The Boys of Ashton

By Ivor Suckwell


This little mediaeval tale may be considered as a sequel to `Hell Mouth and the Gateway to Paradise' though seen this time through the eyes of one of the boys. The boys, naturally, use language more basic than their elders and betters and their thinking is perhaps less convoluted.

All the usual disclaimers apply don't read it if you shouldn't or if you feel the content may offend you.



Be it known that I am Raymond of Taormina, once Raymond de Brise and almost Brother Raymond, a fate that would not have much distressed me but one that would have given me a life less worldy and far less to my liking than the one I have been blessed by the Lord to live.

I mean not to relate the full forty and five years of my life, for though thirty and four of them have been years of pleasure and delight to me, the telling of them would be of interest to none, for one has been much like another.

I shall write but of the years of my youth, and so do because I choose to recall them with fondness, and it is for me that I write these words before I can recall my youth no more.

In my writings I will use much the words of my companions then, and they were slaves and servants most, and common folk, and did use much words of the Saxon, base words that men of more gentle birth use not, but we were boys and such words came easy to us.


At the age of seven years I was given to the Church, to the great Priory at Eddington. It was not against my will, for I was of more than common birth but with brothers older than I and would not inherit land, but the Lord has blessed me with a voice above others and much I liked to sing. The choir of Eddington was known throughout the lands in the West and I would sing in that until my stones dropped and my voice was no longer one of an angel. And then would follow the life of a novice brother until my final vows and then by my wits I should rise, perhaps as high as Librarian, for I was much given to words and writings.

But the Lord had other plans and by the age of eleven my member was given to constant risings and much hardness, and though I strove against the great sin of self-pleasure my will was weak and I did pleasure myself much and often, so much that the Master of the Choir did fear the Devil in me was strong and that he would tempt me with the gaping Mouth of Hell that lies between the legs of women.

In truth, I was not so tempted, but the blessed virtue of abstinence was beyond my youthful strength, and thus the holy Prior determined I must needs be purged of the Devil before I was lost to God.

That purging I remember, even now, was a screaming agony, for the Devil had sure his claws deep in me and the holy member of the Prior was, to my young eyes, a huge thing, and wonder it was that it could enter me at all.

Hard the Devil fought to remain in me and clamped my arse tight shut that the blessed member of the Prior might not enter there, but the Prior wrestled much with evil and gained an entry and did force the Devil, screaming, from my mouth. Much the Devil fought to keep his hold and burned my bowels with the flames of Hell, but to no avail for there is not room inside a boy for a blessed member and the Devil both.

I was instructed then to think never of the Mouth of Hell, for now my arse was the Gateway to Paradise and so it proved, for when the Prior and other holy Brothers did their duty to God and to me, I knew that this was true, for never was there pain, but only the wonder of pleasure the like of which I had never dreamed.

Much did the brothers strive to keep me from the sin of Onan, for though the Devil had been driven from me, my member was a constant concern and being then of an age to seed and self-pleasure forbidden, for such must involve the wasteful and needless spilling of seed, the brothers were hard pressed by my need for their mouths.

Thus it was that when Sir Guy of Ashton did ask for me to leave the Priory and be secretary to him, the Prior did agree, though I was but fifteen years of age. For me it was no hardship, for the once I had met Sir Guy he had taken my seed in his mouth six or more times in the one night and made no complaint about being so called upon. Sir Guy was a knight I was willing to serve, and he kept a squire and two slaves, all freed from the Devil and kept from the sins of the flesh.

That I may use them all, both mouths and the arses of the boys, should, the Prior did tell me when he gave his blessing, keep me safe from Onan's sin and make it certain that no thought of Hell Mouth should enter ever into my mind, for none, he said, that have passed through the Gates of Paradise could be tempted by the Mouth of Hell.

I took at once to Sir Guy's squire; Roger was a more than comely boy of bare thirteen years, and had a lively twinkle to his eye and a smile always ready on his full, red lips.

"I am much pleased that the tasks of reading and of writing are beyond my skills," he said upon seeing me, "For were it not so my lord would have but little need for one as pretty as you to join our household."

