A Family That Plays Together, Stays Together

****Warning, this story involves many things that you may enjoy, or maybe not. Gay sex between men and boys and boys and boys, diaper love and use, piss play, it has it all. If this intrigues, interests or invigorates you, then please read, if not, then please read anyway, just don't complain to me if you don't like it or find it in any way offensive. If however you read it and you enjoy it, then I would love to hear from you. Please email me at erich5748 @ ymail.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope you do enjoy.****

Daryl, a thirty five year old single father of two boys, ages seven and four, was finally living the life he had always dreamed of. He ditched the bitch, cashed in everything he had worked hard his entire life for, bought his little house way out in the woods, and there they lived. The house was just a nice simple rancher style, plenty for the three bachelors, but the land was simply massive. There was also another slightly smaller house on the property that was rented out to another single father, Glen, and his seven year old son. Daryl thought that this was perfect. Sure, he had made out well selling all his high end stocks, cashing in all his wealth, selling the huge fancy house, getting rid of the money sop bitch who thought money just magically appeared in her hand every time she wanted something, but still, the few bucks a month he got from the rental house was appreciated.

Glen had lived in the little two bedroom house for only a couple years when the previous owner decided to sell. He had been upset, because he loved the quiet life out there. He too did not need to work, he had plenty of money saved up, and as long as he was wise with it, he figured that he would still have more than enough money to give his son when he died.

Daryl had been married, was a very successful business man, making six figures a year, no problem. Everything was great, except a couple minor problems. He hated his life, he hated his wife, his job sucked, it constantly demanded more and more of his time, and he would far prefer it to be spent with his boys. He had the big flashy car, the even bigger and flashier house, it was all paid off, he was very good with his money. His wife however was not. He was often upset with her for going out and blowing a thousand bucks on some stupid dress or some dumb pair of shoes when she had a hundred or more already.

He had stopped having sex with her altogether right after conceiving their second child, he could no longer even look at her, she disgusted him, so she went looking elsewhere. Daryl was already quite well off when he had gotten married, and knowing full well how women were with money, he had made her sign a pre nuptial agreement, but it had a clause in it that stated a couple things that she had not bothered to read. It very clearly stated that if she were caught cheating, she would receive no money at all, she was to be completely and fully faithful to Daryl and only to him. Daryl was almost hoping the bitch was having an affair, and when he had the proof that she was, he gladly served the divorce papers and let her know that she was to receive nothing, not even the boys. Sadly, she never fought for the boys, only the money, but even her lawyer told her that she had a snowballs chance in hell of receiving anything at all. Absolutely furious, because she wanted that money bad, she tried everything in her power to see to it that she got her money, and ended herself up in jail, where she belonged.

The boys, seven year old Luke and four year old Brook, short for Brooklyn were quite happy to be moving as well. Luke had been having trouble in school, often being teased and taunted by older boys, and some of the ones his age as well. He was a constant bed wetter, and a frequent pants wetter as well. He also seemed to have very few social skills and was not good at playing with the other kids, so he was ecstatic to be moving. Brook was too young though to really care one way or the other.

The boys are beautiful, at least to their loving daddy, but in reality, they are. Luke is pretty small for his age, often being mistaken for five or maybe a young six years old. He has curly platinum blond hair cut in a bit of a mop, it really suited his soft features well. He has striking green eyes that are set off by his glasses, small button nose and petite little ears, cute little round cheeks that have great big dimples when he smiles, which Daryl makes him do a lot. Luke wears diapers to bed, Pampers size seven were Daryl's preferred diaper for his heavy wetter, his mom thought it was horrible. Brook too was fairly small for his age, but was at least closer to those his own age than his brother. So far he had not been at all interested in potty training, a constant state of nagging from his mother, but Daryl could care less, so he wore Pampers size six diapers happily. At least he mostly pooped on the potty now, but did still have a couple accidents a week in his diaper. Other than hair color, the boys were very nearly identical, Brook's is almost red, a very nice strawberry blond in fact. He is not yet in glasses, but the optometrist told Daryl that it would be soon that his youngest would need them as well.

