The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Thirteen

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.


From chapter twelve...


"My dad is so handsome and did you see the way my other dad held his hand for awhile.  Do you think he'll guess who I am babe?"

"Nah he's just taken by your looks like I was," and they kiss passionately as the door opens.

"Dad," Donny says jumping to see Giovanni standing there.

"I'm sorry Donatello I should have knocked," he says turning red with embarrassment.

"Dad please come in, we need to talk," Donny says looking at Claudio.

"So you are gay son," he says.  "I had a feeling you were but that you were in denial."

"Dad can you keep a secret and I mean a total secret," he says.

"Son you know I can have I ever told anyone even your dad things you told me in confidence," he asks.

"No dad you haven't but this is one big secret."

"You have my word son."

"Well Jean-Paul here is really Claudio," he says but Giovanni looks at the two of them with puzzlement in his looks.

"The Claudio that Uncle David lost years ago," he says and Giovanni makes the connection.

Giovanni holds his hands to his mouth in shock as he looks at the boy now a man.

"My good Lord in Heaven Claudio how we searched for you son," and he hugs and kisses him as he remembers the boy.

"Dad he doesn't want Uncle David to know until he is sure that he likes him for him and not as his lost son."

"Oh he is going to have a stroke once he finds out.  He has never stopped hoping that someday he would see you again Claudio.  His entire life since you disappeared has had a hole in it."

"I know I should just tell him but I'm afraid that he is only going to love me because I am his lost son.  I am a man now and need to know that I am loved for me as a person."

"Honey you have nothing to fear with David because his love is always genuine.  If he says he loves you it's because he truly loves you son."

"I guess it's time babe to tell him," he says and gets up and there in the doorway in tears is David and he collapses to the floor.

Chapter thirteen...


"My baby boy has returned home to me," he says once he regains consciousness.

David hugs his lost son tightly like he might loose him again.  The tears fall freely as everyone watches the two hug and kiss.  Jake and Darnel hear the crying and come upstairs.

"What is wrong we heard a loud thump," Jake asks looking at David holding Jean-Paul.

"Our boy Claudio has returned to us after all these years," Giovanni says with tears in his eyes.

Darnel watches his son being held by David and he slowly backs off from the group.  He turns to go back downstairs when Claudio sees him starting to leave. 

"There you are dad come here please," Claudio asks with his arms outstretched.

"Dad this is the man that raised me and taught me what love is and how to be the man.  Without my dad here I would not be able to love my Donatello and be his mate," he says in tears.  "I love you dad," and he kisses and hugs Darnel tightly.

"Donatello you're gay," Jake asks in shock and he only nods yes.

"Darnel you did me a great justice raising my boy.  I could not have done a better job.  He told me what Michel did to you years ago and yet you still opened your heart to my son.  Thank you for doing a great job man," and he hugs him.

They are standing there looking into each other's eyes still holding one another when suddenly David pulls him into a kiss.  Their mouths meet and David offers Darnel his tongue who gladly accepts it and they kiss long and hard in front of the others.

 "I'm so sorry Darnel," David says when they break there kiss.  "I wanted to thank you for the fine job you did raising my son but I forgot you are straight."

"I'm not straight David," he says still holding him.  "I was so afraid of loosing Claudio to you that once he found you he wouldn't want me in his life anymore.  I have never had a lover David and if I did he would have to be a man like you because I can see now who Claudio really takes after," he says.

"You didn't have to worry and I can see my boy takes after you as well.  He is very much the gentleman and has a heart of compassion.  Darnel you did a wonderful job raising my boy when you didn't have to.  I am the one that owes you my friend."

"See I told you they would hit it off babe," Donny says to Claudio as smoke comes from the kitchen setting off the smoke alarms.

"Shit dinner is burning," David yells and runs into the kitchen followed by Darnel and the others.

"Well this is truly going to be a Thanksgiving to remember and be thankful for," Jake says as David laughs with the others.

