Hell Mouth and the Gateway to Paradise

A medieval morality tale

By Ivor Sukwell


This is a work of total fiction save only that England, in the time depicted, was indeed a lawless land in the grip of a brutal civil war and that those with power did as they wished with none to stop them. You may feel that if men did debate upon how many angels could dance upon the head of a pin (though that debate came later) and that Hell Mouth was indeed to be found between the thighs of women then the Gateway to Paradise may well be found in the arse of a boy. You may feel that such a thought is blasphemous, but that the author leaves to you; for him it is base for a story, nothing more.

You are not forced to read, and nor should you read if the material is liable to offend. Neither should you read if your laws prohibit, for this is a tale of men and boys.




The boy had screamed, a long, shrill, high-pitched scream, forced from him as his anal muscles fought to prevent his inevitable sodomising. He didn't wriggle or fight to escape what escape was possible for a malnourished boy of fourteen when a strong and healthy man twice his age had pinned him to a table by body weight alone? Even the tensing of his anal muscles was instinctive, not willed; his mind knew that being sodomised, however painful it was, was better than being dead.

Guy de Curile had grunted with satisfaction as the boy's outer sphincter at last gave way and grunted again as the inner one followed, accompanied by an even more high-pitched scream from the agony-filled boy beneath him. The screams were of no concern, all that mattered was the wonderful feeling of the hot, wet, velvety insides of the boy that his member was now pushing deep into. It was a long time since he'd had the pleasure of getting his member inside a boy, far too long, and a few screams were of no consequence. They'd fade away as the boy became used to having a member in him and even if they didn't it was of no concern to Guy, he was going to use the boy until he seeded him however loudly the boy screamed.

The boy should have been dead, lying with the other corpses in his small hamlet; lying with his skull cleaved open or his throat cut. Instead he was lying across a table, his small, clenched hands gripping the table edge as though that would somehow lessen the terrible pain in his arse as he was carelessly sodomised. He'd grabbed a pitchfork when the soldiers came and even as he grabbed it he knew it was a futile gesture; what hope did a skinny boy of fourteen have of defending himself against brutal, mailed and armed soldiers?

He'd heard the other villagers dying around him as the soldiers rampaged through the mud and straw hovels and he saw the man on horseback trotting towards him, a sword, already bloodied, in his hand and ready to kill. Feebly he'd pushed his pitchfork forwards, looked at it in horror as a simple sweep of the man's sword had cut through the beech shaft as though it was butter and then knew nothing more until his eyes opened and saw ground passing beneath him.

Guy should have killed the boy as all the others were being killed. It would have taken but a swing of his sword to separate head from shoulders but instead, and without thinking, he used the flat of his sword, knocking the boy, unconscious, to the earth. Still without thinking he halted his horse, leaned from the saddle and hoisted the unconscious boy up, tossing him across the horse in front of him and then returned his attention to the hamlet to see if there were any alive still to kill.

A few were, the females, though they were all in the process of being raped and, if still alive when the soldiers had finished, their throats would be cut. It was the livestock the soldiers had come for, not the people.

England, in the mid-twelfth century, was a land ravaged by civil war and the often unpaid mercenaries lived off the land, any land.

"Have the cattle and pigs driven to the baron," Guy had told a sergeant who was still negotiating his lower garments back into place, "The men can feast on the chickens."

The sergeant nodded in agreement; there was no plunder of any worth to be had but full bellies would keep the soldiers happy.

"What you going to do with that?" the sergeant had asked, nodding towards the unconscious boy draped across Guy's horse.

"Keep it," Guy had said on impulse; "Can't afford a squire so I'll make do with a slave."

"Makes sense," the sergeant agreed and lost interest.

Guy's duty done he headed for what passed for home. Once, not long ago, he'd held two manors but the fortunes of war had shifted and now he held nothing. The Earl of Pembroke, who held much of Wiltshire, had granted him a tiny house in the wilds of Salisbury plain for one knight's fee and he'd been called upon to levy taxes from a hamlet in the holdings of some knight or other who happened to be pledged to Maud and not Stephen. Levying taxes meant killing all who lived there, appropriating anything of value and then burning the place to the ground. That had now been done and Guy was free to ride to his tiny house until the next summons came.

He hadn't even thought about the boy draped across the saddle in front of him as he rode the long miles across the wastes of the Plain, his mind was alert for danger, for a man alone, even an armoured knight, was fair prey for any band of robbers or even a troop of mercenaries on their way to or from somewhere. England was a lawless land.

He never gave a single thought to the boy until he pushed him from the horse when he finally arrived at his small dwelling. He looked, almost with surprise, at the scrawny, unkempt and filthy figure that was scrabbling to its feet beneath him obviously in some serious discomfort from being beaten around the head and then spending hours draped over the back of a horse.

"Clean yourself," Guy ordered, pointing to the well. "Get rid of those rags and wash. You're filthy and you stink." Only now the boy was no longer directly under his nose did Guy realise that the air he had been breathing for hours was perfumed by something more than just horse.

The boy had obeyed with fumbling fingers shedding the few rags he wore and Guy understood that the decision to take the boy as a slave and not kill him was not his; he had acted in accordance with God's will. The boy was scrawny and if not actually ugly, he was clearly a peasant of the lowest order, but between his legs he had enough to make a grown man jealous.

Guy's mind went back to his early days as a knight when he had joined a crusade, not from any religious zeal, but for the same reason as most other knights, in the hope of plunder or even land.

His crusade had ended in Sicily where the crusaders had been instead employed as mercenaries in a dispute over who should be sitting on the throne. Sicily, he found, was a very different land from his own. There were, incredibly, no whores and it had been made clear to all that any attempt at a local woman would result in inevitable death, a meeting of heart or throat with dagger.

"And what is a man supposed to do?" he'd asked a companion crusader and had been answered by one in the robes of a cleric.

"You will find the boys of the island to be most accommodating," the priest had smiled, "It is the traditional way here."

"Sodomy is a sin, mortal sin," his companion had protested.

"It is indeed, my son," the priest had smiled, "But consider well what that sin is. God does indeed forbid a man to lay with a man and He forbids also the sin of Onan, but in His wisdom he makes no mention of boys. Bishops have decreed that a man may use a boy without sin for did not the great King David of the Hebrews use boys for his pleasure? Hell Mouth lurks between the legs of women but in the flesh of boys there is only purity."

Guy had not been at once convinced, but after an evening of wine had gone with his companion to a house of boy pleasure and found, to his great surprise, that a boy did indeed make a good substitute for a whore, so much so that by the time his crusade was finished he no longer had thoughts for whores or even maidens but lusted instead for the pleasures of a boy's mouth and arse and even for the delights to be found in all the flesh of a boy, for they were many and varied.

And now God had taken pity on his years of abstinence, for he had not indulged in a boy since his return from crusade, and given him a boy of his own.

The boy had not screamed again when he was entered for the second time but given a great gasp instead and Guy realised that the screams before had not been the boy in agony but howls of rage and frustration from the Devil as he was driven from the body of the boy, for in the Godless land that was England the boy had surely been tempted by the Hell Mouth between the thighs of women, for the women in this land did willingly the Devil's work and parted their legs eagerly to drag men down to Hell. The gasp, Guy reasoned, had been in wonder as the boy understood that he was now doing God's work, and Guy knew he was right in this for now the boy sighed and groaned with pleasure and delight when he was used.

And Guy kept the boy free from other sin as he had learned to do in Sicily. Boys have but little control over their seed and spill it frequently, and Guy had learned that by taking a boy's member into his mouth the boy could seed without sin for nothing was spilled. The physicians and apothecaries of that land had taught that the seed of a boy is an elixir for it is purity in essence and a man may prolong his youthful years by consuming it often.

The boy showed his gratitude to Guy for keeping him so free of sin by offering his member to Guy on many occasions, and always in the mornings when he woke and at night before he slept. And Guy knew he was doing God's work for there was great pleasure in having the boy's ample member in his mouth and delight for them both when the boy seeded.

He lay now in his bed, the boy beside him, the warmth from his naked flesh adding to the comfort. Tomorrow he must answer his lord's call and ride to a muster; another village on land coverted by Pembroke would be razed and burnt, more peasants slain. It was easy work yet good training for the levy who would, at some point, be faced with real battle. Though cutting down mostly unarmed peasants was not dangerous work it was important that the men of the levy should learn how to kill, and using their swords and axes on living flesh was far better practice than hacking with wooden swords at bales of hay.

He would take the boy, Elred was his name, his Saxon origins more obvious now his face had lost the pinched sullenness it had when he had first taken him. His now well-washed hair was a dark gold, his eyes startlingly blue and his scrawny frame had filled out a little with more regular feeding. Even in the three weeks he had owned him the boy had developed a touch of the angelic purity the cleric in Sicily had so convincingly argued was the true nature of boys.

Guy felt the boy stir beside him and heard the whisper that came with full wakening, "Save me from sin, master," the boy breathed and Guy, because it was his duty to God to keep the boy free from mortal sin, raised the bed covers and went down to take the boy's full, thick organ into his mouth.

It was a wonder, Guy thought as his hand stroked the warm, smooth flank of the boy and his mouth encompassed some half of the boy's impressive member, how much pleasure there was to be had from keeping a boy free of sin and how much delight it was for the boy, knowing that his master would keep him safe from the sin of Onan, a sin that would, had the Devil not been driven from him, have resulted in him burning in Hell for eternity.

Elred sighed and closed his eyes, his mind filled with the wonder of God as his master stroked and sucked him. His flesh tingled as a hand swept over him, from knee to shoulder and he shuddered with a bliss no words could encompass when Guy's fingers tweaked and pinched a hard nipple.

