The Legacy!


J. J. Michaels

Chapter Six


This story contains historical fact and fiction. References to people in history are for historical reference and not intended to be an actual part of this story in truth, it is purely fictional.


From chapter five ...


"Goodnight my friends," Jacob says with his arm around Giovanni.  "I'm tired and need to bathe before I go to bed."

The next morning they are awakened by the sound of bombs hitting the surrounding area.

"What the fuck is that," Giovanni asks sitting up in bed just as Michel and David come into the room.

"Up men we are under attack," Michel yells as another bomb blast lands closer now to the villa blowing out the windows.  "Those planes yesterday must have seen the convoy and reported it.  We have got to get into the tunnel and fast," he says as Jacob and Giovanni grab some clothes and Michel opens the door to the tunnel.  Another bomb and it directly hits the house and the house explodes and crashes down.

"Giovanni where is my Giovanni," Jacob yells to the others as dust fills the air.

Chapter Six ...

"Help me Jake," a voice calls from the ruins of what was once their bedroom.  "Jake I'm trapped by something on my legs," he yells as another bomb hits close to the villa.

"Jacob help me lift this beam," Michel says as Jacob and David come to help him.

They lift the beam and David pulls Giovanni out from under it just as another bomb hits the house.

"Lets get the fuck out of here guys," Michel yells as more dust and house fall around them.

They scramble for the tunnel and close the door just as the house comes down.  They hurry down the stairs before they also collapse from the bombing.  They hurry as fast as they can while carrying Giovanni and just make it through the door at the bottom when the stairs collapse from the bombing.

"Man that was close," Michel says.  "We need to get that leg seen by a doctor and soon," he says to Giovanni.

"I'll go through the tunnel system over to Manny's and have him bring a doctor," Jacob says.

"You won't have to my friend.  With the bombing he and the men will be coming out very soon.  Doctor Marchese should be with them.  He is the son of the town mayor and just became a doctor.  He graduated from Harvard Medical School in the states."

"How long will it take Michel before they arrive?  Giovanni doesn't look so good and he is bleeding also."

Just then the door from the tunnel leading to town opens and Manny and hundreds of men and women start to enter the room.

"My God boys are you alright," Manny says coming over to them.

"Giovanni is bleeding badly and may have a broken leg," Michel says.

"Doc get over here quickly," he yells in Italian and he comes running.  "The boy is injured," he says.

He works on Giovanni for over and hour and then he comes to talk to Jacob.

"He has a broken right leg and I had to stitch up his cuts on the left leg.  He will be fine I gave him something to sleep."

"Thanks Doctor Marchese," he says.

"Please call me Alessandro," he says shaking hands with him.  "My name is Italian for Alexander and means defender of men," he says smiling at Jacob.

"And I should take that as ...," and he leaves it hanging.

"Exactly my friend just as Manny and you are so goes the doctor," and he gets up and walks off.

"I would not have taken him for our kind would you Michel," he asks.

"Not in a million years, not in a million."

They go about setting up sleeping quarters and arming the men and women that are going to fight.  Then the first the outpost spies come in to report that the German army is marching towards town.

"There is only two ways into this town and both need to cross the bridge over the river.  We need to set and explosive that will go off as soon as the troop carriers are on it."

"I'll go and so will Marco Signore.  We both have experience with explosives and we will set it off once they are on the bridge."

"I want you out and back as soon as the explosive goes off do you understand me," he tells them.

"Si Signore," says Matteo.

They leave immediately after getting together the needed explosives by way of a tunnel that will take them directly to the bridge.

"I want several armed men to cover them while they set the explosives and also send some men into town and bring back anyone that wants to come here.  They must realize that they won't be allowed back into town until the troops leave for good."

"I'll go," says Maria and Carmella.

"Just be careful and bring the children also.  I don't trust those bastards with our children."

"Si Michel," Maria says and she leaves.

