by: Richard

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Here is another chapter of the historical story - a chapter which jumps back a little to correct a confusion in characters.

Chapter 13

It wasn't until his wife died and his future son-in-law was old enough to run the store by himself that Thomas Jarvis had the time to make the trip from St. Louis to Helena Montana to visit his sister, Martha Rutherford. It was only when he arrived that he learned of the accident which had taken the lives of his sister and her husband, and leaving their son Melvin an orphan. Upon inquiring as to the whereabouts of Melvin he learned that he had gone off with some cowhands just the year before.

Since the hotel owner had gotten an official paper signed by Rusty, the name of the rancher where they were headed was know. Thomas decided to go on to look further for his nephew. With two boys of his own he figured that one more wouldn't be too much trouble, especially since his daughter would be getting married the following spring. Before leaving Helena, Thomas investigated the location of the Double C ranch, and took a stage to Augusta the closest town to the ranch.

He checked into the hotel after his arrival. It was while he was having his bath that he learned that Howie knew Melvin. He was quite excited to learn this information. He was glad that he had made the extra effort to find his nephew.

Howie was excited too, but for a different reason. It was the first time that he had seen a cock that could come close to being as big as Rusty's. Thomas wasn't adverse to having his cock sucked and was delighted when Howie was able to do a credible job on his oversized cock.

"You certainly know how to do this well," he told Howie.

With his mouth full Howie waited until he took his mouth off the throbbing cock before answering, "Thank you Sir, I try."

Thomas leaned back and rested his arm across Howie's back. His hand drifted slowly down to Howie's butt and his fingers gradually found the pinkish hole they were searching for. Howie moaned as Thomas' index finger slid inside. With his next breath Howie lifted his mouth from the big cock he was sucking.

"I'm not sure I can handle it up there, Sir," he said shyly.

"Don't worry, Son," Thomas laughed, "I'm not going to try to get it in there. But you might as well enjoy the thought anyway." He continued to give Howie the pleasure that he knew he was imparting to the boy's prostrate.

It wasn't long before Howie's cock exploded, filling Thomas' hand with with his youthful juices. Thomas lifted his hand to his mouth and licked it clean of the sweet tasting liquid. The feeling of the spurting cock in his hand set Thomas close to his climax, and before he had finished licking his hand clean he was filling Howie's mouth and throat with his own hot cum. When Howie realized that the man was about to cum, he pulled back far enough that he could be comfortable in taking the mouthful of man cum that he was about to get. With his youthful tongue swirling about the cock head and foreskin, Howie's technique drove Thomas over the edge almost causing him to rise out of the tub.

When they both had come down from their orgasmic highs, Thomas said, "That's the best anyone's ever been able to do for me! Where ever did you learn to do that""

Howie wasn't sure how much he should say, so he mumbled, "It's just something that I've learnt over the years."

"Well," Thomas said, "you've learned it well!"

When Thomas finished his bath and had dressed Howie gave him the directions to the ranch where Melvin was working . Thomas gave him a very good tip.

The next morning Thomas rented a horse from John at the stable and headed out to the ranch to meet his nephew.


"My name is Thomas Jarvis," he said as Seth Carson stepped down from the porch of the ranch house.

"Pleased to meet you Mister Jarvis. What can I do for you?"

"I understand the you have a young man by the name of Melvin Rutherford working for you."

"Yes, Sir. I do." Seth frowned.

"He's my nephew, and I've just learned that his parrents were killed a few years back. I wanted to see if he like to return to St. Louis with me."

"Come on inside, Mister Jarvis," he said, "And we'll see if Melvin is interested in going back with you."

They went inside and Seth went to the kitchen to get Melvin.

"This is Mister Jarvis, Mel. He says that he's your uncle," Seth said as they returned to the living room.

Mel's eyes brightened when he saw his uncle. It had been a long time since he'd seen him, but he still recognized him. But he was a bit shy about how to react to seeing a relative after so long, and stood quietly until Thomas held out his arms to him. It was then that he broke down and rushed to him and hugged him.

After a moment they parted and Thomas said, "I'm sorry about your folks, Melvin, I truly am."

