The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Twelve

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter eleven...

"I can't wait to see him again," he says.  "I always knew I would see him again someday.  God Donny I missed you so much growing up and now here you are..."

Suddenly they are aware that they were about to have sex with one another.

"Donny if you don't mind could we just snuggle tonight.  I would like to get to know you again before we become lovers."

"I was thinking the same thing Claudio."

They snuggle into the spooning position with Claudio holding Donatello to him.

"Goodnight bro," Claudio whispers in his ear.

"Goodnight my love," Donny says back over his shoulder.

Chapter Twelve...

The next morning they awoke still cuddled tightly together.  Claudio kisses the back of Donatello' head and he moves in closer to Claudio.

"Mmmmmm are you happy to see me or what," he says as he feels Claudio's morning erection pressing against his ass.

"It's just nice to have my Donny back after all these years," he says as Donny turns to face him.

"I never stopped missing or loving you Claudio.  I bet you never knew that did you," he asks.

"No I didn't but I never gave up on finding you either.  I still can't believe we are lying here like this after all these years Donny."

They kiss each other passionately as they hold on as if one might disappear again.  They break their kiss and just gaze into each other's eyes for the longest time without speaking.  Their hearts beat together the love they are feeling and then their mouths join again in passion.

"I love you Donny and I guess I always have ever since we were little boys," and he kisses him again.

"I knew that I loved you when we were still living in Reggio and I knew some day we would be lovers."

"So my friend what are you saying to me," Claudio asks.

"If you will have me I want for us to be lovers forever now that fate has brought us back together."

"I would be honored to be your lover but it must be for life if you can agree Donny."

"I agree and I would not want it any other way," and they kiss as Donny pulls Claudio on top of him.  "Make love to me my man, my lover."

Claudio caresses his neck softly with kisses and he softly nibbles on his ears.  He finds his erect nipples and he takes his time as he sucks and nibbles on each one.

"Oh yeah sweetheart keep doing that," Donny says holding Claudio to his breast.

Claudio sucks each one tenderly and just barely nibbles as he drives his lover crazy with passion.  He sits up and looks down at his cock that is now leaking from the excitement he is feeling.  He takes it into his hand and licks the sweet drops of pre-cum from it before moving down on the shaft.  He can't take it all but he tries to, and he gags some when it hits the back of his throat.  He just moves back up to the head and sucks hard on it before he moves back down.

"Stop Claudio I'm so close to cumming," Donny says and Claudio drops his cock from his mouth.  He sucks his balls one at a time into his mouth.  He rolls each one around in his mouth and again he brings him so close to the edge.  He licks with his tongue the spot just behind them and Donny lifts up his legs to give him more access.  He traces the crack to his virgin rosebud and he licks all around the moist treasure.  He then puts his tongue deep into the sweet hole and Donny lifts up higher in excitement.

"Fuck babe where did you learn that," he says as Claudio just fucks his tender hole with his tongue.

He continues with his tongue until Donny is beside himself and he just can't take no more.

"Claudio you have me so fucking hot just fuck me please," he says.

Claudio gets up and goes into the bathroom and comes back with some Vaseline and he lubes up his fingers and Donny' rosebud.  He inserts a finger and soon finds his sweet nut inside.  He rubs it slowly until Donny is thrashing back and forth in ecstasy and he inserts another two fingers and works them around also.

"Fuck I'm going to cum," Donny says and Claudio pounces quickly on his cock just as he shoots his sweet cum into his mouth.

He sucks his cum and Donny keeps shooting until he has no more to give him.

"Oh fuck man that was hot now fuck me babe and take my virginity.  I want to give it to you my lover and be yours forever," Donny says still glowing from his climax.

Claudio removes his fingers and he takes Donny' legs into his hands by their ankles and pushes them up high.  Donny lines up Claudio's cock to his rosebud and then gazes into his eyes as he slowly pushes into his virgin ass.  The head pops in and Donny yells out in pain as his virginity is surrendered to Claudio.

