The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Sixteen

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.


From chapter fifteen...

"It's about time you got here," he says standing up.  "I've been waiting for my bath almost an hour now."

"Ah ... I'm sorry Donny but I just came on," Claudio says.

"Why do you look familiar to me," he asks.

"I don't know, you tell me Donny," he asks.

"Listen you asshole wanna be nurse just bathe me and get the fuck out of here," Donny snaps and drops his robe.

Claudio began to bathe him and his tears fell as he washed the man he loved.  Here he was before him and he didn't even know him.  He finished bathing him and dried him off before he left the room.  He didn't want to say anything to him about their past together because at the moment he was not the man he remembered.

"He didn't remember me Dana," he says crying on his shoulder. 

"Most amnesia patients are like that until they regain their memory."

"Well thanks for letting me see him.  He is nothing like he was before," Claudio says.  "He's more snobby and mean," he says.

"Personality changes are quite normal also."

"Well let me know if things change and he regains his memory Dana," he says.

"I will Claudio," and they kiss goodbye.

Back at his room he tells Austin about Donny and cries again in Austin's arms.  Austin holds him tightly as he cries comforting him the best he can.  He gently rubs his back as he cries hard into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry guy for crying on you like that," he says wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"Don't worry about it buddy that's what friends do for one another," he says still holding him close.  "Besides you know how I feel about you... and Donny."

"I know but I just felt foolish for crying ..." and Austin kisses him tenderly and passionately.

Chapter 16...

They kiss long and passionately before Claudio pulls away and looks into Austin's eyes.

"I can't Austin," he says as he turns from Austin.  "I still hope that he will return to himself and come back to me."

"And what if he doesn't Claudio, what then," Austin asks putting his hands on Claudio's shoulders and turning him to face him.  "What if he never regains his memory?"

"I don't know what then but I still hope that he will."

"So in the mean time you have to wait and put your own life on hold until the day, if ever, he does."

"Well I guess so but this would be cheating on him if I was to be with you while he was still alive and well."

"That's the thing babe he isn't well; he's not the Donny we both knew and loved."

"I guess but..." and Austin kisses him again but with more determination and passion.

"No more buts," he says holding Claudio to him.  "Until the day he returns to us I am going to take care of you babe.  I think he would want me too considering how he gave you to me the other night."

"But that was just for the night Austin not for keeps," he reasons.

"I know but now the game plan has changed and he seems to be out of the game entirely.  You yourself said he wasn't the man you knew and loved."

"Yeah he isn't and I guess your right," but his heart was saying the opposite.

They kiss tenderly as Austin pulls Claudio down to the bed.  He pulls him on top of him and gives himself to him.

"Claudio please take me and be my man," he says looking deeply into his eyes.

Claudio looks deeply into his eyes and kisses him again.  This time the passion and yearning are in his kiss.  He gets up and undresses and so does Austin.  They kiss as they return to the bed rapped in each other's arms.  Claudio aggressively attacks his neck and earlobes as he nibbles and kisses his way down to Austin's erect nipples.  He takes one and nibbles on it sending electrical waves through Austin and then moves to the other to do the same.

"Fuck yeah babe do it," Austin says holding him to his breast as Claudio sucks and nibbles on his nipple.

He moves down to his cock that is erect and dripping with pre-cum and devours it quickly in one gulp.  Austin shoves his hips up to give more of his cock to Claudio who is now sucking hard and fast on the ridged shaft.

"Slow down sweetheart you have me so close," Austin says as he approaches his climax.  "I don't want to cum yet," he tells him as Claudio drops his cock from his mouth.  He takes his balls into his mouth and softly maneuvers them around bringing him again close to a climax.  He drops them and sucks the area just behind them and licks his way to Austin's tender rosebud.  He runs his tongue all around it and then pushes it into his rosebud making Austin moan out in delight.

"Fuck me Claudio," he says as Claudio fucks his hole with his tongue.

Claudio pulls out his tongue and reaches for the Vaseline that is on the nightstand.  He inserts his finger deep into the jar and then pushes a glob into Austin's rosebud.  He works his fingers around inside until he finds his sweet nut.  He gently rubs it until he has him at the brink of cumming.

"I'm going to cum," Austin howls as Claudio takes his cock into his mouth. 

Rope after rope of hot cum he shoots into his throat as Claudio sucks his hard cock.  He continues to suck until he has no more to give and Claudio drops his cock from his mouth.

"Fuck me babe I need to feel you inside me," he says and Claudio pulls his finger from his hole.

He puts a glob of ointment on his cock and puts it to his tender rosebud.  With a gentle but firm push he enters Austin's ass and he cries out as the head enters.

"Fuck stop," he yells as the pain of entry shoots through him.

Claudio waits for Austin to relax before he starts to shove more into him.  He finally bottoms and waits again for Austin to grow accustom to the fullness.

