Roman Curse 3 by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction about man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictive. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to always use condom during real sex.

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Title : Roman Curse - part 3
Written by : Hector Himeros
Words : 7,750 words
Scene : M/M/, oral, anal, reluctant, bondage
Setting : Dungeon
Location : Rome
Time : 316 - ancient Rome
Character #1 : Diego Fortes - 35 yo - Hispanic man - gay - top/bottom
Character #2 : Cassius Crastinus - 54 yo - Caucasian man - bisex - top
Character #3 : Marcus Curius - 30 yo - Caucasian man - straight - top/bottom
Character #4 : Aulus Galenus - 28 yo - Caucasian man - gay - top

A myserious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assasinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions captured and tortured Diego, fearing that he was Constantine's spy. However, later, it was revealed that Diego even knew the future events, that Bassianus would be killed and that Constantine would turn Rome into a Christian empire. Who was Diego actually? Could he be a man from the future who was bent to change the course of history?

As of June 2011, I have finished Roman Curse until part 8 - I called it season 1 because I paused it a while to write another series. I make 8 individual sexy cover arts to describe the characters (which are viewable in my website).

"Don't be such a wimp. Take my cock," Aulus grunted, using his might to drill into Diego's hole. "Fuck! You're tight!"

"No! You're way too big. Please!" Diego whimpered, begging for mercy. He knew that his pleas would be ignored but he couldn't help trying. "You're splitting my ass!" At that point, Diego's tears streamed down his face. They were tears of anguish.

His body trembling with pain, Diego was forced to lift up his legs. Instinctively, in order to avoid worse pain, he hooked his legs onto Aulus' broad shoulders. Of course, Diego knew that by lifting his legs, he practically surrendered his asshole. Yet, he had no choice. Aulus cleverly pinned his body in certain areas and caused pain here and there. Diego's body reacted spontaneously to assume more comfortable position.

Hearing Diego's pathetic words, Aulus chuckled for a moment. "That's the point. I want to split your ass. I want to hurt you. This is a torture, not a love-making session." After making his point, Aulus resumed his attempt.

Shit! Aulus is about to split my ass open. His cock is so inhumanely thick. It is monstrous! And it's pushing into my ass. I'm gonna die. He's gonna kill me with his cock! As a gay man, Diego had no idea whether it was ironic or not, to die during a fuck session. "Ah!" The naked Hispanic didn't hesitate to groan as loudly as he could.

Aulus, of course, took no notice of it. He had tortured a lot of people. Thus, Diego's pleas and cries would never deter him. Not having sex for quite some time, Aulus was quite frustrated. Thus, he was determined to spill his seed inside Diego's fuck hole. Hoping to ease the penetration, he wiggled his ass a bit. The shaken cock wormed its way in, aided by the leaking precum. Gradually, Diego's asshole began to give in.

The pain was horribly excruciating. Diego had never experienced any pain like that. For a moment, Diego wondered how his boyfriend felt whenever Diego shoved his cock into his asshole. Did I hurt Esteban's ass every time we made love? Sometimes, I did fuck like an animal, hard and deep. Diego didn't get too much time to ponder about that matter because he was soon distracted by Aulus' mighty dick.

"Take it! Take my cock, oh! Your ass is tighter than any pussies I fucked." Aulus knew that he would enjoy fucking Diego. Simply by imagining how great the orgasm would be, the centurion felt that he almost came. "Fuck! Your ass is hot. My cock loves it."

"Ah! It hurts!" Diego kept whimpering. Without any hesitation, he sobbed like a kid. The pain forced him to hold onto something. Thus, he instinctively wrapped his arms around Aulus' sweaty torso and prepared himself for the worst.

"I can feel your ass open up for me. Oh yeah! You're gonna get fucked," Aulus teased, enjoying the painful expression on Diego's handsome features.

"Stop it, please. Have mercy," Diego continued to sob. The pain he felt was very excruciating. Instinctively, he tried to writhe but he couldn't move his limbs.

"You can't go anywhere. I'm much stronger than you. Take my cock up your ass. Come on. You know you want it. You like cocks, don't you?" Aulus mocked him, clearly getting turned on by Diego's sexual predicament.

"Ah!" Diego howled as loudly as he could. His voice echoed through the brick walls. "No! You're killing me with your cock. Stop!"

Helplessly, Diego felt his asshole stretch. The pain it caused was unbearable, nearly knocking him unconscious. To his amazement, he felt Aulus' dick head lodge itself in. He didn't think it was possible, yet he was being poked by that monstrous meat. As the thick meat forced its way in, Diego bit his lower lip and tried not to cry. However, tears of pain continued to wet his handsome face.

Aulus winced occasionally, enjoying the tightness around his sensitive cock. "Take my cock, you cocksucker! I'm gonna fuck your brain out, literally."

"No! Oh!" Diego cried again, not being able to withstand the pain. Time seemed to stop as pain gripped his entire body. The friction on his stretched asshole felt like burning fire. At one point, Diego thought that his sphincter had been torn apart. Haphazardly, his hands were flailing about. Yet, Diego later clutched onto Aulus' biceps, holding for support. When he touched those muscles, he noticed how manly Aulus was.

This stud is destroying my ass. Fuck! Can I survive this vicious attack? I feel like I'm gonna die. The pain is too much for me.

Nevertheless, just as Diego was about to pass out, Aulus' cock stopped its invasion. Panting, the Hispanic man waited for the worst. Yet,the cock stayed there, not moving. When he looked up, he saw Aulus' wince while closing his eyes.

