by: Richard

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Well here is an historical story.

Chapter 11

All through the night the wind howled and the snow swirled. The temperature continued to drop. The drift in front of their shelter grew shutting out more and more of the light that came in during the day.

On the third morning it appear as if it had stopped snowing, but it was still blowing. And the cold was unbelievable. How much more could the cattle withstand? Only time would tell. By noon the wind began to subside again. As they peered out into the storm it appeared as though none of the cattle were alive. They looked as if they were frozen in place. In the occasional lull in the wind it was possible to see the steam rising from the herd. It was a happy sight for them to see, and it cheered them mightily.

"All we need now," Jessie laughed, "is for this wind to die down so we can get out of here."

"As bad as the cold is when the wind is blowing, it'll be even colder without it," Jim reminded them. Such were the facts of the weather systems that brought the storms.

While the storm was calm, the three of them walked out of the cave over the drift which more than hard enough to hold them. The hurried down to get more wood for their fire. Upon returning Rusty fixed them their evening meal, the last of the stew thinned out to be almost a soup. It was hot and nourishing. Accompanied by another cornbread that completed the meal.

Sleep did not come easily for any of them that night. They were restless and unable to get comfortable. Several times during the course of the night Rusty and Jim stood hunched near the fire. Not speaking they warmed themselves. Occasionally they turned to warm their backsides, lifting their long coats to let the heat rise up their backs.

Meanwhile Jessie, who also was not asleep, shivered momentarily. He was not really cold, but missed the warmth of the others. Finally he crawled out and pulled on his boots and clothes. He joined the other two at the fire holding his coat open the capture the heat as fast as he could.

"Ah," he sighed, "much better." He turned and pulled up the back of his coat.

"Hey," he said suddenly, "I see stars out there."

"Yeah," Jim said, "tomorrow we can move out again."

Jessie was cheered by the prospect of getting away from this place. From experience he knew it wouldn't be any picnic getting the herd to move in the right direction. But at least they'd be doing something.

A few minutes later the three of them crawled back into bed and at last slept.


With the small shovel which they carried for various purposes they now used to dig a path for the horses to get out to where the snow was less deep. They rode out to where the cattle were standing still motionless in the deep snow. I was up to their bellies in some areas, but the heat from the herd had kept it a few inches in most places.

Jim rode out ahead and climbed the part of the hill ahead where he figured that they could drive the herd. Then he rode back to where Jessie and Rusty were. They had begun riding back and forth through the snow at that end of the herd was. They were breaking up the snow and making sort of a pathway for the cattle to walk through. The three of them continued with the making of the path until they got near the top of the hill where the snow was thinner. Then they separated and rode back and begin shouting to the cattle trying to get them started down the path they'd just made. At first the cattle didn't move. Jim pulled out his revolver and shot into the air. The first of the cattle began running through the pathway, then more until the whole herd was making its way up the mountainside breaking more paths through the snow.

By the time the first reach the top, Jessie and Rusty had ridden to the back of the herd to keep them moving with their shouts and whistles. Occasionally they'd even bump them with their horses. Jim had taken the park horse on ahead leading the way. Instinctively the cattle followed the path the two horses made in the snow. The snow deepened again as they went down the other side of the mountain, and it was slow going, even for the horses.

But Jim found a less deep spot along one of the cliffs and the cattle continued following. They'd climbed another smaller mountain and were heading down toward the valley below. Despite the cold and near darkness Jim continued on. He knew that if they stopped it would be hard to get them going in the morning.

"Isn't he going to stop?" Jessie asked as it was became completely dark.

"No," Rusty said, "we'll ride on as long as we can." And so they did. It was beginning to become light when Jim finally pulled around behind the herd, but urging it onward.

"It's been a long day and night," he said as he rode up to Rusty and Jessie.

"It sure has," Jessie said.

"But look," Jim pointed, "there's smoke on the horizon. The ranch is up ahead. And if you look close you can make out the groups of cattle grazing in the snow."

"I'll be," Jessie said.

"We'll just keep going then." Rusty said, "No point in stopping now."

"That's right," Jim said, "we'll just get them down at the edge of those down there, and then we'll head for home."

And so they pushed on. By noon they were at the point where the two herds began to mingle.

"Well," Jim said, "Let's head home!" And with one more shout at the rear of the herd they rode on around, plowing through the two foot covering of snow. The cattle in front now began mingling and slowing to a stop. The rest kept pushing onward, forcing the herd that had been there to split apart to let them through. Gradually the entire herds had stopped pushing and now were content to mill about looking for something to eat. They ate snow as the grazed. The three riders disappeared in the distance.


