by: Richard

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Here is the second chapter of an historical story.

Chapter 2

The next several days of hard riding were softened only by the prospects of evening ahead that they would share. It was hot and dusty beyond belief, with no relief except by the darkness that came by night. With no streams or rivers encountered, the dust and grime of the days ride remained on their bodies, which they quickly became reluctant to offer each other. Even kissing and embracing became offensive to them, as each was too aware of his body's odors.

At last on the fourth day they came upon a small stream, like the first night they met crossed their path three times that day. Thankfully they were able to see when the stream would no longer cross their path again, and headed for it make camp for the night beside it's cooling and cleansing elixir. Even their horses sensing that they would have a chance to refresh themselves pranced and snorted their approval.

There were scrub trees near the sloping banks, and they pitched their camp among them, securing a shady spot to lay out their blankets for after their swim. Almost hesitantly as if to prolong the expectation that they felt, they undressed and slipped into the water to bathe. The water was barely deep enough to cover them when they were lying down, but it was clear and warm. The strong soap which they used made their skin tingle with its caustic power.

By the time they finished washing, their bodies reflected their desire, and they hurried to the blankets to rid themselves of the burning desire that welled within them. The passion that had built over the days within this sharing overflowed all too quickly. In their youth it left them as unsettled after as before and within minutes they resumed their embrace trading positions several times before falling exhausted upon the rough blankets.

It was fully dark before they ate, and afterward they made love again, but with gentleness and a slowness that stirred them to greater heights than either had thought was possible. This time they were spent to near debility, and quickly lapsed into sleep. The thin sliver of the waxing moon shown down upon their unmoving forms, seemingly smiling on their foolishness, their folly at lying exposed upon the ground. They were in no danger, for there were no wild beasts to disturb their slumber, and they had neither seen nor sensed anyone in the area, and surely no one would come upon them in the night. And so they slept on dreaming of pleasures unknown.


Rusty woke with a start, a rough handclasp tightly over his mouth and felt the pressure of a knee on his chest. He opened his eyes and in the semi-light of the dawn saw the brown face of a Savage staring down at him. Instinctively he looked over at Jim and saw that he was same predicament as he was.

"No move, no make sound, Red Hair," the one holding Rusty spoke softly. He relaxed trying to let the man know he would comply. Jim did the same.

"Now, Red Hair," the man spoke again softly, "We with war party, and have come this way scout for our people. We, my friend and I, no wish harm you. We looking for Pony Soldiers who raid camp near ours. Make noise and we kill you. We no wish kill you," the man stood up removing his hand as he did so, "We like way you look." The brown face Savage gestured suggestively at them.

"Won't your friends come looking for you?" Rusty asked softly and slowly.

"If gone too long, yes," Rusty's Indian capture spoke again, "But if go back and tell them find nothing, come back, tonight. You no move from here, we come back. The others kill you, and it not be pleasant I swear."

"We'll do what you say," Rusty replied, and Jim nodded agreeably.

"You must keep your horses quiet, or they give you away if party comes close you," he warned them.

The one who had done the talking motioned to his companion, and said, "We go now," then he smiled, "At sun down tonight we will back. And then," he touched Rusty on the cock which had hardened unexpectedly, "We have some fun."

Again he motioned to his friend, and they hurried through the morning light and were gone.

Not daring to speak for some time they dressed in silence, and covered they horses' noses to muffle any sound they might make. Finally nearly a half hour after the Indian had left, they spoke.

"Wow," Jim sighed, "That was close."

"Yeah," Rusty answered, "I wonder what they would have done if we had not been naked allowing them to see what we were like?"

"Who cares?" Jim said, "I'm just glad that they like what they saw."

"It means we may have to do things we might rather we didn't have to do," Rusty said.

"I'd say," Jim smiled, "to save our scalps, Red Hair, we'd better do them then."

"I guess," Rusty was more concerned then Jim about the situation later that night.


They spent the day watching for signs of riders coming their way, but saw nothing. They dared not even light a fire to cook or make coffee; for fear that the smoke might be seen. Dried meat and water were all that they ate. The time dragged on, but at last the sun set beneath the horizon and the sky darkened. The thin crescent moon rose out of the darkness, barely larger than the night before, and cast a slight shadow upon their camp.

They watched and waited listening intently for any sign of their benefactor's return. Suddenly from apparently nowhere, two figures appeared at the edge of their camp. In the soft light it was difficult to determine if they were the same Indians who had been there earlier or not.

"We have returned," the taller of them said in his low voice.

