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Josiah hadn't brought in the lunch that afternoon, instead a man called Asa got him his food and soon after finishing the stew and bread, Reuben was back in his corner, feeling peculiarly restive as he lay down quietly... He continued to feel a powerful sexual temptation, and his whole body shook with an amazing erotic tremor, his cock remaining hard the whole day... drooling continuously... wetting his thighs and hands with its slimy juice as he cradled the raging stiffness...

Try as much, but he just couldn't get out the touch of that humongous phallus he had felt briefly against his buttocks when Morris had pulled him close... He knew what it was... and it reminded him constantly of the previous night... the night when Morris had fucked Josiah while he had watched from the loft...

He tried to picture Morris in the nude, figure out the shape and size of his organ... wondering if those jagged screams of Josiah was due to the gigantic size of Morris' cock, or just the boy's own lust... somehow wanting to feel the hot stab of that phallus for himself.... He wondered how it would feel... to hold that burning hardness in his hands... caress it and play with it... feel it between his thighs... and have it slide deep into his belly.... It sent another shiver shooting down his body and he felt his cock flex and throb, a fresh spurt of pre-cum oozing out.

But he wasn't paying much attention to the painful hardness between his legs any more... his mind was on the scene of last night... picturing himself as the boy under Morris' pumping hips... and wondering how it would feel to have that rock hard manliness fuck him... that stabbing hardness open up his innards and sink deep. Wondering what it felt like to have a stud hunched over you... covering you... feel his weight on you, feel his hot breath wash over your face... have him kiss you... on the mouth...

He felt himself open up... his anus twitch and pout out... as if desirous of that forbidden contact... crying out to be breached...

With his heart slamming and his breath ragged, Reuben gripped his erection and squeezed it hard... frantically trying to relieve the burning hotness, and the tingling pressure on his balls... Rolling over on his belly he rubbed his cock against the hard boards... the firm buttocks, pink and baby soft, rising and falling with a regular beat as he humped the wooden floor, re-enacted his actions of the previous night, hoping that it would bring the relief he so desperately craved...


It had gotten dark, but no one had brought in a lamp yet...

Reuben could hear the men outside, loud and boisterous, getting drunk... but soon the sounds were much muted, and he could just hear a continuous, incomprehensible murmur. He felt scared and tried to relax, but with no result... He kept thinking if the men had been sent to meet his father... and what had his father's reply been? He knew his father had already sold the last lot of nuggets and didn't have any... What would the men now do? Would they let him go? Or... would they kill him as Morris had threatened his father?

Suddenly, the sounds of hurried hooves broke into his thoughts, and slowly, he sat up in his corner... He knew, the men were back and his fate would soon be decided. His heart slammed wildly... expectant, yet scared.

He heard the men get up as the sound of the horses drew nearer... and then there was the usual "H'ar ya's"... and soon Reuben heard Morris ask the question that he himself was desperate to know.

"'T's impossible..." Reuben heard Lucius say, "the bloody place is crawlin' with the men, the cavalry is camping near the 'ouse and we just can't go anyw'ere near."

"So, Hiram tattled to 'em, huh?" exclaimed Morris with a ferocity that was clearly visible in his tone. "Well, I'm gonna learn that boy a lesson!" he raged. "Josiah, get a light!" he shouted.

Reuben heard the angry footsteps approach the shack and as he cowered in his corner, trying to merge in with the darkness, he saw Morris enter, followed closely by Josiah with the lamp.

Taking the lamp from Josiah, Morris advanced towards the ladder, looking up. "Josiah, get the axle grease," he commanded, and as the swamper turned to go, added, "Gonna uncork t'is 'ere bronc now..." before, slowly, climbing up to the loft.

The words sent a shiver down Reuben's spine... he understood what Morris meant, and though he crawled further into the corner, totally terrorized, he felt his body go slack... his limbs numb as his heart slammed against the rib cage. He would now experience what he had dreamt of, the whole day... have the rugged leader, finally take him like a man takes a woman... use him, like he had used Josiah the night before.

Placing the lamp to a side, Morris towered over the naked teen, gloating down at him as he slowly, deliberately began to undress... his eyes fastened on the boy's face... seeing the expression there.

"W'a... w'at are you goin' to do?" spluttered Reuben, eye wide with terror... yet the cock between his legs twitching as it hardened.

Morris sneered but didn't bother to reply as he flung the shirt away.

Reuben curled up even further, bringing up his knees, hugging himself closer, a small whine emanating from his trembling lips... but his eyes watched Morris, observing each denuded part of his body as the clothes came off... eyes wide with terror... yet totally fascinated. And his cock raged now... throbbing wildly between the tightly pressed thighs as it gushed out his arousal... the virgin hole already twitching with anticipation.

