The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Five


This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.

From chapter four ...

"I have never had someone make love to me like that before Giovanni," he says laying on him then kissing him passionately as they ride the sweet afterglow of their first love making.

"Would you honor me by being my mate Giovanni," Jacob asks.

"Yes Giacobbe I will only if you will honor me by marrying me in a private ceremony that we shall write and have alone before David and Jeff."

"Jeff has gone back to the states for school but David will be glad to witness it my lover."

Two days later they recited their vows before David and accepted rings as a sign of their love and marriage.  David cried at the happiness of the moment and hoped that one day he could find a man to love like Jacob and Giovanni.

Chapter five ...


The years past and Il Legato is prospering very well.  Jacob has earned his bachelors degree in business from the Universita Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria and Jeff from Yale.  Jacob has added many new employees to his staff with the retiring of many older ones.  His wine and champagnes are still number one in the world with business booming and his fortune growing.  The date is May 22, 1939 and Italy and Germany have entered into an alliance.  War is eminent and Jacob worries about his safety and that of his employees and friends.  His vast fortune is in the United States now and although his business is in Italy he still worries.


"Giovanni what does this mean for us," Jacob asks his lover.


"Well Mussolini has joined Hitler and now he is at war with whomever Hitler is at war with."


"We need a plan to protect ourselves in case the war comes to our doorstep.  I don't like being here on the wrong side of the fence if the United States is drawn into it.  We need a place to hide in case troops come to seize the place and we need weapons to protect ourselves as well."


"I was remodeling in the cask room and I found a set of steps behind this door.  I don't know where they lead to but it might be a place to hide or a place to keep weapons."


"Giovanni I know this is your homeland babe and I know that have been together for some years now.  But I don't want you to feel that you owe me your alliance against your homeland."


"Lover you are my husband and I yours.  I love you and my allegiance is first and above all to you lover.  The Italy I love is no more ever since that pig Mussolini rose to power.  So don't ever doubt where my love and devotion lie ok," he says.


"Ok my love and I love you Gio with my entire heart babe now show me this secret door," he says.


They drive down to the winery and he takes him into the cask room and behind the wine vats is an old door. He produces a key that is as old as dirt it seems and turns it in the lock.


"Where on earth did you ever find that key babe," Jake asks.


"It was hanging in my office and I always wondered what it went to so one day I went looking around and found this door."


It takes the two of them to open the door and the smell of musty dank air attacks their nostrils. 


"Here light these lanterns," Giovanni says handing one to Jacob and he lights one himself.


They descend the stairs after closing the door and it seems like the stairs will never end.  They finally reach the bottom and find another door and Giovanni inserts the key and it turns and unlocks that door as well.  They push it open and again the air attacks them but it's not as bad as the first time.


"There must be an outside source for this air to be fresher," Jacob says.


They hold up their lanterns and the room is vast and wooden boxes line one wall in the back of the room.  They both look at each other before wandering over to them and setting their lanterns down on one.


"They are definitely too big for wine boxes," Jacob says.


"Look at this writing here in Italian babe. It says `Munizioni di Vivere di pericolo' sorry babe danger live ammunition."


"You know I speak fluent Italian you bean head."


"Yeah I forgot babe.  Do you think it's still good because the dates here say 1915?  This must be left over from World War One babe."


"It should be still good because this place is cool and dry.  I remember my uncle saying that ammunition can last for decades if stored in a cool dry place.  But I'm no ammo expert and I really don't know anyone that is.  In any event we need to keep this place a secret babe and let's not tell anyone even David until it's necessary."


"I agree babe and ...," he stops and holds up his light staring at something.


"What is it Gio," Jacob asks looking in the same direction.


"I don't know but it looks like another door over in that shadowed area," he says pointing.  They walk over to the area and sure enough there is another door.


"Do you think things run in threes with keys," Jacob asks taking the key and inserting it into the lock.  It turns and they pull the door open together.  They shine their lights and a set of stairs lead up to somewhere.


"Shall we lover," Giovanni asks taking the lead.


"You know you have a beautiful ass babe," Jacob says reaching out and patting it softly.


"Now's not the time babe for that," he says back. "And yes you have told me several times my ass is beautiful."


They reach the top and open the door at the top and a long tunnel leads them on.


