A Better Life

By Jim Vance

Copyright 2013 by Jim Vance




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We walked into the restaurant. Two men were leaving. One of them squealed when he saw Luis and hugged him. I was relieved that Luis left his arms at his sides. He didn't hug him back.

"How are you, handsome?" the man asked Luis.

He looked like he was in his lower twenties, but I wasn't sure. He was blond and muscular. He wasn't my type at all, but he wasn't ugly.

"I'm fine, Dennis. This is Ricky. He lives with me."

Dennis looked shocked. He stared at me horrified.

"Are you in elementary school?"

I laughed. "Yes, but only because I failed third grade ten times."

Tim burst out laughing and Luis laughed, too. Even men near us laughed. Dennis had a weird expression on his face.

Fortunately we got seated. Luis got in the booth first. I sat next to him, and Tim sat across from us. I looked around. Most of the customers were men and there were a lot of couples.

I looked at Tim and smiled. He shook his head.

"Who is Dennis?"

"Pay up!" Tim said to Luis.

I didn't know what he was talking about.

"I told Luis the first words out of your mouth would be `Who is Dennis'," Tim said.

I laughed.

"He's a regular at the gym."

"Is he a regular at your apartment?"

Tim burst out laughing.

"We had sex once about three years ago. He isn't really my type." Then he whispered, "Did you notice how little he looks like you?"

I smiled at him and he put his arm around my shoulder. I leaned against him and reached for my toy. Luis sighed. I felt him until the waiter came by to take our drink order. He knew both Luis and Tim, and Luis introduced me. The waiter's name was Mark. He was a middle-aged guy, so I knew he didn't appeal to Luis. He seemed very nice.

I noticed people looking at us. Some men were even turning around to look. I guessed they were looking at Luis. Maybe wondering who I was.

Tim was grinning at me.

"Dennis is probably still bleeding. I hope you are proud of yourself," he said to me. "You should be. I loved witnessing it. He always pretends I don't exist."

"Nice fellow!" I said.

Luis chuckled. "You are the only person who thinks so."

I frowned. Why did he have sex with him, then? I decided it was stupid for me to get jealous of every man Luis had had sex with. After all, he had been having sex for decades.

A man walked up to the table, and while looking at me, said, "Hi, Tim."

I frowned and Tim laughed.

"Hey, Mike. How is Jim?"


The man was not bad looking. He looked about Tim's age. He was balding on top. He had a tattoo of a penis on his forearm. It extended from his elbow to his hand. The head of the penis was tattooed on the back of his hand.

"Is that life-sized," I asked him, pointing. Luis laughed.

He laughed. "No. My arm isn't quite long enough."

We all laughed.

"He likes to do what you hoped I wouldn't do to you," Luis whispered. I tried to remember. Then I figured he meant fisting. That made sense, considering the tattoo.

"I would be happy to show you."

"He wouldn't be happy to see it. Neither would I," Luis said.

Mike grinned. "You are with Luis?" he asked me.

"Ricky lives with me."

"Well, isn't that wonderful! How did you two meet? Wait! Let me guess. Luis, you are his cub scout leader, right?"

I looked at Tim. He was rolling his eyes. I was irritated.

"Yes, and I am about to tie you into a knot," Luis said.

"Oh, don't be that way! You'll set a bad example to the little boy!"

"I suppose you consider yourself a good example." I said to him.

Tim laughed. "He does. He's leering at you while accusing someone else of doing the same thing. Isn't it odd how some people can delude themselves, Ricky?" Tim asked me.

"I wish I could say I was glad to meet you, but I'm not," I said to Mike. "And you are blocking my view."

"And our view," a man called out.

I turned away. Mike left.

"You go, girl!" a man called out and several men laughed.

I looked at Luis. He was grinning at me.

"You are absolutely wonderful," he whispered in my ear.

"Am I going to get the shit beat out of me by any of these assholes?" I whispered.

