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They stood together watching the cavalry pass, slowly going beyond the ridge, Reuben still wondering what the colonel's parting remark meant...

The man had grinned as he crossed the cowboy, "Take care ranny, an' make s'ore the lad don't git no backdoor trots, afore reachin' 'ome." Jasper had glared at the man, and now, as the train got lost in a cloud of dust, he passed his arm around Reuben's shoulder, pulling him close.

Reuben felt a flutter and looked up with a smile, his arms snaking around the slim waist as he hugged the cowboy. Jasper smiled down and soon Reuben lifted up on his toes, their mouth joining together in a passionate kiss. Reuben moaned and ground his pubes against the cowboy thigh, feeling himself grow almost instantly hard... and at the same time sensing the rigid heat against his stomach... his breath harsh as Jasper kissed him savagely... the powerful cowboy hands kneading his rounded buns.

Maybe being away from home on his own for over two days, and having had the adventure that he had... or maybe seeing Morris, the plunderer of his innocence, finally defeated, Reuben had a newfound confidence... and boldly he reached between Jasper's thighs... shamelessly fondling the tumescent bulge that struggled under the confining denim. Jasper moaned his consent as Reuben undid the buttons and reached in, extracting the throbbing shaft...

"Let's git yonder..." gasped Jasper, pulling his mouth away, and with his dick swaying like some grotesque appendage, he tugged Reuben into a small hollow in the rock wall, well hidden behind the scraggy scrubs. Both quickly shed their clothes, getting back in each other's arms, naked body sliding together as the mouths rejoined, gnawing...

Reuben's hands reached once more between the cowboy thighs, stroking the phallus, desperate to have it encroach into his innards once again. Oh, he had become such a slut, totally insatiable... constantly desiring that humongous appendage... wanting it to remain permanently entrenched in his belly... keep it stretched and filled!

"Do me..." he gasped as Jasper's mouth left his to lick behind the ear.

Spreading out the discarded clothes, Jasper lay Reuben down and quickly climbed over him. The boy was more than happy to spread his legs wide in invitation, and wailed as the broad head slammed into him... the thick girth boring its way deeper into the stifling folds of his intestine. Wrapping his arms and legs tightly around the cowboy, Reuben heaved up, swallowing the remaining length... and was off, once more laboring at love... both moaning and groaning as Jasper fucked the willing teen in the quiet of the prairie noon... the silent air filled with animal grunts and amorous groans... punctured by regular squeals of joy and the obscene squishy sound of the massive cock repeatedly invading the still tight and sloppy boy pussy... until finally both hollered in ecstasy as Reuben splattered their squashed torso with his teen spunk and Jasper filled his belly with the virile cowboy seed.

Giving the shuddering flesh sleeve a few, final jabs with his still rigid cock, Jasper rolled off the boy, wrenching out his penis with a loud pop, and lay down by his side, both catching their breath. As usual, it had been exhilarating... and exhausting... and Reuben could sense the thick semen lazily drool out of his fluttering pucker, slowly rolling down the crack. He was happy... but still somehow wanting more... wondering if he should scoot down and make the cowboy hard again and have him fuck him once more...

But Jasper was already stirring, getting up... "We lallygagged long and orta eat sump'm afore we set forth..." he said going to the horse and getting his yannigan. He quickly gathering up some dry wood and lit a fire, "Now fer some pemicans," he said, skewering the chucks and roasting them over the open fire, "an' some 'ot rocks, an' then we can take ye 'ome."

Reuben still lay, watching him, looking longingly at the naked cowboy, and as Jasper finally walked over to him carrying the cooked meat, Reuben reached up, and snaffled the heavy genitals... fondling the package before grabbing and gently tugging at the low hanging balls that dangled like carillons between the solid thighs.

Jasper laughed down at Reuben, feeling his cock respond to the warm touch, "Boy, ye'r randy," he said, setting down the roasted chunks of meat on a platter, "ye orta knowed better'n to mess with 'at..." he said. And as Reuben giggled, rolling the balls in his palm and tugging the cock with his other hand, Jasper gasped and added, "Ye keep doin' 'at an' I havta put mah battlin' stick in ye'r loblolly... ah..." he groaned, before adding in a husky voice, "boy, now ye eat and git dressed and we'll be pirooting later!"

"Ye'll stay wit me?" asked Reuben, turning his head to look up at Jasper.

"Depends on yer folks I reckon," Jasper answered offering a chunk to Reuben as he sat up, "if `ey ask, I will..."

