The Baron

(c) By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is a fantasy depicting homosexual acts involving young men and boys. The story may contain material for to be offensive by some people; it is intended for adult readers, not minors. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE.  All events and places are fictional and there is no intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #2

Even in the depths of the spirits cellar, the cold wind howling outside the Manor could be heard and Klaus drew his sweater closer around his shoulders. Thinking of the young SS Major in the Baron's bed, I smiled feeling a strong surge in his loins and an intensifying hunger in the pit of my stomach and I hurried a little faster. 

Dieter was standing by the huge fireplace gazing into the flames and he looked up when he heard the cellar door opening.  "From the way the wind is howling around the windows the weather seems to be worsening Herr Klaus." He said turning as Klaus entered the room.

The flickering flames of the fire reflected from Dieter's white undershirt enhancing the definition of his thick muscled chest and ripped abdominal muscles.  His hair shone almost golden and memories of the young Sergeant of Pike I had met when in the service of Emperor Frederick III of Habsburg filled my head.  Dieter standing before the fireplace was the image of Peter, pure magnificent Germanic/Frankish masculinity. Peter was a spectre of the past but he lived again in Dieter, young and strong.

Looking at Dieter, I shook my head. "Dieter, please. The Baron is the Baron, I am just Klaus."

"I'm sorry Klaus. My father always insisted on being addressed as Herr Raiche and we all did except for my mother. "

"Your father must have been a strict disciplinarian to insist that his children address him in such a formal manner." Klaus said starting to remove the empty bowels and steins from the table.

"He was but we didn't see him that often. His work at the university and involvement with the Socialist Party took up much of his time.  Father lost his left leg in the war and when Germany lost that war he was pretty bitter about it.  Do you remember that war Klaus?"  Dieter said helping him clear the table.

"Yes but it is not spoken of in the Baron's home. Put those steins in the cupboard and then I'll show you your room for the night."


I watched Dieter putting the steins away and banked the fire. His muscles tightened as he stretched up for the shelf holding the steins and his gluteus muscles tightened.  "Dieter." I said softly probing his mind. "Would you like to be alone or join me in my chambers?"

"Klaus, did you say something?" He asked closing the cupboard door and turning towards me.

"No, I was banking the fire."

"I thought I heard someone speaking." He said looking around the huge kitchen.

"It must have been the wind, Dieter.  Come, I'll show you to your rooms."  I said lighting a thick candle instead of switching on the recently installed electric lights. Both the Baron and I preferred the light of candles to that of the thin flickering bulbs.

Dieter picked up his tunic, helmet and great coat following close behind me and he asked,   "Will my room be close to yours Klaus?"

"All of the chambers are next to each other Dieter. They all have connecting double bolted doors except for the Barons.  The walls are 2' thick and that is what makes installing the more modern electrical systems and water closets so difficult. When the Manor was built, pine pitch faggots and candles were the only source of light at night but of course you know that."

"I guess but would you mind if I slept in your room?"  He said edging a little closer.

Turning and placing the candle on a thick table by the wall  I slipped my arms around his small waist and locking his eyes with mine I whispered, "You sure you want to sleep in my bed?"

Dieter's clothing and helmet dropped on the floor and he wrapped his  steel muscled arms around my shoulders pulling me tight.   His soft moist lips searched for mine and in the dim yellow light of the flickering candle I could see our shadows dancing on the walls of the corridor.  I dropped my hands, gripping his ass muscles, grinding my hard cock against his our tongues twisting,  searching saliva filled mouths.

His heart was beating like a trip hammer and his breathing was in short almost panting gasps as we broke from kissing. Dieter moaned softly laying his head on my shoulder and I thought momentarily of when I and the Baron had met and I sensed that same desire in Dieter. "It has been some time for you Dieter?" I said softly, stroking his soft golden hair, feeling the tenseness draining from his body.

"Too long." He whispered kissing my neck and nibbling my flesh with his lips sending shivers of anticipation washing over me.

 In the excitement I forgot momentarily that he would need the candle.  "Bring the candle Dieter." I said pushing the heavy door open.

Dieter picked up his clothing draping it over his thick muscled arm and holding his helmet with that hand he picked the candle up with the other and entered the darkness of my bedchamber.  As I was closing the door I heard a low moan coming from the direction of the Baron's bedchamber and I smiled.


