(c) By Lee Mariner

JUNE 2003

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Chapter #3

The winds of eons past whispered in my mind as I took my fill of the young, virile companion who lay with me and I felt his life flowing in my veins. He would suffer no ill effects, only remember that he had slept with the Baron von Richthofen & not that he had satisfied more than just a carnal need.   

The Caucasus's did indeed produce some of the most beautiful men of Europe and visions of many from the past floated through my memory while I watched as his magnificently muscled chest rose and fell  with the slow rhythm of the deep telepathically induced sleep I had suggested while I satisfied the inner cravings of my being.  The evidence of intrusion  where I had fed from his jugular slowly faded, replaced by the gentle beat of  his heart.  His golden mane felt like silk to my touch as I stroked it, the flesh of his beautifully sculpted pectoral muscles was like the soft velvet of a flower petal and his hard abdominal muscles were ropes of steel. His flaccid sheathed member lay on a bed of soft silky golden down and stirred slightly at my touch and I recalled the creation of Michelangelo's David when I served  Lorenzo de' Medici, the Magnificent.  The power and beauty of his David outshone even his creation of The Pieta.     

Only the beauty and power of a magnificently proportioned male can be appreciated by those that have tasted of such beauty as Michelangelo created  in his David .  Klaus had such beauty and perfection when first I saw him serving in the many wars of Maximillian and I knew I wanted him with me as my David, my creation. He was the reincarnation of the many Franks, Russians, Hungarians, Slavs, Florentines and others of ancient tribes,  lost in the mists of time, that had filled my needs and served me over the centuries but none such as he.  

His young stallion, Dieter, brought back  vivid memories of the Florence of past centuries and its many magnificent, swarthy, vigorous young men who swaggered through the piazza's displaying bulging cods and muscular bodies dressed in the tight uniforms of the various families they served. Beautiful arrogant young men, cocks of the walk strutting for the ladies or men depending on their preference. Pleasant and exciting memories to be sure but none like the memory of Klaus  and our joining in 1544 on the forest floor beneath the trees in the shadow of the castle of Maximillian.  

I sensed the same qualities in Dieter that Klaus possessed and the thought that he may have sensed them intrigued me and I silently drifted into the shadows, a wraith of the night.


The fire had died some and I stood in the shadows, my  cloak wrapped around me.  Dieter was a magnificent young man, well proportioned. His broad smooth muscled shoulders and the lithe muscles of his thighs and calves rippled with power when he moved to meet Klaus.  His lithe biceps and forearms bulged when he wrapped his arms around him. His soft golden hair  glowed  reflecting the crimson of the fire and his huge thick sheathed cock swelled, hardening and I felt a surge in my loins.  

"Yes." I mused watching. Klaus was indeed fortunate and I felt a fire building within me.  They lay together exploring each other and hearing Dieter espouse his feelings I probed his mind gently searching for the sincerity of what he felt. His passion and desire flowed freely with total abandonment and deep in hidden recesses a love he had held in the past when he had been with other young men slowly surfaced.  A love he nurtured but held locked deep within his childhood memories hidden by the abuse of an authoritarian father.

I felt Dieter responding to the gentle loving ministrations of Klaus as he sucked and slowly drew the elixir of manhood from Dieters tightening ball sac and he writhed in ecstasy running his fingers through the soft flaxen hair of his lover.  I listened from the shadows as Klaus drank from Dieter's slowly softening cock savoring the youthful  energy of his young stallion. He drew the last remnants from Dieters cock and they kissed with the passion of lovers found.

My cock grew and throbbed reminding me of the companion of my bed that I had enjoyed and I was going to rejoin him when Dieter asked Klaus to fuck him. I knew the size of Klaus's cock and I watched, fascinated, as Klaus lifted and positioned his cock at the entrance that would accept him. He plunged his cock deep in Dieters bowels in one smooth thrust and I could sense the intensity of what Dieter felt. He was suspended in a euphoric existence between pain and ecstasy but his groan was one of pleasure, his muscles relaxing as his body accepted the fullness of  Klaus's thick  smooth sheathed cock.

Sweat poured from their rutting bodies and Klaus soothed and caressed his bucking stallion as they merged as one, a carnal metamorphosis that transcended the desire to give and accept the metaphysical energy controlling both of them. They were shrouded in a euphoric aura of physical pleasure and when Dieter and Klaus reached the ultimate pinnacle, the rapture of ejaculation. My dripping, throbbing cock exploded and I felt the thrill he was feeling as he sank his fangs and drank the energy that flowed in Dieter's veins.  Dieter moaned softly with the bliss he was experiencing once in his life.  

