Chapter Two

I awoke to the smell of bacon frying and dishes clamoring from the kitchen just meters beyond the curtained doorway. My stirring caused him to open his blue eyes and he smiled pulling me back into him. Feeling his hardness pressed against my lower back, I feared he would again wish to penetrate me.

I dared rolling over to face him, my hand took his member and he smiled. Repositioning himself on his back was a great relief. I went down on him despite where it had been a few hours prior. I reasoned that if I excelled at oral sex he would no longer take me anally. It was surprisingly clean upon inspection, only the musky odor was a lot stronger. I exceeded my previous performance, even playing with, and licking his heavy, hairy testicles that shed their fur and stuck in my mouth.

I knew by his demeanor - purring like a kitten - that he was nearing orgasm. I felt the eruption pulsate in his shaft before I could taste it. His hand remained firmly on my head to ensure I understood that I was expected to accept the snot-like texture with the  bitter taste.

When he removed his hand from my head I heaved and let it spill from my mouth onto his belly. He became very angry at that and mashed my face into it as he yelled at me. I heard a dish break in the kitchen, perhaps my aunt was frightened by his outburst. He made me lap it up and then had me clean the residual semen from his cock head. Satisfied, he fluffed my hair and smiled.

I pulled on my nightshirt and entered the kitchen and bade a meek good morning to my aunt who was cooking and my uncle who was seated and reading over some papers. Young Beth greeted me in return with a big smile but otherwise the tension in the room was thick. My aunt's eyes were red and puffy, she had been crying. My uncle wouldn't look me in the eye and fidgeted silently, his hands shaking visibly almost spilling his coffee.

To make matters worse, the German came out of my room stark naked with a boisterous greeting and stood, reaching to the ceiling to stretch out the morning stiffness of his muscular physique without a care that a young girl and a lady were present. That shocking entrance did cause my uncle to knock over his cup and my aunt  to run and shield Beth's vision. Thankfully, he didn't linger and traipsed off to Beth's commandeered room to dress.


Although I had seen his nude form laid out in my dimly lit room, I saw him in a new perspective. He had a very nicely tanned, agile body. His genitals were impressive as they swayed with each step. Except for Beth, I sensed that everyone was aware that I had been shamelessly intimate with the man who had just brazenly displayed himself naked. Especially when my aunt produced a washcloth and disdainfully wiped around my mouth, closing her eyes and turning her head. A fleeting look of disgust from my uncle penetrated deep into my soul.


Imagine the confusion I felt at such a young age. In hindsight I should have lashed out against my uncle. I should have blamed him for whoring me out to save his own skin and that of his family. The cowardly sorry excuse for a man, his jowls quivering at the mere sight of me, left me feeling that I had been somehow responsible for my own rape. The same coward who was prepared to offer his own wife, but to his good fortune, the Nazi had other carnal desires and his wife, and perhaps his daughter, were spared. Of course, being young and naïve, I hadn't come to those conclusions by then.


Getting the cold shoulder from my uncle, and being doted on by my teary-eyed aunt, I sat there ashamed of myself. For exactly what, I had no clue. I remember thinking in my confusion that perhaps what the German had done to me was common between men and boys, why else had uncle not intervened?

The German soon returned for breakfast fully dressed in his military attire. My uncle had the audacity to rise and pull a chair back for the man to sit as my aunt went about fussing with serving him his meal. No mention of the violation of their nephew or of his exposing himself to their young daughter! Everything was just as it had been the night before. They were the perfect hosts.


After breakfast my uncle told me to dress, that the man wanted me to accompany him somewhere. I don't even think my uncle knew where the stranger was planning to take me, he didn’t seem to care, regardless., maybe he was relieved that he wouldn’t have to look at me when we would share the morning chores.


Our destination in his jeep was the Nazi military encampment on the outskirts of the village. Reels of barbed wire surrounded the compound of tents and artillery vehicles were parked as far as the eye could see. Before entering the camp, we stopped and he chatted with soldiers who were unloading a group of about twenty boys from personnel carriers all of whom looked frightened and confused as they were herded down an embankment toward a lake. I had no idea  what fate awaited them. I felt it was highly unlikely it was for a  leisurely day at the beach.

Inside the camp I followed him around like a loyal dog and was quite impressed that he must have been a man of importance judging by the nervous salutes and soldiers scrambling to obey his barked orders. My presence didn't go unnoticed, men smiled at me and tousled my long blond hair making comments and laughter toward my prestigious escort. I believe now that he was showing me off, the beautiful boy that he was bedding who could almost pass as Aryan descent, but whose blood was tainted by Polish genes.


