by: Richard

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Here is the first chapter of an historical story.


The lean young man climbed down from his horse next to the windmill and watering trough at the edge of the corral, but quickly realized that he could be in trouble. From the look on the face of the man who now faced him, he saw he should have ridden on.

"What's yur business?" The gnarled man asked sharply from the porch of the ranch house that was as weathered as he was. His steely eyes watched Rusty's every move.

Rusty slapped his hat against his thigh beating the dust from both before he answered trying to sound friendly, "Just passin' through."

"Better mount up then," the older man snapped, "We got no use for drifters here."

Rusty looked at him directly, "You're not too friendly like," he said surveying the area around the corral. He wiped the perspiration that trailed down his face with back of his sleeve.

"Got no call to be," the man returned then put his hand on his revolver.

Instinctively Rusty did the same. Trying to relax the situation he asked, "Mind if me and my horse have a drink before I leave?"

"Spose'n I said no?"

"Spose'n I said fuck off, Old Man!" Rusty spat the words, he hated being so crude, but things were quickly getting out of hand.

The leathered hand of the old man moved a little toward the butt of his gun. Rusty's eyes squinted slightly as he took measure of the man's probable skill with a pistol. "I wouldn't if I were you," he glared at him.

"But you ain't me," the old man's hand continued to inch its way toward the gun.

"I don't want to hurt you," Rusty said, "I just want a little water." He'd seen more than a few stubborn guys in his short life, but this one was surely the worst.

Before the old man could even blink, he found himself staring at the barrel of the revolver that Rusty held firmly in his hand.

"Be quick about it then," the old man relented, adding, "Don't like for strangers to be hanging around."

The tension went out of Rusty's shoulders as he returned his pistol to its holster and he nudged his horse to the watering trough a few feet away. He stood with his back to the old man, knowing now that he needn't worry about getting shot. He'd been too busy to notice before but now he looked up when he heard the rusty creaking of the windmill as it turned lazily in the slight breeze. The breeze wasn't even felt down where Rusty stood. With each turn it pumped a small gulp of water from deep within the parched ground. He took off his gloves tucking them in his pants pocket and then moved to the corroded pipe where the water trickled into the wooden trough. He bent over and held his hand in the flow until he collected enough to take a drink himself. The water was cold and flavorful.

When he had his fill, Rusty straightened and slid his bandanna around to his lips. He mopped his mouth with it, and then returned it to its former position feeling the cooling effect on his neck. Rusty pulled his canteen from the saddle and motioned to the old man who still stood watching. He dumped the few remaining drops from it and held it beneath the dripping pipe until it filled and dampened the canvas covering. Rusty replaced the cap on the canteen and slung it back to his saddle horn. With a deep sigh he arched his back and hunched his shoulder to remove the kinks from his rangy frame. His horse lifted its head from the trough having taken its fill water still dripping from its mouth.

"Much obliged," Rusty said looking into the old man's cloudy eyes. With a single fluid motion he mounted his horse and touched a hand to the brim of his hat, "Much obliged." With a gentle nudge of his toe to the shoulder of his horse he rode out of the clearing in the direction in which he was headed.

The sky had the pale blue color that it has when the sun is high, the temperature is hot, and there isn't a cloud in sight; when anything in the distance shimmers, ghostlike before becoming solid as one approached. Near the ground the air was still as death, and the dust kicked up by his horse rose to form a small cloud which followed him a quarter mile before it settled back to the earth barely leaving a trace of his passing on the sun burnt grasses that covered the ground in southwest Kansas.


Rusty had been riding across this vast grassland for the better part of two weeks, heading generally in a northerly direction. He'd left the ranch deep in Texas a month ago. Jake, the owner of the ranch for whom he had worked was generous in his severance, because he'd promised Rusty that he could stay on through the drive north in the spring. But when Jake decided to retire and sell the ranch, he didn't need him. For most of the year there were only two other besides Rusty and the owner working the place. He could have stayed on to work for the new owner, but after talking to him for a few minutes decided that he didn't like the way he did business. He wanted to cut the pay nearly in half, except for during the drives north to market.

It wasn't just the money, because Rusty still had most of the money from the sale of the farm in Indiana two years ago. It seemed to him that working on a ranch during the rest of the year was just as important as during the drive, and the pay should be reasonable and enough to provide for at least the essentials.