"Damn! Your ass is so tight. I almost cum!" Aulus cursed, trying to stay still. "Shit! I mustn't cum now."

For a minute, Diego just froze there. Partly, it was because his entire body was numbed by the anal intrusion. To his surprise, his swollen asshole immediately adapted to Aulus' cock. Secretly, Diego used the chance to catch his breath. He needed much stamina to get through the sexual ordeal. Diego dried his eyes by squeezing his eyes shut. When he re-opened his eyes, he saw Aulus stare into him.

I'm genuinely horny for this Hispanic scum. I don't know why. I never felt anything like this. Fuck! Am I turning queer like Marcus?

When Aulus looked away, he saw a shameless display of same-sex lust between his superior and his comrade. Although he wasn't into homosexuality, he admitted that having sex with other man brought much pleasure. He saw Marcus passionately kiss Cassius' lips as they groped each other. Such lustful display was enough to spur him into fucking Diego's ass.

Diego noticed the glint in Aulus' green eyes. Tightening his grip on Aulus' arms, he braced himself for the impending pain. Inevitably, his eyes met Aulus'. The centurion's stare was so sharp that it pierced through Diego's soul. Damn! Aulus really wanted me. I saw it in his eyes. He's genuinely horny for me. At first, the Hispanic man thought of it as a good thing. He hoped that Aulus would turn nice, like Marcus. Yet, he was dead wrong.

"Whether you like it or not, I'm gonna fuck your ass. I haven't had sex for long. I need to dump my loads in a tight warm ass, like yours. Oh yeah!"

Diego's lower jaw dropped as the first wave of pain attacked his body. Although he had prepared himself mentally, the pain was too much. Uncontrollably, his tears continued to roll down his handsome features. Instead of holding Aulus' arms, Diego felt the need to encircle his hands around the centurion's torso. It was a spontaneous act, driven by the excruciating pain. Once he laid his hands on Aulus' body, he was overwhelmed by Aulus' masculinity. Those flexing muscles felt quite arousing. Against his will, Diego's cock hardened.

"Fuck! You're tight!" Aulus groaned as he withdrew his dick. It wasn't easy owing to the extreme tightness.

Aulus' thick meat made its way out, inch by inch. He stared lustfully at Diego's stretched asshole. It was indeed an erotic sight. To his amazement, Diego's asshole hadn't bled yet. Aulus' eyes didn't blink as he saw how Diego's asshole push outward slightly, caused by Aulus' withdrawing cock. The sensation was too much, the centurion groaning. Before his dick popped out, he shoved it back in. Diego's asshole was pushed inward, accommodating Aulus' thick manhood. A loud gasp of lust was heard.

"Ah!" Diego whimpered, his body wrecked by pain.

"Take my cock. Come on. You can do it. Satisfy my lust," Aulus whispered, his voice turning hoarse. The manly centurion gazed at Diego's Hispanic face. At then, he realized how handsome Diego was. Shit! This man is turning me on.

Grunting, the naked centurion pushed his dick in until it was stuck. Afterward, he pulled it out, only to push it back in. Thus, a steady penetration rhythm was slowly built. With each thrust he delivered, he rocked Diego's body. When Diego's arms wrapped around Aulus' naked torso, Aulus felt nothing but lust. He heard Diego's whimpers. Somehow, he felt the hurt the Hispanic man more.

"It hurts! Oh!" Diego sobbed, tightening his arms around the centurion's sweaty torso. Much sweat from Aulus' sturdy frame was wrung out, dampening Diego's body. The smell of masculinity permeated the room. Diego refused to let go, using Aulus' muscular body as a distraction to help ease the anal pain.

"Fuck! I love your ass," Aulus announced, not caring whether Cassius and Marcus heard it. "I'm gonna plow you and show you no mercy."

To Aulus' disappointment, he couldn't increase the speed of the penetration. It was simply impossible because Diego's ass was too tight. Nevertheless, slow penetration brought certain pleasure, as well. Aulus' face contorted from time to time, blatantly displaying the pleasure he felt. Inside Diego's fuck canal, the centurion's dick throbbed and began spilling its fresh precum. Acting as lubrication, the liquid was smeared into Diego's rectum.

"Ah! Fuck! Ah!" Diego whimpered helplessly. The force of the penetration was strong, dragging his body up and down. The coarse stony floor scraped his bare back. Fortunately, the excessive sweat somehow eased the friction and spared him from severe cuts and bruises.

"Yeah! I'm fucking your ass, barbarian. You're mine! Mine!"

His head reeling, Diego couldn't think clearly. The constant pain had numbed his nerves. Whenever Aulus' dick sank it, Diego felt like a part of him was fucked out through the mouth. He involuntarily made some choked groans, heavy breaths pumped out from his gaping mouth. Unexpectedly, Aulus leaned in until his muscular pecs were pressed against Diego's. The Hispanic stud couldn't deny the pleasurable sensation when their naked hard chests rubbed each other. He could feel Aulus' heart beat against his.

Aulus' dick is so big. I'm not sure how long I can bear it. But, I must admit, Aulus is turning me on. He's indeed very manly and horny. I can feel my dick throb under the weight of his body. Fuck! I'm precumming.

The centurion noticed it too. As slimy liquid smeared his crotch, he knew that Diego was precumming. "Shit! Your precum dampens my crotch. You're horny? Damn! You're such a slut!" Treating Diego like a slut, Aulus didn't care if his monstrous dick hurt Diego or not. "I'm gonna torture your ass with my big dick. Take it, you fuck! Ah yeah!"

