The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Two

This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From Chapter One ...

"Thanks Charles and really thanks for the special treatment guy. Can we offer you a return favor Chuck?" Jeff says.

"You just go on your way lads and thanks for the offer but I came twice in my pants doing you two."

They all laugh and make their way out and then out to the street.

"Man I could get use to this life of the rich," Jeff says.

"Well don't because we are just visiting and don't really belong in it yet," Jacob says. "Although someday I am going to be a big part of this lifestyle ... now let's find our way home," he says.

Chapter Two ...

Thursday came and they went for their final fittings and got the same special treatment as they did the previous time. Then Saturday finally arrived and the boys were so excited to finally to be going on a cruise and traveling first class as well. They arrived at the ship by limousine that Mrs. Brown had sent to pick them up so that their ruse could be carried out completely. They presented their tickets at the first class boarding gate and were shown to their state room.

"Wow Jake look at this room," Jeff says looking around the room. Oh my God it even has a private balcony also."

"Good afternoon gentlemen my name is Humphrey. I am going to be your personal butler while we are traveling," he says entering from a door other than the one they entered from. "Mrs. Brown sent me to take care of you and show you how to be social gentlemen."

"Thank you Mr. Humphrey," Jacob says but he gets a frown from Humphrey.

"First of all I am Humphrey and not Mr. Humphrey. I am your servant and not your equal in class. You are not to show signs of equality to me or that will give you away as not of social standing. You are to think and act like you are above the masses gentlemen if you wish to fit into this class."

"Yes Humphrey we understand," Jacob says.

"You are to use your full name as well and not a nick name when in public or around other members of your social class."

He went on to explain all the ins and outs of being a social gentleman to each of the boys as well as drilling them on the proper attire to wear and which utensils to use when eating. All in all it took the better part of an hour to bring them up to par on the proper ways of being a first class gentleman.

"Finally remember you do nothing for yourself, I must do it for you or whatever servant is present at the moment," he says when a knock comes on the door. Jacob goes to get up and gets a stern look from Humphrey and then sits back down in his seat. Jacob and Jeffrey both stand as Mrs. Brown enters their stateroom.

"Well I see you have met Humphrey and I imagine he has been quite thorough in bringing you both up to par on the proper ways of being a gentleman."

"Yes ma'am he has," Jacob says.

"Just watch the other men and follow suit and you should be alright," she tells them. "Now we must be down for the social hour in twenty minutes so he will show you what attire to wear. I will see you down there boys and relax you will be fine," she tells them and turns and leaves.

"God Jake ... I mean Jacob this is going to be hard," Jeff says.

"Gentlemen your attire is laid out for you on the bed so if you will excuse me I will give you a few minutes to dress before I return," and he exits the way he came.

Jacob takes Jeff into his arms and they kiss passionately before they dress for the social hour.

"I hope we can pull this off Jacob. I have never had to behave in this manner before."

"You'll be fine just do like Mrs. B. said watch the other men and follow suit. Now give me a kiss before Humphrey comes back in," and they kiss hard and long.

They dress and Humphrey gives them some last minute instructions before sending them on their way. They arrive at the grand ballroom and they are standing atop the grand staircase. They spot Mrs. Brown in the crowd and she nods for them to accompany her as they descend the stairs to the crowd. Upon entering the many guests that make up the who's who of society they are encountered by several men their age.

"Good afternoon Martin Dunlop of the Newport Dunlop'," a rather stuffy young man but handsome says to them.

"Good afternoon Jacob Santinello of the Reggio Italy Santinello's," Jacob says feeling safe using his biological father's name.

"Not of the famous winery that makes the best wines and champagnes known to the world," Martin asks.

"Ah ... why yes do you know of my family," he asks.

"Know I was just talking to your father not ten minutes ago," he says. "There he is over there talking to Mrs. Brown," he adds.

"Jeffrey Sullivan of the Boston Sullivan's," Jeff says sensing Jacob's nervousness.

"Well lads it's a pleasure to meet you and I do tell we shall see a lot of each other this trip. Ciao"

"What the fuck was that all about Jacob," Jeff asks seeing his lovers fear.

"That man talking to Mrs. B. is my real father. Only he doesn't know that I am his son yet. It's a long story and I promise to tell you tonight but let's go before I get into more hot water," he says but it's too late.