He left me alone briefly with two young soldiers that were entrusted with my care, but who ogled me in a sly way along with smirks and comments to one another. One man grabbed at his crotch and pushed his hips forward, causing both men to laugh heartily, followed by the other young man revealing and waving his penis as if offering it to me. Their lewd behavior abruptly ceased when the man returned, seeing the underling's antics, he began berating and chastising them.


He was dressed in only a pair of short pants and sandals, carrying a picnic basket and a blanket. We departed the camp on foot and headed down the same embankment that I had seen the boys being directed. Strangely, we passed a mound of civilian type clothing en route that a soldier was casually tossing  into a fire item by item.


Perhaps as many as forty men were either bathing in the lake, shaving by mirrors hung in trees or simply loitering around talking in groups. They were in various states of undress, many quite naked. I surmised that the beach was the camp bathing area.


Sitting in the shade and huddled together in groups of five or six boys, all were naked, looking forlorn, scared, and some were crying. Their ages ranged between ten and sixteen I guessed. I saw two men each select a boy of their choice and manhandle them to their feet and lead them past the tree line into the wooded confines. Other men and boys exited the forest, the latter joined their peers and hugs and tears were exchanged. Some had bloody noses, swollen eyes,  and various cuts and abrasions upon their bodies.


My host spread the blanket then stripped off his clothes motioning for me to do the same. The bar of soap he held clearly indicated his intentions.. From my vantage point, in the cool shoreline water, I continued to watch the frequent and mysterious comings and goings at the treeline.


We remained naked and he had me sit between his legs on the blanket. He caressed my hair, face and chest while we feasted on ham and cheese sandwiches, pickles and fruit. He poured each of us a glass of red wine from a bottle. A few men stopped by to acknowledge his presence and clearly ogle my genitals, perhaps complimenting him on the Adonis boy and his good fortune, as he would occasionally kiss the top of my head and lovingly cuddle me or stroke my naked skin.


While we enjoyed our picnic lunch, I saw that another troop carrier had unloaded its cargo. Ten or so boys were led down to the beach and forced to strip. One older teen was defiant and was beaten by several soldiers with batons as they forcibly ripped away his clothes.


More men began filtering down to the beach from the camp and boys were quickly being paraded out of sight, some forcefully, but most were timid and simply accompanied a man out of fear.


When he led me by the hand across the beach and into the woods, I will never forget the nightmare madness that I was exposed to. Screams of pain, wailing, whimpering, yelling, and the unmistakable sounds of slaps and punches echoed throughout. Visual carnage soon revealed the horrors as numerous small pocket clearings came into view along the pathway, men held boys down for others to penetrate, both anally and orally in abusive unison.


Many of the soldiers were boys themselves appearing to be from sixteen to eighteen years of age. A certain seniority or pecking order seemed to prevail and those young men anxiously watched and waited to partake in the carnage until their superiors had done their nasty deeds. I wondered if they truly looked forward to the gang rape of other boys so near their own age, or were being pressured into it, perhaps for no other reason than to gain peer status amongst the ruthless rank and file.

The reality of it all suddenly struck me; he had lead me there to be shared with his comrades. My instinct was to flee, jack-rabbit and gain a head start before anyone came to their senses and could react in certain pursuit. I thought he must have read my mind when I felt his vice-like grip upon my neck. However, it wasn't to hold me in place, but to force me to my knees. I understood his true motive immediately seeing the veined spider web of his under-shaft pointed upward at a forty-five degree angle with a familiar slime forming a translucent string that dangled about a half-inch or so. The lurid scenery had most certainly excited my distinguished captor.


Looking up at his face, he was smiling and intent on talking to the young men who loitered along the pathway nervously smoking cigarettes. Considering he hadn't chosen somewhat more privacy as the others had, opting instead to humiliate me in public, I was sure it was a barefaced demonstration to encourage his young subordinates by setting an example.

Held painfully by my hair, I performed fellatio striving to keep from choking on the massive piston hell-bent on plunging beyond my capacity of endurance. I saw him summon a baby-faced lad clad in tented boxer shorts, a few words were exchanged, and then I felt his presence kneeling behind me, his member seeking it's mark.


The boy soldier held my hips and managed small increments of headway. His unseen penis I knew to be much slimmer than the one lodged in my mouth that had previously plunged into my innards. Nonetheless, the pain was insurmountable and I forced myself to resist biting down on the firm, meaty appendage.