His eyes flooded with tears, Diego braced himself for the constant pain. He actually thought he was not gonna make it. Gritting his teeth, he tried to focus on the pleasure, instead of the pain. It was not easy to do, though. Whenever the pain became unbearable, he squeezed Aulus' torso as hard as he could. The more intense the pain was, the harder he squeezed.

Being massaged, Aulus' dick responded well. Excitedly, it provided continuous supply of precum. The clear liquid filled Diego's narrow fuck canal, easing the penetration. Whenever precum escaped from his slit, Aulus knew from the distinctive tingles that his cock made. They were very addictive, driving him more lustful than ever. After fucking for several minutes, Aulus again attempted to increase the speed of his penetration. However, Diego's gripping asshole barely gave him any chance to do that.

Meanwhile, General Cassius and Marcus stood not far from the copulating couple. They both watched Aulus' big cock ravage Diego's asshole. Seeing Aulus' monstrous size, they were both amazed at how flexible Diego's asshole could be. In order to get a better view, they stood a few steps behind Aulus. For a better viewing angle, they craned over their heads.

"Yeah, fuck him, Aulus. Fuck his ass. Let him know the virility of a Roman centurion," Cassius said, encouraging his centurion. "Make him talk."

I hope Diego is alright. It looks very painful. Marcus secretly suppressed his concern for Diego's safety. It would be bad for him if his general ever knew about it. Marcus eyed the anal penetration almost without blinking, constantly worried that Diego's might bleed severely in any second. Aulus' dick is a monster. Damn! I admit, big cocks look quite appealing. But taking them, especially the one like Aulus', up the ass is a different story.

"Keep fucking him, Aulus. Show him no mercy," Cassius spurred the centurion. "Fuck! That's hot." Showing no shame, Cassius was stroking his throbbing manhood.

Stealing a glance at his superior, Marcus hoped that Cassius didn't know how much he cared for Diego. A Roman centurion shouldn't have any affection towards the prisoners. Marcus, himself, had no idea why he was drawn to Diego. He had never met that man before, yet his heart beat for that Hispanic stranger.

There's something weird about Diego but I don't know what it is. One thing I do know, I care for him, a lot. It's like I've known him for years. The strange thing, I never saw him in my life. So how come I have so much affection towards him? What am I feeling actually? Is it just lust? Compassion? Or even love?

"Look at them, Marcus," Cassius suddenly said, slightly poking at Marcus' upper arm. "Doesn't it look hot?"

Marcus quickly pulled himself out from his deep thought. Awkwardly, he responded Cassius' statement by throwing him a curious glance at Cassius' leaking dick. He knew what Cassius really wanted from him. It seems that Cassius wants to fuck my ass.

Not getting the response he sought, Cassius casually placed a hand on Marcus' buttocks. "You want to try it?" To emphasize what he meant, he drove a finger into Marcus' asshole and forced a gasp from the naked centurion. "Come on. Let's do it."

"Anything you want, Cassius," Marcus answered meekly, touching Cassius' hairy chest.

"You make me horny, Marcus. You have no idea how many times I jacked off thinking of fucking your ass," Cassius revealed his secret fantasy.

"Really? I mean, you jacked off thinking off me even before you knew I like to get fucked?"

Cassius nodded. "Yeah. I simply love strong masculine men like you." The general then sealed Marcus' lips with his and kissed him lustfully.

"Ah, Cassius," Marcus gasped. A part of him was still awkward to call his superior by name. He held onto Cassius' broad shoulders, noticing how manly the general was. "My ass is yours."

Cassius continued to finger Marcus' asshole while his other hand appreciatively roamed Marcus' pecs. The general gave him a lewd smile while he traced the outlines of the nipples. Inevitably, Marcus' moans were heard. Cassius' sharp eyes were cast down, getting a clear view of Marcus' pulsating erection. Without permission, Cassius held the centurion's cock and gave it a few strokes.

"Cassius, oh!" Marcus threw his head back, his chest flexing. "You've made me horny. Jack me off, please. I'm hard for you."

"I have better idea. Lie down on your back and show me your ass."

Obediently, the gay centurion sat on the floor. When his bare ass made contact with the stony floor, he noticed how rough the surface was. Then, he lay his back down, next to Diego. At then, the room was still filled with Diego's hoarse groans which were occasionally accompanied by Aulus' grunts. Marcus tried not to show his concern. As he turned his head towards Diego, he saw the Hispanic man looked back at him.

Poor Diego. He was in great pain. I can't stand looking at his teary eyes.

To Marcus' relief, he was distracted by Cassius. The naked general knelt down and took hold of Marcus' ankles. Obviously, the coarse surface of the floor didn't bother Cassius at all. Possessively, he lifted and spread open Marcus' legs. A tight puckered asshole came into the view. Upon seeing it, Cassius almost drooled. With one hand, he slapped his hardened cock onto Marcus' waiting hole, as if letting him know what would come next.

"Do you feel how hard my cock is, Marcus? Do you think you can take it up your ass?"

Marcus, staring at the ceiling, nodded. It had been quite some time since he was fucked. As a normal man who had lust, Marcus admitted to himself that he missed being a bottom. Knowing that he would get fucked by his superior got him quite excited. He just lay there, waiting nervously. He felt Cassius' precum splatter onto his twitching asshole, as well as the thighs. Not being able to take Diego out of his mind, he turned his head sideways to check on the Hispanic hunk. At one point, Marcus lifted upper body to reposition himself. At then, he unintentionally got a quick glimpse of Diego's erection. He, of course, was very surprised.