"You call me pretty?" I asked in some astonishment, for never was such a thing spoken in the Priory. A compliment may be given to a voice or to a note well hit, but never to the looks of a boy. Such was not the way of the brothers, for though they permitted novices to use their mouths when the need was there, never did their minds stray so far towards the great sin of lust as to look with admiration upon a boy.

"Pretty indeed," Roger did say, and lewdly and forwardly did add, "My mouth aches already for your cock, for if that be as pretty as your face then it is a cock I long to suck."

Though I had heard the member described as being a cock before, from the mouths of village boys, never had I heard it so spoken of in mannered conversation, and wondered that one who was a squire should use such a word.

"And not just my mouth," Roger grinned at me, leaving me with no doubts but that his words were forward and lewd indeed, though they did make my member rise at the hearing of them.

Long before we reached Sir Guy's manor at Ashton, though it was but an easy ride of two hours, my member was most painful, for sitting upon a horse with a member hard and in need is not a thing of comfort, and though I rode, as was befitting, at the rear behind the knight and his squire, Roger did constantly turn and smile upon me, his tongue most clearly licking his full lips and leaving me with no doubt as to what was in his mind.

At Sir Guy's manor house I was at once led to the solar, a room most comfortable and with walls covered in wood so no damp seeped through from the stone outside. My gaze fell first not upon the walls, but upon two boys. One was of similar years to Roger, the other perhaps a little younger than I, and both were naked. Never before had I been able to gaze upon the naked body of a boy, for such did not happen at the Priory, and gaze I did, wondering at the delight they were to my eyes.

At the Priory boys wore their long, white robes of purity that did hide completely the form of a boy, lifting them only if it was needed for a brother to save them from the wasteful and sinful spilling of seed or for the prescribed insertion of a member that was necessary to ensure the Devil had not returned and a boy's Gate of Paradise remained unlocked.

"Elred and Osric," Sir Guy announced, "Slaves both and of wondrous service to me."

Sir Guy must have noted that my gaze was fastened upon one more than the other, a tall but skinny boy who was possessed of a most wondrous member.

"Elred is the one you stare so upon," Sir Guy said most kindly, "And his magnificent member has been blessed by the holy Prior at Eddington and can drive the Devil from boys. Osric is the other, and with fingers and lips that can work magic. But you are in great need to seed, for I have noted Roger and his looks towards you and have no doubt of their effect upon you, for I remember your needs well. And since it is Roger who has brought you to this pass, fitting it is that he should now offer you his mouth that you may have relief."

And Roger was at once upon his knees and lifting my tunic, for that I wore now and no longer my long white habit of purity, though, as with that habit, I wore nothing beneath it, and his mouth did enclose my member in its wet and warm softness, though it stayed there but for a short while before my seed did spurt.

"Quick," Roger complained when all was done.

"Have no fears," Sir Guy laughed loud, "For Raymond needs to seed much and often, and one of you must never be far from him if he is to be kept from sin."

And thus it was that I was introduced to the household of Sir Guy, a household I have never left until that lord's passing near a year ago. And surely Sir Guy is in Heaven now for much he served the Lord in his salvation of boys.

"Like having your cock sucked then," Osric observed when Sir Guy had left us, for he had work to do in the village.

Unused as I was to being addressed by a slave I did not rebuke him but looked instead upon his form and found him pleasant to the eye, though his member was not of the same size as that of the other slave.

"Slaves they be," Roger did inform me, "But Sir Guy would have us make no distinctions, save that they be always naked, for they are boys and are sweet to fuck, and you may use the mouth and arse of both when the fancy takes you."

"Sir Guy permits you to enter them?" I asked in much amazement, though I could, as yet, not utter the word Roger did use.

"Of course," Osric did grin, "For though he had not in mind fucking us when he did take us slaves, he did learn soon enough that our arses are made for cock and that our cocks have no aversion to arse, nor to mouth either."

"He drove the Devil from our bodies," Elred said, and sounded much like a brother giving instruction, "And the holy Prior at Eddington did investigate us after and found no sin in us and declared us pure and did declare that we each may use the other's Gateway to Paradise as often as we will, so the Devil can have no hope of tempting us with the Mouth of Hell that lies between the legs of women."