Both Rusty and Jim were standing. "I Brown Bear," he said and gesturing to his companion, "And this Black Fox."

"I am Rusty," Rusty said, "And this is my friend Jim."

Rusty and Jim were surprised that the two Indians stepped forward to shake hands in the White Man's custom.

"Where is the rest of you party?" Jim asked nervously.

"They go toward the setting sun," Brown Bear pointed, "Toward the Fort four days from here.

"How come you have not gone with them?" Rusty asked.

"We are to follow one day," Brown Bear said, "We not wish be surprised from behind."

Jim and Rusty were still nervous, but were gradually beginning to relax.

"Come, sit," Rusty said, he motioned to the blankets nearby. The four men sat uncomfortably on them.

There was only a short silence, before Brown Bear said, "Come we undress." And he and Black Fox removed their scanty rawhide gear. Rusty and Jim followed their lead. The night air was warm, and after being confined in the clothes all day and night, it felt good to be rid of them.

"Do no afraid," Brown Bear said, "We much like you. Many men do not marry, for many reasons. Often pair like you, and take pleasure we can."

"Do your other people know about you?" Jim asked.


"And they don't think it strange?" Rusty asked.

"No, it accepted," he answered, "But some make jokes, most say nothing."

"I have never been with one of your people," Rusty said.

"Nor have we," Black Fox said, speaking for the first time. His voice was soft and musical, "We, at least I, have been looking forward to seeing you two handsome men again since we left this morning."

Slowly he reached out to touch first Rusty's body and then Jim's. Brown Bear moved closer to Rusty. He put his hand on Rusty's sex, which until now lay quietly between his legs, swollen, but languid. At the touch it began moving, pulsing slowly upward.

"You very large," Brown Bear said, then looking at Jim, "Both you large compared with us."

Black Fox leaned over and began servicing Jim's nearly rigid cock. Jim put his hand on the man's head as he became more aroused. Rusty's hand reached out and fondled Brown Bear, whose cock was only slightly smaller than Jim's. The two men stared into each other's eyes as their fingers explored, increasing the passion which existed between them.

Rusty leaned over and took the throbbing cock in his mouth. It tasted sweet, as though it had been coated with something. Brown Bear gasp as Rusty's tongue explored inside the foreskin which was tightly closed about the head. Only a hint of the pungent odor of maleness existed, and the frequently found secretions were absent from this man. Rusty felt his hand squeezing and moving on his own cock, which ached from the tension.

Carefully so as not to loose contact, Rusty stretched out on the blanket. As soon as he was straightened out, Brown Bear slowly moved so that he was in position to take Rusty's hardness into his mouth.

Jim and Black Fox had assumed much the same position, with Jim lying on his back and his partner kneeling over him. The two men were of nearly equal size, and were soon approaching the peak of passion. Jim grasp Black Fox's butt and pulled him even further into his throat. Black Fox moaned as he exploded sending a river of hot liquid into Jim's mouth and throat. Jim thrust upward as he too climaxed. Black Fox gulped and gasped as Jim shot wave after wave of cum into his throat.

The sounds from next to them sent Brown Bear and Rusty into the last stages and they too quickly exploded in ecstasy, grasping at each other's backsides and legs as they convulsed in passion. In a few moments all was quiet, as the four men lay exhausted, their hands and fingers still massaging and exploring their partners' sex. The tingling and pulsing continued in all four men as they began to become fully rigid again.

It was Brown Bear who broke the joining, sitting up. "I wish you enter me," he said softly, "But must be gentle, you very large."

Rusty rolled onto his back, "I will lie like this, and then you can sit on me, taking as much as you like." He closed his eyes and waited while Brown Bear made preparations for his impalement. Rusty was surprised how easily he accomplished his mounting, and Brown Bear was soon riding the full length of his aching cock in a rocking motion facing Rusty, which quickly brought Rusty to the pinnacle of climax. Jim and Black Fox watched with envy as Brown Bear was enthralled with the fullness and extent of Rusty's sex. Instinctively his hips thrust upward nearly throwing Brown Bear from his perch, he moaned as he too exploded spurting hot cum across Rusty's chest and face, as he struggled to maintain his position on the thrusting cock beneath him. Black Fox and Jim changing their position reenacted what they had seen, with Jim being on the receiving end of Black Fox's fully hooded, dark and lengthy organ. Both enjoyed the endeavor, while Rusty and Brown Bear looked on trying to regain their composure after the strenuous activity which they'd just completed.

In just a matter of minutes all four lay upon the blanket in a state of near exhaustion, but blissfully so. The night was warm and thus they dissolved into sleep as the crickets and locust sang on long after any human could appreciate their song.


