The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Four


This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter three ...

"Oh sì Angelo che lei sono così licenziato la fa le valigie la merda e scende dalla mia proprietà capisce adesso," he says in Italian and then he says in English the translation.  "Oh yes Angelo you are fired so pack you shit and get off my property now understand."

Angelo just stands there naked looking shocked and angry as he takes in the news he just got.

"Serves you right you fucker," Jeff shouts at him.

Angelo walks over and slaps him hard across the face and says to him in an angry voice.  "You are nothing but an American whore," and he spits on him.

"I have told you to leave now I am making you leave you bastard," and Jacob grabs him by the hair and drags him out of the room and pushes him down the stairs naked and then follows him and picks him up and tosses him out the door to the shock of his father.

"Signore what is wrong with my son that you toss him out like the wash water naked as the day he was born."

"Your son was just caught in bed with my friend fucking him by me.  I just fired him and now I am tossing his ass out for hitting my friend."

His father looks at his son lying in the dirt naked and covered with sweat, cum and dirt and he spits on him.

"You no son of mine no more.  You go home a getta your things outa my house you hear me," he yells in broken English.

"But papa per favore, I'm your son," he says with tears in his eyes.

I no gotta son no more you are a dead to me now get outa my sight," and he turns and goes into the house.

"You will pay for this day you American pig," he says getting up and grabbing his clothes and leaving.

Chapter Four ...


Jacob goes back into the house and back upstairs to where Jeff is sitting on the bed crying.

"You can pack you shit and get out of here also," he says angrily to him.

"But Jacob please he took advantage of me while I was still sleeping and then raped me lover."

"Jeff I was standing in that doorway for more than ten minutes and you were not getting raped but were enjoying every minute sex he was giving you."

"Yes ok I did enjoy it but shit babe are you going to hold that against me just because I had a small interlude with Angelo?"

"I can't trust you anymore Jeff so I am through with you.  Now please pack and leave while you still have an ounce of dignity left.  I will pay for transportation back to the states for you," he tells him.

Jacob leaves the room and returns downstairs to a crying Maria and he tries to make her understand.  She cannot and will not understand how her husband can just disown their only child and she is so angry that she quits.  Her husband out of duty to his wife also quits and the two leave the villa in tears as Jacob stands there wondering just what he will do.

"What has been going on here," David asks as he returns to the villa.  "I just saw Angelo getting dressed along side the road and his parents are crying walking down further behind him."

"I caught Jeff and Angelo in bed together fucking and Jeff tried to convince me he was being raped.  I fired Angelo and I am tossing Jeff out for his infidelity.  As for the other two they quit because of what happened with Angelo."

"Now aren't you glad you have me around.  I can clean and cook for you and if you don't mind I would like to keep Jeff around Jacob because he does have a good business mind."

"Fine David I'll tell him he can stay but not in my room anymore."

Jacob goes back upstairs and finds Jeff sobbing and packing when he enters his room.

"Jeff I want to speak with you if you don't mind."

"Sure Jake," he says between sobs.

"I was too hasty in making you leave and have decided to let you stay," he says and Jeff rushes to him and throws his arms around him.  "Not so fast Jeff, I'm not asking you to stay to be my lover but to be an employee," he says and Jeff backs away in shock.

"An employee, a fucking employee," he says with venom in his voice.  "And you expect me to jump at this opportunity don't you?"

"Jeff listen to me David was the one that made me realize that I was being hasty here in chasing you away.  I don't trust you anymore and well without trust where does that leave our relationship?"

"Jacob please babe give me another chance to prove my love for you," he pleads.  "We go back to grammar school together and to just end it over a mere sexual encounter would be such a shame."

"Jeff you know as well as I do that this wasn't the first time you have been unfaithful to me.  There was that time I caught you with Mark Simpson two years ago when you thought I was gone for the week on a holiday.  Then there was the time with Tommy Burton and Jimmy Thompson down at ...," but Jeff cuts him off.