"Jacob I want you to meet someone," Mrs. Brown says and Jacob turns around to see his father standing there and she is stricken by the resemblance of the two.

"Giacobbe I want you to meet Giacobbe also. He goes by Jacob here in America but his birth name is Giacobbe Gerrimia Giovanni."

"My what an unusual coincidence," he says to Jacob. "May I inquire as to your mother's and father's name young man?"

"My mother's name was Adrianna Maria Giovanni and I did not know my father's name. My mother came to America in 1914 from Reggio Italy aboard the Titanic sir."

Giacobbe goes white with this news and quickly composes himself before starting to speak.

"I am from Reggio also Jacob and I once knew a young girl named Adrianna when I was young also. You see I was very ...," but he is cut off by Martin who comes up to them.

"I see you found your father Jacob," he says to him and Jacob panics inside.

"Yes he did young man and just who are you," he asks rather snotty.

"I'm Martin Dunlop sir of the Newport Dunlop'," he says extending his hand.

"Ah yes the tire empire," he says shaking it briefly. "Now run along young man we are discussing family business here."

"Quite sorry sir, I shall see you around Jacob, Jeffrey," he says bowing slightly to Mrs. Brown.

"Now Giacobbe shall we find a spot to talk where we won't be interrupted again," he asks.

"Yes sir," he says looking down at his feet.

"Hold your head up young man. You are a Santinello," he says to him. "You are heir to the biggest wine empire in the world."

"Yes sir," he says now holding his head up high and proud. Mrs. Brown grabs Jeffrey's arm and takes him for a stroll around the room.

"You let me do the talking and I will introduce you to some of societies finest," she tells him.

"Now Giacobbe tell me everything from the beginning," he says to Jacob as they sit quietly in the corner of the smoking room. He tells him of his birth and his mother's death aboard the Titanic and how Mrs. Brown rescued him from dying. He explains her letter to him upon his eighteenth birthday and about his birth certificate with his father's name on it.

"That's about it sir," he says looking at the man that is his father.

"Now son let me explain to you what you don't know. Your mother and I were very much in love but I was married to a very angry and manipulative woman who hated most people including herself I feel. We had no children for we didn't sleep together because our marriage was an arranged marriage. I met your mother one day while in the village and she took my heart instantly. Our eyes met and we both knew that we were meant for each other. I told her that I was married and still we fell in love and yes we eventually made love together. It was once and that was when she must have become with child. She came to me in tears and told me that she was leaving for America and that we would never see each other again. I told her that I would divorce my wife and go with her and marry her but she would not hear of it. All she would say was that she had brought enough shame upon her family and that she wasn't going to add more by marrying a divorced man. That my son was the last time I ever saw her. I still carry her picture in my wallet to this day," he says taking out his wallet and showing him his mother's picture.

"How beautiful she was there, I have never seen a picture of my mother," he says with tears in his eyes. "And what of your wife now, are you still married?"

"No son she died from the flu that swept Europe and I have not loved another since your mother. I heard of the Titanic sinking and looked at the passenger list and found her name listed on the passenger list. I didn't see yours so I didn't know that she was pregnant."

"So what now father, if I may call you that," Jacob says to him.

"Of course you may call me that and I would be proud if you would take my last name as well."

"I would be honored father," he says as they stand and his father holds out his arms and Jacob falls into them and he is embraced tightly. "How I have wanted to be held by my father some day," he says holding back the tears.

"How I have wanted a son to pass on my legacy to," he says kissing him on the head. "So what is this Jeffrey to you son," he asks.

"He is my best friend father. We grew up together and are inseparable," he tells him. "We start at Yale University in September together and Mrs. Brown has paid for our years there."

"Nonsense, I shall pay for my son's education and give that money as a scholarship to some needy boy or girl. So do you have a young lady that you fancy my son?"

"No father I don't and I am more interested in getting my education than I am in pursuing a romantic affair."

"That is very wise but you will need a wife my son and I will find one for you in Italy," he tells him.

"No father I will find my own if and when I am ready," he quickly says.

"Well we will speak of this again later son now let's join the rest and mingle a bit."

"That sounds good father I just like calling you father," he says looking up at the handsome man.

"And I enjoy hearing it my son," he says.

They soon find Mrs. Brown and Jeffrey chatting with some others guests and join them. The great grandfather clock strikes four signaling that it's time for them to go and prepare for cocktails and then dinner.