Diego's cock is hard? But he's in great pain? Damn! Does it mean Diego actually enjoys being tortured sexually by Aulus' giant dick?

Yet, Marcus didn't have time to ponder about it because Cassius' dick began poking his ass. His dick throbbing, Marcus gladly welcomed his superior's dick. Closing his eyes, he felt the blunt tip nudged his anal opening. Marcus relaxed his sphincter and felt the pressure on his asshole grow stronger. Ever so slowly, Cassius' cock head slipped in. The centurion gasped, trying not to move too much. Upon opening his eyes, he saw Cassius stare at him intently.

"How does my cock feel?" the general rasped. "Do you like it?"

"Yes, Cassius. I love your cock. Push it in. Let me have it." Without any hesitation, Marcus admitted how much he wanted his superior's dick. "Fuck me, please."

"You're such a slut, Marcus. But I love it." The general dove down and kissed Marcus lustfully. At the same time, he pushed his manhood in. "Yeah! Take my cock. Moan for me."

With no embarrassment, Marcus began to produce guttural groans. His asshole slowly was stretched apart, engulfing Cassius' thick veined member. Cassius' foreskin was retracted during the initial penetration, not being able to slip into Marcus' tight hole. Its reddish head emerged from foreskin ring and into Marcus' welcoming ass. As soon as the sensitive dick head made contact with Marcus' fleshy warm rectum, Cassius let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

"Ah! Cassius!" Marcus growled, letting his ass get penetrated by the general's meat. "It feels so good. Oh!"

"Fuck! I love your tight ass," the general responded, grunting.

Marcus hardly believed how good it was to finally get fucked. He really missed cocks up his ass. Like a slut, he vocalized his pleasure for everyone to hear. He didn't even care what Aulus might think of him. All he wanted was to enjoy the moment and to forget everything else. Another gasp escaped his mouth when another inch of Cassius' fuck pole sank in.

"I love your cock. Please, fuck my ass," Marcus deliriously babbled, his head turning from side to side.

"You don't have to ask, because I am fucking your ass now." Cassius leaned in and rewarded the centurion with another kiss on the lips. "You really look handsome, Marcus. I'd marry you if I could."

Listening to Cassius' honest confession, Marcus blushed immediately. He never thought the man whom he respected would say such romantic thing to him. Although Marcus didn't consider himself in love with his superior, he still thought that what Cassius did was very sweet. Writhing carefully on the floor, Marcus rubbed his erection against Cassius' lower body. The general's flat stomach felt quite good against Marcus's manhood, although the stomach was rather hairy.

"Damn! You've got my entire cock inside you," Cassius moaned, after a minute passed. "Your ass is very tight and warm. Ah yeah!"

"Really? It's all in?"

"Yes," Cassius replied. "Amazing isn't it? How a man's ass can take up another man's cock?"

By instinct, Marcus turned to Diego again and watched the painful penetration took place next to him. Turning back to Cassius, he replied, "Indeed."

Carefully, the general pulled his dick out. He was doing his best not to hurt Marcus' ass in any way. The slow withdrawal sent erotic sensation to both men. The dick was then plunged in, almost as slowly as the withdrawal process. Cassius groaned at the additive pleasure he received. Holding the centurion's ankles securely, he spread them wider in order to stretch the asshole. As soon as he did it, he heard a loud groan from Marcus.

"Did I hurt you?" Cassius asked worriedly, pausing the penetration.

"No." Marcus quickly shook his head. "I groaned because it felt so good."

Pleased, the hairy general threw him a gentle smile. "Then, I'm gonna continue to breed your ass." Thus, the penetration continued.

"Yeah, Cassius! Oh! Do me. I need your cock. Ah!" Marcus cooed shamelessly.

Pleasure not only came from the anal friction, yet it also emanated from Marcus' erect dick. The hardened meat was continuously rubbed against Cassius' stomach. Some precum leaked from the centurion's manhood and smeared Cassius' lower torso. Marcus practically didn't need any hand milk his dick. The groans continued to fill the room as he was being plowed.

Pain was still wrecking Diego's body. However, after minutes of painful experience, he had adapted well. The pain was still there, yet he learned to tolerate it. Cold sweat drenched his entire body, causing the dirt to cling onto his back. The tiny gravels bit into Diego's bare chest as the stud continued to receive deep anal thrust. Amazingly, the pain was reduced when Aulus' dick head reached Diego's prostate. The tiny organ worked its miracle.

"My ass, oh!" Diego whimpered, embracing Aulus' sweaty torso. Showing ho hesitation, he buried his face on Aulus' right shoulder. As he took a breath, he picked up the manly scent of that centurion's body. The scent, seeping into his nostrils, made his dick throb hard.

"Fuck! I love raping your ass, barbarian. Yeah! You're mine to fuck," Aulus babbled, sweating profusely.

His body rocking, Diego tried hard not to get his back wounded by the rough friction with the stony floor. More sweat helped to ease the friction, yet it wasn't really effective. Numbness, caused by constant muscular contraction, began to set in. Diego could barely feel his feet. The numbness then spread to his fucked ass, reducing the severity of the anal pain.

"Oh! Ah!" Diego groaned, clinging tightly on Aulus' torso. The excessive sweat, running down the centurion's body, made it almost impossible to get a secure grip. Diego's blunt nails bit into Aulus' bare back, leaving some reddish scratch marks. "Your cock is big," the Hispanic man moaned, wincing.