"I wonder where this leads to," Jacob asks as they walk on for what seems like miles.  The eventually come to another door and this time it's made of iron and is quite short.


"This is odd babe," Giovanni says stooping down to place the key into the lock.


He turns the key and the door pops open a bit and he can hear some noise from the other side.


"I know that voice Gio," he says listening to the crack.


He listens a bit more and then recognizes it as Manny his lawyer.  He quietly pushes the door close and locks it and the two start their walk back towards the stairs when a clank makes them stop.


"Who goes there," comes Manny's voice from the doorway.


"It's me Manny Jake," he yells back to him.


"Show yourself," he says and the two move into the light.  "What the fuck are you two doing in there," he asks helping them out.  "And just how did you find this secret tunnel," he asks.


The guys explain all about the key and the doors in the cask room and how they found the ammunition.


"You see Jake I was in charge with your father of the underground during World War One and that was our headquarters.  There's enough ammo there for a small army and we caused quite a bit of damage to the Germans back then."


"Well we may need to do it again and this time to our own countrymen," Giovanni says.


"I had a feeling when I heard of the alliance being signed between Mussolini and Hitler that war was on the horizon for us.  My question is to you Jake just where you stand seeing how your country isn't involved in this war."


"My allegiance is here Manny to you and now my new country.  I have much invested here and many love ones here as well.  You can count on my resources to back the underground as long as it is needed."


"I've contacted my friend in France Marque LeBlanc to help organize the resistance here.  But unfortunately he is unable to come so he is sending his son instead.  He should be here in a few days.  I was wondering if you could put him up while he is here Jake."


"I would be honored to Manny," he says looking at him strange.  "Why the looks Manny is something wrong?"


"I hesitate to tell you this but he is ... well he is queer.  His father told me and I don't want you to be caught of guard."


"A person's politics is their own choice and no one else's as far as I am concerned Manny."


"Well that is very modern thinking and I just wanted you to know so you weren't caught off guard."


Three days later the young Frenchman arrives and Manny brings him out to the villa.


"Ah Manny how nice of you to bring our guest out here," Jacob says.  "Le bon Après-midi mon ami et accueille à ma maison humble," Jacob says in French welcoming him to his humble home.


"Merci and I speak very fluent English Monsieur," he says to Jacob.


"Jacob this is Michel LeBlanc and Michel this is Giacobbe Giovanni," Manny says and the two shake hands.


"It's a pleasure to have you stay with us and teach us the ways," Jacob says.


"It is most hospitable of you to house me given what you know about me Monsieur."


"Well if you two will excuse me I have to be in court in one hour so ciao until later men," Manny says leaving quickly.


"Well now that he has gone let's relax and be ourselves Michel.  This is my husband Giovanni Armanno and this here is Dave Humphreys."


"I'm sorry but my English is not so good and I thought you said you husband Giovanni," he says.


"That's correct Michel we are gay also and you are most welcome to be yourself here with us."


"I am most honored to meet others like me Giacobbe or is it Jake you prefer."


"Please Jake is what I use with my friends. I have you in the blue room next to David and he will show you to it as soon as you are ready."


"It is hard in other parts of Europe being as you say gay.  Many still don't accept men that love other men.  In France we live and let live and we just don't go around openly but there are many of us there."


"Well here in Italy the church and pope still rule so it's very much in the closet. But here at Il Legato we are free to express our sexuality.  Now David if you would kindly show our guest to his room," he says and they get up and bid farewell.  "I will send David up at four to awaken you for dinner at five so you can freshen up."


"Merci Jake and until then," he says and follows David.


"My he is a handsome one for a Frenchman isn't he," Giovanni says.


"I guess but I prefer the hot Italians personally," he says grabbing Giovanni and kissing him passionately.  "Babe you make my blood boil with passion," he says then nibbles on his neck.


"I'll give you an hour to stop that," he moans as he leans his head to give Jacob better access.


"How about we go upstairs and rest ourselves babe," Jacob asks standing and taking his lover by the hand.


They head upstairs and within five minutes they are deep in the throws of passion.


"I will help you put these away Michel," David says placing his clothes into the wardrobe.


"Ah yeah babe fuck me," comes the muffled voice of Giovanni through the wall.


"I apologize for that Michel but these walls are thin and sound carries," David says.