At twenty, Rusty was lean and strong, though he didn't look particularly muscular. His features were sharp, his face and hands darkened from the sun, and his hair was the color of burnt copper and had given him his nickname. His full name was Stephen Harold Archer born August 20, 1851, the son of Harold and Julia Jefferson Archer.

Both of his parents were now dead. His mother died almost two years earlier, a year after his father. After she died, he'd decide that he didn't want to stay on the farm. It was small and barely provided them with a living, and since the war is seemed like it was becoming less and less so. The land wasn't bad, but it just wasn't all that good either. When the owner of the farm adjoining his offered him the chance to get out, he took it. There wasn't much left after paying off the bills, but enough so that he could live for a couple of years, if he needed to.

He'd always like working with cattle and horses, and so he'd headed south to Texas where he found the small ranch from which he'd just come. Jake, the former owner had given in a letter of introduction and a rough map of the location of a ranch in Montana north of Helena. Rusty was headed that general direction hoping to reach it before winter.

Jake had told him that even if the man didn't have a job for him, he could stay the winter and work for his keep.


He was roused from the daydream he'd been in by the sight of an oncoming rider, though at that distance it was hard to judge whether is was one or more riders. Since neither he nor the other man were riding at any great speed it was nearly twenty minutes before he could see that it was just one.

As they pulled to a stop along side of each other they greeted.

"Howdy," Rusty said in his best Texas accent with a smile.

"Hello," returned the stranger. Their horses snorted and stomped their hooves on the dry sun parched ground. Each patted their horse's neck urging them to stand quietly and not stir up so much dust

"Where ya headed?" Rusty asked.

"Dallas," the other man answered, asking, "And you?"

"Montana," Rusty smiled again.

"That's a mighty long ride," he returned the smile, "M'name's Jim, actually James Randall."

"They call me Rusty," Rusty said, adding, "And actually mine's Stephen Archer."

"Rusty suits you," Jim laughed as Rusty removed his hat and slapped the dust out of it. His medium-cut copper-colored wavy hair glowed in the hot sun, though darkening some with the sweat. He shook his head to loosen it and let it dry while they talked.

"Any water here 'bouts?" Rusty asked.

"Think so," Jim turned in his saddle and pointed, "Least ways there's a line of trees about five miles that way."

Even though the land was mostly flat it was actually rolling hills, but not enough to really notice, except that as you rode across them things you couldn't see before suddenly appeared on the horizon, letting you know you'd just crested another hill. The direction that Jim had pointed was the general direction in which Rusty had been riding.

"S'pect I'll camp there then," Rusty said.

"Mind if'n I join you?" Jim asked, "I'm tired of eatin' alone."

"Not at all," Rusty replied, "I'd enjoy some company. Pete here and I are about all talked out."

The two men laughed as they took measure of each other.

"Us too," Jim said, "Let's go. Maybe there'll be enough water to take a bath. I surely do need one."

Rusty slapped Pete's rump with his hat and put it back on his head as they rode off together in the direction that Jim had pointed. Jim had been right, there was water in the small stream that cut through the otherwise barren land. The line of trees which rose up from the banks on either side gave evidence that there was water in it nearly all the time.

They selected a flat spot up from the bank to set up camp and got down from their horses. After removing the saddles and riding bridles, they put on the bit-less grazing bridles and tethered the two horses with goodly lengths of rope in the shade of the trees a short way from where they put out their bed rolls.

Having taken care of their only chores, they began undressing. Rusty was a bit unsure of how far he could go in this regard. He was still quite shy about being seen naked.

Jim on the other hand, was far from shy, and before Rusty could get his shirt hung on a tree branch near the edge of the slowly moving water, Jim was standing completely naked and rummaging through his saddle bags.

"I know I got some in here somewhere," Jim said.

Rusty looked furtively at Jim's handsome body as he continued undressing. The light colored skin gleamed even in the shade. Only his face and arms were darker than the rest of his body. His upper body had only a hint of being exposed to the sun, and the rest no suggestion at all. With essentially no body hair it looked as if it were alabaster. Much to Rusty's surprise, his own body was responding to the sight of this naked man, and he became embarrassed by it.

He tried to distract himself by asking, "What ya lookin' for?" He instantly regretted asking, because Jim stood up and looked at him at the question.

