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It was explosive... and Jasper could sense his balls emptying, being sucked dry by the vacuuming rectal muscles of the teen slut... totally depleted, and he slumped over Reuben, exhausted.

The ejaculation had been voluminous, and with his monstrous cock still plugging the boy hole, both could feel the liquid seep around the grotesquely stretched lips, oozing out in a white ring. And as Jasper finally pulled back, the cum gushed out in thick gobs, evacuated by the violent contractions of the still excited colon.

"Gosh, boy," Jasper gasped in awe, "yer the one 've bin lookin' fer!"

Reuben felt the shiver of excitement as he fell away and turned to look at the cowboy, his eyes wide and questioning... expectant.

"A'ways ready fer a fuck, an' with the tightest pussy between yer legs..." Jasper panted, as he lay, catching his breath.

Reuben flushed with joy, "Ye'll keep me 'ere..." he asked in a timid voice, his heart thumping wildly.

"No, Reuben, I first gotta take ye 'ome, to yer parents..." he replied, slowly sitting up and collecting the pair of trousers that he had taken out for Reuben to wear, and had dropped when Reuben took him in his mouth. "Ye orta be git dressin', boy, or else, if t'at man from the dive gits 'ere an' fins us 'is way, 'ere'll be hair in the butter fer us!" he mumbled.

Reuben took the pants silently and wiggled into them... his eyes still fixed on Jasper's face, still waiting for the answer to his question.

Pulling his own jeans on Jasper came over and helped Reuben up and then pulled out a shirt from his rucksack. " 'Ere, put this on..." he said offering it to Reuben.

Reuben took it silently.

"Now, boy," Jasper finally said, "I too wan' ye, but... let's say, once ye git back 'ome and then if yer father allows, ye can com' an' join me at the ranch..." but he couldn't finish as Reuben flung himself at him, wrapping his arms tightly around the masculine form, burying his face in his chest and sobbing with gratitude.

"Yea, yea..." Jasper patted the boy's head, "ye can be a ranch hand, or train to be a cowboy," he continued, his fingers caressing the long tresses, "an' keep my flea trap warm fer us to do the fandango all night..." he added with a smile, his large hand patting Reuben's covered buttocks. And as their lips locked in delight, they heard the galloping hooves...

Quickly disengaging, Jasper peeked over the boulder, smiling as he turned back to Reuben, "Jacko is 'ere, now I can take ye 'ome..."

Reuben nodded, his heart thumping, his face bright and cheery... both at the prospect of returning home, and at what Jasper had just suggested.

The man hollered as he got off the horse and then came around... pausing in his track as he saw the young boy by Jasper's side.

Jacko was a much older man and rough looking, and Reuben noted the surprised look on his face, as he stopped, wide-eyes and slack-jawed.

Jasper went forward and gripping the man's hand greeted him, but the man just grunted in response, his eyes never leaving the pretty, young boy for even a moment.

Jasper introduced Reuben, telling him that Reuben had lost his way and how he had stumbled upon the boy, tired and hungry... and now that Jacko was there, he, Jasper, would be taking Reuben back to his family.

Jacko muttered a couple of "Um..." his eyes shamelessly ravenous as they roved all over the teen... studying him... his tongue licking the thick lips. "Ye'll be takin' 'im 'ome?" he finally asked, tearing his eyes away from Reuben.

Jasper nodded.

Jacko grinned widely, "Why, 'e musta be tired," he said coming a step closer to where Reuben stood, " 'e s're can stay 'ere wit us at the dive an' git sum rest fer a day or so..."

Jasper shook his head as he stepped between the man and the boy, "He's bin gone fer more 'an a day, an' 'is parents must be sick with worry. So, 'e needs to go 'ome d'rekly."

The man smiled some more, squirming his way around Jasper and addressed Reuben, "Ye musta be 'ungry, an' I can go git some food and then maybe tomorrow we cud take ye back..."

"No..." Jasper said firmly, pulling Reuben away, behind him. "Now ye git back and git yer stuff fer the night. And tell Al that I'm gonna be back tomorrow."

Jacko grumbled under his breath but didn't say anything as he cast a furious look at Jasper, and then his eyes settled once more on Reuben, the tongue once more licking the heavy lips.

Jasper quickly gathered up his bedroll and rucksack, setting them up on the horse, "An' ye can take back those other stuff to the dive," he told Jacko as he swung himself up on the saddle. "Reuben, git on up," he said with a jerk of his head, "if we start now, we orta be at yer 'ouse by sundown."

Reuben nodded and quickly got up behind Jasper, and once he was seated, the cowboy, with a quick twist of the reins and gentle nudging of his heels set the horse in motion... trotting away from the still gaping Jacko.


They cantered along the rocky terrain... Reuben sitting behind Jasper, his arms tightly wrapped around the slim waist, his chin resting on the broad shoulder. It felt amazing, to ride this way, together... feel the firmness, and the warmth of Jasper's body, feel the muscles ripple under his fingers as the cowboy expertly guided the horse... The breeze in his face felt awesome, flowing through his long hair, ruffling it... blown back as they speeded up.

Closing his eyes, Reuben rested his head on the shoulder and laughed gleefully, listening to the incessant, naughty chatter as Jasper recounted his past - narrating his running away from home at the age of sixteen and joining the ranch, his various sexual exploits, and then discussing their future, together. He felt happy, and wished that the moment would go on... last forever, unending...

The talk of the future, a future of living together and mating everyday, sent a shiver down his spine... and almost instinctively he snuggled closer, grinding his crotch against Jasper's rump... his hands straying from his hold to roam the cowboy torso... caressing the pronounced pecs, and the firm abdomen, clinging tighter.