The roast that was in the oven was burned beyond recognition.  Darnel looks in the refrigerator and sees the turkey for tomorrow along with some other meats and tells David...

"Give me a half hour alone here and I will have a feast fit for a king," he says.

"You can cook also Darnel," David says.  "My God what else can you do," he asks.

"That you will have to wait until later to discover," he says raising his eyebrows at him.

"Why you naughty boy I think I might just take you up on that," he says with a smile.

Darnel fixes a feast to remember and everyone is happy about how wonderful everything has turned out.  After dinner they sit around talking out on the veranda enjoying a nice glass of wine for the unusually warm day.  David is helping Darnel with cleaning up from dinner while Giovanni and Donny ready the guest rooms.  Jake and Claudio are sitting alone chatting enjoying the wine and just getting to know one another again.

"So tell me Claudio just what have you done with your life since we last saw you," Jake asks.

"Well Michel left me this hotel he won in a card game from dad when he was killed.  Darnel closed it down for a few months and totally updated it.  He had a state of the art sprinkler system installed along with smoke detectors in every room and hallway.  He kept it to the period it was built in but made it safer.  I later acquired two more hotels at Darnel's recommendation when they went bankrupt and updated them also.  I now have five in San Francisco alone and I bought three national chains that I am turning into five star hotels as well."

"My God you have been busy son," he says.  "Darnel has helped you along the way as a partner I presume."

"I would not be where I am today if he hadn't been there to watch out for my best interest.  But no he would not accept my offer of partnership.  He insisted on a salary like any other employee Uncle Jake.  He never once asked for a raise or demanded anything of me.  All he did he did out of love for me."

"And that love really shows because you are a well raised man Claudio.  His guidance and love shows in how you act towards others.  I see it in your relationship with my son and how he looks at you.  Has Donatello told you about his life since you were taken," Jake asks.

"A bit but not much," he says.  "We were so happy to see each other again that we just fell in love with each other like we were never apart."

"Well he is to inherit my estate when Giovanni and I die.  And of course you will inherit David's also.  You two stand to be very rich men someday."

"Well we know what we want in life besides each other.   We have talked about our separate businesses and we would like to merge someday our two businesses.  I want to get my degree like Donny does in Business Administration.  I would like to manage my business myself someday.  I know that dad is not going to be around forever and I do need to take over so he can enjoy his life also.  From the way that he and David have hit it off I would guess that maybe romance and possibly a relationship may be in the future for them."

"It does appear that they hit it off together," Jake says.

 "I was worried about one thing Uncle Jake. I was legally adopted by Darnel and took his last name of Powers.  I hope that my dad won't be hurt that I didn't keep the name I had," he says.  "After what Michel did to dad I didn't want his name or any reminder of him.  He would beat me if I did anything he didn't like.  He would constantly tell me I was to sensitive and caring and that if I didn't toughen up I would be constantly taken advantage of."

"I'm sure that David will understand why you took Darnel's last name and you were right to do so," Jake says. "So you and my son are lovers huh," he asks and Claudio nods yes.  "Giovanni and I never guessed he was gay although I suspect Giovanni had his suspicions.  But we're glad that he found you and that you are lovers my boy."

"Well I'm hoping that David and Darnel will hit it off and maybe find the love that Donny and I have found," he says as David and Darnel come into the room.

"Well give us some time to get to know one another son," David says looking at Darnel and they all laugh.

"Yeah if he is as good in bed as he is in the kitchen, well I'm going to ask him to marry me before he slips away," Darnel says to David's surprise as the others laugh.

"You're what," he says looking at him.

"Well a catch like you only comes along once in a life time and one has to be quick or that chance is gone," he says.

"Well let's see how tonight goes mister," David says giving him a wink. "I want to see how good you are in bed," he says.

Claudio gives Donny a quick look and they smile hoping that maybe the two men they love might just find love in each other.

