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Chapter 15

It was springtime again on the ranch when Jessie received a letter from Cynthia announcing her intention to marry. Jessie was surprised, but knew it was time. She was almost nineteen now. He knew it was time for Diana to marry too. He packed his things for the trip East. He knew he didn't have to worry about the ranch and his business while he was gone. Rusty with the help of Ralph could negotiate the best price on the cattle when the time came. It was going to be a good year for them.

Rusty waved goodbye to him as Jesse set off on the trip. He stood on the rear platform of the last car and watched his home country slowly disappear. The smoke from the puffing engine forced him inside as the train chugged across the rolling hills first southward, and then eastward.

He took his seat and looked around. The car in which he was riding was almost full. He didn't know about the rest, but he assumed they were full too.

He stretched his legs avoiding the feet of the man sitting across from him. Momentarily he looked at his face. A handsome man, he noted, with golden long hair, dressed in new jeans and shirt. Perhaps he was twenty years old, it was hard to tell when they were close to his own age. Jessie tipped his hat over his forehead and closed his eyes.

The blonde haired man been sleeping when the train stopped and only awoke when he sensed and then heard that someone was taking the seat opposite him. He noticed the handsome man across from him. He felt a stirring in his loins as he noticed the more than adequate bulge in his crotch when the man stretched his leg next to his own. He let his eyes momentarily gaze over the man's body, and let them close again.

He was Scott James Warren, son of a banker in New York. Barely able to talk with his family because of his sexual behavior, his penchant for men. He had left home a few years ago and gone to Seattle where he didn't feel out of place. Now he was returning home to help celebrate the wedding of his younger brother. Scott was older than he looked, and older than Jessie had guessed, he was almost thirty.

Scott had no lover now, but was looking. He last relationship had lasted for five years until the younger man was killed in an accident. He was devastated and for a year he was barely able to function. He had almost decided not to go to his brother's wedding, but at the last minute relented when his closet friend suggested that he might find some interesting prospects in the East. Scott had almost struck out at his friend, but ended up hugging him and thanking him for his council.

He wondered if he would see anyone who appealed to him as he drifted off to sleep again. The train puffed and chugged its way alone the tracks. It rocked and swayed causing the passengers to be jostled and often against their fellow travelers. Scott and Jessie's legs touched occasionally inspiring pleasant dreams as evidenced by the appearance of bulges of both men, if anyone had been there to observe them.


"I'm from Seattle," Scott said at Jessie's question, "going home for my younger brother's wedding."

"Hey!" Jessie said, "I'm going east for my sister's wedding."

This coincidence perked them both up.

"Who is he marrying?" Jessie asked.

"Gee, I don't really remember. I'll have to look, how about your sister?" He started to get up to look in his bag for the letter and invitation.

"Bradley Warren," Jessie answered.

"Well, I'll be," Scott said as he returned to his seat stunned by the information.

"That's my brother," Scott smiled, "At least I'm pretty sure it is." He got up quickly and pulled down his bag to check the name on the invitation.

"My sister's name is Cynthia Carson," Jessie said smiling back at the man across from him.

Scott quickly pulled the envelop open and read through it.

"Yes indeed," he said laughing, "We're going to be kin. I'm Scott Warren."

"And I'm Jessie Carson," he extended his hard to Scott. They shook warmly, perhaps a little too long, but neither seemed to notice. For the rest of the day, their second on the train, they exchanged family histories and funny antidotes. Their excitement was genuine. As they talked they found that they had much in common. But each left certain details out of their history, not wanting to be cast out of their new family relations because of their dark sides. But as they continued to talk they found the there we too many similarities for them not to recognize them.

It was Scott who finally leaned forward when Jessie asked about his wife, as Jessie referred to his reference about a relationship.

"I've got to be honest with you, Jessie. I hope it doesn't spoil our new friendship. But he wasn't a wife." He quickly sat back to await the impact of his statement. He was relieved to see the faint smile begin on Jessie's face.

"We've got another thing in common," Jessie beamed, "Only I've never been in a relationship. Everyone I meet and like is somehow attached."

