Chapter 5

The colonel turned his glare away from Uncle toward Claus and muttered a few words which perhaps caught the boy off guard. He looked puzzled, shyly shook his head, then rose, and walked to the colonels side. A smile cracked the stone faced man as he reached a hand and with two fingers commenced to ever so slowly span the length of the lad’s obvious excitement which was emphasized beneath the material of his trousers. Apparently the thought of fucking a woman in lieu of a young girl hadn’t swayed his desire all that much.


The colonel appeared pleased, reached up and removed the suspenders from Claus’ shoulders and let them fall to his sides. Gravity played a role when the boy’s trousers dropped to his worn, lace less boots just as quick as his bulky sweater was raised from his torso and off over his head.

Not having to be instructed, he kicked off his boots from his sockless feet and stepped free of the discarded heap moving even closer to the man who stripped him naked without the slightest show of emotion. Clearly, Claus was used to being put on display naked and aroused in front of men and boys. A diligent valet by day to the very men that used him at night, I could only imagine.

I hated myself for thinking that my aunt was in for a treat. Claus reeked of youthful virility for his young age. Muscular hourglass shape like a farm boy, tanned from the waist up, a ghostly white below that accented his darker groin area, almost hairless testicles, bright pink, dangled in clear view below his long slender erection that appeared curiously void of foreskin, for a German that is.

The Nazi seemed transfixed as he fondled the display in his hand and caressed Claus’ chest tweaking his nipples so they stood proud of his breasts, muttering how lovely the boy was. He then gazed over and smiled devilishly at the visibly shaken man who was still fearing his family's undetermined fate and as if they were coconspirators, solicited my uncle’s opinion of the naked youth, who in return, forced his head up to look, his quivering mouth formed a weak grin and with a nod of his head, concurred as expected of him.

The colonel motioned Claus around the chair to stand between the two men, and resumed gently stroking the sleek young shaft. Uncle watched the spectacle that had so boldly been placed beside an arm-length away for no other reason than further intimidate the shrunken man, and he had succeeded. Yes indeed.

The colonel played with uncle’s vulnerable emotions again mentioning the young girl that slept only feet away behind the curtain door and his having second thoughts as to how it would be a shame to disappoint the very excited boy his earned rite-of-passage to that of a mere woman old enough to be his mother and already well bred and defiled by the likes of my uncle.

It was clear that the man hated my uncle, tormenting the man to the brink of madness who began sobbing and shaking. His arms resting on the table shook the contents of it so violently that the vodka bottle would have toppled had the German not salvaged it, refilled their glasses and handed the bottle to Claus, encouraging him to drink from it.

The coward of a man pleaded for mercy, drooling saliva, his words stuttered and barely audible. A trail of fluid ran over the kitchen floor and pooled a short distance away. He had pissed himself in fear the same as I had that frightful night. I truly felt sorry for him regardless of all else when he looked across at me not with scorn, but with appeal. Perhaps for the first time we met eye to eye finding common ground in Beth’s well being, somehow placing the onus on me to do something short of a miracle.

Grabbing a butter-knife, I rose from my chair sending it to the floor and yelled across the table at the colonel telling him that I loved my cousin and to not harm her; not even sure if I found the correct words in a garble of English, Polish and German or whether I sounded like a blubbering idiot. He peered at me sharply and I stared him down, my one hand pointing the sorry excuse for a menacing weapon, the other planted firmly on the table to support my leaning frame and to keep my trembling legs from deceiving me and falling to the floor.

Suddenly, the colonel’s smug smile got wider, his blue eyes brighter, and he began to laugh, slowly bobbing his head as if pleased with me. No, I realized, he was very pleased at my brave outburst. Raising his hands, the man put on an exaggerated air of defeat that I wasn’t sure was meant to praise my heroics, or to humiliate my uncle’s cowardice. He said, “Anything for my pretty boy!” For once, I didn’t mind being called a pretty boy.

He instructed the very disappointed looking Claus to refill his glass and raised a toast to me, a salutation that my suddenly recomposed uncle was only too pleased to partake in. Beth had been spared once again. However, my aunt’s fate clearly remained in limbo and the colonel wasted no time getting back to matters at hand.

He offered the man a deal. Bent over the table, he could get fucked by the boy or take the child to his matrimonial bed. With only minor hesitation, the sorry excuse of a man was on his feet, his trouser fronts stained and soaked in piss, leading the way with naked Claus trailing behind. The colonel looked at me, his expression none other than that of baffled amusement; I knew then that his bluff had been called. He had no intentions of harming Beth or my aunt. However, without a shadow of doubt, my uncle was the colonel’s true intended victim to be defiled.