"You made you point Jacob," he says.  "I know you are right and ok I will stay on to help you.  Can I at least try for David if he will have me?"

"I rather think that is why he wanted me to keep you on Jeff," Jacob tells him.  "You two can have the guest cottage for your home ok," he says.

"Thanks Jake and Jake I'm really sorry we didn't work out babe.  I just didn't find what I wanted in you and now ... well thanks babe," and they kiss softly goodbye.

That night Jacob slept alone and he wondered what kind of life he would have now that he was lord and master of the Vineyard and all alone.

"I have got to find a new name for this place," he says aloud to himself.  "I don't really like the name my father chose and I need to think of a name for this legacy he left to me.  I got it," he says sitting up in bed. "Il Legato, the legacy," he says to himself and lies down smiling that he finally thought of a new name.

The next morning David awakens Jacob with the news that his lawyer is on the phone and wants to speak to him.

"Buon giorno Jake I hope I didn't wake you," he says.

"Good morning to you also and no I was just laying here thinking of a few things. So what can I do for you today my friend?"

"I am going to the court this morning at eleven and wanted to know if you wished to accompany me.  The nephew is going to be there and I thought you might want to see him for yourself," he says.

"I would very much like to go and will meet you at your office in an hour and a half Manny," he says.

"I will see you then," he says and they hang up.

He bathes and dresses and drives down to the lawyer's office and they talk as they drive to the courthouse.

"I found out that his name is Giovanni Armanno and he comes from Rome."


"So does he have any legal claim to this estate?"


"Other than being a nephew of Giacobbe' wife from her brother's first marriage before she married Giacobbe no," he says.  "He cannot prove any link to Giacobbe after they became married so his validity is not able to hold water as you say in America."


They get to the courthouse and there are many people there waiting their turn to appear before the judge.  Jacob and his lawyer take their place in the courtroom and wait to be called before the judge.  Jacob looks around and he sees a dark haired man about twenty two sitting alone across from him.  His eyes are blue as ice and his build like the roman gods and he smiles when he sees Jacob looking at him.  The court officer calls order and everyone stands as the judge enters the room and Jacob notices that it's the same one that came to see him the previous day. 


"Il caso di Giacobbe Giovanni i versi Giovanni Armanno si fa avanti per favore," the officer announces.


"That's us he's announcing calling us and Giovanni forward," he whispers to Jacob.


They rise and move forward as well as the handsome dark hair lad and Jacob is moved by his appearance.


"Your honor I have petitioned the court to hear my case for shared inheritance of the estate of one Giacobbe Santinello," Giovanni says.  "I am his nephew by marriage and have the right to share in the inheritance of his estate."


"Do you have papers proving your relationship to the decedent?"


"Yes your honor," he says and hands them to the officer that hands them to the judge.  He reads them several times and then lowers his glasses and looks over at the young man.


"Signore Armanno these papers only proves that you were the grandson of Giacobbe' wife's brother and that you were born before they were married.  There is no proof that Signore Santinello ever took you for his nephew nor is there any mention of any relationship to him in these papers."


"But your honor as his wife's only surviving heir I should inherit her share of his estate," he says.


"Signore Armanno listen to me please.  She died before he died and therefore she had no inheritance to leave you.  I therefore declare your case dismissed.  Next case please."


"Thank you your honor," Jacob says and the judge just nods and smiles.


The young lad looks over and his eyes are glossy as he gathers his things to leave.


"I have much business here today Jake so you are on your own my friend."


"How will you get back to your office later," he asks.


"I will catch a ride with my brother," once he is done for the day.


"Your brother and who would he be Manny," Jacob asks.


"Why the judge Jake I thought you knew we were brothers."


"No I didn't and that doesn't make any conflict of interest or something," he asks.


"No one knows but you now that we are related because we had different fathers but the same mother."


