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They rode for nearly two hours, over boulder strewn terrain and narrow gorges, going deeper into the mountain till they came upon a secret pass and entered a large canyon... Hugging the massive cliff wall they rode further on before passing under a small opening that miraculously appeared in the folds of the solid rock face, entering a narrow box canyon surrounded by walls that reached high up to the sky... The gang's secret hideout!

It was nearly dark now and as they reached the two ramshackle shacks that stood at the far corner of the canyon, two men walked out of the smaller building, greeting the team of men with loud "H'ar ya'", helping them unmount and then leading away the horses.

Reuben stood, still held by Gideon, trembling with terror... He was away from home for the first time, alone with total strangers, men who were dangerous; killers and outlaws...

"Take the boy in and keep an eye on him," Morris instructed a young boy who emerged from behind the smaller structure at that moment, looking all excited, a happy smile lighting up his freckled teen face.

The look on his face changed, first to one of curious inquiry... and then... an instant dislike as he observed Reuben, studying him with keen eyes. Silently he led Reuben away, into the larger building, leading the way to the far corner and then up a short ladder, to the loft, strewn with hay, the air heavy with the stench of stale tobacco and sweat .

"Stay `ere `n' play no tricks," he said in a high pitched voice, climbing down and leaving.

Reuben sat huddled, shivering with fear and feeling miserable. He didn't know what to expect and was totally terrorized, tears rolling down his smooth cheeks as he heard the men outside, talking loudly and laughing... the distant neighs of the horses and the clatter of mugs filling the evening air as the men sat drinking.

It was much later, and as he sat curled up in the corner against a bale of hay, the room totally dark, that the young boy came in, a lamp in one hand and a battered plate in the other. He placed the lamp on a small stool near the entrance and then slowly climbed up the ladder, placing the metal plate with a loud clatter before Reuben and then withdrew; muttering a surly, "Eat..."


His eyes burned and his body felt tired as he lay awake in the corner of the loft, unable to relax, unable to fall asleep. His mind repeatedly going back to his home, his family... wondering what they might be doing at that moment... knowing how worried and upset they might be... And as he lay, lost in his thoughts of home and his parents, he heard the men enter the room...

Slowly edging forward, but taking care to remain in the shadows, he cautiously peered down, watching... He could make out Morris, and the two men that had first entered his home... and the man called Gideon, and the other men. They spread out across the room, taking off their shirts and loosening their trousers, going to the walls where the floor was covered with hay.

"'Ere's the cookie?" he heard Morris ask, "'avn't seen 'im since we returned."

"Eldon's off on another bender," replied one of the men.

"And that swamper boy?" he asked again, stretching out on the blanket spread over the straw bed.

"Don't hanker so, Josiah's setting the chuck wagon right, and he'll be here d'rekly..." replied the same man.

"Uh, he's always 'orny," said another man, followed by a soft snicker, and a few of the men joined in, as they spread out their bedrolls.

"Shut your big bazoo, Garrett, or sure you'll `ave just prairie coal to eat the next week..." snapped Morris, and the room went quiet... but Reuben could see the mirth in the dim room as the men stifled their sniggers.

At that moment the boy entered the room and for a brief moment stood near the doorway, looking around...

"Git 'ere, boy..." called out Morris.

The slim figure hurried over to where he lay, and as if already aware of what was expected of him, dropped down on his knees, his hands reaching out...

And as Reuben watched silently, he saw the boy crouch over the prone man... slowly lowering his face between the spread thighs. There was the sound of clothes being undone, followed by a sharp sigh of satisfaction...

"Yea', cockchafer," Morris moaned, "lick it good nancy-boy..."

Looking directly at them Reuben saw the teen head bob up and down between Morris' spread thighs, the room filled with heavy grunts and an obscene slurping sound. And as he watched, wondering as to what might be going on... he saw the man's strong fingers grip Josiah's head, pushing him further into his groin... the groans getting louder, as the boy made weird nasal whimpers. And as Reuben watched, mesmerized, he heard the loud rustles and tearing his eyes away from the hunched form of the swamper boy, saw the other men, now up on their elbows, watching the couple, nursing engorged appendages already extracted from the confines of their heavy trousers.

"He's hot as popcorn on a stove," commented someone, as the grunts got louder, the room resonating with the passionate sighs and the nasal whimpers... and the furious rustle of the disturbed straws.

