Chapter Three



I awoke to his stickiness on my groin and lay there fully enjoying it, purring like a kitten. The Colonel seemed oddly zealous,  perhaps even fervent using two fingers inside my rectum while the others kneaded my testicles that laid nested in his palm. The other hand held the base of my saliva slickened shaft that his mouth and tongue ravished until I sounded a blasphemy of words that had my aunt heard, would surely have earned me a slap and a mouthful of soap.


It wasn’t but a few minutes of eagerly performing my duties in returned favor, when the familiar twitch gave way to several throbs ejecting his half-ounce of warm bitter milk. The hand on my head was again applied but only lightly to tousle my hair after his orgasm. I surmised that he was assured that I knew my place by then, the gesture signified a job well done.


Afterward, we dressed. Sensing my insecurity, he took my hand to walk out into the kitchen to face my uncle, whose feet I saw were wrapped in gauze. Our eyes locked briefly, his expressionless face spoke volumes, there was not a hint of remorse, only hate did I see. I wished  that I had kept the German's ejaculate in my mouth and spit it in my uncles hypocrite face.  The difficult part was facing my aunt, if she only knew what her husband had attempted to do to me that led to his scorched feet.

Again, The Colonel took me with him to the base camp and to what must have been his office. A tall man rose from the desk and saluted, making way for the Colonel to sit. It was a shift change, I assumed, whatever rank the tired-looking man held must have been of importance, perhaps a level lower than the Colonel and to oversee the night activities. He was younger and quite tall with handsome features, his bright blue eyes scanned over me and a friendly smile beamed which I graciously returned. The men conversed and laughed conspiratorially. He ran a hand through my hair and down my cheek. I had picked up several German words and blushed when I understood  him say I was a pretty boy.

Coffee was delivered and the two men became engrossed discussing what I assumed was military business. Afterwards, the men rose and saluted, I thought the man was reaching to politely shake my hand good bye, but he held it and pulled me out of my chair. I was bewildered and looked to the Colonel who motioned for me to accompany the man.

He led me to the rear of the tented structure and opened a flap exposing another room; I saw that we were in the sleeping quarters and I realized was expected of me. Two cots and lockers on either side of the small room were the only furnishings. He began to undress and hung each item of his uniform with meticulous care motioning me to take off my clothes as well. I was disheartened by the fact that the Colonel was sharing me once again.

I stood naked covering myself and watched him fuss with his uniform. He paid no attention to me until he had stripped naked and turned to me with a broad smile. He had a very nice muscular body, hairless except for his groin area. His penis hung flaccid and very fat, but oddly short in proportion to his physical size. His testicles were no larger than my own. He laid flat on the cot and motioned me between his legs. No further instructions were necessary, I knew what my role was to be.

The mass of foreskin amused me. Even once he stiffened to full tumescence in my mouth, the length extended by only a mere few more centimeters and the skin remained remarkably fluid. I could lodge the chubby shaft full to the base without gagging, his pupic hair tickled my nostrils.

The man displayed no emotion, no audible murmurs, he just lay there with a hand resting lightly atop my head. He occasionally caressed my hair. One very stiff jaw and very long time later he finally spilled his semen in my mouth. It had a sweeter taste than that of the Colonel, I noted. Tolerable. I realized then that all males must taste uniquely different.

I wondered why he wanted me naked if bumming me was not on the agenda. But he did look pleased to see that I was erect and made me stand beside the cot and masturbate myself in front of him. It took me a long time to reach orgasm, self-conscious as I was, but he was insistent that I do so. That strange fetish would become a daily routine thereafter.

He dismissed me and I dressed. Standing at full attention near the exit to the tent was a teenage soldier. He was blond and blue-eyed like myself. His uniform hung loosely from his slim frame and his utility belt of armory seemed to weigh him down. I judged him to be sixteen or seventeen. The Colonel smiled at my presence from behind his desk and instructed the boy soldier.

