Prince Sunja

By: Ungar Clast

This story is completely fictional; all people in this story are made up, any connection to real life is purely coincidental. The story contains acts of sex between minors and adults. If it is illegal where you live, stop reading.

Before Reading: This story is something that I wanted to do for awhile. Do not expect for there to be sex right away, or even anything remotely sexual for awhile. It is a slow build up, and will be worth it once we get there! Things will get hotter as chapters go on, trust me.

Prince Sunja: Chapter 1 -- The Deception

King Vangar was a most powerful king. Ruling over lands which stretched wide and far from north to south, his kingdom vast and plentiful. He had just returned home from a victorious war against the kingdoms to the east which were called Tunis and Yurk, but they now bore the name of his country, Cellador, as his kinsman had dethroned both Kings who would not kneel at his feet. Late that evening while King Vangar sat in his throne looking over a small map that outlined the extent of his new lands to the east, a small group of strapping young gentlemen clad in sliver and gold armor came into his great hall. Taking off their iron helms they knelled at his feet and spoke,

"King Vangar, we have traveled over endless deserts and tall mountains to come to you in search of help. Our kingdom is under attack from the dark men of Dumog who live in the south. They are many and we are but few, we ask for protection and salvation from this gathering force".

King Vangar sat motionless in his throne and he closed his eyes and put his hand to his beard, "And what do you offer me, strange men who come bearing no gift or promises of payment?"

The tallest of the men, a light skinned brown haired boy in his late teens stood on his feet and spoke with great passion, and proudly addressed the king, "King! We offer the whole of our small but fertile nation to you. We submit willingly to the rule of King Vangar! Defeat the Dumog of which we speak and we gladly let you rule over our lands and take our maidens to your bed".

"So you say" replied the King. "But your speech is but madness. Why do you willingly take my rule, yet resist that of the Dumag?"

And so it was discussed over the next few hours the reasoning behind their quite absurd proposition. The Dumag were a crude and nasty race, tainted with cold hearts and evil minds. They were a race of force and raw power, not one of beauty and honor. Darker skinned, shorter in height and much less handsome in comparison to fair people to the north. There was no honor in having their kingdom and their people under submission of another, but they sought the lesser of two evils. The people of Cellador were fair and wise. A tall breed of folk who were often looked up to even by those outside their realm. Strong in battle and kind at heart, those that lived in Cellador were a noble sort.

"And that is why we willingly knell in front of King Vangar, ruler of Cellador!" cried the tall brown haired teenager, his armor glistening in the fire.

The King sat in his throne pondering for a good while before deciding. The night passed into morning and when the sun rose he looked out of his great window into the mountains to the south and made up his mind.

"We shall leave in 7 days" he finally spoke. And with that the travelers from the south left the great hall and went back to their lands.

In one weeks time the King and a company of 900 men left to fulfill his promises to save the kingdom of Archbald. Those who stayed behind always had him in their minds. His sons, Sunja, Regar, and Tiveck most of all held their hearts tight and prayed hard for his quick and steady return. They were strong boys, quick in thought and already more skillful then some of King Vangars own men in the arts of war. Regar and Tiveck where the eldest of the two, Tiveck being one year the elder. At 16 Tiveck was the heir to the throne of Cellador, and well suited to be so. Even at his tender age he had already been on three successful campaigns by his fathers side, fighting valiantly and slaying many. He was of great height for 16, standing 6 foot 3, and he was expected to even surpass his fathers great stature of which was now only several inches taller than Tiveck. Regar was the 2nd of the three sons. Curly blond locks adorned the top of his head which were cut just above his blue eyes, and he was often said to have been the most intelligent of the three children. Shorter than Tiveck, but still of good height, he too was well suited for battle however preferring to use bow and arrow rather than sword and shield like his father and other brothers.

And the youngest was of course Sunja, the boy of whom this story concerns. At age 11 he a fair and fine child of whom inherited the best genes of his father. Although still just a child he stood taller than other boys his age. The noblemen who were in charge of the Sunja's training and schooling remarked that although he had not started puberty, he was a lion of a boy, stading 5 foot 3, and weighing 103 pounds he was well on his way to being the tallest of strongest of all of his brothers. His thick straight platinum blond hair was cut halfway to his eyebrows and matched his sparking green eyes that captivated all who gazed into them. His button nose was small and slightly upturned like his brothers and fathers, and his skin was so very fair and flawless that a princess from another land once commented that he looked as the gods had kissed it thousand times over. He was the very essence of Vangar blood.

And here, this handsome prince was sitting in one of the halls in the great Castle of Vangar playing a game of chess with one of the slaves when a great party entered the castle. It was king Vangar!

"Alas he has returned!" rang Sunjas boyish voice, echoing like an angel in the hall. The boy sprang to his feet, and ran barefooted across the cold floor of the hall, his footsteps pittering and pattering until he got to the door of the throne room. Thrusting the two large wooden doors open with all his might, Sunja burst into the room. His eyes filled with tears to see his father return home so soon.

"Father!" squealed Sunja with delight.

But the King did not look at him. Instead he sat upon his throne and began to order the slaves to cook him a meal. Sunja approached his throne and hugged him from behind, wrapping his soft arms around his fathers chest. But the King was not pleased, and threw Sunja to the floor and he hit the ground with a hard smack.

"Father... what's wrong?" whispered Sunja, careful not to anger him further.

The King looked flat faced, unmoved by his sons tears.

"Leave at once, I do not wish to speak to dirty children!" yelled the King pointing toward the doors. His voice sounded different, horse and queer, but Sunja did not know what to make of it.

Leaving at once he met with his brothers and told them what had happened. And they too tried to approach King Vangar but he turned them away and only scowled at them and kicked them to the floor. What had happened to their father, they thought? He has never acted this way toward his sons, the ones he loved so dearly, the heirs to the throne. That night they slept in the same room, talking through the night about what had possibly happened. In the morning there was a loud knock on the door. When it opened ten armed guards came inside and told the three boys to line up against the wall. On orders from the King they were to be tied up and taken to the dungeon. And so they were, all three were put against the wall, their feet bound, their wrists tied and their eyes covered with a piece of linen. They did not resist, for they now had great fear of their father, and perhaps could kill the ten guards but there would be no escape from the grand army that is garrisoned in the castle. To the dungeon they were led, it was cold dark, damp and dreary with leaking ceilings and rat shit on the floor. They princes were disgusted but they were powerless and had to nothing to do but to sit on top of the shit and muddy water. Two days passed without food or water and they began to think themselves dead until a man came into the dark cell. They could not see him for they where still blindfolded, but they heard his words as he spoke,

"Sandfar, Westfall, Yutka. That is where each one of you will be going - banished forever by our Lord. You boys are lucky he has spared your life, for the others were not so fortunate."

Tiveck instantly cried out into the darkness "Who are you and who commands such atrocities against men of noble blood, for we are airs the throne of Cellador!"

The man laughed and with a hearty smirk replied "Cellador is no more! For at last King Vangar has sword allegiance to King Mulker of Dumag. The Conquest is nearing completion. Submit to his will!"

At that the man laughed and laughed and took great pride in what was said.

"Now you sweet boys will each go your own separate ways, Tiveck to Westfall, Regar to Yutka and Sunja to Sandfar. There you will each work for King Mulker, our Lord as every last soul is required to do." Laughed the man.

And with that the man left the dungeon slamming the cell doors loudly behind him.

The Adventure Continues In Chapter 2

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