Roman Curse 4 by Hector Himeros


This story contains explicit depiction of man-to-man sex. The plot and the characters are fictional. Any resemblance with real events or living/dead people is purely coincidental! Men in this story don't use condom but the author urges the readers to use condom during sex.

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A mysterious Hispanic man, named Diego, showed up in front of Bassianus' - a Roman senator - house. Out of the blue, he claimed to know about Bassianus' plan to assassinate Emperor Constantine and offered his help. But Bassianus' centurions captured and tortured Diego, fearing that he was Constantine's spy. However, later, it was revealed that Diego even knew the future events, that Bassianus would be killed and that Constantine would turn Rome into a Christian empire. Who was Diego actually? Could he be a man from the future who was bent to change the course of history?

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Meanwhile, a few miles away from Bassianus' residence, a group of soldiers were seen walking through the woods. There were eight of them. The grassy soil turned rather muddy after the rain washed down that area for nearly an hour. Even though the rain had stopped, droplets of water occasionally fell down from the leaves. Those drops rained down on the soldiers below, beading up their metal armors. The tunics, as well as the loincloth, worn under their armors were soaked thoroughly. As they walked in moderate pace, water was consistently wrung out from their wet fabric. Yet, these manly soldiers dared not make any sighs of complaint. After all, true men should not have been afraid of the rain drops. The Roman soldiers were divided into two smaller groups. They flanked a Roman litter at the front and at the back, guarding an important figure.

The litter itself was carried by four hefty male slaves. All of them were shirtless, each wearing only a worn-out loincloth. Their biceps bulged as they exerted their strength to bear the weight. Layers of sweat, mixed with rain drops, made their shirtless bodies shimmer under the bleak sunlight. Despite being shirtless, these slaves still looked stalwart against the cold weather, as if their bodies had been made from rock.

On the lavishly decorated litter, sat Bassianus. He was the senator whom Diego sought for. The middle-aged man swayed, following the rhythm of the slaves' feet. It might sound uncomfortable, but litter was the most convenient transportation during that time. Bassianus deliberately had the curtains tied to the posts, so that he could enjoy the countryside view. His white toga waved about as he continued to sway. The path through the woods was not smooth, filled with rocks, tree roots, and mud. Reclining against the couch, Bassianus kept his eyes fixed on one of his manly slaves.

"Germanicus, are you tired?" Bassianus asked, breaking the silence.

"No, Master. I'm fine," the muscled man replied, slightly panting.

It was quite obvious that Germanicus and the other slaves were quite exhausted but they were afraid to express how they felt. The brutal training of slavery which they all underwent for many years had created a trauma deep within their minds. They learned, in the hard way, to keep silent unless they were spoken to.

Germanicus was Bassianus' favorite male slave. It was quite obvious why the senator had special feelings towards the hefty man. Germanicus might have been a former barbarian, yet, in his mid 30, he was stunningly handsome. There were some battle scars across his pecs as the indisputable proof of his manliness. Originally, he was a fierce warrior, but now he was nothing more than an obedient slave.

Bassianus blatant;y took pleasure in viewing Germanicus' muscles. The Roman senator was in indeed a muscle worshiper. Ironically, he himself was anything but muscular. Like most senators who set their minds to politic, Bassianus had no wish to revel in hours of physical exercises. Despite the lack of exercises, Bassianus kept a moderately sexy body. He might not have bulging muscles like Germanicus, but he still looked good. At least, the senator didn't have unwanted flab hanging down from his torso.

Clearing his throat, the senator asked again, "How long since you last shot your loads, Germanicus?"

"Six days ago, Master. You told me not to touch my manhood. I dared not disobey you," he answered meekly, setting his eyes to the front.

"I'm very pleased to hear that, Germanicus. You'll be rewarded nicely," Bassianus replied, showing a lascivious grin.

Tentatively, he reached a hand down to caress the growing bulge in his loincloth. The exquisite undergarment managed to prevent the growing obscenity from showing through his toga. A slight gasp was heard when Bassianus' dick reacted to his hand. Blood filling the veins, the manhood immediately gained erection. It throbbed hard against the senator's hairy crotch, demanding its release. Shifting his legs, Bassianus tried to relieve the pressure in his cramped loincloth.

Germanicus recognized the lustful sighs from Bassianus' lips. He often heard such noises whenever the senator wanted to fuck. During his years of servitude, Germanicus learned to shed his embarrassment. In fact, he no longer remembered what it was like to be ashamed of his nakedness. Germanicus had endured countless situations, normally deemed as humiliating experiences by Roman citizens. Many times, he was fucked in front of several senators as adult entertainment. Sometimes, Bassianus even let his female friends to watch Germanicus' sexual ordeals. Occasionally, Bassianus' centurions raped the slave, as well. Whenever Germanicus remembered those moments, instead of anger, he was overwhelmed by uncontrollable lust.

