taboo aside, it amazes me how instinctual each of these sexual behaviors are.  All of us have a natural inclination to perform them if the circumstances are right.  They'd like to say that it is bad behavior learned from the streets but I just don't believe that.  It was there all long only waiting to be roused.  Even my diary and my efforts to put words to the unspoken is actually just a silly parity of human nature.


Friday night:

Peter stood at my door looking exhausted and forlorn. He had been working for four days straight and now, weaving on his feet, I motioned him in to my sanctuary.  There had been an April downpours off and on all day and his heavy wool uniform was soaked.  I pulled off his jacket and hung it up to dry.  The boy just seem to drop onto my divan.  He had already out-grown his uniform and he had to buy a new one with his own funds. His pants rode high revealing his falling down socks and the seat of his pants fit close, clinging tightly to the cleft that guarded his boy hole.  He lay quietly, perhaps already asleep or at least feeling secure and safe in my bed.  I reached under him and opened his pants so that I could tug his damp pants to his knees.  He lay limp while I pulled off each shoe and toe holed sock so that I could get his damp and clingy pants all the way off.

Because of the pressure of the crisis in the North Atlantic with its tragic loss of life, Peter had not been able to make his weekly stop at the Russian baths.  His body was strong with perspiration and adolescent sweat.  It was a strong smell but to me, not a bad smell.  I pulled under drawers down off of his rear and spread his behind to see his boy hole.  It was untidy from running and not being able to tend to himself properly but then, this is why he had come to me for refuge.

I thought to myself, tomorrow I will take him to buy new clothes so that he will be a beautiful boy, soon to be handsome man.  

He lay naked and asleep and I cover us both with the multicolored quilt and pull him close and spoon with him while he sleeps.

Continued upon request:

jet2larkin  at  Jeemale dot kom---- (reinterpret)