Seth, who'd been watching for any sign of them, rode out to meet them trio.

"How many did you bring in?" he asked.

"Almost a thousand," Jessie beamed at his father.

"Damn! It was worth the ride then, and the worry about you not coming back." He slapped his son on the back as he turned his horse back toward the ranch house.

Seth and Jessie talked about the storm as they rode on. Jim and Rusty followed on behind not saying anything. They were in their own private world, each alone, and yet together in what they were thinking. The thought of a hot bath, a hot meal, and sleep kept them plodding on. Even Jessie, who'd been buoyed up by his father's greetings, began to become silent as his tired body began to rebel at the exertion that it took the keep riding.

Finally they heard the shouts from the ranch house and the bunkhouse area, and they broke into a trot riding into the safe area of the ranch. As Jim and Rusty climbed down the horses were taken from them, and stumbled on into the bunkhouse, while Seth and Jessie rode on the main house where the two girls, Jed and Howie waited to greet them on the front porch.

"Howie, you run down and tell Jim and Rusty to come up for dinner after they've had their baths. Oh, and stay down there to help them too." Seth instructed him.

Howie wouldn't have needed to be reminded of the last part. He still enjoyed helping the men bathe whenever he was available. And he tried to be available most of the time.

Off the bunkhouse there was the bathing room. Not as big and fancy as at the hotel, but it served the crew well. And like the room at the hotel, it was private, with a lock on the inside.

He delivered his message to the two men, and said, "I'm going to get your baths ready."

He smiled broadly as Rusty mussed his hair, saying, "Great, Kid, I surely do need one." And he winked knowingly at Howie.

Jim was stretched out on his bunk. "You go first, Rusty. I can't even begin to get up right now."

"You're getting old," Rusty teased as he cuffed Jim's shoulder.

"I feel like a hundred right now."

"Well, when Howie get done with you, you'll feel sixteen again." They both laughed.

"I hope so," Jim grinned up at him.

Rusty grabbed a fresh pair of long johns from his locker and headed for the bathroom.

He pushed open the door and walked in. Howie was pouring in another bucket of hot water into the wooden tub. It wasn't as deep as the one at the hotel, but it was big enough for him to almost stretch his legs out completely. Howie pulled heavy bar across the door. He smiled when he turned around and show Rusty's still bronze colored body standing naked beside the pile of clothes that he'd removed. It had been several months since he'd had the pleasure of assisting Rusty with his bath, and the sight of his long lean body set his blood to rushing.

Rusty stepped not too gracefully into the tub. The water was quite hot, but he knew that it wouldn't be too long before it cooled down. He saw that two more pots sat on the stove that served to heat the room in winter and to heat the water as well.

In the summer the large window in the roof was pushed back to allow a breeze to blow through when it was too warm inside. Now, of course, it was not only closed, but frozen shut from the snow on the roof and the ice which form around its edges.

Howie laughed, "Warm enough?"

"God yes!" Rusty answered turning around to see Howie beginning to remove his clothes. Seeing the youngster nude before caused Rusty sex to begin to stir. He'd thought that nothing to make him feel that way today. He was wrong. Quickly so as not to embarrass himself further, he lowered himself into the still steaming water.

"Ayeee!" he cried as the water closed about him, momentarily relieving him of his previous thoughts. They soon return as Howie began his ritual of bathing him. First it was the large sponge with the hot water spilling down his back and chest. Next came the smaller sponge into which Howie massage the strong but pleasant smelling soap.

Rusty moaned with pleasure as Howie scrubbed down his back and arms. Once again Howie filled the large sponge with water, and rinsed off the suds. Rusty still familiar with the procedure leaned back against the end of the tub. Howie now took the smaller soaped sponge and started across Rusty's slightly furry chest, allowing his fingers to drag slight off and against Rusty's nipples.

"Ohhh," Rusty moaned. "You still know how to do it." Howie continued scrubbing down across the firm yet pliant stomach and sides. He tried not to look further down least he become too excited. But finally his eyes could no longer avoid the sight that he knew was there. The giant lightly color penis rose like a mammoth obelisk from the now soapy water. The heavy foreskin just barely pulling back from the red glans that it protected. Howie laid down the sponges now, and took the bar of soap in his hands, lathering them well. Then he approach one of this favorite points in the bath. Slowly he eased back the foreskin washing the bulbous head as he went. When he had retracted the foreskin as far as it would go, he slowly eased it forward again.