The senator turned his head around, leaned over, and extended his arm to touch Germanicus' damp short hair. It was not easy because of Germanicus' position. The slave carried the pole, behind the litter. Bassianus didn't hide his sexual infatuation towards Germanicus, letting the other slaves and soldiers see it.

"You don't have to pretend to be strong. I know you're tired. The others are, too, I assume," Bassianus said, noticing how shaky the litter became. "Stop here. All of you, get some rest."

Barely audible sighs of relief were heard here and there. The slaves carefully lowered the litter, trying hard not to sway it. Their thick hands shuddered, exerting much of their energy. Catching his breath, Germanicus squatted on the grassy ground. He looked very exhausted, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Gratefully, he enjoyed every second of his rest, because there were still a few miles to go. Turning to his fellow slave, he noticed that the other man was heaving for breath as well. Suddenly, he heard the rustling sound of the grass. Looking up, he saw the senator beam down at him.

"Come, sit with me on the couch." The senator bent over, offering his hand.

For a moment, Germanicus hesitated. Yet, his master's lewd smile told him that everything would be alright. The slave extended his arm, reaching up for Bassianus' hand. When his callused palm touched the senator's soft palm, he was reminded about the sheer difference of their status. The slave stood and meekly let his master lead him into the litter. He bowed his head to avoid hitting the arched canopy. Just before he was about to step a foot in, he realized how soiled his sandals were. Without being told to, he immediately took them off before climbing into the litter.

Bassianus seemed pleased at his slave's good manner. It only took him seconds to take off his own sandals and joined Germanicus. Only thinking about his self pleasure, he ignored what the other men thought. All slaves and soldiers who worked for him had already known how his sexual behavior was. After working for some time, they had grown accustomed to seeing their master fuck other men blatantly before them. Bassianus didn't think that it was necessary to dismiss those men. Instead, he wanted them to stay at their current position so that they could watch the live sex show if they wished to do so.

The other three slaves had had their own share of sexual experience with the senator. They couldn't say no because they had no rights. However, the soldiers were free men, and not all of them were gay. Several soldiers chose to turn their heads away, not wishing to get any view of the obscenity. The others excitedly waited for the hot scene to take place.

When Bassianus and Germanicus sat together, the difference in their boy shape was quite obvious. The senator was neither thin nor fat, just perfect. However, Germanicus' body was thick with muscles. Not to mention, he was also tall, a few inches taller than Bassianus. Actually, if Germanicus wanted, he could easily crush Bassianus like a helpless fly. Yet, the slave had started to develop some genuine feelings towards his master. Hence, whenever Bassianus asked him to quench his lust, Germanicus was more than glad to surrender his body.

His eyes glowing with unspeakable desire, Bassianus laid the slave down next to his own body. Lustfully, he groped Germanicus' muscled torso, feeling the hardness of those mounds. Gasps of lust occasionally were heard. The senator's erection immediately hardened, responding to the manly sensation his fingers received. Drops of water still clung onto Germanicus' skin. Bassianus' fingers roamed every inch of Germanicus' torso, enjoying the dampness. It was very pleasurable to massage a wet muscular body. Without any hesitation, the senator brought his groin close to the slave's thighs. Rubbing it, he wanted Germanicus to know how horny he was.

The slave was trained well, regarding how to respond to sexual advancement. He rolled sideways, facing his master, and held Bassianus close to his body. Bassianus' lips were pressed to the slave's thick neck. Upon being licked, Germanicus didn't hesitate to moan. He always loved getting a tongue-bath from his lusty master. Naturally, Germanicus sported a growing hard-on.

"You're sweating from carrying the litter for hours," Bassianus said, gazing into the slave's masculine features. "You're wet, too, from the rain."

Lovingly, the senator used his toga to dry Germanicus' face. When he dabbed the slave's head, it was obvious that he cared for Germanicus. However, their relationship was rather complicated, owing to the difference of their social status. Although Bassianus showed romantic interest to Germanicus, he often let the slave be raped by different men. Germanicus didn't seem to mind being mistreated. As long as his master was happy, he was quite satisfied.

"Thank you, Master," the hefty slave replied gratefully, not being able to rip his eyes off Bassianus' face.