"Soap..." Jim said looked around, and was taken aback by the sight of Rusty standing naked behind him with what appeared to be the biggest cock he'd seen in some time, swaying slightly. It wasn't quite hard, but just short of standing up. Recovering his composure, he said smiling, attempting to allay the tension, "Gee you sure gota big one!"

"Aw, it ain't so much," Rusty blushed. He paused as he noticed that Jim's cock was starting to grow before him, "You don't look so small either."

The two men stood a short distance apart becoming increasingly aroused.

Finally Jim said, "We'd better get some cold water on these things, before they get any more ideas."

"I guess," Rusty answered relaxing with Jim's casual attitude. He reached inside his saddlebag and pulled out a bar of brown soap, the kind used to wash clothes with. "This is all I got, but you're welcome to share," he said holding it up.

"That'll do nicely," Jim said, "In fact it'll probably take that to get me clean anyway." They laughed and headed for the water. Compared to the air temperature, the water was cold, but moments after they were in it, they found that it was actually quite warm. It could hardly help but be since it was exposed to the hot sun for days on end as it moved west to east toward the Mississippi.

While the bathing in the refreshing water did temper their visible sexual excitement, both men retained in the back of their minds the sights they had seen moments before. Each was careful to refrain from coming into physical contact with the other. They washed first carefully, and then began splashing each other playfully

Eventually they got tired of the horseplay, and climbed out of the water and stretched themselves out on blankets on the dry grass to dry in the still bright sun. It was just a few minutes and their skin gleamed in the harsh light.

"We'd better move out of this sun," Rusty said a few minutes later, "Or we'll get burned. I don't relish getting my ass burnt, or anything else." Quickly they got up and moved their blankets in the shade nearby. The blankets were placed so that they touched; they lay down on them and stared up at the sky with eyes closed. For a long time neither said anything. Occasionally an eyelid would flick open and glance across at the other and quickly close again.

Finally it was Jim who sat up and spoke, "Rusty?" he asked softly.

"Yeah?" Rusty answered hesitantly opening an eye to see Jim looking down at him, close enough that they might easily have touched. He tried not to look surprised.

"A while ago," Jim started, "When I was digging in my bags for soap I looked around and saw you with what I thought was a big hard-on, right?"

"Yeah," Rusty said, blushing again as he remembered, "I guess."

"Well," Jim paused, "Why do you suppose that was? I mean, why did you get hard?"

Rusty was surprised by the openness of the question, and he tried to think of something to say, "Well I guess I thought..." he swallowed hard and admitted, "I thought you had a nice looking butt."

Jim's eyes sparkled and he smiled, "I was hoping that's what you thought."

Rusty sighed and relaxed, closing his eyes briefly before asking, "What made you think," he paused, "that I was interested in you that way?"

"I suppose," Jim said thoughtfully, "I felt the same way when I first met you, 'course I wasn't sure 'til just now."

Neither was surprised by the fact that now they both were getting fully erect and touching themselves gently, suggestively.

"You want to?" Rusty asked tentatively.

"Sure," Jim sighed, "I've wanted to since I first saw you. Didn't you notice I had a hard-on all the time we was riding? It hurt somethin' awful!"

"I thought so," Rusty said, "I kinda did myself."

"Yeah," Jim sighed, "I noticed," he paused, "It's gorgeous, like it is now. It's so big. I ain't never see'd one as big as that afore."

"You're just talkin'," Rusty blushed putting his hand over his hard cock, not half covering it.

"No?" Jim protested, "See yur hand don't even begin to cover it all!"

Rusty looked down and saw it was true, he looked at Jim's, and Jim put his hand over his. Just a little of his peeked out from under Jim's big hand.

Jim lifted his hand and reached out to touch Rusty's face. Though his hand was large and weathered, it felt soft to his skin. It excited Rusty even more than he already was. He rolled toward Jim and then pulled him close to himself. Their eyes joined in a long longing look before they moved their faces close enough to touch. Tentatively at first their lips touched in a gentle kiss, then without hesitation their strong arms pulled each to the other in a passion unknown to them in a long while.

Their lean bodies ground against each other. Their hips moved shamelessly against each other and the heat of their desire increased to almost the bursting point.

Jim pulled away quickly and laid back, "We gota stop a moment, or it'll be all over."