"Jacob what skills have you got in the way of combat?"

"Well I can shoot very well and I held several titles for my marksmanship."

"Good and how are you in hand to hand combat?"

"I've only had one fight in my life and that was when I was eight.  But I won that fight," he says.

"Eight huh, well we will use you as a marksman instead of hand to hand."

Around three in the afternoon the sound and shaking of the explosion told them that the troops had reached the outskirts of town.  The men sent to detonate the explosives came back and told them that several trucks carrying troops and explosives were lost with the bridge.

"It should take them several days to reroute to the other bridge and that also will be taken out Michel."

"Good now under cover of night take some men and go to the bridge and blow that one before they get there.  I don't want anyone coming into town until we have brought in all that want in."

"Signore di Michel. Dove posso essere usato? Sono un chirurgo addestrato ma nessuno č nel bisogno dei miei servizi ancora e voglio essere utile."

"Lei sarā avuto bisogno di aiutando qui il Victorio di dottore. Per favore di essere paziente e pregare che i suoi servizi non sono avuti bisogno di."

"What was that about Michel," Jacob asks not hearing the conversation.

"The man is a surgeon he told me and he wants to be useful now until his services are needed.  I told him that he can help the doctor and to pray that his services will not be needed."

"Yes I pray they will not be also."

"Jacob," the doctor says, "Giovanni is awake and asking for you."

He walks over to the bed that he is in and finds him sitting up.

"Giovanni you should be lying down my love."

"I want to get up so find me some crutches Jake."

"There is nothing that needs to be done at the moment so why don't you just rest."

"Giacobbe Giovanni if you don't find me some crutches I am going to strangle you got it," he says with anger in his voice.

"I'll be right back babe," and he takes off to find some crutches.  He returns in short order with the crutches he obtained from the doctor and fit them to Giovanni.

"Good now where can I be of use," he says.

"That you have to ask Michel babe.  He is the one giving out the orders."

"Well take me to him and don't just stand there," he snaps.

"But ...," and he stops when Giovanni shoots him a look that could freeze time and he leads him to Michel.

"Michel I need to be doing something other than sitting and resting," he says and Michel looks at Jacob.  "Don't look at him I am in charge of me not him," he snaps.

"How about helping the doctor Giovanni," he says and calls the doctor over.  "Doc can you find something for Giovanni to do to keep him busy," he asks.

"As a matter of fact yes I need someone to make bandages and fold them.  Would you mind doing that for me Giovanni," he asks.

"Not at all doctor," he says shooting a smile at Michel and Jacob.

"Thank God now that he is occupied would you mind going into town with me and helping to secure more food for this place?"

"Not at all Michel and by the way my root cellar is full of produce and canned goods.  That is if it wasn't bombed out this morning."

"I'll have you show some men where it is and they can bring it in once it gets dark.  We will be going into town once it's dark also."

"I'm going to tell Giovanni and then go show the men where the root cellar is."

"Ok but hurry it's getting dark and we will have to be going soon."

"Giovanni I am heading into town with Michel to grab provisions as soon as it is dark," he says once he finds him.

"You just make sure you come back to me you hear," he says looking around.  "No one is around us babe so give me a kiss," he says and they kiss passionately.

"Dunque lei due sono degli amanti come ho pensato," the surgeon says.

(Trans. So you two are lovers like I thought.)

"Per favore il dottore non dā il nostro segreto. Ci amiamo e ci ucciderebbe per tutti aver scopre," Jacob says.

(Trans: Please doctor don't give our secret away. We love each other and it would kill us to have everyone find out.)

The doctor assures them that their secret is safe with him and they think to each other that he also may share a similar love.

"I have to go now but I promise to return my love," and he kisses him briefly and goes to find Michel.

He shows the men where the root cellar is and it wasn't destroyed by the bombing.  The men set about unloading the root cellar and Michel and Jacob set off for town.

"We'll come out in Manny's office and go from there," Michel says.