Jacob just looks puzzled at the news and finds his way out of the courthouse.  As he is descending the steps he sees Giovanni waiting at the bottom of them for him.


"May I speak to you Signore Giovanni," he asks.


"Si and please call me Jake," he says offering his hand.


"Call me Giovanni Jake and thank you," he says shaking hands with him.


They walk to a local café where they have a coffee and talk.


"So what exactly can I do for you Giovanni," he asks.


"I knew I had no case but I wanted to meet you and see if all I heard about you was true.  Mrs. Brown sent me to see you and yes my grandfather was a brother to your father's wife.  He did not care for her but neither did most of her family.  She was promised to him by their father's and that made her bitter because she loved another and never forgave anyone involved for making her marry him including him."


"So why not just come out to the villa and introduce yourself Giovanni?"


"Would you have seen me if I came out there and introduced myself as a long lost cousin of yours," he asks.


"I probably wouldn't have but thought of you as a gold digger looking for a piece of the pie."


"Exactly Jake and here is the letter that Mrs. Brown gave to me to give to you when we met," and he hands him the letter.


My Dearest Giacobbe.

I have given this letter to Giovanni Armanno to introduce him to you.  He is a fine young man and has the same attraction as you do and I hope you show him the respect and courtesy that he deserves.  I know he isn't a blood relative of your father but he does deserve a rightful place in your inheritance.  I know that you will do right by him and trust you because you come from good stock.


Yours truly,

Mrs. Margaret Brown



"She is a very fine lady and quite outspoken also Giovanni.  So tell me just where you are staying here in town," he asks.

"Well I slept last night in a barn outside town and was hoping that I might meet you and have a better place to stay tonight," he says.

"Well of course you will have a better place to stay and I would like to personally invite you to be my guest."

"I accept Jake and I want you to know that I am not some gold digger looking for a free ride.  I will earn my keep and will work hard to prove that I can be worthy of your respect and trust Jake."

"Well time shall tell my friend, now drink up and we shall drive out to the `Il Legato'," Jake says.

"I thought it was called the `L'Azienda Vinicola'," he says.

"I renamed it because it was my legacy that was left to me and now to us."

"Us Jake," he asks surprised.

"Once you prove yourself a true heir, si us my friend."

They finish and drive out to the `Il Legato' and Giovanni is taken back by the size of the estate.

"My God look at the size of this place," he says once the villa comes into view.

"We have been on our estate for the last twenty minutes."

They eventually pull up in front and David comes out and opens the door and greets them with a smile and his charm.

"David I would like you to meet Signore Giovanni Armanno of Rome," Jacob says.  "Giovanni David here is my butler and friend."

"A pleasure to meet you David," he says extending his hand to him.

"The pleasure is mine sir and when we have guests around please treat me as a true butler," he says shaking hands with him.

"I'll explain later," Jacob says to a puzzled Giovianni.

"Ah Jeff this is Giovanni Armanno of Rome," he says to Jeff as he enters the group.  "Giovanni this is Jeff my ... well I haven't decided yet what he does," Jacob says.

"A pleasure Jeff," he says but Jeff looks at him strangely.

"Yeah sure back at you," and goes back inside.

"Did I do something wrong Jake," he asks.

"No nothing at all Giovanni he is my ex lover and I think he is a bit jealous," he says and Giovanni looks shocked.

"You are ...," and he couldn't finish the sentence.

"Didn't Mrs. Brown tell you about me or rather us," he asks as he shows Giovanni to his room.

"No she didn't and I really didn't know what she put in the letter except that I wasn't a gold digger."

"Well I'm queer and if you would rather not stay here at the villa I certainly will understand."

"No Jake it's not a problem for me. I'm ... well ...," but he is teary eyed and unable to finish his sentence.

"You are also aren't you Giovanni?"

"Yes Jake and I am ashamed to admit it.  I have lived with this secret for so long that it almost cost me my life once," he says holding his head down now crying.

