By John Yager
Copyright © 2004

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Part Three

Only a few days later, while Marvin was still trying to think of some way of making his feelings clear to Sam, something happened which changed everything.

Marvin and Sam were assigned to work on a section of new trail three or four miles out in a remote area of the park. It was too far for them to walk there, do any meaningful work, and walk back that afternoon. Instead, one of the drivers would take them out, drop them at a point where a completed section of the new trail crossed an old logging road, and pick them up at the same point that afternoon.

The first day the went to the work site they left the camp just after breakfast, taking lunch boxes and an old thermos of water. Their tools were loaded on the truck and, half an hour later, they were on their own.

They walked down the finished link of the new trail to the point where it gave way to a rough path where only the brush had been cleared. They would be working along the curve of high bank, above a babbling stream thirty feet below.

The boys had been well trained and they knew what to do. Over the course of the morning they'd build another twenty yards of trail, leveling it to an easy grade then gathering stones from the hillside which were used to border the path so gravel or wood chips could be spread at a later date.

They took a break and had their lunch, sitting on the stumps of cut trees. It had gotten hot and, as they finished eating, Sam suggested they take a swim.

"Seymour said we should get sixty or eighty feet of trail finished each day and we've already done the minimum. We can take a swim and still finish more than he's expecting."

"You really think that stream's deep enough for swimming?" Marvin asked as he finished eating and closed his lunch box.

"Oh, probably not," Sam said, looking down the bank, "but it's sure deep enough to get wet and cool off."

They scampered down the bank and, sitting on a couple of big stones, pulled off their boots and socks, and then their shorts and underpants. Being together and naked was nothing new, Marvin kept telling himself. They and the other guys showered together every evening after their hard day's work.

But it was different. This wasn't a noisy gang shower with half a dozen boys with them. They were alone and they were out of doors. There was something exciting and dangerous about that.

The little stream was rocky and the water was cold. They waded out carefully, taking one step at a time, feeling their way, aware of the slickness of the stones and the fast moving water. A dozen feet from the back, the water got deeper, almost up to their knees. They stopped, standing five or six feet apart, and began to splash the chilling water over their arms and chests.

It wasn't long before a water fight started. They were no longer splashing themselves but each other. The cold water flew and in no time they were wet all over, laughing all the while as they teased and joked.

Eventually they'd had enough and moved back to a big boulder at the water's edge, where they could lie back in the warm sun as their bodies dried. Sam locked his hands behind his head and lay back, letting the sun play over his tanned body.

Marvin tried to do the same but he was too restless to relax. The stone seemed to have sharp places and cracks and he couldn't get comfortable. After a few minutes he sat up and to his dismay discovered that his penis was completely hard, jutting up between his legs, pulsing with the rhythm of his heart.

If Sam saw him like this, he thought, it might be the end of their friendship. Sam was sure to think that Marvin's arousal was queer.

But when he stole a glance at Sam, lying next to him with only two or three feet between them, Marvin discovered that Sam was also erect. He stared in amazement at his friend. He'd seen him naked but never like this.

Sam's eyes were still closed and he seemed to be almost asleep in the warm sun. Marvin dared to study his friend more closely.

Marvin's penis was as straight as an arrow. As best as he could tell from what he'd seen of the other boys, he was of average length and thickness. Like all but two of the other boys, both Marvin and Sam were circumcised.

What was different about Sam's erect penis was its curve. His was not straight like Marvin's. It had a definite and dramatic curve, arching up toward Sam' navel.

Marvin couldn't take his eyes off it. He wanted to touch it, to stroke it, even kiss it, but he didn't dare. His own thoughts horrified him and he wondered what Sam would think if he knew of his depravity.

- 0 -

A minute or so later, to his absolute horror, Marvin realized that Sam had opened his eyes and turned his head toward Marvin and was staring at him, just as Marvin was staring at Sam.

"You've got a saber," Sam said, his voice perfectly normal and relaxed. "My brothers and I all have sickles."

Marvin couldn't believe Sam was talking about their most private parts in such an ordinary, conversational tone. Then, to his further shock and amazement, Sam reached over and grasped Marvin's tool. He squeezed it a little and then stroked it. Marvin was frozen in place, too shocked, but also too elated to move.

"Nice cock, Marvin," Sam said, "really nice cock."

"Ah . . . Ah . . . Yours is beautiful, too."

"Stroke it for me," Sam said, his voice still totally relaxed.

Marvin reached over and grasped Sam's penis. It felt odd, but wonderful in his hand and he was amazed by its shape and the heat that radiated from it. Did his own tool feel so warm to Sam, he wondered.

They lay there, rolled a little onto their sides, facing each other as they continued to fondle their opposing shafts. Marvin looked up and realized Sam was watching his face. Their eyes met and Sam smiled.

"Never done this before, right?" Sam said.

"Never," Marvin admitted, "not with another guy.

"Did it all the time at home," Sam said, "with my brothers and a couple of friends. It feels so much better when somebody else has their hand on your cock, jacking you, than when you are doing it to yourself."

"Yes," Marvin admitted shyly, "wonderful."