"Can I ask you Michel is that the only way into town or is there other passage ways in," Jacob asks.

"There are many ways in and along the way to town.  My father gave me a detailed map and I apologize for not sharing it with you before this.  Once we get into Manny's office I will show you it and then you shall know what I know my friend."

"You and David are very much in love aren't you," Jacob asks as they walk along in silence for a while.

"Yes Jake we are and it took me totally by surprise because I never fell for one man like I did David.  I must admit I was taken by you though and wondered what you would be like in bed also."

"What!  You wondered about me Michel.  I must admit I was smitten by your good looks also.  I wondered if you made love as good as you looked."

"You see we both wondered my friend and maybe someday we shall find out," he says smiling as the reach the small door that goes into Manny's office.

They enter the office as quiet as church mice and Michel shows Jacob the map.  He is shocked by how many passages there are and how he missed finding them when he and Giovanni were exploring that day.  They stood so close that one would be hard pressed to tell where one ended and one began.  Jacob could feel the body heat of Michel as he stood next to him.

"It shall be dark in a half hour or so my friend," Michel says turning to Jacob just as he turns to him.

They face one another and their faces are just a fraction of an inch from each other.  They stare for several moments until Michel takes his hands and places them around Jacob's face bringing him in for a kiss.  The kiss is passionate and tender as the two soon forget themselves.

"We shouldn't Michel," Jacob says once they break their kiss.  "We both love another and it's not right to betray that love."

"You are right my friend," and he again kisses Jacob who wraps his arms around him.  They embrace each other and kiss as their hands search out the other's body.

"We must go my friend," Michel says breathing heavy and looking intently at Jacob.

"Yes and let's not ever mention this ever."

"Qui my friend qui."

They sneak out into the town and move from shadow to shadow searching for stores that are abandoned.  Every now and then they encounter a town's citizen that they know and try to persuade him to come and stay but to no avail. After several hours they have loaded several carts with food in the tunnel and now they are ready to head back to Manny's office.  They turn the corner that leads to the street that his office is on when a voice shouts at him.

"Halten Sie auf oder ich werde schießen," a German guard shouts.

They freeze and Jacob asks what he said to Michel.

"He said `stop or I will shoot'," Michel translate and the two hold up their hands.

They explain to the soldier that they don't speak German and he tries his best at English.

"Where you go from here," he asks.

"We are just heading home to eat," Michel says. 

He asks about the bombing of the bridge and they act stupid.  He begins to search Michel and then Jacob and that's when Michel grabs his head and snaps his neck.

"Quick let's move him over into the alley and strip him of his uniform.  You never know when it will come in handy."

They carried him into the alley and undressed him quickly taking his uniform and weapons as well.

"Here put on the uniform in case we encounter anymore guards," Michel tells Jacob.

"Why me and not you Michel," he asks.

"You are the same size as him and because I said so," he says.

Jacob quickly undresses and is standing there naked in the moonlight and Michel notices his cock.

"My Lord Jake you have a monster of a cock there," he says grabbing it with his hand.  "May I," he says and kneels down and swallows it down to the base before Jacob can answer.

"Michel this is neither the time nor the place man.  Besides we said we would not do this because of our lovers back at the base," he says but Michel keeps sucking his cock.  "Oh fuck man don't stop," he says as Michel quickly inserts a finger into his ass and rubs his special nut.

He sucks him for quite a while as he finger fucks him.  He brings him so close to cumming and then he holds him off.  Then he starts all over and brings him to the edge one more time and he is beside himself as he comes close to the edge.

"I'm going to cum," he says and he shoots his load into Michel's throat.  Rope after rope of sweet cum he feeds him until he's done and ready to collapse from the thrill.

"Fuck you have one fucking nice cock Jake.  Sorry if I made you do something you shouldn't have."

"I have never been unfaithful to Giovanni in all the years we have been together Michel and now you and I in one quick moment totally ruined the trust he has for me."

