The Nazi’s Boy

By Rob Loveboy



Chapter One

(In Memory of Jan Wolenski  1925 - 2012)

It was during the Second World War; I had just entered my fourteenth year by a mere few

weeks. The city in which I resided was a time bomb; the Nazis would not be far off in their quest

to capture all of Poland. Other cities were already under siege and rumors of atrocities were

abound. Rape, torture, murder and mass incarceration of people that were deemed not fitting

the Nazi profile, it was rumored.

I understood little at the time, being the only child of a loving, well-off Polish father and Swedish

mother. I was sheltered from evil-doings as much as possible. I did however overhear, as

children are wont to do, the whispered talks of adults and the very scary sounding man blaring

from the RCA Victor. Not understanding German, I was truly frightened by the very tone of his

loud, angry voice.

My parents struggled, but made the final decision to send me off to live in the country with my

maternal aunt and uncle, and my younger female cousin. It was said that life there, some 200

miles to the south, was still serene and safe, as the Nazis had bigger fish to fry. Conquer the

major cities and the rest of the population would fall to its knees. It would be temporary, at least

until things settled down, mom assured, trying to be strong in emotion while placing me on the

train that spring morning.

It was a village of no more than five-hundred residents. My uncle owned a small farm on the

rural outskirts. Chickens, a few cows and pigs and a vast vegetable garden provided

sustenance for his family. Their home was a small, modest structure, quite primitive from the

city homes I was used to. No running water, indoor plumbing and electricity to be enjoyed

as a luxury, but the family seemed content existing on basic necessities and their staunch

Catholic faith.

My make-shift bedroom was a windowless converted storage area off the kitchen that I shared

along with the normal paraphernalia for which storage rooms are generally intended. It was

rather cramped and small and a curtain was strung across the opening where a door may have

previously hung. But it did offer some privacy and the old feather bed was very comfortable

indeed. It was a much better alternative than sharing a room with my cousin, Beth, who enjoyed

a very spacious room all to herself. After all, although we were cousins it just wasn't right for a

boy and a girl our age to share sleeping quarters which was fine with me.

Not that I wasn't fond of Beth, she was very pretty with her blond hair and blue eyes similar to

mine, traits inherited from our Swedish mothers and in reality, our resemblance was so alike we

could easily have been taken as brother and sister. I was of the age where boys had a mild

interest in the fairer sex and a rather compelling interest in my pubertal development and its


I had discovered masturbation at the same time I learned snippets of information regarding

sexual matters. I knew the basics; men get women pregnant, but the actual knowledge of how

one went about doing so only came to light early in my twelfth year when I happened upon a

male cousin and his friend enjoying the day at a mutually shared favorite fishing hole.Henry, my 15 year-old cousin, and his 14 year-old friend Joseph had stolen a bottle of red wine from a vendor’s cart in the city and were sharing the pilfered contraband when I happened upon

them. I was sworn to secrecy, of course, and not offered to share in the inspiration of their


It was a very hot afternoon and the fishing hole also served as a fine swimming area. Before

long, both boys had stripped naked and were frolicking and horsing around in the water,

dunking and crawling atop one another giggling like a couple of school girls.

When they exited the water, both boys sported erections which they made no attempt to hide

from each other, or from me. I had never before seen another boy in such a state, and of course

their development was even more intriguing compared to my own small, hairless genitals.

Henry was far more advanced than his friend, with his long, thick shaft and low hanging testicles

and a mat of wet black hair plastered to his groin area. Joseph was maybe equally as long but

lacked the girth and his pubic hair was sparse. His testes were smaller and not unlike my own.

My interest was that of sheer boyhood curiosity and not of a sexual nature by any means as I

took in the remarkable male genital stages, from my own boyhood immature display, to

Joseph's mid-range development, and finally to the manhood proportions that I suspected

Henry had reached.

To make a long story short, the previous evening the boys claimed to have witnessed a couple

of prostitutes servicing two Polish military men in a dark alley. Henry and Joseph began to

mimic the sex acts, laughing and talking like girls, making lewd sexual comments that they had


From a standing position, Henry turned Joseph around. He immediately bent over, supporting

himself on a fallen tree. Henry then placed his erection between his friends’ legs and with

exaggerated gusto, began pumping; hooting and hollering very foul words. Joseph was begging

in a mocked female voice, for Henry to do "it" harder.

The playful shenanigans lasted but only a few moments before both boys broke into hysterical

laughter. But the show wasn't quite finished yet; Henry told Joseph to get on his knees and suck

his "big Polish dick," obviously mimicking another sexual act seen in that dark alley.