"No need David to apologize for I am a man of passion and I only regret that I have no one to experience love with while I am here."


"I know the feeling for I have not had a lover in over ten years Michel and it sometimes drives me crazy."


"Well as they say `when in Rome do as the Romans'," and he moves to David and puts his arms around him and they kiss passionately.  Michel pushes his tongue against David's mouth and he opens it surrendering to him.  They kiss and then Michel nibbles his ear and moves slowly to his neck.  David moans out in pleasure as old feelings awaken and he gives himself completely to him.


"Make love to me Michel," he says and Michele slowly undresses David.


They move to the bed and he gently puts David down on it. He then undresses and climbs in beside him taking him in his arms. 


"David I don't want us to be some fling or casual affair mon amour, but I would like us to build on what we share today."


"I would like that Michel," and they kiss hard and long as David pulls him on top of him.


Michel proves to be a master of love and he slowly brings David to a point of passion that he has never been to. He kisses and nibbles as he makes his way slowly down to David's cock.  He kisses all around it before he nibbles his way up the hard shaft to the leaking head and then engulfs it in his mouth.


"Oh Michel my God you are driving me insane," David says as Michel slowly swallows his cock down to its base. 


He lifts his ass to feed him all he has and Michel slowly inserts a finger into his ass.


"Mmmmmm yeah," he coos out as Michel rubs his tender nut inside.  "Ooooooooo mon amour merci," he says as he slips off into ecstasy.


Michel just slowly sucks on his cock as he inserts another finger causing yet another sigh to emit from David.  He moves ever so slowly up and down on his cock until he has David at the edge.


"Oh fuck Michel I'm going to cum," he says in a state of ecstasy and Michel just keeps on sucking his cock.  "Oh yeah don't stop I'm cumming," he yells out and he shoots his cum down Michel's throat.  Rope after rope he gives to his new lover until he has none left to give.


Michel pulls his fingers from his ass and moves up to kiss his lover.  David wraps his arms around him tight as he shakes in the afterglow of his climax.  They kiss soft and deep as Michel slowly slips his cock into his lover's ass and David lets out a slight sigh as it bottoms.


"Fuck me lover," he whispers to Michel who just kisses him deeply and begins to search for their rhythm.  He takes his time to find the right rhythm to make love by and soon the two are moving in sync. 


They make love to the gentle sway of their rhythm as a breeze blows in from the open doorway and they are lost to sounds of their hearts.  He bends and kisses his ear and whispers softly into it,


"Je vous aime mon beau l'un," and then kisses his mouth with the passion he is feeling.


"I love you also my handsome one," David barely can say in reply to Michel's.


They make love for eternity or so it seems until they reach their climax together.


"I'm going to cum my lover," David says looking into his lover's eyes and shoots his seed between their bodies.


"I'm cumming also lover," and he also shoots his seed but deep inside David anxious ass.


The two cum together as their rhythm carry them through their climax and they slowly drift off into the afterglow of their love.


"My God Michel you have made me one happy man today," David says running his fingers through Michel's hair.


"Never before has a man made me feel so desired and loved David as you have today my love," and he kisses his man and lays claim to him as his forever as they slowly drift off to sleep.


"I think David has found his lover," Giovanni says to Jacob lying in his arms.


"I hope so for he deserves it," Jacob says kissing the top of his head as they also drift off to sleep.


They all awake later than they wanted to and decide to drive into Reggio for dinner instead.  The town is bustling with rumors of war and how wrong Mussolini was to make an alliance with that German dog Hitler.  Several older men were talking about how when they were young men they were part of the Italian underground and that it needed to be brought back.  Michel kicked right in and started to talk to them in their native tongue.


"It's time my brothers to alliance ourselves again against this treason that is overtaking our country."


"Listen to him my brothers," Manny says coming into the conversation.  "He is a friend come to help us from France."


"France is also about to fall and we have organized our men and women into the underground army.  You also must organize before it's to late my friends.  Because soon Hitler will send his watchdogs to oversee you to make sure that you follow his every command.  Don't believe what you hear about him trusting Mussolini.  He trusts no one and will send his own soldiers to watch us and make sure we comply with the agreement."


"But what can we do we are old and few.  Our sons have been called to enlist in Mussolini' army and soon they will be leaving."