The first light of dawn found the four men still dozing, having awakened just as the darkness turned to gray on the horizon and taken their pleasures again, this time switching partners. Thus it was that now Rusty and Black Fox lay entwined snuggling close to each other while Brown Bear and Jim though touching sprawled on their backs. The larks and pheasants greeted them with calls gently waking them. Rusty was the first to stand up and stretch, creating the illusion of a giant walking on the earth for those still on the ground with sleepy eyes slightly open as they looked up toward him. His mammoth sex organ swayed straight out from his body, as might a saber hung from a soldier's belt. He hurried off to relieve himself while the others looked at each other in disbelief at the size of him in the half-light of dawn.

Only Jim had seen him in that state before, and he still was amazed at how it looked when he was standing.

"He is like horse," Black Fox said, and the others agreed nodding.

"But so gentle," Brown Bear added softly.

When Rusty returned his staff had sagged noticeably hanging a full third of the way to his knee, though it seemed more. He smiled sheepishly when he saw the others were now awake and looking at him.

"Come lie with us once more," Black Fox pleaded, "Before we must be off to catch up with our friends."

He said nothing and laid down with the three of them, and they coupled once again, though this time in a constantly changing pattern of colors mixing with the dull blankets on which they lay. Each man took his turn at impaling himself on Rusty's mighty shaft or stroking it length with trembling hands, until all had explored it and experienced its terrible hardness inside himself. The blanket was covered with spots of dampness from the explosions of passion that it gave rise to, and perspiration that dripped from their bodies.

They finally rose and took to the stream to refresh themselves and to wash the remnants of their passions from their bodies. Drying themselves only slightly, they donned their clothing for the day and proceeded to break camp.

Girding their horses, they mounted up and hesitated a moment before riding off in different directions, pausing when a few minutes away to look back at each other in wonder at what he taken place that night and morning, wondering if they would encounter each other again.


Jim and Rusty with watchful eyes to the West rode more directly North for the next two days, not wanting to chance running into another war party. On the third day they turned northwest hoping to get back onto the path that Rusty had set for them earlier. Though older by four years, Jim let Rusty take the undisputed lead of their travels. Each night their curled up in their blankets savoring the privacy which the out-of-doors gave them.

Each time they gave themselves to each other, their love grew the bond became stronger, more real to them both. Nothing seemed more natural to them than the giving and taking that they shared. They didn't look ahead to the time when they would not be able to be alone together so easily, when they supposed they would have to share a large open bunkhouse room with other men. A time they knew which would try their endurance, their patience, their very beings. For now it was enough that they could be together and not have to worry about what others might think of their relationship. Tomorrow would have to take care of itself.


On the night of the fifth day of their separation from the two Indian braves, after they had made their camp along a small stream, Jim spotted smoke on the horizon to the North.

Apprehensively they quickly dowsed their own fire and had to eat a cold meal while they sat listening for the foreign sounds that might tell them that they were being approach by some unknown persons. They fell asleep leaning against the trunk of a tree, listening to the sounds of the night.

Morning came and they prepared for another days' ride. All through the day they kept watchful eyes to the North this time, and on the ground for signs that others were passing this way as well. It was not surprising then that they missed seeing the thin wisps of dust which rose from the East of them until they could make out the form of a single rider coming hard upon them.

Sensing that there was some urgency in his approach, they halted and waited for him to catch up. Although he slowed seeing that they were waiting for him, he none-the-less came on.

They watched to see what this stranger looked like, sitting on their mounts as they waited. He was young and dark skinned, that was certain, but they could tell little else until he slowed and walked his horse toward them.

"Hello, Stranger," Jim called out to him.

The man, now plainly discernible as a Negro, smiled, "Hello, Strangers." His clothes were stained with perspiration from riding in the heat of the day. He was older than either Rusty or Jim, but his features were pleasing to the eye. He was slim and tall; his hair was matted from back of recent care and caked with the dust of the trail. But still he was handsome if one got past the dirt and grim.

"You sure been ridin' hard," Rusty put out.

"Yeah," he said breathlessly, "If'n you see'd what I did, you be ridin' hard too."

"And what might that be?" Jim asked slapping the dust from his hat.

"Injuns!" he spat, "That's what!"

"Indians!" Jim and Rusty said together.

"Yeah, and lots of them," he turned and pointed.

That was when they saw the thin cloud of dust rising out of the East. Jim and Rusty scoured the Northern horizon briefly for signs of cover, and Jim directed.

