Tales From the Tribe

Summary: Native American Warrior Kohana and Pilgrim settler John meet at the first thanksgiving and make some memories to be thankful for.

Kohana stretched as he awoke from a quite pleasant slumber. He had been in a
battle and after much strife he emerged victorious. He was on his way back to his tribe ready to claim the victory when he woke up. Realizing it was a dream was quite a disappointment for the young warrior. He sighed looking up at the ceiling of his hut. In his dream the forest had been abloom with green at peak spring foliage. That was his favorite time of year, everything seemed so alive and he felt as one with nature. This made it all the more depressing to come back to his real world where it was late November. It was well known that he disliked the dreary fall and winter months. It's cold nights and equally cold days. He couldn't stand the season and hoped that it would pass quickly like a child rushing through study to go off and play. With a groan he forced himself up from under his bearskin blanket. The cold bit at his naked body and drooped his morning erection. He smiled, mother earth someway or another always managed to show dominance. Only a fool would think himself stronger than the great mother. His connection to her was strong, so much so that a perfect day to him was lying bare on her surface taking in all she had to offer. The though dampened his spirit even more and only heightened his want for the cold season to be over. He reached for his breach cloth carefully putting on the garment followed by some deerskin leggings and moccasins. Normally he tried to wear as little clothing as possible. But he had to look decent for the harvest festival they were having this year with their Pilgrim brothers.

Kohana was not particularly fond of the Pilgrims. In his opinion they were very wasteful people. For one their dwellings seemed massive to him and what was reserved for one family could easily house 3 or 4 Wampanoag families. Also they wore way to much clothing in the summertime, which was very counterintuitive to the summer heat. He often wondered where exactly these people had come from and if they might have been expelled from their original homeland due to wastefulness or maybe stupidity. He didn't hate them though. It wasn't like they were deliberately hurting the earth. It was more ignorance. Like a small child who does not yet know. Still he hadn't exactly wanted to help them either. He would have preferred to study them and their habits from afar and see if they could possibly survive with their strange ways. However that had been the chiefs decision not his and the chief was adamant that they help these new and strange people. As it turns out the pilgrims had been able to learn some useful ways after all. They seemed to adapt well to the teachings of farming and much to Kohana's surprise the strange new people had experienced a bountiful harvest. They had invited his tribe to a festival of food and play in order to thank them for the role they played in showing them how to survive in this harsh new land. Although he was not their biggest fan he had to admit he was interested to see their customs. Their strange way of living and some of their strange food were interesting if nothing else.

Kohana stepped out of the door to his hut into the cold morning air. As he made his way through the camp he found it quite deserted. Most of his tribe had already started the mile long hike to the sea and the Pilgrim village and almost all the rest had gone off to hunt down the few deer they were to bring to the celebration.

Walking along the camp he found Akecheta smoking some final pieces of his special beef jerky. He smiled sneaking up behind him and slapping him on the shoulder. The other warrior spun around setting himself into his attack stance. He started to lunge forward then stopped himself when he realized who it was and brought Kohana into a bear hug.

“It's been a long time brother.” Akecheta said.

“Too long.” Kohana said.

“ How does your relationship with Mina progress?”

“Brother why don't we walk together to the celebration. We have much to discuss.” Akecheta said.

Kohana and Akecheta had been born three days apart and had been the best of friends growing up. They had done everything together. Their relationship had turned sexual in early adolescence and had lasted up until last summer when Akecheta had decided it was time to pursue a squaw. Kohana had been heartbroken and was sure Akecheta would return to him after a few months with Mina but it had been almost a year now and the 2 were still strongly together.

“ To tell you the truth Akecheta I thought you would have come around by now to see our relationship for what it was and what it could be.”

Akecheta sighed. He stopped walking and turned to Kohana looking him in the eyes.

“Listen brother. What we had was.... special but we are warriors now. What we had was child's play. We are men now and we must put away childish things. I am sorry brother.”

Akecheta outstretched his hand to touch Kohana on the cheek but he turned away from him refusing to look him in they eye. If honor and status meant more to Akecheta than their relationship than he didn't deserve to be graced with his presence.