"More simply put," Roger did say, "We all like to fuck and be fucked."

"And who would want quim when there is arse and cock to enjoy?" Osric shrugged. "Happier I am as a well fucked slave than as a peasant boy toiling in the fields and bending over when the village priest did want a hole for his cock; and I think he had no thoughts of saving boys from Devils, for evil he smelt, but did much like fucking boys."

"But mind you not being so uncovered and at the gaze of all?" I asked, for I was fresh from the Priory and used not to the ways of the world.

"You mind it not," Osric did say and a smile curved his lips, "For your eyes have left Elred's cock but for moments, and in those moments they have fastened upon mine."

I felt my face turn red, for Osric's words were true, and blushing thus made me blush still more, for with skin as white as mine when blood flows to the cheeks I must surely look like a clown.

Roger it was who rescued me, like the good knight he was to become, he dashed to my aid.

"Be not embarrassed so," he called, "For they are good to gaze upon and do much like to be admired. As do I," he said, and pulled his tunic from his body, and like me, he wore nothing more, and I saw at once that his mem....I forget, now I must call it `cock', was hard and upright and of goodly length, or so it seemed to me who had, before now, no knowledge of the cocks of boys. "They like it much that what the eyes do see the cock does want," he grinned. "And now we would crave to gaze upon you, for you are pretty indeed and your seed has a wondrous flavour."

My cock, though I had seeded in Roger's mouth but a short time before, was hard once more, and when, with some trepidation, I did remove my tunic to stand as naked as they, I was gazed upon with rapt attention and did indeed feel a glow of pleasure that they found me good to look upon.

"A pretty cock upon a pretty boy," Roger did say, and though never before had I thought upon my cock save to hold it when the need to pleasure myself had been great, I now did look upon it and measure it against those others, for all were upright now.

Elred was vast, and when I did close a fist around it, for being slave he had no choice but to permit me so to do, my fingers but only touched my thumb, and when I did place my fist at the very base and another fist above it, still did the head of his cock show full beyond my grip.

Osric had neither the length or girth, for he was younger by a year, but the shape attracted me much and he was hard as iron in my hand.

Roger I did but gaze upon, for he was no slave but squire and in station above me, and I wondered at the length of skin that still covered his hard cock head.

Again he rescued my, saying, "Have no fears to feel, for amongst ourselves we are all but boys and no permission need be asked to feel another's cock, be it soft or hard."

And so feel I did and when I eased back the soft skin of his cock it but barely uncovered the place where seed does come from. In length he was the same as Osric, though in girth a little more.

"It does unpeel fully," Roger smiled at me as I tested him, "Though much I prefer it not that way, for covered it takes longer for the seed to flow, and the longer it takes the more do I enjoy it. Specially so when it is Osric that handles it, for he can do things with his fingers and his mouth that make you think you are truly already in Paradise."

"What like you most?" Osric did ask me, for though slave he was most forward, "To seed in mouth or arse?"

"Never have I used arse," I had to confess, though my face went red once more at this confession, "In the Priory such was not allowed to any not a brother."

"You've never fucked?" Roger asked in some amazement and I was ashamed to admit that such was indeed so. "That must be changed at once."

Though ashamed of my virginity and embarrassed by it both, my cock was stiff indeed and a need to seed growing fast within me.

"Choose now," Roger ordered, "Three boys await, which one shall be your first?"

I knew not what to say or who to choose. Elred's cock, I understood, I wanted more than his arse or mouth and though Osric's flesh did tempt me much I thought it best to wait for him until I knew well what I was doing. Roger, I knew, did like my body much and had named me as pretty and had looked upon me with desire in his eyes, but he was squire and to choose him as first may be wrong.

"No distinctions," he said as though reading my mind. "Squire or slave, there are but three Gates to Paradise and all will open most eagerly for you now."

