By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is a continuing story about surreal gay love.  All characters are fictional and unrelated to any person or persons living or deceased.  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO READ THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  


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Chapter #3

The fire in my bed chamber had died down too embers and the granite walls did not afford insulation  from the outside cold.  Dieter was curled up in the beds coverlet,  his golden head buried deep in the pillows,  long silky eyelashes lay on ruddy cheeks and his breathing was soft and rhythmic, he exuded the innocence of his years as he slept. 

Adding rushes to the fireplace grates I stoked the embers waiting as the rushes smoldered and then caught in a crackling blaze.  Placing two logs on the fire, I made a mental note to replenish the wood in the Baron's and my bed chambers. I laid a fire in his chambers each evening but he would tend it unless he and I were together.   Our need for warmth was not as great as that of some of our guests and the fires were kept low since our body temperatures were lower.

Dieter stirred in the bed and I stood up from tending the fire.  He stretched from the fetal position he had been in extending his muscled frame almost the length of the bed. The coverlet slipped as he stretched, revealing the muscled magnificence of his chest, dark nipples protruding prominently from the thick muscled slabs of his pectorals. It was difficult not to believe that Dieter was the not the reincarnation of Peter.  The resemblance was uncanny but Peter had refused the offer of immortality and had succumbed in one of the many war's of Frederick III of Hapsburg.

I hoped that Dieter would not refuse my offer but his answer would be heard later.  The Baron had been "invited"  too Stuttgart for a meeting with General Reinhardt the Neckar Regional Commandant.

Dieter stretched luxuriously flexing his muscles and rubbing his eyes with his knuckles. He arched his back slightly the impression of his hard cock clearly visible through the coverlet and then he suddenly sat upright, wide eyed,  supporting his body with outstretched arms behind him.  

"Good morning Dieter. I hope you slept well."  I said softly, smiling at the look of momentary fright on his face.

He laid back down clutching the coverlet around his waist and looking sheepishly, his face flushed with embarrassment at forgetting where he was. 

"I'm sorry Klaus, forgive me.  I forgot where I was for a moment.  I slept better that I have in months, the barracks bunks are not quite as comfortable as your bed is."

"I'm sure they aren't. The water closet is through that door if you need it. I'll straighten your uniform while you freshen up.

He hesitated for a moment looking around the chamber as if to get his bearings and almost with a flair he threw the coverlet back.  His hard thick cock lay over his hard flat stomach and his full testicles hung down over the soft perineum between his thighs.   His deep blue eyes looking up at me  glittered and I could see the rapid beat of his heart in the sternum between the thick slabs of his pectorals, dark nipples rigid.  I was tempted by his offer but I knew there was not enough time to relieve the pressure for both of us before the Baron would be ready.

"The Baron will be waiting Dieter, perhaps later."  I said, sucking air deep within my lungs, resisting the urges that coursed through me.

He jumped out of the bed, his face registering disappointment, his massive cock swinging like the slow rhythm of a clock pendulum. He stood before me his massive chest rising and falling with an easy rhythm as he breathed. I could see he was struggling inside from the way he clinched and unclenched his fists and his eyes probed mine.

Gently probing the recesses of his mind as he searched the depths of my eyes I detected the  turmoil he was wrestling with, the deeply hidden desire to express feelings he had long suppressed for fear of being rejected.  

I felt the love he was trying to express and I softly projected my feelings for him, "I love you Dieter, have no fear you are safe with me. Tonight I will show you that love."

Withdrawing from his thoughts I saw a veil of relief spread over his face and his eyes glowed softly. Moving closer he locked his steel muscled arms around me and laid his head on my shoulder. His softening cock pressed against my groin and he whispered in my ear.   "Klaus, last night you stirred feelings deep within me that I have not felt for anyone in a long time. It was almost like you knew what I was feeling and what I wanted. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did and I would like to be with you again."

His words sent thrills rushing through every sinew of my body and my heart felt like it would explode. Nuzzling his nose with my cheek I said quietly, "We will Dieter, we will. But right now the Baron is waiting."

He lifted his head and dropping his arms he looked into my eyes quizzically for a moment and then rushed into the water closet.  A warm feeling surrounded me and I felt a gentle probing.

"Good Klaus, you did well.  Tonight Dieter will be yours if he wishes it. Remember, only if he wishes it."

"Yes Frederich, I remember."
 I whispered in answer, recalling that my thoughts were telepathically his.