And as the last bit came off, he gasped... paralyzed... staring openly, in wonder and awe.

Morris grinned as he dropped down on his knees and reached out... grabbing the ankles roughly and pulling them apart... exposing Reuben's privates to his lusty gaze. He laughed as he saw the arousal there, one hand leaving the leg to reach in...

An involuntary shudder ran down Reuben's spine as the strong fingers tugged at his teen cock, squeezing the flexing shaft before releasing it to snake down below, under the heavy balls... going over the perineum... right into the crevice between Reuben's fleshy ass cheeks... reaching in further... along the deep trench, the fingers dragging along the cleft, making Reuben moan with want as his ass lifted off the wooden floor.

The thumb passed over the tiny opening... lingering for a moment as it caressed the quivering mouth... "'T's tight," Morris commented as he pressed against the madly twitching orifice, "s'ore needs some stretc'in'..."

Sitting back he smiled down at Reuben, who quickly closed his legs again, a whimper escaping his open mouth. And to his utter consternation, through the corner of his eyes he saw the other men enter the shack... slowly moving closer to the loft... each staring up... trying to catch the action up there...

He heard Josiah climb up, and then saw the boy slam down the can of lard, give him an animal look, and then was gone.

"Open yer legs..." commanded Morris as he pulled the can of butter closer... and like a docile child, Reuben obeyed... parting and spreading his thighs wide... offering himself up to his tormentor.

He silently watched Morris dip his hand in the can and then felt him slap the butter against his ass, once more working those strong fingers into the deep cleft of his buttocks, greasing him up... sliding the lubed digits along the valley... roughly poking at the tight orifice...

"Pl... please... don' hurt me," he pleaded in a low, husky whimper.

"Go, tell t'at to yer ol' man," Morris snarled, roughly pulling Reuben closer as he pushed the legs further apart, "'e s'ou'dda `ave let me 'ave the gold."

"Ah, please... t'at `urts..." Reuben cried out as he felt the broad thumb push against his clenched opening... grunting as he tried to shift, relax his butt hole.

Morris rotated the unmerciful digit and then with a firm force, shoved it in...

Reuben gasped, clenching his anus against the lecherous assault... and as Morris rotated and then retracted the thumb, inserting a thick middle finger in its place, Reuben bucked wildly, grabbing fistful of hay that lay strewn around the loft... a loud rasp filling the still air.

There was that terrible burning sensation as the finger tore its way in, traveling deeper... higher into his belly... and yet there was an incredible thrill... a wanton desire... and splaying his legs wider, Reuben pushed down against the invading digit... grabbing it with the strong rectal muscles.

"Nnnngh..." he moaned rolling his head from side to side on the hard wooden boards as Morris added a second finger... fucking his tight orifice with a resolute ferocity... And as a third finger joined in, Reuben's stomach lunged... rolling and pitching as the triple digit slid in and out of the snug sleeve... And as unbelievalble as it seemed, Reuben felt the tight mouth pout out... the ring relaxing and opening wide... tugging at the fingers as they prodded something deep inside him... sending sharp jolts of lightening up his spine... awakening an unbelievable sensation!

With his fingers still embedded deep in Reuben's belly, Morris grabbed his left thigh and turned him over, flipping him on his stomach... and placing a hand on the small of his back, palm open, pressed down... commanding him to raise his butt.

Reuben meekly complied, lifting his ass slowly... offering himself up to Morris.

Getting between his legs and pushing them apart with his massive thighs, Morris wrenched the fingers out, and as Reuben let out a involuntary gasp, he felt the burning tip of the man-cock settle over his the twitching hole...

"Nnnngh..." he moaned as he felt the heat and the girth of the huge phallus slide slowly... so damned slowly... along his parted buns... moving up and down... and then, from side to side...

Holding his breath, and biting down on his upper lips, Reuben clenched his hands into tight fists as he waited... waited for the inevitable, feeling the start of an uncontrollable tremor begin... And as the board head of Morris' cock snapped into place, over the fluttering opening... pressing down... he could think of nothing but having that huge cock rip in... force its way deep into his belly... and fuck him!

But as Morris butted the virgin orifice, trying to force apart the delicate lips of his ass mouth... Reuben stiffened... the muscle-ring clamming shut and refusing to budge, as it stubbornly held against the pressure, unyielding...

"Open yer backdoor, boy" Morris snapped with rage, "I ain't gonna knock ye up, so wat'r ye' holdin' for?

Reuben tried... tried desperately to open up, accept Morris, but it didn't help... And as Morris shifted, bringing in his knees closer, and steadied his hips... Reuben felt his whole body shiver... his heart slamming wildly... Waiting... Wishing...

