by: Richard

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Well here is an historical story.

Chapter 5

The summer was nearing its end on Montana. For Rusty and Jim who were used to a longer season they found it disconcerting to see frost on the ground early one morning the end of August. The annual roundup was already well underway. They'd been out on the range over a week this time; driving cattle down from the high country down to the winter range closer to the ranch.

Rusty rolled out of his bedroll to see frost everywhere, anything that wasn't covered. He was glad that he'd remember to put his boots under his bedroll. He reached for them and pulled them on quickly. He was fully clothed in his now well-worn Levi's jeans. A flannel shirt covered his wooly longjohns. He hurried off to relieve himself well away from the camp. In spite of the length of time that he'd been with the crew now, there were still many who couldn't get over the sight of his big cock straining to get out of his pants in the morning, and it still bothered him when someone made a comment about it. When he wasn't around they called him Donkey-boy or Donk for short.

As he struggled to re-button his pants he heard footsteps approaching. He was glad that he'd already finished. Still fumbling with the metal buttons he turned to see Calvin nearing him.

"Mornin', Rusty," he said.

"Mornin', Cal." He started back toward camp.

"Wait up, Rusty."

Rusty stopped and looked back to see Calvin shaking his still dripping and half hard cock. Calvin hurried to stuff it inside before moving toward him.

"What's up?" Rusty asked.

"Funny you should ask," Calvin grinned.

"I don't mean that," Rusty grinned back, "It's always that way."

"Yeah, it is, isn't it." Calvin finished buttoning his pants and pulled along side of him. "Some of the fellas are going to town when we get back. Do you and Jim want to go along?"

"That might be a nice change," Rusty said running his hand across his face. It was beginning to feel natural to have his beard covering his face, even if it was so brightly colored. "I'll ask Jim what he thinks."

"Okay, no hurry. From what I heard yesterday we'll be out here rest of the week."

Five more days, Rusty calculated. He'd be glad to get back to the ranch and have a proper bath. The waters of the streams were icy cold all year long, and they'd been out now into their third week.

In spite of their friendship the three of them found it difficult to get off to themselves. Perhaps the weekend in town would provide an opportunity. Even though Rusty was still jealous of anyone who paid more than casual interest in Jim. He'd grown used to Calvin and the friendship he offered, not only to Jim but to him as well.

When they reached the place where they'd slept they could smell the fragrance of cooking coffee and the aroma of fried pork sizzling on the fire. Jed and Mel were tending the food. After they finished their cooking chore they also rode out to help with the round up. Neither minded the extra work, since they rode only half as long as the others, and they were able to work together. Jed experienced none of the prejudice on the ranch that he had at the other places he'd worked. And he had long since come to love the boy who worked beside him and who shared his bed whenever it was possible. He also noticed that none of the other unattached ranch hands ever had so far tried to gain Mel's favor. He wondered if it was because of respect or fear. He didn't really care as long as they left him alone. He still watched over him closely, one could never tell when it would happen, but he figured that it was only a matter of time before someone took a hankering for his fresh, tender flesh and tried something.

He'd only told Mel once to let him know if someone put a hand on him. Mel had smiled and replied, "I'll get them where it hurts, if they try." Jed had smiled back and thought to himself, and he would too. That kid's got spunk.

Mel had defended himself a couple of times when he lived at the hotel in Helena. The word got around that the kid had a wicked knee, and most guys left him alone. Even the guys who were granted a favor when Mel was particularly horny were wary of him. They never were quite sure of when they could count on being well received; they learned that they had to ask first before touching him. He performed the same services at the ranch as he had at the hotel, but he was careful not to excite any of the men whom he help wash and those who asked him for a rub. He was sorely tempted a few times, especially when he could see the great need of the more handsome and well endowed young men. Most of the crew paid little attention to him, for which he was grateful. He still was excited by the sight of a man's hard body He learned how to divert his thoughts to Jed when that happened. He let his guard down with Calvin once he knew that he was safe to fool with. Even then he only sucked him off and let him touch his erection, never letting him enter him. Not even Jim or Rusty were granted that privilege, it was reserved only for Jed.

