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"Who are ye?" asked a stern voice, as a steely hand gripped his bare shoulder. "W'at ye doin' 'ere at t'is 'our?"

Reuben spun around and stared up at the hulking form towering over him, his tongue frozen with fright, his body already wracked by an unknown terror.

The strapping young lad, bare-chested and clad in a pair of old jeans, glowered down at him, the hand still holding him in a vice. "Git up..." he commanded in a harsh tone.

Reuben slowly stood up... his hands quickly covering his tattered crotch.

Looking him over, seeing the matted hair, the dirty face, crusted and grimy... the welts across the naked torso, the youth scowled... "Who are ye?"

Reuben shifted... feeling miserable, his hands trembling as it pressed down on his peeking cock, hoping that the man wouldn't see his nakedness.

"I ast ye sumt'in'!" the man thundered.

"Reu... Reuben," the boy stammered, feeling an odd flutter in his tummy, the tears welling.

"W'at ye doin' 'ere?" he asked again.

Reuben stood, stunned into silence, his eyes wide with fear and his mouth open... the involuntary shiver still wracking his slim form.

The younker knitted his brows and went on staring, his eyes keen as he studied the boy, "Ye a cattle rustler?" he asked, and then shaking his head said, "seem too young for t'at, maybe a saddle bum, uh?" Then, releasing the shoulder added, "Or, one of 'em bus'w'ackers?"

Reuben shivered with alarm at the accusations... and as he squirmed under the steady gaze, not sure what to say, or what to expect, the sun broke free and lifted above the horizon... flooding the sky, and the boy, with its welcome rays.

"By Gosh," the young man exclaimed, the voice suddenly loosing it's coldness, "ye'r a regular li'l shaver..." and despite the situation, Reuben felt himself blush, a weird thrill filling his heart.

Looking over some more, the handsome youth added, "And tarnation, boy, ye'r purty!"

Reuben blushed some more, and to his utter shame and embarrassment felt his cock harden... gradually filling with the gushing blood and pushing the torn material aside, rose up skywards, throbbing hotly in teen splendor.

The man noticed the uncomfortable shuffle, the fumbling hands, and reaching forward pushed Reuben's hands away, laughing as he noticed the rigid, twitching teen cock , "An' a randy one at 'at."

Reuben went red... and felt his cock give a violent twitch as the man took him in his large hand, slowly caressing the throbbing shaft, the eyes fixed on it.

"Come 'ere, boy," he finally said leaving Reuben's cock and sitting down on a small rock nearby.

Reuben came forward, shivering all over, and the man pulled him onto his lap.

"Gosh, yer covered in spunk," he exclaimed as he ran his large hand over the shoulder and chest, feeling the crusted remains of the previous night, "and ye smell like the w'ore'ouse! 'Ere have you been the night, eh?" he asked looking into the amazingly blue eyes.

"I... I... um, I was ki'napped by... by Morris..." Reuben blurted out, the tears finally rolling down his smooth cheeks.

"'Cut-Throat' Young?" the man asked with shock, "Gosh, 'e's a regular ol' curly-wolf, boy! Reuben stared back... his heart beating faster as his eyes searched the stranger's face. " 'Ey sure curried the kinks out, eh?"

And in a wild rush Reuben sobbed out his harrowing experience of the previous night... shamelessly telling the stranger every detail of the bawdy sexual orgy. About Morris, and his gang of ruthless bandits fucking him... and the man listened to his saga in astonished silence, holding him tight.

"W'oa, t'at sure is a wild tale, boy, and good t'at ye got ye'self away from t'ose men. Did you escape?"

Reuben nodded.

"Who's son are ye, and 'ere ye live?"

"Hiram Levi," Reuben mumbled, "beyond the bluff, near the two streams at the foot..."

The man stared at him, smiling, "An answer like t'at won't get ye far, Reuben. Anyway, I do know Hiram, he's been to meet my boss a few time at the ranch. He's the one who does prospecting, aint'it?"

Reuben nodded.

"Well, me name's Jasper," Jasper smiled, patting Reuben's bare knee, "bull nurse for Al Rossenbaum, the cattle baron here, a real big bug, an' wit a dreadful amount of money!" he said.

"Ye... yer a cowboy?" asked Reuben, with a tremor in his voice, the eyes filled with awe and wonder.

Jasper nodded and then smiled as he rose, pulling Reuben up, "And now, boy, s'uck off, you gotta need to clean up first."

Reuben gulped, his heart racing, suddenly feeling terribly coy...