The colonel smirked and shrugged dumbly, as if to say, ‘so be it’ for the old man’s unexpected choice of personal sacrifice. He templed his hands on his face and shook his head in what had to be disbelief of events, but made no attempt to stop what uncle himself had selfishly set in motion. Although I found no humor at my aunt’s expense, I couldn’t help smile back at the man accepting that he had been humorously duped himself in his perverted scheme.

I was sad for everything, but thankful to him for sparing Beth whether or not she was in peril and went to him to show my appreciation without being summoned. He took me in his arms and with his large paw wiped the few tears that I had shed, smiled, and hugged me close into him. Without denial, he was indeed a manipulating evil man, a sadist; however I was obviously someone special to him.

I wondered what kind of man he would have once been, or would become after the war, if ever that was to happen. Perhaps a staunch school teacher, or even a strict headmaster, but in my very soul I surmised that men like him thrived on their god-like power over life and death and that war would never end as long as such men existed. That same ominous power intrigued me, nonetheless. I, for one was going to survive, thanks to him.

His hand found its way inside my trousers. I had sucked in my gut to give him easier access to where he wanted it, and wouldn’t be disappointed at the discovery already waiting for his warm hand to encompass. I thought about the bruises on my back and wood splinter chafing of my chest and thought about what he could, . . . no, what he WOULD do to those men involved and the power I then held over them, if it wasn’t for Jon, that is. He would certainly become a casualty for his role. I worried about him at their mercy at the base camp, and so did Jon. I saw fear cloud what was his usual happy, shining bright blue eyes.

A commotion of the unknown, but quickly pictured scenario had erupted from down the hall. My uncle would be convincing his wife to take the young boy in her bed and make love to him. She would be defiant of her husband’s perverted request until she learned of the stakes involved and conceded in order to protect her daughter. If only aunty knew how her loving husband had so easily bargained away the violation of her body to save his own ass.

The man returned wearing his robe, having sense enough to change in order to regain some dignity of pissing himself while throwing a boy into bed with his wife, my aunt, in order to save himself. I hated him all over again; the Nazi’s side arm secured inside a polished black leather holster was a temptation that I resisted.

The colonel ignored the intrusion and continued to fondle my genitals. Seeing this, uncle sneered at me. Nothing had changed the pathetic man’s opinion of me and I sneered back at him with loathing hatred. I wanted to open the colonel’s trousers and shamelessly show my uncle exactly how I influenced favor that saved his daughter. He sunk his head in his chest; I saw his shame, because he knew it, too.

The liquor flowed once again, but in silence, not jovial comradery. I sat on the man’s lap, his hand continued to sensuously rub me and if Claus hadn’t bounced into the kitchen looking proud as a peacock, I may well have ejaculated. I should have hated the teen for fucking my auntie who did nothing to deserve that humiliation, but the man sitting to my right, who again hung his head in shame seeing Claus, was solely responsible. Strangely, I didn’t even blame the Nazi at the time, he was destroying my uncle without putting a bullet through his head and that was good enough for me. Why the abomination remained a mystery to me.

The colonel summoned Claus to his side, bent over and sniffed the boy’s cock and looked back up at him with a shit-eating grin. I didn’t understand that then, however I could smell the faint scent of my aunt’s usual perfume emanating from him to know enough that he had indeed been intimate with her.

Claus accepted the vodka bottle from the man and took a long swig, he was officially a man, and the colonel made a big to do about it, even having the gumption to force Claus closer to the idiot and offer him a sniff of his wife’s vaginal secretions on the boy’s genitals. Again, the Nazi’s side-arm caught my eye when the coward stooped to accept the offer and raised his head smiling at the Nazi; he then lowered himself again for no other reason than good graces upon the colonel, rest assured.

I truly believe that that display of utter weakness to impress only infuriated the man, yet he remained composed, however his eyes spoke volumes to the contrary. He laughed, and asked my uncle if maybe he wanted to suck the handsome boy’s cock and taste his wife’s flavor. Uncle bolted upward in his chair looking like death warmed up, almost keeling over backward in order to distance himself had he not miraculously regained his balance.

