This story is based on times and events about which little has been documented and is about the reckless abuse suffered by those of unfortunate birth. Although this is a work of fiction because contrary to popular opinion I was not there at the time.

Please do not read on if you are offended by work of homoeroticism or are of an age where you should not even be on this site.

The two Princes

This story is situated during the reign of Ethelred the Second (the unready) around the turn of the first millennium. This was a feudal system where serfs (peasants) were bonded to their masters and all were owned by the royalty of the time. This story centers round a young serf of fourteen years and two almost identical twin Princes aged 23 and 24. The young serf Oswin was Mediterranean in decent with olive skin and skinny body because of hard work and lack of nourishment. This had the effect of making him look about 11 years old with a smooth hairless body and long black hair. He was the youngest of 7 children and when his parents could not afford to feed him any more and he was given into service at the castle, where he would be worked hard but at least fed and able to bathe in the warm water that had been used in the laundry.

That was where he attracted the attention of Cedric, the 23 year old, one of the two Princes who lived in the castle. He had come down into the laundry to tear a strip, literally, off the person doing his laundry and who was first in line, yes you guessed it, Oswin was washing his coat at the time and he whipped the poor boys back with his riding crop a few times and told him if he ever messed up again he would take him and horsewhip him within an inch of his life. The fact that a stain on his britches was not the boy's fault did not matter because all the others had seen what would happen and heard the threat that would equally apply to them. Discipline and order was assured

The other prince Sebi, aged 24, was a different character, still regal, aloof and a master but with a kind almost gentle side.

Unfortunately one of the other serfs in the laundry, a young man called Effi, a thin gangly youth of 17 years and deceitful enough to be despised by all who made his acquaintance, saw to it that Oswin was blamed again and put some fat into his laundry bowl a few days later when he was washing some Cedric's clothes again.

Cedric was furious and dragged Oswin by his long black hair up to his rooms in the North tower. Cedric was in a white hot rage and demanded obedience by all he owned and this boy was going to regret this with his screams for mercy ringing round the castle.

Cedric ripped the clothes easily off the young boy and strapped him face down on a bench and picked up his whip. The fist blow made young Oswin scream and after 20 blows he was crying and begging Prince Cedric to stop but the sight of the taught lightly tanned body and the red streaks across his back and arse was sending Cedic's manhood into a frenzy. This serf was his property and he could do what he wanted with him so he dropped his britches and forced the boy's buttocks apart and thrust his erect manhood into the boy who let out a bloodcurdling scream as the first penetration of the head of the 8 inch long thick cock forced its way into his skinny body. The second thrust forced the rest of the thick hard cock and let it rest, throbbing inside the quivering and crying boy Then Prince Cedric started pulling it out and then ramming in with all his might. Again and again he thrust hard into Oswin's un-lubricated arse. In all it lasted less that five minutes until he unloaded his seed inside the boy. The tortured screams of sheer terror and pain would ensure slavish obedience by all who heard the sound.

The door opened.

"What is all the noise Cedric?" asked Sebi "Oh I see it's that disobedient serf. What did he do now?"

"He deliberately ruined my trousers by not washing them correctly and I had to teach him a lesson" said Cedric.

"Looks like you have enjoyed yourself too" and Sebi pointed to the manseed leaking from the boys red and sore behind.

"He made me aroused and I had no wench handy to empty my seed into" was Cedric's feeble reply

Not even Cedric believed this so Sebi certainly wouldn't.

Cedric flew out of the room leaving Sebi to attend to the still strapped down young Oswin.

"I am sure he did not mean to be so hard but you will not ruin his expensive clothes again will you boy"

"No sir I deserved punishment and I am yours to do with what you will"

"Mmmm lets see, your passage is sore and your back is in need of some healing herbs" "I shall get some from the physician but first I must empty my seed and will not use your rear passage.

Sebi jerked Oswin's head up by his hair and ordered him to open his mouth. He obeyed and with his free hand Sebi opened his britches and exposed another thick 8 inch monster and without warning pushed it into Oswins mouth but stopped at the back of his throat and rubbed it backwards and forwards between his distended lips until he erupted, ordering Oswin to swallow every drop..