"Fuck stop!" he yells as the pain shoots through him and Claudio waits for his lover to adjust.

Donny slowly takes deep breaths and starts to relax.  Once he is adjusted to the feeling of Claudio's cock in him he nods for him to continue.  Claudio slowly pushes more in and pauses each time Donny starts to tense up.  He finally bottoms and the two just sigh and wait for Donny to relax.

"You're so tight and hot Donny," he says as he kisses him passionately.

"I'm better now lover so take me and make me yours," he says looking his friend and lover in the eyes.

Claudio slowly pulls out to almost completely and then slowly pushes back in.

"You alright Donny?"

"Yeah babe just fuck me," he whispers softly to him.

Claudio starts to fuck a bit faster and soon they find their rhythm with Donny meeting Claudio's thrusts with pushes of his own.  They fuck in perfect sync as two lovers do until Donny is close to the edge again.

"God man I'm going to cum again," he says surprised that he can this way.

He shoots his seed and it hits both of their chests as Claudio fucks him faster and deeper now.  He is pounding his ass and is soon to his edge as he cries out with the passion he is feeling.

"Fuck my cock babe I'm cumming," he howls and shoots his seed into his lover's ass.

Donny holds Claudio's hips and he rides his cock as Claudio fills his ass with his cum.  They fuck as one until Claudio is spent and he falls down on his man.  Their mouths meet in passion and they kiss hard and long as they ride out the sweet afterglow of love's first time.

"I love you Donatello," he says looking into his eyes as he slips his cock out of his ass.

"I love you too Claudio," and they kiss holding each other tightly.  "Babe what is your middle name," he asks.

"Michelangelo," he tells him.

They get up and take a shower and Donny kneels down and takes Claudio's cock into his mouth.  He slowly tries to swallow it but like Claudio gags some.  He sucks the head and most of the shaft and soon Claudio is at his edge.

"I'm going to cum babe," he tells him as Donny sucks harder and faster.

He shoots his seed into Donny' mouth and he savors the taste of his man.  He swallows as fast as he can as Claudio keeps shooting his cum until he is through.

"Wow that was one fucking good blow job babe," he tells him.

"Mmmmmm," is all he says still sucking on his cock making sure he has all its sweet nectar.

He stands up and they kiss and Claudio tastes his own cum for the first time.  They hug and kiss as the water flows softly over the two of them.  They get out and dry each other off and get dressed so that they can go to breakfast.

"Do you want to call you dad and tell him you found me," Donny asks.

"Not right now I want to just savor our time together for awhile babe.  We can tell them soon enough once we get use to having each back."

They go to breakfast and Donny thinks about things and he comes up with a plan.

"Hey Claudio how about if I just bring you home for the Thanksgiving break along with your dad.  That way we can surprise Uncle David and maybe he and your dad might even hit it off together."

"That sounds great but won't your dads think something is up if we just spring this on them," he asks.

"Nah I was always having friends and their parents over growing up.  This will be the first time that I have a gay lover and his gay dad over," and they both laugh.

They are eating and a couple of guys stop by their table and introduce themselves.

"Hey guys we're Alex and Austin," Alex says.  "Do you mind if we join you," Alex asks.

"Not at all I'm Donny and this is Claudio," he tells them.

They sit and talk about their classes and majors and what they plan to do once they graduate.

"So are you two roomies," Claudio asks.

"Yeah you might say that," Austin says glancing at Alex with a grin.

"Well either you are or aren't," Donny says.

"Yeah we are roomies," Alex says hitting Austin.

They chat more and Donny gets the feeling that they aren't telling them everything about their rooming arrangements.  So he digs a bit to feel them out as to what they might be to each other.  His gut is telling him that they share the same relationship that he and Claudio have.

"So what room are you guys in," he asks.