"Do you know that I miss you, my handsome Germanicus?" the senator whispered, running a hand through the slave's wet hair.

"I know, master. I miss you, too. It's been a week since you impregnated me with your seed," Germanicus replied, his eyes showing deep longing.

"It's good to know because I'm very horny at the moment. I want to fuck you," Bassianus added, licking the slave's earlobe.

A surprised gasp was heard. The lobes were quite erogenous, as well as ticklish. "Oh, Master. I'm horny, too."

Hearing the slave's honest reply, the senator looked smug. "Do you want my cock, slave?"

"Yes, Master," came a quick enthusiastic response. "Fuck me with your ever hard manhood. I need it, Master."

"And I do need to fuck your ass." Bassianus massaged his own crotch through the fabric of his toga. "Do you want me to draw the curtain?" Bassianus asked, testing Germanicus' obedience.

The slave answered without any reservation, "No, master. Let them watch."

When he thought about his past, Germanicus realized that he had come far. He remembered the first time he was raped in front of other men. Shame and pain merged into one. It was a horrible experience back then, considering his heterosexuality. Nevertheless, the orgasm from the repeated sexual acts gradually took root in his mind and successfully converted him into homosexuality. Now, Germanicus was addicted to men. Nothing excited him more than getting bred by men, regardless their status. It might look awkward for a big muscle man to assume the submissive position. Yet, Germanicus enjoyed his sexual role as a bottom.

"I really love your muscles," the horny senator added. "You're very sexy and desirable." Emphasizing what he meant, he cupped one of Germanicus' pecs and gave it some hard squeezes.

"Oh!" the slave panted, his limbs jerking involuntarily.

"I love to see your body jerk with much pleasure, especially when I play with your chest. Yeah, you like it, don't you?"

"Yes, Master. I do. I'm horny."

True to his words, Germanicus sported a tenting erection. The obvious shape of a cock head was imprinted in the front part of his damp loincloth. When Bassianus' hand reached over, the slave made no attempt to avoid it. In fact, he shoved his crotch forward and presented his erect rod to his master. When Bassianus' hand squeezed the growing rod, Germanicus released another gasp. The slave's chest contracted, responding to the senator's touch.

"Fuck! I'm beyond horny," Bassianus declared. "Let me see your body." Almost rudely, he made Germanicus lie on his back. That way, he could properly admire the slave's impeccable muscular frame.

His head resting on the couch, the slave surrendered his body completely. He gave no resistance, allowing Bassianus to do whatever he liked. However, some parts of his body were a bit ticklish. Thus, occasionally he squirmed and jerked at the slightest touch. Germanicus lay there, keeping his eyes on his beloved master. It was rather disappointing because Bassianus still hadn't stripped off his toga yet. Lustful vibration shook the slave's hands as he fought the urge to rip the fabric off his master's body.

"Be patient, Germanicus," Bassianus said, knowing exactly what his slave was thinking. "Good things don't come fast. Relax and let me enjoy your body first."

Exercising his strength, Bassianus pressed down the slave's pecs. He could feel Germanicus' hardening nipples brush the soft surface of his palms. It was a quite satisfactory experience for a man who was turned on by pecs. Then, the senator began rubbing the solid flesh mound in circular motion, enjoying its musculature. Soon, a series of moans resounded.

"I love your muscular pecs. They are so big and squeezable." Afterward, he swept his tongue down the narrow valley between those protruding pecs. Any traces of sweat were licked clean. "I love your nipples, too. They are always erect," Bassianus said, placing his mouth on the right nipple.

"Oh! Master!" Germanicus immediately yelped. The sensation was simply unbearable.

"You have my permission to talk dirty, slave. Come on. let me hear your dirty vocabulary."

"Fuck!" Germanicus immediately groaned, his heavy chest contracting. "Play with my nipples, Master. Milk them. Ah!"

"You're a dirty man whore, aren't you?" Bassianus teased.

"Yes, Master. I'm a whore. Please, use my body for your pleasure. I'm yours, Master."

Indulging in lewdness, the senator tightened his mouth to form a tight ring around Germanicus' right pec. The pert nipple was concealed inside Bassianus' mouth. Almost immediately, the erogenous object was treated with a thorough tongue bath. Another hand was placed on Germanicus' other pec, steadying the slave's body. Bassianus could feel the slave's chest contract as he continued to suck the nipple. Much drool was deposited around Germanicus' nipple, which was then sucked back into Bassianus' mouth.

"Oh, fuck! I'm so horny, Master. Suck my nipple. Ah! Suck it as hard as you please."