"No. But I don't plan to leave you out of my sight for long."

I went back to playing with my toy. Luis and I both enjoyed that.

I ordered a hamburger. Another man walked up and started talking to Tim. He seemed normal in the sense that he didn't insult anyone the whole time he was there. I wondered if that was rare!

While we were eating, a guy who looked maybe eighteen, sat next to Tim. He was good-looking.

"Hello, love of my life," he said to Tim.

"Hello, nightmare."

I tried not to laugh. He didn't seem to mind being called a nightmare.

"I'm James," he said to me.

"I'm Ricky."

"Glad to meet you. Are you with Tim, or Luis?"

"Luis. He's a relative. I couldn't get along with my dad. He's a homophobe, so they let me move in with Luis."

Luis squeezed my leg. I didn't know what that meant. It didn't seem affectionate. I thought that was the story we were using. I wondered if I had done something wrong. I didn't think so. It was basically true. As a matter of fact, my real father wasn't very fond of gays, either. He was nowhere near as bad as PJ, though.

"That's great! That you had somewhere you could go."

I nodded. "I was miserable at home. I even considered moving out and trying to live on my own. But that would be hard with school."

"Oh, yeah! Trying to work to pay the rent and going to school all day."

I nodded.

"Well, I've got to run. It was nice meeting you."

"You, too."

James kissed Tim on the cheek and left.

I looked at Luis.

I mouthed, "Are you mad?"

He mouthed, "No."

I smiled. He put his arm around me again.

"Why is James a nightmare?"

"I loved him. Love him, and he is—"

"James likes or loves Tim, but he wants to have sex with as many different men as possible," Luis said.

"I want monogamy," Tim said.

I understood that perfectly.

We finished eating and left. Tim had things to do, so I hugged him outside the restaurant and he went on his way.

"Do you want to walk around? There are gay shops. The gym is nearby." Luis looked at me. "You can't have many clothes in that suitcase. What do you need?"

I didn't know what to say. I had no idea how much money Luis had. If he worked at a gym, he couldn't make all that much. Unless he owned it. But he never said that. I had enough clothes to get by, but I didn't have many. You can always use more, but clothes are expensive.

"I really don't know what I need."

He frowned, and then nodded.

"Let's go see what you have."

We got in the truck and drove home.

I realized we could have walked. His apartment was only about six blocks from the restaurant.

"Why did you squeeze my leg?"

"I was afraid you were going to say too much."

I looked at him. "I don't know how much is too much."

He grinned at me. "Neither do I."

"Did I say too much?"

"No. You were perfect. You are perfect. I was afraid you would say more than you did."

I sighed. I was very relieved.

"It is probably for the best. James will spread the news to everyone he has sex with—thousands of men, in other words."

I laughed.

"And between them and every man in the restaurant, the whole world will know in an hour."

We got home and I showed Luis my clothes. I had two pairs of jeans, two pairs of dress pants, two pairs of shoes, shirts, and underwear.

"The bare necessity."

"Speaking of bare, I wish you were."

Luis grinned and took me into his arms. He kissed me.

"Let's go get you clothes for the party. I want you wearing just a jockstrap."

I stared at him and he laughed.

"But I guess you would like to wear shoes, too."

"Can I wear socks?"

He sighed. "I suppose."

I sure hoped he was kidding.

I could see Luis was erect. I knelt and looked up at him.

"I want to play with my toy."

He grinned at me. "Yeah?"

I undid his pants and pulled them down. I pulled his jockstrap under his cock and balls which lifted them both up. I kissed each ball and Luis sighed. I licked his cock from the base to the tip. I was rewarded with precum. I licked it up.

"I'm going to suck you and eat your ass when we get back from shopping. Then you are going to suck me until you have a mouthful of Daddy's spunk."

"I want it."

"I know, son. You need Daddy's cock and cum."

I moaned and resumed licking him. I began sucking on the head. I could taste his precum. There was enough that I had to swallow. I held his balls with one hand and stroked his shaft with the other. I looked up at him.