The soldier seemed satisfied not to push further and began to hump me. Moments later I heard him gasp, his fluid must have smoothed the trail for deeper penetration, as the last thrust had him buried with his bristly pubic hair discernibly mashed against my tender cheeks.

The man must have enjoyed that event. His semen spewed forth clogging my windpipe. Desperate for air, my sinus erupted mucus laden with jism that burned my nasal passage before running down my upper lip.

I wiped the mess with my forearm and remained on my skinned knees anticipating the next of several more young soldiers who gathered to watch, a few with erections expanding the material of their army issued green underwear or menacingly displayed without shame. I wondered if those individuals weren’t trying to earn favor of the powerful man in demonstration of their eagerness to abuse the enemy as was expected of them.


The man noted the fear in my eyes, smiled and chuckled in a satisfied, smug way before helping me to my feet. He gently led me by the neck through the throng of bodies along the path which gave way to the man of significant importance and his charge. My eyes remained focused on the ground. I did not wish to view the events at either side of me that my ears endured. The pungent smell of feces, semen and urine on the return trek through the woods almost caused me to vomit.


I was young but not stupid. It was an intentional lesson for me that he was my protector, my savior from the evil-doings of human beings to fellow human beings and to gain my appreciation of his mercy of what might have been. Clearly, I was his and why he shared me with only that one young man was a mystery.


Exiting from the horror of the woods, we cooled off from the baking afternoon heat and frolicked in the lake. As any man would make horseplay with a youngster, he playfully  tossed me high in the air or would dunk me.

Tired from our shenanigans, I hung from his neck draped over his chest with my legs around his waist. His hand fondled my growing boyhood under the water and he masturbated me. Assuming that I would endear myself to him in the interest of my own self-preservation, I brought my face to his to initiate a kiss like he had encouraged the night before. He became distraught and I saw fear in his eyes as he scanned the shore pushing me away. I was bewildered by that response and felt a fool. My over-zealousness was seen for what it was, phony.


Things became very clear to me then. Nowhere in public was intimacy to be shown. Although he had caressed my genitals, it was well hidden from view. It was obvious that the boys in the woods were not being kissed, fondled or fellated as he had shown me in my bed, contrary to the aggression he displayed toward me in the woods. I was very confused by it all.


He wasn't angry for very long, smiling with reassurance, we headed back to the shore. We were joined by a very fat man dressed in a large nightshirt, breathless and sweating profusely from the trek down the hill. He was so large that when he dropped his weight to the blanket, a tremor was felt. The obese man pulled off his garb and exposed his gross nude body, just a very small pink discoloration within a mound of matted black pubic hair was noticed under a roll of blubber that obscured its view. Hairy breasts the size of melons sagged matching his jowls. I was strangely thankful that my man was fit and handsome.

In his company was a teen boy of about fifteen years. The men became engrossed in German conversation as me and the teen chatted in Polish. What I learned in our private parlee spoke volumes to understanding the the mayhem and confusion.


His name was Geoff and he spoke English as did his German man-friend, another high ranker that had sequestered comfortable shelter at Geoff's home in the heart of the village. He informed me that earlier that same morning the Nazis had rounded up boys that the fat man claimed was in retaliation for hiding away the young female folk, a blatant insult to the good morals of the Nazi Regime, and bad for troop morale.


Geoff went on to quote the man as saying that German soldiers had long endured the hardships of war for their cause. Where they had once enjoyed fine foods, such as meat and potatoes, they now survived on watery soup and bread. Where they had once enjoyed the company of women, young boys of their enemy would pay the ultimate price for their elders foolishness.


Geoff became cautious of his words although neither of the men apparently understood Polish, but it was conceivable that certain words may be detected. I suggested we take a swim and he asked for permission in English that both Nazis granted.

The handsome dirty blond teen removed his clothes without shame; smiley words were exchanged by the two ogling men at the sight. Geoff made us all laugh when he did a funny dance with his long penis and testicles slapping each side of his thighs before he was off and  running into the water.

In the privacy of the lake and well out of earshot, he again cautioned that we should be careful and feign laughter and horse around while we talked. I thought him extremely wise in his precaution. I immediately enlightened him on the plight and whereabouts of the village boys, but he had already drawn that conclusion for himself.