And so Roger it was I chose, and though I did fuck him but clumsily and seeded far too soon, as I had done before in his mouth, it was indeed wonderful and when it was done all three boys did welcome me with hugs, and in the case of Osric, with his lips upon mine and his tongue within my mouth which made me harden again and while he kissed me Elred managed to get my cock in his mouth, I know not how, and I seeded once more.

The first days at Ashton were much the same and I confess I did take much pleasure in them for I was free to suck and fuck as I imagined no boy before had ever been. And fuck I did, squire and slaves both, for I had learned the wonder of it, for it is indeed a gift from God for a boy to plunge his cock in the arse of another.

But a worry did grow in my mind for it is one thing to have a mouth round my cock many times a day to save me from sin, or my cock seeding in the arse of a boy for that same reason, but must it not be a different thing to enjoy it so? Was I, in my pleasure, committing the sin of gluttony? For sure it was that I did crave much the mouths and bodies of Roger and the slaves.

At nights, Sir Guy in his goodness and kindness, had ruled all should sleep in the same huge bed, for he treated not his slaves as slaves, but as boys who gave him pleasure, and heavenly bliss it was to sleep with the naked flesh of boys and Sir Guy pressed close around. And in the hours of waking my hands longed always to hold and use the magnificent cock of Elred; my mind desired the use of Roger, for he was more than comely and joining with him a thing of delight. And, worst of all, I did lust for the flesh of Osric, for he was skilled beyond skilled with his hands, his mouth and his arse. Never did I lay with him and seed quickly, for though my seed would rise he would keep it from flowing until nothing could prevent it more on the fifth or six rising, and it would blast forth from my cock in quantity and thickness beyond belief.

And surely this must be mortal sin, for I did lust and surely would soon be in the Devil's clutches once more.

With heart heavy I rode to Ashton village, to the church there, and did confess my sins to Father Edmund, a young, but learned priest Sir Guy had said was much studied in the ways of boys and the Devil.

"The only sin I see is the sin of Doubt," he did tell me when I had ended my confession and waited to hear my penance, which I knew would be hard to bear for it must be the chastisement of the flesh, for it was sins of the flesh of which I was guilty. I had witnessed the flesh whipped from the backs of boys and brothers alike at the Priory for sins, far lesser than mine I was sure. "Of lust I see no sign," he said, "For how can it be lust to long for the bounty the Lord has gifted you? And as for gluttony; the Lord has given you a heavy burden to carry, the burden of the need to seed more than others; and would you lay that burden down and walk from the task that God has given you? That would indeed be sin, a sin so great the flames of Hell would burn most fierce for you. Do you presume to challenge the Will of God? Is not that the very sin of Satan himself for which he was cast from Heaven? The Devil is always around us, seeking for a way to drag us from the path of righteousness, and would it not be a vain glory for him to tempt the pure soul of one such as you? More delight he would take in your soul than in the souls of hundreds of peasant boys who have never known the way to salvation.

"Your path, my son, is to follow the one the Lord has laid out for you, and to laugh at the Devil when he tempts you with thoughts that you are lustful and gluttonous, for it is not so.

"Always remember, my son, the words of the Greeks, for they were wise indeed; a healthy body means a healthy mind, and the Devil can have no sway over a healthy mind, and to keep your body healthy you must seed much.

"Penance I must give you for the great sin of Doubt and that penance shall be that you shall enter all three of your fellow boys and also take their seed into your mouth, and you shall do that ere you eat again this day."

With that he did absolve me and my heart was light again, for he was indeed a learned priest and I would have much discourse with him in times to come.

My penance I did fulfil upon my return, and hard it was upon my cock for the priest had ordered me to fuck all three before taking their cocks in my mouth, so my cock was a limp thing when I had fucked and my mouth ached after I had sucked, and I knew that never again would I question the Will of the Lord.

Winter was drawing nigh upon us and Sir Guy did wonder on the need to employ servants for us for we were in dire need of one who could cook, and as chance would have it Sir Guy did learn of ill-fortune that had befallen one in the hamlet of Trowle. I say chance, but clearly it was the workings of the Lord, for a thatcher had fallen from a roof and injured so that he could not work again and not longer support his family of a wife and two sons, and it was that family whose home Sir Guy had used when first he did come to Trowle, and from those boys he had driven the Devil then.