I was aghast when I quickly figured out what that entailed, even though Joseph didn't actually

take Henry's penis in his mouth, but he made open mouth gestures with it grazing his lips and

his hand firmly around the shaft stroking it as Joseph thrust his hips to and fro.

Although it was playful, I remember Henry becoming serious and asking Joseph to actually

perform oral sex on him. I truly believe that Joseph was contemplating doing exactly that after

several more prodding attempts by Henry, but after a quick glance my way, he rose to his feet

red in the face.

Joseph began asking Henry to masturbate himself so that he could again see an apparent

"geyser" shoot out that Henry had obviously done at some previous point in time. Henry obliged,

lay upon the grass and frantically beat his meat. I was bewildered at the purpose and objective

in which Joseph was so keen to witness. He was so anticipating the end result that when

Henry's hand grew tired, Joseph's hand took control of the matter and shortly thereafter brought

the "geyser" forth much to my amazement and awe.

So that was my basic induction into fornication and oral sex, although both acts had been

simulated, but the act of masturbation was a very real eye opener for me to experiment and I did so with such regularity that I developed a very painful friction burn. The actual joy of ejaculation

came just prior to my thirteenth birthday, although not nearly as voluminous and ivory-white as

my cousin Henry spewed that hot summer day, I was very proud nonetheless.

The Nazi military infrequently passed through the village of my temporary exile, stopping only

briefly to replenish supplies of whatever they needed, procured free of charge in the name of the

Fuhrer. These 'visits' were always forewarned in advance as mass amount of troops moving

north could not go unnoticed and word traveled quickly to the hamlets in their path.

As a precautionary measure, teenage girls and unwed women were sent underground lest the

Nazis had intentions of overstaying their welcome and wish to alleviate their pent-up manly

desires and take advantage of their arrogant wartime lawlessness.

This was, in fact, the case one day in mid-August when several battalions stationed themselves

near the village. It was rumored that they were awaiting orders to occupy my home city. Soldiers

outnumbered residents at least four to one as they settled and erected a base camp nearby that

disrupted the meek inhabitants’ peaceful way of life. Life as the village had known it had finally

been met with the ugly face of war.

High ranking officials commandeered private homes to reside while they awaited orders. It was

expected that homeowners would house and feed these VIP's without question and with open

arms. People were so fearful of the Nazis that they went out of their way to host such powerful

men. It became a fierce competition to attract those most powerful into their dwellings as it was

believed that a certain safety factor was gained by accommodating them to ensure your home

and family would be safe from pillage or destruction. A swastika hung on a door signified that

the home was off limits to rogue infantry marauders.

My aunt and uncle were no different in their plight for self-preservation and opened their home

to such a man. I did not know his rank or his name but he was in his mid-thirties and so

handsomely blond and blue-eyed he could have been the poster boy for Hitler's "ultimate" race.

The very first night of his arrival he was treated like royalty. Liquor was flowing like water

between my uncle and the man.


My aunt prepared a fabulous meal of roast pork, chicken and all the trimmings. She was manicured, primped and dressed in a gorgeous white frock, more beautiful than she ever portrayed herself before. Beth and I could only look at each other and shrug shoulders at unusual behavior of her otherwise religious, tee-totaling parents who were practically falling over the man to be hospitable.

Lanterns illuminated the surroundings like never before seen in the household. Kerosene was

scarce and rationed, but our prestigious boarder seen fit to supply the liquid-gold; most likely for

his own convenience and comfort.

Reflecting later in life, it was as if my aunt was flirting with the Nazi guest at our table. Her

willingness to be bedded by the man with her husband's consent, was only a noble effort to

deflect attention from their young daughter, should the man be so inclined, despite the parents

effort to disguise Beth's true beauty by making her appear quite unkempt with messy, lard

greased hair, soiled skin and baggy clothes.

Two different languages, German and Polish seemed not a barrier, each party having

compromised on a limited repertoire of broken English; a language that I had only just began

studying in school and had no proficiency in.Throughout dinner and beyond, the man stared at me and would beam a broad smile when I met his gaze, toasting me often which seemed to cause an uneasy tension between my guardians. Their eyes locked upon each other’s, then upon mine.

A certain fear was easily read by me into the sudden change of aura, but as quick as it would happen, a semblance of normality resumed when my aunt or uncle would sway the man's attention away from me and a round of laughter ensued.

The interpretation given to me by my uncle was that the German thought I was too pretty to be a

boy, a comment that I heard so often in my life that I loathed it. I felt there may have been more

said, but that was all that was relayed to me.