Rusty sighed, "Oh, don't you'll make me shoot too soon. Let me finish, I promise not to cum." Rusty slide back up in the tub and finished washing his cock and balls and the area underneath. Howie stood beside the tub, his own cock pulsing before him. Although he would liked to have finished, he knew the wisdom of it. He too would have lost it if Rusty had shot his load.

He watched with desire as Rusty knelt up in the tub to rinse the now slightly relaxed and drooping cock. Howie now picked up the smaller sponge and washed Rusty butt. He didn't miss a spot in that area, and he could see by Rusty's flexing that his cock was hard once again.

Rusty leaned forward and splashed water on his hair, wetting it thoroughly. Howie took the soap and lathered the dark rust color curls, and scrubbed the scalp below. Rusty ducked forward again and started the rinsing process. Howie went back to the stove and mixed a bucket with had and cooler water. He carefully carried it back to the tub. Rusty now sat back in the tub waiting as Howie began pouring the water over his head until the soap was all gone.

Howie set the bucket down and pulled a large towel from the hook on the wall. He began to dry the lanky frame as Rusty stood up and waited. Rusty took the towel and dried his hair and shoulders as Howie waited. Finally Rusty stepped from the tub and stood before him fully aroused and ready. He pulled Howie close to him and felt the boy's hard cock against his upper thigh.

"You're getting tall," he said as he smiled down at his beaming face. "Your cock is almost touching my balls." He reached down and stroke Howie's rigid cock. "You're getting big too."

"Almost seven now," he answered proudly.

"Wow! I was almost seventeen before I was that big, but then I started later than most."

Howie pulled back and lean over to take the huge cock into his mouth. He slide back the foreskin with his lips and played across the glowing head with his tongue. He flicked it down into the slit that ran along the front of the head. Rusty put his hands on Howie's head urging him ever further down his cock. He knew that the boy couldn't take it all, but the boy tried. He gagged a couple of times before settling on what he could handle. His head bobbed up and down slowly. It quickly brought Rusty to the pinnacle of his passion, and he was spouting the hot sticky liquid into Howie's mouth and throat. Howie moaned with delight, as he tasted the flow across his tongue. He wanted to stroke his own cock, but he held both hands on Rusty's pulsing organ until Rusty at last pulled back and the last drop oozed out of the end and dripped onto Howie's waiting lips.

"You haven't lost your touch," Rusty smiled. He reached down and held the boy's cock in his hand. The slight squeeze he gave it started the flow from under his foreskin. Howie sighed and leaned against Rusty's body. Rusty pulled back and knelt before him, taking his cock into his mouth in one easy movement. Howie felt his juices begin to move within him. He groaned with pleasure and moved his hips toward Rusty's mouth. He felt the hot tongue play across the underside of this cock and then on his dick head. Then it began, the unstoppable movement of his cum. His dick flexed and flooded Rusty's throat his youthful boy juice. Rusty swallowed and Howie grabbed his head and pulled him closer as he struggled to maintain his grasp on reality. Rusty grasp Howie's ass and held him in place as he continued to spasm in his throat. Rusty then eased the still flexing cock from his throat and played his tongue across the sensitive head. Howie moaned and tried to pull away, but Rusty held him tightly in his hands continuing to excite the glowing head with his tongue. Howie moaned and squirmed almost fainting in pleasure and pain. Rusty knew how much he could take, and finally release the boy's cock and pulling him close to himself. Then he looked up and Howie lean over and kissed him on his lips. Gently Rusty lifted him up as he stood up to his full height. He knew that he shouldn't care so much for the boy, nor take advantage of the boy's youth, but he couldn't help himself.


Later that evening everyone was in a jovial mood. The lights burned long in the main house. In the bunkhouse too there was celebration, especially when Jim and Rusty returned from the dinner. A keg of beer was brought out earlier, and by the time that they got there everyone was "having a good time". They found themselves receiving hearty pats on the back and butt, and even some warm hugs by those not to shy to really show how they felt.

Calvin was one of those who hugged them both. He had missed them, although after hearing of their trip was glad that he hadn't had to go through it. He hoped that he'd have a chance to talk to them later. With nothing pressing to do the next day, Seth had declared a "holiday" for the next day. The party went on through the night, and it was nearly dawn when the last of them finally collapsed in their bunks or on the floor, or other places where it was possible to rest.