Owing to the sensitivity of his body, Germanicus had to fight to lie still. Responding to the stimulation, the muscles in his torso flexed uncontrollably. Absentmindedly, the slave held his master's head and pushed it close to his chest. A second later, he realized what he just did. Yet, he received no reprimand from his master. Thus, Germanicus emboldened himself and continued to maneuver Bassianus' head.

Normally, Bassianus wouldn't let another slave touch his head in such manner. It would blur the line between the master and the slave. However, Bassianus had developed stronger affection towards Germanicus. In fact, he enjoyed how the slave reacted to the nipple sucking. Exerting more strength, the senator continued to stimulate the hardened nipple.

"Master! Oh! My nipple! I'm so turned on."

"Yeah, groan for me, slave," Bassianus said, temporarily pausing the suction. "Let me know how much you enjoy it."

Encouraged by his master, Germanicus squealed without any hesitation. When Bassianus' tongue swirled around the nipple, the slave's body convulsed slightly. Several times, his legs were kicking the air, not being able to bear the immense ecstasy. Trying not to crush Bassianus' neck, he pulled the senator closer to his naked torso. Sometimes, a louder groan was heard when Bassianus' teeth accidentally scraped the chest.

Tenting, Germanicus' cock could no longer withstand the stimulation. It throbbed hard against the damp loincloth, trying to break free. A wet spot appeared, coming out from Germanicus' pee slit, and quickly spread. Not much space inside, some public hair was accidentally pulled as the cock gained length. Nevertheless, Germanicus made no attempt to free his manhood.

"Shit! your nipple tastes so good," Bassianus said, a streamlet of drool escaping the corner of his mouth. "I want to suck the other one."

With that, he leaned over and dove down on Germanicus' left nipple. It received the same treatment. To get a more comfortable position, the senator climbed up the slave's torso. His almost smooth legs entangled Germanicus'. Bassianus moaned, rubbing his smooth legs against the hairy surface of the slave's brawny legs. At the same time, Bassianus felt a warm yet slimy bulge poking at his abdomen. He didn't have to see it to know what it was. After sucking the other nipple for several minutes, he looked up and stared into Germanicus' eyes.

"You're horny. I feel your hard-on press against my stomach," the senator announced, lust glinting in his dark eyeballs.

Deliberately, Bassianus wriggled his stomach. The twisting movement created some frictions, rubbing the slave's erection in all directions. A long desperate growl came from Germanicus' slightly parted lips. Pulsating constantly, the hardened manhood was pressed down by the weight of Bassianus' body. More precum was wrung out, surging out through the slit.

"Master, my cock is aching. Please, strip me. Let me stroke my cock for you, Master," Germanicus pleaded, obviously having some difficulties in restraining himself.

"Be patient, Germanicus. I still want to enjoy your muscles," the senator replied, ignoring the slave's sexual needs. "Flex your pecs for me. Let me feel them harden."

Obediently, Germanicus contracted the muscles around his chest. At the same time, his biceps grew larger, pulled by the flexing pectorals. It gave him a great pleasure to serve his master's needs. He would do anything to satisfy Bassianus' biological urge. Another erotic moan was heard, especially when Bassianus milked the slave's massive chest with both hands.

"Master, let me take my loincloth off. I want to be naked. I'm very horny. Please, Master."

Such request made the senator beam with churning desire. His dick throbbed much harder before it pumped out a clear drop of precum. Noticing the dampness in his own loincloth, the senator grabbed the pulsating bulge and realized that he desperately needed to unload his cock juice. Clearing his throat, he gave Germanicus the usual cue. Immediately, the slave sat up and pulled Bassianus' toga off his body. The senator lifted his arms to ease the undressing process, noticing the hint of lust in Germanicus' eyes.

The white fabric was easily removed, exposing the senator's nearly smooth body. Unlike most men, Bassianus was practically hairless, except his head and crotch. Thin short hair, barely visible, grew sparsely across the pale skin of his arms and legs. Germanicus continued to pull the toga off completely until the senator was left in his loincloth.

"Do you see my erection, slave? My fuck pole is hard. And it's dripping." With his eyes, he pointed down at the soggy front of his underwear. "Pull my loincloth down."

"Yes, Master," Germanicus quickly answered, offering his hands. Yet, before he could touch Bassianus' groin, he was pushed away. "Master?"

"I didn't say you could touch me with your hands. Use your teeth and mouth, instead," the senator demanded, exercising his authority as the owner of a sex slave. Bassianus stood until his crotch was level with Germanicus' mouth.

"As you wish, Master," Germanicus replied subserviently, eager to perform his duty.