Kohana had not seen the Pilgrim village for at least a season maybe longer. It looked as if it had doubled maybe tripled in size. The whole lot of houses, fields and farm buildings was surrounded by a tall wooden fence that came together in a big gate. A cloud of smoke arose atop the village from the may fires that burned on the late November afternoon. Kohana marveled at the progress that had been made in such a small amount of time. Inside the village was bustling with women of both cultures were working together preparing for the evening meal while men stood around sharing exploits of hunting, battle and games. On an empty field of grass Pilgrim children and the children of his own tribe where playing a game of lacrosse. Kohana marveled at the scene of 2 very different cultures mingling peacefully with each other as if they had been together all their lives. He hadn't totally bought into the chiefs words but he was starting to think that maybe the 2 cultures that were so different could coexist peacefully. He stood their next to the field watching the game he so loved, getting lost in it. Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder and spun around defensively. Seeing all black he knew it was on of the Pilgrim men. He was young probably within a few years of his own age and his face glowed with a youthful smile. He had the cutest face and Kohana felt himself getting hard under his breechcloth. For just a second he wondered what the Pilgrims though of such relationships? Would his desires be better suited for their world? Breaking up his thought the man stuck out his hand and muttered some words in the Pilgrim language. Kohana looked at the man with a confused expression on his face. He had not learned but a few of the words from the strange language he believed was called English. He felt a rush of fear that his cute new friend might abandon him for his lack of communication ability. The man confused himself for a second smiled at the realization that Kohana did not speak English.

“John” The Pilgrim man said pointing to himself.

Realizing that was the man's name Kohana nodded and pointed to himself.

“Kohana” He said sticking out his hand. The 2 men shook hands and smiled at each other.

“You play?” John said pointing to the lacrosse field.

Kohana shook his head yes and pointed back to John. He was surprised when John shook his head yes as well. He didn't think such things interested the Pilgrims. Maybe he had misjudged them. Then he had an idea. He pointed to both of them and then the lacrosse field. John smiled and nodded yes. Kohana almost jumped out of his shoes excited about the prospect of a game with his new friend.

It was never hard to find enough of the Wampanoag people to get a lacrosse game going. The sport was pretty much beloved by all from children to old men and within a few minutes Kohana had a game going. John played surprisingly well for someone who had been introduced to the sport less than a year ago and Kohana was impressed with his aggressive style. At first he thought he was imagining it but it seemed as if every time he and John came into  contact with each other John found a way to grab his crotch, which was by now rock solid. Towards the end of the game John crashed into Kohana knocking him to the ground. Very discreetly he grabbed Kohana's crotch and gave it a playful squeeze winking and smiling at him before getting up. Kohana hesitated for a second trying to process what happened. So much so a friend had to help him up. It was a close game. Closer than expected anyway but Kohana and his teammates won by a slim margin. Still he was impressed by John's ability and excited to see where his boldness might lead. By the time they were done with the game the sun was just beginning to set. They could both smell the wonderful aromas of food cooking and headed for the many long dinner tables. Kohana made sure to stay closely by John. He was definitely interested in what John was apparently offering him and sitting next to him at dinner would allow him to test how far John was willing to go.

Kohana was amazed at the bounty of food that lay before him. Food both familiar and unfamiliar to him, from every animal and plant he had ever seen was on the table. As well as several foods he was unfamiliar with. A feast of epic proportions. A strange prayer he didn't recognize was said and that was followed by the similar prayer to mother earth. Kohana dug in. Turkey along with corn and squash. John introduced him to something called pumpkin pie that was absolutely delicious. Finishing up his pie Kohana felt absolutely stuffed. He also felt it was time to start testing the limits with John. He put his hand on John's leg. Moving slowly till it was resting on Johns crotch. He gave him a playful squeeze. John smiled at him moving his own hand down to Kohana's crotch. Kohana felt John's hand go underneath his breechcloth and start to rub his bare manhood. He twitched trying to keep a strait face above the table while his bare cock was being stroked below the table. Keeping a strait face his manhood was quickly getting hard and reaching the point of bursting. Finally reaching the tipping point he removed John's hand from his crotch giving him a reassuring look that they would finish this later.