Seeing him hesitate, Jasper smiled, "Hey 've seen enough, so why t'is blush?" And right before Reuben's wild eyes, dropped his jeans... "C'mon, 'ere's a water 'ole up 'ere..." he called over his shoulder, leading the way towards a larger rock outcrop.

With trembling fingers Reuben undid the single button and dropped the rags, stepping out of them and then followed Jasper, his cock, still throbbing with some nameless teen passion, leading the way. His eyes remained fixed on the cowboy in front, watching the broad shoulders of the young man, strong and sinewy... narrowing down to the slim waist... and then spreading out to form the firm buttocks, the powerful muscles rippling with each step... flexing and dimpling as he swaggered.

They went around the large boulders, and under a rocky ledge Reuben saw the small pool of sparkling water... cool and inviting. Jasper walked right into the pool and turned back at Reuben, smiling, "C'mon, wash up!"

Reuben nodded and then slowly stepped in... feeling the cool water swirl and rise around his tired legs... caressing his burning flesh as it reached up to his waist. He stopped, and then cupping his palms splashed his face with the water, washing away the dried cum.

"Just feel around and ye'll find rocks," he heard Jasper say, "ye can sit on 'em and scrub yerself clean."

Reuben nodded and stepping back a few paces, groped under the water with his hands. He soon found one, smooth and flat topped, and turning around he sat down... feeling the cold surface surround his raw buns... caress the fiery surface with its soothing touch.

He sat for a while and watched Jasper swim around, almost playful, and then scooping up water he began to wash his face and hair... scrubbing away the traces of last night's orgy... washing away the dried and crusted sperms of the wild men. He cleaned his arms and chest... feeling the slight burn where the nails and teeth of the outlaws had scraped the delicate skin... and as he reached for his back he heard Jasper, "Reuben, git into the water and swim around..."

Reuben nodded once more, and sliding off the rock, dived in... swimming out. The water was refreshing and it felt amazing, especially swimming in the nude... have the water swirl around his engorged phallus and loosely dangling balls... lap at his most intimate areas with its soothing buss. Reaching lower, he cleaned his legs and thighs... and then reaching back, scrubbed his buttocks... sliding his fingers in the crack as he washed away the caked remains of the men...

But all along, his eyes remained on Jasper, riveted, as he watched the young cowboy do a lazed back stroke... Watching the shimmering muscles ripple under the taut skin, the water swishing around the mounds and vales of his magnificent torso, as he floating on the surface... The flat, firm belly... and the prominent pubic mound, covered by the lush, wet dark brown hair... the awesome, large cock, resting lazily across the lower abdomen...

The mere sight of that breathtakingly amazing, semi erect phallus, sent a shiver down Reuben's spine... and having once tasted the delights of sexual congress, he felt his ass hole twitch with desire... the ravaged ring pouting out in shameless hunger...

His cock twitched and flexed harder... and reaching down, between his legs, Reuben shamelessly cradled his arousal, fondling the burning appendage... stroking it. It felt incredible and he wondered if it was the memories of the previous night... or a new desire to sample the cowboy cock... or, maybe, the anticipation of what the cowboy might do to him... do with him.

And as his mind flitted, his young body tingling with passion, unnoticed by him, Jasper swam over... and passing an arm around the waist, pulled him close, their legs intertwining underwater as both kicked around in their attempt to remain afloat...

Reuben smiled shyly, feeling the flush rise, as Jasper grinned down at him, hugging him even closer, both sensing the mutual excitement as the rigid and burning flesh column pressed against each other's belly... The strong hands reached lower and patted Reuben's buns... and soon they were laughing, splashing water at each other and swimming around... Jasper reaching for his legs, underwater... the groping hands blindly touching him in all the wrong places before finally grabbing his legs, and then tugging him... dunking him...

Reuben giggled and squirmed with joy... and felt his erection sway in the cool waters... and each time Jasper's hands brushed against it, he felt it flex and give a twitch... and the free, swinging balls underwater, felt awesome... specially when Jasper's hands mistakenly grabbed at them... softly squeezing the nuts, before releasing them and going for the leg once more...

This was fun... and Reuben was really enjoying himself... and then Jasper went under... popping right behind him and wrapping his strong arms around the slim boy, pulled him close... and Reuben felt the sizzling heat... the unbending rigidity, as it settled between his buns... and he moaned, his body going slack against the cowboy.

"Gosh, boy, yer purtier 'an a woman!" Jasper whispered into his ear, the voice hoarse with passion, the wet tongue licking the gentle arch... and then turning him around and holding him in a tight embrace, ground his open mouth against Reuben's, kissing him... licking the quivering lips and pushing them apart as he slowly slid his tongue in... exploring the gasping cavity of the teen boy, both panting in each other's mouth.