Oswin felt sick but did as he was ordered,

Sebi made himself tidy and left the room but returned with a potion containing soothing herbs and applied it to the still bound boy's back and buttocks. This stung and made Oswin yelp like a dog. Sebi was secretly turned on by this and made to most of rubbing the potion into the tortured boy's wheals. After making sure that the potion was well rubbed in and the cuts would heal up as soon as possible so he would be ready for pleasure again he released him, ordering him to wrap his now torn clothes round him as best he could. Oswin limped back to the laundry each step sent fresh shards of pain through him as the rough cloth rubbed on his skin and the flaps of his distended arse rubbed against each other with each step he took.

Oswins sore passage and cuts would take several days to heal up but it was only the beginning of the abuse he was to endure and with the king away fighting the Danes the princes ruled with impunity.

Effi was happy that he got Oswin in trouble because he hated the good looks of this boy who seemed to get all the best jobs in the laundry. The truth was that Effi was a lazy boy who could not be trusted. This being true he would make sure that Oswin got in even more trouble next time.

Sebi had a lot of remorse over Cedric treating Oswin so harshly and the next morning took him deep into a neighboring wood where he had a secret hideaway cabin with a garden full of fresh vegetables and herbs where the poor young boy could heal and recover from his ordeal. He visited him every day to bring him bread and meat to make sure he regained his strength and healed up for himself to use. On each visit the grateful Oswin knelt down and gave his prince the pleasure of his mouth and after 2 weeks he was actually getting aroused himself and looking forward to the daily visit and getting Sebi's large cock in his mouth massaging it until the great eruption and jerking that took place and his seed gushed into his throat. He did not even feel sick and was getting to like the taste. He swallowed every drop each time.

Whilst this was going on Cedric had been looking for Oswin because he had enjoyed his taught sinewy body so much he wanted more. To this end he had his spies out scouring the local area to find him and he was sure that he could not have gone far.

He had also ordered the Blacksmith to build him a `table' to entertain his `guests' with consisting of a flat area for the torso that could be tilted, a pair of pivoting and sliding leg sections. Head section that could be tilted up or down and a metal half hoop around the area of the groin about 3 foot at its highest point from the table.

This was ready and apart from trying out the pivots bolts and straps to make sure they work Cedric was getting frustrated and his anger was building.

It was by sheer chance that, when hunting with his hawk that Cedric spotted the cabin in the woods and Oswin was in the garden. It had now been 6 weeks since Oswin had dissapeared and now he knew where he was living he returned that night with 2 trusted guards and bundled Oswin into a sack after binding and gagging him for transport in a cart to the Castle. They reached the castle at 3:15 in the morning and even the night watch had fallen asleep. Oswins light body was easily carried up to the dark tower where the table had been constructed. He was taken from the sack but still left bound and gagged in the dark on the floor facing the table. As dawn rose and light filtered into the dusty room his eyes gazed on the table with it's straps pulleys and folding sections and the full horror of his situation began to dawn on him. The smell of new wood and leather filled the air and this construction must have been finished recently. No amount of desperate struggling could free him and it was a full 6 hours after dawn that the key turned in the lock of the door causing Oswin to struggle again against his bonds wetting himself in fear and try in vain to cry for help.

Cedric strode in with his 2 guards and the guards lifted the slight body of Oswin onto the table and undid his bound legs to attach them to the folding and pivoting leg sections of the table. His torso was strapped to the body of the table across his slender abdomen with a strap attaching his forehead to the tiltable head panel with a collar round his neck attached by rings to the tilting part of the head panel. The arms were secured at his wrists and elbows and a gag tied round his mouth. When this had been done the guards were ordered to leave and wait outside to stop anyone from entering until Cedric had finished.

When they had gone Cedric began to cut the clothing off Oswin with his sharp knife leaving his genital area to the last causing Oswin to hold very still as his 4 inch soft uncut cock and generous balls to be uncovered. Over the last 6 weeks Cedric had been devising ways of inflicting pain on the helpless Oswin. Cedric tilted the boys head up and bolted it so he would see everything that was going to happen