"You mean you tried to commit suicide," Jake asks.

"No some boys found out when I was in high school and caught me and another boy in the boy's room. They beat us up so badly that my boyfriend Mario died and I was hospitalized for two weeks with injuries," he says now crying hard.

Jacob takes him in his arms and holds him tight as he cries on his shoulder.

"You're safe here my friend and no one is going to hurt anymore," he tells him.

"Thank you Jake," he says as he pulls back some and looks into his eyes.  Jacob wipes away the tears with his fingers and gives him a soft kiss on the cheek before letting him go.

"I'll let you unpack Giovanni and rest before dinner.  Dinner is at five and I will have David wake you so that you have enough time to refresh before coming down," he says giving him another kiss this time on the lips.

"No wait Jake please stay," he says taking his hand in his. "I need a friend right now," and he pulls him to him and they kiss passionately and deep as Giovanni surrenders his mouth to Jacob's tongue.

"Giovanni we have just met and we hardly know anything about each other," Jacob says holding him in his arms.

"Jake I know all I need to know about you.  I know that you would not hurt me nor would you use me for your own personal gain," he says.  "I trust you Giacobbe and I give myself freely to you and without reservations."

"Let's wait until later Giovanni when it's quiet and the evening is upon us.  I want us and the moment to be right when we make love."

"I understand Jake it's me I am to forward and not your type of man," he says pulling away and turning to look out of the window.

"Giovanni you are a very attractive man and I have very strong desires for you but I want it to be right when we make love.  Not some romp in the sheets to fulfill a sexual urge that we may have at the moment.  Now you unpack and rest my friend and I will see you later," he says and gives him a kiss that is long and passionate.  "Now that is a promise of better things to come ok," he says once they break their kiss.

"Yes Jake and forgive me my insecurities," he says and they kiss once more before Jake leaves.

"So you have a new beau now," Jeff says once Jacob enters the kitchen.  "It didn't take you long to replace me now did it," he snaps.

"Jeff he isn't my new beau and besides you were the one that had the infidelity issues if I recall."

"Well I have decided to go back home and get ready for school Jake.  So if your offer to pay my passage home still stands I accept," he says.

"Of course it does Jeff and please don't leave like this all torn up and feeling hurt and abused.  I want us to be friends Jeff because you are still my best friend," he tells him.

"I know Jake and you are mine but it hurts seeing you with someone else."

"I'm not ...," and he is cut off by Jeff.

"I know but if the day comes and you two become lovers I don't know if I can deal with you and him like that.  I do still love you but you don't fill what I need in a man Jake and I guess I always knew that but hey my options are limited you know.  It's not like our kind our everywhere and they are just waiting to be scooped up."

"I know babe and I hope you find what you are looking for someday.  So when do you plan on leaving," he asks.

"Well the Europa sails day after tomorrow so I would like to be on it if possible."

"I'll set it up and have your things shipped immediately.  I will miss you Jeff," he says and they kiss softly as friends.

"I will also Jeffrey for you really knew how to make love to a man," David says with tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry David but I really need to do this and you are a great man and will make a great lover to someone someday."

"I know but not you right," David says sadly.

"Yeah babe not me, my needs are high and I don't think the man exists that could fulfill them."

He goes upstairs and packs while Jacob makes the necessary calls to book passage for Jeff on the Europa.  He calls for a transport to take Jeff and his luggage to the port and tells Jeff that his ride will be there in twenty minutes.

"Well babe I guess this is finally it," he says looking at Jacob in the eyes.  "I hope you do find someone that will make you happy to love and good luck in school babe," and they kiss passionately as they say their farewell for who knows how long.

"I love you Jeff and good luck at Yale this year.  Please right me and let me know how things are going."