He had understood but a small part of all his master had told him about God and the Devil and the sins he had committed with himself, but he accepted that he had been in the Devil's clutches before his master had saved him and that it could only have been by God's mercy that he had not died when his hamlet was raided and destroyed. It was clearly by God's will that Guy had taken him as a slave and not killed him as all others had been killed and then Guy had driven the Devil from his body in a howling, searing, red-hot agony. And now, when Guy saved him from sin or made sure the Devil had not somehow returned to his flesh, there was only wonder and pleasure.

He breathed more heavily as his master's mouth worked on him, lips and tongue working together to bring up his seed, his member gripped firmly in the hand that was not stroking his flesh, and with a long sigh he seeded, his jerking member spurting the fruit of his loins deep into his master's mouth and, slave though he now was, he could face the day happy in the knowledge that he had done God's will and once more avoided the sin of Onan, that his seed had not been spilled wastefully upon the ground.

Guy took Elred with him when he joined the muster that was to raid the village of Ogmore. There were four other knights, though Guy was the poorest of them all and he suffered the sneers of the others when they saw him accompanied, not by a squire, but by a peasant. Though the boy's tunic bore the emblem of a white dove on an azure field that Guy had adopted, the boy carried a crossbow, not proper weapons, and that marked him as a peasant and his master as a penurious knight.

He took Elred because it was safer for the boy than leaving him behind where he would have been at the mercy of any wandering band of robbers and outlaws. He saw no point in saving the boy for God and then leaving him to have his throat cut.

The village was ready for them. That was nothing more than they had expected; no settlement of any size expected to be left in peace in this time of civil war, and not just the civil war for the throne, but also the constant strife between baron and baron as all sought to extend their lands and power. Six men of the levy fell to arrows before they were within fifty yards of the village outskirts, a sergeant, two men-at-arms and another levied man fell to the second flight.

Ten lost from the sixty or so that were attacking, heavy loss but it was now obvious that there were but six bows shooting at them and the villagers had made the mistake of grouping them together.

Giles de Neuville, the senior of the knights, ordered a charge, and with lances lowered the four knights hurled themselves and their huge destriers at the improvised barricade of hay bales that the archers were standing behind.

Bales of hay do not stop charging warhorses and four bowmen were skewered by lances, the other two trying to scatter out of the way, to be chopped down in their turn by the swords of mounted sergeants.

Now the murder began. Lances discarded, the four knights joined the mounted sergeants and men-at-arms in chopping off limbs and slicing heads from bodies. It mattered not if villagers fought back or knelt in surrender, all were to be slaughtered, only the manner of their deaths differed. Sharp swords sliced the heads from any who knelt or carved great wounds in the bodies of those who fought. Studded maces turned skulls to pulp or crushed bones into lungs and other organs and while the soldiers butchered anything male the levy sought out the women and young children, slitting the throats of the old and very young, and raping the rest before dispatching them.

Guy, along with the other knights, was in his element, an efficient, ruthless, killing machine. It mattered nothing that the men he killed were mostly unarmed peasants; he had been born and trained to kill and kill he did, revelling in every death he caused. His favourite stroke against a man on foot was the backhanded downward swing of his sword, striking between neck and shoulder. Backhanded it carried the full weight of his body behind it and even a mailed man would not survive such a blow from a sharp, heavy, battle sword. Such a stroke also had the advantage of not endangering his horse, many a mounted man had come to grief when a careless swing of his sword had contacted with the animal he was riding.

Two peasants were in front of him, running for the hopeless sanctuary of the church. He eased his warhorse to a canter and took the head of the rearmost one with a forward sweep of his sword and then the other with a backhanded slash that took the running youth neatly under his chin, a kill that pleased him with its efficiency. He could so easily have mistimed that stroke, his sword that little bit too high and slicing into the running youth's face instead. The result would have been the same in that the youth would be dead, but it was so much more satisfying to have timed the swing to perfection, the edge of his sword taking the running youth on the throat and cleaving off his head so neatly.

Guy had hardened now as he always did when he killed, but he paid no heed to that, searching instead for more blood to spill. His blood-lusting eyes spied a boy and the hardness between his legs throbbed. The boy was standing, his back against the wall of a hovel, perhaps his home. Shorter and perhaps younger than Elred, the boy was nevertheless solidly built and clearly had some strength as was evidenced by the bloodied, long-handled scythe he held.

The origins of the blood were on the earth in front and beside him. To his left lay a warhorse, thrashing in pain and unable to rise, and in front a man-at-arms, lying on his back, his hands pressed against his mail shirt in a vain attempt to prevent his bowels from escaping.

The man-at-arms had been careless, thinking a boy an easy kill, even a boy armed with a long-handled scythe. He had been shown the error in his thinking when the boy had swung that scythe, the wickedly sharp, inner curved edge biting into the horse's shoulder, making it rear in agony and throwing the mailed man at the boy's feet. With no hesitation the boy had raised his scythe high and driven it down, point first, through the mail shirt and deep into the soft belly beneath, and in dragging the scythe back out, the boy had neatly opened the man-at-arms' stomach.

Such a boy was dangerous and to Guy well worth the killing. Taking the heads from unarmed, running peasants was good for the practise of killing swings of his sword, but slicing open a boy armed with a scythe that he had already used to good effect was far better sport.

He could not circle around the boy as he was backed against the hovel's wall, nor could he approach from the right where the thrashing, squealing horse obstructed him. He could only come from his left, the boy's right, an angle that the boy would choose for a swing of that scythe.

He was gripping it, Guy noted, at the base, so he could use the full length of it in a swing, which meant that he could slash at Guy's horse before Guy was in close enough to use his sword. The answer was to move to his own left, sideways on so the boy could only aim his scythe at the side of his horse, or perhaps his own right thigh, a difficult target to strike at with the curved blade of a scythe.

If the boy swung Guy would parry the shaft of the scythe with the edge of his sword, leaving the boy defenceless and then it was simply a matter of deciding if he should use a thrust through the boy's throat or stomach, or lean forward and take his head.

With two heads already neatly removed from their bodies Guy felt that a third would make for a good day, and all went nicely to plan. The boy swung his scythe, Guy chopped through the shaft, the wicked blade dropping useless to the earth, and Guy raised his sword, swinging to take the boy's head.

The thrashing horse squealed, his own mount, bucked a little and the sword turned in Guy's hand so that, instead of the edge taking off the boy's head, the flat of the blade struck his shoulder, knocking him to the ground with the force of the blow from the heavy war sword. Unable to get close enough to finish the boy off because the dying man-at-arms chose that moment to try to rise, Guy called to Elred, who had remained close by his side throughout.

"Take him," Guy shouted, intending that Elred should use his loaded crossbow and make his first kill, but the boy mis-understood and instead of shooting the half-stunned boy on the ground, he put down his weapon, ran in and delivered a wicked kick to the boy's ribs.

The wind driven from him and his left arm useless from the sword blow, the boy was in no position to defend himself and another kick from Elred made sure that he made no attempt to do so. Elred then ripped the boy's threadbare tunic from his body and used the torn remains as a makeshift rope to tie the boy's hands roughly behind his back.

Guy watched in surprise, wondering what Elred was doing and why he was doing it and then, from nowhere, came the understanding. He had not been meant to kill the boy. It had not been his intention to spare him; the injured horse had distracted his mount and the sword had turned in his hand without his will; the dying man-at arms had moved at that moment and prevented him from making a killing thrust and his slave, Elred, had misunderstood his command and taken the boy captive instead of shooting him with his cross bow. Such a series of events could not happen by chance, and if not by chance then it could only be by the will of God. God had chosen him to save this boy; a boy whose naked bare chest now gleamed in Guy's eyes, and who had to be saved from the Devil.

Guy knew only one way that could be done and the hardness between his legs throbbed again at the understanding.

God's involvement was made further evident when, behind the hovel where the boy had placed himself, Guy found a small cart, a donkey still harnessed to it. The bottom of the cart was covered with a litter of fresh straw, probably the remains of the pathetic sheaves the few archers had tried to hide behind. Guy's problem of transporting his freshly acquired slave, the boy he must save from the Devil, from the Downs to the forsaken middle of the Plain, was solved.

"Tie his feet as well," Guy ordered and Elred deftly removed the frayed rope that held up the boy's breeches and lashed his feet together.

He watched in some amusement as slight Elred somehow hoisted and heaved the smaller, but sturdier boy into the cart, the boy doing his best with hands tied behind his back to prevent his one remaining garment from falling down his body.

"Wash him," Guy commanded Elred when they reached his home, "The Devil must be driven from his body with no delay."

Eager as he was to start on this holy work, Guy felt some small delay would be forgivable, it would not, he felt sure, be proper to drive out the Devil from the boy while he was still smeared and spattered with the blood of those he had killed.

"But first draw me some water," he added to Elred, "I too must wash."

He stripped to do so and his religious zeal was evident in the swelling of his member, the tool he would use to purge the boy of the Devil.

"Bring him to me when both are clean," he ordered, and strode inside the humble dwelling he called home. Anxious as he was to begin the Lord's work he needed a mug of ale and a handful of bread and cheese after his day's work.

"I'm not going to run," the boy told Elred as the skinny slave tried to fathom how he was going to get the boy from the cart. "I can hardly move my arm and my ribs still hurt from the kicking you gave me."

"I'm sorry for that," Elred said, and meant it, "I was scared you'd get up and fight with me. You'd just killed a soldier and I've never fought anyone, even with my fists."

"Don't worry about it," the boy shrugged, "I'm glad you kicked me. I think your master meant for you to kill me."

"Oh no," Elred was horrified by the thought, "He means to drive the Devil from you."

"And just how does he plan to do that?" the boy asked as Elred undid the bonds around his wrists and feet.

"It is a strange ritual," Elred said slowly, "And I know not how it should work but I know that it does for he drove the Devil from my body, though it hurt like the fires of Hell, but the Devil was driven screaming from my mouth."