Rusty breathed roughly, "I don't care, it feels so good!"

He leaned over and quickly engulfed Jim rigid cock with his mouth and throat, not needing to hold it upright with his hand. It tasted so sweet, he thought, as he moved his head up and down over the strong pulsing shaft.

Jim moaned in delight was he felt himself beginning to reach his peak. He wanted more, but he couldn't stop himself, nor could he bear to make Rusty stop what he was doing. Finally in a loud groan he exploded sending spurts of hot fluid into Rusty's greedy mouth and throat. Rusty gulped to take it all and pulled Jim's hips closer to his face forcing the jerking cock deeply into his throat. Jim's hips moved instinctively pushing harder and harder into Rusty's face. When at last he could stand it no longer, he pushed Rusty's forehead gently easing his still throbbing cock from his mouth. Rusty gulped one last time to clear his throat of the sticky liquid.

"Gosh," he sighed, "You sure cum a lot!"

Jim just moaned softly in ecstasy, "Yeah," he breathed. For a long time neither said anything more. Rusty gazed down into Jim's closed eyes while with one hand he slowly stroked Jim's still hard cock.

After a few minutes Jim opened his eyes.

"It's my turn to enjoy," he whispered, "You lie back and let me do you like you did for me."

Rusty lay back slowly as Jim approached the gigantic pole that rose up from Rusty's groin.

"I don't know if I can take it all this way," he sighed, and he proceeded to bath the immense cock before him. It swayed before him as his tongue and lips caressed it as he held it with his hands. Finally he put his mouth over the end of it. He struggled to open his throat enough to take half of it into it. His throat squeezed down against the unyielding bulk causing Rusty to moan with pleasure. Jim moved his head up and down slowly trying without success to get more of the swollen cock into his throat. At last he pulled up and sighed, "I can't get it all in like you did," he paused a moment, "But I know what I can do, if you'll let me."

Rusty opened his eyes slowly, "Whatever you want."

Jim smiled down and Rusty closed his eyes again. Without hesitating, Jim spit into his hand several times and moved the liquid to bathe his behind forcing a finger gently inside as far as he could reach wetting the inside surfaces. Twice more he repeated the movements with more fingers until he was satisfied. He leaned over and wet the swaying cock with more liquid. He straddled Rusty's hips and grabbed the rigid tool in one hand, holding one cheek aside, slowly lowered himself down. At first contact his anal opening clamped shut against the invading instrument, but gradually he managed to relax and let it enter. Rusty tried to remain perfectly still while Jim was maneuvering himself on his pulsing cock.

As Jim lowered himself fully onto it, Rusty began slowly lifting his hips upward against the tightly closed butt. The heat and pressure that invaded his senses was bringing him quickly to the bursting point. He bit his lips to try to forestall the inevitable, but it was pointless. In strong thrusting movements he bumped against Jim's butt that rose and fell rhythmically on his cock. With a gasp and groan he let himself go and shot his load of hot cum, sending a pulsing stream of the steamy liquid into Jim's dark, squeezing cavity. Jim moaned in pleasure as he felt the pulsing cock within him. His hand which had been stroking himself slowly now increased it movements and quickly he shot his second load arching across Rusty's chest and striking his face with several spurts. Rusty felt the hot liquid on his forehead and cheek, nonetheless thrust harder against Jim's grasping hole. When at last he was spent, he relaxed and laid quietly, his cock still throbbing and pulsing inside of Jim.

Jim leaned forward and lightly brushed Rusty's forehead and cheek with his lips and tongue cleaning up the now clear liquid which had begun to run down across his face. And when he was finished, he lay gently down atop Rusty's strong body, still holding the slightly softening cock within him.


When they awoke it was nearing sunset, a breeze was blowing across they bodies cooling them. Jim's white skin had a distinct pink glow to it, while Rusty was a darker color, but still on the pink side. While they had slept Jim had rolled over to one side of Rusty and lay now as he woke nestled in Rusty's strong arms. Jim stirred slightly and this motion awakened Rusty as well. He pulled Jim closer to himself momentarily, and then relaxed his hold realizing that perhaps it was uncomfortable for Jim.

"I'm sorry I woke you," Jim said turning over to look at Rusty.