His name was Jon, he spoke perfect Polish and informed me that I was his charge for the day. It was a great relief to communicate with someone and Jon would soon become a confidante and friend over the weeks but not before sheer dread had me trembling when he said he was taking me to the beach. I fully anticipated being thrown to the wolves, despaired that I just another village boy to be used and abused by his men by day, and his personal bed boy by night.

My nervous behaviour didn't go unnoticed by Jon on the walk down the ravine but he made no comment, just a puzzled look on his face indicated his awareness of it. I tried not to stare at boys huddled in the shade; the Germans apparently were not quite finished punishing the villagers.

I was grateful when we walked on by and I sighed in relief when Jon told me that I could go swimming and enjoy the water until lunchtime when we would be expected back at camp.

It was sweltering hot, more so than the previous day and I didn't hesitate to undress and frolic in the cool lake. Nothing had changed from the previous day. Men came and went and naked boys huddled together. Later, I would learn from Jon that the boys of my village were returned after dark and dropped in the town square, the fresh herd of lambs to the slaughter had been abducted from another nearby village early that morning.


I watched Jon sitting upon a log in shade. His focus seldom strayed from the goings-on at the forest’s edge. When I joined him, he occasionally surveyed my body squatted naked in front of him, then return his gaze down shore. Several times he slyly adjusted his discomfort within the confines of his ill fitting trousers. I wondered if he desired me, or wished that he could use one of the other boys, if he hadn’t already joined in the previous day’s mayhem.


He was sweating profusely and I asked why he didn't go for a swim, he replied that he was on duty and would be punished severely. Most of the men on the beach were his superiors. Several times we were interrupted by those angry-voiced men. Jon explained to me that they questioned our distance away from the common area, some even wanted to take me for themselves, but when they learned I was the Colonels’ boy, and under Jon’s charge, they sheepishly apologized and retreated. Jon seemed to relish in the fact that he held that power over his superiors.

I liked him alot. I learned that he was almost seventeen and the son of a German industrialist. His mother was Polish which accounted for his fluency in the language. He had been conscripted by the army that very spring, and had not joined by choice. Because of his second language, he was placed in military intelligence. This amounted to little more than his being a gopher and servant to the Colonel, whom, he did like and apparently the man treated him kindly. We talked about his home and mine, our likes and dislikes, and soccer, discovering a mutual love for the sport.


I had so many questions to ask him, and my being of somewhat celebrity status, I didn't hold back. Asked if homosexuality was part of his homeland culture, he replied with a laugh that, no, it wasn't a common practice, but in war-time certain moral standards were overlooked. I knew he went out on a limb when he added that homo-sex within the ranks was not unheard of.

Enlisted men never refused sexual advances of their superiors, that, he claimed was taught early in the Nazi Youth Program, a sub-military recruiting and training organization. Jon stressed that it was all justified in the name of war, because men had basic needs that couldn't be met as they had been at home in the company of their girlfriends and wives. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the Nazi commanders had brainwashed the children. Perhaps sexual activity remained clandestine, but the ultimate pedophile manipulation with military sanction was alive and well.


Jon was hesitant when I boldly asked, but admitted that he had indeed slept with many men, including the Colonel, who had been quite fond of him before my arrival. I detected a note of jealousy in his voice, his scan of body done so with a glimmer of envy before he abruptly stood and told me to dress, it was time to go.


We enjoyed lunch in the officers mess. Stiff-hatted chefs carved legs of lamb and hams at a table in plain view while others prepared the final plates for the wait staff that was as efficient as any fine restaurant. Others hovered around and decanted wine. Another chocolate  mousse dessert, my first taste of the deliciousness was granted me when our waiter saw me licking the dish clean like I used to do with the bowl when mother finished icing a cake.


