Chapter 2

When they got to town, Daryl pointed them toward the mall first, since his boys were going to need some new clothes, mostly Luke though, who clearly needed a few baby clothes. He also needed to get more diapers, and there was the best place for that too. The boys of course asked if they could look in the toy store, and the men grinned and said of course. As they were walking, Daryl was looking back, talking to Luke, when Glen nudged him and whispered to him.

“My god, would you look at that boy, he's well stocked.”

Daryl looked up and to the direction that Glen was pointing and noticed the boy right away. He looked to the boys bulge and had to laugh. The boy, who was at most twelve years old, was either very well endowed, or had stuffed his underwear and was wearing ridiculously tight jeans to accentuate the bulge. He also had his shirt lightly tucked into the front of his pants, hence pretty much saying, hey, look at what I'm packing. Then Daryl happened to look up to see the boys face and gasped.

“Jimmy, what are you doing here dressed like this?”

“Uncle Daryl, what are you doing here, you moved an hour away you said?”

“Yeah, way out in the bush, so I still have to come here to shop.”

“Oh shit. You won't tell my mom will you?”

“What, that you're dressed just like a slut, parading around, and I know you stuffed your underwear, because the last time we went swimming was only six months ago, and I saw you naked then, and there's no way you've grown that much already, even if you're just about twelve.”

“Oh god, I'm so sorry. Please don't tell her.”

“Tell her what Jimmy?”

“That you saw me like this, she's already on my case so often about looking like a slut and she's been asking if I was gay for a while now. She said if I was, that she'd disown me.”

“But you are gay Jimmy, I've known that for years, and seeing you dressed like this only says so even more. You're here looking to pick someone up, aren't you?” Daryl asked softly but firmly.

“Yes.” He whispered.


“Anyone who'd give me a few bucks. I gotta get some money and get outta here, I gotta run away and get away from her. She's being such a bitch to me.”

“How much money have you made so far?”

“Only a couple thousand, but I need way more to be able to get anywhere.”

“Good grief, how many men have you been with, and for how long?”

“Three months now, and I can't count that high any more. I'm a bad person, aren't I?”

“Well, selling yourself like that doesn't exactly make you a good person, but certainly not bad. What would you think of coming out and living with us?”

“Really, you mean it, I could come live with you?”

“Yes, I mean it, and you can if you really want to.”

“But, well, I sorta like sex, but if you live way out in the bush, I'll never get it again.” Jimmy whispered.

“Ah, now you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. All three boys here enjoy playing with each other, fucking included, and both Glen and I here would enjoy you a great deal, I'm sure it would be mutual.”

“Really. Could I fuck the boys too?”

“If they let you, which I'm sure they'd be only too happy to. Brook won't be able to take you yet, but probably soon, and Luke will only take a little more preparation before he's ready. They just got into fucking today, their friend Lance showed them all the ins and outs, if you catch my drift.”

“Oh yeah, I definitely do.”

“I thought you might. By the way, how's your bed wetting?”

“Not in front of the others please!” He blushed furiously.

He had just had his entire sexual history aired in front of all them, and this embarrassed him. Daryl almost laughed.

“Oh please. You're so much like me when I was your age. You know I wet the bed 'til I was fifteen, you also know the boys still wet, and Brook still wears diapers full time. Another thing though that you don't know, we all wear diapers full time at our house now, we're diaper lovers, same as Glen and Lance are, and you can too if you like.”

“Really. I mean I knew there were other diaper lovers out there, but I've never met any. A few of the men who fucked me did like doing it through my diapers, but most didn't care for it.”

“Oh, you're gonna love living with us then. By the way, what have you got stuffed in your underwear?” Daryl laughed.

“A sock. Most of the guys just laugh when they see it, but say they don't care, they just want my hot little ass anyway, but more than a few enjoyed sucking what I do have. I'm not very big yet though.”

“I know, you and me are the same. I didn't start puberty 'til I was well into my fifteenth year, and you might not either. I doubt my boys will either mind you.”


Jimmy is also quite short for his age, almost the same hair as Luke's, but kept just a little longer. In the tight clothes that he prefers to wear, because they show off his very fit and toned little body, you can see that he is very lean. His features are also very similar to his uncle and cousins, the boys were often mistaken in the past as being brothers.

“So, um how are you gonna deal with my mom?”

“Oh, I know a few things that she doesn't want others to know.”


“Is she gonna be at work still then?”

“Yeah, and she'll likely go out after work again too.”