This did not sound good to the boy; to be saved from a quick death by a sword in order to be tortured was not something to be wished.

"What torture does he use?" the boy asked, his voice low and fearful.

"A strange one," Elred said, wondering how he should describe it; "He pushes his member into your arse and as it fills you it must be that there is no room inside you for the Devil and he is forced from your mouth. His screaming is fearful and the pain he causes as he tries to remain inside you is great indeed, but the wonder is that you know he has gone from you as the pain soon lessens and when the master does this thing to you again in a day or so, for he must know that the Devil has not returned, it is not painful at all but instead a thing of pleasure."

The boy looked at Elred, his eyes wide in astonishment, wondering if he had heard aright.

"You mean he fucks you?" he asked.

Elred shook his head in puzzlement, "I know not that word," he said.

The boy bit back the burst of laughter that rose in his throat. Village peasant though he was, he was quick-witted and not stupid. The other boy was both slow-witted and very stupid and obviously believed every word he had spoken.

"I am Osric," he said instead of laughing derisively at the other's stupidity, and clambered slowly and with some pain from the cart. Some difficulty too, for there was still the matter of his breeches to consider. "How long have you been his slave and is he a good master?"

"Almost a moon since he spared me when my home was raided. All others were slaughtered, but me he saved. And then he drove the Devil from me and saves me many times from the sin of Onan," Elred said proudly. "He is a good master, a boy could wish for no better."

"The sin of Onan?" Osric had heard of many sins and committed as many as he was able, but of Onan he had never heard.

"It is when you allow your seed to spill needlessly on the ground," Elred said, proud again to have more knowledge that the younger boy.

"A sin I need not yet to be saved from," Osric grinned, his aching, painful body for a moment forgotten, "I can not yet make seed, though I have tried hard enough many times. But how saves you he from it?"

"By taking you in his mouth when the need to spill seed is upon you," Elred explained, "And it is a wondrous thing when he does it."

"And does he save you from this sin often?" Osric was interested now, beginning to wonder if this was a slavery he could easily endure.

"Oh, yes," Elred beamed, "Every morning and night and sometimes more as well. And sometimes, when the need to seed is on him too, I take his member in my mouth and it seeds there. It was strange at first," he said thinking back, "But now I like it much."

"I see no slave mark on you," Osric commented as Elred drew the water for them to wash.

"Oh no," Elred said, pulling up the bucket from the well, "I am his slave only until I am a man, but I stay with him willingly. I hope you will also," he added tentatively, for becoming friends with a boy one has kicked violently is not a simple thing.

"If he treats me as he treats you, have no doubt of it," Osric smiled. "Now let us wash."

Osric let his breeches fall and Elred found his eyes drawn to the special place of the other boy for Osric was the first boy he had set his eyes on when naked. His chest was broad, his stomach flat and his thighs full and firm, where Elred was thin and skinny. But where Elred was full, long and thick, Osric was small and slender and no hairs grew as they did now on Elred.

"How old are you?" Elred asked.

"Thirteen by a month, and you?"

"Fourteen and more than a quarter," Elred boasted, shedding his own clothing with no hesitation in front of the younger and so much less endowed boy.

"I can see one reason why the master likes you so," Osric grinned when he saw Elred's member, "That is a most impressive weapon for a boy to carry."

Elred looked uncertain as he tried to fathom the meaning in Osric's words, and then both blushed in embarrassment and grinned with pleasure that he should be so flattered.

"If, when the Devil has been driven from me, I should be permitted to save you from that Onan sin, I shall be pleased indeed to do so."

Elred blushed a deeper red and glowed inside at having found such a friend in such a way.

"And I for you when you can make seed," he said, his own member beginning to fill as he thought on it.

He led the freshly washed Osric inside where Guy was waiting naked and partly aroused in anticipation of doing his holy deed. At the sight of Osric he filled rapidly, the complete smoothness of the boy's proportioned body making his heart pound and his blood flow to his member. The boys he had used in Sicily when crusading in the name of God had been smooth like Osric, some because they were yet too young for hair and others because such hair had been removed to enhance men's pleasure.

With Osric positioned across the table just as Elred had been Guy marvelled again, this time at the full, firm roundness of the boy's arse. It was an arse that begged to be filled with cock and Guy gave thanks that God had placed boys on the earth to be saved from the Devil and give pleasure to men.

"Master," Elred said as he put pig grease on his master's member and also in the crack of Osric's arse, "Would it be permitted for Osric to save me from sin when the Devil has been driven from him?"

Elred's reason for asking was pointing out in front of him, full, thick and throbbing.

Guy thought for but a moment.

"Move to his front, boy," he said, "And when the Devil has come screaming from his mouth insert your member there so that evil can have no way back in. Feeding him the purity of your seed can do nothing but good."

`Think of it how you will,' Osric thought, `I am going to be fucked and have that wonderful young cock spurting in my mouth at the same time. This is far, far better than being dead!'

Osric needed to act now for he had been fucked many times before. The priest at Ogmore had fucked him, as he had fucked every other presentable boy in the village, when he was but ten years old, though he had given no reason about driving out the Devil. He fucked boys because he liked fucking boys, young boys. He had no use for them when they came of age to seed and grow hair.

He managed a presentable scream when Guy's prick entered him, entered him far more easily than it had entered Elred, though Guy was too far gone in the lust of his holy duty to notice the difference. He gave a yell or two more as Guy thrust deep inside him, and a respectable howl when Guy withdrew almost all the way and then thrust back in with vigour and then he allowed his yells to turn to gasps, gasps that were not feigned for Guy indeed knew how to fuck a boy and the village priest had never given him this much pleasure.

"Now, boy," Guy managed to mutter as he lost himself in the moist, velvet insides of the boy, and Elred, taking that as his cue, pushed his ample member to Osric's mouth, a mouth that opened instantly and eagerly to engulf as much cock as it could manage.

It was far from all that he managed to take in his mouth for Elred was large and he had never done this before, but his mouth enclosed the head and his tongue flickered by instinct over the shroud of skin before he pursed his lips and pushed that skin back so his tongue now licked the exposed, sensitive part that lay beneath.

Osric had no skill but still his mouth felt wonderful to Elred, too wonderful for him to restrain himself for that was something he had yet to learn, and his member stiffened even more and jerked as it pumped forth his seed.

Osric felt the hot spurts hit his throat and fill his mouth with something that felt like the eggs he sometimes swallowed raw, but the taste was not of egg but of something he could not describe, something he knew he must taste again and again and he swallowed the seed of Eldred as slowly as he could.

He felt his new master stiffen and jerk inside him and knew that he had been seeded there as well, for it was a thing he knew from the village priest and he wondered if the two seedings would meet inside him.


Guy gave thanks for the bounty and goodness of God. His new slave, Osric was his name it seemed, was outside, washing the blood from his surcoat and scrubbing blood and rust from his mail and Elred was finding something for them to eat. Elred was blessed with the most magnificent member he had encountered on any boy and Osric had a wonderful arse. What a wonder it was that God had chosen him to drive the Devil from these two boys and to keep them safe from sin thereafter, and all because he had gone on crusade with the holy intention of killing the enemies of God and landed in Sicily where the Church had revealed the true nature of boys and the duty men had towards them. The ways of God were indeed wonderful and strange.

Elred boiled barley with chopped roots and a little bacon to add more flavour and he too wondered on the ways of God. He knew only what the knight, his master, had told him, but he doubted not one word of it. Had not the Devil been driven screaming from his body, and now, when Sir Guy made sure that he had not returned, as he did almost every day, was it not a pleasure beyond pleasures? And to be saved from the sin of Onan by his master's mouth was a wonderful thing as well. And now there was Osric and his mouth was wonderful too. He wondered, his member stirring beneath his simple tunic, if, at some time, he would be allowed to check that the Devil had not returned to Osric, for there was a strange attraction in the firm roundness of that boy's arse.

Osric also wondered as he laboured at cleaning his new master's clothing and mail. He suffered no anguish that his village had been burned and all the villagers killed. That was life, it was what happened and surprising perhaps that it had not happened before. Man was born to suffer; that is what the priest had hissed in his ear when, at ten years old, he had screamed and begged the priest to stop because it hurt so much. The priest hadn't stopped and indeed had bent him over again, week after week, and he had soon come to like being bent over and fucked and soon understood that the priest liked his arse more than the arses of other boys, for although he fucked every boy who was old enough to fuck and young enough to have no hair he fucked Osric more than the others.

He wondered if it was because of his arse that Sir Guy had not slain him in the village, but he thought, as he scrubbed at the bloodstains, it could not have been that because the knight had not seen his arse and he had watched as Guy had taken the head from the shoulders of a youth little older than himself and Guy did not mind if a boy had hair and could seed for Elred had both hair and could seed well.

Perhaps Elred was right when he said that Sir Guy fucked boys to drive the Devil from them, and took their cocks in his mouth so their seed did not spill on the ground because the spilling of seed was a sin. Osric had not the learning to know of such matters but he had the sense not to dispute them. That he was alive and washing clothes and not lying dead in the village, his skull cleaved, was a miracle and Osric had enough sense to understand that if a miracle happened it would be the sin of idiocy, if there was such a sin, not to make the most of it.

The knight liked his arse, that was not a problem. Osric liked being fucked so the knight could fuck him as often as he wanted. Elred too if that was allowed. The knight liked looking at his smooth, naked body. That, too, was not a problem; if he wanted to look then let him look. Indeed, make sure that he could look as much as he wanted, being naked was no worry to him. The only problem that Osric could see was that he would not remain smooth for much longer. Already he was past the age at which most boys grew hair and began to make seed and soon the hairs would start to show. That would not stop the knight from wanting to fuck him, Elred was proof of that, but it was best to take no chances; the hairs, when they came, would have to go. He would pluck them out and keep himself smooth for the knight to enjoy.