"I will see you in the dining room my son at six," Giacobbe says to Jacob. "Son for the rest of this trip you are Giacobbe Santinello understood," he says to Jacob. "Mr. Sullivan I wish for you to please remain with Mrs. Brown when my son and I are together do you understand," he asks Jeffrey.

"Yes sir Mr. Santinello," he says as his eyes gloss over.

Back in their room Jeff is quiet and Jacob takes him in his arms but is interrupted by a knock on the door.

"May I come in and speak with you boys," Mrs. Brown asks once Humphrey opens the door startling the boys at his presence.

"Yes ma'am," Jacob says.

"Would you excuse us please Humphrey," she says and he quietly slips out of the room.

"Please sit and let's be frank with one another shall we," she says as she sits in a leather arm chair. "I have noticed how you two look at each other and it is more than just friends. Now I want the truth and I am quite the modern thinking woman also," she tells them.

"Err ... what are you talking about," Jacob asks.

"Let me spell it out for you ... you two are queer aren't you. I would even say that you are both lovers. Now do you know what I am talking about boys?"

The boys are red with embarrassment as they hold their heads down in shame.

"Yes ma'am we are and yes we are lovers," Jacob says quietly. "So now what do you do expose us to my father and all of the world's society," he asks with tears in his eyes.

"Jacob I told you that I was a modern thinking woman and you don't shock me. I know many men that have the same secret that you two share. I would never shame you by exposing your secret nor do I judge you for it. I thank you for being honest with me and to tell you a secret Humphrey is of the same persuasion."

"We know that we are living a secret that the world, never mind society, would not accept but we love each other and are willing to take that chance."

"We also know that once exposed it would ruin any future we would have of making a life for ourselves," Jeff adds.

"You are very correct boys and your secret is very safe with me. Now go and get ready for cocktails and dinner and please don't let this become a wall between us but a new form of friendship my loves. Jeffrey you will sit with me this evening for Jacob's father is very possessive and he doesn't share much."

"Ma'am he wants me to marry and says that he will choose a girl for me to marry."

"He is very old school Jacob and that tradition is that he picks his son's bride for him. I can just imagine how you must have panicked knowing that you two are in love."

"I know I must tell him but God I just found him and now I will loose him forever once I tell him that Jeffrey is my lover and mate."

"Well don't be in to much of a hurry to tell him. Let him get to know you first and see what a nice young man you are."

"Oh he is also paying for my college and is giving the money in my account to some needy student," he tells her.

"That's fine with me as long as he covers the entire four years. I will speak to the financial office and make arrangements to ensure that you are covered for your four years. Now go and get ready before we are more than fashionably late my darlings."

She gets up and gives them both a kiss on the cheek and leaves the room and Humphrey enters and begins to pull out the evening wear for them.

"The tuxedos for tonight gentlemen and please remember what I told about how to conduct yourselves at dinner."

"We will Humphrey," Jacob says and he gives him a kiss smack on the lips pushing his tongue to gain entry.

"Sir I may be of the same persuasion but I am first and above all your butler. Please remember that and don't ever take it for granted that because we like that same kind in bed we can move beyond our social standing."

"Humphrey Jeff and I are no more first class than you are," he says to him. "Besides you are what twenty nine or so," he asks.

"I am twenty seven and that doesn't matter. While you are here you are first class to me. Besides you shall always be first class to me because of the way you treat me. You have never made me feel like a servant master Jacob and master Jeffrey. You are both quite handsome but for me to cross my social standing would be totally unheard of."

"I wish to have the three of us be ourselves when we are alone here in the room Humphrey. Besides what is your real name anyways?"

"David sir, David Mathew Humphrey," he says. "I would like that as long as you realize that when others are in your presence I am Humphrey and nothing more."

The three kiss a kiss that is long and deep and Jacob looks at Jeff who simply nods in agreement. They start to remove his clothes and they then remove their own and the three climb into bed. David is very nervous as he lies on his back and Jacob kisses him. Jeffrey moves down to his cock and takes it into his mouth making David moans out in delight.

"Oh God Jeff you don't know how well that feels to me," he says as Jacob starts to suck on his nipples. "Oh yes Jacob suck them," he says holding him to his right nipple as he nibbles lightly on it.

Jeff quickly swallows his cock down to his bush and then slowly moves back up and sucks hard on the head moving his tongue around the corona. More and more the boys give attention to David until he is at his edge.