"306 right next to your noisy one," Alex muses.  "So what was happening this morning that had you two so... how should I say it... amorous?"

"What are you talking about... amorous?" Claudio asks.

"Well it sounded like you two were having sex or something," Austin says smiling.

"Nah just clowning around guys like guys do," Donny says a bit red in the face.

Alex leans forward and the others do also as he whispers...

"Listen guys we are just like you two... lovers.  We have been ever since our junior year in high school so your secret is safe with us.  Now like I asked what was happening guys?"

"Yeah we're lovers," Claudio says.

"It's nice to find others like us," Austin says.  "There are more and more of us but they are so fucking far into the closet that it would take a major search party to find them."

"Well we aren't exactly accepted in society you know," Donny says.  "Maybe someday but right now one has to be careful.  We can't even go out as a couple yet because of fear of getting jumped and beaten up."

"Hey there's this underground club downtown that is just for our people called the Connection.  You have to know someone to find it and have the right password to get in," Alex tells them.  "If you guys want we can go dancing tonight seeing how tomorrow is Saturday."

"Whatta think Donny you game?"

"Sounds like fun Claudio what time Alex."

"We'll stop by your room around nine if that's good for you.  Things don't usually get hopping until then or later."

"Nine is good see ya then," and they get up and head to their classes.

That night around nine Alex knocks on their door.

"You guys ready," Alex asks looking Donny up and down.  "Wow you sure look hot man.  I wouldn't mind having you in the sack," he says.

"Well I'm a one man guy and you're not him sorry," he says quickly back.

"Your loss then," and Austin comes up behind him.

"What's up," he asks.

"Nothing babe just seeing if they are ready to go," Alex says.

They head downtown and find a parking place near the area Alex says the club is located at.

"Come on guys follow me," he tells them leading them down this alley.

"I don't know about this," Donny says as the hair on the back of his neck stands up.

"Its fine guys only us guys know about this club," he says.

They walk up the alley and are just about to the entrance when several guys step out of the shadows.

"Well well what have we got here," this big guy covered with tattoos says.  "I think we got a bunch of fairies guys."

"Listen guys we don't want any trouble," Claudio says.  "I must warn you that I am trained in Karate and I am a fourth degree black belt."

"Ooooh I'm soooo scared," the big guy says and the others laugh.  "Get `em," he shouts and he and the others move towards the four of them.

"Get behind me guys," Claudio shouts to the others and they fall behind him.

He jumps forward into the air and his feet land hard against the big one, hitting him in the face and chest.  It knocks him out and to the ground and the others come at him.  He takes them out one by one proving his word as a fourth degree black belt. When he is done there are five guys lying on the ground and Claudio is not even scratched.

"Where the fuck did you learn to fight like that man," Donny and the others say coming up to him.

"My Uncle Carl taught me growing up.  He said it was always smart to have some kind of self defense art to protect yourself with.  He learned it during the war over in Japan."

"You were fantastic Claudio," Alex says.  "Remind me not to get you pissed off at me," he says and laughs.

"I only use it to protect myself or those I love," he tells him.  "I'm considered a lethal weapon in a lot of countries."

"Well I'm glad you were with us man now let's go dance guys," Alex says.

"God I love you babe," Donny says to his man.

"I love you too babe."

They enter the dance club and are taken back by all the guys there that are just like them.  Many are dancing but some are sitting and making out in the shadows.  Ramon the club owner greets them at the door once they give him the special password.

"You might want to warn your patrons about the mess outside Ramon," Alex tells him.

"What mess my friend?"

"There's five guys out cold who tried to jump us but this here guy dropped them like cord wood.  By the way Ramon meet Donny and ...," and he is interrupted by Ramon.

"How are you Mr. Powers," Ramon says offering his hand to him.

"Very well Ramon and so nice to see you again.  Though I must say in a more pleasant and relaxed atmosphere," Claudio says with a smile.  "I trust our secret will remain just that sir our secret," he says and Ramon nods causing curiosity among the others.