Assuming a better position, the hunky slave knelt down. His eyes kept staring at Bassianus' clothed groin. Just inches away from the throbbing bulge, he smelt the strong aroma of precum. The wet mark, staining the front part, spread fast, as Bassianus couldn't stop leaking. Leaning his back, Germanicus willingly pressed his nose against the senator's loincloth. Pungent odor, a combination of piss and precum smell, hit his nostrils. It was so overwhelming that the slave shuddered.

"Yeah, you miss my cock, don't you, slave? Smell my crotch. Oh yeah!"

"Yes, Master. I miss your body," Germanicus answered, his voice wavering with lust.

The slave's tongue emerged from his oral orifice. Excitedly, it pressed itself repeatedly onto the wet fabric. Every time it made contact with Bassianus' loincloth, it managed to lap up some precum. Thankfully, he kept wringing the liquid, drenching the fabric in saliva. Intoxicated by the smell, his head reeled with burning desire.

Germanicus then opened his mouth and grabbed Bassianus' hard-on. Of course, he made sure that his teeth had been properly concealed. Bassianus' loincloth might taste terrible but his precum made it worth sucking. Traces of drool were left along the fabric as Germanicus made his way up to the waistband. Years of practice had taught him well as to how to please men. Carefully, the slave utilized his teeth to get a grip on the fabric. He had to yank hard for several times until the knot loosened. Finally, after several attempts, the loincloth was pulled free.

"Oh!" the gay senator moaned out his pleasure. A thick veined dick sprang out, pulsing hard before the slave's face. The head was still covered by the thick foreskin, hiding itself from Germanicus' lusty eyes. However, the slit was quite visible. At the edge of the thickly rumpled foreskin, precum gathered. Bassianus shook his dick to tease the horny slave.

"Master, I want to suck your cock. Please, let me suck it."

"You want my cock, huh? Then open your mouth wide and let me fuck it," Bassianus replied, holding his breath for a moment.

Eagerly, the muscled slave opened his mouth and brought the leaking dick in. The foreskin-covered dick rested inside, filling Germanicus' mouth. The slave immediately began milking the throbbing erection. Yet, sucking a cock with its foreskin felt like eating an unpeeled banana. Absentmindedly, Germanicus' hands flew to the shaft but then they were pulled away. Bassianus hadn't given him the permission to sue his hands and Germanicus dared not to disobey him. Skillfully, using his trained lips, he held onto Bassianus' shaft and pushed the foreskin back. It was not easy, of course, yet Germanicus was quite persistent.

"Fuck! Your mouth feels so good on my cock. Oh yeah! I've trained you well," Bassianus croaked. Occasionally, his body jerked.

Gradually, the foreskin was retracted. The senator's beautiful reddish cock head was exposed to the slave's hungry mouth. Relentlessly, Germanicus sucked the cock, putting into practice all sorts of blowjob techniques that he had learned. It seemed that he had done well because Bassianus' dick continued to share its precum.

"Yes! Suck my cock head. Ah yes! Do it, slave. Suck my dick," the senator slurred, lust taking over his mind.

The force of the suction created loud slurping noises, which could be heard several meters away. Bassianus' eyes feasted on the slave's muscle-packed broad shoulders. Standing above Germanicus, the senator also got a nice view of the slave's pecs. Everything about Germanicus made Bassianus horny. At then, he realized that he missed one thing: Germanicus' big cock.

Bending over the slave's shoulder, Bassianus strained to reach Germanicus' loincloth. In the process, his warm torso was pressed onto the slave's damp skin. An involuntary gasp escaped his mouth. When he managed to grasp Germanicus' loincloth, he jerked it forcefully. Repositioning his stance, the senator cast the damp cloth aside.

"Thank you, Master," the slave said, enjoying his nakedness. "Can I touch your body, Master?"

"Yes, you may. And don't forget to stroke your cock. I want to see you jack off."

"Yes, Master," the slave answered enthusiastically.

Brawny and thick, Germanicus' arms circled Bassianus' hips to lock him in place. Steadily, he pumped the senator's dick, savoring its meaty taste. Eager to scoop up more precum, the tongue made a swirling motion around the head. Thoroughly, he bathed the throbbing meat in saliva. Simultaneously, he used his tongue to part the narrow slit open. However, whenever the flexible tongue made contact with the sensitive slit, Bassianus' body jerked erratically. Fortunately, Germanicus was very strong, using his strength to steady .

"Suck my dick, you horny slave. Oh yeah! Make me cum."