Looking much like his boys, Daryl is small and lean, curly light brown hair and small delicate features. About the only real difference were their noses, Daryl's was a bit more pronounced, the boys had received their mothers nose, thankfully the only thing that they seemed to get from her. The boys even received Daryl's heavy bed wetting. He himself had wet the bed until he was almost fifteen, when he finally went through a very late puberty, but even still he occasionally wet the bed into his late teens. Daryl though was a closet diaper lover and gay. He had known from the time he was ten for sure of both his desires, but due to very uncomfortable living circumstances back then, he kept them both very firmly hidden, so well in fact that he got married. He loved his parents dearly, but they were not known for being open minded, so he never ever told them, and as far as he knew, they never knew at all before they died. He was at least kept in cloth diapers at night and was never ridiculed for it, but he was never given the love that he desired to go along with it. It was always diapers on and diapers off, very quick and almost clinical.

The day Daryl got rid of the hag though, he went and bought himself the biggest thickest pack of diapers he could find and had been wearing almost constantly since. If the boys had noticed, they had not said anything. He was however starting to suspect that the boys were becoming diaper lovers as well, especially Luke. Ever since their mom had left, Luke had started wearing his diapers more and more, getting ready for bed sooner, asking his daddy to get him diapered up often right after dinner, and wearing said diaper until it was pretty much leaking the next day, sometimes well after breakfast. Daryl never once said anything. Brook was also pooping his diapers a little more frequently, though Daryl did ask him to try and poop on the potty, because he really did not like to clean that up so much. He did try.

Glen is in his late twenties and is almost plain looking Daryl thought, but he knew the man loved his son very much. His son, Lance, had thankfully inherited someone elses good looks though, because he was a pretty little boy, pretty tall for his age, long raven black hair, long eyelashes, perfect nose and ears for his face, and very bright blue eyes. At this point, Daryl knew almost nothing of Glen and Lance, and other than saying hi a few times, they had hardly even talked yet, then again, they were still pretty busy with having just moved.

About a week after moving into their new house, the boys were in the back yard of the main house, just playing together, Lance was not there, and Daryl was in the house just cleaning up and baking, one of his favorite pass times. He happened to look out the kitchen window to see what the boys were doing, but could not see them, so went to the bedroom to see if they were in the side yard. They were, but they were not playing. Brook loved to just play outside in only his diaper, Luke was just out in a very skimpy pair of shorts, and Daryl almost came in his diaper when he saw what they were doing.

Luke, apparently, had to go pee and had somehow talked Brook into letting him pee in the front of his diaper. Daryl watched with rapt attention as Luke peed down the front of his little brothers diaper, and then because it had made him feel very good, and probably more than a little naughty, he ended up being very hard for a seven year old, so started rubbing himself. Luke had Brook's diaper pulled out enough that Daryl could see that the peeing and then the show was making Brook hard too, so Brook reached down and copied his brother.

Luke must have thought that it looked like fun, rubbing his brothers little erection, because he spoke to Brook, though Daryl could not hear what. What was said was very apparent a second later, because they changed erections and started jacking each other off. The looks on both boys' faces was more than enough to know the boys were very much enjoying themselves.

Over the next week, Daryl watched the boys far more closely, but covertly, so that they would not know that they were being watched, and he spied them doing the exact same thing several more times, once three times in one day. Daryl even teased Brook that day, saying he had peed his diaper so much. Luke almost choked. Daryl knew why of course, so said nothing.

The layout of the house was such that the boys' bedrooms were on the opposite end of the house to Daryl's master bedroom, so to hear the boys better, he obviously had a baby monitor to be able to hear them in the night. Daryl had not yet seen the layout of the other house, but given that he often got a little cross talk from Glen and Lance's monitor, he figured theirs must be the same. Normally he never heard from their monitor, but sometimes he did, and almost exactly two weeks to the day of moving in, Daryl heard something on the monitor that really piqued his interest.

The next day, Daryl invited Glen and Lance over so that they could get to know each other, and Daryl really wanted to know if what he heard meant what he thought it meant. The boys were encouraged to go out back and play, while Daryl invited Glen into the house to have some tea.

“So, how are you liking the place so far?” Glen asked.

“Oh, we all love it. It's so quiet and peaceful way out here. No noise, no neighbors to speak of, all the space we need to spread out. It's great.”

“Yeah, same reasons we love it out here.”

“I bet they're not the only ones.”

“How so?”

“You have a baby monitor right?”

“Yeah.” He said cautiously.

“So do we. Did you know you can get crosstalk from time to time on them?”

“No, actually I didn't.”