Smiling now, Osric scrubbed with a will; a miracle had kept him alive and his arse was going to make sure he stayed that way.

Weeks passed and Osric grew stronger, his sturdy frame developing both with the natural growth of his age and with the regular practise he did with the wooden sword Guy had made for him. Heavy, and the length of a battle sword, the top of the hilt reaching almost to his shoulder if he rested the point on the earth, Osric swung it at a wooden post and at a bale of hay, the sweat pouring from his body as he trained. His naked body, for Osric was always naked now, the object of Guy's gaze.

"If it pleases you to gaze on my flesh," he had said, a little timidly, "I am your slave and my flesh is yours to gaze on."

"Not just to gaze upon," Guy had said, his mouth suddenly a little dry, and he had pulled naked Osric to him and held him tight, a hand wandering behind him to squeeze the firmness of his arse before pushing him to his knees so Osric could take knightly member into his mouth and use his now skilled lips and tongue on the fleshly sword. Skilled now because Elred needed to seed several times a day and Guy was not always able to oblige in saving the boy from sin.

It was not just his frame that was developing, his cock was growing too and already he had to pluck hairs almost every day. Any day now he would make his first seed and whenever there was a danger that it may happen, Elred or their master would take him in a mouth to keep him safe from sin.

The beauty of Osric's firm, round arse was not lost on Elred, indeed, the frequent sight of it affected him deeply, causing his cock to rise and his seed to stir.

"Would it," he dared to ask his master, "Keep the Devil from Osric if he was fucked by a boy?"

Guy pondered on the theological aspects of the question. That his frequent insertion into the arses of both boys had kept the Devil from them was not in question. Both boys squealed in pleasure at having knightly cock pushed into them and both were now doing things inside them the equal of anything the boys of Sicily had done, and those boys had certainly been Devil free, vouched for as such by the Bishop himself. But was it because his member was a knightly one, belonging to a man sworn to kill the enemies of God, just as holy a thing as serving God as his priest or Bishop, that kept the Devil at bay, or was it the insertion of the member itself that did it?

There could be no question of Elred's purity, the wholesome flavour of his seed attested to that as much as did the assiduous attention Guy paid to his arse, but was the pure member of a peasant boy as effective in keeping away the Devil as was a knightly or priestly cock? This was not a question Guy was able to answer, he would need a learned, scholarly priest to do that for him. Until that could happen, Guy decided, he would look for evidence himself. Elred could be allowed to fuck Osric and then, later, when Guy fucked him as well, he would know if the Devil had been able to slip back in. And, though he could think only that it was because two boys of unquestioned purity would perform the act, it would be something he would enjoy observing.

But the hand of God became evident once more as Guy was summoned to attend muster at Westbury before he could deliver his decision to his slave boys, and the journey to Westbury would take him close to the great Priory at Eddington. Clearly he should seek God's guidance and consult with the learned Prior there.

There were some sixty brothers at the Priory, for it was a great and important place, and a goodly number of young novices, the Prior being familiar with the teachings of the Bishop in Sicily and the decrees from Rome regarding the nature of boys.

"I doubt not," the Prior said when Guy had related the tale of his coming by the boys and how he had driven the Devil from them and now saved them from sin, and that now the elder, Elred, had wondered if it was possible that he too may keep the Devil from returning to Osric, "That it is by God's will these boys were spared and by God's grace that you may have been granted the power to drive forth the Devil. That is a power granted only to those who have been consecrated to serve the Lord, but it may be that, by taking the cross and swearing to slaughter the enemies of God, and keeping strictly to your holy vows taken as a crusader, the Lord has seen fit to bless you also with that power and with that duty. I would ask that the sub-Prior and myself investigate the boys in question, and if the Devil is indeed gone from them, then we must consider the theology relating to your question."

"I need be at Westbury tomorrow," Guy answered, "And if your Priory can offer me hospitality for tonight, then you may investigate the boys at your leisure."

"Nobly and honestly offered," the Prior smiled his attention turning to the two boys who stood meekly by the wall of his chamber, his eyes lingering more on Osric than Elred, "And should you wish for comfort in the hours of darkness there are many novices able to serve you. The boys of the choir are the most pure; those who's voices have, alas, broken, may also need, as does your Elred, saving from that other sin."

A brother took Guy to observe the Choir at practice and then the older boys at their studies in the Library, where he was most struck by a slender, elfin-faced youth of, perhaps, fifteen years, whose skin was pure alabaster, whiter than the habit he wore, and whose hair was black as jet.

"Ah, the brother breathed quietly, for the room was hushed, "The Devil is never far from that one. Many a time has a brother been chastised for missing Raymond's frequent and untimely seedings."

"I shall endeavour to avoid chastisement," Guy said, "And to do my duty as a Christian knight."

A supper with the Prior and sub-Prior came but an hour later, when Guy was told that the preliminary investigations of his two boys had been satisfactory and that a more detailed examination would follow from supper and, after a cup or two of very good wine, Guy retired to the guest cell he had been given for the night.

Black-haired Raymond was already present, laying out a basin of water for washing and placing a large pot beside the bed should it be needed during the hours of darkness.

The boy began his duties as a squire for the night, divesting Guy of his clothing, though for a boy of such delicate build he seemed uncommon clumsy as his long, white habit was constantly interfering with his task until Guy, out of kindness, suggested the boy remove it before continuing. With a sweet smile he did so, untying his rope belt and reaching down to grasp the garment by its hem and slowly lifting it up his body and over his head, allowing the knight a candlelit sight of pure beauty.

The boy's member was as slender as his body, but far from undergrown. Indeed, it stood a good hand's length out from his body, pulsing with his heartbeat and drawing Guy's eyes to it as a moth to a flame, those eyes observing that it stood from a body that was a smooth as any of a boy five years his junior.

"It is often thus, my lord," the boy said, and though his voice seemed apologetic the smile on his face said otherwise.

"Thanks be to God, it is the nature of boys," his own member growing fast in the confines of his nether clothing.

"Glory be to God," the boy said, and his heartfelt fervour was evident, before returning to his task.

Guy was able to fulfil his duty and prevent the boy from sinning, though he seeded seven times during the hours of darkness and once more before donning his white habit of purity when daylight came.

"We find your boys free from the Devil and from all sins of the flesh," the Prior informed Guy when they broke their fast, "And Raymond has confessed to me that he was in no danger of committing sin. You have surely been blessed by God. Sub-Prior Giles and myself have considered deeply on the theology and have concluded that, as boys are by nature creatures of purity, and that as Elred has been found to be free of the Devil and of all sins of the flesh, both in deed and in mind, it would be fitting in the sight of God if he did also keep Osric free from both the Devil and from sin. Further, we are certain that God has not finished with your service to Him and that He will cause further boys to be given unto you to free from the Devil and the sins of the flesh. We have, accordingly, blessed the member of Elred that he may assist you in this holy task. More, he has seen the infirmarian and had the hair on his body removed, for, as you will know, the growth of such hair is a sign that a boy is becoming a man and there is no purity in men."

Delighted, though a little tired from his efforts in keeping Raymond free from sin, Guy set off for Westbury, the boys in the cart pulled by the donkey from the former village of Ogmore. The moment the opportunity arose, Elred whispered to Osric that he should put a hand under his tunic and find if anything felt different. Osric, never loathe to feel Elred's magnificent member, and knowing that the Prior had declared them both pure and free from all fleshly sin, did so, his fingers exploring for several minutes, and continuing to explore even after he had told the older boy that it was even more magnificent now that it was free from hair and begged for permission to save Elred from sinning at the first possible chance.

The muster was not as Guy had expected. He knew the village on the Trowle that the Earl of Pembroke desired had a motte and bailey castle, and it was the castle the Earl wanted, not the village. Instead of the sizable force Guy expected there were only thirty sergeants, fifty men-at-arms and one hundred others, archers and pikemen, enough to lay siege to the small castle, perhaps even take it, but he could see no banners of knights other than Giles of Rouen, senior in the service of the Earl.

Giles told him that there would be no excitement, and that all he had to do with the one hundred and eighty soldiers was to keep the castellan bottled up in his little castle and kill as few villagers as possible. The Earl wanted to give the manor of Ashton to a nephew and wanted it as a going concern and not a slaughter yard. The Earl should arrive in a week or two when he had ended another dispute elsewhere.

It was not at all what Guy had hoped for; if he couldn't slaughter the villagers he wouldn't be able to take any boy into slavery and save him from the Devil, and Guy had been hoping that he would be able to perform that holy duty, perhaps more than once.

He thought hard as he moved his small army the five miles from Westbury to the village on the Trowle, for the ways of God were not simple to understand. He had a duty to God to save boys from the Devil, that was clear, and though the two he had so far saved he had taken as his slaves so that he could watch over their welfare at all times, he reasoned that there would be boys that he may be able to save but unable to enslave. It would be fitting, therefore, he concluded, that on arriving at the village he should seek a suitable cottage to reside in. There were certain to be villagers who had something more than a hovel and also had sons of an appropriate age. He would find such a place, drive the Devil from the sons and teach them also how they may avoid the sin of Onan, for well he knew that all boys of a particular age were sore tempted by that sin.

Happy that God's purpose had been revealed, he rode into the village, sought out the headman there and informed him that none should be killed if no reason was given for killing them, that his concern was with the castle and not the village and that he required somewhere suitable to establish himself.

The villagers seemed grateful that they were not to be butchered and Guy was asked to find a suitable place for himself to stay. He found such with little difficulty, a hovel larger than most, the peasant and his wife having two boys of similar ages to Elred and Osric. The peasant and his wife were, naturally, ejected, the barn being sufficient for them; the boys, just as naturally, he retained, for he had holy work to do with them.