"God you feel so good in me babe," he says as he pulls him down for a kiss.  "Now fuck me hard and deep my love," and Claudio lifts up and starts to pull out then pushes in with a great thrust.

He pounds Austin's ass until he has found a rhythm that has them fucking together in harmony.  He moves quickly in and out until he is close and then increases his thrusts.

"I'm cumming," he moans as he shoots his first volley of cum into his new lover.

Rope after rope he shoots as he pounds his ass hard and deep.  He pounds away until he is spent and collapses down on Austin.  They kiss hard and passionately as they ride out their afterglow of love making.

"Are you alright with what we just did," Austin asks.

"I guess but I still feel that I've cheated on Donny," he says.

The weeks pass and soon its time for school to end.  Claudio is heading back to San Francisco with Austin to tend to his hotel business.


Donny is ready to go home and still he can't remember who he is.  He has given in to the fact that Jake and Giovanni are his parents but he still is distant with them. 

"Are you ready son," Jake asks but Donny still looks at him as if he were a stranger.

"I guess so seeing how I don't have anywhere else to go," he says with a sarcastic tone.

"Donny please don't act like we are your jailors son," Giovanni says trying to hug him.  "We love you and want the very best for you."

"I am sorry dad but I hate not being able to remember my life before the beating.  I know you said I was gay and had a lover and that he was the one that was cheating on me with another man while I was being beaten."

"Well it's all behind you now son so let's get going," Jake says picking up his luggage.

The drive back to their home is long and quiet as Donny just stares out of the window.  He is staring absent mindedly when all of a sudden he sees something that seems familiar to him.

"Stop the car dad," he shouts and Jake stops on the side of the road.  "I know this restaurant, I've been here before," he says.

"That was yours and ..." and Giovanni stops short of saying Claudio's name.

"Who dad... my boyfriend," he asks.

"Yes son you both liked to eat here because the owner, Tony, is gay and he would always sit with you two and talk."

"Then tell me dad what was my boyfriend's name," he asks.

"It doesn't matter anymore son he is history to you," Jake says.  "Now can we continue before it gets dark?"

They drive on and Donny is trying hard to remember just who is boyfriend was.  The way his dads were acting he knew there was something they weren't telling him.  He settles back and soon he is fast asleep in the backseat.  They arrive home just before dark and Donny wakes with a jump as the car comes to a stop.

"I know this place," he says getting out of the car.  "I think I do it's my home," he says.

"Yes son it's your home," Jake says looking at Giovanni with hope in his eyes.

"My room is upstairs the first room on the left," he says.

"Yes son that's right," Giovanni says.

They go into the house and he looks around then what he remembered is gone as quick as it came.

"So where's my room dad," he asks sincerely.

"Son you know where it is you just told us," Giovanni says.

"If I knew where it was would I be asking where is was," he says sarcastically.

"Son are you playing games with us or don't you remember," Jake asks watching his face.

"Dad I really don't know where I am so please tell me where the fuck my room is," he says looking at Jake with anger in his eyes.

Giovanni takes him upstairs to his room and he looks around it slowly taking in every detail.

"Was I some kind of dweeb or something," he asks.  "I wouldn't be caught dead in a room like this.  God look at the colors and that fabric on the windows and bed."

"Son you picked out everything yourself," he tells him.  "How can't you remember that," Giovanni says sitting down heavily on the bed.

"Dad I don't mean to be cruel or hateful but I really don't remember."

He leaves Donny alone to unpack and goes downstairs to talk with Jake.

"I can't take it anymore babe," he says as he breaks down and cries in Jake's arms.

"Babe please calm down we knew this would be hard on all of us.  The doctors said that he would have moments where he would seem to remember and then loose it completely."

"I know but it's the attitude and tone he has.  He has never spoken to us like that before Jake.  It's as if he lost his personality along with his memory.  He is more aggressive now and less tolerant."

"I noticed that also.  He's more of a man now and not that kid that accepted whatever was told to him.  I think I like the new Donatello now."

"Oh Jake no not like this," he says.  "I want my boy back with that cute smile and understanding manor he had."

"Well at least he is free of that two timing asshole," Jake says.  "I knew he would betray my son's love."

"I'm not so sure if that is what actually happened babe.  If only Donny could remember."

Upstairs in his room Donny is putting away his things when he comes across a birthday card from Claudio.

To my darling Donny.

As we celebrate your birthday today I want you to know just how much you are loved by me.  I would lay down my life for you darling and never once second guess my choice to do so.  You are the only one that I want to spend my life with and hope that I am your choice babe.  So here's to your birthday babe and may you and I celebrate many more together.  I love you more than life itself.


Donny sits on his bed and cries as he reads and re-reads the words that were written to him.