"Oy, `ey will..." Reuben replied, his hand still holding the fast thickening flesh column. "An' ye can be in my room," he added with a naughty giggle, the large azure eyes twinkling, "an' rock the bed all night..."

Jasper laughed, reaching out and tousling Reuben's hair. "Boy, we can't play the shivaree at ye'r `ome," he said putting a piece into Reuben's mouth, "we can't do it on the bed and wake up everyone. I'll carry me hot roll and sleep on the floor of yer room instead.

And together they sat, talking, laughing and eating... Jasper feeding the boy as Reuben's hands remained at his crotch, fondling and playing with the flexing cock and balls... And as the sun crossed over to the western sky, the two lovers finally, reluctantly, pulled on their clothes and packed up... before mounting the horse and trotting off homewards, snuggling close and shadow riding...


The clatter of hooves had made the family alert, and ushering the girls up to their room Hiram grabbed his rifle and cautiously peered out from behind the living room window.

The family had lived in dread this past two days, constantly worrying about Reuben and his safety, wondering what the dreaded gang might do to their innocent little boy... And then the cavalry chose to camp by the side of the stream near their home!

Hiram had locked himself and his family in, refusing to go out at all, certain that the evil men had their eyes on him, were watching him... So, when the colonel, a man he already knew, came to meet him, Hiram had literally chased him away, fearful that even if he was seen to be talking to the colonel, or any of the soldiers, Morris would be sure to harm Reuben.

He didn't know what to do... who to turn to, for help. Morris had asked him to deliver the nuggets to his men, but Hiram had none. Hiram had no gold, and that was the truth... yet, how was he to ever convince that terrible outlaw... Where would he ever hope to get the ransom to hand over to those men! And now it was already two days... and the cavalry too had left that morning... so, was it those men again? Come to demand gold... or, his heart slammed with dread, were they delivering on their promise...

He saw the horse... a single horse and the rider... no, wait... there were two riders on the horse... And as they got closer Hiram shook, the gun falling from his numbed hand... He trembled and his eyes got hazy with the tears as he recognized the rider in front... With a strangled cry he rushed towards the door and flinging it open, ran out...

Sarah, who had stood near the kitchen door, scared to even breathe, saw her husband rush out and she immediately followed, expecting the worst and praying for the best... She stopped near the open door and gasped as she saw the horse stop and Reuben jump down, running to his father. She let out a cry of joy and ran out, flinging herself at her son, sobbing with joy and relief.

Hearing all the commotion the girls too peeked down, calling their mother and despite their father's instruction to stay in their room, came running down... and seeing Reuben, rushed out with squeals of joy, dancing around the huddled group before squeezing in between their parents to wrap their arms around their brother's waist, laughing and crying at the same time.

Reuben too was besides himself, tear of joy rolling down his smooth cheeks as he laughed, hugging his parents tight, as Jasper stood back and watched, amused and pleased... smiling as he saw the family reunion.

There were questions... and more, and all at the same time... till finally Reuben disengaged himself and smiled at his family, "Father, mother, this is Jasper," he introduced, "he got me 'ere..."

And as if noticing him for the first time, both Hiram and Sarah looked up at the handsome, young cowboy, the tear stained eyes sparkling with gratitude. Hiram offered his hand in greeting and thanked Jasper.

"Oh, thank you so much, young sir," said his mother, "please do come in..."

Jasper bowed courteously, smiling at them all and soon the small group entered the house and once more each member was hugging Reuben, unable to believe that their beloved son was back home - safe and sound.

"Ye must tell us how you got Reuben and freed him from that evil man..." Sarah finally said turning her smiling face towards Jasper.

"O, no, ma'am," Jasper smiled at her, "I didn't save Reuben. Ye have a very brave boy `ere, and `e managed to escape that gang of longriders awright. But not knowing 'ere to go, `e was like lost, and I found 'im, and brought 'im back to 'ere `e belongs!"

"Jasper," Hiram asked, "ain't ye with Al?"

"Yes, sir," replied the cowboy, "an' I'd seen you at the ranch and so's when Reuben said 'e was ye'r son, I got him over direkly."


Sarah had got busy in the kitchen, the girls scampering around, happy helping their mother prepare a most befitting feast for Reuben and Jasper. And soon the family was seated around the small table, eating, as Jasper recounted once again how he had found Reuben.