                                                             Part II

Dieter dressed quickly after coming from the water closet and I could  not help but think what a shame one so beautiful was covered in dull gray.  The clomping of his heavy boots echoed through the halls of the Manor as we walked to where Frederich waited at the massive oaken doors leading outside.  When we reached him Dieter stiffened, "Good morning Herr Baron."  He said rendering a stiff arm Nazi  salute.  Frederich looked at me his eyes flashing with distaste and then he looked back at Dieter.

"Dieter, did I not tell you last night that we do not stand on ceremony in my home?" He said softly while putting on his soft black calves leather gloves.

He was wearing a black woolen Inverness cape/coat and underneath a black Prince Albert morning suit.  His cravat was snowy white linen held in place by a circular ruby and diamond pin made in the shape of  the Richthofen family coat of arms.  Highly polished black boots and a black silk homberg, partially covering his golden tresses, completed his dress.  Frederich always dressed for impression when he was meeting someone of almost the same stature as he and he was an imposing figure.

Dieter stood as if hypnotized and I whispered in his ear that he should lower his arm and he did clamping it tight to his side.

"I'm sorry Herr Baron, forgive me."  He said his face turning crimson red.

"Forgiven Corporal, now loosen up. You make me hurt standing so stiffly.  Did Klaus take care of you last night? I sincerely hope so."  He said softly glancing my way, his eyes dancing with amusement at Dieter's discomfort.

"He did Baron. I haven't slept so well in ages. His, errrrr the bed was much better then barracks bunks." He said blushing again at what he perceived to be a slip. He didn't know the Baron had been in the bed chamber with us,  hidden in the shadows.

"Good, Klaus is very adept at caring for our guests.  Will Heinrich be in Klaus?"

"Yes my Baron. I instructed him as to how long we would be gone. He should have everything in order before our return."

Heinrich was a young lad of 15 that lived with his parents on the Baron's estate.  His family cared for the livestock, crops, fruit trees and repairs that might be needed.  Heinrich would gather the bedding for his mother to wash and he would clean the fireplaces and other chambers of the Manor.  They were well compensated for their services and made excellent unseen guards.

"Good. Sorry we have very little time for breakfast Dieter but perhaps we can arrange something in Stuttgart.  Klaus if you will bring the car around please and Dieter can escort us on his motorbike. We don't want to keep General Reinhardt waiting do we?"

                                                              Part III
The overnight snow had been heavy and the boughs of the trees were heavily laden, in some cases almost dipping to the ground.  The tires of the heavy 1936 Daimler crunched in the snow and I tried following the tracks of the earlier car that had left the manor.  Dieter rode a few yards in front of us, hunched over the handlebars of his motorbike.  The gray scarf he had wrapped the lower half of his face below his goggles had worked loose and snapped in the breeze like the Staff pennon that flew from a short aerial on the rear luggage rack.

The roads were virtually empty and we saw only an occasional cart being pulled by a shaggy horse, his owner bundled up against the cold.  Leaden skies contrasted with the sheer whiteness that surrounded us threatening more snow later on.

1939 Stuttgart had no snow plows but the area in front of Gestapo headquarters had been cleared by snow shoveling soldiers.  Gray & black clad troops marched to and fro and the entrance to what had been the town hall was guarded by  stern looking Gestapo Storm Troopers rifles held at the ready.

Dieter parked his motorbike and waved us to a spot just behind him.  I held the door for the Baron and Dieter pulled the document with the General's invitation from inside his great coat.  He led us up the stone steps and I followed just behind Frederich.  He walked slowly with the ramrod posture of the Colonel of Hussars he had been but I knew his eyes were taking in everything around him. If there was a hint of treachery he would move with the quickness of a cat, disappearing in a cloud of mist and at his command I would follow.  The power to disappear and reappear at will was tantamount to the safety of a living vampire who could move in daylight as well as darkness.  

Just as we reached the entrance a guard dropped his rifle blocking the doorway.  Dieter handed him the General's invitation and after scanning it quickly he raised his weapon allowing us to enter.  A young smart looking Lieutenant in Gestapo uniform approached and bowed his head slightly.

"Baron Richthofen? Follow me please, the Commandant is expecting you." He said smoothly, turning to Dieter. "You may report back to you unit Corporal."

"Excuse me Lieutenant, I would like for the Corporal to attend us unless there is some problem with that."  Frederich said softly while removing his hat and handing it to me.

"It is a bit unusual Baron but if that is what you wish."  He said nodding his head before turning on his heel,  marching smartly to another set of guarded doors. One of the black clad troopers opened the door and clicking the heels of his boots he stood at attention holding it as we passed through.