Gently probing  Klaus's mind as he drank I heard  his soft telepathic admonishment as he withdrew his fangs, his wilting cock slowly slipping from Dieter  and they fell into the warm depths of the afterglow of physical  fulfillment. I faded silently into the shadows as they drifted into a deep sleep holding each other.


The fire had died down to embers and the chill in the bed chamber woke me.  Dieter lay quietly sleeping beside me his head beside mine on the pillow, his arm over my shoulder. A  faint silvery glow filtered through the draped windows and I laid quietly gazing down at  the innocence of his handsome face. He stirred when I brushed his lips with mine, snuggling closer. I felt a swelling of my heart that I had not felt since the times of my mentor Maximillian even before I met the Baron. No one has stirred my feelings since Peter the Sergeant of Maximillians pikemen but Dieter had touched feelings long suppressed except those I had for Frederich von Richthofen, my Baron.  

Sensing that we were not alone during the night I wondered  if Dieter would accept the conversion I had so many years in the past.  I lived and served the Baron through him and only he could give me that power.  The Baron had never entered my bedchamber except when he and I enjoyed each other but his aura lingered.  When he had met Dieter in the kitchen I sensed his interest and as it was his right I would not have resisted if he had asked for him, but he had not.  He had never exerted his authority over any young man I had seduced.  If he ever did, I knew he would satisfy my needs.

I would have laid abed longer but there was a journey to be made and I slipped from the warmth of the bed and Dieter. Washing my face with cold water in the water closet I dressed in loose fitting trousers and a full sleeved open throated shirt  and whispering softly, "sleep my love" I went to the kitchens.

The ember of the kitchen fires glowed and after placing fresh thrushes on them the fires slowly came to life and I fed several small logs until they blazed.  I could see out the windows that a thick fresh blanket of snow covered the ground  and in the direction of the shed where I had put Dieter's motorbike and the Baron's automobile was kept I heard the muffled roar of an engine and then the crunch of snow under the tires of a black Daimler, its window curtains drawn,  moving on the roadway through the forest.  I saw a gold bordered red swastika on the license plate as it drove away from the Manor a man in a black greatcoat driving.  The Baron's guest was leaving and I smiled, walking to the door of the spirits cellar for a jug of Bavarian cider.  The private entrance too the steps leading to his bedroom stood ajar and I closed it quietly before returning to the kitchen.

While I prepared breakfast for Dieter, I sensed he had entered the kitchen from the dining room.

Without turning, I said quietly, "Good morning Baron, I trust you slept well."

"I did Klaus but why so formal? We are alone."

"Forgive the habit Frederich. You will always be my Baron." I said turning to him.

He was dressed in a full length black brocaded robe held shut with gold clasps. His golden mane fell over his broad shoulders and his eyes shone with the brilliance of blue diamonds.  He glided across the floor and took me in his arms. "Did you sleep well Klaus?" He whispered brushing my lips with his the tip of his tongue touching mine.

"I did Frederich." I said placing my arms on his shoulders Returning his kiss I felt  the familiar urge in my loins whenever he held me and I knew he could feel my cock swelling for I felt his.

His eyes gleamed looking into mine. "Did not our handsome young corporal fill your needs?" He asked smiling, his eyes holding mine.

"He did, but I am always yours Frederich."  I said, gently pressing my hard cock against his.

"Not now Klaus, I had a very pleasant evening more then fulfilling but you my friend always arouse me. " He said softly responding to my pressure and then breaking the contact he had initiated.

"Will Dieter sleep long Klaus?" He asked taking his seat at the head of the table, indicating another for me. I never sat in his presence unless invited which he always did when we were alone.

His robe fell open at the waist  exposing his magnificent cock laying along his thigh and I drew my breath in sharply.  He saw the direction I was looking and  closing the folds of his robe he smiled. "Not now Klaus, later. "  He said motioning me to a seat on his right.  "You always had an insatiable appetite. When will Dieter awake?"

"When I call him Frederich. He was exhausted and needed the rest." I said wishing I could probe his mind for the answer to why he was being so coy. I didn't dare that incursion though."

"You need not do that Klaus, there is nothing to hide between us." He said, his eyes smiling with amusement. "Your young friend has more than interested me for reasons we will discuss.  But first, I must apologize for intruding on you and Dieter last night. I stood in the shadows while you and Dieter learned of each other.  I must say Klaus, he is certainly is a magnificently built young man. He reminds me of when I first saw you, strong, stout, a little cocky but sure of yourself.  You were the most fascinating man I ever saw mounted on a horse. No one ever sat a saddle like you and fight, your Saxon ancestors must have been proud of you."

He sat with his back straight, his left leg extended from the folds of his robe exposing his muscled thigh and its light sheen of golden hair, his right hand caressing the large elongated bulge under the fabric of his robe. His eyes flashed looking at me, his breathing heavier with the tip of his tongue sliding over his partially open lips.