Rusty and Jim had managed to get to their beds before sleep and the alcohol overcame them. The lamps had been blown out, and only the light from outside filtered through the windows. And a lamp in the toilet burned still, but turned low, as it almost always was.

Calvin finally went to his bunk, and proceeded to pull off his clothes. He was obviously turned on by the circumstances. His long johns were tented along his left leg. He staggered over to Rusty's bunk which was next to his. He sat down on the edge of it, almost falling onto Rusty.

Rusty and Jim had managed to get to their beds before sleep and the alcohol overcame them. The lamps had been blown out, and only the light from outside filtered through the windows. And a lamp in the toilet burned still, but turned low, as it almost always was.

Calvin finally went to his bunk, and proceeded to pull off his clothes. He was obviously turned on by the circumstances. His long johns were tented along his left leg. He staggered over to Rusty's bunk which was next to his. He sat down on the edge of it, almost falling onto Rusty.

He leaned over and whispered in Rusty's ear, "I missed you." Then he kissed him on the cheek. Rusty put up his hand and patted him on the shoulder but said nothing. Calvin accepted this gesture and turned back to his own bed and fell across it.


It was late in the morning before anyone stirred. Ralph stretched and then sat down and pulled on his boots. Then he proceeded to the toilet just off the end of the bunkhouse, separated by a short hallway.

As he walked back to his bunk he looked over the snoring crew. A great bunch of guys, he thought. He felt a special friendship to the newest of them, Rusty and Jim. They were diligent and hard working. He was aware of their special relationship, and admired the way they kept it from interfering with their relationship with the rest of the crew. He rubbed his chin feeling the beard that he'd let grow once the weather grew colder. His hair was graying and along with it, his beard, making him look older than his thirty-six years. He paused a moment as he walked passed Calvin's bunk. He'd always had a special feeling for him. He'd know his father who also had worked on the ranch. He had promised him that he'd look after Calvin when his father was taken ill. Calvin had taken his father's death badly, and for months was drunk most of the time. Finally Ralph had to talk to him.

Calvin listened to what he had to say, and through his stupor he saw what was being said was true, and he broke down and cried, sobbing on Ralph's shoulder. Ralph hugged him and consoled him. After that he looked at Calvin differently from the other men. Calvin never said anything to him about they way he was treated by Ralph; he really didn't notice a significant difference. But he was aware that he was given some of the better work assignments. He always thanked him with a hug and a pat on the back when they were alone, even kissing him on the cheek one time.

Ralph felt the warmth of this affection at the time and wondered if there was anything more intended. He passed it off and had nearly forgotten it until today. Calvin had come up to him during the night and hugged him warmly and kissed him on the neck.

"I really like you," he had said before staggering off to get more to drink.

Ralph felt the strange feeling that came over his loins with the experience. It disturbed him at the time, and pushed it back out of his mind. But this morning when he saw the handsome face peacefully asleep, he had the same feeling and wondered. He turned quickly and hurried back to his bunk.


Gradually others began to wake up and struggle to regain their sobriety. Ralph had lounged on his bunk starring at the ceiling. Rusty passed his bunk as he was on his way out the door at that end of the bunkhouse.

"I really like you," he had said before staggering off to get more to drink.

Ralph felt the strange feeling that came over his loins with the experience. It disturbed him at the time, and pushed it back out of his mind. But this morning when he saw the handsome face peacefully asleep, he had the same feeling and wondered. He turned quickly and hurried back to his bunk.


Gradually others began to wake up and struggle to regain their sobriety. Ralph had lounged on his bunk starring at the ceiling. Rusty passed his bunk as he was on his way out the door at that end of the bunkhouse.

He greeted Ralph with a cheerful, "Morning, Boss. How's it going today?"

Ralph turned his head and return the smile, "Not too bad, got a headache though."

"Yeah, that was quite a party last night." Rusty scratched his crotch absently causing his big cock to be seen easily through his long johns and jeans.

Ralph starred helplessly at its bulk and length. Momentarily he was jealous of him.

Rusty noticed the look. "He gets out of control sometimes," he grinned.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to stare," Ralph said in almost a whisper.

"That's okay, everybody does it once in a while." With a smile he tapped Ralph on a knee and continued on his way.

Ralph felt the draft and blast of cold air which came to him as Rusty opened and closed the door, even though there was a short hallway between the bunkroom and the outside door to keep the outside weather from entering it.

