by: Richard

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Chapter 6

The next couple of days were quiet, and George kept his distance from the four men, except when necessary. They didn't let on that they knew about the incident, but their coldness indicated to him that they did. He let it alone, as he didn't want to stir up any more trouble than he already had.

As they neared the ranch, and the weekend, everyone was beginning to become excited about the time off they were going to be having. George was no exception on Friday morning he rode up next to Rusty.

"Howdy, Rusty."

"Howdy yourself." Rusty smiled. He had nearly forgotten about the incident was becoming like his old self again toward him.

"You going t' town on Saturday?" George asked hesitantly.

"I think so. How about you?"

"I was thinking might. It's been awfully lonely out here." He grinned sheepishly.

"I know what you mean." Rusty returned with a knowing smile. He noticed the bulge in George's jeans. "Shore looks like you're ready to go into town."

George had barely been aware of his near erection and grinned broadly when Rusty brought it to his attention, "It's like I said…" He pushed down on it, releasing a burst of pleasure to his cock.

"That's ain't gonna help much." Rusty laughed. He dug his toe into the side of his pony and rode away to shoo a stray calf back to the herd. He unconsciously rode back next to George.

Without thinking he looked down at George's crotch as he came up to him. Their legs brushed. The bulge had grown and the outline of his cock could be clearly seen inside his worn jeans. Rusty had never seen him with a hard-on before, he was impressed.

Rusty's inspection of it didn't go unnoticed by George. "Ever see'd a poker like that b'fore?"

Rusty smiled, "Not since this morning when I got up."

George laughed. "That's right. You 'n Jim got the two biggest in the crew."

"Who says?"

"I got my sources." His source for this information was first hand. He'd seen both of them when they were playing the river near camp one evening. They didn't know they were being observed and were horsing around while taking a bath in the warm water. "Biggest I ever see'd anyway." This time it was George who rode out after the stray.

Rusty grinned. He wondered when that had happened, Oh well, he thought, it don't matter much, considering he liked guys anyway. All the talk about sex was beginning to make him hard too, and he tried to think of something else. All he could think of was that they were going into town for the weekend, and would have a chance to be alone together, and that didn't help much. He reached down in his jeans and adjusted his cock so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable. He'd just pulled his hand out as George rode up.

"Gotcha thinkin', has it?"

"Aw, must have a burr or something in my johns."

"I'll say you have!" George laughed, "Biggest one I ever see'd." George grabbed himself in the crotch and sighed. "I'd sure like to swing on it gist once."

"Fat chance." Rusty laughed.

"Yeah, I know." He sighed again, and rode off and didn't return.

Rusty looked after him for a minute and then turned his attention back to work.


That night it was Rusty's turn to ride herd during the late watch, from midnight until four. He woke suddenly when George tapped his foot lightly with his boot to wake him.

"Huh?" he sat up quickly.

"It's time, my friend. You got the next watch."

"Ohhh, yeah." He watched as George rode back toward the herd. Rusty threw off his blanket and pulled on his boots. He got up and went to the edge of camp and took a piss, and then saddled up his horse.

"Come on, fellow," he said softly, and rode off after George to take up his watch. Over the rise he spotted George sitting on his roan staring off in the distance.

George looked up when he heard the hoof beats approaching.

"Okay," Rusty said as he pulled to a stop next to him, "Bedtime."

"I guess," he answered softly, "Only I ain't sleepy just yet."

"In that case, would ya bring me a cup of that stuff they call coffee, I see'd there was a pot on the fire."

"Sure 'nough, it's fresh too, I just made it." George rode off and returned a few moments later with two cups in his one hand. The cups were tall, but only filled half full so as not to spill it over himself or his horse.

"Thanks," Rusty said as he took the cup George held out to him.

"Yur shore welcome," George grinned.

They sipped in silence for a long time before George asked, "If'n you don't mind my askin', how'd you and Jim hook up?"

"We met in Kansas as I was on my way here. He was on his way to nowhere, Texas I guess, and decided to tag along." Rusty made the story as simple as possible without going into any details.

"Uh huh, that's not 'xactly what I meant." He paused, "How'd ya decide you was going to be buddies?"

"Ohhh," Rusty thought a moment. "I don't rightly know, it gist worked out between us, and sorted of happened. Ain't you ever had a buddy?"

"Not the way you two are," George admitted, "I'd sure like to sometime."

There was another long silence while they sipped more coffee.