Moving  down the bench a little closer I dropped my hand gripping the hard length of my cloth covered cock his eyes following my movement.  "You flatter me Frederich, your reputation preceded you where ever you went and as for riding a horse, your portrait in the library shows more than your prowess as a rider.  You have no need to apologize to me though, as you said there is nothing we need hide.  Dieter is one of those that we seldom find and I sensed your interest when he first met you."

"But you didn't protest?"

"It's not my place to protest Frederich.  Dieter and I both are yours."

"But you know I would never intrude on you don't you?"

"I have always known that Frederich. You and I have bedded to many times for me not to know."  I said quietly glancing down at the almost hypnotic movement of his hand now joined my the stroking of his other hand on the soft flesh of his thigh.

"We have belonged to each other for to long not to know how one another feel.  In all of the years each time is as the first Klaus." He said laying his hand on my thigh.

"As you say Frederich, we know each other well." I said placing my hand on his, his eyes probing mine.

 " I learned some things last night Klaus that you may have overlooked in your zeal to possess him, Dieter is falling in love with you.  Not so much as rushing into it but you tapped a deep reservoir of feeling he has kept hidden and with your attentions a crack has developed in that reservior.  I believe you are developing feelings for him, true?"

"I cannot deny I am attracted to him Baron." I said slipping into a more formal tense.

"Klaus please, not Baron. We are talking as one friend to another, you have served me to long for you not to be my friend.  But I must ask, have you entertained the idea of Dieter's conversion?  

I could not avoid the intensity of his eyes and feeling his mind gently touch mine I returned his gaze answering truthfully, his hand still  on my thigh his slender fingers moving ever so slightly.

"The thought has crossed my mind Frederich but I have not given it enough thought. Besides, without your permission, his conversion would be your prerogative if you wanted it that way. " I said quietly while feeling the power of his mind.

He had often spoken of our friendship in which I believed but he was The Baron, my mentor and I knew he was probing for any deceit. Frederich von Richthofen had not existed as long as he had by tolerating deceit and disloyalty.  He knew I knew that and he also knew I loved him to much to be either one.

"Would you like it if he were to agree?"

"I would very much but not if  Dieter will become an obstacle between us Frederich.  I love you to much for that to happen but I will not deny your desires.  If it means I must lose you then I only ask that you let me rest."

"Klaus, Klaus my friend. Why do you fear losing me after so long? Do we not share, why can we not share in the future. Could not Dieter's conversion mean a strengthening of our relationship?  Would I be an intrusion between you and him and by the same token why would he become an intrusion between you and I. What prevents us from sharing each other?  Often over the years we have shared from the same person when they became a threat. Would Dieter become a threat? From what I discovered Klaus, I think not. The boy looks for love and security. Broach the question and if he agrees, I will know of his conversion." He said softly.

"Thank you Frederich, my Baron." I said quietly feeling his mine entering mine as he undid the clasps of his robe.

"Good, that's done." He said and I could feel his excitement seeing into my mind.

"Now then, remove those rags." He exclaimed leaning back in his chair and throwing his robe open his proud cock reaching for the heavens, his golden body gleaming in the sunlight filtering down from the overhead windows.  His mind filling mine whispering "Take me as you first did under the trees of Bavaria Klaus. Drink deeply lover for I have much to give you of myself and you to me forever."

Ripping my clothes off and dropping to my knees before my lover, I swallowed his magnificent golden shaft. Frederich placed his hands on my head and held my head tight.

"Suck Klaus, drink  the cream I will always always have for you my lover.  Suck the cream of life from my full ball sac."

Gripping his thick shaft with my lips I sucked as his hips lifted to meet each downward plunge or my mouth.  I stoked my throbbing cock in an intensifying  rhythm with sucking Frederich's cock and we both moaned as feelings of fire shot upwards from quivering loins.  His cock swelled, hardening and with a deep growling groan he arched his back his cock gushing a thick torrential stream of his cream down my throat. Groaning I sucked feverishly squeezing his jerking cock tight at the base and my cock erupted. Bolts of fire shot though me and I buried my head in Frederich's abdomen sucking and drinking his load.  

We both started a slow return to normal when he put his hands under my arms lifting me to his lap. I sat there feeling his softening cock pressing against my buttocks with my head resting on his shoulder while he slowly stroked my shivering body and I whimpered "I love you Frederich."

"I know Klaus, I always have and  you, you alone are mine. Now wake Dieter, we have a journey to Stuttgart and tonight you have a solemn task to perform."

Frederich von Richthofen, Baron Richthofen rose putting his robe on and when I finished repairing my clothes he had left as silently as he had arrived.

                                                    * * * * * * * * *