There was a chill in the air of the chamber and taking the candle from Dieter I held the taper to the already laid fire fuel and I waited for a few moments until the crackle and snap indicated it had caught.  The flames shot up partially illuminating the chamber revealing it was somewhat less luxuriously furnished then the Barons.  

The stone walls were covered with tapestries revealing scenes of my Saxon homeland on the River Elbe and the stone floors were carpeted with black bear skins from the Black Forest of Bavaria. The bed was large, canopied  & draped with thick crimson velvet.   Two large buck deer heads were mounted over the fireplace with a long oak shafted pike mounted beneath them.  Two huge crimson cushioned chairs and a single oak table completed the chambers furnishings.

The  chill in the air was warmed and blowing the candle out I placed it on the table. Dieter stood in front of the fire naked facing me. He had taken the rest of his clothing off while I started the fire and opened the bed drapes.  Removing my clothing, I breathed deep running my eyes over his magnificent frame. His thick muscled chest rose and fell with a gentle rhythm and his huge cock stood proudly from its thick golden nest, throbbing with each beat of his heart. I could not help but think, as we moved to meet in the warm flickering light,  what a shame that this fantastic, healthy, young virile example of German manhood was to be fed into an unfeeling war machine for the satisfaction of a madman's ego.  "Kommen Sie zu mir Dieter." I said softly probing his inner
                                                              (Come to me Dieter)
 thoughts and he melted into my arms whispering and sighing "Yessssss mein Klaus, nimmt mich."
                                                                                                   (Yes my Klaus, take me.)

Dieter was warm and his muscles trembled as we laid down on the soft eiderdown of the bed.  His golden blond hair cast off a reddish glow from the flames of the fire and his blue eyes gleamed as he looked up at me and said softly, "It's been a long time Klaus since I have been with someone."

"I can feel it has little one." I said feeling his muscles trembling  under the soft touch of my roaming fingers, "Entspannen Sie Dieter, entspannen Sie."
                                     (Relax Dieter, relax"   

I could feel him slowly relaxing as I stroked the velvety softness of his hard muscled body,  his heart was racing and his hips were moving in a slight upward motion when he placed his hand on my shoulder, running his fingers down my spine.  "Bitte Klaus, bitte"
                                                                               (Please Klaus, please)
he whimpered, thrusting his weeping shaft upwards and squeezing my shoulder.  I lowered my lips to the crown of  his magnificent throbbing hooded shaft and blew softly over the blood engorged head and licked the creamy pre-seminal fluid that was flowing freely.

Dieter moaned loudly and arching his back, his cock jerked upwards and I thrust my mouth down feeling the hot thickness sliding down my throat until my chin rested in the thick softness of his golden nest. He grasped my head with both hands growling from deep within his broad chest, "Arrrrrrrrrrgh" and I squeezed his body tight lifting him with my hand  in the small of his back holding his cock deep in my throat.

Breathing through my nose I waited as he slowly relaxed  feeling his beating heart in ever throb of his thick cock and when I heard him whimpering again, "Ach trocknet mein Gott Klaus, meinen Hahn saugt bitte. . . . . .".                                                (Oh my God Klaus, suck me dry please"

I twisted my hips and with his throbbing cock deep in my throat I threw one leg over his chest gripping him tight between my legs my heavy cock and balls pressed between us.  When he grabbed my waist with both hands I gripped his ass cheeks tight and started sucking his cock with a long slow motion stripping his foreskin back with each downward thrust of my mouth, running my tongue over the sensitive glans. His hips lifted meeting each downward thrust of my mouth until I felt it to harden and swell his back arching again. He groaned and spreading his fingers across my back he held me down thrusting his hip upwards and I felt a thick hot river of his sperm rushing down my throat.

"Trinken Sie Klaus, Getrank."  He said sighing softly his hand running over my back.
           (Drink Klaus, Drink)

The tension slowly drained from his muscles with each spasm of his gushing shaft and as he relaxed,  his cock started wilting.  I stripped the remaining drops with my lips, kneading his slackening nuts, his softening cock slipping from my lips .

 Twisting again I stretched out beside him and lowering my head we kissed. I dribbled the remnants of his fantastic ejaculation into his mouth twisting my tongue mixing our saliva and his sperm. He opened  his eyes looking into mine and grinning he turned his head slightly breaking the kiss causing my lips to slid down his stubbled cheek.