"Oh Claudio where are you my love and why are you not with me now," he asks aloud. 

He holds the card to his chest as he cries and wonders what happened to separate them.  He calms himself and decides to ask his dads.  He goes downstairs and finds them in the sitting room talking.

"May I speak to you both," he asks interrupting their conversation.

"Of course you can son.  You don't ever have to ask permission to ask us anything," Giovanni says.

"What happened to Claudio and where is he now," he asks.

"Who told you about Claudio," Jake asks angrily.

"I found this birthday card from him in my bureau drawer and read what he wrote to me.  So what happened to separate us dad?"

"Son sit down please because this is not going to be pretty," Jake says.

Donny sits on the sofa and Giovanni sits beside him.

"Your lover Claudio the night you were beaten nearly to death was in his room with another man fucking while you were being beaten."

"What... that can't be true or there has to be another reason why," Donny says.

"Well he said that you gave him permission or rather actually insisted he take this Austin to bed to show him..." and Donny interrupts him.

"To show him what a real lover is suppose to be like.  I remember dad, I remember I told him to do it even when he insisted he didn't want to," Donny says.

"No son my son would not be that sensitive to another man's needs," Jake yells at him.  "You are just thinking you remember it like that.  He cheated on you and when it back fired on him he makes you think it was your idea."

"When dad, when would he have had that opportunity to do that?  I was unconscious you told me when they found me."

"Well I know you would not have let your lover fuck some other guy just to show that guy how nice a lover can be," and he storms out of the room.

"Son listen to me please," Giovanni says now feeling bad that he had let his pain for Donny lose David's friendship.

"What dad, please tell me what I need to know."

"Son the night they found you Claudio tried to tell me that he was with Austin because you insisted on it.  He didn't want to but you told him just this once to show him what a true lover should be like.  I wouldn't listen and it cost me his and David's friendship."

"Oh dad what have I done," he says crying hard into Giovanni's arms.  "I should never have made him do it dad and now it may have cost me my own true love.  Is he gone back to San Francisco or is he still at school?"

"I would suspect that he has returned home to San Francisco by now because school has ended for the summer."

"I am going to go and find him dad.  Would you go with me dad please?"

"I guess I should because I have much to apologize for.  I may have lost forever my best friend and I need to hear it for myself from him."

"You're what!" Jake yells as he comes back into the room over hearing their conversation.  "You two are not going crawling back to those two if I can help it."

"Jake please babe, he remembers what he said and did that night.  How can you still hold it against Claudio and more so against our friend David," he asks.

"I will not have my lover and son crawling and begging forgiveness when he should have stood his ground.  He deserves to lose my son and as for David... well he chose sides once he left this house with him."

"Jacob Giovanni I can't believe what I am hearing from you.  Claudio is his son and wouldn't you have done the same for Donny?"

"Of course I would but this is different Claudio cheated on my son with this Austin and now you want my son to crawl back to him and beg for forgiveness."

"He won't have to bed and you know it.  You are just..." but Donny interrupts.

"I am going and you and your money will not and cannot stop me," he says now he storms out of the room.

"There are you happy you ass," Giovanni asks following him out.

"Well fuck you both," Jake yells at Giovanni as he leaves the room.


Claudio and Austin arrive at his home in San Francisco and David is curious as to why Austin is with him.  Once he has a moment alone with Claudio, David asks what he plans to do with Austin.

"Son I know you are still upset with the fact that Donatello doesn't know you or remember your love for him.  But is rushing into an affair with Austin the right thing to do either?"

"I'm not in an affair dad," he says.  "He is my friend and I just invited him here to stay for the summer."

"I see how he looks at you and that boy is in love with you Claudio.  He has it written all over him how he feels about you."

"Dad I am still in love with Donny and I am not in love with Austin nor will I ever be.  He has been a friend when I needed one and a good fuck also," he says and Austin stands at the door with a hurt look on his face.

"So is that all I am to you... a good fuck when you need one," he asks in tears now.  "Well you can go fuck yourself and see if that gets you off," and he storms out of the room.

"Austin wait," he yells running behind him.  "I didn't mean it like that and you know it.  I told you I was in love still with Donny but you insisted that I make love to you.  Have I ever told you I love you or anything close to it, no?  I won't because I am in love with Donny.  Someday he will regain his memory and I plan to be there waiting for him."

"Even if it takes a life time?" he asks. 

"Even if it does take a life time or beyond," he says.

"Well I hope for your sake it doesn't take that long because I am leaving in the morning for home.  I think it better for the both of us and I need to see my folks."

"Austin please don't leave feeling anger and hurt.  I know you love me but I can't return that love.  I am still in love with Donny and I guess I always will be and if you can't accept that well I'm sorry you will have to leave."