He shuddered slight as it passed over him. Again he felt the same stirring in his loins as he had earlier when Calvin had touched him. It was even stronger now than before. He couldn't believe how he felt at the moment. Even his cock stirred. He covered his crotch with his hands lest anyone see, even though he knew that no one could from where they were considering that he was lying on his back. Still he was embarrassed by it.

He felt strange, he'd never had these feeling before, at least since he was a teenager nearly half a lifetime ago. He mind wondered back through those years.


. . . . Ralph was a good looking boy even in his late teen years when pimple dotted his face, and his body had only begun to acquire the muscles which would soon fill out his frame. He was only five foot eight and weighed barely one hundred and twenty pounds. His wavy blondish hair would soon take on its darker hue, a color already evident in the patch of hair that had begun to grow above his developing cock and under his arms.

He lived on a small ranch in western Illinois along the great river that was called Father of Waters by the Indians who previously live along its banks, and translated into English as Mississippi. In that countryside he could see if he looked from the loft in the barn toward the East, the neighboring farm buildings.

His best friend in all the world lived on that farm with his family. His name was Jeremy Southland and nearly the same age as he was, but taller and looked even skinnier that he. His hair was straw colored and would remain so as he grew older. They both had taken note in the differences in their patches of hair over their cocks. They had taken many opportunities to exercise that muscle to insure its proper growth, so they told themselves, even though they knew in their hearts that it wasn't so.

The pleasure that they obtained from these mutual exercises was astounding. Neither of them could believe how much they enjoyed jacking off together, and even more so when they tried doing it for each other. This had begun when they were only fourteen and continued to be their only sexual activity until they were almost seventeen. It began to change when Jeremy's cousin, Steven visited them from the City as the prairie folks called Chicago in that day.

He brought with him great knowledge in the ways of sex that he happily passed on the Jeremy first, then Ralph shortly thereafter that summer. Ralph could scarcely believe his eyes that he'd been told to close at first, and opened after he felt the intense sensations emanating from his harden cock. Steven had his cock stuffed into his mouth and was lapping at the underside of it with his tongue; he was to learn this later as he couldn't see what was going on.

Jeremy took over for Steven, which shocked Ralph even more, to the point where he even tried to push him away.

"No, Jeremy, that's dirty," he had said. But just at that moment Jeremy plunged his mouth tightly against his groin causing the greatest feeling that he'd ever felt. He tightened his body, and then relaxed as Jeremy pulled back slightly.

"Man!" he cried out, "Wow! How can you do that?"

"It's easy," Steven replied, "once you get the hang of it."

"But where does it go?" he asked.

"Down his throat, dummy. Where did you think it went?"

Steven laughed.

"But it's so long!" he sighed, at least he thought so. It was longer than Jeremy's and his was the only one he'd seen.

"You haven't seen anything," Steven laughed. He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down to the ground. "Take a look at this one." Steven was proud of his long thick dick.

Like the other two boys, Steven's cock was covered by a healthy length of foreskin, which he slowly pulled back as Ralph watched.

"Wow! It so big!"

Steven stepped closer, "Here jack me a bit."

Ralph almost shyly reached out and took the big throbbing cock in his hand. Slowly he began stroking the hot pole that stuck out from Steven's diminutive frame. Steven grinned as he saw Ralph's eyes widen.

"You must be really hot," Ralph said as his fingers felt the familiar pre-cum liquid flow onto them when they approach the bulbous head.

"Go ahead," Steven said, "taste it." Then as Ralph started to bring his hand to his face, "No not like that. Bend over and put it in your mouth."

"Naw, I couldn't."

"Sure you can. But if you're a sissy you don't have to."

Ralph had heard that phrase before, and he didn't want to be called a sissy. Slowly he leaned over to put the dripping cock to his lips. He had tasted his own and Jeremy's a time or two. So he knew vaguely what it was like. He wasn't too impressed by it however. As he got close enough to stick out his tongue and taste it, Steven thrust his hips forward slightly and the cock brushed his face before his tongue reached it. Ralph started to pull back, but Steven had put his hands on Ralph's head to keep him in that position. "Open wide," Steven commanded in a tone that automatically engendered a positive response from Ralph. Steven pushed his cock into Ralph's mouth. Ralph's tongue automatically thrust forward almost pushing it back out. But as Ralph drew his tongue back to get a taste the cock slipped forward to the back of his mouth. Ralph got his taste and then some.