No answer came from Germanicus because he was practically gagged. However, he managed to make some muffled noises. Occasionally, those noises were accompanied by slurping suctions. Not being able to bear the horniness, the slave touched his own dick and began stroking it. The other hand continued to steady Bassianus' waist, making sure that he didn't buck too much.


Captivated by the live sex show, the other slaves absentmindedly stroked their aching dicks. One of them even slipped a hand into his loincloth and fingered his asshole. They gasped and moaned but the noises they made were drowned by Bassianus' voice. Like Germanicus, those slaves were not into man-to-man initially. However, years of constant rape had turned them to cock worshipers.

One slave didn't even hesitate to get naked, displaying his leaking erection. Nakedness was nothing to be ashamed of. At least, Looking at his fellow-slaves, he gave them hint that he wanted to get fucked. However, his sexual invitation was rejected because the other slaves preferred to bottom, as well. Dejected, the horny slave then turned to a group of soldiers who were resting under the trees. The slave blatantly gave them a naughty wink, offering them a chance to feel the tightness of his ass. He knew that, at least, one of them would come and fuck his ass without mercy. After all, most Roman men were addicted to gay sex.

"Hey, look at that slave," a red-haired soldier caught the lewd cue. "A slave like him certainly doesn't know the definition of shame. He even dares strip off and wink at us."

"Slaves are just like animals. They were born to be used," his friend chimed in. "It seems that he wants you to screw his ass."

"Free sex certainly sounds very tempting. So what are we waiting for? Come on," the red-haired man stood up and pulled his friend to follow him.

Grabbing their tenting crotches, those two soldiers came up to the naked slave. Still on his knees, the horny slave immediately greeted them. Not wanting to miss the chance to have sex, the other two slaves joined in. Trained well, the slaves knew exactly how to strip a soldier's armor within seconds. The clanking sounds of metal, as well as soft thuds of leather armors, were heard for a moment. Afterward, those two soldiers stood naked, proudly waving their hard-ons.

"Suck my Roman cock, slave," the red-haired soldier ordered authoritatively, looking rather impatient.

The slaves obediently did what they were told to. As soon as they began to suck, the sounds of sex echoed through the woods. Dirty words of encouragement were mixed with the sounds of sloppy blowjob. Needless to say, those two naked soldiers really enjoyed being blown. Their muscular bodies jerked, contracting hard. Without any hesitation, they groaned out their pleasure.

"Fuck! Those men are like sex animals," the other soldier commented, watching his comrades get blown by muscled slaves. "I never let any male slave blow my dick."

"Too bad you're straight, Petronius" his friend commented, laughing. "You have no idea what you've been missing out. A man's ass is much tighter than any cunts. Once you try fucking a man's ass, you'll come back for more." Receiving no response from Petronius, the soldier continued, "Forget that bitch. She divorced you. Don't torture yourself."

"True, I haven't had sex for months since she left me. I'm so fucking depressed," he answered, combing his head with his fingers.

"Then you should ask one of those male slaves to milk your cock. Try it. It's fun," his friend suggested, chuckling lewdly.

After pondering the matter for a minute, finally the straight soldier decided that he should give it a go. "I guess, it's alright. I mean, almost all Roman men like fucking male slaves, don't they?" Turning to his friend, he asked, "You're not coming?"

"Nah! I'm not in the mood for sex at the moment. Go ahead and enjoy yourself."

The straight soldier then joined his comrades with strong determination. He realized he did need some distraction in order to erase the memory of his ex wife. Nervously, he stood before those slaves. One of them gratefully took care of him. Before long, Petronius was stripped off his armor. His damp toga was taken off, as well. The sudden caress of cold wind sent tingles down his spine. Yet, he was ready to try sex with another man. Fisting one hand, he told himself that he owed himself the chance to try man-to-man sex. Within seconds, he started to produce guttural groans of ecstasy.


"Fuck!" Bassianus groaned, trying to control himself from cumming. "You suck so well. Ah, yeah! I love how your tongue tries to fuck my pee slit. I'm precumming for you. Damn!"

Looking around, he spotted three of his soldiers enjoying oral service from the slaves. All-male orgy was such an erotic sight to behold. Some muscles in Bassianus' torso contracted involuntary as he fought not to give in to orgasm. He did want to cum, but not that fast. However, it was very hard to hold back from orgasm, especially when he was constantly assaulted by Germanicus' talented mouth. Another groan signaled how close Bassianus was to the point of no return. Heaving, the senator finally pushed the slave away. His erect dick popped out, enveloped in a thick layer of drool.

"Master, why did you push me away? Did I do something wrong?" Germanicus promptly asked, his face showing great disappointment.

