A Better Life

By Jim Vance

Copyright 2013 by Jim Vance




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The phone rang. I pulled away from him and got up. He walked to the phone. I watched his erect cock swing back and forth as he walked. I moaned. He turned and grinned at me.


"Yes. He's here. I was at the bus station when he arrived."

It was Mom.

"You don't need to thank me. I am delighted he is here."

I smiled.

"No. I mean it. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. He's a sweet kid. We are having fun. I plan to take him to work with me tomorrow. Yes. I still work at the gym." He paused. "Because I like it."

Luis rolled his eyes and I laughed.

"Tell her you taught me to French kiss," I whispered.

"Here he is." Luis handed me the phone.

"I'm going to get on the other line," he mouthed. I nodded.

"Hi, Mom."

"Well?" she said.

I closed my eyes. I wanted to scream.

"Was that a question?"

"I want to know if you are going to give him as much trouble as you gave poor PJ?"

"No. Luis is great. I like him very much."

"But not PJ."

"No, Mom. PJ is an asshole."


"You heard what I said. You picked him over me, so I left."

"I have no idea what you are talking about."

I thought about telling her I was gay. Would I get calls from PJ saying he would try not to insult me as often? I was never going back. I planned to stay with Luis.

"Lucie, PJ is homophobic," Luis said on the other line.

"Yeah. I know."

"Not everyone seems to think that is as wonderful as you do."

She paused. "Is that what it was about?"

"Ricky is right. You did pick PJ over him."

"That is not true!"

"Did you ask him if he wanted to live with PJ?"


"What did he say?"

"I can't repeat it."

"So you just went ahead and did it. PJ has a major character flaw. It bothers Ricky. You ignored him."

"I didn't know it bothered him."

"That's because you ignore him."

"Are you there, Ricky?"

"Yes, Mom."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I tried. You told me not to say anything against him. I tried to tell you twice. You got mad the second time."

"You know what, Lucie? It took me one minute to find out why Ricky didn't like PJ."

"I asked him many times!"

"You just wouldn't let him tell you."

"I'll talk to PJ."

"There is no point. A certain type of sleazy male appeals to you," Luis said.

"That is not fair!"

"But it's true Lucie. Look at your track record. Dusty, heroin addict. Dead. Bob, well we won't go into all his problems. Tom, burglar and crack dealer. In prison. Dwayne, another drug addict. Now PJ. Ricky is better off away from you."

"Don't say that!"

"Baby, it's true. Ricky is right here. You can talk to him as often as you like, but I want custody of him."

Mom and I both gasped.

"No! Absolutely not!"

"If I have to go to court I will. I don't want to have you declared an unfit mother, even though you are. I think if I list the men you've exposed Ricky to, I will be granted custody. I'm sure PJ does drugs. Have you ever even gone out with anyone who doesn't?"

"Dad! Don't do this to me!"

"Mom, I'm happy. For the first time in years."

I felt bad. Mom started crying. She was the one who picked them, though. PJ was a pot-smoking homophobe. I didn't care about the pot. My dad was a crack dealer!

"Mom, if you are happy with PJ, this is best for everyone. Do you see that?"

"Think about that, Lucie," Luis said.

"I will call you tomorrow, Mom. I love you."

"Oh, Ricky! I love you."

"I'm happy, Mom. Just remember that. I will call you every day."

"You promise?"

"Yes, Mom. This is best for everyone."

She sighed.

"I'm glad you are happy."

"Lucie, I am going to get started on the custody. If you don't contest it, it is really simple. I am his grandfather."

"I don't mind if he lives with you. You don't have to do that."

"It's best that it's done legally."

She sighed.

"Good-bye, Lucie."

"Bye, Dad."

I was shocked about him taking custody of me, but I was very, very happy about it.

I hung up. Luis walked back into the room.

"She made your wonderful dick soft."

Luis laughed. "My daughter has always done that! Aren't you glad?"

"I am!"

Luis sat down and patted his lap.

I climbed on.

"I am so glad you will have custody of me."

"I actually checked into it the day before yesterday. I got to wondering if maybe you were being sexually abused and were afraid to talk about it."

"Only my Daddy can sexually abuse me."

He burst out laughing. "Don't tell that to the judge!"

"Hell, no. I don't want him getting jealous!"

We both laughed.

He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. He began stroking my cock. I wrapped my arms around his neck.

He pulled away.

"I want a snack."

"I'm hungry, too, Daddy."

"Stand up and face me."

I did. He grabbed my hips and swallowed my dick. I groaned. It was the most wonderful feeling! And I thought kissing was great. I realized his snack was going to be my cum. I looked down at his black moustache which was wrapped around my dick. There were a few white hairs in it. I groaned at the sight. He began running a finger down my crack. I spread my legs a little. I ran my fingers over his short hair.