"Well I don't know about you others but I am whipped and need a good night's sleep," Jake says getting up and taking Giovanni' hand.  "Shall we babe," he says leading him towards the stairs.

They bid goodnight to the others and head upstairs.  Claudio looks at Donny who takes the hint and takes Claudio's hand also.

"Goodnight dad," he says to each of them and kisses them goodnight and so does Donny.

"Goodnight son," David and Darnel say together.  "You also Donny and pleasant dreams boys."

They also head upstairs leaving David and Darnel alone.  Darnel looks at David and pulls him to him holding him tight in his arms.

"I know we just met David but you have cast a spell on me that I don't ever want broken.  I am not a worldly man nor am I a rich one.  But one thing I am is an honest man.  I have never loved before not because I haven't had the opportunities but I have never lost my heart to anyone that is until today David.  I know you have loved before and that you have just lost your lover a few years ago.  Other than the rape that Michel or Pierre perpetrated on me I have never been with a man."

"Oh Darnel how awful that your first and only time would be with a louse like Michel," David says still in his arms.  "I would be proud to have had a lover like you Darnel.  Men like you are rare and only come along once in a life time.  Would you take me upstairs and make love to me Darnel," he says gazing into his eyes.

All Darnel does is slowly pull him closer and they kiss so deep and passionately.  When they break away David is gasping for air as he runs his fingers through Darnel's hair.  He takes Darnel's hand but Darnel stops him.

"David I don't want nor am I looking for a one night stand here.  I always told myself that when I gave myself to a man it would be forever and freely.  I know we just met but I can't make love to you unless it's forever David."

"Darnel I am not one who asks men into his bed for a quickie either.  When I met Michel and later Justin I demanded a relationship and not a romp in the sheets.  So rest assured that once in my bed your ass is going to be there forever my love," and he kisses him hard and long.

"Where have you been all my life David?  I wonder if we would have been attracted to one another had we met years ago."

"I don't know about then but right now if you don't take me upstairs and make love to me I'm going to rape you right here," he says pulling him upstairs.

"I knew they would hit it off babe," Donny says to Claudio as he closes the door softly.  "Now how about you make love to me hot stuff," he says and Claudio kisses his man.

Inside David's room they kiss again as they hold each other tight.  David slowly unbuttons Darnel's shirt and lets it fall to the floor.  Darnel removes David's shirt and unbuckles his belt.  He undoes his pants letting them fall gently to the floor.  David steps out of them and kneels down before him and reaches up to undo Darnel's jeans.  He pulls them down shorts and all and Darnel steps out of them.  David takes his flaccid cock into his hand and puts it in his mouth swallowing it slowly to its root.

"Oh my God David stop," he says as his cock instantly rises to his full nine inches.  "Not like this please like some quickie in the dark.  I want to make love to you as you should be made love to," he says pulling David to his feet.

They kiss passionately as they move towards the bed and he gently lays David down.  He climbs on top of him and they kiss again as he runs his fingers through David's hair.  He moves his lips to David's neck and nuzzles it as David tilts his head to give him more access.  He nibbles softly on his neck then nibbles and kisses his way down to his now erect nipples.  He takes one between his lips and sucks on it as David holds him to his breast.  He nibbles it a bit hard and David lets out a soft sigh to let him know that he is doing just find.  He moves over to the other that is more sensitive than the first and David gasps as he nibbles on it.

"Yeah babe," he whispers as Darnel suckles his breast and he holds his new lover to him.

Darnel moves slowly down to his cock kissing his way down only briefly stopping at his naval.  He takes his cock into his mouth and slowly runs his lips down the shaft until he has taken it completely.  He takes a few seconds to take in David's scent as he slowly withdraws back up his cock.  When he gets to the head he runs his tongue around the corona and David just lets out a moan.  He continues to suck on his lover's cock for quite some time until he has David to the edge.

"Stop babe or I'm going to cum," he says but Darnel only sucks more rapidly.