Scott went on to explain his situation, but quietly leaving much unsaid, but enough to convey his meaning to Jessie.


As the days passed the two men became closer and closer. They were more than brothers by the time they climbed down the steps off the train car in New York's station.

Jessie was greeted by his two sisters, dressed in their finest for the occasion. Scott's brother and sister met him, also dressed for the occasion.

There was much laughing shouting as they introduced each other to their families. They collected their luggage and went to their carriages.

Later as the two families celebrated, it was easy for Scott and Jessie to spend time with each other without anyone thinking it strange.

Later as the two families celebrated, it was easy for Scott and Jessie to spend time with each other without anyone thinking it strange. Because the house where Jessie's sisters lived was small, and no extra bedrooms, Jessie stayed with Scott's family, sharing a bed with him.


The first night they were reluctant at first to begin any contact. As they moved about to get comfortable they gradually came into contact with each other.

"I know that we probably shouldn't do anything," Scott said softly, but I'm so horny that I can barely contain myself."

"I'm glad I'm not alone in that," Jessie returned and reached out and took Scott's hand. He brought it to his chest and this his lips. He kissed the back of the hand, and slowly moved it down to his stomach. He shivered as Scott's fingers traced his hairy trail down to his crotch. His cock pulsed and rose pushing against his drawers almost painfully. Scott reached through the opening and pulled the stiff organ out through it.

"Ohhh!" Jessie groaned.

"It's beautiful!" Scott sighed, "So smooth and hard."

"May I touch you?" Jessie asked.

Scott turned to face him, bring his body close to Jessie's. He felt Scott's hardness pressing against him. Tentatively he reached down and squeezed Scott's cock through his underware.

"It's so big!" Jessie sighed, "So hard!"

"No bigger than you are," Scott chuckled. "We're about the same size really."

Soon there we fully engaged in with each other. First in the 69 position, trying to keep from climaxing too soon. Then knowing that they couldn't keep this up for very long Jessie talked Scott into entering him with his substantial rigid cock. Scott finally agreed, but kept his mouth on Jessie's lips to keep him from calling out in delight.

Barely moments after fully entering Jessie, Scott erupted in pleasure filled orgasm filling Jessie with his plentiful juices. He fell across Jessie in exhaustion. They lay breathing heavily until Scott recovered from his passionate climax.

When Scott wanted Jessie to enter him, Jessie said chuckling, "You'll have to wait. When you came, I came too. Don't you feel my cum on your belly?"

They fell asleep before anymore activity could occur. They did awaken during the night and agreed to wait until the next night before doing more.


They were both part of the wedding itself as Best man for their respectively siblings.

Several times while they remained at Scott's home, they engaged in passionate love-making; getting to know each other's bodies.

Jessie changed his travel plans so that he would be traveling with Scott on their return trip. Scott also changed his plans, so that he could stop and spend some time on the ranch with Jessie.


There was just time for Jessie's letter to reach the ranch and inform Rusty of his change in plans, and that he would be bringing a guest. He would have preferred to hold back that information until he arrived and surprised everyone, but he wanted the house to be prepared for Scott's visit.

Rusty and Jim, and the others who knew Jessie well wondered if this would be an important person his life. They were quite certain that whoever he was, he would have to be staying at the ranch for Jessie would never leave now that his father had died.

Once they met Scott they knew they would never leave the ranch so long as Jessie was there. They liked Scott right away. He jovial and easy manner and his charm won their hearts at once. Scott easily moved into the routine at the ranch. He was at first a bit reluctant to some of the activities, but bravely took the chance and found that he could do everything that he was called upon to do. His training was in banking, and thus he fitted into Jessie's role as business manager easily. Jessie was not comfortable with that aspect of running the ranch, and quickly let Scott take over those responsibilities.

No one questioned Scott's capabilities or the fact that he was living in the main house, no longer as a guest, although he did have his own room, but as lover to Jessie.