"You didn't, really," Rusty said smiling, and then as he realized that his massive cock was poking its way toward Jim's behind again, added, "Well, part of me you did."

Jim smiled, "That's quite something." He put his hand on the hot tingling shape causing it to flex and move closer. "Down Boy!" Jim laughed, "Down Boy!"

Rusty frowned playfully, "You didn't like it then?"

"No! It was awful! That big thang hurts like the devil!"

Understanding that Jim was playing too he said, "Well, that's not what you said when I was doing it. You begged me not to stop!"

They both laughed.

"I did, didn't I," Jim smiled.

"You did," Rusty smiled back, "But it was great, and you'll get your turn to hurt me after awhile."

"I guess we should get organized for the night. Besides, I'm getting hungry."

"Me too, all the exercise. It'll do it every time!" Jim jumped up and ran for the stream with Rusty giving hot pursuit his huge cock swaying ahead of him, sagging more and more as he gave chase. After they finished bathing, they washed their dirty jeans and shirts, setting them to dry on the dried grasses. They pulled on clean jeans and were soon fixing up their camp and preparing dinner. Although there was no real reason to do so, they felt somewhat self-conscious about their nakedness when they were up working, especially Rusty who felt his cock was too big to be seen at all.

After eating they sat next to the slowly dying fire, looking deeply into the embers that occasionally snapped threw out sparks at their feet. Since their feet were still bare, they pulled them back momentarily before stretching out their legs again.

The sky overhead was dark with no moon, but was sprinkled with twinkling stars. In the distance a coyote's call sounded, sending a shiver down their spines.

"I guess we could turn in," Jim said softly. Rusty nodded and stood up stretching his long lean body. The bulge in his jeans caught the eye of Jim who was about to stand.

"I'm glad we met," he sighed reaching out and stroking Rusty's crotch with the back of his hand.

"So am I," Rusty answered holding out a hand to help Jim up from the ground. They pulled off their pants. They embraced, kissing passionately for a moment before moving back to where their blankets lay waiting for them.

Their passions, not as desperate as in the afternoon, were none-the-less ardent. Rusty true to his word allowed Jim to be the dominant one. The pleasure for both was intense once again, leaving them wearied when it was over, exhausted and satisfied.

They curled up next to each other inside the blankets and drifted off into the dreamland neither had experienced before, so at ease with themselves that it seemed as though nothing could disturb the remoteness from the world around them.


Morning dawned glowing and clear. Despite the sight of each other with burgeoning erections, they proceeded to perform the routine tasks that were required of travelers of the period. Some things were more important than that.

Each was preoccupied with their own feelings, thoughts of how to deal with the feelings of affection that had developed during the few short hours in which they'd begun to know each other. Feelings which if allowed to continue could bloom into real friendship and even love.

They were aware of the perils of such a relationship, and what it might mean for them. They remembered too that when they met they were headed in different directions. How were they to deal with that? Even if one were to change his mind about where he was going, would that be enough to make things work out right? Would that be enough to overcome the other difficulties they would surely encounter if they stayed together?

Rusty suddenly became sullen and anxious. He was afraid to even look at Jim for fear that he would not be able to control the feelings which had begun to well within him.

Jim seeing the expression of terror in Rusty's eyes, as they moved listlessly about the camp performing their chores, came to the decision that he hoped would be the right one, not just for himself, but also for Rusty.

"Rusty," said as they came close to each other, "I've decided to go north with you, if you don't mind."

So intense were Rusty's feeling at that moment that he burst into tears, and pulled Jim to himself, sobbing uncontrollably. Jim's eyes moistened as he too felt the joy that he knew Rusty was feeling. He knew at that moment that his decision had been the right one, and he was no longer afraid.

When at last Rusty had regained his composure, he held Jim at arm's length and smiled.

"But I don't want you to give up what ever it was that you were going to be doing, I don't mind changing my plans if that would help."

Jim smiled, "No, Rusty, you already have a job most certainly waiting for you. Me, I just had an idea of looking for one. Who knows, I may get one in Montana too."

They embraced again momentarily, and hurriedly finished what they were doing, so they could be on their way. A journey that for them at that moment was just beginning, one that could last a lifetime. A lifetime in which they would share the trials of living against all the precepts of most people in their time, a lifetime of joys and pleasures which only two people in love could share.

To be continued

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