"I'm sorry I went so quickly Klaus, I wanted to satisfy you as well."  He said quietly a little embarrassed, his finger outlining the soft mound of my chest muscles his fingernail flicking at the hard nipple.

"Shhhhhh." I whispered looking into his soft blue eyes. "Entspannen Sie Dieter" relax, I enjoyed it very much."                                                                             (Relax Dieter)

His body shivered under the soft touch of my fingers and he moaned softly snuggling closer. I kissed his forehead, his cheek and his throat pulling him closer running my tongue over the soft flesh covering his jugular but a small voice deep said "not yet Klaus, enjoy this youth further and then drink."

Dieter squirmed under my caresses and his thick cock started swelling as his passions increased again.  Slipping an arm around my neck he pulled my lips to  his kissing me sending hot waves of ecstasy flowing through every fiber of my body.  Releasing me from the kiss his eyes blazed with lust and he growled deep in his chest, "Nehmen Sie mich Klaus, fuck mich."  
                                                                      (Take me Klaus, fuck me.)

Turning and kneeling between his legs I pressed my hands on his hard flat stomach and ran my fingers through his thick pubic bush. Taking his cock in both hands I slid the foreskin back and forth squeezing the thick pre-seminal fluid onto my fingers.  Dieter looked up at me smiling his eyes sparkling like blue  diamonds and he ran his hands over  his thick breast muscles pinching his hard nipples.

"Ach ja Klaus, ja."  He said lifting his legs on my shoulders his hard abdominal muscles bulging.
(Oh yes Klaus, yes.)   "Fuck mich."
                                     (Fuck me.)

Spitting in my hand I mixed his seminal fluid and mine smearing it over the head and shaft of my aching steel rod. Leaning into Dieter with his legs on my shoulders I scooted closer and guided the blood engorged head to his quivering anus and with one long smooth stroke I impaled his ass on my cock.  Dieter groaned bucking and thrashed his head from side to side, his fingers scratching at the bed coverings.  "Ja Klaus." He screamed biting his lower lip until blood flowed and he licked it with his tongue swallowing, "Fuck mich."

Leaning further forward with his legs over my shoulders I pushed his thighs into his chest and drove my cock deep with ass punishing piston thrusts. I felt his sphincter gripping my cock on each thrust and I drifted into a euphoric fog of lust wanting to fill his bowels with the hot juices boiling in my balls.  With each plunge into the hot depths of his bowels I scraped his prostate and Dieter screamed "Yes, yes, yes, Klaus. Oh God yes." Thrashing under me saliva flying from his mouth.

I lost all control feeling the hard length of my cock swelling and I sucked air into my lungs at the feeling of my sperm rushing up to explode filling his ass and I heard myself roaring, "Ah druckt Di Dieter, meinen Hahn meine Kreme fuhit, die thren Darm auffullt" (Ah Dieter, squeeze my cock tight, feel my cream filling your gut).

With a final ball draining spasm I collapsed onto Dieter's sperm and sweat covered chest. His cock gushed thick streams of his juice his muscles and mine tight in the grip of ecstatic animal lust and I slammed my wilting shaft deep grinding my thick bush tight against the soft perineum flesh between balls and anus.  His legs slipped from my shoulders and fell on the bed and he held me close to him while we both recovered our senses in the soft afterglow of contentment.

His lips were soft and succulent and I brushed them with mine kissing his closed eyes and cheeks.  Sliding my hands up under his muscled shoulder blades and seeing the soft pulse of his heart in his throat I whispered softly in Dieter's ear, "Ich liebe Sie meine Dieter,"(I love you Dieter) sinking my fangs into his jugular.  He moaned softly as I drank the aphrodisiac I craved and I caressed the soft nap of his neck and I probed his mind.

"Relax Dieter, relax. Tomorrow you will remember only the pleasure and gratification of an evening between the two of us."  I whispered telepathically, feeling him slip into a deep sleep as I withdrew from drinking his life giving blood a deep warm feeling flowing through my veins.  

Moving off of him I drew a coverlet over us and laying my hand on his chest I drifted off unaware of the figure standing in the shadows.

                                                           * * * * * * * * * *

To be continued.  I apologize for the German and the translations.  I felt the German would lend a little more authenticity to the story.  If any reader is fluent in German, I won't argue if they take issue with the use and translations, they were done with a literal translator on line.