He looked at Rusty with desire since he'd experienced his immense cock on the way to the ranch before he and Jed had become attached. He was especially careful when attending him to keep his hands away from Rusty's groin and ass area except as required by his duty to wash and dry him. Even that bit of contact raised an erection in both of them. Rusty would just laugh it off, saying, "See what you do to me," and pretended to ignore Mel's condition.

"Good morning, Mel," Rusty said as he approached him to take a cup of coffee.

"'Mornin'." Mel smiled almost shyly.

"Say, Cal here has asked me and Jim to go into town this weekend. You want to go along?"

"Sure, I'd like that," then remembering himself added, "I'll ask Jed about it."

Rusty, smiled knowingly, "You do that." Rusty walked on the get the remainder of his breakfast and sat on the ground next to Jim and Calvin.

Mel looked furtively at the trio. Just the mere sight of them set his loins to burning and even the apron he was wearing couldn't hide is excitement. He wasn't even aware of it.

"Hey Mel," George, one of the handsome young men he help bathe whispered, "You got a hankering for me?"

Mel looked at him in surprise, "What ever gives you that idea?"

George smiled and looked down at the apron, "Well, something's got you going, that's for sure."

Mel followed his gaze down and pushed down on the bulge and found it was true, he was making a display of himself. He blushed. "I just got to take a piss," he said.

"Oh, okay," George smiled. He resolved to see if it were possible the next time he had the chance.


When the sun rose higher in the sky, it became warm on the range, warm enough to cause the men to shed their warm jackets, tying them loosely in back of them to their saddles. Everyone was in a jovial mood when they rode up to the cook wagon for lunch.

The meal was hearty and hot, consisting of a tasty beef stew fresh baked biscuits, and a dried apple cobbler with cool sweet cream. Hot coffee was served as it was at every meal.

After the meal a half period of free time was allowed. Most men took the opportunity to take a short nap. Mel and Jed cleaned up the tin dishes used and put away the leftovers. Jed found a shady spot behind the cook wagon and promptly drifted off to sleep.

Mel walked off to a spot along the stream which dribbled slowly in its meandering toward the Missouri River further south on the now dry plains. Scrub trees that grew along the stream were already beginning to loose their leaves. Having found a secluded spot he squatted to empty his bowels and bladder. When he was finished he started to walk back toward the rest of the group. He too was thinking of having a nap before joining the other men in the afternoon's ride. Jed would drive the wagon to the next stopping point before joining in the roundup.

and had stopped to adjust it so that it was comfortable. The sound of someone ahead startled him and he looked up quickly. He saw that it was George, and ignoring the incident of the morning, smiled a greeting.

George returned the smile, "Howdy there, Mel. What're you up to?"

"Just had to take a crap," Mel answered.

"I did too, that's when I saw you headed this way." George put one hand in his pants pocket and groped himself absently.

Mel frowned, he did recall having passed him when he came into the light stand of trees, but figured he must of overlooked him, or had taken a different path into it. He said nothing, but noticed George's hand movement with more than passing interest. His cock stirred, not having softened from the partial erection as a result of his bowel evacuation.

"I see you have the same problem," George said walking closer to him.

"Yeah, it always gets hard when I take a crap."

"I see." He reached out and grabbed Mel's crotch, getting a good feel before Mel had a chance to back away. "You pretty well hung for a kid."

"I guess that's 'cus I ain't a kid anymore." Mel tried to sound a little annoyed.

"I'm sorry," George smiled, "I didn't mean to offend you. I just meant you're still growing."

"I suppose that's so." Mel replied, "My clothes do seem to get smaller all the time."

"Yeah I can see them jean don't give you much room anymore," he paused and then added, "in front and back."

Mel who already knew where this was going, said, "I 'spect I should get back."

"What's your hurry? We got time yet."

"Time for what?" Mel asked without thinking.

George smiled, "Oh I just thought as long as we're both horny we might have a little fun 'afore were we go back to work."

"Ah,. I don't think so," Mel said softly. He started to walk on passed George.