“Yeah, I sometimes hear stuff from you guys. Last night was quite interesting. I very clearly heard Lance ask you to fuck his hot little baby boy pussy right through his soggy baby diaper. Then you said you'd fuck him through both your hot soggy baby diapers good and proper, the way a little gay baby boy likes. All he said was yay. It went a little fuzzy again, but for the next half an hour or so, I heard you two really fucking hard, sounds like you both enjoyed it.”

“Oh god. Have you already called the police?” He asked softly, tears already starting.

“No, of course not you idiot, if I was gonna do that, do you honestly think I'd stop to talk to you first?”

“Oh, I guess not.”

“No, I'm a gay diaper lover as well, and well, I always wondered what it'd be like to have sex with another guy, and even a little boy. My boys have been playing around with each other recently, both of them enjoying their diapers and each others little erections, and I know about it, but they don't know I know. While the boys are outside playing, I want to try fucking you real quick, hopefully we can do it before the boys even realize it. Can you take me though?”

“Oh, yeah, Lance fist fucks me almost every night, it's great. Would you be able to take me though?”

“No, not yet at any rate. I've never been fucked.”

“Then maybe later. Are you wearing a diaper now?”

“Sure am, how about you?”

“Definitely. We never wear anything else now, just diapers. Most days while in the house, that's all we wear.”

“Cool. Would you like to come to my bedroom now?”

“Sure. Can you fuck me through our diapers, that's how I prefer it?”

“That's how I've always wanted it.” Daryl smiled.

They went to the bedroom and Daryl fucked Glen through three good strong orgasms, making sure of course to make it just as good for Glen, making him cum three times as well. Daryl even pissed deep inside Glen, after Glen asked him if he would of course, so he did, and he thought it was hot.

“Wow, that was way better than I thought it would be. I've only had sex with women, and you were ten times tighter, and you actually participated, not like my bitch of a wife. I had to do everything. The bitch never even gave me head.”

“Yeah, after I left my wife I experienced the most wild and insane sex for the first time too, it was a drunken party, I never even thought I was gay, I was so drunk and horny that I threw caution to the wind when the guy said he could send me to another world. I admit the first time hurt a bit, but god did it feel great as well.”

“How did you get started with Lance?” Daryl asked curiously as they were changing each others diapers.

“Just before we moved out here when he was five, he caught me having sex with his sixteen year old baby sitter, we were both wearing soggy diapers, he saw me fucking him, and stayed to watch as we traded places. Once we stopped, I noticed him standing there. I thought I was toast, but he asked what we were doing and if he could join in. The young man I was fucking, he was horny as hell, so said sure, come on over little man. So Lance came and hopped on the bed with us, and he pulled the front of Lance's diaper down and sucked his hard little member 'til he had his very first orgasm. The babysitter ended up staying the night, and by three in the morning, Lance had lost his virginity and we've been doing it ever since.”

“Wow, and he can take you?”

“Oh yeah, and more. Let's just say we could both fuck him at the same time without problem.”


“If you wanted, I could get him to start messing with your boys and teach them everything they need to know.”


“Okay, let me just call him in and I'll explain to him what he needs to do. It won't take much convincing, he loves playing with other boys.”


Glen went out the back door and called Lance over and they talked quietly for a few minutes. Daryl saw Lance smile brightly and nod his head happily and take off. Glen came back a few seconds later.

“He's gonna take your boys over to our place and teach them some stuff. It'll take a couple hours at least, I'm hard again, would you like to lose your virginity finally?”

“Sure.” Daryl smiled and they headed back to the bedroom. It took more than an hour for Glen to prepare Daryl fully and finally slip inside him and fuck him silly. Daryl loved it, it was so good.

The boys on the other hand were having a great time.

“Hey, do you guys wanna come over to my place, I wanna show you something. Our dads said it's okay and to take as long as we want?” Lance asked.

“Sure, what are you gonna show us?” Luke asked curiously.

“I think you'll really love it.”


He led them over there and to his bedroom.

“Okay, strip down so that you're both naked, I will as well.” He instructed once there.

“Why?” Luke asked.

“Just do it, I want to show you some really fun things we can do with our dicks and bums.”

“Oh, okay. Hey, you're wearing a diaper!”

“Yeah, Daddy and I are diaper lovers, we just love to wear and wet our baby diapers.”