"Thank you, Uncle Thomas," Mel said, "It's been a long time, and I've got me a new family now."

"I've come to see if you'd like to go back with me to St. Louis," Thomas said smiling.

Mel was taken aback and looked as if he were going to break into tears. He looked over to Seth and asked, "Do I have to?"

Seth smiled and said, "That's up to you, Mel. You know we care for you like one of the family."

Mel's eyes brightened, and he looked back at his uncle.

Thomas seeing the look on his face proposed, "Well, Melvin, it is up to you. But I think that you should consider coming back with me. You can go to school with my boys, and make something of yourself."

"Do I have to decide right away?" he asked.

Thomas smiled, "No not right away. But I am heading back in a few days after I rest up from the trip here."

Mel smiled, "Okay. That way I can talk to Rusty and Jed before I decide."

"Where are you staying, Mister Jarvis"? Seth asked.

"I've got a room at the hotel in Augusta. It's quite comfortable."

"Well, you're welcome to stay with us, if you've a mind to."

"That's kind of you. But I'd hate to impose on you."

"It's no imposition. In fact, you could get to meet Mel's family, and friends while he decides."

"Well, thank you, Sir. Perhaps just tonight," he smiled, "It is a long ride back to town."

"I'll git back to working," Mel said, "if'n it's okay."

"You tell Jed that we're having a guest for the evening then," Seth said smiling.

"Yes, Sir." And Mel hurried off to the kitchen.

Seth and Thomas chatted for a while, and then went outside to have a look around, and to meet some of the hands who were around. Rusty was among them, and he was quite impressed that Thomas wanted to take Mel back with him, and to give him an education. As much as he hated to see Mel leave, he knew that is was a good thing for him.

Rusty was concerned that Mel might decide not to go with his uncle, and wondered how he could encourage him to go. It was still up to Mel, and not anyone else. But he hoped that Mel would decide to go. It was a good chance for him to get an education.

Then, of course there was Jed. How would he react to this? He decided that there was nothing to do except wait and see.

Meanwhile Mel went into the kitchen and back to work. He looked at Jed, and thought about leaving him if he went back with his uncle.

"Jed," he said softly.

"Yes?" Jed replied. He could see that something was bothering Mel.

"That was my uncle out there," he hesitated not knowing how to ask the question.

"I didn't know you had an uncle," Jed said looking seriously at Mel.

"Yes, he just got here looking for me," Mel said, and then went on. "He wants me to go back with him and live with him. And go to school there. Says it's a chance for me to get ahead." He didn't look at Jed, but kept his eyes down trying to concentrate on what he was doing.

"So, that's it," Jed said.

Mel looked up at Jed with tears in his eyes.

"I don't really want to go and have to leave you."

Jed looked down at him and smiled, "But it will be good for you." He couldn't imagine what his life would be without him, but he knew it was best for him.

"But I love you so much, Jed," Mel sobbed hugging him tightly.

"Don't you worry none about ole Jed," he responded his eyes tearing up too, "I'll get along jist fine."

They held each other for a long time before gradually releasing their holds.

"I'll come back in the summer and see you," Mel said as he dried his eyes.

"'n I'll look forward to seeing you then." It was settled; Mel would go back with his uncle and come back in the summers.

They finished their work and began getting ready for the evening meal.

As Mel was clearing the table after the dinner was finished he stopped next to Thomas' chair.

"If'n you still want me to, I'll go home with you and go to school." He looked hesitantly at him.

Thomas reached out and hugged Mel, "Certainly I want you to come with me."

"There is one thing," Mel said, "I want to come back here during the summers when there is no school."

"I don't think there will be a problem with that, but you have to come back before school starts again." He smiled, readily agreeing to the one condition.

Everyone seemed pleased with Mel's decision, everyone except Jed of course. Plans were made for his departure within the next several days. Since he didn't have a lot of clothes and no other possessions except for a horse and the usual items associated with an animal, there was little to do. Seth made it clear that his animal would be waiting for him when he returned.

Mel was still had reservations about leaving Jed, but Jed did his best to reassure him that he would be waiting for him when he returned even though he was sad about his leaving.