We sat with the obese major from the beach, along with the man with the small fat penis that I suckled that morning. Three other men with whom I was not familiar ignored my presence at the table. Their talk was boisterous and sounded angry but was generally followed with laughter. A harsh, strange language was German, I surmised. I was disappointed that his boy, Geoff was not present


Under the watchful eye of my young guardian, Jon, the rest of the day was spent climbing atop and inside tanks and aboard rocket launchers that were hauled behind trucks. He let me drive the jeep around the compound, first, with me sitting between his legs learning to master the vehicle, then the thrill of a lifetime, driving solo on the highway under strict instructions not to tell the Colonel.

Travelling down a dirt road simply to see where it led, we discovered a secluded beach situated at the lake head. We stripped off our clothes, Jon taking longer to shed his gear and uniform which he carefully hung on a tree branch.


Jon had a beautiful body, despite being so pale that his hands stuck out in contrast to the rest of his sun  deprived body. Hairless except for a dark blond trail from his navel that flourished above his manhood that was coddled between two flared, fully packed pink testicles.


It concerned me that I was suddenly appreciative of male anatomy, especially when my mind played weird subliminal games in my head and I became aroused. Jon noticed, smiled and complimented my body. Embarrassed, I ran to the water and submerged myself. Jon followed in hot pursuit hooting and hollering, a chance to be the boy that he was, away from the strict code of conduct of military life.


We tried in vain to catch the minnows swarming around us for no other reason than because they were there and the pleasure of it. We dove for freshwater clams, dared each other to eat the contents, both with an open shell to our mouths, we grimaced as we sucked the gross slimy meat into our mouths and swallowed so as one didn’t have bragging rights of outdoing  the other. Both of us gagged and retched.


We  splashed and dunked each other, got into a wrestling match that escalated to groping, groping initiated erections, and erections initiated mutual masturbation. Even in the cool water, his hard cock was warm in my hand. We never let go of the other as we made our way and dropped to the sand. Jon took control and we lay on our sides at opposite ends.


The moment was surreal when I took him in my mouth and he took me into his. I was blissfully content, Jon’s mouth was eager to please as was mine. We were equals, neither held any superiority over the other nor were we relentless in efforts to please the other.


I was on the verge of explosion, my balls complained  in ache as I squeezed my groin muscles tight trying to prolong the inevitable. Jon’s cock began to throb on my lips. Each pulse thereafter was accompanied by a volley of sperm felt hitting the back of my palate and I let myself go.


It was as if we were one being with one mind, in unison we each lifted a leg and straddled the others head between our thighs. We pulled each others penis deeper into the warm, wet confines of our mouths and throats. Our bodies trembled, muffled moans escaped from us as we greedily shared the fluids offered each other like starved gluttons. We remained in that position until long after the last moment of excitement waned.


Sand was embedded in our skin and sweat poured from our heads, another playful romp in the lake was invigorating. We found ourselves in an embrace and I forced my tongue into Jon’s mouth. He didn’t resist. It was life-changing; at that exact moment  I knew that I was a homosexual.


Jon and I found a shaded, grassy spot and lay down beside each other. He felt the need to reinforce his rationalisation that it was war-time, that he wasn’t a homosexual, but only utilizing his training to combat loneliness and stress. When I told him I thought I was one, he corrected me saying that we were simply venting sexual frustrations upon the other, it meant nothing. I concurred, if only to allow him peace of mind, but in my heart I knew better.


I wanted him to fuck me, an English, but universal slang term he taught me amongst a host of others descriptive words. What we did in the sand was called a blow-job, performed in a sixty-nine position, the Polish word given for the number, followed by clarification as to why after seeing my confusion, which made me laugh when it finally made sense.


Jon was very gentle and considerate laying atop me and asking often if I was alright. It was painful at first, but I was determined to take Jon inside me with no idea exactly why. It wasn’t long before my bowel was full and much like the previous night with the Colonel, a pleasant sensation mixed with pain evolved.

Jon flipped me onto my back and I instinctively held my knees to my chest offering myself to him. He was neither rough, nor was he gentle. I instinctively clenched my anus around his penis as he plowed deep and deeper inside of me. It felt so natural, I held him tight and released my grip on him upon each retraction just short of exit and released him to plunge forward. The pace increased rapidly with excitement, a unified momentum ensued,  His handsome face was blood-red, a vein protruded from his forehead above his ever changing facial expressions that displayed agony one moment, ecstasy the next.