"Have them not go but hide out and come together so that he can't bring us together to march into war.  Let them join the resistance."


"And where do we hide our sons and daughters," one old man asks.


"We have a safe place that we used during the Great War," Manny says.  "It still has weapons and ammo and can accommodate hundreds so send us your sons and daughters," he tells them.


"I have to find a bathroom," Jacob says as he gets up from the table.  "Order for me Giovanni please," he says walking away towards the men's room.


He goes inside and is using the facility when a gun is put to his back.


"Finish up and put it away American pig," a familiar voice says to him.


He finishes and turns and sees Angelo standing there with an evil smile on his face.


"I told you that I would get even with you some day.  Well now is the day so move very slowly out the door and to the left once outside.  Remember I have my gun pointed at you at all times so don't do anything stupid."


They move to the door and Michel is just coming in and he makes eye contact with Jacob.  They don't say a word but act like total strangers as he steps aside to let them pass.  As soon as Angelo is in front of him he grabs him and snaps his neck so fast that it takes less than a minute for him to die and fall to the ground.  He drags him back inside and tells Jacob to keep going to the table and he places the body in a booth.


"Have you ordered yet," Michel asks and they nod no.  "Good lets go before the police come and it gets hot around here."


They drive back to the house and Jacob is still shaking from the event.  Michel is cool and collected as he drives them back.


"He just came out of nowhere and put that gun to my back."


"I saw him head towards the bathroom and alerted Giovanni but Michel told us to sit that he would take care of it," David said.


"I knew that your eyes told me not to give you recognition so I just kept walking and I didn't even stop until I heard the cracking of his neck."


"I acted drunk as to throw him off so that he wouldn't feel threatened by me.  I decided to handle it because I was logically the only one he didn't know."


They conversed for a while longer and David whipped up some quick supper and Jacob opened a bottle of wine. Soon the events of the evening were forgotten and things turned to a softer tone.


"So Michel are we wrong to assume that you and David have found a mutual love in each other," Jacob asks.


"Well we have found a mutual love in each other and we are working out the details.  But to tell you the truth I have never met a man that loves like he does.  He totally swept me off my feet today and when we made love I thought I died and went to heaven."


"Who died and went to heaven," David asks returning to the room and everyone laughed.


"Come my lover and sit beside me," Michel says patting the seat beside him.


"Michel you told them didn't you," he asks turning red.


"Did you intend to keep our love a secret my lover," Michel asks.


"No but it's just so quick and I didn't think you really meant what you said today.  I thought it was just the sex talking."


"Listen my love to me.  I never say things from the heart unless I mean them.  What I spoke to you I spoke out of my heart David and not my cock.  I have fallen in love with you and now I ask you in front of these witnesses; will you be my husband for life David," he says down on one knee.


David covers his mouth with his hands as tears come to his eyes and he just nods his head yes.


"Yes my love oh yes I will," he says once he gets control of himself and the two kiss to seal their love.


"Congratulations David and Michel," Jacob and Giovanni say together as they raise their glasses in a toast to the couple.


"I want a ceremony to celebrate our union before we become involved in this war lover."


"I do also and would like for you and Giovanni to be our witnesses."


"We would be honored," says Jacob and they all hug and kiss as they celebrate.


Later that evening in bed Jacob and Giovanni are cuddling after their love making and Giovanni is quiet.


"What's wrong babe," Jacob asks.


"Nothing I guess," he says but Jacob knows that something is bothering him.


"Giovanni after all these years I know when something is bothering you so just tell me baby."


"I was just thinking about this war that is swallowing Europe and how it's coming so close to home now.  Maybe we should go back to your country babe before it's too late to leave."


"I can't just leave and let all I have done over the last several years go down the drain babe.  How would it look to my friends and to David and Michel?"


"I know sweetheart but I am just afraid of loosing you my love."


"Nothing is going to take me from you or you from me lover.  Now go to sleep and have sweet dreams of us my love," and they kiss good night.  "I love you my pet."


"I love you so much my love that my heart cannot hold all the love I have for you," and they drift off to sleep in each other's arms.


The next morning they were awaken by the sounds of aircraft as it flew overhead.


"Jacob wake up," Giovanni says as he jumps from bed and rushes to his balcony.  "War planes," he yells to Jacob as he staggers groggily out to the balcony.