Gladly did Sir Guy take that family into service in the manor at Ashton, for Mistress Thatcher was a wondrous maker of pies and stews and the boys were comely.

Harold was sixteen then and of solid build and used to labour and his brother Gurth was fourteen and had a way with animals that would make him most useful in the stables. And I knew the hand of God was in this for when Sir Guy did question them they declared that they were free of sins of the flesh from the moment they had been freed of the Devil, and each did use none other than the mouth or arse of his brother when the need was upon them.

And this I knew to be true, for when they were divested of their clothing there was but little hair upon them, save for that which grows above the cock of a boy.

Sir Guy did ask me, for I was the most learned among us, to enquire further, and so I did, and both boys were eager to have their cocks felt and sucked and to seed in the mouths of Roger and Osric, and though they did show some worry at the size of Elred's cock, they both agreed, without much question, that it was fitting that it be known by all that the Devil was not within them.

It was with the coming of Harold and his brother Gurth that I began to look upon the cocks of boys not just with delight but with an enquiring interest also.

Harold, when soft as he was when first I set eyes upon him, hung long and thick, not so long nor thick as Elred though he was older than that boy by more than a year, and the skin at the end did look not unlike the bud of a flower almost open. The hair above it drew the eye, and though I may want to gaze upon the full firmness of his thighs or the broadness of his chest, try as I may, my eyes were pulled to that patch of hair.

The same it was with Gurth, though his cock was less long and thick and the skin upon it longer at the end and the hair above it less well grown, still it drew my eyes though they longed to linger on his long and slender legs and on the nubs of his nipples that looked so sweet to taste.

And I looked from them and on Osric and Roger instead and I did think that, though their cocks were wondrous that it was upon the beauty of their bodies that I gazed most for they had no hair upon them to draw my eye from their beauty.

My cock did rise and throb as I so looked, for it ever took but little for that to happen, and the need to seed did rise in me as my cock rose from my body, and Gurth it was who begged for my permission to take it in his mouth, or in his arse if that was my wish, but I did say it should be his mouth, for if the hair upon him truly was a sign of the Beast it was more fitting that he should consume my seed, for my seed was pure and was a gift from the Lord.

The hair upon their bodies worried me not for long, for Roger did use the ointment from the Priory and soon they were smooth, and that was proof indeed that they had dedicated their lives as boys to the service of the Lord and there was no danger of any sin when one did suck or fuck with them.

And true it was that with Harold and Gurth I did take my greatest pleasure, for Harold's cock was wonderful indeed and much I liked to have his strong body upon me and his cock inside, for truly a boy's arse is the Gateway to Paradise not only for the one who fucks but for the boy who has cock deep inside him also, and much I liked to be fucked.

But if a boy's arse is the Gateway to Paradise it must be that his cock is the signpost to that place, for when the cock of a boy does rise from rest it points indeed to bliss, and a great fondness I have had for the cocks of boys since first I went to serve Sir Guy at Ashton. Indeed, my pleasure at having Harold inside me was made much greater when I could take his brother Gurth in my mouth and be seeded both there and in my arse, and the brothers had great skill for they could time their seeding so both did do so at the same time, and surely Heaven can offer no greater bliss than this.

No man nor boy can live by pleasure alone for this world demands that there is work to be done, and Sir Guy must need go forth to the village of Ashton, and to Keevil, to Trowle and to Semmington, there to drive the Devil from the boys the Lord had placed in his care, and, as his secretary, I must needs go with him to record the names and ages of those he did so free from the clutches of the Beast.

Many there were, and in Ashton alone I did record thirty and two and a fearsome task it was for Sir Guy to fuck them all and with only Elred to share his labour.

For me also, for my inquiring mind did bid me make note of the cock of each, its length and its girth, both at rest and when hard, and the length of skin at its end when soft and hard also, and of the hair growing on them for there was much I knew I must determine.

I made it my duty also to hold and suck them all and seek to determine if the seed of one was sweeter than that of another, and if the sweetness of the seed was related in any way to the size and shape of the cock and to the growth of hair.