"Ever come up a time when you'd hook up with another guy just fur one night? Gist for sompin' different?"

Rusty thought a moment before he answered, trying to figure out how was going to say it so George would get the idea he was interested, but not sound like he was saying it.

"A'course, it happens once in a while. Not regular like, mind you."

"Supposin' I said I wanted to do it with ya sometime."

"I guess it would depend on how I felt at the time." Rusty took a sip of coffee to take his mind off the sensation building in his loins. George reached across and grabbed Rusty's crotch lightly. Rusty didn't move. He knew that he had just made an open invitation for George to continue and he didn't care.

George slipped down off his horse and dropped the reins on the ground. He extended his hand up to Rusty. Rusty flipped his leg over the saddle horn of his horse and slide to the ground. He was greeted by George lusty embrace. Their lips met in a flurry of hot breaths, tongues lashing out at each other's.

George parted the kiss and reached up to his saddle and untied the blanket he'd put there just in case. He flipped it open across the prairie grass and flopped down on it.

Rusty hesitated a moment before joining him. They embraced again with an urgency neither had known before. Finally George pulled away again.

"You gist lay back and let you do you for a bit," he said. Rusty laid his head back on the blanket, cradling his head in his arm so he could watch.

George reached up and unbutton Rusty's jeans, sliding them down a ways as Rusty lifted his hips. There was already a tenting over his long johns. He put his face in Rusty's groin sniffing the strong manly odor emanating from them. It set his cock on fire as he reached inside through the opening and pulled Rusty's hard cock out through it. His fingers brushed across the slippery tip of Rusty's ample foreskin. He knelt up to position himself to take it into his hot lips.

"Ahhh," Rusty sighed as George started down over his dripping cock. He thrust his hips upward to meet his lips.

"Ummm," George hummed as he took a breath and felt the massive organ hit the back of his throat. He took another breath before opening his throat for a final lunge downward. He held the cock with one hand and reached down with the other to unbutton his own jeans and started fingering his own cock. It too was wet with anticipation. He began a slow bobbing movement up and down on the pulsing organ before him. The way the Rusty was thrusting his hips he knew it wasn't going to take many more before he'd have a mouthful of hot juices to swallow. He slowed a bit to make it last. But Rusty wasn't having any of that, and thrust ever higher and harder into his throat almost making him gag on the long, thick cock. He could feel the ridges of the hot head in his throat and he pushed down against Rusty's hips.

"Aggh!" came the heady sigh from Rusty's throat followed quickly by the spurting, thrusting cock. The suddenness and fierceness of the explosion nearly set George's own climax. He clenched his ass cheeks and managed to forestall it.

He kept his head motion going as Rusty held his hips high off the ground and thrashed about, shooting round after round of the hot sticky liquid through his long surging cock. He slowed his motion and swirled his tongue across the sensitive head of Rusty's dick causing him to thrust again with each slash across it.

"Enough!" Rusty finally cried hoarsely, trying to get away from his tongue.

George slowly lifted his head from Rusty's cock, still holding it with his one free hand. The massive dick still pulsed, but soon began to soften slightly. George used both hands and slowly pumped the last remaining drops of cum from it. He licked them off with his tongue and then leaned over and kissed him, opening his lips so that Rusty would have a taste of his own precious fluid.

"Ummm," Rusty sighed in his throat as he recognized the familiar taste.

George sat up, "Yes indeed. Best I ever tasted." He started to get up.

"Where you goin'?" Rusty reached out and held his hand.

"Got to take a piss."

"You don't have to go anywhere to do that," Rusty smiled. He reached up and finished undoing George's pants. He pulled out the hefty dripping cock. He sat up and took its length in his mouth. George had never done that before and it took him a while to relax enough to start his flow.

"Ummm," Rusty hummed, as he tasted the salty warm fluid rush into his mouth. He swallowed rapidly so as not the let if overflow. As the flow slowed he forced the pulsing cock deep into his throat. It leapt up to meet him.

"Ahhh," George sighed, and again as Rusty's tongue slashed across his hot glans still encased in his heavy foreskin, his hips thrust involuntarily. He grabbed Rusty's hair and pulled him down tightly on himself forcing the full length of his dick down into his throat. Rusty's throat closed tightly on it causing him to groan with pleasure. Rusty began the up and down motion, relaxing on the way down, and squeezing on the way up. His fingers slipped into George crack and played with his ass hole. It was moist and hot. He wet his fingers with the liquid running down his chin, and found the hot hole and gradually eased one in. George didn't notice until it reached his pleasure spot. He jumped and called out sharply.

