by: Richard

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Chapter 8

Jed stretched lazily and opened his eyes. He had expected to see Mel lying next to him and was surprised when he wasn't. He climbed out of bed and pulled on his jeans and boots.

There was a knock at the door, and Jed went and pulled the door open.

"Room Service!"

"You silly duck! What are you doing?"

"I thought you might be hungry, so I brought us breakfast!" Mel put the tray down on the small table, "But I see it's not as easy to do as I thought. Oh well, help me move the table over by the bed. We'll sit there."

"What have we got here?" Jed asked getting into the spirit of the day. Ummm smells good."


Rusty lay awake waiting for Jim to wake up. He loved to feel the warmth of his body next to him. It had been such a long time since they'd been able to have the luxury of not having to hurry to get up. He felt Jim begin to stretch a little like he did when he was waking, but then he felt Jim's body relax trying not to move. Rusty knew that he too was awake.

"Good morning," he whispered.

"Ahhh, I'm glad you're awake too. I gotta peerust somethin' awful."

Rusty giggled, "Me too."

"I kin tell, yur dick's about to poke another hole in me." Jim jumped out of bed and hurried to the dresser where the chamber pot sat on the floor. Rusty heard the hearty splash as Jim released his stream into it.

"Think there'll be enough room in there for mine?" Rusty asked laughing.

"If not, I'll just have to drink the rest."

"That's true. I keep forgetting about that." Rusty giggled.

"Ahhh," Jim sighed, "that's much better." He felt Rusty's breath on his neck. "Your turn." He handed the pottery receptacle to Rusty. Rusty took it and pointed his dick into the opening at the top and release his flow. "Much better," he sighed as it finally slowed to a trickle. "None left for you."

"Ahhh shucks."

"Well, maybe just a taste."

Jim knelt on the floor and sucked Rusty's dick into his mouth and took the pot with one hand and set it on the floor beside himself.

Rusty relaxed and let the last little bit ease out of him. As he felt himself start to erect he said, "Just a taste. I'm starved. Let's get dressed and find something else to eat."

Jim stood up and kissed him on the mouth, let a little of the tasty urine flow back into Rusty's mouth as he thrust his tongue deep inside. He felt Rusty's cock rise between his legs.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure, but you're not helping any." Rusty pulled away tapped his dick-head with a knuckle. It quickly deflated and hung full but limp along his leg.

They got dressed quickly and started down the hallway to the room below. The bar was now the dining room, and several others of the group were having their breakfast already.

After ordering Jim turned to Rusty. "Would you mind awfully if we went back to the ranch today?"

"You know, that's what I was going to ask you?" Rusty answered.

"I'm not into getting drunk, just because we've got the time to do it. I'd just as soon go off into the mountains and be by ourselves."

"And pretend we're on a trek?" Rusty's eyes lighted up.

"Yeah, somethin' like that."

"I'd like that."

"We'll only have one night alone, but I'd like that better'n hanging around here all day."

It was agreed, and they hurriedly ate their breakfast and then pack up their things. After leaving a note at the desk for Ralph they were on their way back to the ranch before anyone knew they were even thinking about it.

Riding harder than they had on the way into town, they reached the bunkhouse shortly after noon. Jim ran up to the big house and told Jesse what they were going to do and hurried back to help Rusty pack what they needed for their campout.

Before the sun had reach the horizon they were in the high country not far from the ranch house. But it was like the wilderness, far from anyone.

Along side of a small stream they pitched their camp. The icy water babbled down from high among the Rocky Mountains to the West. The sun was warm and bright, and Jim threw down a canvas and over it a blanket. They stripped naked and lay down to bake in the sun. Their white bodies glowed in the sunlight; only their face and arms were darker than the rest of their bodies.


Mel and Jed walked slowly down the stairs into the bar-dining room. Most everyone had finished their breakfasts, and had begun their day of drinking.

"Jed?" Mel asked, "Do you mind if'n I just nose around and see what's going on in the town?"

"Not it all. You go ahead and see the sights." He laughed as he contemplated how long it would take, "You'll be back in ten minutes at the most."

"Thanks," Mel squeezed Jed thick arm and walked outside to the street. It was like Jed had said, it wasn't going to take him long to walk down the street and back again. He started down the direction from which they'd entered the town, and changed his mind and headed toward the stable where they'd left their horses. The boy they'd seen the day before was cleaning out the stalls when Rusty walked in.

