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With raucous laughter the men clambered up the ladder and then dragged the sobbing and cowering teen down, crowding around, as lustful hands grabbed at him... Tugging and pawing at his limbs, roughly caressing the bare, silky skin, like he was a big plaything, a soft, desirable toy, that they all wanted a part of, share together... for their own perverted pleasures, their savage boners swaying impatiently as the tips drooled sticky threads of shameless arousal.

Touching, groping and fondling every inch of his body, they tweaked and pinched Reuben all over... handling his genitals in their crude, animal ways... and to Reuben's utter shame and horror, his cock responded... growing hard, and throbbing relentlessly as the calloused hands squeezed and jerked the flexing shaft... Raking his scrotal sac till it smarted, and the balls forming a tight knot at the base of his rigid cock.

"Pl... please don' 'urt me..." Reuben pleaded in a tiny voice, his eyes wild with fear... yet his ass hole twitching wildly as his heart slammed against the rib cage.

"We s'ore not gonna 'urt ye, purty boy," Lucius grinned as he grabbed both arms and pulled them above Reuben's head, "we gonna fuck ye!"

The men roared their agreement, and as Reuben desperately searched for Morris... hoping that the young leader, the man that he, Reuben, had willingly given up his virginity to, would come to his rescue... save him from further indignity, from the predatory desires of these crude men... two men grabbed his legs and pulling them apart, lifted them high, spreading him wide... exposing his sore hole to their lusty gaze...

The men whistled and someone reached in, prodding the still open, still burning orifice with a rough finger... laughing out loud as Reuben winched and clammed shut his anus around the invading digit. "The boy's s're `orny," he guffawed, jamming his finger in.

"That s're is the purtiest pussy I've seen..." exclaimed another man, grinning around at the men, his hand reaching in to join the first man's, nudging around the already embedded digit.

"Noooo..." Reuben wept, his ass still raw after the recent sex with Morris, "le'mme alone..." he pleaded with a rasp feeling an amazing thrill course down his body as the fingers of the two men reached deeper and pressed against that invisible magic spot, that same hidden area that had driven him crazy with lust while Morris had ploughed his ass earlier... making him moan out louder, his ass pushing down, grinding against the probing digits...

"I'll be dad shamed to leave a beautiful lad like ye alone wit'out first 'aving 'im," Garret responded with an ugly leer, pushing away the man sitting between Reuben's legs and himself taking the place, dropping down between the parted thighs.

The man complained, but only... and was soon licking along Reuben's inner thigh... kissing and nibbling the smooth skin... tickling under his knee with his tongue, as the two men continued to hold them apart.

Shoving a thick finger deep into the ravaged hole Garret let out a whistle as he felt it grab at him, sucking the finger in, "'Oly blazes, the kid just can't wait to git fucked agin!" he laughed. And then, wrenching out the finger, and gripping his raging cock, he brought his hips forward, sliding the bloated tip over the opening, grinning down at Reuben, teasing...

"Nnngh..." he moaned, rolling his head... It was weird, but having those wild men hold him down, and surround him... restrain his arms and legs as they opened him up for their dirty deed... touching and groping him all over, and fondling his most intimate areas, felt bizarrely erotic, and sickeningly arousing... overwhelming him with a powerful longing, as it drove him crazy with lust. And in spite of the situation, he could think of nothing but the strong sexual yearning... a wanton desire... an uncontrollable craving for the cock to enter him... fill him... fuck him... And despite his earlier horror, and reluctance at submitting to the disgusting cravings of these men, opening his mouth wide he cried, "Fuck... me..." repeating it a couple times.

The men stopped in their groping and tweaking... maybe surprised by the sudden demand... or maybe eager to watch the ugly act of union as Garret took the boy...

Garret too paused, as he stared at the contorted features of the boy... the parted mouth, the flared nostril... the heaving chest and then, steadying his hips slammed in... sending his lengthy manhood tearing into the torrid folds of Reuben's already plundered asshole.

"Oooh..." Reuben groaned at the rough entry, and as Garret let out a roar, the men joined in, hooting loudly, making vulgar suggestions, and then the mouths and hands covered his bare flesh once more... sucking on his boy tits, and nibbling away... licking under his arms and biting his hips and thighs... along the smooth surface... the hands relentless as they groped and fondled... tweaked and pinched, raking his flesh till his whole body turned a throbbing shade of crimson.

It hurt... and it felt humiliating... yet there was also a weird thrill in the bawdy act... Oh, to be held down like that, arms and legs spread wide... open and accessible for the men... Ah, to be groped, and kissed, and lick all over by so many men... all at the same time... It felt incredible! And as Garret rammed in and speeded up, jabbing brutally into the boy flesh... nudging that secret lump deep in his belly, Reuben opened his mouth wide and let out a scream, a cry of hunger and want... slamming back at Garret as he tugged at the men restraining him... But his scream stuck in his throat, muffled by the sudden, rude insertion of the leaking phallus down the quivering throat as Lucius, squatting above him, jammed his cock into the open mouth...