"That way! Let's go for it," he shouted and dug his heals into the sides of his horse. The three riders road off leaving a visible trail of dust behind them.

Rusty looked back and seeing the cloud they were leaving behind them reined up, calling this his companions.

"This won't do," he shouted, "Look at the cloud. Any fool would know where we are."

"What'll we do then?" Jim asked.

Rusty thought a moment, and looked back again. The cloud of dust from the Indian riders had not changed direction, meaning that they hadn't noticed their change of direction. He looked back in the direction they were headed.

"Get down from your horses," he ordered, "We've got to go slow, and keep low." He jumped from his horse and said, "We've got to walk our horses, and hope we get to cover before the Indians see us."

"We'll never make it!" the Negro protested.

"Well, then," Rusty said, "We'll just have to worry about that when they catch us!"

"Lordy!" he swooned, "You don't know what they do to us when they catch us, do you?"

"No," Rusty said, "But I sure as hell don't want to find out. Let's go!" He turned and began leading his horse toward the distant cover that they'd spotted a short while ago. It looked like a river, and he figured that they might just make it there, before the Indians figured out where they'd gone.

The three figures now not visible from any great distance, slowly made their way over a slight rise and down toward the river in the distance.

Each had his own thoughts, about what the Black man had said, but dared not ask any questions of him. They'd all heard about the ways of the Indians and how they treated their prisoners. It was not pleasant, to be sure.

"What's your name, Sir?" Rusty asked.

"Who?" the Black man asked, "Me? You called me Sir?"

Rusty was puzzled and asked, "I could have called you Nigger like most folks where I come from do, but my mother'd turn over in her grave if I did. She taught me better'n that."

"She taught you good, then," the man smiled, "My name's Jedediah, but everyone calls me Jed."

"Well, Jed," Rusty said extending his hand, "I'm Stephen Archer, but I'm called Rusty, on account of my hair, and this here's James Randall, but he's called Jim."

They shock hands all around as they continued on walking toward the cover which began to be quite plainly was a river with trees all along its banks. Within what seemed like hours, in reality was just a single hour; they reached the cool green shade of the riverbank. Quickly they found a spot from which it couldn't easily be determined that they had crossed, and there they moved slowly not to disturb the bottom any more than necessary, until they mounted the opposite bank. They loosened the girths of they horses, leaving the saddles in place, however. They selected spot from which they could watch the Southern horizon without being seen. They stood eyes glued to the South watching the column of dust being kicked up by the Indian band's horses. Though it was hot, they dared not do more than loosen their clothing to let the little breeze that barely disturbed the air, cool them, however slightly.

The sun was about to set by the time that they decided that the Indians were still moving Westerly, and had not changed direction the entire time they'd been watching. Sensing that they were out of danger, they began to relax and began talking less anxiously. They made camp for the night. Then in glorious relief stripped down until they were all naked and dived into the tepid water. A bar of the dark brown lye soap was passed among them, and they scrubbed themselves vigorously getting the grime of the passed several days' riding. After an hour of washing and playing in the water, they climbed out and spread a blanket on in what was the clearest spot in the area. They sprawled out after checking to see if the column of dust was drawing nearing, it was not.

Then they really did relax.

Jed lying on his back turned to Rusty and burst into laughter. "What are you laughing about?" Rusty finally asked.

Jed stilled giggling finally managed, "I can't hep it," he paused getting himself under control, "I was thinking about how I was afraid of what the Injuns would do to me 'cause I's a Negro. 'Member me telling you how I was afraid of gettin' caught?"

"Yes," Rusty said slowly, "I wondered about that."

Jim looked pensively and waited for Jed to continue.

"Well, Sir," he began, "I hear tell that they's mighty curious about us Negroes, I mean, they have heard how big some men are down here." He put his hand on his sex.

"So?" Rusty asked.

"Well, Sir," Jed grinned, "I ain't got nothing you ain't got. In fact, if we's to compare, I reckon you'd win." And he laughed again.

"What about it?" Rusty was still puzzled.

"Well, so I hear'd, them Injuns when they git a Negro, they tie 'em up and take all their clothes off, so they kin find out if it's true, I mean, that they're that big."

"That can't be so bad," Rusty said, "I've heard they do worse things."

"Thet ain't all," Jed got serious, "When they've satisfied that they got a big'un, they stage a fight to see who gits it."

Jim and Rusty starred in disbelief.

"Thet's right, they make a fight to see who gits to cut it off and keep it as they would the scalp of a white man."

"Ohhh!" Rusty said shivering, "That's awful." For a long moment they were all quiet.

