Sun Quest


Ruwen Rouhs

Part 1


Chapter 11

The raiders and their captives walked the whole night. While my mother was allowed to move freely, my father’s hands were tied across his back.” Buri continued, snuggling against Aegir who tried to comfort him, “Next morning they came upon a bigger group, the other part of the raiders who were waiting for their tribal kinsmen in the shade of an overhanging rock. My father was furious and he would have loved nothing better than to run away and take along Teje, his beloved wife. However this surely would be suicidal, because they would die of thirst or be caught by the raiders and killed.

Sheltered by the overhanging rock was a deep well and everybody was happy to get water. Looking around in the cave he detected the goods belonging to the nomads intended for the people of Ta-Seti as payment for the ore. He went pale and immediately began to swear revenge in secret. Moving deeper into the cave he turned even paler. In the darkest corner he came across the bundles of blood-smeared grey coats, the coats of the nomads. This proved that the massacre of the desert-runner was the terrible deed of robbers and not the deed of wild animals or ghosts luring in the desert. From this moment on he was sure he had to fear no man-eating ghosts, just heinous men.”

In the evening the raider’s caravan reconvened on the track through the empty vastness of the desert. The caravan only moved in the dark however not for fear of other savage people but of fear of the savage rays of the sun. During the day they rested in the shade of rocks or caves. After four more days of crossing the desert in a north-western direction the raiders and their captives arrived at the outskirts of a big oasis, the home of these desert-men. During this exhausting hike the savage men treated my mother as a welcome guest but my father as a captive.”


Aegir, have you ever seen a place like an oasis?” Buri asked, “I haven’t. But my father told me the oasis looked to him like heaven in the middle of the hell! When he finally saw the green island in the first morning light he chanted a hymn and the robbers whooped with joy.”

Buri smiled at Aegir as if he had witnessed the lucky arrival, “I tell you this green island is the greatest place in a sea of sand and pebbles. Imagine a blue lake surrounded by a wooded area of slender trees with a whorl of leaves like feathers. These trees shaded small plots overgrown with all kind of edible plants, plants I have never seen but that my father had seen in the fields surrounding Râ-Kedet along the river Iteru. The trees and the plots were irrigated by water flowing in channels fed from the lake. The fertile area was surrounded by a wall of mud-bricks to keep out the sand from the desert!”

When Aegir shook his head in disbelief, Buri affirmed, “I swear! That’s what my father told me!” and continued, “The village was on a hill on the edge of the oasis. It was surrounded by a much more solid wall of mud bricks and stones. The alleys between the low houses were so narrow that the sun only reached the ground at high noon. The low houses were square with a few rooms around an inner yard. The roofs were flat and made of the fronds of the trees around the lake. The mud-walls of the houses were thick and the light could enter the rooms only by small slits. Two buildings stood out from the others, the temple at the fountainhead from which the water ran into the lake and the dwelling on the highest point of the hill. It was the domicile of the clan patriarch and his large family. This was the place the raiders led my parents immediately.”

The air in the room was chilly! My father shivered! The first moments after my father entered the dim central room of the house on the hill he could only recognize a man in white cloth sitting cross-legged in the centre. The babel of voices however told him that the room was buzzing with people. After his eyes had accommodated to the dim light he could discern men in grey coats sitting on cushions along the walls and veiled women spying from doors into the meeting room.”

The clan patriarch waved my mother nearer. With help of an interpreter he asked her to show him the crescent of moon-stone. He studied the crescent a long time, and then asked two more men to check its authenticity. Then he rose and greeted my mother with a deep bow, “Welcome princess of the Moon-Stone-Clan! Welcome to my poor house! May you enjoy this residence in the Sivah, the blooming flower in the middle of the desolate desert!”

My mother bowed her head to thank the clan patriarch for the welcome. “My name is Teje, the name reserved for the first born daughter of the ruler of the Moon-Stone people. Thank you for your cordial welcome.” Then she turned and pointed at my father, “That is Hödur, a man out of the land across the wide sea. His heart is white as his skin. He is the man I chose to become the father of the child in my womb. Now he is a prince also and you must treat him like one!”

The patriarch sized my father up, “Step forward stranger, consort of a princess, tell me about the country you are coming from, explain to me why you violated the border of my territory, tell me what the purpose of your endeavour is!”