"Oh God I'm about to cum," he moans out but Jeff just switches with Jacob who now swallows David's cock completely just as he shoots his load. Volley after volley he feeds Jacob until he has no more to give and the three collapse exhausted from their sexual exploitations.

"My Lord guys that was the best sex I have had in years," he says still reeling in the afterglow of his climax. "Now you must definitely get ready or you will be terribly late," he tells them.

"David just remember we are friends when it's just the three of us ok," Jacob says.

"Yes Jacob friends indeed."

The boys wash and dress and get down to the main dining room just as the doors are opening for the cocktail hour.

"Hello Jacob and Jeffrey," Martin says to them. "So how was your afternoon today," he asks.

"Same old same old," Jacob says looking at Jeff.

"Yes Martin a tad boring I do say," he says in his best snobby voice. "So Martin how come you have no lady friend with you," Jeffrey asks still in his snobby voice.

"I just haven't found the right woman yet I guess," he says. "Besides I don't see a lady hanging off your arms either," he says rather quickly to the two of them.

"Jeffrey here is my woman," Jacob muses as he takes Jeff's arm and marches into the main dining room.

"Cute Jacob cute," Martin snaps back and walks away as Jacob drops Jeff's arm.

"Do you think that was a wise move," Jeff asks.

"The way I did it yes he will never suspect a thing. Besides did you see how indignant he was about it," he asks.

"Yes like we made fun of him or something."

"Gentlemen behave yourselves," the voice of Mrs. Brown says from behind them.

"We were just playing around with Martin Dunlop that's all," Jeff says.

"Well he is in the same boat as you are so watch it with him," she says taking Jeff by the arm.

"Giacobbe how nice that you are on time and waiting for me," his father says.

"Father, good evening to you," he says greeting him warmly with a smile. "Shall we go in now," he asks.

"I want to introduce you to someone first before we go in son. Lindsey this is my son Giacobbe Santinello, Giacobbe this is Lindsey Parkhurst."

"How do you do Miss Parkhurst," Jacob says taking her extended hand and lightly kissing it.

"Very well thank you Giacobbe. It is a great honor to meet you," she says looking into his eyes.

"Please call me Jacob it is much easier than Giacobbe."

"Giacobbe is no problem at all and I rather like that name," she says lowering her head some and blushing.

"Why don't you escort Miss Parkhurst into the dining room son and I will be in shortly," his father says but his tone is more of a command.

"Yes father, Miss Parkhurst shall we," he says offering her his arm.

"I'd be honored Giacobbe," and she takes his arm as they march into the room.

Jeff looks over and sees the two coming in arm in arm and he is livid as he sits beside Mrs. Brown.

"Just calm down son I would imagine that his father put him up to this," Mrs. Brown says.

"I know and that is what makes me so upset."

"Good evening Jacob, Miss Parkhurst," Mrs. Brown says.

"Miss Parkhurst this is my very best friend Jeffrey Sullivan of the Boston Sullivan'," he says as Jeffrey stands to greet her.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Sullivan," she says extending her hand to him. He takes it and lightly kisses it.

"The pleasure is all mine," he says.

They sit beside him and his father joins them shortly after giving Jacob a scowl for choosing a seat beside Jeffrey. He leans over and quietly whispers into his ear ...

"Starting tomorrow you will distance yourself from this boy understand me," his father says.

"But ...," but he is interrupted by a squeeze to his leg as his father puts pressure on him. "Yes father I understand," he says bitterly.

"Good and I have seen to it that you will have your own cabin as well starting tonight," he adds and Jacob just gives him a glair and rises to leave.

"If you will excuse me Miss Parkhurst, Mrs. Brown I am not feeling well and I am returning to my room."

"Are you alright Jacob," Jeff asks but is quickly silenced by Mrs. Brown.

"Just lie down for a bit and maybe by dinner you will feel up to joining us," she says.

"Maybe good evening all, father," and he leaves in a storm of fury and Jeff follows him with his eyes.

"Giacobbe we need to talk," she says to him and now is as good a time as any and she rises from the table. "Now Jake," she snaps and he jumps up and follows her and all eyes are on the two.

"I can just about imagine what you are going to say Molly and its none of your business," he says to her.