He bent the legs at the knees and swiveled them wide apart and cut off the remaining material covering his now healed tender and tight little arse. He then reached to a side table and picked up a piece of shaped cylindrical leather 2 inches long and half an inch in circumference. It was slit up the one side and Cedric grasped Oswins balls, twisted them and pulled them as hard as he could up away from his body. With he other hand he slipped the sleeve round the slim stretched out ballsack between his balls and the base of his soft cock. Oswin was crying muffled cries and trying to strain against his bonds as the leather tube was threaded with a leather thong to secure it in place and his balls were now tight in their stretched skin and 2 inches proud of his body. Cedric smacked his exposed balls with his hand causing Oswin to scream out in pain behind the gag. Cedric reached for another leather sleeve 3 and a half inches long and 1 inch in circumference with eyes all down both sides of the long side either side of the slit. The boy's foreskin was tight around his bulbous red end and Cedric pulled and pulled until his foreskin rolled back despite the muffled cries and writhing of the pain wracked young boy. This other sleeve was snapped into place and tied holding the skin back and exposing his tender red end. This he tied to the tube holding his cock and the other holding his balls together. This left the most tender parts of his body exposed and Oswin was powerless to do anything.

Cedric turned his attention to his tiny hole roughly thrusting his finger in the boy's hole causing Oswin to try and pull away. He was very tight again and Cedric lost no time in getting his thick hard 8 inch cock out, rubbing it in goose grease and positioning it at the entrance to Oswin arse. The boy's eyes were wide with fear and he was desperately pleading muffled pleas for Cedric to show mercy. In response Cedric rammed his cock hard at Oswin's hole and the end forced it's way in accompanied by muffled screams and futile struggling. Oswin was able to see it all happening as Cedric's thick cock stretched his tight little hole even though he could have closed his eyes he could not stop looking.

Instead of ramming the rest in Cedric slowly slid the rest in inch by inch, forcing the boy to watch as his cock slid in and out slowly and after the first few minutes increasing in speed until he was ramming in hard and fast. Cedric grabbed Oswins balls and red end and roughly squeezed and twisted them causing him to buck cry out and his arse squeezed tight on his thick ramming meat as Cedric forced it in right to the hilt and released his seed the full 8 inches into Oswin's body. After he pulled out he removed Oswins gag and repositioned his head by tilting it back and ordering him to open his mouth slid all 8 inches into the gagging throat for Oswin to suck clean. Once that had been complete he pulled out his now softening cock, fastened his britches and opened the door.

He let the 2 guards in and told them to have some fun with the sore and pain wracked boy. They needed no encouragement and the one guard with 9 inches of thick cock with a large uncut head positioned himself at the boys seeping hole with the other guy with an 8 inch cock thick and bent upwards so, when hard pressed into his stomach. He pushed it into the boys mouth crating an obscene bulge in the boys gagging throat whilst the buys arse was stretched still further by the new invader. They used him like that for 5 minutes and then swapped round and were amused to see the end of the bent cock causing a ripple up and down Oswins body as he struggled to get his breath with 9 inches of cock blocking his windpipe. They swapped again and after a deep hard fuck the guard with 9 inches forced it balls deep before blasting an enormous load into his body moaning with pleasure. The other guard with the bent cock pulled his dripping member out of Oswin's mouth and finished himself off in the boys wet and sticky arse watching his cock jerk bulging up in his abdomen more with each jerk as he jetted his cum. They both dressed themselves and repositioned the gag before giving Oswins balls and exposed red end a beating causing his arse to contract and tighten again with pain. They then left and Oswin heard the key turn and the door locked again leaving Oswin to wonder what was next.

Oswin must have eventually slept until he was awoken by the key turning in the lock and the sound of many footsteps on the stairs.

The fear returned confounded by desperate resignation at his imagined fate.

There were a lot of footsteps and the sound of something being dragged. Oswin's fear was reaching a peak and the sweat was dripping from his forehead. Surely they would not do this again because he was sure it would rip him open and end his life.

Much to his surprise he felt the straps being loosened and because he could not stand up properly yet they dragged him off the table and roughly threw him onto a pile of straw in the corner of the room. The sticky seed seeped from his sore and distended hole but he could see they had another victim that all 12 of the guards were strapping to the table tightly.

I tried to see who it was but the guards were all round and I heard muffled cries and pleas for mercy.

Mercy was a word that had meaning but was totally ignored, you might just as well ve your breath

If you like this let me know and I will continue with the unbearable fate that was to befall their next victim and his identity with the possible reunion with Sebi.