He pulled off my dick. He sucked on a finger and then swallowed my cock again. He pushed his finger in my hole. I groaned and then I cried out as I came. He fucked me with his finger while I came. I had to hold onto his shoulders to keep my balance. He stopped moving his finger and just left it inside me. It was the best orgasm of my life, but the amazing thing was that we would be doing it all the time. Finally, it ended. He pulled off me.

"That was...that was..."

"Are you sure?" he asked me.

I laughed.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sure!"

"God, your cum tastes good."

He squeezed the last of it and licked it up.

"You have a beautiful cock, Ricky. Thank you for sharing it with me."

"I'm very glad you like it. I love yours, by the way."

"Hopefully that means you are going to suck it a lot."

"As often as you will let me."

"Son, Daddy's cock is your toy to play with as often as you like." I groaned. "If you don't play with it all the time, Daddy will think you don't like it."

I fell to my knees and began licking his cock.

"That's nice, son."

I pulled back the foreskin and licked the head for a while. It occurred to me that his cock was the reason I was alive. If it wasn't for the beautiful thing, I would never have been born. I don't know what came over me, but I pulled off and said, "Thank you," to it. Then I kissed the head.

"You should thank him after he feeds you."

I groaned.

"I was thanking him for being born."

I looked up at Luis and he looked stunned. He grinned and shook his head. "I guess he did do that."

"He did and I love him."

"Oh, he loves you! He thinks you are just his type."

"I should be. He made me!"

Luis chuckled. Then he folded his arms behind his head and thrust his crotch toward me. God! He looked sexy.

"Suck. Watch your teeth, and swallow every drop."

I began. I head read about blow jobs and watched porn, so I wasn't completely clueless, even though that was the first cock I ever sucked. I realized it could very well be the only cock I ever sucked. If Luis lived thirty more years, and we were lovers the whole time, would I want someone else when he died? I didn't have a clue, but I could imagine that I would have an awful lot of trouble finding his equal. I wouldn't be so lucky twice.

"Yes. That's nice, son."

I was encouraged by his words. I continued sucking. I looked up every once in a while. I couldn't believe how handsome he was. I wondered if it was just to me. Did everyone think he was perfect?

I took his balls in one hand and held them. They were heavy.

"Daddy is going to feed you, son." I groaned. "Do you feel how heavy those are?" I did. They were heavy. "All the boys mention it. Well, Daddy is going to empty them into your sweet mouth. And whenever Daddy does that, you swallow."

I was glad. I wanted his cum inside me.

"Don't stop sucking while I'm feeding you."

I groaned, and a minute later he groaned. Suddenly a burst of hot liquid shot into my mouth. I swallowed and kept sucking. There was another spurt, and another. The heat of his cum surprised me. I'm not sure why. I guessed it was body temperature, but it seemed hot. After five or six spurts, and me swallowing several times, it slowed, and finally stopped.

Luis sighed. I looked up at him while his cock was still in my mouth. He winked at me. That little thing made me love him even more. I was quite happy with his semi-hard cock in my mouth, but he pushed me slowly off it.

"I want it!"

He laughed. "I'm glad!"

I tasted his cum. It tasted different from mine. I smacked my lips. "I like it!"

"Good. You'll be eating it, in any case. I love getting my cock sucked, and I don't like pulling out."

"I'm your boy!"

He pulled me onto his lap and wrapped his arms around me.

"Yes you are."

I sighed.

"Are you happy?"

"I'm happy and in love."

"Me, too."

He felt my cock. I was hard.

"Do you want to come again?"

"Let's wait. Your cum was tasty, but I'm still hungry."

"I will take you out to lunch."

"What time is the party?"


"Good lord!"

He laughed. "Why did you say that?"

"It seems late."

"It's not. People stay an hour or two and then go to the clubs. They don't start filling until ten or so."

"Do you mean gay bars?"

"Yeah. All the men at the party are gay. When I said most of my friends are gay. I meant almost every one of my friends are gay. I know a few straights from the gym, but I don't do anything with them."

"Can we go to a gay bar, sometime?"

"Sure. We can go to a teen night. They don't serve booze and you don't have to be twenty-one to get in."

"And then a bathhouse."

Luis stared at me. "Kidding!"

"Good. I was serious about monogamy. If you cheat on me, it's over. If you are underage, you will still live with me, but we won't be lovers."

I nodded.

"Is the party for a special occasion?"

"No. Doug has one every couple of months."

The doorbell rang. I got up and Luis walked to the door. He looked through the peephole.

"It's Tim again. Do you want him to go to lunch with us?"

"Sure. I like him."

