The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Fourteen

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.


From chapter thirteen...

"Please don't do this," he cries but the stranger doesn't listen to him. "HELP!" he screams and again a blow to the face and he remains silent for fear of his life.

"Scream again and I'll kill you," the stranger whispers in his ear.

Donny just lies there as the man spreads his legs. He lifts them up and savagely pushes his cock into his ass. He cries out but the man covers his mouth to block the sound of his pain. He lies there as the man viciously fucks him and it seems like forever before he feels the man's cock start to swell. He knows the man is close and he now he can feel him shooting his seed into his ass. The man is moaning as he shoots his cum and Donny lies there and cries. The man pounds his ass hard until he is spent and then he bends down and kisses Donny. Donny bites the man's lip hard and the man hits him so hard that his head bounces off the tile floor and it knocks him out.

"Oh my God Donny," Claudio says a half hour later when he comes looking for him. "Babe wake up please," he cries but Donny doesn't respond and he feels for a pulse.

"OH GOD NO!"...

Chapter Fourteen...

He picks up his lover and is holding him to him. Others hearing him crying come running in and see him putting Donny down on the floor. He gets up to go for help but when he turns he sees them staring at him...

"Call an ambulance please he's been raped and beaten," he says frantically.

One guy runs for help but the others keep Claudio there until the police arrive. The come in and see an unconscious Donny on the floor and Claudio covered in blood.

"We came in and found him putting him down on the floor," this one guy says pointing at Claudio as the others agree.

"He's my roomy and I came looking for him when he didn't come back. I found him like this with the lights off," he tells the police.

"So just how you get covered in blood kid," this one officer asks.

"When I found him I picked him up and held him to me. We are cousins' officer," he says.

"Well I am going to have to bring you in until he comes to and can answer some questions about his attack," the officer says putting cuffs on Claudio.

The ambulance arrives and they rush to save Donny from bleeding. They start an IV into him and are loading him on a stretcher when the police lead Claudio away.

"Please officer let me go with him to the hospital," he pleads.

"Why so you can finish what you started," he says pushing him into the patrol car.

They take him down to headquarters and book him for assault and battery with intent to murder.

"If the kid doesn't make it we'll change these charges to murder one," the cop tells Claudio.

They finish the booking process and allow him his one phone call. He doesn't know his dad's number in Hawaii nor does he know Jake's either. So he calls Carl at the hotel and tells him just what has happened. Carl tells him that he is sending a lawyer and not to say a word until he gets there. Once he hangs up the detectives take him to a room to interrogate him.

"So kid we can do this the easy way or the hard way," the detective says. "Why don't you just tell us how it all went down?"

"I already did and I am not saying another word until my lawyer gets here," he says.

"So now you want a lawyer," he says. "If you are innocent why the lawyer kid?" the detective asks.

"Because you won't believe a word I say," he tells them as the door opens and another detective comes in motioning for the other to come out.

Several minutes later he re-enters the room and he slams his fists down on the table hard.

"It seems that you not only beat the shit out of the poor kid but you also raped him. The hospital just called and said that semen was found in his anal cavity."

"Well it wasn't mine and I am still not going to talk," he says crossing his arms in front of him.

The detective gets angry now and shoves the table and it pins Claudio against the wall.

"Listen to me you fucking fag I want the truth and I want it now," he yells at him. "You raped that poor boy and beat him to silence him now admit it," he says hitting Claudio across the face.

"That will be enough detective," this man in a business suit says entering the room. "You will leave my client alone or he will be the one filing charges against you."

The detective storms from the room as the lawyer pulls the table away from Claudio.

"My name is James Donnelly and Carl called me son. I'm your lawyer and a friend. So why don't you start with telling me just what happened tonight," he asks opening up his briefcase.

Claudio starts from the beginning when they arrived back at their room from Thanksgiving break up to when he found Donny in the shower.

"And the lights were out when you entered the locker room," James asks.

"Yes sir because I had to turn them on when I entered."

"The hospital said that he had skin between his teeth and it appears that he may have bitten his attacker."

"You can strip search me Mr. Donnelly and you will find no marks on me."

"You and this young man I take it were lovers," he says more than asks.