"Listen my friend I made you do that and it was not something you solicited so stop whining and get over it."

"Well I guess you are right Michel I didn't want to do it. But doesn't it bother you that you cheated on David?"

"It was not something I went looking for Jake it just happened on a spur of the moment.  So no it doesn't bother me because I don't look at it as cheating but just as ... just not cheating now get dressed."

Jacob gets dressed and they head back to Manny's office with Michel in the front posing as a prisoner in case they encounter any more guards.  They get into the tunnel and shut the door without any other incidents.

"I never want to go through that again," Jacob says.

"That's nothing my friend just wait until the real war comes.  Now let's move this home so we can get some sleep."

"That sounds good Michel I could use some sleep."

"Ah Jake I am really sorry for making you have sex with me earlier.  I know how much you love Giovanni and I do love David very much.  It was just the sight of you naked in the moonlight just made me want to go down on your cock and I couldn't control my urge. Will you forgive me my friend," he asks.

"I can and I do Michel," and he gives him a kiss that says he too wanted it as well.  "Now lets not ever talk of this again my friend," Jacob says and they continue on their way.

They get back to the shelter and everyone is happy to see them. Many men came running with weapons drawn when they saw Jacob appear dressed in a German uniform.

"Relax he's Jacob and one of us," he yells but still they watched him until they saw Michel relax also.

"Giovanni are you asleep," he whispers into his lover's ear.

"Yes I am now go away you oaf."

"Baby it's me wake up my love," Jacob whispers again and he can see that he is sleeping.  He goes to get up and Giovanni grabs his hand and pulls him down to his bed.

"I suddenly have a craving for German food," he muses.  "I was so worried about you sweetheart and the doctor gave a shot to help me relax."

"We had a close call but you should see Michel in action babe.  He must have the quickest hands of any man I know.  He snapped that soldier's neck like it was made of straw in one quick swoop."

"Just be glad that he is on our side baby.  I hate the sleeping arrangements here, when am I going to get to sleep with my lover ... after this fucking war," he asks.

"I'll find us a place to be alone my love.  Now you sleep and I am going to eat and get some sleep myself," he says kissing him on the forehead.

"Oh how so generic of a kiss," and he pulls him down and they lock mouths together not caring who may see.  "Now that's a kiss," he says releasing him from his grasp.

The next morning Jake is awoken by Michel because the soldiers are crawling everywhere.

"Jake get up we have company upstairs and they are searching the premises for anything and anyone."

"When did they get here," he asks.

"Some time in the early morning and I suspect they think we are hiding around here.  The house is totaled so they won't find our entrance there.  The one in the winery is well hidden and even we can't use it now."

"Then why all the fuss if we are safe here," he asks.

"I want to know what they are looking for and how long they intend to stay."

"So what's the plan guy," he asks almost regretting he did.

"I need you to dress as the German soldier and infiltrate the ranks and see if you can find out anything."

"I don't even speak German Michel.  They will see right through me as soon as they speak to me."

"I forgot that matter, Fuck now what do I do," he says.  "Greco is part German and knows the language.  I'll have him do it," and he leaves immediately and goes to find Greco.

"My heart was in my throat babe when he ask you to go posing as a German soldier," Giovanni says.

"Babe you must realize that I will be asked to do some things that are dangerous and life threatening in this war," he says.  "We are in this together and I have my honor as an American first and an Italian second to defend."

"I know love but it doesn't mean I can't worry about you."

Michel came back and he and Jacob decided to head into town with some men.  They took an entrance that exited just on the outskirt of town.


"We will have to be careful because they will have scouts around," Michel tells the men.  "Carlito you take Mario and Giuseppe and head north and Jake you and I will go to the northwest. I want us back at the entrance and in at 0900 hours guys regardless if the others are here."