"But of course sir and it's so nice to have you in... my club sir."

"Ramon let's drop the formality and please call me Claudio ok."

"Certainly sir I mean Claudio and the drinks are on me tonight gentlemen," he says.


"That isn't necessary Ramon but we thank you," he says shaking his hand again.

They head over to the bar and Ramon tells Luis that all drinks for the four are on the house tonight.  He bids them farewell and heads back to the door to greet his other guests.

"So tell us what is this secret you two have," Alex asks.

"It's just that a secret and I don't tell secrets so let's drop it ok," he says.

"Fine then I can respect that well let's dance guys," he says and grabs Austin and leads him to the dance floor.

"You are so amazing babe," Donny says giving him a kiss.

"I'll tell you later back in our room babe now lets dance."

They spend the evening dancing and talking to fellow students and other guys their age.  They are amazed at how many of them there are that are gay at the school.  They get back to their rooms around two in the morning and Alex is quite drunk and wants to switch partners for the night.

"Listen and listen well my friend I am only going to say this once.  I don't swing and neither does Donny so lets drop this or we will drop our friendship got it."


"Man don't get so bitchy," he says. "It was just a request not an order man."

They go to their own rooms and Donny and Claudio decide to take a shower before bed.  They are lying in bed and just kissing and holding each other when Claudio asks Donny to top him.

"I want you to take my virginity babe," he says looking into his eyes.

"Babe it hurts like hell the first time you know," he tells him.

"I know but I trust you babe and I want you to have my virginity like you gave me yours."

Claudio lies down on his back and Donny climbs on top of him.  They kiss passionately holding each other until Donny breaks their kiss and moves to Claudio's neck.  He nuzzles and nibbles then moves slowly down to his nipples.  He teases each nipple with his tongue until he softly bites it and then sucks tenderly on it.  He moves back and forth between the two until he has Claudio thrashing from the sensation.

"Fuck babe don't stop," he yells out holding his lover to his breast.

He continues for a bit longer then moves slowly down to his cock that is dripping from the excitement.  He takes his cock into his mouth and slowly swallows it.  When it hits the back of his throat he starts to swallow and Claudio's cock slides down into Donny's throat.  He moves up and down on his cock for quite a while until he senses Claudio is getting close.  He moves off his cock and sucks his balls into his mouth and moves them around slowly.  He then lifts Claudio's legs and traces his way with his tongue to the treasure that it awaiting his attention.  He runs his tongue all around the sweet treasure and Claudio is beside himself with pleasure.

"Yeah baby fuck my ass," he howls.

Donny inserts his tongue into his ass and Claudio lifts up from the thrill.  He rides his tongue holding his head to his ass as Donny fucks it.  He pulls his tongue out and inserts a finger into his wet and willing ass.  He searches for his sweet nut and finds it rubbing it until he has Claudio in a frenzy.

"I'm going to cum," he shouts and Donny takes his cock down to its root.  He shoots his seed down Donny's throat and he holds him to his cock.  He is pumping his cock deep down his throat giving him all the cum he has.  When he surrenders his last drops he relaxes from the tension of the climax and Donny slowly drops his cock. 

"Oh fuck babe that was so fucking hot.  Where did you learn to swallow cock like that," he asks.

"Austin told me that when your cock hits the back of the throat just start swallowing and it will slide right down."

They kiss hard and long as Donny lines up his cock to Claudio's treasure and he slowly pushes in.  The head pops in and Claudio tenses up from the pain causing Donny's cock to go all the way in.  He cries out to him to stop and Donny stops to give him time to adjust.

 "Oh fuck stop that fucking hurts," he shouts as he freezes from the pain.

"That's because you took all of it at once babe."

It takes him a while but he finally relaxes and he nods to begin again.  Donny slowly pulls almost all the way out before pushing quickly back in.  They soon find a rhythm and they make love for a while until Claudio is at his edge again.