"Ah yes sir but does that need to be made public," he asks.

"Well not if I can help it but I need to determine if you had motive to harm him or not. If you two were lovers there would be no motive other than a lovers quarrel," he tells Claudio.

"We just got back from our break and we were in love sir," he says rather uncomfortably.

"Listen son when I said I was a friend I meant a friend like you. Carl and I have been lovers for years so relax son."

They continue to go over and over the events of the night until James come down to one common factor... Alex.

"So you are sure that he told you that the showers were out in the rooms," he asks.

"Yes sir and that the only ones working were on the second floor. He left shortly before Donny did and I never did see him the rest of the night."

"I will check him out as soon as I leave here. Now as far as bail is concerned you will be arraigned and bail will be set then. I'll be with you and will arrange for your release."

"Will you do me a favor please? Donny's dad lives in the Napa valley and his name is Jacob Giovanni. Would you get a hold of him and let him know about his son."

"I will but first I need to attend to your well being," he says as the doors open.

"Time for your appearance in court," the smart ass detective says as he puts on the cuffs again.

"I'll see you in the court room Claudio and remember not a word to this goon or anyone else," he says giving the detective a dirty look.

He is taken to the courthouse and he is lead into a special area of the courtroom. His lawyer is standing behind him as his name is called. They both come forward and he is asked how he pleads.

"Not guilty your honor," he says respectfully.

"Bail is set at ten thousand dollars," the judge says then calls the next case.

"It'll take me ten minutes to arrange bail but I will get you out son," James says.

He arranges Claudio's bail and he takes him to his own house. He gets him fed and cleaned up before he takes him to see Donny. By now Jake and Giovanni are there and they are beside themselves when he walks in.

"You have some nerve coming here after what you did to my son," Jake says coming at him.

"Sir I didn't do this to my lover I was the one that found him," he says as Giovanni holds him back.

"Listen to him babe," Giovanni says.

He retells the story to them from the beginning and Jake softens as he sees the tears in Claudio's eyes.

"I'm sorry my boy for doubting you and your love for my son," he says. "So just how do I find this Alex," he asks.

"His room is next to ours but he doesn't answer his phone. I don't know if he is even there at the moment."

"I'll be back babe," Jake says and leaves the room.

He returns an hour later and his demeanor is quite different.

"Well now son how about your defense is that lawyer taking good care of you or do I need to get you a top notch one," he asks. "This should be rapped up within the next day or so," he says.

"Now don't go getting Claudio's hopes up babe," Giovanni says. "You know how the law works and how innocent men can be found guilty also."

"Not this time babe," he says. "I have it on good authority that he will be exonerated of all charges by this time tomorrow."

"Is that where you ..." but Jake holds up his hand to quiet him.

"Now let's not talk anymore about this and concentrate on our son."

Donny lays in his hospital bed unconscious with machines telling the medical staff how he is doing. His cuts are stitched up but his face is still swollen. The hours pass and along about ten in the evening a man knocks on the hospital door and asks for Jake. He goes outside with him and comes back in all smiles.

"Claudio would you come with me please," he says. "Giovanni we will be back in a few hours," he tells him as he gives him a kiss.

Claudio leaves with Jake and they get in the car with the man, Max, that came looking for Jake. He takes them for a ride and after a few minutes they arrive at a warehouse. Jake and Claudio get out and walk to a door that opens once Jake knocks in a certain rhythm.

"Ah Mr. Giovanni come in," a bearded tattooed man says to Jake respectfully. "My name is Leonardo," he tells him shaking Jake's hand.

They enter and he takes them to a room where a young man is sitting tied to a chair with a hood over his face. Leonardo holds up his hand to silence them as he talks to the kid tied to the chair.

"So Alex just where were you this evening when Donny was attacked," the Leonardo asks.

"I told you I was in my room sleeping," he says crying.

"If you were in your room then how did you get those cuts and stitches on you lip," he asks.

"I bit myself and needed stitches I told you already."

"When did this happen to you," he asks.

"Aren't you listening I told you that it happened yesterday," he says.

The man lifts his hood some to reveal his mouth area and the stitches and dried blood are very fresh. Claudio motions to Leonardo to follow him so that he can talk.