"Hi there," the boy said looking like a miniature Rusty, "My name's John, what's yours?"

"I'm Melvin, but everyone calls me Mel."

"Please to meet you," John wiped his hand on the seat of his pants and extended it to Mel.

"Likewise." Mel liked that he was polite, and not a tough guy like the ones he'd known in Helena.

John turned his eyes back to what he was doing, but asked, "How long you in town for?"

"Another night, I reckon." Mel answered then asked, "What do you do for excitement here? " he emphasized the you so there wouldn't be any mistake.

"Watch the weeds grow," John answered giggling slightly.

Mel laughed out loud, and then giggled too. John had a sense of humor and that was rare in someone as young as he guessed John was.

"Seriously," Mel asked, "What do you have to do after you finish with the pitching manure?"

John stopped and looked at Mel, squinting against the bright sun. "This is the last of my chores for today, until it's time to feed the horses tonight. Why?"

"I thought you and me could do whatever it is that you do on your time off. I hate to hang around the saloon all day waiting for it's time to eat again. And right now there isn't much else to do."

"Yeah, I know what ya mean." John began his work again. He stopped again and said, "Well suppose we could saddle up and ride into the hills and see the town from up above. I do that sometimes when I git tired of looking up at them."

"I'd like that," Mel said. "Can I give you a hand?"

"Naw, I'm 'bout finished anyway, thanks."

Mel leaned against the door frame and watched John finishing up his job.

"You have a good bath last night?" John asked without looking back at Mel.

"Yeah!" Mel said without meaning to sound so excited about the thought of it.

John giggled, "Howie is good at his work!"

"Oh you know about Howie, and how he works?"

"Sure he tells me about all the guys who come in there to get their baths, and how big their dicks is, and all that stuff."

"Oh," Mel said. He wondered. "So you talk to Howie since yesterday?"

John giggled again, "Yeah, he told me you gotta big one."

Mel blushed even though there wasn't anyone to see it. "You and Howie ever do anything?" he asked.

"Sure, sometimes. When he's not too busy. Otherwise he's pretty well worn out." Again John giggled, "And then I have to do it alone."

Mel was surprised at how straightforward John was about sex, especially about sex with men, and between him and his friend Howie.

"I'm sure you didn't git any from Howie last night."

"That's for certain, it was a very busy night for him. Said his dick was sore this morning." He put his fork up, "Well that should do for today."

He turned around and looked at Mel with a grin. "Let's get outta here. I'll let Dad know I'm leaving and we won't have to be back 'til dark."

"Okay, and I'll let my, . . .the boys know where I'm going. I'll be back in a jiffy."

The two boys parted one went one way and the other the other way. Mel hurried back to let Jed know he was going to be gone for a while and not to worry about him.

Mel got back just as John was saddling the two horses for their ride. Kid's got a good memory, Mel thought to remember which horse I rode in on, and which saddle is mine.

John handed Mel the reins of his horse and groped him quickly. He grinned and climbed up on his own horse. Mel followed suit, and climbed aboard his.


After an hour of riding the two youths reached the point where they could look done at the town below. The day was bright and warm, but there was a breeze in the mountains that kept them cool.

They climbed down from their horses and drank from the icy stream that flowed past them. John took a blanket from behind his saddle and spread it on the ground. He took Mel's horse's reins and tethered the animals in the shade of a tree where they could graze if they cared to.

Then he took Mel's hand and led him to the blanket. Neither spoke, but each knew what the other was thinking, and was willing to let things happen.

For John it was exciting to be with this older boy alone. For Mel it was equally exciting to see what he would do. John finally lay back on the blanket and looked up at the sky. The bright sun made him squint even though he was looking that direction. His nose wrinkled. Mel looked down at him and laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"The way your nose wrinkles."

"Oh that, the sky is so bright."

Mel sat for a moment looking down at the bright face, then took his hand and gently brush the soft curls from the face that looked back at him. He felt the stirring of his sex in his jeans. He looked away quickly lest he do what he was thinking.

"Why did you look away?" John asked.

Mel looked back, "You look so beautiful." He paused then continued, "I wanted to kiss you."

John reached up his hand toward Mel's face, "Then kiss me... Please."