Reuben had already freshened and changed into his own clothes, and just mumbled each time his family turned to him, questioning time and again about his experience at the outlaw lair and his escape... whether the men had hurt him... did they give him any food... and a million other questions. Seeing his discomfort, Jasper had intervened, narrating a most amazing tale of ingenuity and bravery - of Reuben and his courage in the face of adversity and danger... And the loving parents were more than happy to believe whatever was told... most willing to overlook the seemingly inconsistency in Jasper's version of the courageous escape!

"O, I was horrified when I 'eard the 'orse 'is evening..." said his father once Jasper had finished his tale for the third time, " 'ought it must be Morris, come fer the gold... I 'ope he doesn't now come back agin as the cavalry `as gone, and do somethin' terrible. `E's a real curly wolf, 'e is!"

"But 'e 'as been taken by the cavalry!" said Reuben between mouthfuls.

"W'at?!" exclaimed his father, the whole table turning to face him.

"Yes," said Jasper, "after Reuben escaped and `em men found out, 'ey reckoned that `e `ad come `ome and rode down 'ere, jest as the cavalry was movin' on. And `ere was a brief encounter, afore the soldiers captured `em."

"Ah, 'at might be all that shootin' 'bout early t'is mornin'," nodded Hiram, "and I 'ad wondered, scared to even peek out, 'fraid 'at it might be 'em longriders come to do no good."

"Yes," replied Jasper, "they downed 'em men but got Morris, still above snakes. We met 'em on our way 'ere..."

Sarah gasped with horror.

"And the colonel assured us that he's got the 'ole gang and was takin' 'em to town fer the judge to decide."

There was a general sigh of relief at this news.

Through all this exchange Reuben had sat quietly, eating and wishing that his parent's would finally ask Jasper to stay back... and hoping that Jasper would broach the subject of his joining the ranch... and was extremely pleased when his mother suggested that since it was already late, Jasper should stay back for the night, "Ye must stay the night `ere," she said, piling his plate with more food, "and tomorrow ye must tell us agin about..." she cast a loving glance at Reuben, "'is escape and yer finding `im."


Dinner done, Hiram led Jasper into the small parlor by the side of the kitchen as Sarah and the girls began clearing the table.

" 'Ere," Hiram said, offering Jasper one of his special cigars that he always kept reserved for special occasions.

"Thank you," Jasper said, taking one as the two men sat down.

Reuben meanwhile followed his mother into the kitchen, "Can he stay in my room?" he asked softly, helping her with the dishes, "The parlor is too draughty at night..."

"That's not yer work, young man!" she exclaimed taking the plate out of his hand before adding with a smile, "I reckon he can, an' I'll want 'im to stay fer longer."

Reuben grinned, feeling a shudder pass down his spine, "You ask 'im..."

"I'll do that," she replied, "an' ye get up to yer room now and take that pallet outta the loft fer him to lay on."

Reuben quickly went out and rushed up, his heart slamming with excitement at the prospect of a whole night with Jasper, in a proper bed. Oh, he could hardly wait to feel that humongous phallus ripping into him.... opening him up and stretching him wide.... filling him completely! And after setting up the mattress in his tiny room he went into the parlor to join his father and Jasper.

"Yes... yes," he heard his father saying, "I'll talk to Al and I'm sure he won' mind at all. And once that done, ye can come and join me! I was already decided on givin' up this prospecting and goin' into farming or maybe the cattle trade afore this Morris kerfuffle. Al 'as already offered me a large 'erd of cattle at a good lay, and now talkin' to ye I'm decided on gettin' into the trade.

Jasper nodded and then turning to Reuben gave him a smile, "Sure, I'll be glad to be wit ye..."

Just then Sarah entered the small parlor, looking very happy and excited, "It is late and the pore boy must be tired out and all, why don't ye let 'em git some rest and then talk more in the morrow..."

"Crimany," exclaimed Hiram, "so's it is!"

Sarah nodded, "Reuben, take Jasper up to yer room and ye both git some sleep. And now that the evil outlaw is well and done fer, we too shall 'ave a good night's rest."

Reuben nodded, feeling his heart slam.

Jasper stood up, "I'll go git me soogan..."

"Oy, no," Sarah smiled at her son's savior, "yer bed is done, an' ye don' need to get ye'r bedroll."

Jasper smiled and said his 'good-night' and was led out of the parlor by the thrilled Reuben... and with his knees wobbly, he took Jasper up the stairs... to his bedroom, hardly able to contain his excitement... and already feeling his tiny ass mouth pouting out with anticipation... his cock already rock hard!

The End

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