The two men, together, fucked the teen, slamming into him from either end... fucking the whimpering boy in tandem... jamming their large members deep into his mouth and ass... And the other men never ceased in their own activity, gnawing at his tender flesh as they waited their turn to dip into the once virgin depth of the boy twat.

It was too hot... it was too tight... suffocating... and Garret could take it no more as he reared, and with a roar shoved in, surrendering his seed to the hungry, convulsing colon, crying out as his balls quivered and unloaded all their contents... And as he pulled out, another man quickly took his place... shoving him aside and plunging in his throbbing manhood even before the twitching boy pussy could recover from the trauma, and close.

Eight men took turns ravishing the lad, each new man fucking him forcefully before pulling out, to be instantly replaced by the next... fucking him in every possible way, and position... insatiable as they kept coming back for more, changing places and trying out new combinations... lunging and jabbing... tearing into his throat, and his ass... choking him as he gasped for air... and then filling his belly, and his rectum, with the rich, viscous cream of their masculine balls...

They fucked him till Reuben went limp... every pore overflowing with cum, and his body covered in it... gurgling incomprehensibly as he rotated his pelvis... pushing back at the men fucking him... flexing his rectal muscles to give as much pleasure to the men as he could... and at the same time, extracting his own satisfaction out of the shameful, lewd act, crying out for more... urging the men on with a strangled 'fuck me... fuck me... fuck me...' mouthing just that one single sentence repeatedly as he pushed down and swayed his pelvis, desperate to take the men deeper... dying to feel the rampaging cocks nudge that magical spot and give him that unimaginable pleasure he sought... Himself cumming till his balls ran dry...

"By gosh, the lad sho' is mighty randy," he heard the men say as another set of cocks invaded his either ends, but he was too wasted to bother, exhausted by his own, multiple, explosive orgasms, his body wracked by the dry spasms, as his balls, with nothing more to regurgitate, throbbed painfully... and he just lay under their unmerciful assault in complete submission... wallowing in his own lewd sexual depredation... whimpering as he craved for even more... wanton and lecherous.

He didn't know how long it went, or how many times the men fucked him... and neither did he care, but finally, to his utter disappointment, they pulled away, totally beat, and crawled back to their bedrolls, flopping down, exhausted, leaving Reuben on the bare floor... still sprawled out, the wrecked ass hole still quivering in shameless hunger, his young heart still yearning for more cocks!

"Tomorrow..." he heard a distant voice say in the darkness... "Tomorrow we gonna 'ave us some more fun."

"Yea..." a few tired voices responded, and then there was silence.


The silence of the dark room soon filled with the snores of the sleeping men... Tough men, now exhausted by the frenzied orgy they had indulged in. Strong men, totally sapped by a mere boy... And amidst them lay the broken boy, the object of all their vulgar attention that evening... finally in the embrace of welcome slumber... still naked; bruised, bitten and battered, lying on the bare floor... covered in the dried sperms of the men... legs thrown wide, and arms spread out, the wrecked hole now a yawning chasm, the once tender mouth pulsing softly as the liquid load leaked out... rolling down the crack, sticky and warm, to puddle on the floor under him.

And as the teen, and the men slept, a dark shadow rose from its corner, silently looking about before crawling across the floor to the open door and then out of the shack... heading for the chuck wagon on silent feet...

Eldon, the cook, sprawled and snoring under another spell of the joy juice, didn't notice the shadow... nor did Masheck, the man on night guard, now sleeping off the sexual frenzy that he had indulged in along with the other men, see the shadow... see it crawl up to the wagon and silently open the wooden box... reaching in and taking out the Arkansas toothpick...

The shadow then moved away... cautiously stepping around the sleeping form of the cook, heading for the smaller shack. He went inside the silent and empty cabin and going to the far corner picked out an old pair of pants from a pile of discarded clothes.

Coming out of the structure, he paused, listening in the darkness of the moonless night... He had a keen sight, and a keener sense of hearing... and he noted that the hideout was still quiet, everyone still asleep. He looked up at the night sky once and gave a faint smile and then turning towards the back of the shed, headed for the stable.

He had to be careful, extremely careful, and not arouse the suspicion of the horses... The animals knew him, knew his smell, after all, it was he who fed them and groomed them, and took care of them... and so they wouldn't be alarmed by his approach... but still, he had to ensure that they didn't get excited... for any noise would not only put him into a delicate situation, but would also ruin his plans... and Josiah didn't want any of that happening... couldn't allow it to happen... not before he had everything set for the final act... not before he was absolutely ready... And then he knew what he'd do...

His eyes glinted in the darkness, as his lips curled in a satisfied smile...

End of Part Six

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