It takes only a few seconds and David shoots his seed down into Darnel's anxious throat.  He backs off some to taste his man's cum as David just continues to shoot.

"Oh don't stop sucking babe I've got so much to give you," David says gasping for air.

His cock continues its spasms as it shoots forth his cum until he has surrendered all that he has to give.  Darnel slowly withdraws from his cock once he is sure he has gotten all he can.  David pulls him up for a kiss and their mouths meet passionately as David rides the sweet afterglow of his climax.

"Take me lover and make me yours," David whispers to his new lover.

He hands him some lube and Darnel lubes up his cock and then he lubes up David's ass.  He gazes into David's eyes as he slowly but firmly puts his cock into his ass.  David pulls him into him until he bottoms and they kiss hard and long.

"I forgot how nice it felt to have a man in me," David says rubbing the hair from Darnel's forehead.  "Now my lover fuck me like you and I are the only two men left on the face of the earth."

Darnel rises up on his arms slowly pulling his cock out until it is almost out and then he thrusts it in with a powerful push.  He does this several times until the two find their rhythm and they are fucking together as one.  He rides his lover passionately as the lust he has never felt before drives him on.  He bends down and kisses David when he is close to his climax.  He stops his fucking and just kisses him until his edge passes.

"Why did you stop babe," David asks seeing the tears in Darnel's eyes.

"I'm falling in love with you David and I need to know something before I give you my seed."

"Yes Darnel this is forever," David says as if he could read Darnel's mind.  "I also am falling in love with you babe now give me your seed and make me your husband."

Darnel quickly finds the rhythm they had and it doesn't take long to reach his edge.

"I going to cum my lover," and he shoots his seed deep into David's ass.

"I'm cumming also babe," and he shoots his second load with him.

They shoot their seeds together as David meets every push of Darnels with a thrust of his own.  They fuck as only true lovers do until they have given their all.  Darnel collapses on David and they kiss to seal their love as he cries from the passion he feels.

"I know we just met today David but I truly love you," he says.  "I've never felt like this before towards anyone and I hope that you will accept my proposal of marriage."

"Darnel I have loved twice in my life, yes I did love Michel once until he turned into the beast he truly was.  But even Justin, who was a beautiful man, never touched me like you have tonight.  I accept your proposal and will be proud to be your husband Darnel," he says as they kiss.

Darnel gets up and walks over to his pants and pulls out a box from the back pocket.  He gets back in bed and opens the box presenting it to David.  David is flabbergasted by the ring that Darnel is now slipping onto his finger and he just cries as Darnel kisses him.

"I love you David and with this ring I promise to be faithful to only you.  I will also do my worldly best to make you happy babe as long as I live."

"My God were you that sure I would say yes," David asks.  "And how did you come to have a ring anyways.  We just met today and you didn't know we would be falling in love."

That ring was given to me by my father and it was given to him by his.  I was going to give it to Claudio because I had no one else but my son to give it to.  I now have a husband that I love and I give it freely with love to him."

"I love you Darnel and I accept your proposal of marriage," David says and they drift off to sleep with Darnel holding his husband and David smiling with contentment.

The next morning they arrive downstairs and the glow is still on David's face.

"Well I would say you two had a very good evening," Giovanni says looking at David.

"He did indeed," Darnel says kissing the top of David's head as he holds his chair for him.  "He consented to being my husband,' he says as David gets up and wraps his arms around him.

"Look," he says holding out his right hand.

A beautiful men's ring with a one carat diamond in it and two half carat diamonds on each side is on his ring finger.

"My God dad that thing is huge," Claudio says hugging his dad and staring at the ring.

"We just wish we could have had a real ceremony like straight couples do to seal our marriage," David says.

"Well I do know this minister at the Unitarian Church that will perform a marriage ceremony.  Although it's not legal in the eyes of the government it's still a ceremony with all the bells and whistles," he says.

"Would he do it for us at the ocean under a white tent?" David asks. "I always wanted to get married near the ocean at sunset under a big tent."