Mel leaned down and put his lips gently on John's. John's hand reached out and pulled his head closer. He opened his mouth to explore Mel's with his tongue. Mel put his hand on the blanket beside John's young body to keep it from touching his own.

Mel looked up when he heard to stick snap nearby. Something, someone was near and watching he sensed.

John giggled, "Just a bear I think."

Mel looked back at John and smiled. There was another sound. Again Mel looked up. This time he saw the bright color of a shirt vanishing in the bushes. In a flash he was up and chasing in the direction of the glimpse he had seen. With nowhere more to hid, the object of his chase turned and looked at him with dismay.

"It's you!" Mel whispered.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Howie cowered.

"Hey, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you. Come join us."

Together they walked back to the blanket.

"I found the bear we heard."

"I guess it wasn't quite as big as a bear, was it?" John looked worried.

"No," Mel said, "it's a lot cuter than a bear too." He put his arm around Howie.

The worried look disappeared from the faces of the two boys as Mel sat back down on the blanket next to John.

"I hope you're not mad at me for telling Howie where we were going."

"No, not at all. I'm glad. I like Howie too." Mel lay back on the blanket. Both boys proceeded to pounce on him with laughter and began trying to tickle him. Mel went along with the game and pretended that he was ticklish, and struggled to get away. There were hands everywhere, grabbing and feeling. Mel laughed and finally subdued his tormenters, holding one in each arm pulling them close to himself.

They laughed and giggled, and struggled in vain to get away, or at least pretended to. Finally they stopped their play struggles and relaxed. Mel felt the familiar touch of hands on his thighs, one on each. He closed his eyes and the two boys do with he knew they wanted to do, willing himself to be still and try to remain at rest. Slowly the undressed him, first his shirt and then his boots. And then as he raised his hip they slid his jeans down and removed them completely. His skin tingled and his whole body quivered at their touch. Still with his eyes closed he maintained his calm. Then unable to do so any longer his cock sprang instantly to full erection and the fluid he was trying to control seeped in almost a flow from within him.

The clear liquid leaked down the quivering shaft from under the still closed foreskin at the top of his mast.

"Wow!" John whispered softly, "Look at the stuff coming out!"

"Yeah," Howie agreed. He leaned over and licked tentatively at it. John followed his lead and put his tongue in the path of the shinning flow. Howie stood up and quickly undressed, momentarily standing in the bright sun like a marble statue. He knelt over Mel's pulsing organ and slowly put his mouth over the end of it.

John got up and pulled off his clothes as well, quickly returning to Mel's body, this time licking over his smooth chest coming to rest on one of the nipples. Mel quivered as he felt the lips on his body. He knew that he couldn't control himself much longer. That feeling of eruption was rising quickly in his balls. He tried in vain to let his cock relax. When John and Howie changed places and John suddenly took most of his throbbing cock into his hot mouth, Mel lost all control. He groaned and erupted in spasms of ecstasy.

John clamped his lips tightly over the pulsing head, and pulled down the foreskin with his hands letting the shooting tool spurt into his mouth. He gulped to swallow the bursts of liquid.

Mel thrust his hips higher as he approached the end of his eruptions, and finally collapsed on the blanket with a shudder of passion, gasping for breath.

As he did so Howie moved his face close to John's and they exchanged a kiss, which John sent a bit of cum that he hadn't swallowed into Howie's eager mouth.

When they finished the two boys moved into a position so that they could both suck each other, lying close to Mel's exhausted body. When he felt them move, he opened his eyes to see them feasting on each other.

He continued to lay and watch the action. As he regained his strength he began to want to take part in it, but he remained still just watching. Their bodies moved in perfect harmony like a ballet, as if they'd practiced for years to get the movement right.

Mel's hand moved unconsciously to his sex and felt he was nearly hard again. His fingers slowly gripped his organ and began the slow rhythmic motion bringing pleasure to his groin. Precum oozed from under his foreskin as he continued to stroke his ever-hardening cock. He could feel himself rising to the plateau of no return and he stopped the stroking motion and let it build and subside. Then he resumed the motion again, and then stopped, holding sensation just below the level of ultimate pleasure.

The two youths before suddenly reach their maximum point and exploded into each other's mouths with moans of delight and passion.