And suddenly his wish was granted.

Summoning up all his strength, Morris arched back, and with a hoarse cry slammed down!

There was a momentary hesitation, and a tearing pain... and then suddenly the tight lips fluttered open... yawning wide as it sucked in the broad head of Morris' cock!

"Oooohhhhh....." Reuben cried, his head snapping back and his knees bending as his legs lifted off the floor... the single wail cutting through the still night air and filling the shack, before being drowned by the raucous hoots from below as the men celebrated the final taming of the virgin lad.

Morris held for a while as Reuben lay silent, then, catching his breath, he pulled back, before ramming in once more, swaying his hips as he forcefully tore into the fiery cauldron of boy flesh... feeding his manhood into the seething sleeve of tender boy tissue... stuffing more and more of his gargantuan cock into the convulsing belly of the virgin lad... Both shuddering at the amazing sensation of the defloration...

Almost like in a dream, Reuben felt the heat enter him... going deeper and higher... until the large flesh cudgel sank in, completely... stretching him intolerably wide... and filling his belly with its breath wrenching girth... till the hairy outlaw pubes came to a grinding halt, squashed tight against the pink, smooth cheeks of Reuben's fleshy bottom.

And then began the thrilling, mind-numbing, powerful mating...

The shack was soon reverberating with the soft whimpers and constant gurgle bubbling up Reuben's gulping throat... and the heavy grunts of the man fucking him, punctuated by the regular creaking of the loft floor as Morris ravaged the teen pussy.

Plunging and plowing, Morris fucked Reuben at a furious pace... stabbing into the clinging rectum with a ferocity that made Reuben groan... his hole burning as the thin walls got rubbed raw... and yet, his cock raged with a fire that threatened to devour him completely... rip him to pieces... He felt giddy... he felt faint... but his mind was in the grip of a maddening lust... craving for more as he pushed his ass back at Morris... slam for slam... hunch for hunch... his heart pounding away... as his stomach turned, flexing wildly...

And then, like magic, it began... slow at first, an almost imperceptible flutter... before, quickly growing into a torrent... surging forth, engulfing him as it tore at his very being... blinding him!

Throwing his head back, Reuben screamed out, letting go completely... and as he furiously ground his pubes against the hard wood, nearly passing out... his cock flexed violently, the teen cum bubbling and bursting forth... thick and sticky... copious... dousing the flame in his loins temporarily.

Already incredibly tight, his ass now, in his orgasmic fury, became a voracious suction machine... ravenous as it convulsed furiously, tugging at Morris' still rampaging member... squeezing it in a vice one moment, as if desperate to push it out... and then, almost instantly, rolling over the length and sucking it back in, to the very root!

Morris groaned at the incredible sensation and his hunches soon became shot and sharp... leaving more than half his humongous length buried deep in the convulsing belly of the boy... And as the last drop shot out of the crazed phallus, and Reuben slumped forward, totally drained... his ass too relented... the ravaged tissues simply rolling over the sliding cock, just content in engulfing Morris' jabbing shaft in its soothing embrace...

Still conjoint, the plundered ass still the holder of his cock, Morris steadied his hips and gripping Reuben's right leg, pushed it up, before slowly turning the boy and bringing the leg high, across his front, rolling him over...

Reuben let out a passive groan as he felt himself being flipped... feeling the thick shaft turn in his ass... tugging at his gut... but there wasn't much that he could do... as he lay limply under the bandit, a mere rag doll, devoid of all senses, or strength...

Now face-to-face, Morris gripped the boy's knees and lifting them, pushing them against the heaving chest and leaned forward, over Reuben... It was his turn now, and he wanted a deeper entry... a closer contact between pubes and ass. Plowing into the scorching innards Morris speeded up, enjoying the luxuriant flutter of the desecrated colon, enjoying the heat and the firm grip of the devirginated ass.

He roared and slammed in, blasting Reuben's gut with his viscous semen... flooding the narrow passage to overflowing... filling up the teen belly with his seed of life!


Reuben lay that way for a long while, his stomach in turmoil, as it heaved and turned... feeling the still burning orifice twitch and pout out, the thick semen oozing with each pulse, slowly rolling down the crack... and then he felt Morris roll over on his side... passing an arm over his still heaving chest and turning him gently over, facing him.

Reuben blinked as he timidly looked up into Morris' face, noting a rare hint of tenderness in those steely blue eyes. The man smiled down, his fingers almost lovingly caressing the tear streaked face, gently brushing away the locks from his face.