"Yeah, and it's gonna split ... Ah! ... Split your ass apart ... Oh yeah! ... If you still refuse to talk," Aulus threatened him. Even amid the joy of sex, Aulus still remembered what his duty was.

I can't tell them who I am. My boyfriend's life depends on me. I must save him! Diego was not in good position to argue owing to the pain. Thus, he preferred to be quiet, instead revealing his true identity.

Aulus smirked. "I thought so. You'd rather die than to reveal your true identity. Then I'm gonna grant you your wish." Cruelly, Aulus forced his dick out before pushing it back in with increased speed.

"Ah!" Diego renewed his groan with louder voice. His face showed much pain, as if he were about to die. Fuck! He's gonna kill me with his cock! Despite knowing Aulus' true intention, Diego kept clinging onto the muscular centurion's body.

"Take that you worthless scum. Fuck you!" Aulus growled, his eyes glinting with a mixture of anger and lust.

"Have mercy please!" Diego cried out. "I can't take your big cock. Please! Ah!" Tears flowing out again, the Hispanic man began to sob.

"I won't stop torturing you," Aulus replied with a heavy breath. "Not until you talk."

Out of the blue, a thought entered Diego's mind. No, I can't let Aulus kill me here! It's not that I'm scared of death. In fact, I'm willing to die for my boyfriend. But if I die now, then my boyfriend will stay dead. No one can help him but me. No! I mustn't die. Not now. Not here! I have to survive! The sudden revelation renewed Diego's vigor and determination. I must make Aulus cum. At least, he'll stop fucking my ass if you reach orgasm.

"Fuck! I'm so close to cumming," Aulus announced, straightening his back.

Losing support, Diego's hands flailed about. They groped anything within the range. Haphazardly, one of Diego's hands reached to Marcus'. When he touched Marcus' palm, he turned his head to the centurion next to him. Their eyes met. For a second, time seemed to stop on its track as they exchanged mental connection. Though everything happened within a second, Diego saw through and into Marcus' eyes. Noticing how Marcus really felt for him, Diego was greatly comforted. He knew that he was not alone.

Marcus experienced the same thing. He was confused as to how it could happen. Yet, he did manage to look into Diego's soul. All he saw was a sad bitter soul, full of hatred and revenge. When he first noticed it, he was surprised because Diego seemed like a blood-thirsty dangerous barbarian. However, he got a glimpse of something else, something totally unexpected. He found pure love. Now, he understood where those negative emotions came from.

Diego is indeed such a unique man, Marcus thought. I have no idea what he's hiding. But I do know that he's fighting for love. I can feel it just by looking into his eyes. Love empowers him to get through the all tortures we threw at him. It's really amazing actually. I wonder whom he is protecting. I really envy that man.

The centurion let Diego hold his hand. In fact, Marcus reciprocated. Wincing from Cassius' thrust, he gazed into Diego's face and held his hand tightly. Marcus couldn't say anything, but his eyes said a lot. And he wanted Diego hang on.

"Ah!" Diego growled, receiving a hard poke. Gritting his teeth, he squeezed Marcus' fingers.

Indulging in anal pleasure, the general noticed the sudden bond formed between Marcus and Diego, but he pretended not to see it because he liked Marcus a lot. As a superior, he would be forced to torture Marcus if he acknowledged it. Hurting Marcus was the last thing he wanted to do. However, Cassius was worried that Aulus might notice the same thing. Before Marcus was caught red-handed by Aulus, Cassius quickly distracted Marcus.

"Feel my cock in your ass, Marcus. It's big and it's for you," the general said, panting.

Upon listening Cassius' deep voice, Marcus was pulled back to reality. He suddenly realized what he was doing. Fuck! I'm jeopardizing myself. Get a grip of yourself, Marcus. Throwing Diego one last look, Marcus showed how sorry he was using his eye gestures. Then, unwillingly he let Diego's hand go. Instead, he wrapped both arms around Cassius' torso and pulled the general down for a kiss.

General Cassius used the chance to whisper something in Marcus' ear. "I don't know what's happening here but it's clear that you like that barbarian too much. I'll pretend I don't see it. But I won't be able to protect you if Aulus sees you. You know how emotional and unstable he is. Don't do anything foolish, you hear me?"

Silently, Marcus thanked his kind superior. When Cassius pulled away, the centurion nodded to let him know that he would heed Cassius' advice. The penetration then continued. To distract himself from thinking Diego, Marcus ran his hands down Cassius' hairy pecs to feel its musculature.

Several minutes passed. The torture chamber had turned into a brothel. Four naked muscular men were groaning out their lust without any shame. Their groans were amplified by the walls, echoing back and forth. Sweat trickled down from their naked bodies, wetting the stony floor. Both Diego and Marcus' backs were covered in a wet layer of dirt and sweat. There were minor cuts but they didn't pose any threat.

Diego's asshole gaped open, losing its elasticity after being jammed with Aulus' thick cock. The Hispanic hunk tried to contract the sphincter but he could barely feel it. Dull ache emanated from cuts formed on the abused hole. In order to make Aulus stop torturing his ass, Diego was determined to make that centurion cum. Yet, it was not easy.

"Oh! My ass," Diego moaned, chanting similar words from time to time. He simply had no idea what to say. A giant dick stabbed his ass and he was in great pain. What else could he groan about other than his ass? "You're tearing my ass. Please, stop torturing me."

