The second part of the two princes

I heard the door unlock and my heart sank at the though of more sexual violence on my tortured body

"Right lads lets undo Oswin" a voice said and several hands undid the straps that held me to the table and returned the table to the flat position. My legs went to jelly when they dragged me off the table and I fell on the floor grateful to be free but not sure what would happen to me next. There was some sacking and straw in the corner and I was dumped there and instantly curled up into a ball seeking comfort in my own body, aching and sore as it was.

Then I saw why they had released me. Effi was being strapped down onto the table and about 10 of the other guards were eagerly removing his clothing the easy way by tearing it off his strapped down body. I caught a look at his terror struck face and the cry of help that flashed from his eyes before they strapped his head to the table and he was almost immobile. I could not resist a glance at his cock and balls and was surprised to see a thick 6 inches of soft cock with a pair of balls that would not disgrace a horse.

Effi's legs were being stretched apart and his tiny little hole exposed to the increasingly randy Watchmen and eager fingers were thrusting and poking his arse and balls. Some of the men found a long piece of string and made a noose slipping it round Effi's balls and threading it through the leather belt round his waist and securing it tight pulling his balls out of the access way to his arse with one of the men fingering him with goose grease. They had a discussion and decided they would go in size order with the smallest first this being one of the larger guardsmen who just got close to Effi and lifting up his tunic so that no one could see what he had. Effi knew as the man thrust forward and a muffled cry came from his gagged mouth as the loud pop was heard and the first guardsman thrust into him. Effi's quivering body was being pounded and within a minute the guardsman threw his head back thrust forward with all his might and Effi spasmed in time with the jerking of the cum spewing cock. No sooner had he withdrawn than the second man thrust his cock into the now very wet and sticky hole. A small scream came from Effis throat as the much thicker second cock entered him. I could see this one go in and it was as thick as the princes but 2 inches shorter at about 6 inches long and thrusting in and out at full speed before he also thrust deep as he could and unloaded into the hapless Effi. Number three was a full 8 inches and as thick as the prince. There were still 7 soldiers left and they removed the gag as soon as number 3 was fully inside Effi's arse. His head was tilted back and number 4 pushed a thick 7 inches into Effi's mouth making him gag and choke as he tried to understand what was happening.. Effi now had both ends filled and was submitting fully resigned to what was to happen, but the guard in his mouth ordered me over and roughly pushed my head onto Effi's chest and ordered me to suck his cock. With all the thrusting of the cocks in his arse and now one in his mouth his cock was very very sticky and dripping with thick clear juice I opened my mouth and his now hard 7 inches was soon at the back of my throat as I massaged it with my lips and sucked it the way Sebi had taught me. I felt the swelling and jerking of his cock in my mouth as he was being filled at both ends and as he fired out a torrent of manseed into my throat. I swallowed without thinking because it was slightly sweet and thick and creamy. I was pulled off him and pushed back to the floor as the guard in his mouth was forcing the full length of his 7 inches into Effi's throat and he held it there as he unloaded. The one in his arse took longer and the next in line was enjoying Effi's mouth before he finished. The 5th and 6th men were a little bigger with very thick 8 inch cocks and decided to try both ends out before they finished. The first one pushed deep into Effi's throat until his big balls were resting on his nose and the throbbing could be seen in the throat of the choking Effi. The other guard pushed his cock easily into his wide open hole sliding it in and making squelching sounds as he thrust in and out. They swapped over and Effi retched when that cum and shit encrusted cock was slammed into his throat. They swapped 4 more times and decided his ass was too stretched for them and both unloaded into his mouth. The 7th and 8th men decided to both use his ass at the same time so they stretched his legs further apart and fed both their 7 inch cocks in. Effi tried to scream but all that came out was a strangled moan. Fortunately they were both turned on so much they shot after a few minutes and their seed dripped onto the floor when they pulled out

The last 2 men stepped up and made no attempt to cover up their impressive very thick 10 inch cocks. The first guard thrust into Effi's mouth distending his already ravaged throat and showing no mercy at the boys choking attempts at breathing. This invasion of Effi's body being complete the next was swiftly accomplished and with one thrust the entire 10 inches of the 7 inch thick cock stretched his already sore arse. He tried to scream this being the final straw causing him to lapse into unconsciousness. This did not stop them and I thought he had died when they withdrew from his limp body having spent the last 10 minutes fucking his holes until they were totally spent with cum dribbling out of his mouth and out of the red slit that once was his arse. The guard that pulled out of his mouth squeezed Effi's balls hard and his body spasmed with pain and he regained consciousness.

All the guards left with Effi still strapped to the table and with no instructions for me to untie him I stayed huddled in the corner watching his limp body strapped to the table. They came back 2 hours later untied him and half dragged him out of the room muttering about the night shift needing him downstairs and Cedric needing to use the room.

I never saw Effi again

But I did see Cedric.

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