Father tried to answer these questions. The headman seemed to be satisfied by the answers, despite the difficulties in communication. After the interrogation he had a short discussion with the clan-elders and then announced, “You white man will spend the time till your son is born with the unmarried men the oasis guards, the Zaggalah!” then he turned smiling to my mother, “Dear princess I ask you to spend the time till your son is born together with the other pregnant women in Safe Haven. The wise women, the priestesses of our great mother Ta-weret will care for you!” When both opposed his decision, he said bluntly “This is according to the law of our tribe and that of the almighty!”

My father was taken aback! Despite his protest my mother was taken by an old woman to another room. My father tried to follow her, but the raiders´ leader held him back by force and tried to appease him, “Please stranger, calm down friend! There is no need to get angry. Look! She is a princess and she is pregnant! She is carrying a son, your son, she told the elders. Our law forbids that a man to make love to a woman as soon her belly is growing!” When my father still tried to free himself and follow Teje, my mother, “Look they take the princess to Safe Haven! My wife is also there, she is having a baby too. I will ask her to care for Teje like a sister! The wise women will care for her, much better than you can!” When my father protested again and again, the dessert-man made a last attempt to console him. He poked him in the ribs and grinned like a conspirator, “You don’t have to be chaste during the time the princess is away! Nobody has! I see to it! Wait for tonight” My father still looked sullen, but out of tiredness he finally resigned himself to his fate. The desert-man yawned, he was dead-tired also “I am at least as tired as you after these long nights of marching through the deep desert-sand. Come on Prince, I take you to your cabin down by the lake.” My father didn’t protest anymore and followed the lean man to a small cabin on the shore of the lake. Pointing to the lake “Get out of your coat Prince!” he recommended, “Take a bath and then sleep till I wake you up around midnight!” hesitating “By the way my name is Mitr, but I don’t know yours.”

Hödur, it is! And I’m no prince! My father retorted.”

When Mitr tried to repeat the name, my father laughed for the first time after getting caught. Mitr wasn’t able to say H. It sounded like `Ödur.”


Something was tickling my father’s nose, something light as a feather. He sneezed and his eyes bobbed open. He tried to see in the darkness of the cabin. The tickling moved to his right ear, paused and then back to his nose. When the feather tickled his nostrils, he sneezed again and he was finally wide awake. Still he couldn’t penetrate the blackness inside the cabin, but he could detect the blinking of the stars in the sky through an opening in the roof. Somebody was kneeling beside him, somebody nearly as dark as the night itself. First my father thought it was Teje, his love. Softly moaning he began to feel for her. He touched curly hair, soft cheeks, a slender neck, but then he drew back his hand with a startled shriek. The chest he touched was flat, the nipples tiny and the smooth belly flat. This wasn’t Teje. This struck him like a thunderbolt. It had to be either a very small girl or a young boy. His let his fingers roam down to the crotch of the guest. It was a boy or rather a young teen because his fingers he touched a long slender rod and tiny balls. What did a strange boy want at that time of the night, he thought nervously expecting danger. He pushed the boy back, but the nightly visitor just bent down and began to kiss him.”

Buri giggled and touched Aegir the way he thought his father had touched the boy. First he caressed Aegir’s hair, than his cheeks, his chest and belly, but when his fingers probed for Aegir´s dick, his friend protested, “Stop feeling me up, Buri! Please don’t make me horny! I want to hear the full story, before…..”

Alright, alright, my red-haired love, I continue! My father had been sleeping naked and the kissing excited him in no time. The nightly visitor began to feel up my father. First he touched my father’s pole with soft fingers, and then he wrapped both of his hands around the wood and began slide his hand up and down singing softly in the voice of the desert people. My father was still scared and didn’t move. Then the boy changed position and squatted down on my father’s lap. Slowly he began to ride him stimulating his pole. When may father wasn’t able to deal with his feelings anymore the boy quickly lifted his bum, took my father’s dick with his right hand and planted it into his hole.”