"No, Germanicus. On the contrary, you sucked me so well that I almost spilled my cum," the senator admitted, calming himself down.

"But, Master, I want to milk your cock. I need your cock juice."

"And you're going to get it. I want to breed your ass."

Suddenly, Germanicus became very excited. The disappointment he felt earlier vanished without a trace. Thinking about getting fucked by his master stirred his dick. Anal sex was something that he loved the most, among all the other man-to-man sexual activities. Every time he spread his legs for his master, he felt as if he was fulfilling his destiny. Thus, he couldn't hide his excitement when Bassianus mentioned the word fuck.

"How should I position myself, Master?" the slave meekly asked, showing his subservience.

"Assume the doggie position, slave. And show me your tight ass," the senator demanded, stroking his slimy manhood. "Come on. We don't have all day."

"Yes, Master," Germanicus replied, getting on fours. From the tone of his voice, it was very apparent that he craved for his master's dick. Germanicus might be a large manly stud, but it didn't stop him from being a total bottom. The wooden floor of the litter creaked. Naughtily, Germanicus shoved his ass backward to tease the lustful senator. He even wiggled his rump, beckoning his master to come closer.

"You horny slave," the senator croaked, getting down on his knees. "I'm gonna breed your ass and fuck your ass hard. I won't stop until I shoot my seed deep inside you. You heard me?"

"Yes, Master. I heard you. Please do it. Breed me now."

"You asked for it. I warn you, I'm very horny at the moment. I might fuck your brain out."

And with that, the senator rudely spread Germanicus' ass cheeks. The hairless pinkish hole was exposed to Bassianus' pleasure. It twitched several times as if challenging the senator to shove his manhood in. Gulping down his saliva, Bassianus then carefully placed his swollen dick head at the anal entrance. He made sure that he didn't forget to pull the foreskin all the way back to reveal the beautiful glans. Owing to its sensitivity, Bassianus shuddered as the tip of his dick made contact with Germanicus' hungry hole. It really felt quite warm. Spontaneously, horny memories about the time he'd spent with Germanicus flooded his memories. His body tingled as he remembered the sexual ecstasy he'd received from that particular slave.

"Ah!" All of a sudden, Germanicus let out a long painful growl. Simultaneously, the nerves in his body were wrecked. Both of his sturdy legs shook, almost unable to support his body. One thing for sure, Germanicus was no longer a virgin. Yet, every time he was fucked, he still felt the pain. The pain got worse if the penetrator possessed a massive manhood. The muscles in Germanicus' arms flexed, exercising their strength to steady Germanicus' large frame.

"Take my cock, slave," Bassianus hissed, pushing the rod deep into Germanicus' fuck canal.

Despite being fucked quite often, Germanicus' asshole still retained its tightness. Secretly, the slave had trained his asshole by repeatedly clenching it for several minutes. He knew the secret from a fellow male slave who was taught by his master. Just like well-trained biceps, the rectum gained its strength from daily clenching exercise. Apparently, the anal exercises had paid off. With such vigorous ass muscles, Germanicus could literally milk any cock lodged inside it. And whenever he tightened his asshole during anal penetration, he could feel the pain as if he were still a virgin.

"Damn! I've fucked you many times, but your asshole is still quite tight," Bassianus commented, taking a deep breath. "This is why you become my favorite fuck slave. I'm simply crazy over your muscles and ass. Ah yeah!"

Steadily, the senator's dick gained entry, inch by inch. The clenching asshole managed to stop the dick in its track temporarily. However, as Bassianus exerted more strength, his steel-hard penis gradually sank in and forced Germanicus' asshole to give in. By wriggling his dick, Bassianus successfully planted himself deep into the ever tight ass. The sensation caused by the friction between his flaring dick head and the slave's fleshy rectum was so great that he failed to find the right words to describe it.

"Master, oh! Your dick feels so good inside my ass. More please. Push it deeper," Germanicus begged, his voice wavering with lust.

"Yes, I'm gonna push my dick so deep that it will come out from your mouth. Take my entire fuck rod, slave. Oh!"

"Oh! Fuck me, Master. Breed my ass. Oh, I need your big dick up my ass. Yes!" Germanicus hissed, flexing his broad pecs.

Persistently, Bassianus' manhood wormed its way in until it had buried the entire shaft up to the hilt. Sighing out his relief, the senator paused to enjoy the tightness and the warmth. However, when he felt the anal contraction, he could no longer restrain himself. He simply had to unload his juice in Germanicus' anal cavity.