The colonel’s devious smile never left his face staring at the disheveled, blubbering wimp. He wasn’t finished yet. He ordered Claus to sit on the table spread eagled in front of my uncle’s seat. If at all possible, the blood that already had left his head sucked the miniscule remainder from his bloodshot eyes, his green pupils dilated to a pale, deathly hue.

I never regarded Jon or any of the young boy soldiers as true Nazis. Along for the ride into war, they blindly followed without a choice. Claus, however, was tangibly different. He seemed to enjoy the charade of emasculating my uncle, leaning back on his elbows, his cock slowly snaked alive in front of uncle anticipating it’s part in defiling his enemy, or more realistic, the enemy of the puppeteer that held the strings of supreme power. Claus was again proving himself a worthy Nazi, not yet inducted into the army, but making damn sure he had the colonel’s attention and influence. I may have been young and naive, but that conclusion I rested assured.

Part of me wanted to try and intervene and save my uncle, however, I hadn’t done so on my aunt’s behalf for reasons unknown, and the thought of my uncle with a cock in his mouth, a boy my age, nonetheless, appealed to me in a sadistic way. The German leaned back and crossed his arms, his eyes glared venomously at the recoiled, sobbing man who knew there would be no last minute reprieve, no selfish human bargaining chips left besides his daughter, which wouldn’t have surprised me in the least had he next betrayed her

More than ever, the gun situated one foot from my hand anticipated that last ditch attempt to save himself had he made that bad choice, and without hesitation and having never fired a gun, I swear that I would have put him out of his misery in a heartbeat. I could also swear that the Nazi read my mind. Unholstering his Luger and emptying the ammunition completely before placing one bullet in the cartridge, he handed the weapon to Claus. I prayed to God almighty to instill some sense of reasoning in the blithering man before he destroyed himself.

The reek of shit became putrid in the air, he must have shat himself the moment Claus put the barrel to his forehead. Without any illusion otherwise, I felt that Claus would have loved to make his first kill to brag along with his lost virginity back at camp. I didn’t like him anymore. The same kindred-spirited boy that I played “I spy with my eye” in the jeep as we awaited the colonel’s return from business inside the inn. Not the same boy at all, not even close.

Uncle leaned forward following the guided direction of the gun. Claus’ cock was rigid; the teen was obviously getting off on his control over events. Uncle appeared disgusted; turning his face to the side and sighed just as he was about to take Claus’ cock that brushed his lips. Heretched and puked on the floor, adding to the already disgusting stench of the kitchen that otherwise always smelled of baked goods or soup simmering on the stove.

Claus put the gun to uncle’s head again. A click. He actually pulled the trigger. The Nazi laughed, uncle screamed, sweat poured down his face. I wanted it to end. The man had been tortured enough. There is a fine line between love and hate; I came to terms with that right then. He was my uncle, my family, a provider, a loving father to Beth. I glared up at the colonel with tears flowing down my cheeks.

His amused expression turned serious, he reached over and took the gun from the trigger happy teenager and laid it on the table. The luger remained a menacing sight lying beside Claus’ thigh, still too close for comfort should the boy pick it up again and find the single deadly bullet in the chamber. However, once again the man had shown me mindful respect.

Uncle came to his senses delaying the inevitable no more. Reluctantly, he took the boy’s cock head in his mouth; his beady eyes focused on me sprawled relaxed over the Nazi’s lap and chest with his hand still inside my trousers. I smiled back at him and for added effect placed my hands over and around the man’s neck as he lowered himself to affectionately kiss me atop my head. The message was clear as if I had said it aloud, ‘you’re on your own now; I ain’t coming to your aid any longer, you swine!’ His robe had fallen open and his cock resembled a dead mouse between his legs.

I felt the colonel’s manhood lengthen and began a lascivious gyrate of my butt over it. The colonel’s hand moved forward, his fingers prodded my rectum in desperation to enter me. It was painful; the sergeant's large appendage had damaged me more than I had attributed the lingering soreness well after he raped me.

The colonel fucked me with at least two fingers; his breathing was labored as he watched his sadistic handiwork unravel on the dinner table. It had excited the man well beyond what I thought were his intentions carrying out the ordeal. He screamed at my uncle and threatened to sodomize him with the broomstick conveniently resting near the door if he didn't put more effort into pleasing the boy, whom in turn had a handful of the man’s hair forcing his head up and down.