"Then talk! Spit it out ... Ah! ... The whole truth." Aulus steadily pushed his veined cock in and out.

"Ah!" Diego growled desperately, wishing the torture would end. Yet, if he did nothing, the anal torture could pose serious threat to his life. Using his might, he clenched up his fuck hole to grip Aulus' manhood. The Hispanic man growled. "Fuck! It hurts!" he sobbed. Indeed, it was not easy because many cuts formed on Diego's ass lips. When he contracted his ass muscles, the ache got worse. "Cum inside my ass. Come on. Cum!"

"Are you challenging me, pervert? You want me to breed your ass?" Aulus roared. Using his emotion, Aulus failed to realize what Diego was doing. He thought Diego was a sex maniac, thus he was challenged by Diego's words.

Fortunately, Diego was smart enough not to reveal what his true intention. "Yes, I challenge you. Breed me. Ah! Fill my ass with your Roman cum. Oh! Fuck me!"

"You freak!" Aulus growled, quickening the speed of his thrust. "You like being tortured, aren't you? Pervert! Take my fucking big cock. I'm gonna hurt your ass."

Louder yowl came from Diego's gaping mouth. Repeatedly, Diego told himself to hold on. He convinced himself that he would be able to get through the anal torture one way or the other. To his surprise, all of a sudden, Aulus leaned over and forced a lustful on his lips. Dumfounded, Diego did nothing to prevent it from happening. Apparently, Aulus was not a good kisser, yet he wanted to express his lust.

I'm too horny at the moment. I can't think clearly. Aulus defended himself when his conscious asked him why he kissed another man. Fuck! I don't care if I'm kissing a man. I need to vent my lust.

The kiss lasted longer than Diego expected and more passionate as well. Diego writhed when Aulus' nipples made contact with his. Being sensitive, Diego's nipples tingled and sent strong pulses down to his erect manhood. The cock leaked much precum, throbbing against the centurion's rippled stomach. Diego told himself that he wouldn't be able to hold back from cumming if Aulus kept stimulating his nipples. However, that very thought gave him a splendid idea.

"You want my cum? You'll get it, slut," Aulus said.

"Shoot it. Breed my ass," Diego rasped, provoking the centurion. "Oh! Cum in my ass. Show me how manly you are."

"What the fuck? You dare question my manliness?" Aulus asked, clearly annoyed. "You asked for it, barbarian. I'm gonna turn you into a mindless sex slave. Fuck you!"

In order to breathe better, Aulus straightened his back. Thus, he exposed his muscular pecs and displayed his nipples. Diego seized the golden opportunity. Determinedly, he placed both palms on Aulus' exposed sweaty chest. He had to admit that it felt really good to squeeze Aulus' ample pecs. Somehow, it was quite invigorating. As soon as his hands made contact with the chest, the centurion convulsed.

It seems that Aulus gets hornier when I grope his chest. I have to be more aggressive. Perhaps I should finger his nipples, as well. Men love it.

"You horny pervert," Aulus cursed, not being able to reject the sexual pleasure. "Yeah, squeeze my chest. Make me moan. Ah!"

"Come on. Cum for me. Ah!" Diego winced, trying not to groan too much. "Squirt it. Fill my ass."

"Damn you! If you keep touching my pecs, I'm gonna cum soon." Groaning, the centurion flexed his chest. At the same time, he continued to pull his manhood in and out.

Aulus must cum now. I don't know how long I can take it. I feel like being split into two. It's so fucking painful.

Practicing his sexual skill, the Hispanic increased the intensity of his fingering. At first, he lightly traced the contours of Aulus' hardened nipples. Then, he pinched the nipples. Cleverly, he varied his fingering techniques in order to hasten Aulus' orgasm. Aulus' groans were used as guidance to determine which techniques worked better.

"Play with my chest. Squeeze it. Oh yeah! A slut like you really know how to please men sexually, don't you?" Aulus teased, his body shuddering from the intense pleasure.

It took several more minutes until Aulus was finally ready to blow his loads. The sturdy centurion began to breathe deeper and emitted loud growls. He didn't show any attempt to delay his orgasm. On the contrary, he was spurred by Diego's encouragement to shoot his loads as soon as possible. Seconds before his dick unleashed the manly seed, Aulus contracted his muscles. He looked more menacingly as his body bulged up, especially when he winced. A loud growl then resounded. At then, creamy loads left Aulus' cock slit in several powerful jets.

"Shit! I'm cumming! Oh!" Aulus' face contorted, his mouth gaping open. And warm milky liquid gushed forth.

"Yeah! Breed my ass. Shoot it," Diego gasped, encouraging the centurion to give up his cum reservoir. Silently, the Hispanic man congratulated himself.

"Oh! Fuck you! I'm cumming, ah! I'm filling your ass with my seed." Aulus howled, not intending to suppress the volume of his voice. "You're mine, slut!"

Not releasing Aulus' pecs, Diego kept massaging those lithe muscles. Obviously, he enjoyed it more than he should have. Feeling the hard nubs press against his palms, Diego involuntarily gasped. It really felt great. Yet, he was still far from ejaculation.

"I'm breeding you. Now, you belong to me, slut," Aulus commented, heaving for breath.

Ejaculation didn't stop Aulus from penetrating the Hispanic hole. Slowly but steadily, Aulus' thick manhood plunged in and out like an automated piston. It throbbed hard as it pumped out its precious juice. The goo then filled Diego's abused ass up to the brim. Some of the milky liquid found its way out, trickling down Diego's asshole. However, the penetration rhythm became unsteady as Aulus lost control over his body. Thus, at one point, his dick was almost pulled out. At then, a thicker stream of cum flowed out, tracing down Diego's ass crack before dripping onto the floor.