"I can't believe it," Jim said.

"Well, Sir," Jed said, "I don't aim to find out. I'll run till I die, to keep it from happening to me while I's alive."

"I'm with you," Rusty said, "I'm with you, Man!"

"Me too," Jim sighed, "Me too. I can't believe that they'd do it just to Negroes."

"I hadn't heard of that particular type of brutality," Rusty said, "But I have heard of others. Things I won't go into. There's no reason to, except to say that they aren't very pleasant."

Despite the implications of what they'd been talking about, Rusty had begun to get aroused without even being aware of it. Both Jim and Jed were aware of it, and couldn't help but become aroused also.

Rusty was lying with his eyes closed, his hands lying relaxed, one upon his stomach, the other across his leg. He felt his sex brush against his hand as it rose upward passed it. He opened his eyes to see his companions in similar condition, watching him.

"You see, Jim," Jed giggled, "I told you he's a big'un."

"You're right," Jim said, "He surely is."

"You two are terrible," Rusty sighed and rolled over onto his stomach, carefully positioning himself so that he didn't rest directly on his hard cock.

"Don't do thet," Jed said, "I like lookin' at you. It's exciting to see someone as big as you are." Rusty didn't respond, but slowly he rolled back leaving himself exposed. He kept his eyes closed, imagining how big Jed was.

He was just as big as Jed was, thick and long, with the same bulky foreskin covering the head of the dark purplish cock. He could feel their eyes on him, and he was even more excited by the thought, even more than he would have been had he been watching them. He could feel his cock pulsing, rising and falling with each beat of his heart. Occasionally it would twitch and rise straight upward and then fall back to nearly rest on his stomach.

Suddenly he was aware of breathing near his cock, it sprang upward without his control and bumped into the hot lips from which the breathing came. His eyes opened slowly, and he saw Jed leaning over his cock, he mouth slightly ajar. When his cock rose involuntarily again, the thick moist lips parted even more and this time captured the massive organ into their warmth and moistness. He moaned audibly. He closed his eyes again and relaxed as Jed began the ritual of worship of one man to another. He heard somewhere in the background the sound of movement, and when he peered between his slightly open eyelids he saw that Jim had begun the same on Jed. Rusty managed to maintain control, and kept himself from erupting as soon as he would have otherwise done. He was fine until he heard Jed's groan, from deep within his throat as he could no longer hold back and exploded in spasms of ecstasy spilling his load into Jim's throat. Jim gulped taking a much as he could of the thick black cock deeply into his throat, swallowing which clamped his throat even harder onto the lengthy shaft. His tongue flicked around the velvety pole, gripping Jed's butt with both hands to hold him in place.

Rusty held back a moment longer before releasing his load into Jed's eager throat, which grabbed him even tighter, causing him to thrust upward as he climaxed. Spurt after spurt spewed upward into Jed's mouth and throat. After a short while the two men collapsed and lay quietly. Jim lay back, still unsatisfied, but in no hurry, as he knew that there would be more in a short while.


Later as the light from their fire cast shadows in a small circle about itself, the three men sat eating their evening meal.

When it was finished, and Jim had cleaned their utensils in the water and sand of the small river nearby, they lounged enjoying the satisfaction of the moment.

Jed was telling his two companions about how he came to be riding their way today.

"Ya see, I had no choice but to leave," he said softly, "They wasn't goin'ta give me no peace."

He looked pensive, and continued, "From the first day that I started working on the place, I knew there was goin'ta be trouble. Even though the foreman said it would be okay, I could see thet the rest of the men wouldn't sit still for it.

"The owner told me he was sorry his men didn't like me, but he was nice about it, and he did give me a full month's pay even though I'd only worked two weeks. I thanked him, and then I left." He starred at the fire, his eyes glistening.

"I don't see why some folk are like that," Rusty said, "It just ain't right."

Jim said, "Yeah, and most them guys ain't got any more than you got."

"That's just it," Rusty said, "They're afraid that you might get more, just by workin' hard."

"I 'preciate what you fellas did for me today. I'll never forgit it."

"Heck," Jim said, "It wasn't anything."

"That's right," Rusty added, "You'd a done the same for us given the chance."

"I thanks ya, I really do," Jed smiled.

"Let's hit the sack," Rusty said, "We'd better be movin' on in the morning."

The fire died quickly, and the glow from the embers lingered but a moment and flickered out. The moon glowed in the sky casting thin shadows on the ground as the they men lay in their blankets, their bodies touching, creating strange feelings of intimacy which they left quietly within their own hearts, to act on another day.

To be continued

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