When doing God's work there is no time to waste, and once the parents had been ejected, Guy had the two boys strip and wash. Elred and Osric, along with Guy, appraised the naked boys and found them good. The elder, fifteen years of age, had a member that was ample and plump, though not in size any match for Elred. Hair was starting to show on his legs and formed a thick bush above his member, a sure sign that the Devil was entrenched in him and would take much removing.

The younger, who at thirteen was similar in age to Osric, had developed more, and more than just signs of hair were evident where Osric still had none. Again it was evident that the Devil had taken hold of the boy and Guy's holy ministrations were none too soon.

Guy freed the older boy first, laying him across a table as he had done with both Elred and Osric, and easing his entry to the devil's domain with the fat of a pig. Even with that aid it was hard to do, the Devil clenching tight the boy's arse so Guy must needs use much force to enter there. But in a fight between God's agent and the Devil there can be but one winner and, with a great screaming of rage. The Devil relinquished his hold on the boy and left the boy through his mouth with howls of anger and frustration as Guy's holy member left no room for him inside the boy.

The Devil gone, the screaming echoes of his departure faded, the boy wept as Guy moved inside him. The tears were, beyond doubt, tears of gratitude and thankfulness that he was now free from the Devil's grip.

Aware that he had further duty still to do, Guy withdrew from the boy before he seeded. Aware also that the Devil had been so strong in the boy that there was need of balm to soothe him, and what better balm then the pure seed of a pure boy whose member had been given holy blessing by the Prior at Eddington.

At Guy's bidding, Elred took his turn, entering the boy, but no further screams came; the Devil had gone. Elred moved inside the boy, a look of wonder on his face as he did his holy duty for the first time, and he seeded the boy with a great sigh and shuddering.

The younger boy, liberated from the Devil in his turn, proved to be less in that satanic grip, and was freed with less effort and pain. Guy found his member's entry less resisted and the Devil left, truly with a howl of rage, but with less angry, thrashing screaming. He too was soothed by seed, both by Guy's and by Elred's, who being a boy of the years he was, found himself able to perform his duty for a second time with commendable zeal.

The urgent duty of driving out the Devil done, Guy left Osric, who was both enthusiastic and skilled with the task, of showing the brothers how they may avoid the sin of Onan, reporting later that both boys had shown nothing other than delight when he had taken them into his mouth and showed them how sin could be avoided.

Guy had other, more worldly duties to perform and met with his sergeants to ensure that all were properly encamped and that the Earl's command that villagers should not be slaughtered was understood.

Whilst engaged in this task, it was noticed that two riders had emerged from the small castle, one a knight bearing his banner, the other, smaller figure, holding aloft a white flag.

Elred beside him, holding aloft in his turn an improvised flag of white, Guy rode out to meet the knight and parley with him.

A simple parley, for it seemed the knight, castellan of the castle, had no intent to hold against Guy's force and offered to yield then and there should Guy offer safe conduct to the knight, his family and his squire. He had but ten men-at arms and some few servants and saw no need for blood to be shed. He wished, it seemed, only to be allowed to ride forth and then take ship for France.

On enquiring, as a matter of knightly courtesy, the nature of the castellan's family, Guy learned that it was but one wife and one son, the boy not yet of thirteen years, and now, with the castellan's downfall, no longer with the hope of being placed as squire when he attained that age.

In need of a squire, and seeing the Hand of God in so presenting him with the opportunity of obtaining one, Guy offered both safe conduct to the castellan and to take the boy as squire, should he be suitable, thus ensuring that the knight would not again ride against the Earl, his boy being his assurance of that.

Eagerly the castellan agreed that simple condition and invited Guy to partake of supper in the castle, both to have the papers written and to view the boy.

Amongst the servants, Guy noted, there were three stable boys, all of a comely disposition, and the castellan's son proved to be suitable indeed. The boy was tall for his age, and, though slender, had the developed frame of a boy who had long since begun his training for war. Brown of hair and eyes and with full lips of dark cherry, Guy found him ideal for a squire, no doubt a biddable lad once the Devil had been driven from him. God had indeed shown that by placing his trust in Him, Guy would be rewarded, and not just in Heaven but upon the earth as well, for he now had four more boys to whom he must needs show the path of righteousness.

He began with the boy who was, with the departure of his father and mother, now his squire, Roger by name. He could not do to Roger as he had done to others and place him over a table, for the boy was of some birth and such treatment below his dignity. Though anxious to begin his holy work, Guy knew he must needs wait until the time for bed, for though his member throbbed constantly in its desire to start upon God's work, he knew he must not save the common stock before the more noble.

Accordingly, with supper consumed, he ordered for a mattress of straw to be placed outside his chamber door, for satisfying bed-company though they were, it was not fitting that boys of such lowly birth should be present when the Devil was sent forth from one of much higher status.

Young Roger showed at once that he was of the right nature to be squire to a knight who was favoured by God, for as soon as the chamber door was fast shut, he divested himself of his clothing and stood demurely for Guy to inspect him. And Guy saw that the boy was good. His young, slender frame did indeed show signs of developing muscle, and his legs, though long and coltish still, boasted thighs that showed a fullness and swelled enticingly. His member, though showing but small signs of growth, did, nonetheless, hold promise of future delight, and did soon rise to point outward from his smooth and hairless body.

When Guy gave permission he divested the knight also of clothing, his small hand brushing the upright hardness of his new master with a pleasing forwardness.

Recalling the use he had made of boys in Sicily, Guy positioned young Roger on his side in the bed, lay behind him and lifted the uppermost leg of the boy, bending the knee towards his shoulder. Thus opened, he placed his blessed member to the place the Devil so defends and pushed forward. To his great surprise the Devil made no defence and he entered the boy, not to screaming but to sighs of satisfaction instead, sounds much like those made by the boys in Sicily when they were so used.

Surprised yet delighted that he had no battle to make with the Devil, Guy took his time and fucked the boy slowly, blissful in the delight of having his member in such a welcoming, pure and blissful place.

"I had thought there would be need to drive the Devil from you," Guy told the boy when he had recovered from his seeding, "But find instead that you are indeed pure."

Young Roger understood not these words and Guy did need explain that the Devil lurks within boys in the hope to tempt a boy to use his member to enter the Gates of Hell and to lie with women before so sanctified by holy matrimony, and that the only way to drive the Devil forth was to enter the boy from the rear and to fill him so, and leave no room for the Devil to hide.

Young Roger giggled delightfully, and informed the knight that he had, before this time, a tutor in weapon work who had served in the Holy Land as a soldier and was much enamoured of sodomy with boys, and that, after the first great pain, Roger had become also enamoured of that sin and now he was pleased that he should serve a knight who would sodomise him often.

Guy felt the need to explain theology to his new squire, that coupling with a boy was no sin, for sodomy was a thing between men alone; that his first great pain had been the Devil leaving his body, for the weapon tutor, having been to the Holy Land, had doubtless been blessed by God, and that the pleasure he now felt at having the member of a man inside him was, in itself, a blessing from the Lord for it kept the Devil from him.

Roger knew nothing of such theology and needed also the sin of Onan explained to him, which Guy, in his care for the boy, did as well as he was able, making much of the Devil's involvement in that act for when a boy did so sin it was often to the accompaniment of the Devil's daughters, Incubi and Succubae, who tempted a boy with visions of the Hell Mouth that lies between the legs of women.

Roger eased Guy's mind much by telling that, as yet, he could not seed and thus not commit that sin, and that when, on the regular and frequent occasions he manipulated his member in the hope of seeding, his mind was full of images of three stable boys and not of women. Those boys could, indeed, seed and did so often, sometimes inside him and sometimes onto his face and body, though now Guy had explained the nature of the sin and the way a boy could prevent himself from being guilty of it, he would make his mouth available for them, for he liked the boys and enjoyed their members often.

Guy felt the need to explain to his new squire that over-frequent seeding could weaken a boy, whereupon Roger smiled a smile of such pure beauty that Guy felt his member stir once more though it had not long been used, its rising accompanied by a sigh such as he had not sighed since he left Sicily. His squire's slender fingers, noting the rise in his master's interest, sought out the stiffening member and manipulated it, and the stones beneath it, with soft skill.

"I do not seed yet, sire," Roger whispered, "Though I have some skill in making others so do."

"You do indeed," Guy was forced to admit as his squire fondled stones and member in such a way that he felt no desire to seed but to enjoy the ministrations of his squire's hand for as long as God would allow.

"And," Roger whispered in such a way, that had he been woman and not boy who whispered so, Guy knew that the temptations of the Devil would surely have overcome him, "If, when seed I can, my master finds I do so too often, then he may beat me."

And when Guy's member throbbed in his hand as he whispered those words Roger knew that serving his new lord would be a pleasure indeed.

Daring, and with a cunning that only the purest of boys can have, he placed his mouth close to that of his master and whispered once more,

"I know not if this be sin," he whispered and pushed his young slender body tight against his lord's, "But it was shown to me by my weapon master." With that he lowered his face so lips brushed lips and opened partly his mouth so his tongue could flicker, like that of a snake, against those of his lord.

Groaning, Guy opened also his own mouth, allowing the tongue of the boy to enter there while his own snaked forth to taste the purity of the boy, their lips pressing close and their tongues dancing a dance that has been danced since eternity began.

"If it be a sin," Guy gasped when the need to breathe parted their mouths, "I know no name for it, and, indeed, having no name, sin it cannot be."

Later, when their mouths parted for breath for perhaps the sixth time, Roger wondered aloud if, in case it was a sin indeed, his lord should make sure the Devil had not entered him again, and this Guy duly did and found no trace of the Devil or any of his sub-devils inside him; finding only the heavenly bliss of the boy's hot, wet, velvety sheath as it gripped his member tight.