"Go get dressed, then."

I picked up my clothes. I took them to upstairs to Luis' bedroom and got dressed.

I walked downstairs and they were talking. Luis was just wearing his jockstrap. He looked incredible in it from behind.

"Hi, Tim."

"I came by to offer immoral support," I laughed. "In case Luis was trying to be noble or stupider than usual."

"I sucked him!"

Tim chuckled.

Luis put his arm around my waist.

"We are definitely a couple. Ricky wants me and I want him."

"I think it's great. I'm insanely jealous, but I'm happy for you. I think."

Luis chuckled.

"We were about to go eat. I fed Ricky a load, but he's still hungry."

"Well, you're old and your balls barely function."

Luis laughed.

"I think they are beautiful."

"Oh, he's in love!" Tim said.

"We both are."

"I'm either happy or sick," Tim said.

"You didn't kiss them. I thought you didn't like them," Luis said to me. "Ricky kissed my cock and thanked it," Luis said to Tim.

"Definitely sick!" Tim decided.

I laughed.

"Why did you thank it?" Tim asked me.

"Well, it's sort of the reason I exist."

Tim's eyes widened. "I need to go jack off again."

Luis laughed.

"Do you want to go eat with us before you do that?"

"Sure. I'd love to."

Luis picked up his clothes and got dressed.

I sat on the sofa and Tim sat next to me. He had changed shirts.

"Thank you for helping, Tim."

"You are welcome, Ricky." He sighed. "Maybe I will meet someone someday."

"If you don't mind my asking, how old are you?"

"Normally I don't tell gay men that. It's a weapon." He chuckled. "I'm forty-five."

I nodded.

"You are supposed to say `Oh, you don't look forty-five!'"

I laughed. "I figured you were lying about your age to impress me, since I like much older men."

He grinned. "What a wonderful comeback!"

"I'm nervous about the party."

"I can understand that. Tell Luis you don't want to go."

"I don't want to keep him from it. And I am curious."

"Well, compromise and go for a little while. If you get uncomfortable, walk out the front door. Luis will be hot on your heels."

"He will?"

"Yes. He's not about to let any other male get you alone."

"Oh. Right." Monogamy. It was great that neither of us would have to worry about catching any diseases.

"Do you think they are going to make fun of me because of my age?"

"Not make fun. Luis will take the brunt of that. He's the one robbing the cradle. Mostly, I think they will be trying to impress you. They may try to get you into the bathroom and lock the door, so they can show you their pride and joy."

I laughed. "Their Chevy truck?" Tim burst out laughing. "How will they get it in the bathroom?"

"No. They want to show you their amazing penises. Followed very quickly by getting them inside your body."


"Don't say that at the party or you will get a tongue depressor that will piss off Fab."

I laughed.

"Anyway, Luis and I will be there keeping an eye on you. I have a feeling you can take care of yourself. Use wit as a weapon and they will shrivel and die."

I laughed.

"And just plan on leaving as soon as you start to regret being there."

I nodded.

"Are you taking a date?"

"No. I wish I was."

Luis was dressed and looked drool-worthy.

"How can he be my grandfather?" I asked Tim.

"It's a mystery to me. He actually fucked a woman! Can you imagine?"

I laughed. "No! I think I would rather die!"

"I wasn't as sure about my sexuality as you are, Ricky. I thought your grandmother was pretty and I wanted to fuck her."

Yick! I thought and Tim looked at me and laughed.

"I don't think Ricky will ever think that!"

"Why did you change your mind?" I asked.

"I didn't enjoy it. She looked better with clothes. That was when I started to think maybe I was gay. Ready?"

I nodded and stood up.

We went back out to Luis' truck. We both got in and put on our seatbelts.

"What do you like to do for fun?" Luis asked.

"I like watching movies and listening to music."

"What kind of music?"

"Classical. It pisses off the drug-addicts."

Luis laughed.

"My Dad liked to listen to a lot of 70s bands like Yes. I like some of them."

"That's great! I like them, too."

`Dad' reached over and rubbed my crotch.

"You're nice and hard. I will take care of you when we get home."

I groaned and looked at his crotch.

"Do you remember what I said about playing with your toy?" he asked me.

"All the time?"

"Exactly. I can see you want it. It's yours, son. Play with it."

I reached over and groped him.

"Yes, that's it. Show Daddy how much you love his cock."

I kept rubbing.

"I can't come as many times a day as I could when I was your age. That doesn't mean I want you to leave it alone."

"I understand. I will always want to play with it. I'm glad I will be able to."

He grinned at me.

We pulled up to the restaurant.

"This is the gay area, so we will see lots of people who know me."

We got out of the truck. Tim was parking and we waited for him.