"You are beautiful, Ricky. You are even more beautiful with my cock in your mouth."

I took more of him into my mouth. He began moaning. I wondered if I could make him come. I took him as far into my mouth as I could while sucking him. When I tugged on his balls, he sighed as he shot into my mouth. I swallowed. He ran his fingers through my hair while he came.

"Yes, baby. Eat it," he murmured. "I love feeding my boy."

I loved being fed. His semen had a distinct taste. It didn't taste particularly good, but I loved it. I wondered if it was like whiskey. It tasted bad, but people loved it. I didn't know. I did know that I was going to eat Luis' semen, just as often as I could.

It was over too soon. I hoped I could make him come again before we went to bed.

I stood up.

"So much for my plans for later," he said while taking me in his arms. He was looking at me with a lot of love. I rested my head on his shoulder. I was glad he was taller than me.

"Mom said you didn't like pictures taken of you."

"That's right."

"I would really like a picture of you."

He sighed. "OK."

I hugged him and we kissed. Afterwards, he smirked. "Your mouth tastes perfect."

I knew what he meant. I could still taste his cum.

"It does. I hope it tastes this way a lot!"

"Well, keep playing with your toy. Maybe we will both be surprised."

I grinned and nodded.

He knelt and pulled my pants down. He took me in his mouth again. He rubbed a finger up and down my crack.

"I loved having your finger in me."

He pushed it slowly into me. It was dry and it hurt just a little, but I was glad it was there. He sucked me for several minutes, and the sensation of his warm, wet mouth was overwhelming. He pressed on something inside me with his finger, and I cried, "Luis!" as I came. I held onto his head as I came.

When I was done, he stood up. He walked to the bathroom and washed his hands, while I pulled my pants back up.

We kissed for a while, and then we went shopping.

We met more people that Luis knew. A lot of them stared at me, but none of them were rude, which was a great relief. I was afraid there were going to me Mikes and Dennises everywhere.

Luis bought me a lot of things. Enough so that I was very worried. He bought me six jockstraps which I could not understand, because he bought me briefs, too. We walked into a video store and stood at a counter. Luis was looking at rings of metal and rubber. They were too big to go on a finger.

"What are those?" I whispered.

"Cock rings."

I didn't want to seem stupid, so I didn't say anything. I had no idea what a cock ring was. I had seen the term, and I thought it was the same as a Prince Albert piercing. Like the ring in a bull's nose. There were too big for that, though.

"Do you like the metal or the rubber better?" Luis asked me.

I stared at him. What if he wanted to have my penis pierced? I didn't want that!

"Boy, that expression on your face is priceless!" he said to me.

"Does it go through my dick?" I whispered.

"Through it?"

"A piercing."

He laughed. "No wonder you looked like that! It goes around the base of your cock and balls."

"No pain?"

He laughed. "None."

I looked at them again. The metal seemed cold.


He nodded and bought one.

We left and I asked something I had been wondering.

"I noticed you don't have any tattoos."

"Nope. Do you like them?"

"I can take them or leave them. Some look very nice. Some are so overboard they make me cringe."

He chuckled. "I agree. No, I never got any. They really don't impress me, but mostly I never trusted anyone enough to let them use their needles on me. I didn't have unprotected sex. I sure wasn't going to let anyone use unprotected needles on me. I think if doctors applied them I might have gotten one. They understand about germs. Everyone who works for them does. Does a tattoo artist? Maybe. On the other hand, maybe not. Do you want one?"


"Good. I'm kind of surprised you don't have one. Your mother does. I'm sure her drug addict boyfriends do, too."

"She asked me if I wanted one. I said no."

"Smart boy."

We were home. We carried the packages into the apartment.

"Do you know what your mom looks for in boyfriends? I never have understood her choices."

"I think she chooses them based on dick size."

He laughed. "Really?"