The corridor had high ceilings with several closed doors on either side and we sounded like steel shod horses walking on gleaming gray marble floors.  At the end of the corridor two more guards stood on either side of two ceiling to floor doors.  Each door panel was emblazoned with black, red and gold Swastikas. Underneath them, one door held a black and gold lettered placard with the words- - - - - Neckar Regional Commandant and the other- - - - -  Oberfuhrer General Hans Reinhardt.  The doors were swung open inward by the two guards and we were ushered inside with the exception of Dieter whom our escorting Lieutenant ordered to remain outside.

                                                                   Part IV

The Commandants office was a cavernous chamber with high ceilings and floor to ceiling undraped windows on two sides.  The floor was covered with Persian carpets displaying a multitude of color and intricate almost mystical designs.  There were various pieces of furniture and tables placed in a manner that afforded small groups the ability to converse privately.

Between the furniture groupings and the Commandants desk was a highly polished table approximately 5x2 meters in size with  several  carved high back chairs around it.  The Commandants desk was a magnificently carved piece of furniture with silver accessories strategically placed and a matching carved chair. An almost life sized portrait or Germanys leader hung on the dark wooden paneled wall behind the desk.  There were four black leather chairs arrayed in front of the desk and an extremely attractive young Gestapo officer occupied one of them.

He stood as the Baron was announced and I detected a faint glimmer of recognition in his brilliant blue eyes when he looked at the Baron.  He wore the usual black Gestapo uniform and highly polished riding boots.  A  Majors insignia was on the collar and a black and silver Iron Cross hung from where the collar was held shut by hidden clasps.   He stood ramrod straight with one hand resting on the grip of a holstered Lugar pistol, the other hand holding his black leather gloves. His uniform was tailored to fit and  it was obvious he was a well proportioned young man in the prime of life.

The General was dressed in similar fashion except gold replaced silver and there was a wide red stripe running down the outside of his full length trousers.  He was all smiles and full of exuberance as he rounded the end of  his huge desk.

"Baron Richthofen, delighted to see you. I was afraid last nights storm would delay you and you might not have been able to accept my invitation." He gushed extending his hand.

"Really General." Frederich said softly. "Your invitation read more like an order."

"An order Baron, never."  He said turning to look at our escort. "Who sent the Baron an order Lieutenant?"

The Lieutenant hesitated before stammering nervously, "I followed accepted protocol Herr General."

"And where, Lieutenant,  does protocol dictate that we issue orders to a member of one of Germanys oldest and most highly honored families?  Please Baron, accept my apologies for the error."

The young officer stood nervously saying nothing in response to the charge of incompetence and I heard Frederich in my mind. "He would have lost his head in our time Klaus?"

"Perhaps a little  more than his head Frederich."  I answered and he glanced at me with a small grin before returning his attention to the General.

"No harm done. As for the storm, would you say it was all that bad Major?"

"The snow did seem a little heavy for this part of Germany Herr Baron." He answered clicking his heels and bowing slightly at the waist.

"It does seem to be heavier than in past years Major- - - - "

"Helmer, Anton Helmer, Herr Baron."  He said smiling softly, extending his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you Major."  

For a few moments it seemed as if the General had been excluded and he interrupted.

"I am sorry Baron, I almost forgot Major Helmer was with us, please take a seat. May I offer you something, coffee, brandy?"

Frederich sat down before answering.  "A glass of water General. Would you like something Klaus? Klaus is my companion General. He and his family have served mine for many years."

"No thank you Baron but if I may, Corporal Raiche might want something to warm him. He was exposed on his motorbike during the trip in."

"Corporal Raiche?  Who is Corporal Raiche Lieutenant?"

"He is the messenger we sent with your invitation Herr General. The Corporal waits outside in the corridor for additional orders."

"In the corridor, why wasn't he sent to his barracks?"

Frederich raised his hand cutting off the Lieutenant's reply.

"I asked that he remain with us General.  I didn't intend to cause any trouble for your Lieutenant by asking that he accompany us to your office.  It was and is my intention to inform you of the excellent manner in which he carried out his orders.  Dieter was intent on returning with my acceptance of your invitation last evening but as the Major has said, the weather was rather inclement for traveling at night. I insisted he stay overnight and return with us this morning.  We did get a rather late start and I'm afraid he missed his breakfast."

"See to his needs and then ask him to wait in the ante room."

"Yes Herr Commandant."  The flustered Lieutenant answered, snapping to attention and clicking his heels.