On the third day from his arrival Thomas along with Mel boarded the outgoing stage heading back to St. Louis. The night before there had been a farewell party for Mel. Jed and Mel had one last evening of pleasure, mixed with some sadness. But they managed to keep the sadness under control.

With a final wave, and a few tears, Mel bid good-bye to his home of almost two years, not including his time in Helena.

Thomas mindful of Mel's sadness and fears, put his arm around him in an attempt to console him, but said nothing.

The stage stopped in Helena over night, otherwise only stopping to change drivers and teams of horses. Thomas and Mel shared a room in the hotel where Mel had once worked. The Johnson's were surprised to see him, but showed him all the courtesy that they would have any other youngster.

The two had their bath, serviced by the new bath-boy. The new boy was younger than Mel by several years, but he was as world-wise as Mel had been when he worked there. At first Thomas was shy about taking part in the services that the boy offered. But with Mel's encouragement he finally let himself go and enjoyed the talents of the two boys. This incident cemented the bond between Mel and Thomas.

Thomas, while he had never had relations with his two boys, knew that they engaged in them between the two. He wondered if he could engage in them with them. He asked Mel what he thought about that possibility.

"I'm sure that you'll have no problem," Mel smiled, "unless they are very shy."

Thomas smiled, "They have never seemed shy to me, but perhaps this would be different."

"Well," Mel said, "I'll check them out, and see how they react, if you want me to."

"Okay," Thomas said, "I'll let you do that."

The subject was dropped and they enjoyed the rest of the trip together. Whenever they stopped overnight, they enjoy each other's company. Mel had become comfortable with the prospects of his new home.


Soon they arrived in St. Louis and hired a driver to take them to Thomas' home in one of the finer sections of the city. With much joy and hugging Mel was introduced to his new family. The boys, both Tim, the older, and Ralph, the younger were glad to see him, and to welcome him. The boys shared a large bedroom on the second floor, and Tim had the larger bed, which he was going to share with Mel. Mel was surprised by the arrangement since the family seemed to have a good deal of money available. Thomas however was frugal and saw no reason to flaunt his wealth.

All the bedrooms were upstairs with the exception of the guest bedroom that was off the dining room. There was only one bathroom upstairs that everyone shared. There was a storage room upstairs that Thomas had at one time planned on converting into an extra bathroom. However with the death of his wife, he had decided against it.

Edith fixed a bountiful meal when she returned from work at her father's store that evening. Her fiancée, Danny was there also since he had been eating there while Thomas was gone. So Mel got to meet the whole family the first night.

Since the last days of the trip were dusty and tiring, Thomas suggested that everyone retire early. He took his bath first, and then told Mel that he could bath after him. The boys had bathed the night before so did not need one that night.

While Mel was luxuriating in the tub Tim came into the bathroom to complete his toilet for the night.

"I hope that you don't mind," Tim said as he brushed his teeth.

"I don't mind, if you don't mind," Mel said sitting up in the tub to conceal himself from Tim's view.

Tim was wearing a robe, but it was only loosely tied and he was wearing nothing under it giving Mel an occasional glimpse of his equipment.

Tim pretended not to notice that Mel was staring at him, and allowed himself to become aroused causing his robe to tent.

As he turned to leave he smiled at Mel who was absently stroking himself.

"Enjoying yourself?" Tim asked in a joking manner.

"Ohhh," Mel said softly, "Sorry about that."

"Don't be," Tim said, "But save some for later. I'll be waiting for you." With a wink he turned and left Mel alone in the bathroom.

Mel although embarrassed by being caught staring, quickly finished with his bath; he was eager to return to the bedroom to join the two boys.

When he returned to the bedroom the two boys were settled into their respective beds. Mel was still a little embarrassed but quickly returned to a normal demeanor. Not yet having a bathrobe, he was clad in a towel wrapped around his waist.

He walked to the bed he was to share with Tim; he loosened his towel dropping to the floor.

"I hope you guys don't mind, but I sleep nude."

Tim threw back the covers on his bed revealing that he too was nude.