"Want to come?"

"Yes," Marvin said without hesitation.

Sam removed his hand from Marvin's penis long enough to spit into his palm and then resume his stroking.

Marvin gasped as the amazing feeling of Sam's slick, wet hand began to move with greater speed along the length of his shaft.

It took him a few minutes to recover to the point where he could mimic Sam's actions and spit into his own hand and then grasp Sam again.

They lay there for several minutes, mutually masturbating as they stared solemnly into each other's eyes.
After a while Sam moaned and said, "I'm almost there."

"Me too," Marvin gasped as his cock erupted and white streams of his seed shot up over Sam's chest.

A few seconds later Sam also climaxed but Marvin quickly covered the head of Sam's cock with his hand, trapping his semen and then stroking it back along the length of his shaft, as he usually did with his own load when masturbating alone.

That made Sam gasp!

"Oh, gees, Marvin," Sam groaned as the hot, slick stuff spread over his pulsing cock.

- O -

They silently washed off in the creek and pulled on their shorts and socks and boots. Scrambling up the bank, they were soon back at work. They slowly resumed their usual banter, but their conversation remained subdued for the rest of the afternoon.

At about three-thirty they bundled up their few tools and walked back up the trail to the service road, arriving just as the truck came along. Four other boys were already riding in the rear, sitting with their backs against the side rails and their legs stretched out in front of them. They'd all obviously worked hard all day and the ride back to the lodge was only broken by occasional comments about the progress each pair of boys had made.

It was as if Marvin and Sam avoided each other when they got back to the camp. Marvin delayed cleaning up until he was sure Sam had finished and left the gang shower, not wanting to see his buddy naked just then, sure he'd become aroused if he did.

At dinner they sat at different tables, breaking their usual habit of sitting opposite each other at the same table. A couple of their friends noticed and asked if they'd had a fight or something. Marvin just responded vaguely, saying everything was fine.

But things weren't fine. Marvin couldn't sleep and fretted in his bunk all night. He and Sam shared a room with two other guys and while the others, even Sam, slept, Marvin tossed and turned.

- 0 -

The next morning at breakfast he and Sam did return to their usual places at the same table, but said very little. Then they loaded up again for the truck ride to their work site. The walk from the service road to the place where they'd stopped work the day before was again made in silence and the morning continued with only minimal conversation.

By noon they'd again completed more than half the work they were expected to do, and again they sat on the stumps of cut trees to eat their lunch. After a while, eating in silence, Sam said, "Marvin, I think we need to talk."

"Yeah, I guess so," Marvin agreed, looking over at his friend.

"I was afraid you'd be upset . . . about what we did yesterday."

"I'm not upset, Sam," Marvin said, "I guess I just need to know were we stand."

"Where we stand?"


"What do you mean?"

"Well," Marvin began, "I guess from what you said, you've done that sort of thing before with other boys."

"Yeah, with my brothers and a couple of other guys." He was silent again, waiting for Marvin to say something more, but when he didn't, Sam asked, his voice very low, "did you like it?"

"Oh, yeah" Marvin said, no longer suppressing a grin, "it was amazing."

"So you'd not be too upset if we did it again," Sam almost whispered.

"First, Sam, I need to know a couple of things."

"Sure, Buddy, anything."

"Well," Marvin began after another long pause, "did doing it mean you have any special feelings for me?"

The question caught Sam off guard and it took him a while to respond. When he did, there was a lump in his throat.

"Yeah, Marvin, I like you a lot."

"So you'd not do it with just any other guy?"

"No," Sam said, his voice again little more than a whisper, "only with someone I really . . ."



That was all it took. Marvin felt such waves of relief and affection that he moved quickly from the stump where he'd been sitting to the one where Sam was perched. He threw his arms around Sam and drew him close, resting his cheek against his friend's broad shoulder.

"Oh, Sam," he whispered.

Sam pulled back a little, grasped Marvin on either side of his flushed face and planted a soft, caring kiss on his trembling lips. Marvin had never kissed another guy before and he found the experience amazing, if a little unsettling.

When they parted, Marvin whispered, "Sam, I love you, too."

They kissed again and this time it wasn't so gentle. Sam's tongue prodded Marvin's lips and Marvin opened to him. It was long and penetrating and both of them were aroused.

- 0 -

"Come on," Sam said when the kiss finally ended. He got up, pulling Marvin with him, and started down the bank toward the creek. The point where they'd been working was a little further down stream from where they'd waded the day before, and the water was a little deeper.

They quickly pulled off their boots and socks and shorts and walked carefully into the stream. Some big boulders created a sort of natural dam and the cold water came up almost to their waists.

The water was deep enough that they could actually swim a little, between repeated bouts of frolicking water fight like the one they'd had the day before.

After a while they were both exhausted and almost numb from the cold water, but also clean and refreshed. They waded back to the shore, hand in hand, and climbed up onto one especially large and fairly flat boulder, where they lay back, side by side, in the warm sun.

Their legs touched and Marvin rolled onto his side, reaching for Sam's hard cock.