"Fuck! Oh fuck!" the sex-crazed centurion chanted, his massive chest expanding. Drops of sweat rolled down his torso, some raining down onto Diego's chest.

"Oh!" The Hispanic stud moaned, noticing how much cum spilled from his ass. To his expectation, Aulus' penetration slowed down until it stopped altogether. "Ah!" he groaned when Aulus' manhood was withdrawn. Closing his eyes, Diego bore the pain until the Roman dick finally left his ass. "My ass," he moaned worriedly.

The asshole clenched up, yet it could not close completely. Temporarily, the ass ring was loosened.

"Your asshole actually looks better that way," Aulus mocked. "It reminds me of a pussy." Teasingly, the centurion dipped a finger into Diego's slightly gaping asshole.

"Ah fuck!" Diego gasped, feeling Aulus' finger jab in without any difficulty.

When the finger was pulled out, it was enveloped by a thick layer of cum. Still heaving, Aulus smeared Diego's stomach with his own cum. The centurion didn't seem to have any interest at all in touching Diego's muscular frame. After dumping his loads in Diego's ass, Aulus stood up and backed away. He wanted to find a secluded corner to recuperate from his orgasm. Leaning his back against the wall, Aulus took several deep breaths. Sweat still flooded his pores, as if they would never stop flowing.

Finally, I have a moment of peace, Diego thought, recuperating as well. However, his ass would need several days to heal, owing to the severity caused by Aulus' monstrous manhood. When the Hispanic man moved his limbs, all he felt was pain. Thus, he preferred to lie there, not moving at all. His eyes were on the ceiling, wondering what he would do next. As Diego rested, he was accompanied by Marcus and Cassius' lustful groans.


The horny general seemed eager to plow his subordinate's ass. Repeatedly, he jabbed Marcus' willing ass using his thick fuck tool. Each time, Cassius' dick sank in, he groaned. To ensure that Marcus enjoyed the anal penetration, Cassius rubbed Marcus' pecs. The callused palm made its way up and down, touching Marcus' nipples.

"Yeah, Cassius. Do me. Fuck my ass. Come on," Marcus moaned, his chest rising and falling.

Knowing that Aulus had stopped fucking Diego, Marcus took a sigh of relief. Now, he could focus himself solely onto Cassius' cock. Rocking back and forth, Marcus groped the general's torso and held onto it. He simply loved running his hands across that manly frame. As his hands slid across the sweaty muscular contours, he wiped off much of the excessive sweat.

"You like my cock, Marcus? Come on, tell me. Don't be shy."

"Yes, Cassius. I love it. Oh! Shove it deeper. I want your cock," Marcus groaned, lustfully groping his superior's sturdy body.

"I'm gonna fuck you till we both come. Ah!" Cassius added, his face showing excitement. "Come on, Marcus. Shoot for me. Let me see you shoot your cum."

Hearing Cassius' dirty words got Marcus quite excited. Previously, he never heard his superior say dirty words. Now, he heard strings of sex-related sentences coming out from Cassius' mouth. It was as if Cassius had turned into someone new. The naked centurion squirmed uncomfortably as the pressure in his balls mounted. It was just a matter of time before he erupted.

"Shove it deeper, Cassius. Hit my happy spot. Fuck my cum out."

"Oh yeah! I'm gonna satisfy your lust, Marcus. Just watch," Cassius replied, humping with increasing speed.

"Yes! Pump me, Cassius. Yeah, right there! Oh, it feels so damn good. Keep poking that spot." His face contorting, Marcus winced as orgasmic tingles began to flood his nerves. "Fuck! I'm close."

"Really? Me too," Cassius cooed, his mouth gaping to sigh out his ecstasy. "Let's cum together, Marcus. Cum with me. Oh!"

"Yes. Oh yes! Milk my cock, please," the centurion begged. The rhythm of his breath became erratic, seconds before he reached the point of no return. Sweat was oozing from his pores, dampening the floor around his body.

"Shit! I'm gonna blow!" General Cassius growled suddenly. The orgasm approached him fast, giving him little chance to assume comfortable position.

Without thinking, Cassius threw himself down onto Marcus' muscular torso. He embraced the sweaty centurion and shoved in his manhood as deep as he could. Cassius' face was pressed to Marcus' shoulder as he got a good whiff of Marcus' sensual scent. The position of his body forced Marcus' legs to spread apart, thus easing the penetration. Furiously, Cassius' rod jabbed in and out.

"I'm cumming! Fuck! Oh!"

"Breed my ass, Cassius! Yeah!" the centurion moaned with abandon, showing no shame at all.

Just as Cassius withdrew his fuck tool, it suddenly erupted. Shaken by orgasm, the general's wet hairy body shuddered out of control. His erect dick was accidentally pulled out of Marcus' clenching ass. While it was throbbing, warm milky goo spurted from the narrow slit. It landed right onto Marcus' ass crack, flowing down into the slightly gaping asshole.

"I can feel your warm cum, Cassius. Damn! I'm so horny," the centurion gasped.

Instinctively, the horny general shoved his ejaculating dick back into the fuck hole. The mushroom-shaped head pushed the spurted goo into Marcus' welcoming ass as it re-entered the tight hole. A long sigh of "Ah!" was heard from Cassius' shuddering lips. No words could precisely describe what Cassius experienced at that time. However, seeing how hard his body convulsed and listening how loudly his groaned, Cassius definitely had the best orgasm ever.