My fingers dug into the grass and dirt and I screamed in blissfully when he manhandled my genitals with both hands, pulling and squeezing until I could take no more and orgasmed which he captured and smeared over my belly and groin. Not long after, he shoved himself into me and collapsed atop my body forcing his tongue in my mouth in one last heated show of intimacy. I was in love, feeling that complex emotion for the very first time in my life.


Reluctantly, we disengaged our coupling and intimacy to dress and head back to the camp. I drove the jeep to within sight of the compound and Jon took over. The guard at the entry gate screamed at Jon and the teen’s face went white. We were in trouble, that was very clear to me even before he explained why. We were late returning.


The Colonel was none too pleased when we presented ourselves in his office. He chastised Jon, who stood straight and obedient accepting the wrath of his superior. He was finally dismissed; he clicked his heels and gave the Nazi salute before retreating from the office. I felt poorly for Jon,  but there was little I could say or do. I worried that he could be severely punished for his insubordination.


The Colonel must have somehow known that I drove the very jeep we were headed home with. He pulled over and motioned me into the drivers seat. Proud as a peacock, I drove while he snoozed in the passenger seat. My uncle’s face was priceless when I parked the vehicle close to where he was mending the rotting front porch steps.

He rose and beamed at the German as if seeing a long lost friend, cautioning him  to be careful of the steps and ushering him into the house to sit at the table where a fresh, unopened bottle of schnapps and two glasses awaited the special guest. His feet were still wrapped in gauze, a sad reminder from the night before..


I did my chores without being told to for no other reason than to avoid my uncle for as long as I could. My aunt had prepared a plate kept warm in the oven that I enjoyed late into the evening. Beth was already in bed and my aunt told me to change into my nightshirt and excused herself after fussing over and serving my late dinner.


The men were well on their way to drunkenness by then, and when I arose to say good night, the Colonel grabbed my arm and pulled me to sit atop his lap. His hand wandered up my nightshirt and began to fondle me in plain sight of my uncle who would have to been blind not to see the thin material rising and falling. I was embarrassed to say the least. An erection was coerced and the the material exhibited exactly what was happening beneath. All the while, the men talked and laughed as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I felt his own hardness prodding my bum through his trousers.


An eerie silence fell upon the kitchen. Suddenly, the German said something to the drunken man. Uncle was clearly uncomfortable by it and didn’t know where to look. Another menacing volley was directed at my uncle and startled him sober. He tried to look at me, his eyes darting every which way as he relayed what the German told him.


The Colonel said that I was a born man-pleaser, the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen. Features and skin of a girl, genitals of a boy, semen like nectar. My uncle cringed relaying that last sentiment, gathered his composure and went on in a monotone voice to say that I was a great lover, learning quickly to satisfy the needs of a man.


The man stopped caressing me and leaned in toward my uncle placing his large paw on the nape of his neck forcing him within inches of his face and said something that made my uncle go deathly ashen with a flash of fear in his eyes and a quivering jaw. My uncle must have been reluctant to relay to me what the German had said to cause such a flutter, a painful grasp of his neck brought him to his senses.


Uncle looked at me with scorn and in a stuttering of words told me that the Colonel had warned him that should any harm be done to me by any man he would not hesitate to put a bullet in their head.


It was my turn for blood to drain from my face. How could the man have known what transpired during the night? He was sound asleep when I crawled back into bed trembling like a leaf and sobbing. Surely my dirt stained scraped knees and dark bruises on my left arm couldn’t have given him any clue. Or had he been awakened by the commotion and peered out the window to witness the scene unfolding not five yards away?


Suddenly, the large man released his grip of the bug eyed coward and backed away. A jovial laugh erupted and he raised a toast to his defeated adversary. Uncle recovered from the humiliation quickly and seemingly untarnished, his alcohol flushed face returned as he raised a glass to meet the Colonel’s own, a round of feigned laughter and false good will ensued between the two men to carry on the evening as if nothing had happened.