His heart beat faster, and his cock flexed in turgid passion... and in unabashed lust, he reached lower, groping Jasper's crotch, pawing at the large appendage through the heavy material.

"Wanna squeeze the biscuit, boy?" Jasper laughed as Reuben's fingers caressed his length, and then spreading his thighs wider told him to take it out.

Undoing the buttons Reuben reached in and tugged out the fast hardening cock, gripping it tightly as he stroked it, desperate in his insatiable hunger for sex... for another union of the cock and ass.

Jasper stuck his pelvis out and wrapping both hands around the thick girth, Reuben speeded up... feeling it grow harder and thicker... his mouth already drooling as he buried his face in Jasper's back, nibbling.

He could feel the shaft twitch and flex... the veins stand out as they throbbing with the gushing blood. He knew that Jasper too wanted it, wanted to enter him again... and moaning his desire he quickened his strokes...

"Whoa..." Jasper called out, reining in the horse, "Reuben, git off..." he said, taking the boy by surprise. And as he looked up, startled, his hands stopping in their thrilling task, Jasper turned back and smiled, "git off..." he repeated.

Unsure, Reuben slowly released the cock and got off the horse, staring up at Jasper.

"Now git unshucked and git up an' sit on this lizzy..." Jasper grinned down at Reuben, stroking his raging phallus.

Reuben gasped, missing a beat... His heart was pounding away wildly, and his hands shook with excitement as he gave a shy smile, reaching for his pants. Undoing the buttons he dropped them, and as he picked up the discarded garment and looked up, he saw Jasper stand up on the stirrups, deftly working his pants off one leg before sitting back on the saddle... Jasper grinned down, and then bending forward gripped Reuben by his slim waist and cleanly lifted him off the ground, setting him down on his lap, facing him.

"Sit on it, boy," he grinned wickedly, arching his groin up, his raging phallus sticking out from under Reuben's buns like a grotesque totem pole.

With a moan Reuben flung his arms around the neck and buried his face in Jasper's comforting shoulder in joy and gratitude, raising his butt high as he felt Jasper reach in between them... under his ass... and gripping the thick cudgel, guide it to Reuben's desperately fluttering, ravenous orifice.

He felt the heat as he slowly lowered himself, spreading his thighs wide and opening himself up for Jasper... The broad head nudged him gently, forcing the tiny mouth wide and Reuben felt the by now familiar stretching... and as Jasper shifted his hips, he felt the drooling tip slip in. With a wail Reuben pushed down... sinking into Jasper's lap... and as his buns snugly fitted into the younker's groin, he felt the massive cock slice into him, to the very base...making him gasp out loud.

"Now," Jasper grunted, "let's burn the breeze..." and with an encouraging shout, and a sharp tug of the reins, set the horse into a fast gallop.

Reuben felt an indescribable thrill as they rocked and swayed with the horse's movement... a marvelous warmth flowing through him... an intense, erotic sensation, as he rode the monstrous cock in time with the galloping horse, and opening his mouth wide he clamped it against Jasper's neck, sucking wildly on the flesh as he tried to stifle the maddening cry that threatened to burst out of his gulping throat...

The new posture... and the new position atop the horse, made it seem incredible! The cock was traveling higher and reaching deeper... evoking strange and powerful feelings in his gut, stronger than ever... and as he slumped against Jasper, he felt a large hand grab his naked bun, kneading the smooth flesh mounds, the strong fingers tickling between the parted cheeks, while the cock moved in and out at a maddening pace.

He cried out in naked lust as Jasper added to the horse's motion and began rocking his hips, plunging in and out of the tight orifice, feeding him more of the rampant cock than Reuben had ever thought possible... both bouncing, as Reuben's bare buns audibly slapping against Jasper's groin.

This was wilder than the wildest fantasy Reuben ever had... and soon he was babbling incoherently as his cock reared up and throbbed... pulsing crazily as it spewed their squashed torso with another load of fresh, teen spunk.


The air around them was heavy with the scent of sex... and the smell of semen and masculine perspiration seemed to hover above them, filling his nostrils. Reuben shivered as he felt Jasper's shaft slowly shrivel... gradually losing that tremendous rigidity and growing smaller and softer inside him... But the cock didn't slip out, the flaccid shaft tightly held in place by the constricted sphincter... still feeling gigantic, and still filling him as he remained seated on Jasper's lap as they rode on... together, the cowboy cock buried securely in Reuben's willing ass... the fresh cum sloshing as the horse trotted along...

With eyes closed, Reuben remained still, enjoying the afterglow, thrilling in the reassuring warmth of love... And as they cleared the ridge and came out into open ground the horse suddenly snorted, stamping the ground wildly as it neighed and bucked.

"Whoa..." Jasper cried soothingly as he tried to control the distressed animal with one hand, while the other passed around Reuben, holding him steady. "He sure can smell yer pussy, boy, an' he's boilin' over," he laughed, hugging Reuben closer... but soon he fell silent and reining in the horse, whispered, "Quick, git down and pull on yer pants, Reuben," his voice urgent as he lifted Reuben off his lap, the cock pulling out of the clingy, sloppy hole with a loud pop, and set him down on the ground, himself hastily pulling on his jeans.

Still confused by the sudden, unexplained action, and a bit disappointed at the rude interruption to the post coital delight of languorous bliss, Reuben slowly pulled on his pants and buttoned up... and as he stood up, questioning, he saw the cloud of dust in the distance, a large contingent of riders, headed their way...

End of Part Ten

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