"PJ is big. I've never seen his dick hard, but I've seen the outline of it and it ends near his knee. Well, maybe I'm exaggerating, but I was shocked. If he wasn't such an asshole, I would have wanted to see it. Dwayne was big, too. I saw him with a hardon. I got up in the middle of the night and he was naked in the kitchen."


"Mom just isn't very smart, if you want my opinion."

"Her mother wasn't either."

He had a strange expression on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"I can't help wondering if I was around more, if she would have been better off."

"I doubt it. She would have ignored you. She does that when she doesn't want to hear something."

He nodded.

"She does exactly what she wants. It doesn't matter if it's stupid or dangerous."

He sighed.

"Crack is dangerous, Mom."

"No, it isn't. People just say that," I said, imitating her. "People say heroin kills you, but I've done it, and I'm not dead."

"I can't believe I didn't ask you this. Do you use drugs?"

"No. I've tried pot, but that's all. I don't care if I ever have any again."


"I've had role models who showed me exactly how stupid it is."

He chuckled. "I was glad I didn't smell pot on your clothes."

"I keep deodorizer in my room and closet. I don't want to reek of it."

He grinned and shook his head.

We got home and took the packages inside. We put the clothes in my bedroom, because Luis' closet was full.

"Why did you get the jockstraps? I'm not very athletic. Is it for the gym?"

"Partly. You will need them for the gym, but I want you wearing them around the house."


"For the view."

I didn't understand.

"When we are alone, you will just be wearing a jockstrap."

I stared at him.


"Once you are loosened up, I will be able to walk up behind you and slide home."

I looked at him. "Slide home? Like baseball?"

He laughed. "No, like getting fucked."

"I love that idea!"

He grinned. "I do, too. Seeing you in just a jockstrap will keep your toy in top-top shape."

"He does have a beautiful shape. I love him, Daddy. I do."

Luis chuckled. "I believe you."

I looked at all the clothes. I worried about how much he had spent.

"Can I get a job at the gym?"

"You don't need to."

"I want to pull my weight."

Luis took me in his arms. He pressed his mouth to mine and we kissed. The kiss lasted a while.

"If you are working, we might end up on different shifts. We would see less of each other."

"Oh. I don't want that."

"Me, either. You are just fifteen. Wait a while."

"OK. I am going to be expensive though. You spent a lot."

"I know. I wish I could say it didn't matter, but it does. This is a one-time expense, though. From now on, we will be replacing things slowly."

I nodded.

"I wish I made more money. There are things I would like to give you. I would like to travel with you."

"Well, you could get rich very quickly as a male escort."

Luis laughed. "I considered that at one time. Long ago."

"I'm not surprised. I would pay to have sex with you."

"Yes, but that's only because you want to help your grandpa out financially."

I laughed. "No it isn't! You wouldn't say that if you had seen my grandpa's cock!"

"Come on. Let's cuddle in bed."

"That sounds great!"

We went to Luis' bedroom. Our bedroom.

He pulled his clothes off and I did, too. He got into bed and I climbed in next to him. He pulled me close and kissed me. I ran one hand over him. We pulled apart and looked into each other's eyes.

"God, I love you so much, Ricky. I feel guilty."


"I love you as a lover, and not at all as your grandfather."

"I don't really need a grandfather. A lover is just fine. I really can't think of you as my grandfather, anyway. I never thought of you that way, and now I probably never will. You are the sexy man who lured me away from the bus station."

He chuckled.

"You wiggled your penis at me, and like a little fish, I swam after it to have a bite."

He burst out laughing.

"Is that what happened? I didn't realize I was wiggling or luring."

He stroked the side of my head. I'm afraid I yawned.

"I am so sorry!"

"Don't be. This has been a long day for you. What time did you get on the bus? Five?"

"Just after five."

"What time did you get up?"


"Why don't you take a nap? I will hold you. Roll over on your other side."

I did, and he pulled me up against him. He kissed the back of my head. "Sleep, baby."