"Those cuts weren't there today when he was in our room," Claudio says. "He couldn't get out of our room fast enough after he knew that Donny wanted to shower."

They return to the room and Leonardo slaps Alex's face hard almost knocking him off the chair.

"I'm going to ask you one more time Alex and if you lie to me you die got it," he says just inches from his ear.

Alex nods and they can hear him crying under the hood.

"Now kid just how did you get those cuts on your mouth," Max asks. "Now think before you speak kid because it could be your last words you say if you lie to me."

Alex was quiet for a moment then he starts to cry all the more. He is crying hard when he blurts out that Donny bit him when he tried to kiss him in the shower. Claudio is about to tear his head off but then a detective steps out of the shadows. It's the same detective that had interrogated Claudio earlier that day.

"I did it," Alex yells out. "I raped the bastard in the shower and when he bit me I lost it and then I beat the shit out of him and left him there."

Claudio looses it and goes up to him and pulls off the hood.

"You bastard Alex we were your friends. How could you do this to him," he asks and hits him hard knocking him over backwards.

"You fucking spoiled rich kids," he shouts out. "You think you're too good to sleep with us common guys," Alex says. "Everyone just bows at your feet like you were some kind of royalty."

"We never did anything to make you feel like we were better than you Alex. Austin was happy to be our friend and does he know about what you did," he asks.

"That dumb shit hasn't a clue what time it is never mind what I do," he says. "He is just another spoiled rich kid like you."

"I have enough Mr. Giovanni to book him," the detective says. "Mr. Powers I am truly sorry for the way I treated you today sir."

"You were just doing your job detective. Now do it again and book this piece of scum," he says and spits on Alex.

He takes Alex away for booking and Jake and Claudio return to the hospital. When they get there Giovanni is in the hall outside Donny's room.

"Babe what's wrong," Jake asks seeing him standing looking out the window.

"He woke up and he doesn't know who I am," Giovanni says as he starts to cry.

"Can I go in and see him," Claudio asks but doesn't wait for an answer and just enters the room.

A doctor is examining Donny and Donny turns his head towards Claudio when he enters.

"Hey babe," he says and turns back to the doctor who is stunned by the reaction.

"You know this man," the doctor asks.

"Of course I do he's my lover Claudio," he says and holds out his hand to him.

"Babe do you know who your dad is," he asks.

"Sure I do Giovanni and Jacob why are they here also," he asks.

"Giovanni says you didn't know him when you came to."

"I must have been in a daze or something," he says looking up at the doctor.

"That could be the very thing that happened," the doctor says. "He seems to be fine now," and Jake and Giovanni enter the room.

"Dad," he says to them. "I'm sorry if I scared you earlier dad," and he smiles.

They tell him about Alex and his vicious attack on him in the shower. Donny is in shock and crying as he relives the agonizing events of the past hours. He stays another night for observation with Claudio by his side. The next day Claudio goes back to court to have his charges against him dropped. He stays to watch Alex as he is arraigned. Alex turns and sees him as he is being led from the courtroom. He mouths `I'm sorry' but Claudio just shakes his head at him.

"Are you alright babe," Claudio asks him that night as they lie in bed together.

"I am now that you are with me," he says as someone knocks on the door.

"Babe be careful," Donny says still fearful from his attack.

"Who is it," Claudio asks through the door.

"It's me Austin," Austin says. "May I come in to talk to you please?"

Claudio looks at Donny who nods ok and he unlocks the door. He opens the door and there stands Austin with balloons and a card in his hands.

"These are for you my friend," he says handing them to Donny. "That is if I am still considered your friend."

"Austin sit down please and of course you are our friend. It was Alex that attacked me not you and he already said that you weren't aware of it. Besides we feel sorry for you and what he has done to you love," Donny says.

"I should have dumped him long ago. But with him as a room mate it was hard. He started in on me the first day we met with his passes and suggestions. I would let them pass because he didn't appeal to me. That night in bed he slipped into my bed and raped me. He did it several times during the night and by morning he told me that if I wanted to survive college I had better give it to him on a regular basis or he would see that I was humiliated out of school. Of course seeing who my dad was I had no choice and gave in to him. He would have others over and would watch me get fucked by them and then by him. If I objected he would beat me so I just went with his ways."