Earlier that evening our guest had selected Beth's room to be his sleeping quarters, obviously

because it was spacious and a far cry nicer accommodations befitting his status than my tiny,

impromptu bedroom. It was decided that Beth would bunk in with me for the duration of his visit

despite the moral improprieties. Some things could be overlooked in a time of crisis, I surmised.

Beth and I were finally excused from the table to prepare for bed. As I stood to bid a polite good

night, the man pulled me into him and ran his hand through my hair and down my face

mumbling something that I didn't understand and nor was it translated for my benefit. It was

apparent that my aunt and uncle understood, the forlorn look returned to their faces.

Only this time they were bug-eyed on the German who was chuckling to himself in self

amusement as he groped my bum and held me there a long while as the adult conversation and

revelry waned. His voice took on a serious tone and his eyes peered intently at my uncle, where

some kind of agreement had been sealed and uncle lowered his head as if in dismay, studying

his goblet of liquor.

My gut instinct told me that I was the center of all the angst. I didn't believe that I had done

anything disrespectful, and had I done so, why was I not being reprimanded? The German

dismissed me with a pat on the bum and a jovial laugh that only added to my confusion.

White as a ghost and trembling visibly, my aunt rose from the table and summoned Beth to

follow. The sleeping arrangements were abruptly changed and Beth was told she would share

her parents’ bed. Perhaps the ethical implications, however innocent they seemed to me,

became too much of a burden on their religious conscience. Or so I reasoned.

Whatever had dampened their earlier merriment had been forgotten. The drunken festivities

continued long into the night. My uncle and the Nazi could be heard talking, singing and

laughing to the frequent sound of clanging glasses and the decanting of a bottle replenishing


Lying on my side facing away from the curtained doorway, I awoke to the hairs standing on the

back of my neck. A soft glow from a carried lantern made shadows dance upon the walls and

ceiling. The edge of the bed gave concave and the springs squeaked to the unmistakable

settling of a person whose heavy breaths were quite audible along with a low throaty cooing.

My relatives had never paid visit to my room during the night, I was old enough to tuck myself in

and not in need of a goodnight kiss any longer. I was frozen in fear as I knew for certain who

had invaded my space, but for what reason was beyond me.I felt his fingers play with my hair, gently twisting it like my mother sometimes did when we cuddled.

Over top of the bed sheet another hand was stroking my left hip and wandered to my

bum, gently cupping and squeezing a cheek and then the other. The breathing intensified as I

lay there mortified, paralyzed and not breathing.

I sensed his face close to mine after a slight adjustment of his position to lean closer, the smell

of liquor and cigarettes gave way to the prickle of his whiskers against my cheek that he kissed

tenderly. I wanted to yell out for help but something deep within told me that that effort would be

futile. I didn't know why that was, just that the man possessed power over all logical thinking

that even my young brain could reckon as truth. My weasel like uncle would be no match for

that virile, slightly younger man.

The protective sheet that surrounded me was lowered, he urged me onto my back. I kept my

eyes closed as he lifted my nightshirt up to my belly exposing my genitalia under the dim light of

the lantern resting on a box close by. He played with them; groped and manhandled me roughly

that caused me to yelp, feigning sleep was no longer possible and I opened my eyes wide.

After staring at his eyes and friendly enough smile, I couldn't help but notice his lower region.

My fears doubled when I saw him holding what appeared to be his baton between his legs, the

same baton that adorned his belt that one couldn't help but notice amongst his pistol, bullets

and other displayed weaponry. It was when he moved forward that I realized he had his trousers

down and it was his manhood that he was grasping, It was huge by all standards, much larger

than my only other comparison, my cousin Henry.

He kissed my lips breathing heavily, followed by his tongue prodding entry into my mouth; just

like I saw older teens do at social dances. His taste was putrid and I was being suffocated, a

slow recuperation from a summer cold still clogged my sinuses and I could not breathe.

Merciful, he grew wary of slobbering my mouth.

Aghast, all I could do was lie there and stare when he rose and stripped himself and stood

naked staring down at me for a few moments. I had the distinct feeling that he was peacocking

himself, seeking my approval of his manliness. The soft glow of the lantern cast enough light to

see that he was indeed well built, hairless down to his groin where a golden bush flourished. His

testicles were large suspended beneath the upright pointed shaft that a bead of liquid glistened

at the purplish tip. Looking up to meet his eyes, strangely, I smiled.

That subtle and naive sign of admiration seemed to please him. His hands tugged at my night

shirt, pulling it from under my bum and over my back, a slight tear was heard as he forced it

upward over my head and tossed it atop the pile of his own clothing. Ogling my nakedness laid

out before him, it was his turn for an assuring smile. I had absolutely no comprehension of my

sexualized fate; however I knew in my heart that that night would change my life.