A thoroughly shaken young officer withdrew closing the door quietly behind him. I stood a few steps behind Frederich's chair and too his left. Major Helmer waited for General Rienhardt to sit down before he did.  A brief uneasy silence fell over the room and I sensed General Reinhardt's irritation at the interview going other then he had planned.  Frederich sat calmly waiting and I detected his telepathic probing of the General's mind and his post-telepathic instructions.

"Remember the name Dieter Raiche and when you hear it, you will issue orders that he is to be your personal liaison with me subject to my orders only.  At the conclusion of this interview you will decline my offer of dinner but you will suggest that Major Helmer accept."

                                                               Part V
"Baron, you seem to be in deep thought. Is something wrong?"

"No General but I have been wondering why you summoned me."

"Major Helmer suggested we meet Frederich for reasons other than your father and I serving at Verdun during the first war under Kaiser Wilhelm, a fact I don't think he knew. That aside though,  I would prefer to think of our meeting as social but you seem to think there is an ulterior motive for my asking you here." He said glancing at the Major.

Frederich tensed at the familiarity of his Christian name being used  and then he relaxed before answering, casually removing imaginary lint from his sleeve.  "You knew my father General?"  He said quietly, avoiding the obvious challenge as to what he was thinking.

"No, I'm sorry to say but the history of your ancestors bears out his bravery. I heard of his exploits at Verdun and would have liked to have met him but the Kaiser recalled my unit too Berlin before the French overran our positions.  I was a Captain at the time and if memory serves me correctly, he was a Colonel of Regiment. Just a little above my station in those days. I saw dispatches that reported your father and his staff managed to escape in time and avoid capture but unfortuntely he lost most of his command."  He said smoothly, eyeing Frederich over his clasped hands in front of his face.

There was a hint or envy and arrogance in his voice and I could sense the rage boiling inside of Frederich at the affront. Both Frederich and I were at Verdun but the General had no way of knowing he was addressing the Colonel von Richthofen of that battle.  Frederich had over the centuries died, figuratively speaking, at what would be normal  life spans but always leaving an heir to assume the Richthofen title. Living vampires could only die by decapitation. Those with less ability than Frederich had not survived the Dark and Middle Ages.  If the Baron was considering General Reinhardts immediate future, he was conceling his thoughts. Most men would have shuddered hearing his answer to the personal family insult just uttered.

Raising his head slowly his golden mane falling around his shoulders, he gazed at Reinhardt for a few seconds. "Prehaps you should review the outcome of that battle General. It was fought some time ago and I'm sure your memory is clouded.  The history is well recorded and there is a rather extensive account of it with the dispatches you mention in my library.  I would be delighted if you would be my guest and we could discuss it at length.  Prehaps you would like to visit my father's tomb in the family masoleum, I am sure he would appreciate it." He said slow and deliberately.. His gaze did not waver from Reinhardt's face as the color drained from it.

A cold chill seemed to fill the room, broken by the doors opening and an aide entering with a glass of water on a silver tray.  "Your water Baron."  Major Helmer said  directing the aide with a wave of his arm to where Frederich sat.

"Thank you Major, my throat is a bit parched."

General Reinhardt sat behind his desk silently as if  in an a self induced catatonic state, watching but saying nothing.

 When Frederich finished drinking, he sat the glass on the front edge of his polished desk and Major Helmer looked at the General before speaking.

"One of the reasons the General asked you here Baron is that your estates are stratigically located between the Rhine and Neckar Rivers.  We would like to establish outposts on both rivers but they would be on your land and your permission would be needed as well as allowing the necessary troops to be garrisoned there."

"You forget Major that Reichsfuhrer Himmler directed that the outposts be built." The General suddenly stated. "It was not a request and I am sure the Baron would want to assist any way he can in the defense of Germany in the event of war."

Major Helmer seemed to be a much more tactful person in discribing the need for the river outposts than Reinhardt was but he was attempting to regain control of the meeting and Frederich sensed this.

"Of course Commandant, my family has defended Germany in many wars and I can do no less. I would of course prefer that your troops not be barracked in the Manor."

"Major Helmer will be in command of the garrison and he cannot be expected to live in a wooden barracks."

Visions of the treatment a previous Nazi Colonel had received when he visited the Manor flashed through my mind along with the memory of a black Daimler leaving the Manor in the early morning and an SS Majors uniform in the Barons bedchamber. Frederich knew what the summons had been for before we ever left the Manor. He had cleverly manipulated and directed the interview by subtelly antagonizing Reinhardt.  His interest in Dieter became clearer and I broke the silence between us.

"Clever Frederich, very clever. You have lost none of your tactical skills. Reinhardt followed your lead perfectly.  I should have realized who your guest was last night."