"We don't mind in the least." Tim grinned, "Climb in."

Mel slipped into bed and snuggled up against Tim.

"Ummm," Tim said softly, "You feel good."

"You too," Mel said.

Quickly the two boys became engaged in a mutual jack-off, kissing passionately.

"I hope you guys don't mind," Ralph said as he slipped in along side of them. He slid down in the bed and began sucking on the other two, first one and then the other.

It wasn't too long before both Tim and Mel were lying on their backs and letting Ralph have his way with them. He was enjoying the feeling and taste of the two boys, the same and yet different.

Soon Mel turned the top half of his body toward Tim and once again began kissing him. His breathing became eratic and halting. His body began to stiffen as Ralph's talented mouth brought him closer and closer to climax. Suddenly he stopped breathing and thrust his tongue deeply into Tim's mouth. His cock erupted in spurts of hot cum.

"Ohhh!" he shouted as much as he could considering Tim's mouth covered his own.

Ralph gulpped rapidly trying to swallow every drop of Mel's precious liquid. But there was too much so that he couldn't take it all, and a trickle ran down his chin onto his throat. He had to take his mouth from Mel's still pulsing cock and take a deep breath.

"Oh my God!" he gasp, "You sure do shoot a lot!"

Mel couldn't respond right away, but eventually whispered, "Ohhh my! Ralph you sure know how to suck a dick!

Tim giggled, "He does, doesn't he!" It wasn't a question, just a statement of fact.

"Ummm!" Ralph sighed, "I love the way you taste too."

"Hmmm," Tim said, "Let me see." He leaned over to his brother and licked the dribble he could see still running down his throat, and then kissed his brother.

The two brothers hugged and kissed while Mel watched still trying to recover from his tremendous climax.

As Mel watched and came down from his high, he snuggled down and captured Tim's still rock hard cock into mouth. This sudden change in the feeling of his cock caused Tim to stiffen and thrust deeply into Mel's throat. As he hit the back of Mel's throat Mel gagged a little and pulled back. Taking a deep breath he opened his throat and swallowed the entire length of Tim's long thin cock.

Tim again thrust into him slapping his chin with his low hung balls.

Mel's hand grabbed Tim's butt and pulled him even deeper into his throat. The fingers of his free hand sought out Tim's tightly clenched opening. Mel brought the fingers to his mouth and slipped them in along side of Tim's thrusting cock. When he had thoroughly wet them he pushed them back toward Tim's now quivering ass. One finger slipped easily into the damp opening causing Tim to gasp at the sudden burst of pain. The pain turned to pleasure as Mel's finger tip brushed against his prostrate. He very nearly climaxed with the shock of the thrust against it.

"Ohhh!" Tim gasp as Mel rubbed his now hardening prostate. Suddenly Tim squeezed Mel's finger as he climaxed sending a flood of hot sticky liquid directly into Mel's throat. Mel's finger flexed against the pulsing gland and Tim spuredt again and again. Mel pulled back slightly so that he could let some of the juices collect in his mouth.

As Tim's cock started soften Mel thrust his tongue inside Tim's ample foreskin and flicked it across the tender glans causing Tim to pull back almost in pain.

Ralph moved himself into position so that he could thrust his tongue against Mel's opening. Mel pulled his cheeks apart to allow greater access to the hot probing tongue. Mel pulled his knees up toward his chest.

When Ralph had wet Mel's pucker sufficiently he rose up on his knees and positioned himself with his thin cock at the quivering opening. With only a brief hesitation he slipped the head of his cock into Mel's ass. Mel relaxed and let him enter. Both Mel and Ralph sighed as he reached his maximum depth. Tim slid into position so that he could lick Ralph's ass and pull his brother's cheeks apart to gain deeper thrusting with his tongue.

Ralph began to thrust quickly into Mel's ass rubbing his prostrate with each thrust. Tim's cock was beginning to stiffen again, and he raised up and held his cock at his brother's opening. With a single thrust he slid his cock inside his brother's warm ass.

The sudden thrust caused Ralph to groan and push back against his brother's hips. Mel feeling the loss of bulk in his tunnel pushed back against Ralph's cock forcing it back into place. The pleasure brought by these joint manuevers caused an increase in the heat of their passion.