“Really, I love wearing my diapers as well. I wet the bed, but I try and wear them as much as possible. Brook says he doesn't ever wanna be potty trained, that he wants to just stay in his baby diapers. Daddy doesn't seem to care.”

“That's cause he's a diaper lover as well. I've seen a few times that he's got a diaper bulge. I bet if you asked him if you could wear all the time too, he'd say sure.”

“You think so?”

“Definitely. Now, we're all hard, so that's good. Have you two done anything with your dicks before?”

“Yeah, I like to pee in Brook's diaper, and he likes it too. Then we both get hard and we rub each other 'til we both get a really good feeling.”

“Excellent, so you jack off, that's the rubbing, and you cum together, that's the good feelings at the end. Have you ever sucked each others dicks?”

“No, never thought of it.”

“Let's do that now, then I'll teach you two all about fucking.”

“What's fucking?” Luke asked curiously.

“Only the best thing two baby boys can do together. You'll love it.”


Lance got down on his knees in front of Luke and engulfed his entire hot hard little erection, and Luke very nearly passed out from the feelings.

“Oh my god, this feels so good.” He moaned out.

“I wanna feel it too.” Brook whined.

“Oh, you will.” Lance pulled off for a second and said.


Luke just moaned lowly again, because Lance was really working him good now, and he was raising very quickly toward his immature little boygasm. Even he could tell it was going to be far better than all the others. Then all of a sudden, he had a very strong orgasm and slumped down.

Lance smiled and left Luke for the time being, and went and sucked in Brook's even smaller little erection. Brook just babbled on as he was being sucked, his mind was in overload and his young vocabulary had no idea how to vocalize what he was feeling. Brook lasted less than half the time that Luke had to cum, and when he did, he actually passed out, his big brother having to catch him.

“Wow, that was so awesome, thanks.” Luke gushed a few seconds later.

“You're welcome. Now it's your turn to suck me.”

“How do I do it?”

“Easy.” He smiled and told Luke all the ins and outs of sucking dick.

Only a second after completing his instructions, Luke latched onto Lance and sucked him for all his worth. Lance had to give a few pointers as they went, but Luke was doing a great job. Lance, who was of course far more used to this, lasted the longest before cumming, but when he did, it was powerful as well.

“You're really good at that, thanks.” Lance sighed.

“I really liked doing that, it felt so nice, and you tasted good too.”

“Can I try it too, I wanna suck your peepee?” Brook asked.

“Sure, I love having my dick sucked.” Lance smiled brightly.

So Brook, having listened carefully to all the instructions, latched right on himself and sucked Lance with great vigor and enthusiasm. Lance was moaning and sighing, and a few minutes later had another dry cum.

“Oh, you're real good too.” Lance sighed again.

“I liked sucking you too, that was awesome.” Brook smiled brightly.

“Good. Now for fucking.”

“You know, that's a dirty word and Daddy says we shouldn't say it.” Luke said.

“Yeah, but this is for a different reason, and trust me, you'll love fucking. I'm gonna lay down on my back and I want you to stick your dick in my bum and push it in and out 'til you get the feelings again, 'til you cum. If you need to, feel free to pee in my bum, I really like that too.”


“Oh yeah, fucking's the greatest, but getting piss fucked is even hotter yet.”

“Wow, who taught you all this?”

“Can't tell you yet, but maybe soon.”

“Oh, okay.”

Lance laid down in position and the two new boys watched for a few seconds as he used his fingers to prepare his cute little bum for penetration. He then urged Luke forth and told him exactly what to do. As soon as Luke slipped in, that as they say is that, because his natural instinct took over, and within only a few minutes, he was happily fucking away, really giving Lance his all. He accidentally pulled out a few times, since he was not overly large, just right for a seven year old in fact, but he rectified that instantly and continued right on going.

As soon as he came, Luke did have to pee, so he let go and filled his new found friend up, and they both moaned. Lance encouraged Luke to keep right on going and to really piss fuck his dirty baby boy pussy. Well Luke did not have to be told, he was already going to town, he had no interest in stopping any time soon.

Little Brook was rubbing his hot hard little erection as he was watching the fun scene playing out in front of him, he loved it. He ended up cumming again at the same time the other two did.

“I wanna turn now.” Brook said before Luke could continue.

“Okay. Luke go ahead and pull out and Brook you just slip right in. If I make a bit of a mess, that's okay, and you can pee in me too.” Lance instructed.