The mouths of many I did use also and I noted with care if skill with the mouth was related also to the cock, and fortunate I was in my study that I did need to seed often, for some I found that liked much to take my cock in their mouths, and, at times when Sir Guy was resting from his labours, I did find a boy and lay with him upon the ground and use my mouth on him while he did use his on me, and that was a wondrous pleasure and one I did show to Gurth and to Roger and Osric also.

And it was in this way that I did discover another of the ways in which the Lord works, for the boys I chose for this pleasure were ones who had but little hair upon them, and though their cocks were smaller than those of more years, still were they sweet to suck and their seed, though little, most delicate to taste. And older boys, jealous that I did not choose them but did select their younger brothers, did crop the hair that grew on them to make them more pleasing to my eye that I would lie with them also. And many of those that did so did fuck me also, for my slender body and white skin they liked much. And those that fucked me I did bid must also fuck their brothers, and the brothers of others for I knew that the more they did fuck boys the less the chance the Devil would have with them and Hell Mouth have no call upon them.

Much I gave thought to the wonders of Creation, for the cock of every boy was different from another, in size and in shape and in the skin that did cover them.

Some there were that did stand straight out when they were hard, much like the ruler I did use to draw lines upon a page for writing, and others did curve to the one way or the other, and some upwards and some downwards, and even those that did curve both up or down and to one side or the other as well.

And in length and thickness they did differ also, and on some the skin did cover all, even when most hard, and on others it hid but little of what lay beneath, even in repose. Others grew from small to large when they did stiffen, some in length and some in girth and others still in both, and it was a great wonder to me that the Lord had made cocks so, for possible was it not to tire of their variety.

Wondrous that was, for it did mean that every cock I did hold or take into my mouth was different from every other cock I had so done with, and every new cock was a new pleasure to be enjoyed.

Wondrous was it also that the mouth of every boy was different and also their arses, for fucking one boy was not like fucking another, and the mouths of some had greater skill than the mouths of others, though all mouths were a pleasure to me, for there did I most like to seed.

It took but till spring for Sir Guy and Father Edmund to drive the Devil from all boys in the manor of Ashton, and none there were between the ages of ten and sixteen who had not been so purified; sixty and three boys in all, and all were happy in the Lord and in the knowledge that they need never again commit those dreadful sins of self-pleasure and the needless spilling of seed, and all fucked others and were themselves fucked so their Gates of Paradise did remain ever open.

And word did spread of the wonder that was Ashton, and some did come on pilgrimage there from places far and wide, from Scippenham and from Marlborough and from the great cathedral city of Salisbury itself; and some did bring their sons with them also, in the hope, no doubt, that the Devil would go from them in the holy place that was now Ashton.

Father Edmund did decree that any who made such pilgrimage should be rewarded and he, Sir Guy and Elred did perform their holy duty, though I did note that Elred's task was for the less comely; though this was fitting, for he was but slave.

The bishop, then at Ramsbury, did learn of this and did declare that Ashton was truly a place for pilgrimage, and that such should be organised for but two weeks in the middle of summer. And he reasoned thus; that better it was for all to come at once and at a time when boys could be spared from the fields, for the pilgrims did come to wonder on the boys of Ashton and fitting it was that they should see them. And better it was for the people of Ashton, for they could make stocks of food and ale, for great would be the selling of those and the inns full and prices high and the villagers would make much profit from the purity of their boys.

He did declare that for those two weeks it would be holiday in Ashton and did also decree that all boys of purity should wear no clothing nor should they cover themselves in any way, for the pilgrims would come to look upon the purity of their bodies and give thanks to the Lord that they had done so.

And that the lustful gaze of sinful men should not fasten upon boys who were pure, he did ordain that each pilgrim should pay a silver penny to enter into the manor of Ashton, and that such a penny was in penance for their sins and upon the taking of it the bishop would absolve them of all sins of the flesh committed till then; and if a further such penny was paid unto Sir Guy, proof it would be that a pilgrim would lay with a boy of Ashton, not in lust, but in thanks to the Lord that such a thing should be granted unto them.

