The two Princes part 3

Please do not read further if you are easily offended this is a work of total fiction and if you are old enough to read it then I hope you enjoy it

I was alone when they had taken Effi away and remained that way for several hours when the key turned in the lock and a guard opened the door and put a bowl on the floor with a hunk of bread and a spoon next to it and the smell of mutton broth drifted across the now dimly lit room.

"Eat up lad I don't think Effi will last long"

I picked myself up from my sacking bed and eagerly ate the broth with a wooden spoon, dipping the bread in to get the most out of this meal. I thought about what the guard had said and wondered if I was next.

That night passed and I slept fitfully tossing and turning as much as my ball and cock restraints would let me. Every time I turned over my exposed cockhead brushed the sacking sending pinpricks of pain shooting down the shaft and into my body and waking me up.

I waited the next morning and no one came but I thought I heard Sebi's voice outside and I wanted to cry out for his help. In the evening another bowl of mutton broth was brought in by the same guard.

"Got more stamina than I thought has little Effi, we are getting quite fond of him now" were the only words the guard spoke with near affection as he repeated the procedure of the night before.

I, of course, was not allowed to reply.

Another night passed and I needed to empty the bucket I had been given for my toilet, it smelt bad and was making me feel sick in this airless room.

My prayers were answered when the same guard came in tied a rope round my neck and told me "bring that bucket we are going to give you a wash. I picked up the bucket and he led me to a privy hole where I emptied the contents into the moat. A large bucket of cold water was in the bedroom where we were and I was handed a clean piece of sacking to wash with. The water was very cold and I shivered as I washed every bit of my body face and hair with the water. The remaining water was to rinse my bucket. I was handed a fresh piece of sacking to dry myself and led, like an animal, back to the room in the tower.

I wondered if I was going to get any company that afternoon because I was finding the solitude quite spiritual but my thoughts were disturbed by the shuffling of feet and the turning of the key in the oak door.

Cedric walked in and came over to me grabbing my hair and pulling my ear to his mouth.

"Whatever you think of doing - don't and you will keep quiet and not make a sound"

I nodded my head and Cedric waved his hand to the door ant two of his strongest guards half carried and half dragged this person was Sebi. Obviously drunk and not in control. They pulled him onto the table and removed his clothes, all of them very roughly pulling and stretching his flesh, until he was totally naked. I had never seen him naked before and he was perfect. Good muscles well defined and slender and the soft 5 inches flopping over his ample pendulous balls, beautiful.

Cedric came over and began strapping his torso, head, arms and legs to the table and Sebi was so drunk he seemed not to care, or had he been given an herbal potion? I began to wonder, one of Cedric's closest `friends' was a monk from the infirmary.

Cedric cranked the table so Sebi's legs were apart and produced a leather thong, fashioned into a noose at one end, put it round the base of Sebi's balls and tightened it so that his balls were trapped. The other end of this leather thong was tied on to a chord not unlike the one's that held the flags in the Grand Hall. This he threw over one of the bleached oak beams that strengthened the tower. Cedric pulled on the chord a little and Sebi's balls were drawn out from his passive body about an inch making them strain the skin round his ample balls. Sebi groaned but was still half unconscious. To the other end of the chord Cedric tied a leather bucket and that stretched Sebi's balls another half inch from his body.

A hard leather gag with a breathing hole and a piece of leather that went inside the mouth to hold the tongue down so he could not talk was tied into and round Sebi's mouth and a soft leather blindfold finished of his adornment

Cedric turned round and grabbed my hair again pulling me towards him so my ear was close to his mouth.

"I will be gone for a couple of hours you do not do anything, I am leaving a guard but whatever Sebi tries to do you do not try to untie him or say a single word...Get that Oswin"

I nodded contritely to indicate my obedience.

I was alone with my beloved Sebi and a guard, not allowed to speak or touch his body, I had experienced Cedric's temper before and did not want to anger him again.

I gazed at Sebi unable to take my eyes off him. And I did not notice the guard come over to where I was on the sacking. He silently grabbed my hair and pulled me to his bulging britches. With his other hand he swiftly undid the buttons and told me surprisingly quietly to "open your mouth" and brushing the thick head over my lips pushed the head inside my mouth and soon all 7 inches slid into the back of my throat. He moaned softly and started to pull and push in and out of my mouth distending my lips and getting faster and faster. He stopped suddenly fully immersed in my stretched throat and cutting of my breathing. Luckily he pulled back into my mouth and the first squirt of his seed bathed my tongue. A second huge squirt flooded my mouth as I swallowed as I closed my eyes and imagined this to be Sebi. The forth fifth and sixth squirts were forced into the back of my throat as he pulled my head into his groin burying his cock to the hilt.