They held each other's butts tightly in both hands, their hips thrusting against the face of their partner. Mel could see the throats convulsing drinking of the nectar of the gods from each other. When finally they had ceased expelling their hot fluids into each other, their holds relaxed and John who had been on top rolled off from Howie and lay exhausted next to Mel. His breath still came is irregular pants, his chest rising and falling as he gulped for air.

For a long time no one said anything. Mel lay back giving his friends time to recover.

"Looks as if this horse over here is ready for another ride," It was Howie's voice.

Mel opened his eyes and turned toward the two. John was leaned up on one elbow and Howie was sitting next to him smiling.

They giggled when they saw his turn toward them and open his eyes.

He smiled, "Whichever one of you is man enough can try to ride this pony." He grabbed his cock in both hands and held it firmly straight up.

Neither of them moved, but continued to grin widely.

"I thought as much," Mel grinned back and relaxed his hold letting the turgid cock return to its resting place against his belly.

Howie reached for his jeans and pulled out a coin. "Heads I go first, tails you can." He flipped the coin and caught deftly and slapped it to the back of his other hand. "Shucks," he said, "It's tails."

John sat up quickly and straddled Mel's thighs. He leaned over and began lathering Mel's cock with his spittle, trying to leave as much on it as possible. Then he spit into his hand and rubbed his butt hole with the liquid slipping a finger inside to prepare the way. It did it a couple of times, and then once again mouthed the cock in front of him to insure its readiness. He raised himself as high as he could over Mel's hot thighs and slide forward until his butt was directly over the monolith of flesh. Slowly he lowered himself until he felt the tip of the hot muscle touch his butt. He reached back and positioned it at his opening and relaxing his anal ring let it slide slowly inside.

He gasped as he felt head slide inside peeling itself of its protective covering and sinking into his eager, but tender butt. He once again relaxed himself and lower himself by weight alone onto the pillar of brawn, inch by inch until the entire organ was deep within his bowel opening. John moaned and breathed in and out slowly trying to calm himself.

Mel could see John's cock dancing before him with the excitement of a puppet on a string. A silvery filament of precum hung precariously from the tip of it, finally loosing its hold on the foreskin and dropping to Mel's tawny growth of pubic hair below. It sank slowly through the maze to the hot flesh below.

Mel sighed as the pleasure of his capture built within his loins. He remained motionless less he upset the delicate symmetry halfway from agony to delight for John's youth body. John leaned over him and put his parted lips on Mel's chest tasting the salty tang of perspiration on it. He lay immobile for a long moment, and then he straightened himself and began the ride for the matchless gratification of ecstasy to be achieved only when Mel exploded within him. Slowly at first and then with fiery determination he abandoned all caution and rose and fell up Mel's cock. His breath came in gulps as he sought the prize with fire in his eye consumed by passion he sought to bury Mel's instrument of joy within his being.

Mel's arms reached out to him and fell back to his side as a blaze of fire burst up from his loins and flooded forth from his cock into the burning channel into which he'd buried himself. Spurt after spurt surged from within, he gasped for air as John continued to his ride. He felt the tiny ring clamp down on his cock causing a final flow to rise out of him. Then in total exhaustion John collapsed upon his breast.

Mel felt nothing but the beating of John's heart and his hot breath on his chest. He reached up after a long moment and brushed the locks of curly hair from John's forehead and laid his hand on his back.

"Never," he sighed, "has anyone done that to me that way before." John, still too exhausted to speak, moaned softly, as he felt the hot spew seep from his bowels around the slowly ebbing cock within him.

"Hey how about me?" Howie laughed, "I want to try that too."

"It's going to have to be another time," Mel said laughing. "After that it'll be days before I can go again."

"Awww!" Howie scowled.

"Well, maybe not days," Mel sighed, "but a while anyway." He reached up and pulled Howie down to his lips and whispered, "Maybe tonight after Jed goes to sleep."


The three youngsters rode back to town after refreshing themselves in the cool water. Mel left Howie and John at John's place and walked up the street to the hotel where he was staying. Jed was playing cards with three of the other men from the ranch. Mel walked over and sat on the arm of his chair and put his arm around Jed's shoulder.

No one paid any attention to him except Jed, who looked up and smiled.

"Did you have a good afternoon?"

"Yeah, me and a couple of kids from town went swimming up in the hills."

Jed laughed, "No wonder you're all wet."

To be continued

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