Reuben stared on, totally riveted by the bawdy act of blatant sexuality, straining his eyes through the play of the dancing shadows of the flickering light... drinking in the scene, as lustful shivers ran down his spine... And as his hips, almost unconsciously, pushed down on the wooden floor of the loft, he felt the heat of the hardness under his belly growing taller... throbbing mercilessly as he tried to shift his weight as soundlessly as possible, relieve the pressure by changing his position.

He saw the man grab the boy and roll him off, quickly mounting him... the naked legs thrown over his broad shoulders... There was a sharp intake of breath, followed by a small squeal as the pale, slim hands reached up to grip the manly shoulders... and then there was a harsh grunt, followed by a sigh of pleasure... The silence of the room was soon resonating with the joyous whimpers and heavy grunts as the two labored at the altar of Eros.

Reuben lay on his belly watching the mating couple and rubbing his stiffness against the hard wood... an amazing tingle filled his body, making him shudder, and he felt his own ass hole twitch and push out, pouting... fluttering with an unknown desire...

Biting down on his lower lip to stifle the cry of lust, he stared on... watching as the man moved in closer... almost rolling the boy into a ball... and plough brutally between the spread thighs... the flesh of his groin audibly slapping against the pale buttocks, grunting heavily, as the teen let out low whimpers, the thin arms wrapping tighter around the back, clinging on, almost desperate...

And then with a hoarse roar Morris slammed in, grinding his pubes into the quivering boy and let out a string of obscenity... his hips flushed to the buttocks, flexing violently as he unleashed a torrent of man-seed into the willing belly of the swamper boy.

At that exact moment Reuben felt the room swirl into nothingness, his slender body trembling uncontrollably, as his lower half exploded into oblivion...

And as things slowly came back into focus... and his breathing returned to normal, he noticed that there was silence in the room... The boy still lay under the hunched man, his hands still clinging to the manly frame over him... and then with another grunt, Morris pulled back and rolled off the boy, shoving him off the straw bed.

"Come 'ere..." Reuben heard a rough voice call out immediately... and saw Josiah crawl up to the man.

No more word was needed as he crouched between the fresh pair of legs, the room once again resounding with the heavy breathing and obscene encouragement.

The dampness against his belly had gotten bigger and bigger... and his cock almost hurt now. Shifting his weight, Reuben tried to relieve the pressure, but nothing seemed to help, the flesh column was rigid once more, as it had been before the explosion... and as he slithered one hand down, under his belly, and into the trousers... feeling the sticky wetness, he heard the man swear and then grab the teen's head, pushing the slobbering face deeper into his groin... holding it there as the boy struggled, the loud sound of choked gulps and desperate gasps drowning the low, guttural moan of the ejaculating man.

Josiah fell away and lay on the bare ground panting... his mouth and chin glistening in the dim light of the lone lamp...

Reuben saw him lick his lips, and then reach up to gather the residue from his chin before licking his fingers... The blatantly raunchy act sent another shudder down his spine and he felt himself flex... the shaft throbbing hotly in his grip.

"You've had ye'se'f a belly-full of man cream, ain'che! Now ge'h're and get ye'se'f `nother load..." he heard a gruff voice call out, and Josiah was quickly crawling across the floor to the new man...

And as he stooped over the spread thighs, his naked ass sticking high up in the air, Reuben saw Lucius crawl in behind... grip the slim waist and bring his hips forward... For a fleeting moment Reuben caught a glimpse of the grotesquely large phallus and then heard the sharp groan of shocked pain that escaped the stuffed mouth of Josiah, a muted cry, as the man hilted himself into the boy's rectum... rocking his hips steadily as he began the mating ritual...

"Let the boy git some rest," Reuben heard Gideon hiss, "he `as work to do in the morrow..."

But the men weren't listening as they plowed away... filling the boy with their rigid manhood... extracting every ounce of pleasure that they could get out of the willing slut-boy.

Closing his eyes, Reuben rolled away, wrapping his arms tightly around his knees, hugging himself. An amazing arousal coursed through his body, a funny tingle shooting from head to toe... an uncontrollable shiver shaking his slender frame as he tried to calm himself and get some sleep. But try as hard as he might, sleep refused to grace his tired eyes... and curled in the dark loft, he heard the men and the boy as they consummated their forbidden act of love... crying out their need and moaning out their pleasure... his own unmistakable hardness, between his pressed thighs, burning with an urgency that he never knew before, calling out desperately for release... His tiny hole fluttered painfully... pouting out with need... as a crazed desire washed over him... wishing... wishing that it was he down there, amongst those crude outlaws... being used by them as Josiah was being used at that moment...

End of Part Two

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