The guys split and slowly went their way being careful to watch for scouts.  Several times Jake and Michel saw Germans and had to scout around them to avoid being caught.  Once they heard gun shots from the direction of Mario and Giuseppe and prayed that it wasn't at them.  They reached the town and it was crawling with soldiers and citizens were being herded into the town square.  Michel could hear what appeared to be a colonel questioning the town mayor about the whereabouts of the children.

"I told you Colonel we sent them to another place for safety," the mayor said.

"Where is this place," he asks again and strikes the mayor hard across the face.

"I don't know we just put them on a truck and some men took them away."

"I'll give you just one minute to tell me where or I will kill you and all these people," he tells him.

"If I knew I would tell you but I was not told for my own protection."

The colonel pulls out his side arm and aims it at the mayor's head.  Michel takes aim and fires dropping the colonel to the ground.  The German troops run for cover and the town people do also. Michel and Jake open fire and are soon joined by Mario and Giuseppe.  German troops fell like cordwood as the men shot their weapons at them.  The town people ran and took cover in several shops as the fight continued.             

"Quick lets retreat back before they can regroup and move around to the other side of the square," Michel says.

They quickly maneuvered their way around to the other side of the square.  They signaled the people in the buildings and had them come out through the back.  They lead them out into the woods until they were safely away from the village.

"We can offer you protection and safety but you will be there until the end of the war," Michel says.

"Listen to me my friends and neighbors.  We saw today that although Mussolini made an alliance with this German dog he has no respect for his people.  I implore you to listen to Michel and go with him.  Your lives are in danger now and to stay will mean certain death."

They all agreed and Michel had Mario and Giuseppe lead them back to the tunnel's entrance.

"If any refuse once you are there shoot them.  I don't want anyone alive to tell where our entrance is."

"Yes sir," Mario says and Jake is white with shock at the thought of killing innocent people.

"You don't agree with me killing anyone that refuses to go once they see the entrance do you," he asks Jake.

"I am not one to question your motives or authority Michel."

"I can't afford a traitor going back and making a deal with those dogs and betraying us.  They could lead them to us and then those of us inside would be in danger of being lost as well."

"I understand Michel and it's not my place to question you.  I am not yet accustomed to the ways of war. So my friend shall we go and help the others."

"Yes my friend lets," he says to him.

They walk on and soon hear the sound of gun shot and they run to find a man lying on the ground dead.

"He refused to go once we opened the hatchway in.  He began to talk about how he could make it better with the Germans instead of hiding in a hole for maybe years.  He then started to run and so I shot him," Mario says to Michel.

"You did the right thing now lets get inside before we are crawling with Germans."

They bury the body and hurry into the tunnel before any Germans have the chance to come looking for them.

"I know that one he's Luigi and he's no friend of the towns.  He would sell his mother for a lira if he could."

"I really don't like having to kill anyone but I would rather kill one to save many," he tells him.  "Now lets move this mob along and get them settled," he tells Mario.

"I can see why you are in charge Michel.  They respect you and at the same time fear you."

"It's all in the way you sell yourself to them.  I need to find a place tonight and have a good fuck with my David," he says.  "Have you found a place for you and Giovanni yet?"

"No I haven't but I'd kill for a place for us to be alone."

"Would you fuck for a place my friend," he says smiling at him.

"No Michel I am not going to have sex with you again.  A place or not I love my man to much to cheat on him."

"Spoken like a true and faithful lover.  I was just teasing you my friend and when we get back I will show you a place that you two can have for your own."

"No strings attached Michel I mean it."

"No strings attached my friend."

Once they return and settle in all the new people Michel and Jake go to a far corner in the room.

"Here is my special place my friend that I promised you."

He inserts his key and opens the door and the two step inside.

"There are two more doors Michel."

"One for you and one for me," he says.

They open the door to one room and there is a bed and a wardrobe.  Rugs cover the floor and there are oil lamps on the night stands.

"Wow man this is like a palace compared to outside," Jake says.