Mental warfare was as much a part of the Nazi arsenal as guns, tanks and missile launchers to intimidate and weaken their enemies. I believed at the time that the slobbering, blithering man would rather have taken a bullet over the humiliation. He couldn’t breathe; mucus flowed from his nostrils as he struggled. I don’t know what made me blurt out in Polish that the Nazi would go easier on him more if he cooperated, that the man himself liked to fellate boys. I had no idea how that was at all logical, other than maybe appealing to the man’s homosexuality and his own preference in boys as well as considering his state of arousal at the time.

Claus of course understood the language of my daring advice but didn’t betray me. Cautiously he eased his restraint as if to demonstrate good faith, allowing my uncle to at least gasp for air. Uncle rolled his eyes upward to look at Claus and a weak nod barely noticeable unless one was wise to the conspiracy, understood that a pact had been made.

My uncle wasn’t as dumb as I thought and heeded my advice. He hadn’t touched Claus with his hands until then, gingerly taking the cock in hand as his other hesitated, but found the boy’s testicles. Claus released his grip and settled back on his elbows to watch himself being pleasured.

The Nazi certainly noticed the drastic change in the man’s attitude from resistance to submissiveness. The uncertainty remained that he could very well have become angry being made a mockery of in what he may consider a failed effort to demean his enemy. What I didn’t anticipate would be for the Nazi to crane a glance between uncle’s legs as if that would determine the final outcome of the charade. I couldn’t bring myself to look; instead, I stared at the menacing broomstick, fully aware of my own burning rectum and held my breath.

When the colonel picked up his gun from the table and stared at it, my blood ran cold. Uncle’s eyes widened in fear. He sarcastically asked the petrified man if he really liked Claus’ ‘beautiful’ Aryan-bred body. The question hung heavily in the air, either response could have been deadly. The Nazi was still playing the role of aggressor, still in control of events. He wasn’t a fool.

Suddenly, he erupted in a belly laugh roar erupted and holstered his gun motioning Claus off the table as he placed me on my feet. The colonel then stood and without a word, picked up the lantern continued to laugh as he lead Claus and me to the bedroom leaving the bewildered, broken man to dwell in his own shit and shame in darkness.

The colonel’s planned sleeping arrangements did not come as a complete shock. The moment we left the Inn and headed to the farm all present and accounted for exactly as we had arrived, I was certain that the man had sexual motives in mind. It had also become apparent that the man had spared my uncle further demise for no other reason than that of his hasty anticipation of having the two young boys in his bed. All the fear and angst and sex that he instilled, even at my aunt’s expense as an added bonus, perversely fuelled his libido for the main event.

The colonel ordered Claus to undress me. I stood before the boy who seated himself on the bed with a gleam in his eyes and a ghost smile as he unbuttoned and removed my shirt. His erection stood firm pointing up at me from his spread thighs and his testicles splayed over the edge of the mattress. His hands caressed my chest and under my arms, an affectionate gesture I did not expect, causing goose bumps and tiny shivers wherever his soft hands roved.

Moments later, the colonel sat beside Claus, naked except for his trousers at his knees until he pulled off his boots and stepped out of them. His own erection proud and full, the shiny fluid beaded from the slit which he scooped with a finger and smeared over my lips.

Claus had managed to open my trousers and slid them down my hips showing amusement when my cock sprang free. He lifted each foot freeing the denim and tossed them aside. His gentle hands massaged my buttocks and genitals and with a smile concurred something flattering said my the man, before leaning forward and taking me in his mouth deep, feeling the hot breath from his nostrils on the base of my cock.

I was at odds with myself trying to make sense of what I fully anticipated would be me being used. Claus had to have been humoring the man, I reasoned, however there were no instructions given other than to strip me. He was seducing me on his own volition, a boy his own age.

When the boy invited me between his legs I fell to my knees in lust to taste him, first, glancing at the man for some kind of approval. The colonel seemed pleased and nodded, his manhood flowing in juice as a result of his own hand contently stroking his meat as he ogled the scene, his face giving way to fervency in allowing Claus to take charge. If I didn’t know better, perhaps the man was revealing a certain weakness in character that Claus was somehow attuned to.

Claus maneuvered me onto the bed like a rag doll and climbed atop me with his cock in my face and mine quickly sucked into his mouth. The colonel lay beside us, his head at our midriffs and I saw him no more once Claus lowered his pelvis and my tongue caught his crown guiding the way into my mouth. The raspy breath heard could only be that of the man between utterances of ‘beautiful boys’ over and over.