His calloused hand again cradled my genitals, an errant finger meandered to locate and graze my anus. With gentle persuasion of his hand, I laid back into his chest, spreading my thighs of my own volition despite Uncle’s witness to my submissiveness. To my astonishment, he actually observed the hand play under my nightshirt for a few moments, then chuckled, looking over his shoulder to ensure privacy before he commented something  that I was sure was intended to be perversely flattering to the Colonel, maybe even complimentary of the man’s conquest.

Well assured by then that the women-folk of his family were out of harms way of the homosexual could only imply that he was selfishly looking out for his own best interest.. A great favor earned by not interfering, giving me to the man like a father would bequeath a daughter to the right suitor.

All an illusion. After the fleeting exchange of laughs and words, perhaps I was the only one who had seen the quiver of his lip, the sly squinting and nervous twitch of his left eye when he met my stare. Nothing had changed, he loathed my very existence.


Perhaps through guilt and shame of the previous night, he had concluded and justified it as my doing, that I followed him outdoors to the latrine naked with the motive to seduce him. Uncle probably had reasoned to himself that shoving me to my knees was merely meant to be a harsh lesson to humiliate and degrade me with no intentions of actually making me blow him. Sadly, I was beginning to realize everything for what it was,  but I fought not to hate him in return. I had been raised to turn the other cheek, to be forgiving of trespasses.

Once again, my bottom felt the unmistakable hardness upon which it sat, and the German’s fondling became ever more insistent.  I was embarrassed when a hand wandered beneath my nightshirt hauling it up to rub my chest exposing my privates being manipulated. More words and giggles ensued between the two men, my uncle found an excuse to look away, to pour them each another shot of schnapps and roll cigarettes, the phony smile on his face never wavering.


I felt sorry for him. The German had crossed the line. I feared that the man would call uncles bluff, test him, if only to humiliate him further by offering him to take me to the bedroom and use me. The weak-hearted coward would have, for no other reason than to gain his powerful house guests approval in order to help smooth the way for himself so long as the man occupied our home.


Much to my relief, the Colonel wrapped an arm around my waist as he rose, said goodnight tossing me over his shoulder and carried me off to bed like a sack of potatoes, leaving my uncle as stunned as I was.


He talked as he undressed, the uniform hung ever so carefully in the closet, not a word did I understand, but his tone was gentle and soothing. I pulled off my nightshirt and awaited him under the blanket. He was erect when he turned to look at me. Lifting the cover, he admired my prone naked body, growled with a devilish grin and joined me on his knees towering over me. His hands wandered aimlessly, even my toes he caressed, suckling each one before slowly slithering up my body with his tongue, leaving a cooling wet trail in his wake.


Lifting my bum slightly, he buried his face within lapping at me like a dog who had found the hidden treat of marrow deep inside a ham bone. He took both my testicles fully in his mouth, his tongue again performing magical wonders. When he took my cock, I quivered in bliss, thrashing and pulling at the sheets before I exploded mind and soul yelping like a coyote.


He moved up my body, paying no less attention to my skin on his journey until he found my mouth. Proud that I was experienced in such matters, I met him. Ignoring his pin-like bristles, our tongues swiped, each striving to suck the others, a hint of my semen lingered upon his breath.


The Colonel rolled off of me and reached for the petroleum jelly, smearing it on his cock and hoisting me atop him. I needed no explanation or instructions, positioning it’s girth, I lowered myself onto it. I relished the fact that I was in fully control and was no less willing to impale myself upon him.


Patiently, he laid idle while I slowly adjusted and accepted it deeper than ever, feeling his bristly pubic hair on my testicles. When he had no more to offer, after a short breather to compose myself,  I rode him. He moaned, I panted rearing my head back while my haunches did the work.


Most certainly, my uncle had another angst filled night. I really didn’t care anymore by then.

to be continued . .  .


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