"I will Jake.  David what can I say to a man as wonderful and handsome as you?  I wish you love and happiness David," and he kisses him with all the passion he gave Jacob.  "Well my ride is waiting and I must go if I am going to make that boat.  I will write you both and you both remember to write me also."

They watch several minutes until Jeff's ride is out of site and return inside to prepare for dinner.

"Shall I go and wake Mr. Armanno," David asks.

"No I shall David.  I have to refresh and change for dinner," he says.  "David I haven't had a chance to ask you but what did you think about Giovanni?"

"Well I really don't know him but from first impressions he seems to be genuinely sincere in his wanting to be a part of your life here.  And if I may be so bold he is certainly one very handsome young man."

"David when will you ever learn that you are first a friend and secondly an employee for me," Jake asks.

"I have never had this kind of relationship with my employer and I don't know what to make of it still.  I know we have been to bed together and made love but really Jake this is still out of my comfort zone and very new to me."

"I realize that and I know you are still getting accustomed to it.  I just want you to know that you are not my servant but my friend and confidant David."

"Thank you Jake and I appreciate that love and trust you have for me.  I just hope I can live up to it and not let you down."

"You will handsome," he says kissing him hard and deep.

"Wow no employer ever did that before," he says fanning himself as he walked off into the kitchen.

Jacob knocks softly on Giovanni's door but gets no answer and decides to open it and peek inside.  He sees the young man asleep on the bed covered just barely with a sheet.  He can tell that he is naked and can't help himself as he lifts the sheet slightly to take a peek.

"Just ask Jake and you can see all you want of me," he says making Jacob jump.

"Ah ... I'm sorry Giovanni," he stammers but Giovanni pulls him down to him and they kiss hard and long.

"Make love to me Jake," he whispers in his ear as they hold on to one another.

Jacob gets up and removes his clothes and gets back in bed and they kiss as he climbs on top of him.

"Are you sure Giovanni that this is right for us to do," Jacob asks.  "Do you want me as much as I want you?"

"Look into my eyes and see my answer Giacobbe," he says as the two stare intently at each other.

They kiss again and Giovanni spreads his legs and offers his rosebud to Jacob.  Jacob positions his cock to it and slowly but firmly he pushes until the head pops in and Giovanni lets out a slight moan.

"Shall I stop Giovanni," Jacob asks.

"No love just go slow and push in until you are all the way."

Jacob lifts up and continues to push in and Giovanni pushes back until Jacob bottoms and they both sigh.  He stops for a bit to allow him to relax before he starts to fuck him.  He lowers himself down and kisses him passionately as he starts to fuck him while finding a rhythm to their love making.  Soon they have their rhythm and are fucking slow and easy as they kiss hard and deep letting their tongues search out their mouths.  What seemed like hours they made love until Giovanni reached his edge.

"I'm going to cum lover," he cries out and shoots his semen between them.  "Fuck me lover hard and deep," he howls as he shoots more cum between the two of them.

Jacob lifts up and starts to pound his ass with all the fury he has in him bringing him quickly to his own climax.

"I'm cumming lover," and he shoots his seed deep into his new lover's ass.  "Oh fuck me babe," he yells as he fucks him hard and deep giving him all the cum he has.  Giovanni pushes with all the strength he has left and the two cum like never before as Jacob fills his lover with his seed until he has surrendered all he has.

"God that was magnificent Giacobbe," he says.

"I have never had someone make love to me like that before Giovanni," he says laying on him then kissing him passionately as they ride the sweet afterglow of their first love making.

"Would you honor me by being my mate Giovanni," Jacob asks.

"Yes Giacobbe I will only if you will honor me by marrying me in a private ceremony that we shall write and have alone before David and Jeff."

"Jeff has gone back to the states for school but David will be glad to witness it my lover."

Two days later they recited their vows before David and accepted rings as a sign of their love and marriage.  David cried at the happiness of the moment and hoped that one day he could find a man to love like Jacob and Giovanni.

To be continued ...

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