"He'll perform it where ever you want it held David."

"Could we, should we," he says looking up at Darnel.

"Sweetheart if you wanted a ceremony on the moon I would get it for you," he says and kisses his lover.

Jake makes the arrangements for the ceremony to happen that Saturday afternoon.  They invite a few friends that they know and have everything ready for the ceremony.  The sun is just setting as David and Darnel stand before the minister to take their vows.  He recites the Christian marriage ceremony and when he finishes he tells Darnel to kiss his husband.

"I now in the presence of these gathered pronounce you husband and husband.  You may kiss you mate," he says as Darnel takes David into his arms and they kiss passionately before those assembled as they all clap.

"I love you David," he says and he kisses his husband again.

"I love you with all my heart Darnel," as he begins to cry from happiness.

They have a lovely reception and the happy couple leaves for a honeymoon in Hawaii.  Donny and Claudio get ready the next day to return to school happy that things went as they hoped they would.

"We'll see you at Christmas break boys," Jake says more than asks hoping that they will be there.

"You know it dad and I love you," Donny says to his dads as he kisses them goodbye.

They return to school and Alex is their when they arrive.

"Hey guy where's Austin," Donny asks.

"He's not getting back until tomorrow.  He doesn't have any classes until Tuesday," Alex says.

Claudio opens their door but when he turns he spills his drink all over Donny.

"Shit now I have to shower," he says.

"We you won't be in your room because they are working on the plumbing and it won't be running until Wednesday," he tells them.  "The only showers open and running are on the second floor and they're the group showers."

"Great just what I wanted," Donny says going inside to grab what he needs.

"Well I'll let you two get settled and I'll see you later," he says and goes to his room.

Once in their room Claudio kisses his lover and asks him if he wants him to come with him.

"Hey I'm a big boy and you can unpack our things while I am gone babe," he says giving him a quick kiss before heading out the door.

He heads downstairs to the showers and it's deserted when he gets there.

"This is nice I won't have to share it with anyone," he says flipping on the lights as he enters the locker room.  He undresses and places his clothes in a vacant locker.  He walks into the shower room and turns on the shower adjusting it to the temperature he likes.  He is just about finished when the lights go out and the room is plunged into darkness.

"Fuck just what else can go wrong tonight," he says turning off the water.

He is feeling his way along the wall towards the door when he feels another person before him.  He jumps when he realizes that someone else is in there with him.

"Fuck you scared the shit out of me," he says but the person doesn't say a word.  "Hello can't you speak," he asks as the person's hands now start to feel their way along his body.

He backs up but the person follows and the fright is beginning to overpower him.

"Who are you and what do you want," he asks pushing the stranger away.

The stranger continues to grope him and he grabs his cock and Donny hauls off and hits the stranger hard.  He is trying to find his way out when suddenly a blow to his face knocks him down to the floor.  He is lying there in pain as the mysterious man now climbs on top of him and holds him down to the floor.

"Please don't do this," he cries but the stranger doesn't listen to him.  "HELP!" he screams and again a blow to the face and he is silent for fear of his life.

"Scream again and I'll kill you," the stranger whispers in his ear.

Donny just lies there as the man spreads his legs.  He lifts them up and savagely pushes his cock into his ass.  He cries out but the man covers his mouth to block the sound of his pain.  He lies there as the man viciously fucks him and it seems like forever before he feels the man's cock start to swell.  He knows the man is close and he now he can feel him shooting his seed into his ass.  The man is moaning as he shoots his cum and Donny lies there and cries.  The man pounds his ass hard until he is spent and then he bends down and kisses Donny.  Donny bites the man's lip hard and the man hits him so hard that his head bounces off the tile floor and it knocks him out.

"Oh my God Donny," Claudio says a half hour later when he comes looking for him.  "Babe wake up please," he cries but Donny doesn't respond and he feels for a pulse. 

"OH GOD NO!"...

To be continued...

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