A stirring shook the bed a long while later in what had to have been the colonel. A blow to the back of my head caused me to open and roll my eyes back. The man had inadvertently kneed my cranium while positioning himself behind Claus, his salivating-like cock that at that obtuse angle appeared larger than I knew it to be menacing above his scrotum so tight to his groin that the plump orbs within bugged at me like the eyes of a very large scary insect.

I took the liberty of spreading the firm milky white cheeks, the bright pink folds that I knew to be the intended target came into view briefly, swallowed the thick appendage inch by inch, excess accordion-like skin gathered down the shaft to finally mass near the base. Heavy panting from the man and guttural groans by Claus that pleasantly reverberated the length of my cock that remained idly lodged in his jaws.

After only a few moments, Claus composed himself and began to fellate me with renewed vigor while the man fucked him, ever increasing the momentum that I watched the actual mechanics of perform from below with awe. With no real role of my own except to lay still with my mouth tight and concave cheeks sucking the cock that had a forced pistoning momentum of its own.

Claus’ sleek cock spasmed twice before he jettisoned forth a succession of gushes of semen that lightly skimmed the back of my palate and pooled over my tongue that sensed the taste almost immediately as unique, but very close Jon’s in bitter sweetness.

The colonel growled like a mad dog and collapsed atop Clause who in turn collapsed atop me, my nose planted between in his taut testis and base of his shaft that was soaked wet and pungent of body odor and feces. I struggled with the weight and turned my head with effort and daring to breathe the vile air.

Almost funny was that the colonel had fallen asleep. Loud snores assured that security as Claus wiggled free from beneath the man and I did the same. Claus took the lantern and I followed him outside the rear door in need of a pee myself. I thought about telling him about the window, quickly dismissing the option feeling it would be another violation of my auntie.

We pissed mid-yard and afterward, Claus made his way to the rain barrel. I showed him a bar of soap, the water used by the family for quick hygiene. Clause and I poured the water over each other in bucket full’s, both feeling invigorated in the stifling heat as well as thoroughly cleansing our naked bodies. He next wanted to visit the barn to check on the newborn calf and mother. Finding all well, we sat on a bale of hay and lingered staring at the colonel’s exhibited knowledge and kindness towards animals, as ironic as that struck me at the time.

Claus made it clear that he had a need to talk and I listened intently. He knew the colonel well, intimately well. His guardian was a whore and ran a brothel in Berlin. A very unique brothel that not only catered the likes of pretty girls to those military men that desired them, but secretly provided boys for Nazi officials who would be escorted by a woman from the bar area to upstairs without suspicion of others to his true pedophiliac tendencies. Claus was one of those orphan boys forced into prostitution by his own caregiver.

He looked as Aryan as any boy could conceivably be, except for his circumcised penis that was. Why and when he was trimmed was beyond his knowledge. The son of a German Ambassador first posted in England for many years, and then stationed in Poland where Claus spent much of his childhood, easily mastering the language as he did his English in order to fit in with peers.

His parents were murdered by unknowns, some claimed the Poles, others suggested the Gestapo itself. He was placed in a German orphanage and ‘rescued’ at age 12 by Fraulein Mitzer, a widow, whom had a very kind soul, unquestioned by the state run facility who welcomed most anyone willing to take the burden of so many displaced children off their hands.

The colonel blatantly took the Aryan looking boy from the brothel, his looks were his saving grace to the naked eye, he didn’t belong there like a peasant child. Unable to prove the boy’s lineage, Claus became the colonel’s personal valet living in the man’s home. Not much really changed for young Claus, the colonel used him by night and shared him with distinguished guests.

However, Claus soon found that he wasn't the only boy in the colonel’s harem, boys were brought home and he was forced to have sex with them as the man watched on. Claus was loyal, earning a special spot in the hardened man’s heart and was brought along into war as a boy whore for a chosen few officials with privileged access to him. He had lied in saying he was Nazi Youth, unable to join the elitist organization although in his opinion, he was inherently entitled. Perhaps his father had somehow shamed the party, I thought, but didn't convey. Why else would his heritage have been smothered by bureaucracy?

Back in the very cramped bed, Claus offered me a blowjob and I selfishly accepted; the night had been most excitingly raunch and I had yet to be relieved. He was VERY talented, years of experience, his survival depended on it. I wondered if the colonel held my fate to be a whore-boy for powerful military men. I put the thought out of my head, I would dwell on that later to enjoy the moments of bliss until Claus would take me orgasm.


to be continued . . .


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