After dinner the 2 went for a walk around the Pilgrim village trying to find a place to be alone. However it seemed every place they went their was someone their and it quickly became clear that they would not be able to be alone for very long. Then Kohana had an idea. The celebration was to go on for days, which meant  his people's village would be empty. They could have all the alone time they wanted their. He pointed to John and himself than grabbed John and pretended to walk into the forest.

“Home.” He kept saying.

He could tell that at first John didn't get it but then something seemed to click and John gave a very slight nod. Excited Kohana grabbed John's hand and ran for the gate. Before either of them knew what was happening they were outside the Pilgrim village and heading into the forest. John held onto Kohana's hand tight as they plunged into the dark forest Kohana leading the way. John couldn't see a thing in the pitch black night. But even with branches hitting him in the face left and right he felt he could trust Kohana. After about 20 minutes they arrived at Kohana's small village. Excitedly he led John inside his hut. The inside of his hut was nothing fancy. A fire pit was centrally located in the middle next to his bearskin sleeping blanket and the line where he hung his clothes at night. Quickly he lit a fire and motioned for John to sit down on the blanket and get comfortable. Kohana lied John  down on the blanket before getting up walking over to the clothes line. He slipped the moccasins off his feet and tossed them aside pulling of his leggings as well. Now in just his breechcloth he wiggled his body teasingly. In one fellow swoop he let the knot out of his breechcloth letting it fall to the ground. He bent down to pick it up and stuck his rear out more than necessary giving John a nice view. Hanging his breechcloth on the clothesline he turned around to face John letting him see him in his most tender and private state. John was working on getting his shirt off but stopped and was mesmerized at the beautiful manhood of Kohana gently swinging as he walked towards him. Kohana knelt down and undid the last few buttons on Johns shirt. Kohana pulled the garment off John and stared at the buff white chest. Without any warning he laid his mouth down on it and started sucking at John's nipples. One by one he took them into his mouth and rolled them on his tongue getting a moaning response from John. After a minute or so of working on his nipples Kohana began moving his mouth down John's chest kissing and sucking on his way to his belly button. When he got to his pants Kohana took them in his mouth and pulled them down with his teeth like a wild animal. All of assuden their it was, his lovers cock. The skin was the whitest he had ever seen, almost the color of snow and the pink head just popped out of the foreskin. Without warning he went down on the white man who stiffened up immediately. He moaned as Kohana bobbed up and down on his manhood bringing him close to the point of exploding. Then suddenly he pulled of the white mans shaft. He didn't want him to cum yet. He had something better in mind.  Kohana went back up to John's head kissing him on the lips. Looking strait into his eyes he took John's fingers into his mouth sucking on each one and getting them nice and slippery. Pulling John's fingers from his mouth with a pop Kohana guided them up to his own rear. It had been a long time since he had let someone touch him back their but reassuringly he place John's fingers at his entrance. He felt his tight hole enclose around John's fingers as they explored inside his backside. They went every witch way bouncing off his insides and preparing him for what was about to come. When John's fingers poked against his prostate Kohana went wild and screamed in pleasure. Refusing to wait any longer he pulled John's fingers out of him getting on his knees and sticking his butt in the air. Even for 2 people who didn't speak each others language the gesture was universal. He was giving his heart and his butt to John. Getting up John slowly placed his dick at Kohana's back entrance and pushed in slowly looking for any sign that Kohana wanted him to stop. Kohana grunted as John's dick entered him but it was a pleasurful grunt and a signal to keep going. John pushed all the way into Kohana's backside feeling his own dick wrapped in the warmth of the Indian warriors butt. Before he lost control of his own thougths John reached around and like a true gentlemen started stroking Kohana's manhood. Kohana was in heaven. John was reaching his prostate from the back and manually stroking his manhood from the front and with every passing second he was screaming louder and louder. Finally he couldn't hold on any longer and he came in a euphoric yell collapsing on the bearskin blanket and shooting his load. For those few moments after his orgasm he felt as light as the air and connected as he had ever been with the earth and the stars. Johns screams brought him back to earth and he felt the white man explode in his ass then fall down on top of him in his own euphoric state. For a few minutes the two men just laid their John still inside Kohana. Eventually they both rolled over coming apart with a pop. the 2 men  looked each other in the eye and mashing their soft dicks together came together in a kiss.

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