My father nearly went into a shock. He never had had such an experience before, not even the night he made love to my mother the first time. The boy’s hole was tight, hot and soft at the same time. It enveloped my father’s member like the sheath of a blade. With every move of the feather-light visitor my father’s pleasure rose and so did the pleasure of the speared boy. Soon both moaned in unison. The pleasure increased when the boy bent down and to pinch my father’s nipples and kissed him on his mouth. Then he took my father’s hand and places it around his thin but extraordinary long member. He started to ride my father and faster and faster and my father began to stroke the boy’s silky member in the same rhythm. Both came moaning at the top of their voices.”

Buri paused for a moment, then bend forward to kiss Aegir who kissed back till his friend continued.

At the peak of pleasure the door of the cabin opened and Mitr entered. Kneeling down beside the two the big desert-man began to caress both with his strong hands. “Did I promise too much?” he asked with soft words, “Did you enjoy the pleasure my son can give? It’s a present of a desert-man to his friend. Will you be my friend?!” proudly as only a father could be, Mitr added “You have to admit, stranger, I am a good teacher and my son an eager student!”

The unexpected the pleasure didn’t end however. “Dear Ödur, dear ´Ödur, I am in love with you since I saw you the first time and I may die if you don’t give me the pleasure my beautiful son gave to you.” My father couldn’t but agree with Mitr, because he had never experienced love-making like that before. Likewise my father was amazed by the rough desert’s man tenderness towards him. After caressing each other for a considerable time of Mitr begged my father, “Please my friend allow me to make love to you! Get on your hand and knees by dear white-man, put your butt in the air and receive my semen.” My father complied reluctantly because he was not sure what would happen next. Mitr positioned behind my father and inserted his hard wood in my father’s hole and rode him like a mad dog. When my father began to howl in pain Mitr’s son, little Mitrson, fed his slender member deep into my father mouth to pacify him and his pain.”

Aegir trembled with excitement and his pole pulsed. Blushing crimson he leaned over to Buri and whispered in his ear, “I have never seen a man doing another man. I have seen dogs doing bitches, boars doing sows, cocks doing hens but never a man doing a man. But I have dreamed about it ever since I was big enough to sperm.”

At first Buri giggled in embarrassment, but being excited as never before he began to feel up Aegir. This ended in mutual exchanges of fondling. “I would like to do it too. I want to make love with you like Mitr did with your father! I want to come inside you and I want you to come inside me!” Aegir added in a very low voice, “I never have done it before, but I want it and I want it now!”

Buri looked deep into Aegir’s eyes, smiled and then asked, “You haven’t done it before? Not with your friends? Not with strangers? You want me to be the first, me, the black-skinned Curlyhead?”

Aegir nodded with burning cheeks and closed his eyes for a moment. While Buri added, “First time it will burn like fire, my Aegir! So why don’t you do it to me first and I do you afterwards!”

Snuggling up to Buri Aegir asked curiously “How do you know of the pains?” then hesitant so as not to offend his Curlyhead, “Have you done it before? You told me you never had another love!”

Buri went silent for a moment. He needed time to think things over, “That’s true! I swear, I never had another love, but I didn’t tell you all my secrets!” smiling in remembrance of the times gone by, he continued, “When my father came back from the desert he was so addicted to these games that he decided to tell me of these pleasures as soon I am old enough. In preparation of the rites of passage told me all about his voyage, my mother and his experiences in the desert and with the Mitr, Mitrson and the other desert-men. After I begged him to show me how to make love, he did, but under one condition, “Boy!” He told me, “Only do this, with somebody you love with all your heart!” Then my father introduced me to this way of love-making in a very tender way. It was very painful the first time, but later he never caused me pain.” With a dreaming look in his eyes he took Aegir in his arms, “Now my heart belongs to someone! Aegir, you are my love! My first and only love! You have found me and I am ready to go all the way!”

Aegir had butterflies in his stomach. He closed his eyes and leaned into Buri, “My dream has come true, I found my Curlyhead and nothing can separate us!” They cuddled like cubs on a sunny morning till Aegir suddenly remembered the unsettled question, “We still haven’t thrashed out who’s the first I mean the first to be taken! Make me please!”

Buri answered with a shake of his head “Let’s draw by lot!” he decided, because he knew how to trick his buddy. Aegir won and immediately began making love to his friend, the way Buri had outlined so vividly in his report.

Aegir’s first attempt was very clumsy, but Buri took his task seriously and taught him the subtleties. By the end of the day both were still far from perfect, but they were happy as never before.