Reuben gripped the broad shoulders and moaned into the mouth... blatantly rubbing his arousal against the cowboy's hard abdomen... thrilling as he felt the man's cock slide against his thigh, almost singeing the tender skin...

The strong hands slid lower, and placing his open palms on the plump cheeks, Jasper caressed the firm buttocks... gently kneading the smooth mounds, his hands roaming all over the pronounced sweep of the teen ass... the finger trailing along the crack... reaching under and fondling the dangling balls before coming back to the buns.

Reuben's head buzzed and his heart slammed, and as the rugged hands reached between his thighs, stroking along the smooth surface, Reuben wrapped his arms around the strong shoulders and clung on, parting his legs in shameless hunger.

Jasper gripped the thighs firmly and lifted the boy up... and as Reuben felt the stiff column of the man slide under him, between his parted cheeks, he felt his legs automatically wrap around the slim waist of the cowboy... his hands tighter around the neck now. Both panting with lust as Jasper carried the clinging boy to the edge of the pool, and laid him on the dry rock, climbing over him... licking all over the pretty face...

"Boy," Jasper gasped, the voice thick with horny arousal, "it's been coon's age..." and he was again licking Reuben's face... kissing and nibbling as he showered the pretty face with his love and desire.

Starving hands roamed the slender boy form, stroking and caressing every inch... wandering and exploring the tingling flesh, reaching secret areas as Reuben shuddered under him, groaning with unbridled lust... his own hands gripping the powerful arms... holding tight.

Jasper licked down the gulping throat, lapping across the taut chest... over to the pointed nipples, still red and raw from last night's encounter, and with gentle kisses licked around the pointed nubs... the moist tongue soothing... And then, he was sucking on the boy tits... flicking his tongue over them... his hand already under Reuben, the fingers parting the boy butt, as it explored the deep cleft.

Kiss... caress... fondle and lick... Jasper moved lower... over the flexing belly... and lower still... his tongue twirling over the delicate blond pubes... swirling around the base of the throbbing, leaking, teen cock... and still lower... lashing the swollen nuts and hefting them with his tongue... Licking along the groin, and back to the pubes...

It felt amazing... incredible, and Reuben thrashed under the oral ministration... gurgling incomprehensibly, his fingers now wrapped tightly around the cowboy curls, tugging in desperation as desire consumed his very soul... and then he froze... shuddering uncontrollably as Jasper took him in his mouth!

Throwing his legs wider, he pushed down on the groping hands... shoving his cock deeper into Jasper's adoring mouth... crying out... unashamed and amorous.

It felt wild... it felt crazy... and he didn't care... he loved every moment of what was happening... of what his young cowboy was doing to him, and his body... And, as a finger nudged at his pulsating opening, gentle and tentative... Reuben let go and pleaded, "Oh, fuck me... please!"

Jasper lifted his face off Reuben's crotch and stared at the boy, his own eyes hooded and glazed, the taut cock between his legs hurting painfully as it desperately sought a soothing burrow to dive into and cool its lustful heat...

Scrambling up, Jasper got between the lusty lad's thighs, and moving in closer, lifted them over his shoulders, getting into position. For a fleeting moment he cast his eyes down and caught a glimpse of the boy pussy... amazed by the sight of the swollen ring, a fiery red, but still relaxed after the night long debauchery, yawning wide, as it pulsed hungrily, displaying the pink innards, moist and inviting... Jasper let out a groan and felt his cock twitch and flex, frantic to get in and explore the depths of the teen's belly.

Reuben felt the manly hardness against his boy hole, the broad head settling over it... and all he could think of was want... a mindless, shameless desire for Jasper's cock... an uncontrollable longing for that feeling of being breached... a maddening craving for that shaft to enter him... fill him... And he cried out once more... mouthing that same, vulgar desire...

Both groaned as Jasper sank in... the colossal cowboy dick slipping into the tight, yet slick sheath, right down to the thick base, without much effort... filling Reuben's belly in a way that even Morris' hulking outlaw cock hadn't been able to.

Throwing his arms around the virile shoulders, Reuben clung to Jasper... both grunting and groaning as the cowboy hips began to move... rising and falling as they made wild love on the rock by the side of the small pool... secure in the knowledge that no one would disturb them in their lusty act... thrilling in the forbidden union of man and boy... of cock and ass... Wildly mating under the wide open sky... crying out their need for the entire world to hear...

End of Part Eight

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