George quickly grabbed him and threw him to the ground in a single motion. Mel fought back fiercely, throwing George away from him on his back. The older man regained his balance and jumped back on top of Mel before he could get away.

"Don't fight so," George said sternly, "I ain't gonna hurt you none."

"I know that," Mel said relaxing as if he had quite struggling. George thinking that the contest was over reached around behind himself and started to unbutton Mel's jeans. He succeeded in getting three undone before Mel took further action.

With George occupied with one hand on his pants, Mel reached up and punched George sharply in his crotch with a blow that struck him directly on his balls. George doubled over and rolled off from his perch on top of Mel. Mel lost no time in jumping to his feet and running back away from his tormenter.

George lay on the ground moaning and holding himself with both hands. He struggled to get his breath back. The pain was still intense.

"You shit head! Why did you do that?" George gasped.

Mel felt sorry for what he'd done, but knew that it was the right thing for him to do under the circumstances.

"I didn't want to hurt you," Mel said softly, then asked, "You goin' to be okay?"

"Oh fuck!" George groaned, "I ain't gonna be able to walk even."

"You want me to help you?" Mel asked.

"No! Just go away!" George said. The pain was beginning to subside, and he lay back and took a few deep breaths before attempting to get to his feet.

Mel watch cautiously as George got to his feet, and staggered a bit before he unbuttoned his pant to give himself room to comfort his wounded parts. He reached inside and gently held his balls in his hand. The pain was almost too much to even touch them, but he knew that he needed to do it to keep them from swelling any more than they already had.

"Better put some cold water on them," Mel suggested as he untied his bandana. Went to the stream and held the dusty cloth in the water and then squeezed most of the water out it before returning to where George stood with his pants now down about his knees.

"Here," Mel said handing George the dripping cloth.

"Thanks," George said taking it and held it against he stinging scrotum. Her sighed as the coldness seeped into him. His anger against Mel had suddenly vanished. He looked up into Mel's concerned eyes. "I guess I gotta learn to take 'no' for an answer, especially from you." He grinned weakly.

"I hope you'll be okay," Mel said softly.

"I will in a minute."

Mel hesitated a moment then said, "I think I better git back."

"Okay. Thanks for the help."

"You kin give me the bandana back later. I'll git along without for now," he paused, "I'm sorry I hurt you."

George looked at him, "That's okay. It was my fault. Still friends?"

"Sure," Mel smiled, "Still friends." He turned and walked hurriedly back to the wagon.

Mel quickly sat down next to Jed. As he sat down he realize his fly was still open, so he reached down to button it.

"That's okay, I like it that way," Jed grinned looking down at the bulging crotch.

"Oh, Jed," Mel broke down and became to sob. He leaned against Jed for comfort.

"Hey, Mel, what's the problem?" Jed put his strong arm around the boy and pulled him close.

Through his sobs he told Jed the whole story, leaving nothing out.


Jed kept his temper when Mel pleaded with him not to do anything. He told Jed that he didn't think that George would try anything like that again. Jed laughed when Mel told him how he'd hurt him.

They noticed that George never rode past where they were all the rest of the day. In fact the didn't see much of him at all. When it was time to start the evening meal, they rode on ahead to where they'd parked the cook wagon.

It was nearly dark when the crew rode into camp and began milling about finding places to put down their bedrolls and get cleaned up for supper.

Rusty and Jim put their gear down close to the cook wagon and waited for their turn to eat. Jed came over to where they were sitting, supposedly to get something from the wagon.

"Have you talked to Mel this afternoon?" he asked.

They looked at each other, and back to Jed, "No," Jim answered. Jed gave them the barest details of what happened between Mel and George, ending with, "And Mel doesn't want me to do anything about it."

"Son of bitch!" Jim said, "I'll beat the shit out of him!"

"Do you want us to talk with George about it?" Rusty asked.

"No, I don't think Mel would like that. But it might be a good idea if you kept an eye on him. The way Mel hurt him, no telling what he might do. I gotta go, and don't say anything to Mel either. I think he'd be embarrassed if he thought anyone knew."

"Okay, Jed, we'll do that," Jim said.

To be continued

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