“Aw nuts, I wasn't ready to stop yet.” Luke whined.

“That's okay, we'll have plenty of time to play around. I promise. I also wanna fuck you two next too.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

Brook slipped right in, but because he was so small, he slipped in and out on every insertion and extraction. Lance actually liked this, it felt good. Brook was once again an enthusiastic little fella and fucked away merrily. As soon as he had his little baby boygasm, he too peed inside Lance, and then continued right on fucking away. He lasted at most five more minutes before he could go no more and had another orgasm.

“Luke, grab one of my diapers please and diaper me up so that I don't make too much of a mess as I fuck you two. I'll just have to pull down the front of my diaper as I'm doing you two.”

“Okay.” Luke said happily, he really did want to diaper Lance, and then he wanted to be diapered as well.

He grabbed the diaper and diapered Lance quickly.

“Thanks. There's nothing better than a nice thick baby diaper after getting fucked silly.”

“I want you to diaper me too once we finish, but your diapers are way bigger than mine are.”

“They'll still fit you, these are great too. I used to wear Pampers size seven, but I grew out of them a few months ago.”

“That's what I wear, and Brook wears size six.”

“Cool. You'll love these diapers too though. Now, go ahead and lay down on your back and pull your legs up, same as I was and I'll prepare you.”


Luke laid back as he was instructed and Lance went right in. Instead of using his fingers like Luke had thought he would, he went in face first instead and started giving Luke a first class rim job. At first Luke was surprised, but said surprise turned to lust after only a few seconds. He absolutely loved Lance licking his hot little asshole. He actually cried out almost ten minutes later when Lance pulled out, claiming that he was ready.

Without waiting for Luke to say yes or no, Lance got up onto his hands and knees, lined up his little boner to his target, and then slipped in all the way. Luke moaned out lowly as Lance slipped all the way in, but it did not hurt, it was not a pained moan, it was definitely one of content. It felt so good, every bit as good as the rim job had felt.

Lance started thrusting almost right away inside Luke, and being a right little pro at fucking, his erection never exited Luke's fine little bum. Lance held on for almost ten minutes while fucking Luke, having a great time breaking in a fresh little virgin, and when he came, he peed inside Luke as well. Luke just moaned, it felt really weird, but really good too.

“Wow, that was awesome, thanks so much. You better diaper me now though.”

“I thought you'd like that.” Lance smiled brightly.

“For sure.”

“I want you to fuck me too?” Little Brook asked.

“Don't worry, you're definitely next, but I won't be able to pee in you, so maybe your brother can fuck you later and fill you with pee.”

“Okay.” Both boys said happily at the prospect.

“Go ahead and lay down Brook, and once I have your brother all diapered up properly, I'll fuck you next.”

“Okay.” He said happily and did so right away, getting himself in the same position.

Lance made quick work of diapering Luke, and before too long, he was nice and thickly diapered.

“Wow, these diapers are awesome, but my daddy's definitely gonna see that I'm wearing a super thick baby diaper under my shorts when we go back home.”

“That's okay, he'll like it, don't worry.” Lance grinned.

Lance then went over to Brook and did for him exactly the same things that he had just done to Luke, and before too long, Brook was no longer a virgin either. He moaned and sighed the entire time. He too loved the rimming, but absolutely loved the fucking. Lance lasted almost ten minutes fucking Brook before he came and admitted that he had nothing left in him, that he was too tired to continue.

“Wow, that was awesome, thanks guys. I've never had two boys to play with before.” Lance sighed as he pulled his diaper back up properly and tucked his now soft little dick inside.

“No, thank you, that was great. I never knew you could do all that stuff and it felt awesome.” Luke smiled.

“Unh huh. Can you diaper me now please?” Brook said.

“Sure, but my diaper's are gonna be really big on you, but you'll look really hot like that too.”

“Okay.” Brook said happily.

The two older boys both helped to diaper Brook, and before too long, he was super thickly diapered, just the way they all liked it.

“Okay, don't bother putting your pants back on Luke, I'm not, then let's go back up to your house and see if our dads are done yet.”

“What were they doing?”

“Probably the same thing we were.”

“Really, they were fucking too?”

“If they were lucky, yeah.” He grinned.

“Cool. Would they do that to us do you think?” Luke asked almost too huskily for a seven year old.