"I am so sorry for you Austin," Claudio says. "You should have told a counselor or us at least. Well now he is going to get what he deserves," he says.

"I just hope that he doesn't bring up my involvement with him as a lover. Or for that matter I hope he doesn't bring out in his trial that you two were lovers," Austin says.

"Austin just who is your dad," Claudio asks.

"He's the Speaker of the House," he tells them. "This could be quite a scandal for him," he says.

"You're not kidding Austin," Donny says.

"Alex is from bad stock you know. His father killed Alex's mother and her boyfriend when he caught her in bed with him. He got life without parole for that. His sister is a prostitute in Los Angeles and he has been arrested for assault and battery three times but each time the charges have been dropped."

"Why dropped," Claudio asks.

"It seems that he held something over his victim's heads so they dropped all charges."

"Well he has nothing on me," Donny says. "Even if he wants to expose my being gay I won't drop the charges," he tells them.

"That goes double for me," Claudio says.

"Well maybe this time he'll get what he deserves," Austin says. "Oh by the way he made bail. It seems some guy owed him big time so he posted bail for him. I just hope that he doesn't come back to our room to stay," Austin says fearfully.

"Why not stay here Austin," Donny says. "We have the extra bed and you can sleep in it if you want," he tells him.

"I would feel safer and if you really don't mind," he says to the guys.

"If we minded we wouldn't have offered buddy," Claudio says.

"Lets go get what you need and then you will be set for the night. Make sure you take what you need for tomorrow also," Claudio says.

Claudio walks Austin to his room to get his things and Alex is waiting when they arrive.

"Well isn't this cute you and my boyfriend getting it on," he says.

"He just here to get some things then he is going to stay in our room," Claudio says.

"The fuck he is," he says to Claudio. "Austin you get your ass ready for me and get it in this bed fast," he tells him.

"Austin get your things now buddy and don't listen to him. I can handle shit like him so just keep packing," Claudio tells him.

"Maybe I should stay Claudio I don't want any trouble," he says looking over at Alex.

"You know you are just going to get a beating and then he is going to fuck you savagely buddy. Is that what you really want or do you want to be free of this piece of shit," he asks him.

"I'll pack," he says.

"You'll get your fucking ass in my bed Austin or I'll make a few calls to the press about fucking the speakers' son," he says with a smirk.

"Why you miserable little ...," but a knock at the door interrupts Claudio.

Claudio opens the door and there is Leonardo standing there.

"Is everything alright sir," he asks looking past him and at Alex.

"Please come in Leonardo," Claudio says stepping aside. "I would like you to meet Austin, his dad is in a very powerful position in the government," he says. "And of course you know shithead Alex."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Austin," he says shaking hands with him. "So fuckhead what trouble you causing now," he asks.

"Ah ... nothing," he stammers.

"Well that's not exactly true Leonardo. It seems that he was going to blackmail Austin here into having sex with him and then use Austin's father as a tool to get Donny to drop all charges against him," he tells Leonardo.

"Why you lousy piece of shit," he says picking up Alex by the shirt. "I should...," but he stops. "I'll see you guys later," he says to Claudio and Austin. "Alex and I have some business to discuss," he says. "Don't we buddy?"

"No please don't leave me here alone with him," Alex begs. "I may never see the light of day again," he says as he starts to cry like a baby.

"Have a good one guys," Claudio says and ushers Austin out of the room.

"He isn't going to... kill him is he," Austin asks.

"No but Alex is going to wish he had when he is finished with him."

"Now boy I want you to strip down and get your nice tight ass on that bed for ole Leonardo," he says.

Alex shakes with fear as he undresses and does as he is told. He shakes more when he sees the size of Leonardo' cock as he brings it up to its full ten fat inches.

"Now let's see how you like getting raped boy," he says getting on the bed between Alex's legs.

"I'm so thankful to the two of you for allowing me to sleep here tonight."

"That's what friends do for one another Austin," Claudio says. "We are just glad that we could be here to help you buddy," he says giving him a hug.

"Austin I'm so sorry that you had to endure such a cruel relationship," Donny says.