The morning found Guy tired still, for Roger, overcome doubtless by the understanding that he would see his parents not again, had needed much comforting. Climbing from his bed, he sank to his knees and gave thanks to God for giving him such a one as Roger for his squire, and when he opened again his eyes he found the boy before him, naked still and in obvious need of further comfort.

Knowing he must do no other, Guy leaned forward and took the boy's hard and delightful morsel into his mouth, whereupon the boy sighed with pleasure, for never before had his young member been so treated.

The slaves, Elred and Osric, were both sullen of face when summoned by Guy to attend him, a sullenness that did not lessen when they espied Guy's arm around the shoulder of young and naked Roger. Those boys had come direct from their bed outside Guy's chamber door and were thus themselves naked also, and the sullen looks disturbed Guy not at all for it was not their faces that he gazed upon, but upon the beauty of their naked flesh and he gave thanks again that God had granted him these boys, and indeed, the Glory of God shone undimmed from the body of Elred, for following the ministrations of the Infirmarian at Eddington, the full magnificence of his member, unblemished now by the growth of hair, was a wonder to behold.

Roger, he informed Osric, had much to teach him in the use of the mouth upon the mouth of another, and to Elred he instructed that Roger be taught in the art of the mouth's use in preventing the sin of Onan.

His fast broken, he must need go to the village and instruct the carpenter there to construct a bed sufficient in size for all four, for though he had now a squire to serve him he did not have intentions of neglecting his holy duties towards his slaves. His mission complete, he would return and begin at once on his task of bringing salvation to the stable boys, a duty in which he would require the assistance of Elred, whose blessed member must needs drive the Devil forth from at least one boy, and likely two.

Upon his return Guy was eager to start on his holy work, for though he had considered with himself if such eagerness was, in itself, some sin, that was a matter, he felt, that could be discussed at a later date with the learned Prior at Eddington.

On his way to the stables, accompanied by his squire and two slaves, he did enquire from Roger on the nature of the boys he was to see. The eldest, Roger informed him, was a boy of almost sixteen years, a boy of Danish descent by the name of Eric, and Roger liked him but little. It was he, Guy learned, that did make the other two stable boys spill their seed upon Roger's face and body, for he bullied those boys severely and called them unnatural catamites for using their members for other than on maids, boasting that there were many now in the village whose fathers thought them maids but were not so, for Eric had entered them.

Such a one, Guy thought, may be hard to save, and when he set eyes upon him he knew such salvation was beyond his power. The boy was working, as were the other two, divested of his shirt for the weather was warm, and Guy saw at once that the Devil had truly claimed him, for a great trail of hair did run from the top of his breeches to his navel and above and great tufts of such black hair did sprout beneath his arms. Bow-legged he was also, like a goat, and were his feet uncovered Guy did not doubt but that he would see them cloven like the feet of the Beast.

It was not fitting that such a one should be amongst boys who may yet be returned to purity and Guy sent him forth from the castle at once, never to return.

The other two, Leofric and Elric, were comely enough and of some fifteen years, and when they had, at Guy's instruction, divested themselves of their breeches, Guy could see that the devil, though surely present, had not yet full hold upon them, for though hair there was above their members it grew not spreading upwards and but little showed upon their legs and none sprouted beneath their arms. Their members, though nothing to compare with the magnificence of Elred, were comely enough as were their faces and their bodies and Guy did think that driving the Devil from their flesh was a task within his means, and that of Elred also, for had not his member been blessed for such by the holy Prior.

The boys stood, not in shame nor in modesty, for both made no effort to cover their private parts and Guy gazed upon those parts in admiration, for indeed the Lord had blessed them both with parts that were a delight for men to gaze upon. And smiles were on the faces of both for it gave them pleasure to be gazed upon be it sin or not, and they looked in their turn with admiration and envy at the member of Elred, for they had seen none its like before.

"Leofric and Elric are good boys," Roger told his master, "For they have been my friends and entered me with their members many times when Eric was not here."

"And you were willing? They forced you not?" Guy asked his young squire who protested violently that they had not done so for it had been he who had told them what it was that they should do, for his weapon tutor was gone from the castle and his arse had ached to be used.

"Then we shall endeavour to drive the Devil from them," Guy announced and was glad that this duty lay before him for the boys were indeed comely both.

"How shall it be done?" Leofric asked, and it was right that he should speak first for his member was longer and plumper than that of Elric, "I see no holy men."

"None are needed," Roger squeaked, "For Sir Guy has been on Crusade and is blessed by the Lord for this holy task, and the member of Elred has been blessed by the holy Prior at Eddington."

Leofric and Elric looked at each other, puzzlement upon their faces, for what had the member of Elred, magnificent though it be, to do with the driving forth of the Devil?

"It is a deed done," Roger explained for them, "By the insertion of a member, blessed by the Church, into the arse of a boy. There the Devil lurks and when such a member is inserted it leaves no room for the Devil to hide and he is driven, screaming, from the mouth of the boy." Roger beamed at them a beatific smile.

"I may well scream if that is pushed into me," Elric whispered to his companion stable boy as he gazed upon Elred's now risen member, "For it is huger than yours by far."

Leofric hushed him and spoke to Guy, a look of some concern now painted upon his face,

"If that be the rite ordained by Holy Church, so be it, my lord, for we are God-fearing boys and if the Devil indeed lurks within us we would have him driven hence for we have no love of Satan nor of his ways."

"Truly and nobly spoken," Guy beamed, his hard member springing into sight as Roger unlaced his breeches, "And you I will secure for the Lord, Elred the other."

Giving thanks for small mercies, for though the knight's member was bigger by far then Elric's, that being the only member he had as yet taken within him, it was also lesser than the one Elric was to receive, Leofric placed himself in such a way that the knight could enter him, thankful also that Roger had remembered where the grease they used was placed, for he felt that smeared into his arse, and it would have been pain indeed had the knight entered him without that aid.

The boy's devotion to the Lord was shown indeed, for as Guy slowly and firmly stretched open the gateway to paradise, he gave a great gasp and called on the heavens for aid,

"Holy Mother of God," he gasped as he was stretched open and entered, and then a scream as Guy plunged in deep and the Devil was forced from him. "By all the saints," he gasped as Guy began to move within him, "Fuck me truly now for this is wonderful."

Beside him the screams of Elric were louder and longer, perhaps because he had not called for aid, or perhaps the Devil was lodged deeper within him and fought hard to remain, but slowly the thick and blessed member of Elred gained an entry and pushed inside the boy whose screams turned now to sobs for the Devil had finally left him, leaving him to be overcome by the wonder of purity.

The boys purified and seeded, Guy did instruct them on the dangers of self-pleasure, for well he knew that boys of this age do often seek relief in such a way and the Devil does send forth the vile temptations of dreams of hell-mouth, disguised as a gateway of pleasure that lurks between the legs of women. Greatly pleased he was to learn that the boys no longer pleased themselves, for they slept together in the stable and each pleased the other, and their dreams were not of women but of the arse of Roger, for they found that most sweet.



"The Earl is most pleased that you have taken this castle, insignificant as it be, with such ease and no loss to him. He is further pleased that you did send his soldiers to him with such promptness for they have proved most valuable in his quelling of unrest in the Western March." Robert FitzWilliam, a burly knight of middling years gave something of a smile as he sipped his wine. "Now, to the matter of the manor of Ashton," he continued.

"I have not been to that village," Guy confessed, "For the Earl has gifted it to a nephew and not my place to set foot there."

"And right to do so," FitzWilliam agreed, "But that nephew was a man of little brain, for he did seek to test with his head the efficiency of that new weapon, the chain mace."

Guy had heard of such, but not seen one; a heavy, spiked ball on a two-foot length of chain, a weapon not simple to use.

"Suffice to say that the mace did prove most efficient, his head exploding like a melon. I am having such a device made even now," FitzWilliam smiled, "Twill prove most useful."

Guy nodded, pondering on the problems of using such a weapon, efficient though it may be.

"Thus," Fitzwilliam stated, conveying the Earl's message, "The manor of Ashton is in need of a lord and the Earl has gifted it you, the fee being three knights."

Guy protested that he had no means to provide such a fee were he called on to do so, but was assured that no such call would be made until the following year, the Earl intending no more campaigns this season, where upon Guy wondered if there was, in the Earl's service at the present, a landless knight who had taken the cross and crusaded to Sicily, for Guy wanted none who were in the Devil's grip.

Such a one there was, Sir Ralph de Lacy, a bastard son of a noble house, who had taken the cross to Sicily, and who was sick to the pit of his stomach at the very thought of Hell Mouth. A comely knight, of years no more than twenty and five, who seemed much taken by both Leofric and Elric when they tended to his horse. They wore but breeches, for it was warm, late summer, and their smooth chests glistened in the sun, a sight to please the member of any man who knows of the wonder of boys.

Sir Ralph looked but little on Roger when he served wine in the tiny solar of the castle at Trowle, and but a passing glance at Osric when he attended them there, though he was naked, for Guy felt no need to clothe his slaves. On Elred, though, he gazed with unconcealed intent, his eyes wide as he noted the magnificence of the boy's member.

"You keep your servant boys unclothed?" Sir Ralph asked, and his voice was somewhat thick and croaky as though he was in need of drink.

"Slaves," Guy informed him, "The other is Roger, my squire, the son of the former keeper of this castle. They have all been freed from the Devil, as have the two stable boys, and all know well their duty to God. You may check for any presence of the Horned One in any or all, should it be your wish," Guy offered.

"Should that one," Sir Ralph nodded in the direction of Elred, "Be overcome with the need to seed, I would willingly do my duty to him and to the Lord, but beyond that I cannot go," the knight confessed, "For Satan tempts me sorely with a desire for unnatural sin."