Tim grabbed his brother's hips and pulled himself deeply into his love tunnel. This was quickly bringing Ralph to his breaking point; he thrust deeply into Mel pushing against Mel's prostrate once again. Mel's cock flexed upward and fell back onto this stomach. All three were quickly approaching climax, Mel and Tim for the second time. It was Ralph who shot first filling Mel's warm cavity with his hot youthful juices.

The sensation caused Mel to shoot hot spurts up against his chest, squeezing tightly onto Ralph's cock. This clenching set Tim to shooting once again.

Slowly the three boys relaxed into a comfortable feeling of satisfaction. It wasn't long before the they were all sleeping soundly. They did not hear the soft click of the door latch as it closed. They were unaware that Thomas had watched their last coupling. He smiled and held his cupped hand against his still throbing cock; the hand was filled with his own abundant juices. He slowly retreated to his own bedroom. He wiped his hand against his mouth taking in as much of the liquid as he could; finally he wiped his hand with a towel that he had on his bed for this purpose. He slipped into bed and joined his sons and Mel in a relaxed sleep.


In the days that followed the three boys became brothers in reality if not in fact. Mel quickly learned all of the other two boy's haunts and secret activities. They held nothing back from him. Thomas was pleased to see how quickly the three bonded, and was glad that he had virtually insisted the Mel return with him.

As with the other two boys, he required that they spend some time working at the store. He felt that it was good experience for them, and also kept them out of trouble.

As much as he wanted to he didn't approach them in the nightly pleasures. He felt that there was plenty of time for that. He never repeated his spying episode.

About a month after Mel had arrived in St. Louis he received a letter from Montana. It was from Howie.

"Dear Mel," it began, I hope that you are enjoying your new home. I wanted you to know about my new 'job' - I have taken your old job! Shortly after you left Seth came into town and came to see me. He asked me to go to work for him, working with Jed. Of course I was delighted.

"Someone else was delighted - Jed! I know that I can never take your place with him, but we have become quite close. I think that Rusty had something to do with it too. " The letter went on to bring Mel up-to-date with all the happenings that had been going on at the ranch. It ended with, "I hope that all is well with you Love Howie."

Mel was delighted to hear from Howie. He was busy getting ready for school now, and didn't have time to write back right away. Tom, as he now called his uncle Thomas, had taken him shopping a bought him a lot of new clothes.

That evening after dinner while Tim and Ralph had gone to visit with one of their friends one whom Mel had met, but didn't want to go along since he was tired from his shopping trip.

Tom looked over at Mel who was reading the part of the newspaper.

"Are you okay with your sleeping arrangements?" he asked.

Mel knew what Tom was asking, but not sure how to answer the question. "I don't have a problem with it," he said softly.

"I don't mean to pry," Tom said, "but I think you know what I'm talking about."

"Ohhh," Mel said, "the boys and I get along just fine." He smiled shyly.

"That's good," Tom smiled. "Have you ever talked about what we did on the trip back?"

"No, not really. I mean, they have never asked, and I didn't want to bring it up unless they did."

"Okay," Tom said, "I was just wondering."

"Do you want me to?"

"That's up to you, Mel. But I think you know how lonely it gets for me without someone to be with."

"Ohhh, I suppose. I hadn't really thought about it." Mel thought a moment then said, "I will ask them about having you join us tonight, okay?"

"Okay," Tom said smiling. The subject was dropped, and just then the boys returned from their visit to their friend's house. It was close to bedtime, and Tom reminded them of that.

The three boys said their goodnights to Tom and went upstairs.

Mel decided that he'd bring up the subject as they climbed into bed. He was unsure of the best way to do it, but just said, "Hey you guys! Have you ever been with someone older than us?"

They looked at him wondering. "No," said Tim, "Have you?"

"Sure!" he laughed, "Some guys are really BIG!"

"You mean back on the ranch?" Ralph asked.

"Yeahhhh," Mel sighed, and added, "And with your Dad on the trip back here."