"I'm cumming babe," he howls and shoots his seed all over Donny's chest and his own.

"Oh fuck my cock babe I'm cumming," Donny says a moment later and shoots his seed deep into Claudio's ass.  He is slamming his ass with all his might as Claudio rides his cock. He shoots his cum deep into his lover's virgin ass and he is in ecstasy as he surrenders control to his rhythm.  The two fuck and shoot their seed until they are spent and Donny collapses down on Claudio.


"Fuck that was hot babe," Claudio says as he kisses his lover.  "So tell me which do you like better topping or bottoming?"

"I like it that you gave me your virginity babe but honestly babe I like it when you make love to me."

"Yeah I like making love to you also.  This way nice but I do like the feel of your hot ass when my cock is tight inside it."

They kiss passionately and go and clean up then fall asleep in their favorite position.

The semester moves on and soon it's close to Thanksgiving week.  Donny calls home to see if it's alright to bring his friend and his dad home for the holiday.

"Donatello we aren't your ordinary family son," Jake says.  "Or is there something we should know," he asks.

"Dad he is just my room mate from school and his dad.  They are going to have to spend the holiday at a hotel," he tells him.

"Sure son bring them home we can accommodate them and be discreet like when you were in high school."

"Well that was easy babe like I told you.  They think you are straight and coming with a straight dad."

"Now my part talking my dad into coming along."

He dials the hotel and gets the hotel operator Betty.  He asks for his dad but he is told that he drove up to get him just a few hours ago.

"Can I speak to Carl then," he asks and is transferred to him.  "Uncle Carl where did dad go," he asks.

"He decided to drive up to get you and take you over to Lake Tahoe for the holiday.  He should be arriving there anytime now," he says.

"Thanks Uncle Carl and have a great holiday," he says.

"You also my man," Carl says.  "I want to hear all about school when you have a free moment Claudio."

"Sure thing uncle so I'll be talking to you soon," and he hangs up the phone.  "My dad is on the way up here," he tells Donny. "He wants to take me to Lake Tahoe for the holiday."

"So what are you going to do," Donny asks.

"I think I need to tell him about us and my finding my dad," he says.  "He'll understand I hope but he doesn't know that I'm gay.  I never told him or anyone else because I wasn't sure myself until I met you babe."

"Same here sweetheart my folks think I'm straight also.  I had dates with girls all through school and even thought of getting married once last year.  But meeting you again and falling in love all over again made me realize just what I wanted in life and it's you."

They hug tightly and kiss as a knock comes to the door and it opens from the blow of the knock.  Darnel sees them kissing and he is in shock standing there watching them.

"Oh shit Dad," Claudio says catching him out of the corner of his eye.  "Come on in I was expecting you," he says wondering if he saw them kissing.

"I can come back later if I am interrupting something here," he says.

"Dad I didn't want you to find out about me like that but I just realized it when I met Donny."

"So Donny how do you do young man," he says offering his hand to him.

"I'm fine sir and it's so nice to meet you," he says shaking hands with him.

"Dad come in and sit down we need to talk dad."

"I understand son if you are gay.  I had my suspicions but never said anything.  I wanted to let you find out for yourself son."

"Thanks dad but there is more to it than that dad.  Donny here is the Donatello I told you about from my childhood.  His Uncle David is my other dad we have looked for."

There is a long silent moment before Darnel finally speaks.

"Oh my God son you have finally found your family how wonderful.  I bet your dad was so surprised to finally see you again after all these years," he says a bit sadly.

"Dad he doesn't know yet," he says sensing his dad's sadness. Dad you are still my dad," he says taking his hands.  "You were the one that raised me and loved me I'm not going to shut you out of my life dad.  My heart is big enough for two dads in it.  We have been invited up for Thanksgiving to Donny' house.  I was hoping that you and I would go together."

"But don't you want to meet your dad alone son?"