Sir Ralph confessed that, while Hell Mouth held but horror for him, the Gateway to Paradise which is the arse of a boy, was forbidden to him, his member shrivelling at the prospect of tasting bliss. Instead, Satan taunted him with the unnatural urge and desire of being himself entered by a boy and seeded there. No doubt this was some punishment by God for an unconfessed sin of his youth, though he knew not what that sin may be.

This, Guy decided, was a matter for the holy Prior at Eddington, for if any had the answer to this it would be he.

"He likes to suck, but can't get it up if it comes to fucking," Osric informed Elric and Leofric later, for the language of peasant boys and slaves is base indeed. "Wants a boy to fuck him, though."

"I'd do that," Leofric grinned.

"You'd fuck anything," Elric retorted, to which Leofric agreed, but with the condition that it would have to have a cock for his own prick would go nowhere near anything that had cunt.

"You should have no fears, my son," The holy Prior had said when Sir Ralph had fully confessed the unnatural temptations that Satan laid upon him, "For these are not temptations from the Devil, but rather are exhortations from the Lord that you should follow the onerous path He has laid out for you. Consider well; never, you say, have you been tempted by the call from the Mouth of Hell, not even from the earliest days of your young seedings, but, indeed, found that place abhorrent to you. As squire to one who had been on crusade, you had the Devil driven from you, and the Evil One was given no opportunity to return to your body, and, as knight, you did take the cross yourself and, as crusader, in Sicily, did learn of the holy purity that is in boys."

"That is so," Sir Ralph agreed, "But shamed I am that I cannot drive the Devil from boys, for my member wilts at the prospect; though I have done what I can to save them from following the sin of Onan and used my mouth for their seedings."

"The wilting of your member is not a curse, but a blessing," the holy Prior smiled benignly, "And the blessings of the Lord come with a price. Consider Sir Guy, who has been charged by the Lord with the task of driving the Devil from the flesh of boys. You ask what price is there to pay for that blessing, for as all know that while the Mouth of Hell is the quim of a woman, the Gateway to Paradise is the arse of a boy. But Sir Guy cannot enter through that Gateway but once, for his duty is not to drive the Devil from the body of one boy only, but of all boys placed in his charge, and as God has seen fit to have him lord now of the manor of Ashton, a manor with four villages, there are many boys he now must perform his holy task upon. An onerous duty indeed." The holy Prior shook his head in sympathy at the enormity of the burden laid upon Guy. "And should the Lord will it that he has further manors given to him, consider then how great his task will be.

"But for you, Sir Ralph, let us consider the enormity of your burden, for although boys are, in essence, the Devil lays hidden in all until driven forth by the member of a man ordained by God for that holy task. Many and many are the poor boys who do not receive that salvation and the Devil grows stronger within them, day by day. Early are they tempted by the sin of Self-Pleasure, and when they come of age to seed, the sin of Onan is added onto that. Nightly they lay, pleasuring themselves, grunting in the grasp of the evil succubae sent by the Prince of Darkness until they see not the flames of Hell between the legs of a woman, smell not the evil, sulphurous breath that issues therefrom, until, consumed by lust, their plunge themselves therein and are lost to salvation. Hair sprouts, not just above their members where the Lord has placed it to remind us all of the temptations of Satan, but upon all of their body so they become like the Beast itself, become, indeed, disciples of the Devil.

"But, if reached in time, Sir Ralph they may still be saved. But such may not be done by a simple driving from them of the Devil, for he will have hold now not just of their flesh, but of their minds also and he will be telling them that they must use their members and he will twist the Lord's doing to them, for it is clear to all, learned and ignorant alike, that a man's member is not just for the purging of urine and did not the Lord bid mankind to go forth and multiply? If such can be reached, Sir Ralph, before Hell Mouth is entered, and the member then used, not on woman, but instead on such as you, they may be wrenched yet from Satan and held to the path of purity until of an age where holy matrimony can be their final salvation.

"And you will protest," the holy Prior raised a hand to prevent any such protest, "That it is forbidden to lie with a man in such a way and I will tell you that it is indeed so forbidden, but forbidden to men and not to boys, for boys are mentioned not in such scriptures."

"Much eased is my mind and soul, my lord Prior," Sir Ralph said in true thanks, "What now should be my path?"

"A simple one," the Prior responded. "If you are to become castellan at Trowle you will have need of a servant boy or two. The village of Ogmore, a little north of here, was but recently harried and much land around laid waste. Shortly other villages there will be called upon for taxes that will not easily be paid. Many there will be happy to sell a son or two into slavery to meet the demands."

And so it proved indeed and Sir Ralph was offered several boys before selecting two that suited him, inspecting all that were offered for any marks of the Devil, choosing two of some fourteen years with but little hair above their members and none elsewhere, and with members that were respectable in length but somewhat thin, for Sir Ralph wanted not a boy who would rival Elred.

Slaves purchased, Guy did return on the same path, stopping again at the priory, for he was uncertain that the simple ritual of inserting member into arse would serve on this occasion, and that the Devil, though driven from the boys would return, called back by their lack of faith and by a return to sinful ways, in mind if not in deed.

Willingly did the Prior confess the slaves so that the full nature of their sins of the flesh may be discovered, and though he could not relate the details of those sins, such being the essence of the confessional, he was able to relate that neither had entered into Hell Mouth in deed, but that the Devil much plagues boys with his succubae, and that boys were easily tempted into self-pleasure and the needless spilling of seed and that at such times the Devil's succubae were most active. For their penance the boys were to abstain from such sins for all time and to follow the instructions of the knight who would drive the Devil from their bodies, for their owner was a knight who had taken the cross and their instructor was blessed by the Lord in his task.

Guy did give thanks to the Prior and to the Lord and did further enquire if the novice, Raymond, was much determined upon a religious life for Guy had need of one who could both read and write, he being unable, and, though young, the boy could grow into the task of secretary, for, as lord of a manor now, Guy had need of such.

Sir Guy did pass the two slaves to Elred upon return to Trowle, for the day was almost done, and he gave instruction that they should be cleaned and rested, for on the morrow the Devil would be driven from them and that would be a task most arduous and the slaves would need strength about them to endure it and they should rest the night in the stables in the company of Elred, Elric and Leofric; Roger and Osric would serve supper for the knights and be their comfort through the hours of darkness, a bed having been prepared for Sir Ralph in what had been the lady of the former castelan's chamber.

Roger was most delighted that he could give his lord full and proper service, for his status was above that of stable boys and slaves and though he enjoyed the close company of those boys and was not jealous that Sir Guy did use them for his pleasure, it was fitting and proper that, from time to time, he alone should satisfy the needs of his lord.

Osric, who was now close indeed to the time when his seed would flow, had long determined that, the Devil being gone from him, the taking of a member into his arse was a thing of great pleasure and that the enticement of seed from a member by the skilful use of his small hands and eager mouth was an art he had much talent in.

Sir Ralph was much diverted by the boys performing their duties of serving whilst unclothed, for the smooth body of a boy of such an age is a delight to the eye, and Sir Ralph did gaze much upon their sleek and slender forms as they moved around the solar. He was further diverted when Roger, his small member now grown to its hardness, did dip that member into wine and offer it to his lord, who gratefully took it into his mouth in order to remove the droplets. This Roger did many times, and it seemed to Sir Ralph that it took longer each time for Guy to savour the droplets of wine so presented to him.

"It much improves the flavour of a modest wine," Guy informed him, and when Osric did as Roger had done, Sir Ralph, with some trepidation for he had abstained from all boys since his return from Sicily, did as his host had done he found himself unable but to agree, delighted that Osric seemed also to favour this manner of serving wine.

"There is great pleasure to be had from boys," Guy said as his squire positioned himself over the table, his arse facing his lord, and so positioned did pull apart his buttocks so the Gateway to Paradise was full exposed. But Guy did not enter him as Sir Ralph imagined was the purpose, but instead spooned a quantity of the mashed pear, honey and cream that was their desert into that place and ate it from thence with relish. "This I learned, not in Sicily, but here and from this boy, who had, before I took him as squire, a weapon tutor who had been to the Holy Land itself and who discovered much on how to take and to give pleasure. And if a boy be pure, as these two are, then there can be no sin, but only a glimpse of the Paradise that is to come."

Sir Ralph, so encouraged, did try the same with Osric, and was, once more, surprised at the sweetness of the flavour and continued with his tongue even after all the confection was consumed, even entering with that tongue past the first Gateway, and that did harden his member most firmly.

Their meal concluded, the knights did sit in comfort to consider the duties of a castellan and the use to which Sir Ralph's slaves should be put. Sir Guy sat with his squire on his lap, and Roger had first removed his lord's lower clothing so he could sit in comfort, his member buried deep inside the boy. Sir Ralph, unable to do the like, was nonetheless content for Osric had performed a similar duty with clothing and now knelt between the knight's thighs, suckling a member that was in great need of such attention.

"Have no fears, Sir Ralph," Guy called, "He will not spill a drop."

And truly, Osric spilled none then, nor later either, for he slept with the knight and pleasured him many times and much, for Osric had been truly blessed by the Lord in his skill with fingers and mouth.

The time had come when Sir Ralph's new slaves must be turned from the Devil, a task that would take much accomplishing, for though the boys had been confessed by the holy Prior at Eddington, Sir Guy did know that the Beast still lurked strong within them. Accordingly he had called for aid from the priest at Ashton, a young man but newly installed by the Bishop and much learned in the wiles of Satan and his way with boys.

"It is a problem most subtle," the priest had said, "For the correct time to drive Satan from a boy is when he has but barely reached the age of ten, for though the boy will have the Evil One within him, the temptation to self-pleasure will have but hardly called to him and Hell Mouth itself no call. He cannot yet seed and so cannot spill such in a sinful manner. He can then be led in the paths of righteousness, his Gates of Paradise open to men. Such, I would think, was the way with the boys who serve us now." The priest's eyes lingered long on both Roger and Osric, who waited upon their master and his guests, devoid both of any covering upon their bodies.