"No, Marvin," Sam said, setting up and gently pushing Marvin back down. "I've only done this once before and I know I'm not very good," he said as he repositioned himself between Marvin's legs and bent forward to kiss the head of his buddy's arrow-straight cock.

"Oh, Sam," Marvin moaned as Sam slowly drew the head of his cock into his wet, warm mouth. The sensations were almost overwhelming and Marvin felt as if his brain would explode from the sensory overload.

It didn't take long, and Sam really wasn't very good, but Marvin had no basis for comparison and to him what Sam was doing was so amazing that he could only lie back, his whole body quivering, as he was brought to an explosive and mind bending orgasm.

When he erupted in Sam's mouth, Sam swallowed quickly and repeatedly and almost managed to consume Marvin's entire load. Little wet smears still clung to the sides of his mouth as he moved back up and placed his lips against Marvin's. They kissed deeply, but less urgently this time, and when they parted, Marvin whispered, "amazing, Sam, just amazing."

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, just let me rest a little and then I want to suck you."

"You don't have to, Marvin. Only do it if you want to."

"I love you, Sam." It was the only reply Marvin could think of and the only reply that seemed to make any sense.

"I love you, too."

That did it. Marvin scooted around and grasped Sam's cock. He stroked it slowly as he'd done the day before, staring at it intently. Then he leaned forward and, grasping the shaft so only the head protruded from his fist, he gently kissed it.

He worked up his nerve a little more and ran his tongue slowly over the dome of Sam's cock. It tasted of creek water and maybe a little of salt. It wasn't bad, he thought, not bad at all.

He spread his lips and took just the head between them, as if he were kissing his own fist and letting that little bit of Sam's cock intrude into his mouth, just as Sam's tongue had done when they kissed. He slid his hand down a little, exposing a couple of inches of Sam's shaft, and let his lips follow. Sam quivered in his mouth and there was a soft moan.

I can do this, Marvin thought, as he slid his fist down a little further and took about four inches of the now pulsing shaft into his mouth. The head of Sam's cock pressed against the back of his mouth and Marvin almost choked. He pulled back a little and let himself relax.

Sam had taken all of Marvin's cock into his mouth. Now for the first time Marvin realized that to do so Sam had let Marvin's cock protrude into his throat. How had he done that? How could he get his throat to relax so he didn't choke the way Marvin had just done?

Marvin moved down again, a fraction of an inch at a time, letting his tongue swirl around Sam's shaft as he slowly, guardedly, sucked more and more of it into his mouth. He felt it against the back of his mouth, tried to go a little further, choked again and moved back up.

The third time his throat relaxed a little and he was able to go a little further. On his fourth try he choked, but was able to control it, and didn't withdraw. He stayed still for a minute or so, then tried again. To his amazement, he soon had the full length of Sam's shaft in his mouth and his lips and nose were pressed into his tangle of dark pubic hair.

Marvin stayed still again, relishing his victory, not wanting to lose what he'd gained. After a minute or so, he dared to let his lips slide back along the shaft and then move down again.

It worked, he was able to take the full length a second time.

He got a rhythm going then, bobbing slowly at first, then faster, aware by his moans of Sam's pleasure, but surprisingly also aware that he was really enjoying what he was doing. It amazed him that the sensations of Sam's cock in his mouth were causing Marvin to become aroused again.

Sam was moaning loudly and through the fog of his own growing passions Marvin vaguely heard his friend saying that he should stop before Sam came.

There was no way Marvin was going to stop!

He felt Sam's cock swell in his mouth and knew what was coming. He braced himself, thinking the sudden explosion of semen would be violent and vile, but determined to take it all and swallow it, just as Sam had done.

A second after those thoughts shot through his overloaded brain, Sam did explode and it was nothing at all like Marvin had expected. The hot lava hit his mouth and he found himself instinctively swallowing. What little taste he perceived was not at all unpleasant and, to his utter dismay, he discovered he liked it

Sam was groaning and it took him several more minutes to speak. By that time Marvin had sucked the last of Sam's seed out of him and licked his softening cock clean. When he finally let it slip from his lips, he took it reverently in his hand and laid it gently back on Sam's still quaking belly.

"Oh, God, Marvin," Sam moaned.

Marvin moved up over him and kissed him gently on his quivering lips.

They lay there for some time, slowly recovering in the warm sunlight.

Eventually Sam sat up, took Marvin's hand, and led him back out into the brisk water. They washed off, climbed back onto the rocks, pulled on their shorts and boots and scrambled back up the bank to their tools. Not a word was said between them until they returned to work, and then it was only the simplest exchange of words needed to perform their tasks.

- 0 -

Both boys were rather silent and subdued on the ride back to camp, enough so that the other guys noticed and again wondered if perhaps Marvin and Sam had had an argument, or even a fight.

At the camp, they showered at the same time, but with a couple of other guys present. They said nothing, but there were a lot of sidelong glances between them.

At dinner that evening, and later as they got into bed, they looked to everyone around them as if something were wrong. In fact, everything was right. It was just that a milestone had been passed and their lives would never again be the same.

To be continued