Rusty and Jim were pleased with the arrangement as they both loved Jessie as a brother and were happy to see him happy too. The same was true with Jed, Howie, Calvin, and Ralph. The rest of the ranch hands put it out of their minds.

Everyone settled back into the routine of the ranch as if nothing had changed.


Another year passed and Diana returned home for a visit. Everyone was happy to see her. No one more than Howie was. And he blushed greatly when she approached him and kissed him.

Everyone noticed, especially Jed who was standing beside him as usual. He was pleased. Although he and Howie still shared the same room, more and more Howie slept in his own bed. Jed never pushed it, but he knew their time together was coming to an end. He was sad, but knew that it probably would happen. He had seen the changes in Howie, subtle as they were, they were apparent.

Rusty was in his and Jim's room reading when there was a knock.

"Hey Howie," he said as he opened the door.

"Can I talk with you?

"Sure anytime, come on it. Have a seat on Jim's bed."

Howie sat down, and looked down at the floor for a long time before he spoke.

"I have a problem," he began, "I hope that you can help me." He looked as if he was going to cry.

"What is it, Howie? You know that I'll help anyway that I can." Rusty started to go to him and comfort him, but help back until he knew what the problem was.

"It's hard for me to even talk about it, but I know that I must." He paused.

"I love Jed deeply, you know that. But it's different now."

"Okay." Rusty said then asked, "Do you want me to talk with Jed?"

"No, not really." Howie said, again he paused. "Is it possible for me to change from liking guys to liking girls?"

"Is that what has happened?"

"I think so. It's not that I don't have feelings, deep feelings for Jed. And I still will do anything that he wants me to. But I feel strange about it, as if it's not right for me.

"I don't say that it's wrong what we do, but just not right for me."

"I see." Rusty smiled at him, "We all change as we grow older, and some people do change the way they look at other people. Sometimes it hurts the ones we love, but we can't let that stop the changes that are happening." He got up and went over to sit beside Howie. He put his arms around him and pulled him to himself. He could feel the relief that was going through Howie's body. Although he wasn't sobbing as he thought that he might, tears did rolled down his checks.

"I'll speak to Jed for you. I'm sure it will be easier for me than for you. He'll understand, I'm sure too."

"I'll talk to Jessie, and see if you can move to the main house, and live there. There's room for the cook you know."

"Would you do that, I mean talk to Jessie. I'll talk to Jed myself. If I'm man enough to change, I've got to be man enough to talk for myself about this."

He got up from where he sat, and Rusty rose with him. It was then when they were standing looking at each other that Rusty realized that Howie was almost as tall as he was, not as filled out, but he had grown into a great looking young man.

He couldn't help but be moved when Howie put his arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you Rusty, I always will. Thank you for being here for me. I'll never forget it."

Rusty looked into his eyes and then kissed him lightly on the lips. Howie kissed him back, not afraid to show his feelings to this man who was almost like a father to him.

Howie quickly turned and left the room, before he could break down. He saw the tears in Rusty's eyes, and felt the same.


The change in the sleeping arrangements was noted, but not talked about.

Diana was pleased too, although she didn't know why. She just knew that she liked having more chances to talk to Howie. Howie became more and more friendly. She noticed the change in him, and became more aware of how she felt about him. One evening after everyone else had gone to bed, she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

"Can I talk to you," it was Howie.

"Sure, come in if you like," she was not surprised and almost pleased.

"I don't think that it's a good idea. Maybe we can go downstairs."

"Sure if you like,"

Howie took her arm lightly and escorted her down the stairs. He knew that he could have gone into her room and talked there, but he was sure that it wasn't the proper thing to do, especially considering the subject that he was about to discuss with her.

He sat down beside her on the sofa and took her hands in his, holding them gently.

"I've wanted to talk to you for some time, but it is difficult for me to talk to any girls, much less you.

"I've fallen in love with you and want to marry you, will you?"

Diana was surprised by the question, but her heart beat rapidly as she contemplated the implications of it.

When she didn't answer right away Howie was certain that the answer was going to be no. And he wasn't quite prepared for that possibility.