"Fuck! Oh!" the general roared, pushing his manhood as deep as he could.

Cassius' ejaculation was very intense. Temporarily turning into a sex animal, the general brutally fucked his centurion's ass. Inside Marcus' fuck canal, the general's thick dick expelled more cum. The goo coated the rectum, some escaping the ass. Streams of milky liquid were fucked out as Cassius' dick continued its penetration. It was such an erotic sight to behold. Nevertheless, to Cassius' disappointment, the intense orgasm quickly dissipated and died down. Panting, the hairy older man laid his body onto Marcus' torso to recuperate.

Panting as well, Marcus was pinned down to the floor. Cassius' body was rather heavy, effectively immobilizing Marcus. The centurion lovingly embraced Cassius' heaving body. When his arms tightened around Cassius, the general realized it. Their eyes then met but no words were spoken. Both seemed to question how they felt towards each other. Was it just sex, or was it something more?

Then Cassius remembered that Marcus hadn't shot his cum, yet. "Hey, you haven't shot yet." Clutching Marcus' body tightly, he rolled his body over. Thus, Cassius ended up lying on the floor, on his back, while Marcus lay on top of him. "Milk you cock, for me. Come on."

Feeling horny, Marcus immediately sat up on the general's cum-coated crotch. Marcus' ass cheeks were spread across Cassius' softened dick, cum trickling out from the fuck hole. Furiously, he was jacking his dick. The movement of his fist was so fast that it practically turned into a blur. More precum was squeezed out, preparing the cock for the bets orgasmic experience.

"Yeah, cum for me, Marcus. I want you to cream on my hairy chest. Do it, Marcus. Cum for me. Cum!" Deliberately, Cassius groped Marcus' exposed pecs and squeezed them hard. "Shoot it! Come on!"

And that was all it took to trigger Marcus' cock. "Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Creamy loads started to shoot, hitting Cassius' torso. "Fuck! Here I come! I'm cumming, Cassius!"

"Oh yeah! Shoot it. Cream for me," Cassius encouraged, his eyes widening with excitement.

The naked centurion expelled jet after jet of warm man juice. The air was permeated with the manly smell of sex. Throwing his head back, Marcus stared at the ceiling as his hand continued to milk out his orgasmic juice. His muscled body convulsed, contorted by the flexing muscles. After several shots, the ejaculation was reduced to weak drops. Marcus' cum dripped onto Cassius' stomach, creating gooey milky mess.

"Ah!" Marcus let out a long sigh of satisfaction. As the orgasmic force left his body, he shuddered one last time. Still holding his leaking manhood, Marcus then slumped forward. All of a sudden, he felt extremely exhausted. The centurion, sweaty and heaving, gladly laid his body onto Cassius. Both men embraced each other, exchanging passionate kisses. Such lustful display lasted for several minutes as they recuperated.


"Finally!" Aulus said. "I thought you guys will never stop fucking each other." The so-called straight centurion blatantly mocked his superior and his fellow-centurion.

General Cassius pretended that he didn't hear what Aulus said. Not bothering to get dressed, Cassius issued an order to both Aulus and Marcus. "We've spent hours torturing this barbarian. We should call it a day. Aulus, throw him back into the holding cell. We'll continue the interrogation tomorrow."

"But, General, why stop now? We're so close. I can feel it." Aulus didn't seem to agree with his superior's decision.

"Are you questioning my order, Aulus Galenus?" Cassius' voice was deep and authoritative.

"No, General," Aulus replied nervously. Even though he could be quite rebellious sometimes, he obeyed the chain of command. Like it or not, Cassius was his superior and he had no choice but to obey his orders.

"Tomorrow, senator Bassianus will return from his meeting with Licinius. He'll know what to do with that Hispanic man," Cassius added, hoping his explanation could soothe Aulus down.

"Stand up, you scum," Aulus barked, kicking Diego who was still lying on the floor. Treating the Hispanic man like an animal, the centurion cruelly used his feet to steer Diego back into the holding cell. "Yeah, crawl back to your cell."

Wincing from the pain, Diego quickly crawled into the holding cell. He knew that if he fought Aulus, he would get beaten. Once he was inside the cell, he quickly sat in the corner. At that moment, he had already lost his erection. Diego's dick shriveled up and hung down limply from his hairy crotch. Cum, mixed with dirt, tainted his lower naked body. After the cell was locked, Diego suddenly felt safer. He thought at least, inside, no one would torture him.

"Come on, guys. Leave him," Cassius ordered, holding pieces of armor in his hands.

Both Marcus and Aulus picked their respective armors and headed to the door. Their limp dicks nodded as they walked. Marcus was rather hesitant to leave Diego alone, yet he couldn't afford to let Aulus realized what was going on. Pretending that he didn't have any feelings for Diego, Marcus walked out of the room. Aulus followed, behind him. The door was then closed and locked from the outside.

Diego sat there, in silence, for several minutes. Not knowing what to do, he simply stared at the straw-covered floor. Then, all of a sudden, the sturdy Hispanic broke down and sobbed. His tears streamed down uncontrollably. There were so many things in his mind and he didn't know how to express them. However, the sobbing only lasted for a moment. Diego then dried his tears with the back of his hand, telling himself that he needed to be strong.

I have to help Estaban. I can't let them kill him. Esteban, wait for me, my love. I'm gonna save you from this Roman curse. Constantine will die, I promise you!

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