There was a long silence. Finally Ralph asked, "You mean you've had sex with Dad?"

Mel blushed and said softly. "Yes." He was not sure he'd done it the right way, but he had brought up the subject.

Tim poked him in the ribs and asked, "SO tell us. Is he as big as he looks?"

Mel laughed, "I'm sure I don't know what you mean!"

"Yes you do. You've seen him going to the bathroom sometimes. He looks big to me."

"Yeah! He is big. I think the biggest one I've ever seens." He thought a moment, then added, "Well almost anyway."

"Do you suppose, . . . " Tim asked, "You think he'd want to do things with us?"

Mel paused a moment then said, "I think he would. I think he's waiting for you guys to ask him to join in." There! He'd done it, he'd let the boys know that they could try something with their father.

There was silence for a long time, then Ralph asked, "How can we let him know that we're interested in doing something? I mean it seems weird to me."

"Would you want me to do something to, . . . start something with him to let him know?"

"Yeah!" Ralph said, "Would you?"

"Sure, I can do that." Mel said, "When?"

"How about tonight?" Tim asked.

"Oh, okay. You guys get 'started', and when I hear him come up the stairs, I'll go and see if he wants to join in."

"That's a good plan!" Ralph said smiling.

Ralph climbed into bed with Tim and Mel, and began to give Tim a blow job, using a free hand to get Mel aroused too.

It wasn't long before Mel heard Tom's footsteps on the stairs. He quickly slipped out of bed and went to the door. Slowly he open it. Tom was just reaching the doorway to the boys' room and stopped when he saw Mel.

Mel was naked and standing holding the door with his sex throbing in front of him.

"You want to come in?" Mel asked.

"Are you sure?" Tom asked softly.

"Yeah, we talked." Tom entered the room, and Mel closed the door quietly.

The two boys stopped what they were doing and watched with great interest as Mel proceeded to undress their father. When Tom was completely undressed and Mel moved out of the way so that they would see Tom fully naked, Ralph sighed and said softly, "Wow!"

Mel led Tom to the bed, and lay down and took Tom's fully hard cock into his mouth which elicted a soft moan from his throat.

Tim slid out of bed and began working on Mel. Tom put his hand on Tim's head running his fingers through Tim's soft hair. Tim moaned around Mel's long thick cock.

Ralph raised his hand and tentatively put it on his father's butt. Mel saw this and took his mouth off Tom's cock. Ralph moved in to take over from Mel.

Tom moaned as he felt his son's mouth on his throbbing cock. Tim followed his brother's lead, and was soon sucking on his father's super-sized dick. Tom slowly lowered himself down to the bed. He leaned over and took Ralph's dripping cock into his mouth.

Ralph groaned, and Mel knelt behind Tom and parted his cheeks and began licking at the pinkish pucker. Tom moaned around Ralph's cock as Mel's tongue pushed its way inside the clenching opening.

Soon the activity on the bed became an orgy which no one had imagined it could be. When Mel knelt over Tom's backside and slipped his hard cock inside, Tom almost came right away. He managed to hold off his organsm but just barely. Slowly Mel began thrusting in and out of his uncle's butt. Tim sucked on his father's pulsing cock as his father sucked on Ralph, and Mel fucked his father. Within a couple of minutes Tom could not control his climax further; he erupted in his most exotic orgasm in years. Only Mel did not immediately shot as well. After several minutes, the three who had cum began to recover enough so they could speak.

Tim spoke first, "Gosh!" he sighed, "I never thought it could be like this."

"Me neither," Ralph said.

"Ummm!" Tom groaned. He looked at his two sons and smiled. "I'm glad that you enjoyed it."

Mel smiled as his cock slid from Tom's tight ass. "That was great!"

"Both Tim and Ralph went to work on Mel's cock as Mel and Tom embrassed and kissed.

Mel soon erupted and filled the mouth of Tim who happened to be sucking him at that moment. Ralph took Mel's cock from his brother's mouth and succeeded in getting the last of Mel's juices.

Only the sound of the soft breathing of the four could be heard as they slipped into sleep.

That night was first of many nights of passion that was shared by the four of them.

To be continued

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