"This is so sudden," Diana said softly, "I do care for you Howie, I think from the first time I saw you.

Howie was hopeful now, and smiled. She returned the smile.

"I think that I should talk with Jessie before I answer your question. I want it to be alright with him."

"I understand. I didn't mean that we should do it right away. After a proper engagement will be fine, if you decide to say yes." He squeezed her hand harder. He leaned forward and their lips met for the first time. For both of them it was something different. Their hearts raced as they kissed and hugged each other.

Howie who was more experienced held back and didn't open his mouth. Instinctively he knew that he shouldn't, as least not a first. He felt that he wouldn't be able to control his passion if he did more. Diana, who had talked to her older sister about such things, also kept her lips closed. She would wait to Howie to initiate the more aggressive kiss.


Jessie was not surprised when Howie came to him the next evening and asked formally for Diana's hand in marriage.

He said yes to the question and shook Howie's hand to seal the agreement. Howie was glad when that was over. Although he'd never slept with Jessie he had wanted to many times. He was glad now that the opportunity never presented itself. It made the new relationship much more agreeable.

The wedding was scheduled for the following June. Jessie thought that would be long enough to see if Howie was sure about his decision. He didn't want his sister to be hurt if he could prevent it.


True to his word, Mel's uncle sent Mel back to visit his friends at the ranch, on the condition that he would return when the summer was over. Everyone was glad to see him, especially Jed and Howie. They were surprised to see how much he had grown since he had been gone. He was almost as tall as Rusty, although he was still a skinny kid.

The two boys renewed their friendship by exploring the ranch and the surrounding lands. Mel was somewhat surprised when Howie told him that he was going to marry Diana.

Mel made a point of spending some time with Rusty. He wanted to return to the ranch when he was finished with school. He wanted to work with Rusty.

The wedding came and went. They made a handsome couple, and after a trip East to visit her sister as a honeymoon they moved into her father's room on the main floor. Jessie had to talk long and hard to get her to consent to that. She felt that it was his place to live there with Scott. He was surprised when she told him that. But he told her that it wouldn't look right to people who came to visit. She didn't care, but relented when he pointed out that her room was too small, and he wasn't going to give up his room as it was larger. He smiled and told her that he was happy where he was.

While they were gone, the room was cleaned and repainted and some new furniture added, some old removed. Jessie had talked to Diana about the changes before they left, so he was confident that they wouldn't surprise her.

Jessie and Rusty made a trip to Kansas City to buy two new bulls to change the gene pool in their herd. It gave them a chance to talk about the ranch and how things were going.

It was then when he learned from Rusty that he and Jim were planning on moving on. They wanted to get a ranch of their own. They had saved their money and now felt that they had enough, and some to spare to start out on their own.

Jessie was happy and sad at the same time. He knew in his heart that the time would come when Rusty and Jim would want to break away, but he had hoped that it wouldn't be this soon.

They talked about the changes that would have to be made. On the way back they made a side trip to look at some land that was north of where Jessie's ranch was. It was more money than Rusty was planning on spending, but Jessie insisted saying that he would back them up if they needed help getting started. It was good land, and had a good herd already. And Rusty agreed not raid Jessie's ranch hands too much. He said he'd take the newer members and only four of them. Jessie would have given him anyone that he wanted.

The two agreed and Jessie wrote a check to the banker with whom they were dealing on the condition that if Jim didn't like the place the deal was off. The banker readily agreed. Rusty and Jim were now landowners, members of the group that was growing all the time in some areas, and declining in others. Rusty was happy about how it was all turning out, but sad to leave the place where he was. He knew that he had to do it now, or he never would, he was getting too comfortable where he was.


There was much excitement when Jessie and Rusty returned home - most of all Jim, even before he went with Rusty to look at it. Everyone who was going with Rusty was willing to take the slight pay cut initially to take a chance with him. Jimmy and Terry had no problem about going with Rusty, Tim, and the youngest of the three men who had been hired by Jessie on a trip over a year ago. The other two men who were hired at the time, Hank and James agreed to stay. Rusty knew that he had acquired half a dozen men when he bought the ranch provided that they would stay, so he figured the young guys he was taking would work out fine.