The German lay atop me pushing my arms to behind me head and commenced slobbery kisses

from my ticklish armpits across my chest, nibbling my nipples that each suddenly took on a

slightly larger and firmer form of their own. Tender to his teeth and tongue, I found the

strangeness of it not at all unpleasant. I had heard boys talk of suckling titties claiming that girls

loved the sensations, I reasoned that the pleasure wasn’t gender restricted.

He continued to lick and bite down my torso, swabbing my navel for a short while before

reaching my groin. He toyed with my sac, kneading and rolling the contents in his fingers as his

other hand wrapped the base of my shaft that I hadn’t even realized had become. Shame overwhelmed me. My inner-self battled with emotions, surely what was happening was wrong,

yet my erection was clearly deceived all logic. How could it be wrong when it felt so right?

He did what Henry wanted Joseph to do so badly that day not many years ago. His mouth felt

nice upon me, warm and moist, lips secured tightly over the entire length, the heavy breath from

his nostrils fluttered my sparse pubic hair and was warm upon my skin.

Clearly, he wanted me to take me to orgasm. He paused his blissful assault on my genitals and

muttered something in German that I just knew was encouragement to allow myself the mental

freedom to relax and let nature take its course. I came moments later, fingers gripping the

sheets and my pelvis meeting his piston like mouth with every gratifying multiple spasm of

ejaculate. Oddly, the fact that I was spunking in his mouth only seemed to increase the eager

ravage of my genitalia, not at all offended in disgust.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise that I would be expected to perform the same deed on him.

It was evident that my own experience had been applied as a demonstration. My whole body

was trembling, not in passion but fear, shaking as if the ninety degree temperature of the room

had been below zero. The scent of his crotch was strong, an odor that I was hard pressed to

compare to anything else. Warm and doughy in my hand, I studied his large sausage-like

member for a while, curious about the ooze flowing over the crown that I wiped away with my

hand in preparation to take the meat in my mouth, but it continued to seep forth.

After a great deal of hesitation and at his insistent urging upon my head, I mimicked the

pleasurable performance he bestowed upon me, not with the same enthusiasm, but I went

through the motions… He didn't complain even though I mostly masturbated him with perhaps

only a quarter of his length in my mouth. I didn't fondle or lick his other extremities as he did

mine, he didn't ask and I didn't volunteer.

It seemed to go on forever; my jaw was beginning to ache. At one point I thought he had fallen

asleep, only to have him hold my head and force it back down. Throughout it all, I found the

metallic and salty taste of his meaty manhood not unpleasant.

I hoped that the man would give me fair warning as surely I wouldn't be expected to take his

semen in my mouth as he did mine. The thought made me nauseous, but it really should have

been the least of my concerns. My sexual lesson had only just begun!

He rolled me onto my chest and into a fetal position. I felt his tongue on my rectum and had no

idea why he was doing that disgusting act. After the initial shock, the sensation amazed me.

Again, he spoke in a soft, reassuring tone causing me to relax and enjoy the bewilderment of

delight that area had to offer and hoping that the act wasn’t another lesson to be reciprocated.

He secured me with one arm under my hips; I felt what had to be his cock sliding along my

crack before finding its mark.

Oblivious to his intentions, he slammed into me. I screamed out in agonizing pain never felt before, even when I broke my arm at ten years old, the pain was not near as excruciating. I began to cry and wail begging him to stop and even offering to suck him much better, as that must have been my punishment for not performing to his expectations. My please accomplished nothing; he was persistent upon forcing it deeper into me holding my hips in a vice-like grip.

Surely my uncle and aunt would hear my screams and come to investigate. The man certainly

wasn't concerned about that as he never tried to muffle me into silence. I heard my cousin

scream out my name, but no rescue attempt ensued. I was mortified when it occurred to me that my relatives had prior knowledge, or in the very least suspected as much. I was the sacrificial

lamb in order to protect them.

My attempts to wiggle free using my hands to grasp the mattress and pull myself ahead were

thwarted when he laid his heavy body atop mine. The pain inside me sharpened with every inch

slowly slithering into my bowels. I submitted to defeat and buried my face in a pillow and sobbed

letting him take me uncontested.

I don't know where the pain went; only numbness was felt after a short while. Perhaps I even

passed out for a brief time. The iron headboard banged the wall and the bed springs creaked

loudly until suddenly he screamed out and collapsed atop me panting in deep breaths. I

surmised that it was over when I could actually feel his erection deflate inside me and he was

soon asleep and snoring. I managed to slide out from under his crushing weight but was

pressed between the wall and his large frame. Not moving a muscle, I eventually fell asleep.

to be continued...


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