Stories From The Thanksgiving Table


Stories from the thanksgiving table is going to be a collection of short stories that focus around Native American/ White male relationships that are somehow related to the holiday of thanksgiving. In the weeks leading up to thanksgiving I will try to update frequently. Besides my own stories I welcome anyone who has a story or idea to send it to me at
I cain't fill up this collection alone! If I use a story or idea from another author that person will get full credit. The only criteria I have for a story in this section is that it contains a Native American/ White male relationship and it is somehow related to the holiday of thanksgiving. All other criteria ( age of character, setting, plot, time period are up to the author.) The only other thing I ask is that if one of the characters in the relationship is under age 18 the other character be under 18 as well. Well thatís it. I hope to hear some good story ideas and check back for any original stories written by me.