Nearly one hundred planes were flying overhead as the men stood there staring into the sky.


"Look ... down the road," Giovanni shouts as he points to a caravan of trucks and cars moving towards the villa.


"Babe get dressed and alert Michel and David while I dress and head down to see what is going on."


He dresses quickly and heads downstairs just as the first of the trucks are pulling up.


"Good morning my friend," Manny says jumping out of the truck.  "I hope we didn't wake you but the time has come to start outfitting our shelter and men."


"What are all the trucks for Manny," Jacob asks as the others join him.


"That's the food stuff and more weapons and off course the men and women that will be fighting," he tells them as they pull up.  "Oh by the way they found Angelo's body this morning and it gave the cleaning man quite a fright," he says with a chuckle.


They spend the day loading the hidden room with food and weapons.  The women started to set up along with some men sleeping quarters and cleaning up the kitchen area. A sophisticated ventilation system had been installed to bring air in and filter exhaust out and that was updated and repaired.  By sundown all was done and all that was needed was for the men and women to move in. That would not happen until the very last minute or in the event an invasion of the town was imminent. 


"My God Manny look at this place," Jacob says.  "I would never recognize now."


"Let me show you some things you missed on your first adventure down here."


He takes him and the other three to a door and unlocks it and they follow a tunnel to a set of stairs. 


"Where do these lead to Manny?"


"Open the door but pull it open carefully my friend."


Jacob turns the key and pulls the door open and finds himself facing the back of what seems to be a wardrobe.  He pushes it and is surprised to see how easily it moves.  He steps into the room and is even more surprised to see that he is in his own bedroom.


"My God this is our ... err my room Manny," he says but Manny doesn't miss the slip of the tongue.


"Jake can I be candid with you my friend," he asks.


"Sure you can my friend.  What is on your mind," he asks.


"Are you and Giovanni ... you know ... lovers," he asks quietly so that only the two of them can hear.


"Yes Manny we are and I guess I should have told you years ago my friend.  Does this affect our friendship," he asks.


"Not at all my friend because I am also but was so afraid of people finding out," he says.  "That is why I go to Rome every so often to be with my lover.  We have been together for the last twenty seven years my friend."


"Then why all the games and talk concerning Michel," Jacob asks.


"I did it because I thought you were straight and to keep you away from thinking of me in this way.  What a relief to be able to finally talk to someone that can relate to me."


"Is your lover coming here to be a part of our movement?"


"Yes and he should be arriving tomorrow morning Jake.  There are more of us in town then you know my friend. Giuseppe my legal aid is like us and so is Raphael."


"I would have never guessed they are so manly and my God handsome.  Raphael is one I would call beautiful."


"Yes he is and the girls fall all over him.  He even has a son by one girl whom he married two years ago.  She died giving birth and he has been raising him alone ever since."


"Why did he get married if he is gay Manny?"


"He was afraid that people would figure out that he was queer and he didn't want that to happen.  He and Giuseppe get together every so often to get there jollies as he says but they have no real thoughts of living together yet."


"How tragic that we can't be like the straight world and live our lives in peace and love as we choose," Jacob says.


"Maybe someday my friend but until then we sneak and lie.  Well my friend I must be going and I will see you tomorrow afternoon."


"Have a good one and thanks my friend for sharing with me your secret," and he gives him a full mouth kiss and they wrap their arms around each other as their tongues fight for dominance.


"If you didn't and I didn't maybe we could have," Manny says and says goodbye to the others.


They all walk back through the tunnel and up to the place where Manny left his truck and driver.  They say goodbye and the four head back into the house.


"Goodnight my friends," Jacob says with his arm around Giovanni.  "I'm tired and need to bathe before I go to bed."


The next morning they are awakened by the sound of bombs hitting the surrounding area.


"What the fuck is that," Giovanni asks sitting up in bed just as Michel and David come into the room.


"Up men we are under attack," Michel yells as another bomb blast lands closer now to the villa blowing out the windows.  "Those planes yesterday must have seen the convoy and reported it.  We have got to get into the tunnel and fast," he says as Jacob and Giovanni grab some clothes and Michel opens the door to the tunnel.  Another bomb and it directly hits the house and the house explodes and crashes down.


"Giovanni where is my Giovanni," Jacob yells to the others as dust fills the air.


To be continued ...


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