<>Mel who was still at the ranch made Rusty promise that he could work for them when he finished school. Rusty agreed, even agreeing to let Mel help with the cleanup.

Calvin was going to take over for Rusty with Ralph's help would run the ranch as foreman.

Scott and Jessie had planned a trip to San Francisco, but postponed it until the next spring until they were sure that Calvin was going to be able to handle things.

Rusty and his crew packed up and began their trek to the new ranch. Despite of the fact that Jessie knew the situation, he couldn't help smiling at the appearance they made as they rode out. It looked like a male couple with their three teenage sons. He hoped that no one at the new ranch would think it strange.


They stopped at the bank to sign papers to transfer ownership, and then they headed for the new ranch. Two hours later they were riding through the gate to the Bar-J Ranch. Rusty had been trying figure how the to alter it to reference the new owners. So far he'd not been able to come up with a solutions. He wasn't worried they'd come up with something, or they'd leave it alone.

As Jessie had seen, they did look like a strange grouping. Not so much as a family, but almost like a gang of robbers. As they rode into the ranch at the end of the rode they came upon a small gathering of men who on seeing them became frightened. It wasn't that Rusty and his group were threatening, but just that those whom they encountered had been hearing of robbers in the area.

"Hello." Rusty called to them.

"Hello yourself!" The oldest of them called back, "We have no money if that's what you're looking for."

"We're not here to rob you," Rusty laughed and climbed down from his horse and approached them.

"We're the new owners of the Bar-J," he said, "I'm Rusty Archer, and this is my partner, Jim Randall. And these are my hands," he introduced the rest.

"I'm sorry," the old man smiled, "we didn't know. My name's Al, Albert James."

"That's okay," Rusty said, they shook hands all around. Then looking at Jimmy, "Jimmy, you and the boys take care of the horses while Jim and I get acquainted with the other men here." Jimmy, Terry, and Tim took the seven horses, the five they rode, and the two pack horses Rusty had bought from Jessie.

Al showed Rusty and Jim around the buildings. Somehow they'd looked different when he was here before. Their condition left something to be desired. He must have seen them, as he knew they could be, rather than the way they were.

The ranch house was in the best condition, and it was barely livable. The bunkhouse was about to fall down.

"God", Jim laughed, "this place is something else. You paid how much for it?" Jim knew that Rusty was feeling badly about it, and was almost embarrassed about what he had said.

"Hey," Jim said, "I've lived in worse places." He laughed, "but not much though."

Rusty smiled, taking that as a sign that all was right between them. "Yeah, I know it's pretty bad. But I was looking more at the land and the cattle at the time. This we can fix, the land we can't."

"You're right, let's not worry about this for now. We can burn it down and start over."

Rusty laughed, "Well, let's wait until we get a little saved up first." He slapped Jim on the back and they walked back to where the men had gathered.

"I'm sorry about the way the place looks," Al said, "But Mister Barns wasn't very good at fixing things."

"Basically they're pretty good," Jim said, "now that I looked a little closer. Some fixing and paint will do for now."

Rusty grinned behind his hand.


But Jim was right; a month later one wouldn't have recognized the place. With everyone pitching in the broken windows had been repaired, the doors re-hung, and the steps replaced. Everything had been given a coat of paint or whitewash.

Rusty and Jim had ridden out and surveyed the herd and the lands. The land was good, and the herd looked fit, and numbered about a thousand. Good enough for a start, they thought.

They sat on their mounts, at the top of a rise looking over their land and their cattle, and their buildings. It was all theirs, and they were together. That was all that mattered. A new beginning. They had both looked forward to this day, and now it had been realized, and they were pleased.

Jim slapped his horse and galloped back toward the buildings lest he show the emotion he was feeling. Rusty was right behind him. His eyes too glistened and he felt the moisture on his cheeks as the breeze brushed passed them. Home at last, he thought.

The End

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