"I'll make arrangements for a plane home and will take a taxi to the airport.  Now if you will excuse me I have to finish packing."

"Fine and I hope you find the right man for you," Claudio says leaving the room.

"I have but he doesn't want me," he says to himself.

The next morning Claudio goes downstairs to the desk to check on his messages and there is a note from Austin.  Claudio takes it back to his room to read and tears form as he reads it.

My dearest friend Claudio.

      I know this may be a hard thing for you to accept but I must tell you because I am living with a guilty conscience.  What happened that night when Donny was beaten was orchestrated by Alex and me.  I wanted you for my lover and Alex wanted Donny.  I knew that if you two thought that he was blackmailing me into sex with him you would take me into your confidence.  Alex had me go crying to you two and pretend to be afraid of him to get you to let me stay.  It was then once in your room that I hatched the plan to get you in my bed.  While you were in the shower I told Donny that I wished I had a lover like you.  I wanted to know for just one night what a lover like you would be like.  I asked him to let me have you for the night and I would never again ask for you again.  He was so against the idea but I finally persuaded him into doing it.  It was then that you came out and got in bed with Donny and he later insisted that you take me and show me what a true lover should be.  When you declined to do it and he insisted I knew that I would never be able to have your love.  I still grabbed the chance for just one night to have you as my lover.  I never in a million years suspected or thought that Alex would do what he did to Donny.  Donny must have rejected him and his hope of having him.  His temper was quick and I suspect that he couldn't handle being rejected.  So my dear friend I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me for my part in this mess.


My love is yours always.



Claudio sat there in tears reading the letter as a knock came on his door.  David comes in and finds him in tears from reading the letter.

"Son what's wrong," he asks and Claudio hands him the letter.

"Oh my God son how could you and Donny have known," he asks once he finishes the letter.

"Dad I feel so lost and hopeless," he says and breaks down crying into David's arms.

"Son I have a feeling that things are going to work out for you both."

"I told you I don't want Austin and never have.  I want my Donny back in my life forever," he says.

"Well then turn around babe and come here," Donny says standing in the doorway.

"Donny," is all he can say as he runs to his lover.

He cries even harder as Donny holds him to his chest and he also cries.

"I love you my Claudio and it was your birthday card to me that triggered my memory of you."

"Oh Donny I'm so so sorry for not being there to protect you my love."

"Listen Claudio we had know idea that would happen and I am the one that is sorry for agreeing with Austin to let you be with him for the night.  I was in his room crying when Alex came in.  He came over to me and asked me why I was crying and once I told him he said that I was the one being played for the fool.  He said that you and Austin had planned to have me let you sleep with him so that you both could have sex together.  He said that you were in love with Austin and not me.  It was then that he made his advances at me and when I told him I didn't believe him he hit me across the face.  I got up and told him that I was going back to my room and that is when he beat me.  The last thing I remember is seeing him take a gun out of the drawer and hit me with it.  I went out and don't remember anything about that night until the other day."

Claudio hands him the letter that Austin left for him and waits quietly as he reads it.

"See you and I were both played for fools' lover.  But that is behind us now and I have you back where you belong," and he kisses his lover with the passion he held inside.

"I'll let you two be alone," David says with tears in his own eyes.

He goes out of the room and there in the hall is Giovanni.

"Will you ever be able to forgive me David," he asks and David holds out his arms to him.

Giovanni rushes to him and they hug and give each other a kiss that friends give.

"Giovanni you are more of a brother to me and how could I have ever lived without your friendship," he asks.

"How could I have been so stupid not to see through this charade that was orchestrated against our boys?"

"Let's not worry about the past and look towards the future.  So where is Jake," David asks.

"Well he is being Jake and once he sees I am not caving to his way of thinking he'll be here."

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you," Jake asks standing in the door of the elevator.  "I guess I was a fool and if you will forgive me lover I have crow to eat with David."

"Jake you have know such thing I never stopped loving you as my friend.  I know how stubborn you can be and that time would bring you both back to your senses."

"I am sorry David and once I see Claudio I want to ask for his forgiveness also."

"That won't be necessary Uncle Jake.  You were just being a father and protecting your son," Claudio says hugging him.

"I know but still I am sorry son and I should never have doubted your love for my boy."

"So what was it that changed your mind babe," Giovanni asks.

"The birthday card that he gave Donny," he says.  "No cheater can feel that way about his lover and still cheat on him."

"God I'm glad I gave you that card," Claudio says laughing.

"I'm glad I saved it," Donny says and they all laugh.

"Well how about some breakfast," Darnell asks as he steps off the elevator behind Jake.

"That's sounds great," they all agree and get on the elevator to go downstairs.

To be continued... maybe.

Is this a good place to end our story or should I continue it on.  I would appreciate your input as to which way to go at .  Again thank you for reading and sending me your emails.  JJ.