"No dad I don't but I want him to meet the man that made me what I am today."

Darnel starts to cry and Claudio hugs him.  He holds his dad as Donny watches noticing how much they love one another.

"Dad can you do me a favor," he asks. "I am not telling them who I am quite yet.  I want to meet my dad first and see what kind of man he is before I tell him who I am.  I want him to like me for me and not just because I am his lost son that was stolen from him years ago."

"Sure son I understand but once you are introduced as Claudio won't he know?"

"I'm going to use Jean-Paul dad until I know him better.  Also they think the three of us are straight dad.  They don't even know that Donny here is gay either."

"My God this is all going to be such a shock to them," Darnel says.

"Sir I know you will just love my Uncle David.  He is warm and big hearted," Donny says.

They drive out to Donny's house and Donny fills them in about all the years Claudio missed with David.  When they arrive at Giovanni Winery they are greeted by Jake.

 "How nice you could join us for Thanksgiving," Jake says.  "I'm Jake Giovanni and this is my business partner Giovanni.  I know the names are similar but they are purely co-incidental."

"Dad this is Jean-Paul Powers my room mate and his dad Darnel Powers."

"How do you do sir," Jean-Paul says.

"It's a pleasure to meet you both and thank you for the kind invitation," he says to Jake and Giovanni as David comes out.

"Well if it isn't my favorite nephew," he says and he hugs him tightly.

"Uncle David this is my room mate Jean-Paul and his dad Darnel Powers."

"What a handsome young man you are and how nice to meet you both," and he shakes hands with Darnel.

"A pleasure to meet you also David," he says still holding his hand.  "I'm sorry David I didn't mean to do that," he says starting to blush.

"No harm done," David says still glancing at Jean-Paul.  "You look so familiar to me like I have met you before," he says.

"Unless you have stayed in San Francisco there is not a chance of it," he says.

"Well why don't we go into the house," Jake says leading the way with his arm around Donny.  "There seems to be something different about you son,"

"Different dad whatever do you mean," he says calling to Jean-Paul.  "Hey Jean I'll show you my room while the adults get acquainted," he says.

"Sounds good," he says back and follows him upstairs to his room.

Once inside his room he takes him into his arms and they kiss.

"My dad is so handsome and did you see the way my other dad held his hand for awhile.  Do you think he'll guess who I am babe?"

"Nah he's just taken by your looks like I was," and they kiss passionately as the door opens.

"Dad," Donny says jumping to see Giovanni standing there.

"I'm sorry Donatello I should have knocked," he says turning red with embarrassment.

"Dad please come in, we need to talk," Donny says looking at Claudio.

"So you are gay son," he says.  "I had a feeling you were but that you were in denial."

"Dad can you keep a secret and I mean a total secret," he says.

"Son you know I can have I ever told anyone even your dad things you told me in confidence," he asks.

"No dad you haven't but this is one big secret."

"You have my word son."

"Well Jean-Paul here is really Claudio," he says but Giovanni looks at the two of them with puzzlement in his looks.

"The Claudio that Uncle David lost years ago," he says and Giovanni makes the connection.

Giovanni holds his hands to his mouth in shock as he looks at the boy now a man.

"My good Lord in Heaven Claudio how we searched for you son," and he hugs and kisses him as he remembers the boy.

"Dad he doesn't want Uncle David to know until he is sure that he likes him for him and not as his lost son."

"Oh he is going to have a stroke once he finds out.  He has never stopped hoping that someday he would see you again Claudio.  His entire life since you disappeared has had a hole in it."

"I know I should just tell him but I'm afraid that he is only going to love me because I am his lost son.  I am a man now and need to know that I am loved for me as a person."

"Honey you have nothing to fear with David because his love is always genuine.  If he says he loves you it's because he truly loves you son."

"I guess it's time babe to tell him," he says and gets up and there in the doorway in tears is David and he collapses to the floor.

To be continued...

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