I swallowed it all as he withdrew and fastened his buttons and pushing me back to my sacking. He took up guard duty as if nothing had happened, he knew I could say nothing but he had a satisfied smile that lasted until Prince Cedric came back. He was carrying another bucket full of water he placed by the side of the sleeping Sebi. He held a small phial under Sebi's nose as he breather in. The pungent fumes from the phial awoke Sebi and he lay there motionless wondering where he was and getting agitated by his captivity. Cedric grabbed me by the hair again and dragged me to the table

"Suck his worthless cock" he whispered in my ear. "And don't pull it out of you mouth until I tell you"

I was dripping my juice out of the end of my bound cock and was eager to give my Sebi some pleasure so I eagerly complied.

As my lips slid down over his soft cock I thought I heard him trying to say Oswin through the gag as his cock was transformed into its fully erect state between my massaging lips. I watched as his balls drew back slowly towards the root of his cock as it did whenever I had sucked him before as his manseed was building up to it's explosive release.

Cedric was watching this and picked up the bucket full of water and began pouring the water into the bucket that was attached to Sebi's balls. Sebi shot his seed despite this and he groaned in pleasure and pain at the same time. I swallowed it all and began to pull off his cock but was forced back down. Cedric poured the rest of the water into the bucket and Sebi's balls were stretched over 2 inches from his cock, but his cock was still hard and rammed into my throat.

There was a knock on the door and Sir Gwlym walked in. He was known as the Black Knight because of his black clothing and armour, but his skin was pure white and his beaming smile as he walked into the room seemed to radiate happiness but I knew he had a cruel streak.

Cedric cranked the wheel and Sebi's legs opened wide and his knees bent giving access to his hole and Gwylm reached for the goose grease working it into the wriggling Sebi's hole, first 1 finger and building it up to 3 twisting them and pushing the all inside the bound man. Sebi's cock had softened whilst this was going on his senses were tuning in to his arse not his cock and, for now the two were not connected.

Gwylm stood back to admire his handiwork than cleaned his hands on my hair pushing it back so he had full view of my mouth full of the Sebi's soft cock

"Do it now" urged Cedric and Gwylm undid his britches pulled out his fat 9 inch monster that was stiffer than any I had ever seen, standing directly up like a flagpole. He slipped down his britches and a pair of bull sized balls hung there, I was astounded.

He stepped closer and held his rigid pole at Sebi's entrance brutally pushed hard and as I saw from my vantage point half of his monster disappeared into Sebi's virgin hole. I could feel Sebi tensing up as the Black Knight forced his lance deeper inside but he did not cry out and his soft cock seemed to shrink in my mouth. Two thrusts later he fully impaled Sebi and began the process of rubbing his rod in and out Sebi's body. My mouth began to taste the juice from Sebi's now stiffening cock that culminated in his release of manseed.

The Black knights thrusts grew more urgent and Cedric was urging him to "Nail him to the table"

Sebi's now fully erect cock flooded my mouth with manseed and the black knight gave a deep thrust and I could feel the jerks inside Sebi's body transmitting through the side of my head lying on his abdomen. I was dripping freely myself as Cedric pulled me off the still pulsing cock. He held out a wooden goblet under my dripping cock and motioned me to empty my seed into it, it was difficult with my cock and balls bound the way they were but I was so desperate that I fired my seed with very little rubbing on my cock at all,.8 good thick shots. Cedric made me rub his hard cock and fire his massive load into the same goblet. He placed it on the table by Sebi's head and went over to the guard, said something and the guard left the room.

Gwylm was starting to push in and out of Sebi's hole again and winked at me, he was going to have seconds whilst he had the chance.

The guard returned with another goblet and a funnel. This goblet was full to the brim and it looks as if the guards had all shot their seed into it, in fact it transpired that both watches had been ordered to save up for two days and then in the last 15 minutes they had all produced, The goblet was steaming. Cedric forced the funnel through the breathing hole in the gag and poured his and mine into the funnel and I heard Sebi try and spit it out but he could not, Cedric followed it with the full goblet and I watched as it slithered down into Sebi's mouth as Cedric held his nose. Sebi held his breath then tried to force it back up the funnel but with his tongue held down by the gag it was futile and I heard him wretch as he swallowed a good half pint of manseed.

Gwylem shuddered with pleasure again and Sebi's body tensed as he received another donation from the Black knight. Sebi's cock had gone soft and his balls still stretched out 2 inches from his body.

I was pushed back onto my sacking bed and Sebi was covered in a blanket but left strapped to the table.

"Stay on you sacking because we are going to eat now but we will be back, Don't move or you will be the guards pleasure tonight!!" threatened Cedric

With a final chuckle he pored the rest of the water into the bucket and Sebi's balls stretched anther half inch and held on to the chord and let the bucket swing pulling Sebi's balls in a rhythmic miniature swing in time with the bucket

With that Cedric, Sir Gwylm and the guard left the room and I heard the key turn in the lock.

I did not know what to do, common sense told me to stay put but I needed to release Sebi from his ordeal.

I sat on my sacking watching the bucket swing back and forth torturing his balls and listened to the groans from Sebi with waves of conscience washing over me.

What should I do?

Any suggestions.