“There's a better than even chance yeah, but Brook won't be able to take the men yet at all, they'll kill him, he has to grow lots more for that, and even you'd get really hurt if they tried right away. You'll take some stretching and practicing to be able to take them, but I bet they'd do it for you if you asked. It'll just take a while.”

“But I wanna be fucked by daddy too.” Brook whined.

“Trust me, wait a while, I only had a couple teens 'til I was almost six, but the first time my daddy fucked me, I cried, a lot, even though he was real gentle with me and prepared me lots, it still really hurt. Now I can take lots. You both took me easily, so before too long, you might be able to too, but don't try taking too much up your bum yet Brook, grow more first or it'll really hurt.”

“Oh, okay.” He said dejectedly.

They all headed out right away, Luke grabbing his clothes as they went, and headed back up to the main house. When they walked in, they saw the men both sitting there in the kitchen in only their diapers.

“Wow Daddy, you're only wearing a diaper too, that's so cool.”

“Yeah Baby, it is. You look really good like that too, those are really nice diapers. So, you're a diaper lover too huh?”

“For sure. And guess what, Lance taught us both how to fuck and to suck each others dicks too, and he says we can do that with you too.”

“Yeah, Glen was just teaching me all that I'd need to know as well. I won't be fucking you boys for a while yet though, Brook at least a couple years, and you Luke will need lots of preparation before we do that too. How do you feel though now?”

“Great, thanks Daddy.”

“By the way, I know what you'd been doing to your brother over the past week or so. Using his diaper any time you needed to pee and then jacking off together.”

“Cool, it just felt really good, and Brook loved it too.” Luke smiled brightly, knowing he was not going to be in any trouble.

“Yeah, well I can't say I wouldn't try it myself, in fact, I might just ask you boys to do the same for me. Mind you, if we're all wearing nice thick soggy baby diapers, there really won't be any need to pee in each others diapers.”

“But we could do it for sure if we just wanted to.” Luke grinned brightly.

“Oh yes we can.”

“So, what are you guys up to now for the rest of the day?” Glen asked.

“Not too sure really. We should probably all get dressed properly and head into town and get some grocery shopping done so that we don't run out of food.”

“Actually, that was on my list of things to do this afternoon as well. Should we just all go together, we both have vans that'll hold all of us easily enough, so my van or yours?”

“We can take mine, it's got the DVD player for the kids, I'm sure they'd appreciate a movie for the long drive there and back.” Daryl smiled.

“Excellent. Well Lance, let's head back to our place and get dressed properly then shall we!”

“Okay Daddy.”

“And you two, we need to get you into diapers that fit you better and won't show up so much under your clothes, no matter how much of diaper lovers you are. We certainly don't wanna advertise it.”

“Nuts, I like these ones.” Luke pouted.

“Yes, and before too long, you'll be in these ones yourself, so don't worry. For now the Pampers sevens work better and are still really comfortable. Besides, what do you care, as long as you get to wear a diaper. Actually, Glen, any chance you have a diaper shirt that'll fit my little baby?”

“Sure do. I'll send Lance right over with one.”


Glen and Lance took off right away to get dressed, while Daryl and his boys headed to the master bedroom to all get dressed together. Daryl grabbed the diapers for the boys, since he always diapered them in his room anyway, it was easier that way he felt, and got their diapers changed. He made sure to add plenty of diaper rash cream and powder to the boys before taping them up nice and snug. By the time he was finished that, Lance was back with a diaper shirt.

Lance just ran in still in just his diaper, same as he had left a few minutes before, handed it off to Daryl, and did not even bother to stick around for Daryl to say thank you.

Daryl just took the diaper shirt that he had just received and put it on Luke and snapped him up, it was an almost perfect fit. He then took the boys to their bedrooms and dressed them both. Luke did not need help at all, but he enjoyed it, whereas Brook only needed a little help every now and then, but he too enjoyed it. They then all headed back to Daryl's bedroom and the boys helped Daryl to get dressed. He too was wearing a diaper shirt.

Daryl packed a diaper bag full of all the essentials and headed outside to the van to await the arrival of the other two. They arrived just a second after Daryl and his boys did. They all hopped in the van, Daryl put a movie on for the boys, and then they took off. As they drove, the men just talked, getting to know each other better. Because the boys were wearing headphones, they did not have to worry about interfering with the sound of the movie for the boys. They told each other all about how they had been with women, how they never truly felt satisfied, how they got into diapers and or loving them, pretty much everything.