To rid a son of any pilgrim of the Devil was a thing for which no charge was made, for such was a holy thing and Father Edmund, Sir Guy and his slave Elred, did strive to do that deed for all who came for it, and I did make writing of all such boys, their names and place from whence they came, and all the details of their cocks, each I carefully observed with my eyes and with my hands and mouth both, and some, who were most good to look upon and in great need, with my arse also.


And thus it was that the manor of Ashton came to be of great wealth and the Church did prosper also, and for ten years this did continue, and many and many were the cocks of boys that I did observe and compare, and none I found that I liked not; and though I was no longer a boy I did know that no sin it is for a man to lie with a boy if he does not so in lust but only in thanks to the Lord for his bounty.

Much did Father Edmund preach on this and to the pilgrims also for the punishment in Hell for the Sin of Lust is terrible indeed.

"Each day, and for all eternity," he did say, "The stones and member of a lustful man are roasted slowly, and the man must watch as his privates are so roasted until they are but blackened, shrivelled and unsightly things; and each night they will grow anew so the torment may begin again at dawn. And for all eternity never will the member of a lustful man be a thing for pleasure but for torment only. And should that man be guilty not just of lust, but of rape also, then, when evening comes in Hell, his well cooked stones and member will be taken from him and he must eat them then while all the fiends of Hell do laugh at him, and join with each other in all manner of wicked ways."

Such a torment is terrible indeed, and though some may have come on pilgrimage to Ashton with lust in their hearts and minds, none did lie with any boy there in a manner that was not holy, for none did wish an eternity of such suffering.

The deeds of man it was that brought the earthly paradise that was Ashton to its end, for the war between Stephen and Maud did come to an end and in the fullness of time Henry did come to the throne of England, and Henry was a king who saw no joy in life but entered much into the Mouth of Hell and fathered many children and but some of them in holy wedlock.

He liked not boys and did frown much upon the salvation of them, and so little learning had he that he did declare that there was no difference between man and boy, and the scholars at Oxenford and bishops who would keep their sees, did so declare with him, and there was no place in the Godless land that was now England for the paradise of Ashton.

Sir Guy did forfeit his manor and did take his wealth, for this he had concealed with Jews and they held it safe in other lands, and embarked once more for Sicily, and there did he purchase Taormina, for in Sicily the evil doctrine of Oxenford held no sway.

And with us, for I did go with him then, came Osric and Elred, no longer slaves for Sir Guy had given them their freedom when they were no longer boys, and Roger, now a knight and holy in his works, and also Gurth, though Harold had married then and stayed in England.

And all still gloried in the beauty that is in boys and in the wonder of their infinite variety, and in the wonder of the Lord that he had created them so.

Indeed, the boys of that land are most delightful, and as that is warmer by far than England, they saw but little need for clothing, and none there were above the age of ten that had the Devil in them and their Gates of Paradise were ever ready to open wide, and all were eager to share the bliss that is the body of a boy with any that would give thanks to the Lord for their beauty.

Many and many are the boys I have lain with here, and will lay with more until the Lord takes me as He has taken Sir Guy, and daily I thank the Lord that he has granted me this, for what greater pleasure can come to a man than to lay with boys.

Shame it is that the paradise that was Ashton is no more, for I remember with fondness the boys there and the wonder of their cocks, and more shame it is that all will pass from the minds and memories of men.

It will not be so with Taormina; in centuries to come the boys there will share still the wonder of their flesh with others, and that is as it should be, for the Lord has willed it so.


Archivist's Note.

Unfortunately the other documents of Raymond of Taormina referred to in his writing have been lost and that loss is great as his detailed records would have enabled scholars to compare the genitalia of the boys of 12th century England with those of the modern day, and, indeed, any differences there were then between the boys of England and of Sicily.

Scholars and students of boys will have made note of his final words and it is recommended that study be given to the photographic works of Herr Wilhelm von Groeden, which date from the late 18 hundreds and into the early 20th century and give ample evidence that the custom of the usage of boys noted by Raymond was still evident then.