"Not there!" Rusty eased back but never removed his finger. He knew George wouldn't mind once he was ready to shoot. Rusty concentrated on the cock with his mouth and free hand, holding back the foreskin until he felt the ass hole tighten around his finger. He thrust it in all the way and massaged George's prostrate bulb. The first hot spurts began at once. And he taste the hot nectar sluice down his throat in heavy spurts. George never knew what caused the sudden start until it was too late to complain, and then he didn't. He moaned and kept on thrusting until he couldn't anymore. Rusty stopped flicking his tongue on his dick-head when George finally collapsed and pushed his head away.

"God!" he moaned, "You got more tricks than a dang ole coon dawg!"

Rusty looked down at him and grinned. George sighed trying to catch his breath and grinned back.

"Was that what you had in mind?"

"Couldn't have been any more like if I'd told you. Where'd you learn how to do it so good?"

"I don't know 'xactly, just picked it up along the way."

"I'd say you've traveled a long way," George swooned, "I never had it feel so good."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've wanted to do you for a long time."

"Me too, only I didn't want to start nothing between you 'n Jim.

"Won't he have a fit if'n he finds out?"

"Maybe, like you say, if'n he finds out."

"So you ain't gonna tell him?"

"Not if'n you keep yur mouth shut about it. Even then I'd say you forced me," Rusty grinned.

"Like I could force you to go anything, let alone that," George laughed out- loud.

"I know, but he'd believe anyhow." He clapped a hand on George's bare knee and got up, pulling his jeans up and buttoning them, "Well, I'd better check on these cows, make sure none of 'em are wandering too far off."

"Yeah, 'n I'd better git some shuteye afore the sun gits up."

George pulled himself together and climbed up on his horse and slowly rode off toward the camp and hunkered down into his blankets to dream.

Rusty hummed to himself as he rode slowly around the herd checking for strays. Most were either lying down or grazing lazily on the dried prairie grass. Crickets chirped softly and an owl soared idly searching out something to eat, then spotting a movement in the grass below swooped down coming up with a wriggling field mouse in his talons. He floated out of sight.

Rusty pulled out his pocket watch, the one his papa gave him and flipped it open: 4:15. He turned his pony toward the camp to wake Jesse. Technically he was the foreman because his father owned the ranch, but because of his age he took turns at all the chores just like the other ranch hands. Rusty found Jesse sitting front of the fire sipping a cup of the boiled coffee.

"I thought maybe I was gonna get skipped this mornin'," Jesse grinned.

"Not a chance," Rusty whispered, "I need just one more hour in the sack. I gotta dream I need to finish."

"Yeah, me too." Jesse pushed down on his crotch. They were always teasing each other about having a hard-on. They were close to the same age and had gotten to know each other well enough that they could say or do almost anything to each other. Jesse had tried everything he knew to try to get Rusty to make a pass at him, except to ask.

Rusty was well aware of Jesse's interest in him, but figured until the boy came right out and asked him he wasn't going to take a chance at getting fired over it.

Jesse stood up and his cock slide down his pant leg, and even in the near darkness it was visible to any who cared to look, and Rusty cared.

"You'll have to take care of that or you'll break it riding in a saddle."

"I guess." He stretched his arms up to take the kinks out of his back, and then groped himself lustfully. "You wanna help me?"

Rusty laughed softly, "See ya out at the herd." He rode off quickly before he said yes, and hoped that Jesse would forget about it once he got moving about.

Rusty was half around the herd for the last time when he heard the sound of a horse approaching from behind. He turned to look, it was Jesse.

"Howdy, Pal," he said.

"Howdy yurself," he scowled. "You ain't much of friend."

"How so?" Rusty knew what he meant, but he wanted Jesse to ask.

"You know . . . . "

"I don't know."

"Aw shucks," he stammered, "Do I got to draw you a picture?"

Rusty grinned, "I'd like to see that picture."

Jesse grinned realizing that Rusty was teasing him, and was just waiting for him to come right out and ask him. "I'm asking."

"Come here, horny toad." Rusty held out his hand.

Jesse pulled his horse up next to Rusty's. He put his hand on Rusty's leg, "Can we fool around?"

"Sure, I don't see why not."

"Great!" Jesse climbed down from his horse and unbuttoned his pants eagerly. Rusty slid down beside him. Jesse was already handling his hard cock enthusiastically. As soon as Rusty was on the ground Jesse reached out to him. Rusty accepted his embrace.