"I'm surprised Klaus that you didn't recognize the negotiiations we used forcing the abdication of Francis in 1806. He and his idiot sire are much like this pompus General, to full of themselves."

"History repeats my Baron."  

"It usually does Klaus. Lets conclude this farce."  

Frederich sat a little straighter in his chair and looked over his shoulder at me and then the Major.

"I agree Reinhardt. Major Helmer will have quarters in the Manor."

"Excellant Baron. Major Helmer will consult with you on the final plans and the engineers will start construction within a fortnight."

Our escort Lieutenant re-entered the room and stood at the door waiting to be acknowledged. He cleared his throat nervously just as the conversation lapsed.

"Yes Lieutenant, what is it now?"

"Corporal Raiche is waiting in the ante room as you ordered Sir.  Is he to return to his unit?"

"Corporal Raiche- - - Ah yes, Dieter Raiche the Barons escort.  No Lieutenant he is not returning to his unit. Have orders issued assigning the Corporal as my personal liason and courier with the Baron, subect to his orders.  He is returning with the Baron too Richthofen Manor."

"I will see to it at once Sir."  

"My thanks General.  Klaus will arrange for his quartering.  Major when may I expect you at my home or better still, why don't you and General Reinhardt have dinner with me tomorrow night? I would enjoy the company and prehaps the General and I can continue our discussion of  the history of Verdun."

The General seemed  just a little uneasy at the invitation and declined gracefully, "I'm sorry Baron, my schedule is full at the moment but I trust you will invite me at a later date.  I'm sure Major Helmer would be able to accept and it would be a good time to discuss our plans if you have the time."

"It would be an honor Baron. Would 7:00 o'clock be satisfactory?"

"Quite satisfactory." Frederich said rising from his seat indicating the meeting was over and I withdrew silently.

                                                             Part VI

The two guards snapped to attention as I opened the Commandant's office door. Asking where the ante room was located, one of them directed me to the last door on the left before exiting the building.  

Dieter was sitting in the room and when I entered he stood up with a look of complete bewilderment on his face and he exploded with a flood of almost unintelligble words.

"Klaus, the Lieutenant told me orders were being issued for me to return with you and the Baron. Is that true, what happened?"

"All true Dieter but I'm afraid you have at least one more ride on that machine of yours. I'll explain everything later. Come, the Baron will be leaving shortly."

Dieter followed me, still in shock at the turn of events. He checked the fuel in his motorbike while I retrived  the Diamler from where I parked it.  The leadened skies had darkened and light snow flurries swirled in tight eddiys.  I felt sorry that Dieter would be exposed once again but it was unavoidable.  Satisfied that he had sufficient fuel for the return trip he positioned himself in front of the Daimler standing with the bike between his strong thighs and I heard him call to me and waiving his arms.

"Shouldn't you warm the car for the Baron, Klaus?"

"No need for that, there is a warm lap robe inside."  I said smiling thinking that Dieter did not know the cold was of no bother.  Prehaps, before the night was over he would.

Major Helmer escorted Frederich down the steps to where I was waiting with the car door open. They were talking with each other and I could see from Frederich smile that he was in high spirits.

When I closed the car door, Dieter kicked his machine to life and the beam of light from the bikes single lamp cut through the swirling snow and he appeared anxious to be moving. I tapped the horn button lightly when Frederich was settled. Dieter waved his arm pointing the direction and I followed him slowly over the cobble stone streets.  

Glancing in the cars rear mirror, I saw Frederich was still smiling, his blue eyes sparkling. He leaned forward and opened  the interior partitioning  glass. "Your young stallion is anxious to return home Klaus."

"As I am my Baron. It went well today didn't it?"

"Yes Klaus and I should have told you of my plans but I wanted to be sure as to how it would play out.  Reinhardts arrogance unsettled me for a few moments and I should not have let that happen."

"Major Helmer played his part quite well after your comments struck Reinhardt into silence."

"You knew Klaus. I should have known."

"Not at first Frederich. It didn't become clear until I recalled what you had said about Dieter and I remembered a young SS Majors uniform in your bedchamber when I delivered the wine you requested. I didn't know it was Major Helmer when I saw the car leaving this morning.  I'll see to the arrangements for his arrival. Do you have anything in mind for tomorrow nights dinner?"

"Nothing special. I'll ask Anton later this evening if he has any preferences."

The cars headlamps cut a swath through the thickening snow  and I followed the red rear lamp of Dieters bike.  The snow dimmed headlamps of a following automobile shown in the rear vision mirror and I made a mental note to have wine in the Barons bedchamber.

                                                       * * * * * * * * *