He advised me that many Nazi officers were secret homosexuals. He explained to me that homosesuxuals were men who favored sex with other men or boys. He maintained that the regular rank and file may not be true homosexuals, that they were merely obeying the orders of their homosexual superiors, therefore indulging themselves indiscriminately for sexual gratification having been deprived of woman-folk.


l learned from him that my man was a Colonel in rank and his, a Major. The lesser status soldiers shared in the gang rape of the boys, whereas men of much higher stature allowed themselves sole proprietorship of a boy of their choosing; blond and blue eyed, or so I surmised, judging by Geoff's and my similarities.

He claimed that the fat Major was in fact a homosexual. He didn't elaborate on his conclusion, he didn't have to, I understood fully. My Colonel was also a homosexual, I concluded. How Geoff gathered all that information, I never knew, only guessing that his relationship with the fat man was much more intimate with a common language to communicate. I never saw Geoff again after that day.

The Colonel and I returned to the farm and of course, to a grand welcoming. No one asked where I had been or what I had done all day except for Beth. I simply told her that we went to the beach and had a picnic and the conversation was dropped. Once again, liquor flowed freely after a meal fit for a king. A meal that I did not get to enjoy because my uncle insisted I do my chores left untended all day. The tone of his voice indicated his displeasure with me for wandering off as if that choice had been my own.

Beth had smuggled out a plate of food secretly prepared by my aunt and told me that she overheard her father and a neighbor man talking that afternoon. Apparently word had gotten around about the Nazis rounding up boys from the village but their fate was not known at the time, but it was mentioned that it was done to punish the village Elders for something. She then asked me what a homosexual pedophile was, because her father called the Nazis exactly that. I told her that I didn't know. She was too young to understand such mature things, nor did I know what a pedophile was.

Chores completed, I bade a good night to the two men drinking at the table, but my retreat was interrupted by my uncle. He advised that I would share Beth's larger bed with the Nazi, Beth would take mine in the interest of everyone's comfort.

I was not foolish enough to believe that he had came to that arrangement for the good of all concerned, or that he would possibly be able to convince his esteemed guest to be inconvenienced. No, I was certain that it was the Nazi's uncontested suggestion.

Never for a moment did I think the man would not make a trek into my bed that night, I fully anticipated it. The arrangement simply made it more convenient, and my uncle bloody well knew it!

I didn't bother disturbing Beth to retrieve my night shirt from my room, I knew I wouldn't need it and I climbed naked into the big comfortable bed. I was apprehensive but excited at the same time as I lay there waiting. I didn't have to wait very long until the lantern he carried lit up the darkness and I watched him take off his uniform and hang his garments with care.

The sight of him completely naked exited my own penis that he was rather pleased to see that I was both naked and aroused when he lifted the sheet off me. I enjoyed his suckling even more than that morning. I didn't mind his finger toying at my rectum nor the slight pressure and insertion of it. I didn't understand the filthy concept, but I was in no position to argue the apparent, newly introduced homosexual act.

I was very close to orgasm when he stopped, climbed atop me for a kiss that I exchanged willingly but not eagerly. I didn't like kissing all that much; his whiskers were like sandpaper and thankfully it didn't last long. He rolled off me and onto his back. I took my queue and nestled myself between his spread thighs to study his manly genitals before exploring everything with my hands, tongue and lips, even massaging his rectum but couldn't bring myself to insert my finger up there.


Again, it was a premeditated effort in order to prevent him from bumming me, I would do a knock up job of fellatio on him. I felt that I had a better concept of performing the act to his liking and prepared myself to assuredly ingest his semen as my final resolve. He was rather loud in voicing his praises; on one hand I was grateful that he was pleased, on the other I was quite cognizant that his adoration of my efforts was being overheard by my aunt and uncle in the adjacent bedroom, adding to my uncle's recently acquired distaste of me.


Suddenly he sat up and hauled me by my underarms to lie on my back. He knelt between my legs and lifted them to my chest and held them with one hand gripping my ankles as the other struggled to open a jar of petroleum jelly, a common household product used to soothe diaper rash and dry lips that had mysteriously found itself on Beth’s nightstand, conceivably by the hand of my aunt. It's new purpose appealed to me, I was going to be impaled again and there was nothing I could do to stop it.


It was only slightly less painful, however I didn’t scream out. Instead, I clenched my eyes and teeth, tears welled in my eyes resisting the temptation to even whimper lest my uncle would be angry at the disturbance. Clearly, I had brought disgrace into his peaceful home and I felt that he didn’t need any reminder of it as he lay in his bed across the narrow hall.


The man rolled us onto our sides and straddled one leg over my hip. He was gentle and loving,  kissing the top of my head often and ran his hand up and down my torso and over my genitals as he pumped his hips slowly. I found the position the most comfortable insofar as it prevented full penetration.