"Well I am making it my business when it affects my boys. You have treated Jeffrey like some gutter snipe and your own son like he had no sense of his own. Imagine throwing the Parkhurst girl at him when she has been passed around like the common cold. And Jeffrey just what have you got against the young man anyways," she says with venom in her voice.

"Are you finished yet Molly or are you just beginning," he asks.

"I'm just starting but answer my questions first," she snaps.

"First of all Giacobbe needs a wife so that he can have children to leave his legacy to when he is old. Secondly that Jeffrey that has you so duped is not of the Boston Sullivan' but just some impostor from New York. He is nothing more than a commoner."

"Jake I know he isn't from Boston and that he isn't some upper class scoundrel like us but he is good stock and he is your son's best friend and until recently your son was not even upper class either. Those two are from good stock and will make quite a difference in this world someday if you let them. Just stop shoving girls at Jacob and let him be himself. Jeffrey will be somebody someday and Jacob will be right beside him as they build their empire together. That is what friends do Jake so just get with the program and learn to love your son before you chase him away."

"You are right Molly and I will go and apologize to him. I guess I was being to much of a snob and not enough of a father. Thanks Molly and will you make my apologies while I go and speak with my son," he asks.

"Sure Jake and remember a dad first and foremost," she says kissing him on the cheek.

Meanwhile back in the room...


"Jake what has got you so upset lover," Jeff asks holding him in his arms.

"It's my father he wants me to move to my own stateroom tonight and distance myself from you lover."

"Why babe what have I done to make him dislike me so much," he asks.

"It's because you are trash young man and get away from my son," Giacobbe says standing in the doorway.

"Father this is our stateroom and you need to knock before you enter our room."

"I didn't have to knock because the door was ajar and I heard your entire conversation including the terms of endearment to one another. So my son and his whore are queers aren't you," he asks with fury in his voice.

"Yes father we are lovers and proud of it. So if it is too much for you to accept then I will understand. I have lived eighteen years without you I reckon I can live the rest of my life the same way."

"My God I can hear you two all the way down the hall," Mrs. Brown says to them entering the room. "Jake what is your problem now? I thought we had it ironed out when you left me downstairs a few minutes ago."

"My son and his whore are queer Molly or did you already know that," he asks looking at her.

"I did and it's none of our business what they do behind closed doors Jake. Just like it was none of anyone's business what you and your mistress did that caused Jacob here to be conceived and born."

"That was different we were in love Molly they are just queer."

"They are as much in love as you two were if not more because of what they face in life for their choice. Remember Jake a father first, you always wanted a son to pass your legacy onto."

"A son yes, but not a queer one that can't give me any grandchildren," he snaps back at her. "Who will he leave his legacy to some bastard child or queer," he asks.

"What difference does it make you'll be dead by then and it won't really matter who he leaves it to."

"I can't accept this Molly, not a queer son and his whore."

"Father please leave and don't ever come back into my life. I love this man and if you can't accept that then I can't accept you as my father."

"Very well Giacobbe I will leave and never step foot into your life again."

"Jake you will keep this secret a secret do you understand me. I will see you ruined if you ever divulge what was said here today am I clear," she asks sharply.

"Believe me I will never divulge this kind of secret for it alone will make me the laughing stock of society. Goodbye Molly and you also Giacobbe. I hope you don't ever regret the choice you made today."

He turns and walks from the room and slams the door behind him. Jacob is in tears as Jeff takes him in his arms and tries to quiet him.

"Jacob I will set you up in business once you graduate and you also Jeff. Just do me proud and get superb grades. I want him to regret this day that he made his choice."

She gives them both a kiss and they walk her to the door.

"I'll have the steward send dinner up for the two of you. But tomorrow you will join me as if nothing has happened and we will make our ties that bind with society. Now good night my loves and I will see you at nine a. m. sharp."

"My Lord Jacob I would never have the nerve to stand my ground as you did," David says coming into the room. "I'm so sorry that it cost you your father," he says hugging him tightly. "And to refer to you as his whore I would have died a million deaths had it been me," and he hugs Jeff also.

"Thanks David but it makes me more determined than ever to succeed and make him regret this day. Now how about I order up a bottle of bubbly and we have a good old fashion party just the three of us," he says.

"That sounds good love," Jeff says. "How about it David old boy you game," he asks.

"Fuck yes I'm game oh I do apologize guys for swearing but ... oh fuck lets just get drunk and fuck around," he says.

To be continued ...

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