It wasn't so bad, he thought, as his tongue played across the head of Steven dick that was now exposed in Ralph's mouth.

"Suck it," Steven's voice commanded, although in a different way this time.

Even though Ralph knew it wasn't so much a command as a pleading, tighten his lips around the hot dick and began doing what he had seen him and Jeremy do to his cock. It felt strangely pleasant in his mouth. He heard Steven's moaning, so he knew was doing it probably correctly and he continued.

Meanwhile Jeremy once again pulled Ralph's cock back into his mouth and began to seriously suck him. The faster Jeremy went the faster Ralph went. Suddenly he lifted off of Steven's cock and stood up.

"Shit! I'm cumming!" Instinctively he grabbed Jeremy's head and pulled it down tightly against himself as he began to spurt his hot juices into Jeremy's mouth and throat. He heard and felt Jeremy's reflex gagging and looked down to see Jeremy's eyes tightly closed, but struggling to get away from his grasp.

"Oh, god, Jeremy, I'm sorry," he said as he released his hold on him causing his dick to slide from Jeremy's mouth and continue it's reflexive spurting into his face.

Jeremy and Steven both laughed.

"I think I like it better in my mouth," Jeremy finally managed to say, and he grabbed the still pulsing cock and took it back into his mouth. Although the spurting had stopped the throbbing and flexing continued. The intense sensations that welled up from his cock cause Ralph to double over in pain.

"Stop," he cried, as Jeremy's tongue continued playing across his cock head.

Jeremy giggled and let the painful cock slip from his mouth. It now drooped considerably but a drool of spittle dripped from the end of it and slowly made its way to the ground.

"That was fantastic!" Ralph said when he finally caught his breath.

"Finish me off," Steven said softly.

"I can't," Ralph begged, "I can barely stand or breath."

"Awww," Steven sighed.

"I'll do it," Jeremy said smiling. And he took the big throbbing cock into his mouth.

Steven reached out and grabbed Ralph by his balls and pulled him toward him. Then he milked the last of Ralph's juices from his cock and brought the sticky mess to his mouth and licked his hand as Ralph watched in disbelief.

He was not prepared for Steven's next move that was to pull Ralph's face to his own and stick his tongue between Ralph's slightly parted lips.

Immediately Ralph pulled back, but not before Steven had deposited the mouthful into Ralph's.

"See," Steven said, "you taste good." He brushed bit of slobber from the corner of Ralph's mouth.

Ralph swallowed, as he tasted the bit of cum in his mouth. He'd done it before, but not quite that way. He smiled and knelt down on the ground beside his buddy, Jeremy.

"Here, let me try some more." Jeremy released the now almost ready cock from his grasp. Ralph quickly covered it with his own. With the transfer from one mouth to the other, the sensation pushed Steven over the edge, and he began shooting spurt after spurt into Ralph's mouth and throat. Ralph swallowed as fast as he could as he recalled what had happened to Jeremy when he didn't stay down on his cock. He didn't want it all over his face and chest.

When he felt the spurting stop and knew he wasn't in any danger of being covered by Steven's cum, he gradually drew back from the pulsing giant in his mouth.

"God, but you're good," Steven sighed. "Jeremy says you've never done it for him. But you do it like a pro."

"Well," Ralph grinned, "I have had some experience sucking the teats of one of our milk cows."

They all burst into laughter almost falling to the ground. That was the beginning for Ralph, but it quickly ended when his father decided to leave the small ranch there and move further west. He said a sad farewell to Jeremy with a promise to stay in touch. They exchanged letter a few times, but when Jeremy didn't answer one time, he stopped writing too.

He was saddened by it, but quickly forgot about it as he took up the new life on the big ranch in Kansas. . . .


Ralph smiled as he remembered his younger days, especially that first time with Steven. He sat up quickly when he realized he had his cock in his hand and it was fully hard.

"Having fun?" asked a familiar voice.

"What do you mean?" he said instinctively.

It was Calvin, "I seen you rubbing yourself," he said quietly.

"I just got an itch," Ralph protested wishing desperately that his hard-on would go away.

"I know," Calvin said, "I get it once in awhile myself. In fact quite often."

Ralph started to get up to end the conversation that was going places he wasn't sure he wanted it to go.

Calvin took his hand, "Let's go somewhere and take care of that itch."

Almost as if he didn't have a choice, Ralph followed Calvin out of the bunkhouse.

To be continued

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