"I know and what makes it so difficult is that he was my first," and he starts to cry. "I just don't think that I will ever trust again because I can't believe that men won't be like him."

"Claudio is nothing like him," Donny says. "He is warm and tender and watches out for me. He always takes into consideration my feelings before he makes a decision."

"I would kill for a man like that," he says and Claudio blushes from all the complements.

They get ready for bed and during the night they hear Austin crying in his bed.

"Go to him babe," Donny says to Claudio.

"I can't babe what if he wants to have sex with me. He is very vulnerable right now and I don't want to suggest he and I could be doing something."

"If it happens it happens babe I won't hold it against you. He needs someone that is gentle and loving to show him that he is desirable still now go," he tells him pushing him out of bed.

Claudio walks over to where Austin is and gets in bed with him. He takes him in his arms and whispers in his ear...

"Shhhh buddy I have you now. Cry if you want and get it out of your system," he says and Austin lets loose.

Austin cries for several minutes until he cries himself out. He is still in Claudio's arms and he looks up at him as the light from the moon comes in through the window. He lifts up and kisses him softly and Claudio kisses him back. Austin's hand moves down to Claudio's cock which is now getting hard and he breaks their kiss and backs off.

"I can't do this to you and Donny," he says.

"Donny sent me over to you buddy," he tells him and kisses him again but more passionately.

"Claudio will you make love to me like a lover should make love," he asks.

"Ah ...I don't know Austin," he says still not sure he should or wants to.

"It's ok babe I'm going for a walk," Donny says. "I called Leonardo and he is outside waiting for me," he says.

Donny leaves the room and Claudio looks into Austin's eyes. He lowers his mouth to his and they kiss as lovers do. He drifts off to his neck and nibbles it softly as Austin tilts his head to give him more access. He nibbles on his earlobe and then moves over to the other as he moves on top of Austin.

"Mmmmmm," Austin says as Claudio nibbles on his left ear.

He kisses his way down to his nipples and Austin arches his back when he sucks on his left one.

"Oh wow that feels so erotic," he says as he nibbles on it. "Yeah lover bite it," he says holding Claudio to his chest.

He makes love to both of his nipples and when he is so worked up he moves down to his cock. He takes it into his mouth and swallows it down to it root and slowly moves back up. He fondles his balls while he sucks his cock and soon he has him to the edge.

"I'm so close to cumming," Austin says moaning with delight.

Claudio drops his cock and lifts up his legs as he licks his way down to Austin's treasure. He licks all around the tender spot and then pushes his tongue deep into the tender hole and Austin howls out in ecstasy.

"Fuck me lover and make me yours," he says as he thrashes around under Claudio.

"Not yet my pet but in due time," he says and he inserts a finger into his ass.

He finds his special spot and lightly rubs it until he is about to cum.

"I'm going to cum babe," he says as Claudio takes his cock into his mouth.

He swallows his cock down to his pubes and Austin shoots his seed shortly after. He shoots rope after rope down Claudio's throat as Claudio rubs his special nut in his ass.

"Yeah babe keep sucking me," he says holding his head on his cock as he shoots his cum in his mouth.

Claudio pulls off his cock once he has gotten all that Austin can give and he slowly inserts his cock into his primed ass. He goes slowly until he bottoms and they both sigh as the feeling they have.

"My God babe you have me so fucking hot," Austin says.

Claudio lifts up and slowly starts to fuck him until they find a slow rhythm. He then bit by bit picks up his pace until their rhythm is more hurried. He lowers down to kiss Austin who is close to his second climax and he shoots his seed between them. They kiss all the while Austin is shooting and soon Claudio is at his own edge. He lifts up and he quickens his pace as he slowly falls over the edge.

"I'm cumming Austin," he says and shoots his seed deep into his friend's ass. "Oh fuck my cock babe," he cries out as he surrenders to his body's rhythm.

He shoots spasm after spasm of hot cream into Austin who is fucking his cock with all that he has. They ride out Claudio's climax until he is spent and he collapses down on Austin.

"Thank you my friend," Austin says holding him tight.

"Thank you Austin," he says as the door flies open and Alex is standing there bloody with a gun in his hand.

He lifts his arm and several shots go off ...

To be continued...

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