"God! I've want to do this for a long time," Jesse said. Their lips met with fiery eagerness. Jesse's hard cock poked into Rusty's leg. In spite of the fact that Rusty and George had carried on earlier in the evening, Rusty responded quickly. He reached down and took hold of Jesse throbbing cock, feeling the sweet wetness seeping from beneath the thick foreskin. He eased back the skin so he could nuzzle the tender head with the palm of his hand. The flow that spilled out was more than he imagined that it would be.

Rusty broke the embrace and knelt before Jesse, taking the hefty organ in his mouth. The salty taste that greeted his tongue caused him to twitch his own dick. He could feel his own wetness begin to flow down his leg as he began the unhurried motion of pleasuring Jesse's surging organ. He heard the soft moans from Jesse's throat as he began thrusting deeply into Rusty's throat.

Jesse could feel his urge to cum rising quickly. He pulled back from Rusty's tantalizing mouth. As much as he wanted to shoot, he also wanted it to last. He grasp at Rusty's shoulders urging him to stand up. He pulled him close and joined his mouth with his exchanging the tasty liquids inside. He fumbled with Rusty's jeans and finally succeeded in getting them to drop to the ground around his ankles. Quickly he knelt in front of him searching out the cock within the johns he was wearing. He felt the wetness through the woolen fabric. He put his mouth on it and tasted Rusty's flow and the hardness of his cock pressing against it. His fingers reached through the opening and pulled out the huge, dripping cock from within. Eagerly he pulled it too his mouth. He opened as wide as he could and pulled it inside. He was barely able encompass the whole head of it. His tongue flicked across the sticky opening picking up much of the fluid that flowed from it. He swirled it in his mouth savoring its delightful flavor.

Rusty heard Jesse's moans as he licked the shaft from side to side, and bottom to top. He knew that Jesse wouldn't be able to handle his bulk this time perhaps, but wanted to give him the chance to try. And try he did, nearly choking on it as he strained to get it into his throat.

Jesse gazed up at Rusty with a pleading look on his face. "How does anyone get this all in?"

Rusty smiled down at him, "Some can, some can't. Don't fret none. There are other things to do."

"Tell me," Jesse urged, "But I never been fucked with anything so big either. I'm sure I couldn't with you."

Rusty pulled him up close to him. He felt the beating of his heart and warm breath on his face. He held him quietly. "Just let me take care of your need right now, and we'll worry about the rest later."

He knelt on the ground and once again captured the bobbing cock before him. Slowly he opened his mouth and breathed on it. He felt it surge across his lips, and then he took a deep breath. Putting his hand on Jesse's butt pulled all of him into his throat. He heard Jesse gasp as his dick hit the back of Rusty's mouth and ease into his throat. The rush of his cum exploded from within him and shot out of his pulsing cock. He felt the gulping of Rusty's hot mouth and throat as he struggled to capture all of his essence. Struggling to maintain his footing he grabbed Rusty's hair for support. In voluntarily he thrust against him as his ecstasy continued. Finally he released a long low moan and relaxed against Rusty. He himself pulse several more times before he was finished.

"Come here you," he whispered pulling Rusty up to himself. Rusty opened his mouth to let Jesse's tongue explore and taste his own cum, the last of which remained lying on Rusty's tongue. Jesse recognized the taste of cum as he swirled his tongue inside the open mouth. Never before had he tasted his own and marveled the he recognized that it was somehow different from other guys' he's tasted. It was pleasant on his own tongue and he smiled into Rusty's deep eyes. He swallowed hard.

"Gosh that was good. I ain't ever had one like that before."

Rusty squeezed him tightly; his own cock had started to droop past horizontal. He could feel a long string precum dangling from the end of it. He reached down and caught it on his fingers. He brought it up to Jesse's lips, and then his lips to Rusty's.

"I love the way you taste," Jesse signed. "I want to taste your cum too."

"You almost did," Rusty grinned. It was true; Rusty had almost exploded when Jesse had. It took all his will power to keep from shooting at the same time.

"I hate to leave you hanging like this," Jesse said, "but I got to ride around the herd just once 'afore everyone wakes up."

"Hey don't worry none about it," Rusty said, "they'll be other times."

"God I hope so," Jesse sighed.

"See you in a little while." Rusty pulled up his pants and squeezed his cock to force out the rest of the precum that had accumulated. He put it to his lips and cleaned off his fingers.

To be continued

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