The bed made no less ruckus than my own. Metal on metal, the bedsprings increased in shrill the faster and harder he drove into me. All hope of noise prevention of the obvious was thwarted by then. I envisioned my uncle tightening a noose around my neck and shoving me from the hayloft in the barn.

Almost painful was the man’s grip on my penis while he masturbated me vigorously. I did not understand it at the time, but the pain inside me eased to just a mild hurt, a numb feeling overcame me. Not long afterward, the strangest sensation overtook me and I was meeting his thrusts in time This seemed to please him all the more as he began to wail and thrash about until a final, deeper drive caused him to shudder and gasp for air.


I was very close to my own orgasm and quite disappointed when he released me and rolled onto his back and was soon fast asleep. The lantern was still aglow and I admired his body once again.. His large cock was flaccid and leaking his man stuff. I wanted to suckle it, to feel it in my mouth in a flaccid state had it not been slimy from the petroleum jelly and having a foul odor. Nonetheless, I played with it, admiring it's softness and virility, as well as his loose hairy testicles heavily ladened in the palm of my hand. Finding myself queerly excited by his masculinity, I masturbated. Later, I rolled to face the wall feeling repulsed, indignant and confused as to my immoral thoughts, not to mention the obscure events that unfolded since meeting the Nazi.

I am not sure how long I dozed when nature called. Without the urine receptacle stored under my own bed that I generally used at night, I took the lantern and made my way outside to the latrine to relieve myself without regard for sense of modesty, being such an early hour well before sunrise when my kin would be nestled asleep in their beds.


Nothing could ever describe the fear pulsing through my veins when there stood my uncle with a look of shock and defiance staring down at me. Shamefully covering myself as best I could, the effort was futile. Our chance meeting was precarious enough, but it occurred to even my morals that despite all else, my nakedness only flaunted the shameful fact that I would sleep the night naked in the man’s bed, and that would rile him even more so than had I at least shown some self-respect and decency.


He wore a robe that hung open, his own genitals exposed and dangling  from his scrawny, bony body and he was unsteady from the liquor that he had consumed. He scanned me up and down with a scowl. He slurred his words terribly but I understood each derogatory statement. He called me a queer, a Nazi cock sucker and a boy whore as he stumbled forward and took hold of my neck, He told me that it was all my fault, that I could have warded off the Nazis advances had I wanted to. He claimed he heard me beg the man to suck his cock the night before and again that very night, how much I obviously enjoyed the Nazi bumming me.


Reinforced, I felt greater shame of myself, I wanted to die. I couldn’t refute what he was saying, nor could I explain the reason for those words I said if only to appease the German, especially after having witnessed the hideous events of the day and how I was spared the wrath. Somehow I wished that I had been taken from uncle’s home, loaded onto a troop carrier and gruesomely victimized and returned home to tell the tale. At least there might have been sympathy, caring and love to heal the mental and physical trauma, and a reasonable excuse that he was unawares and would have been powerless to protect me, his nephew, entrusted by my parents to keep me safe.


He pulled me into him by a painful grasp of my upper arm, pulling my hair with his other hand forcing me to my knees as he continued a barrage of insults, advising me that as soon as my homosexual Nazi co-sinner left the household, he was putting me on the next train back home..The lantern slipped from my hand at some point and crashed to the ground.


Crying,  I tried to pull away but he pulled my head into his crotch and told me to put it in my mouth and service him the way I did the Nazi. The thought of fellating my own uncle sickened me and even under duress, I refused to open my mouth to accept his expanding member. The terror of it all caused my bladder to release, pissing between his legs.

If not for the lantern that had started the dry grass afire, I probably would have succumbed to his wishes and degraded myself further in his eyes as well as my own. He released my hair and violently pushed me backwards as he tended to the rapid spreading fire by removing his robe and swatting at the flames with it, cursing me for my clumsiness.


I can laugh now at how foolish and funny he looked drunkenly dancing around naked with his semi erection bobbing to and fro, scorching his feet in the process. I scurried away as quick as I could to the safety of the bedroom; as ironic as that was.


The Nazi woke briefly, hauled me into his side and cuddled me. His warmth felt nice and comforting. I suddenly felt abandoned by my parents and ostracized by my uncle. I cried myself to sleep.


to be continued....


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I noticed you didn't mention the German's foreskin at all. As you probably know, most Germans are uncut and it could draw some interest.

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In pink near the end needs some work.