"Mine is just the same man.  I knew you would like it and know one but us knows about it."

"Wait until Giovanni and David see this.  They are going to fuck us until the cows come home," he says and gives him a kiss.

"Wow a kiss is that all this is worth my friend to you?"


"Please Michel don't ask for more.  You know how I feel about it."

"I know how you feel and I know how you felt when I sucked your cock that time," he says.

"Michel keep the room and I will sleep on the ground before I let you talk me into having sex with you."

"Cool down Jake I was only testing you to see if you would fall.  The room is yours and no strings attached my friend."

"You have a strange way of showing your friendship Michel.  But thanks for the room and I know Giovanni will love it."

They go back out and Jake finds Giovanni and he tells him he has a surprise for him.

"Just come with me and I'll show you babe."

"I want to know before you have me hobble all around this place."

"Just trust me darling and I promise you will like it."

The two walk over to the corner and Jake puts in his key and then opens the door.  Giovanni' mouth drops open in shock as he takes in the sight of the room.

"Oh my God Jake a bedroom just for us," he asks.

"Yes its ours and you don't have to worry about ever having anyone seeing us being affectionate ever again."

"I love you babe and just how did you find this room," he asks.

"Michel showed it to me and he and David have one next door to us."

"This is the best surprise you could have given me babe."

The two move to the bed and lie down and begin to kiss when the door opens and Michel and David are standing there.

"Well I see you two aren't wasting anytime making use of the bed," he says.

"You might try knocking next time," Jake says.

"Well you might try locking the door also.  We'll see you in the morning guys," and they close the door.

"I'll lock the door babe," he says and gets up and locks it and undresses before getting back into bed.

"Would you mind helping me babe undress," Giovanni asks.

He undresses him and the two resume their place in bed.

"I don't think I can make love with you my darling because of this fucking leg."

"You just relax and let me please you tonight my love."

He kisses Giovanni and the two search each other's mouth as they kiss.  He kisses his neck and nibbles on his ear as he continues to move down his body.  He pauses at his nipples and slowly sucks and nibbles on them.

"Oh babe that feels so good," he croons as he holds him there to his breast.

He continues to nibble and then moves down to his naval and circles it with his tongue.  He then moves on to his cock that is now dripping from excitement. He circles the head with his tongue and licks the dew that slowly runs down it.  He then takes his cock into his mouth and slowly swallows it down to his pubic hair.  He takes in the scent of his man and then slowly goes back up until he sucks just the head.  He runs his tongue around the edge of the corona and it drives Giovanni to the edge of ecstasy.

"Oh Jake what you do to me babe," he says as he thrashes at the delight of passion he feels.

He quickly swallows his cock and moves up and down on it and sucks hard on the head each time he comes to it.  He continues to do this until he has brought him close to the edge of his climax.

"I'm going to cum babe soon," he moans as he pushes up to surrender his cock to Jake.

Jake drops his cock and takes his balls into his mouth and slowly moves them around sucking them until Giovanni can't take anymore.  He then moves to his sweet rosebud and runs his tongue all around his greatest treasure.

"Oh fuck babe stop," he howls. "I can't take that without being fucked you know."

"Just relax and enjoy," Jake says and continues to run his tongue around his rosebud.

He pushes his tongue inside and Giovanni lifts up his ass to give him more access.  He fucks his ass with his tongue until he is delirious with delight.

He moves back to his cock and swallows it down and he takes his time bringing his lover to the edge once again.

"I'm going to cum lover," Giovanni howls as he shoots his seed down his throat.  "Oh fuck babe take it," he yells as he gives rope after rope of his cum to his lover until he is spent.

"I love you Giovanni with all my heart," he says and kisses him hard and long.

"I love my sweetheart now lie down and enjoy," he tells Jake.

Giovanni gives Jake the same delight that he gave him and the two cuddle after as they drift off to sleep.

To be continued ...

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