"Master, ah yeah! I can feel your cock move. It's big," the slave puffed, as if he never had sex with Bassianus.

"Fuck! Your ass is tight. I love it. Ah!" Bassianus growled, pulling his rod out. Before the head could escape the squeezing ass ring, the cock was pushed back in.

"Yeah, fuck me. Breed my ass, Master. Oh!"

Assuming the doggie position, Germanicus let his genitalia hang down from the hairy crotch. The engorged fuck tool was throbbing incessantly, ready to burst its loads. Every time Bassianus delivered a thrust, Germanicus' cock swayed like a club. The movements that his dick made brought a distinct sensation, different from any kinds of stimulation. The gooey content of Germanicus' balls was stirred well as the ball sack was shaken repeatedly. Glistening, a drop of precum made its way down from the parted slit. However, the violent shake soon snapped the gossamer-like string.

"You like my big cock, huh? It's your master's mighty dick. A Roman man knows how to satisfy his slutty slaves."

Drops of sweat formed on the senator's forehead, dampening the skin. The cold weather couldn't prevent him from sweating. Deep from within, the fire of lust consumed the senator. Despite his age, he was still quite horny, comparable to hormone-driven adolescents. High stamina made it possible for Bassianus to ram Germanicus' ass over and over without getting tired. Streams of sweat streaked his naked torso, drenching him, while he panted for breath. Glancing around aimlessly, for some inexplicable reasons, Bassianus' eyes were directed to Petronius' naked form.

Wait a minute. Isn't that Petronius? I thought he wasn't interested in having sex with men. This is the first time, ever, I get the chance to see him naked. Fuck! I can find a million reasons to get hard over him. I mean, he's quite good-looking. And his muscular body reminds me to the beautifully sculpted Greek statues. And, apparently, he's well endowed. Too bad, I can't fuck him. However, I may be able to fuck with him.

"You want more cocks inside you, slave?" Bassianus asked with uneven breath. Actually, Bassianus had already known the answer to that question. Yet, he asked it anyway to satisfy himself. After all, he loved dirty talk during sex.

"Yes, Master. I want more cocks. Please, give me more," he babbled, almost deliriously. "I love cocks. I love getting fucked. Oh!"

A wicked smile curled his lips. "I'm very pleased to know that, slave. Let me get you a virile soldier who can breed your ass like a stallion breeding its mare." Turning to Petronius, the senator gave him a holler without pausing his penetration. "Petronius, come here. I need you."

Still somewhat dazed by the rapture of gay sex, the soldier was pulled back to reality when Bassianus' deep voice rang in his mind. As a soldier, he was trained to follow the chain of command. For a second, he was in panic because he had no idea why the senator called him. Nervously, he pulled away from the slave's sucking mouth. Without bothering to pick up his clothes, he scampered through the soggy ground. Maintaining its erection, Petronius' cock waved about as its owner walked.

"You called me, Senator?" Petronius sounded tired, taking deep breaths repeatedly. For the sake of decency, he covered his erection with both hands.

"Yes, I did," Bassianus answered. At then, he stopped fucking Germanicus. "I've noticed that you take a fancy to my male slaves."

Like an innocent child caught stealing, Petronius almost stuttered when he tried to explain what happened. "I'm sorry, Senator. I honestly have no idea what has happened to me. Everything happened just like that. I swear, I ..."

"Speak no more," Bassianus lifted his hand to stop the soldier from speaking.

Slowly, he withdrew himself from Germanicus' clenching fuck hole. A long gasp left the slave's quivering lips. The senator deliberately did it because he knew how much Germanicus loved feeling the itch caused by the slow withdrawal. Unwillingly to release the dick, Germanicus' sphincter worked hard to keep it captive. Yet, in the end, Bassianus' dick managed to slip out. With a sigh, he turned to Petronius. Shamelessly, the senator let the soldier view his throbbing dick.


Not far from Bassianus' location, a soldier hid among the bushes. He had stayed there for quite some time, watching the debauchery quietly. Water occasionally dripped down from the leaves above his head, yet the soldier didn't seem bothered. Making sure that he stayed hidden, the man didn't dare move his limbs. Bassianus didn't realize that he had been spied upon. That mysterious soldier was actually a spy sent by Emperor Constantine who wanted to confirm the rumor about Bassianus' sexual perversion.

Disgusting! Apparently, the rumor is proven to be true. Senator Bassianus is nothing but a pervert who enjoys fucking with men. I'm sure that Emperor Constantine will want to hear this. I have to return now before Bassianus' men caught me. Your days are numbered, Bassianus.

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