Tilting his face he kissed Reuben... first a gentle peck and then more forcefully... opening his mouth wide and covering the boy's... the tongue licking over the puffed lips... before forcing them apart to enter deep... The hand now deserted the head and slowly stroked down the smooth back... lower... and lower still... petting and then grabbing the buttock... kneading the smooth mounds as the fingers snaked into the deep crevice once more... sliding along...

Reuben moaned into the man's mouth and felt his hips sway against the exploring fingers... Almost unconsciously his hand reached up and gripped the broad shoulder... his belly feeling the growing heat of the reawakened phallus of the outlaw.

"Ye can stay 'ere, boy," said Morris, pulling away his mouth for a moment, "an' I'll take good care of ye."

Reuben felt an involuntary shudder of thrill pass down his slender form, and heard himself moan as Morris' mouth re-covered his.

The man's cock against his belly was a raging tower by now... burning hot and rigid... But all good feelings has to come to an end, and soon Morris was pulling away... But not really... he just rolled Reuben over, facing away... and then passing a strong arm under him, and across his chest, pulled Reuben back, into him... his other hand now flat on the boy's belly, spooning him.

Reuben felt his heart skip a beat as he felt the thick flesh rod settle in the crack of his ass... and then felt the hand on his belly moved lower... the fingers rustling over the sparse pubes... before giving a few hard squeezes to the reawakened teen cock... and then lower... fondling the scrotal sac... It snaked between his thighs and Reuben felt it slide further down... lifting his upper thigh... higher.

Morris pulled back the thigh and hooking it over his own, opened Reuben once more... exposing his intimate orifice once again.

"Take it in, boy," Morris whispered into his ears, the voice hoarse with renewed lust.

And Reuben reached low, between his splayed thighs, and touched the thick slab poking out from under his ass... He shuddered as he took it in his hands... his long fingers barely able to completely encircle the massive girth... He could hardly believe it... he had seen it, he had already taken it in his belly... but finally touching it was a totally new experience... Feeling the powerful throbs, the scalding heat... that immense thickness... Reuben let out a whine... but his ass was shamelessly yawning wide... desperate in its desire to invite the brigand cock once more into its deep folds... Giving it a few loving squeeze, Reuben guided it to his anus, lodging the bloated head at the entrance... and felt Morris shift his hips, aligning the cock for a perfect entry...

Applying a slow, but determined pressure, Morris forced the quivering lips apart... and as Reuben continued to hold him steady... with a confident shove sent the swollen crown tearing into the still maddeningly tight, but slick orifice... sinking in!

Only a sibilant cry emanated from Reuben's parted lips and then there was silence as Morris fed him the full, capacious length of his cock... sliding further, and going deeper into the cum loaded, sloppy hole... It was unbearable, and throwing his head back Reuben snarled... slamming his ass back at Morris, taking in the remaining few inches in one smooth gulp as his hand released the base of the cock and reaching lower, grabbed the swaying testicles, cradling them in gratitude.

It was a slow and gentle fuck this time... and took longer... and as Reuben hunched the empty air in front of him, while slamming back at Morris in time with his fucking, he felt the familiar tingle begin... starting as a small, but urgent quiver, deep in his belly, but soon expanding... growing larger and larger as it roared at him... making him wail in depraved hunger as he rolled his head, his arms flailing wildly in a desperate attempt to grab at something to cling on to... And as the lights blinked and prepared to explode, he felt Morris' short, vicious jabs... before the man shoved in and held fast, the huge phallus flexing ferociously as it unleashed another torrent of boiling man-seed deep in his belly... and then it all went black as Reuben splattered the hard, wooden floor of the loft with his copious teen spunk.

"Good boy..." Morris cooed in a gentle voice, pulling out the still thick slab of meat from the sloppy, yet clinging hole, "the men, 'ey will s'rely enjoy dippin' into 'at pussy between yer legs."

Heart slamming, Reuben nearly jumped with horror... 'The men'? Did Morris mean that he'd now be used by all those uncouth, dirty men? Spread his thighs and have them fuck him like Morris just did? It filled him with revulsion... yet, there was also a certain lewd eroticism about it, and the very thought sent a frisson of excitement down his spine, making his whole body shudder. He turned his head, looking up at Morris, his eyes questioning.

Morris read the look and gave a soft laugh, "Someone's gotta pay fer Hiram's stubbornness," he said coldly, "besides, ye gotta earn yer keep 'ere."

Reuben wanted to protest... remind the man that he, Reuben, wouldn't allow any of those crass men to enter him, no one, but Morris... but he couldn't voice his thoughts as Morris, with surprising strength, stood up and grinning down at the broken teen called out to the men in the room, "Ye guy's can 'ave 'im now."

And as Reuben lay, stunned, Morris headed for the ladder, his use of the virgin lad all but over.

End of Part Five

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