"With my squire that was indeed so," Guy affirmed, "Though with the other, who is but a slave, the Devil was driven from him but three months past, though then he could not seed and has since been most dedicated in following the ways of righteousness."

"It pleases my heart to hear it so," the priest smiled and gave a blessing to the boys, "For they can aid us much in the matter we have before us. Useless would it be to send the Devil from bodies of those two slaves for he lurks now in their minds as well, and would return to their flesh this very night when they do pleasure themselves and spill their seed in lust of Hell Mouth. The Evil One is cunning and we must fight cunning with cunning and tempt these boys ourselves. And we will tempt them with the joys of Paradise that boys alone can know, so when the Devil is driven from them they will follow then the path of righteousness and the call of Hell Mouth fade and become distant from them. And we will do it thus."

The priest called upon Roger and Osric and stood them side by side so that the foot of one did touch the foot of the other. Then he bade them move the other foot so their legs were stretched apart almost to the point of discomfort. Standing thus he bid then hold their arms aloft to match their feet, bidding them to grasp the hand of the other so they were linked at hand and foot.

"Have the slaves naked and tied thus," the priest instructed, "So their members and stones hang as these boys' do and they can make no move to prevent those being handled."

Less the knights did misunderstand his words, the priest stepped forward and took the delights of Roger and of Osric in his hands and the boys allowed this to happen for it would be a sin to do not what a priest did want and both took pleasure in being handled so.

When the soft hands of the priest had brought both boys to hardness, he did release their members and called for them to serve more wine.

"The temptation for those slaves," the priest explained as he sipped his wine and gazed upon the throbbing members of Roger and Osric, "Will be that not I nor you will touch their members, but these two pure boys will do so, and when they have brought them to the point of seeding, will take them in their mouths so there will be no sin."

"May I speak, Father?" Roger did ask and when given permission so to do, he said, "Osric and I have some skill with both hands and mouth; would not the temptation you desire for those slaves be greater still if their seedings be delayed much?"

"It would indeed, my son," the priest beamed, "The longer you delay their seeding the more effective the temptation will be."

Splendid indeed did the new slaves appear, arms and legs stretched wide so the full glory of their bodies was open to the gaze of all, and gaze all did, for the flesh of boys as yet untasted is a sight to please all eyes.

But little hair was evident above their soft hanging members and none else upon their bodies and the priest did give his opinion that, although the Devil had grip on them they were not yet lost to salvation for there was but little mark of the Beast upon them. This he confirmed by sprinkling holy water upon them and their skin did not burn and blister. "Let their salvation commence," he declared and stepped away so that Roger and Osric could begin their work of confusing the Devil by tempting the boys to follow the path of righteousness.

It was a task they undertook with eagerness for the two new slaves were comely boys and their resting members gave promise of much pleasure, and surely none who looked on such could wish instead to view the gaping mouth of hell that lies between the legs of women.

Together Osric and Roger took unguarded stones into their soft hands and from the mouths of both slaves the devil did hiss in anger for he had thought not upon this but had hardened the minds of his acolytes against torments of the flesh, the hot irons and pincers so beloved of the servants of God.

And the slaves had expected not this, for they were tied, it seemed, and stretched for torture, for the bite of the lash as they would be whipped into obedience to their master, but instead the soft hands of angelic boys did stroke and caress those parts the Devil had instructed them were for use on women only, and their members rose soon to hardness for the caresses of the boys were sweet upon their flesh.

"For Eve, who was woman, did tempt Adam and lead him from Paradise, for until he was so tempted, never did Adam sin. And as a boy he was pure, as are these boys now, and as are all boys when the Devil has been sent from them and they are tempted not again by the wicked flesh of women, but follow instead the path of righteousness and take the pleasure the Lord has gifted them which is to be found in the flesh of boys, for the arse of a boy is the Gateway to Paradise just as surely as the quim of a woman is the way to Hell."

And thus did the priest intone as the slaves were caressed and stroked and their members grew hard and throbbing in the hands of the boys who ministered to them, for never had their members felt any such before and the pleasure was wondrous to them and they heard the words of the priest and did believe them for he was a holy man and the Devil had offered them not such pleasure in their dreams when they did wastefully and sinfully spill their seed.

And their pleasure grew greater and shouts of rage did the Devil send from their mouths as he cursed God that he should be so tricked and deceived, for Osric and Roger used now their tongues upon the nipples of the bound and stretched slaves and they did writhe and twist in their ropes as the Devil fought to deny them the pleasure the Lord had ordained their bodies should be given and their members throbbed yet more in the soft hands of Osric and Roger and thoughts of Hell Mouth faded fast from their minds.

And the urge to seed grew great within them, and understanding this did Roger and Osric cease upon their nipples and took instead hard members into their mouths and did use their lips and their tongues so that seed shot forth, not wastefully, but into pure mouths and was consumed so not one seed was wasted.

Roger and Osric smiled the smile of angels for they had delighted much in their holy task and the taste of the seed in their mouths was sweet indeed though it had come from boys not freed yet from the Devil, and sweeter yet it must be that it would taste when that act had been performed upon them.

The slaves, whose bodies now were limp and weak and did sag with exhaustion from the struggle between Good and Evil they had endured, were taken from their bindings and placed instead on soft mounds of hay, their arms held fast by Leofric and Elric, for, exhausted as they may be, all knew the Devil would struggle within them when they were entered, for the Evil One would not depart in peace.

Then the priest did show his learning, for though in years he was not beyond twenty and five he had dedicated his life to the Lord and to the salvation of boys and had studied much on the ways the Devil may be defeated.

"The Gateway to Paradise is like unto the gates of a castle," he did tell Sir Guy, "And is two-fold. The outer gate the Devil will defend and like the outer gate of any castle it may be stormed, though force may not prevail upon it with ease. But like your outer gate it may also be taken by cunning. The inner gate Satan will defend with force, and the greater has been his struggle to hold the outer so will it be with the inner. You may batter the way inside by force of your ram and drive him thence thus, but it will be a fearful victory and you may not after hold the castle safe nor rebuild it for your use.

"We must aim to take our castles, that are the bodies of these slaves, and hold them for the Lord, and bring the keepers of these castles, that are the minds of these boys, to serve the Lord our God with free will and with the eagerness of the faithful.

Accordingly the priest did anoint the arses of the boys with an oil obtained from a plant that grew in the far south, the very oil indeed used in Sicily, an oil much hated by the Devil for it had properties in medicine and could cure many ailments.

The Devil did cause the boys to struggle some when their arses were so anointed, for he did know it was an oil that would loosen much the hinges of the gates he would defend, but Leofric and Elric did hold them firm for they knew well this was holy work.

And then the priest did something that was strange to Guy, for having hoisted up his cassock so his member was free to work, he did not at once attempt an entry but did instead stroke gently the tip of his member against the place where it must go in.

"Observe," he did instruct Guy, and the knight did see in wonder that the arse of the boy where the member must go did twitch and pulse and even, at times, did open slightly as though to welcome the ram that must go there. "When the defenders of the outer gate know their castle must fall, they do put up but little resistance and do often surrender with ease. So it is with the arse of a boy. The Devil will defend it strongly if he could, but he knows that it must give way for he cannot abide the oil. He will retreat and hold the inner gate in he can and the tunnel beyond if he is able, but your member will be coated with this blessed unguent and though he will scream indeed in rage against you, he cannot prevail."

Instructed thus, Guy did likewise, and when the arse of the boy he was to enter did twitch and pulse and show that it would surrender, Guy did force open the outer gate as the priest had done to the slave who now squealed beneath him.

Guy did feel the outer gate open around him and then the more stoutly defended inner gate was at his member's tip and the Devil did indeed howl with rage through the mouth of the boy as the second gate was slowly forced.

Loud indeed were the screams of the Devil from the mouths of both slaves and much did their upper bodies writhe and twist in the grips of Elric and Leofric who held them fast. Their lower bodies could fight not now for the Devil for they were pinned fast by the weight upon them as both priest and Guy did do their holy work. Great screams of rage did the Devil make when both did force aside the inner gateways and their rods of salvation pushed deep inside the tunnels of bliss.

Much did the Devil resist, for he had thought of these boys as his, and he did make those tunnels as tight as he could in hope of holding back the holy members that would drive him from the bodies of the boys. But the tighter he did grip against those members the more did Sir Guy and the priest revel in their work of salvation, for there is more satisfaction, and more glory for the Lord, when the conquest of Satan is no simple matter.

Traces of the Devil did still remain for the two slaves did whimper and moan as holy members were driven deep inside them, but slowly those moans turned from ones of the Devil's anguish to those of the Lord's approval, for as the priest and Sir Guy moved firmly now within the slaves their eyes were opened to the glory of God and to the wonder it is for a boy to be cleansed from the Devil within him by the insertion of blessed member.

"The Devil had marked them for his own," the priest did say when both had seeded within the boys and did rest from their labours, "And will, no doubt, attempt a return. I must from hence, for I have much work to do in Ashton, for the salvation of boys has been much neglected there. Sad it is that so many have reached the age of seeding and are beyond my aid for there are many younger and i must do all for them."

"With the seeding ones it will be my task to seek salvation for," Guy did say, "And my slave Elred, whose member, magnificent as it be, has been blessed by the holy Prior at Eddington to assist me in that task. And Elred it will be who will ensure that these two are fully saved and pure so they may serve Sir Ralph, whose task from the Lord is to present them with the alternative to Hell."

"A mighty task," the priest said to that knight, "And if you will come to my church each week I will bless your arse that you may perform that duty, not just for these two slaves, but for as many of the boys in Sir Guy's manor as may be in need of it."

And thus it is that a man may serve the Lord, for saving boys from sin is surely a deed that is good.