“Yeah, I know. Let's go to the bathroom and take that advertisement out of your underwear, even though it's pretty hot, and then we have to grab a few things while we're here.”

“Do I haveta, I enjoy the looks the guys give me, and your friend hasn't stopped drooling over me?” He giggled.

“Yes, I certainly don't want an undercover cop seeing you with me like this, even if you truly are my nephew, they wouldn't believe that if we said it, and too many questions would be asked.”

“I suppose that's true.” He sighed.

They went to the nearest bathroom and Jimmy went in alone. He came back out several minutes later and handed the sock to Daryl. Daryl took the sock and gave it a quick sniff before putting it in their bag.

“You smell good.”

“You're dirty, just like me.” Jimmy smiled brightly.

“Thanks. I take it you had to take care of something while in there?”

“Yeah, I was real hard.”

“I bet. You still dry too I imagine?”

“Yeah, but that's okay.”

“Nothing wrong with it. Come on.”

Jimmy just nodded and followed the others, sidling up beside Luke and whispering to him.

“So, you enjoy sex too huh?”

“Oh yeah, and I bet you'll feel real good inside my bum.”

“And I bet you'll feel real good inside too. I can't wait 'til tonight now.”

“Would you pee in me too?”

“Oh god yeah, that'd be so hot. Would you pee in me too?”


“Wicked. This is gonna be so great.”

“Yeah, it will be.”

Lance, who was walking with the other two boys, was enjoying the conversation as well, because he knew that he would get to enjoy the older and very good looking boy as well. The boys followed the men into a nearby store that sold all sorts of sports wear and went right to the rack of dance tights. Daryl picked out ten different ones, five for each Luke and Jimmy, asking them which colors they would like as he did.

After that store, they went and looked around for a while longer at a few other places, including the toy store, where the younger boys all got a few little things. After all the fun stuff was done, they headed to the medical supply store right next to the doors they came in through. In there, both Daryl and Glen loaded up on all sorts of diapers for all of them. Daryl also grabbed more cream and lotion, as well as wipes for all of them. Once that was done, they headed out.

“Okay, we're gonna head to your house Jimmy, I want you to go in and gather anything you want to take with you, and while you're doing that, I'm gonna call your mom.”


Jimmy hopped out and went inside. He went right to his bedroom and started packing everything he wanted to take with him in his duffel bag and his school back pack. He just dumped the contents of the backpack onto his bed for his mom to clean up, not caring any, and knowing that he would not be going back to school, which was definitely okay by him. He too, like Luke, had been bullied for a long time, and he hated it. When he had heard that Luke was moving away and was going to be home schooling at their new house, he was a bit jealous, because he was sick of the taunting. He too had wet his pants quite frequently, until he was about nine, and those taunts never died, everyone knew he was a bed wetter, so he was taunted for that as well, and probably everyone at school knew he was gay, but they assumed that he was no matter what, so he was taunted for that as well. Granted, a few of the boys had had some good times with him as well because he was gay, and he was not shy in bed, at all. Finally he had everything he could fit and wanted to take, so headed back out. He was gone at most ten minutes.

Daryl in the meantime had grabbed his phone and called his sisters work to speak to her. It took a few minutes for her to get to the phone.

“Hi, it's Daryl.”

“Oh, what do you want?” She asked snottily.

“Just to tell you that I'm taking Jimmy to live with me. I found him at the mall trying to do whatever he could to make money to escape you. “

“Let me guess, he was dressed all slutty again and was whoring himself out. I told him if he kept that shit up, and if I found out for sure that he was gay, that I'd kick him out. Why would you want him like that anyway, he's trash?”

“No, he's not, he's my nephew, and at least I love him, so I'll take him, even though yes, he's gay, you horrible hypocrite.”

“Why am I a hypocrite?”

“You honestly think I don't know what all you got up to before you found your so called god. Um, you were a dirty slut before then, and you still are now. A leopard doesn't change its spots just because they go to church. You don't even have a clue who Jimmy's father is, he was just some guy who paid you and the condom failed. And I happen to know for a fact that when you were a whore, that you had no problem going with women just as well as men, so now you treat your son like shit because he's gay. You really are sick, you know that right?”

“How do you know about that?”

“What, that you were a whore or that you went with women as well?”


“Because, you never hid it at all, and a few of my friends whispered to me that you were doing it, that you'd even offered yourself to them. I'm happy to say none of them took the offer, well except one that I'm pretty sure lied to me. That doesn't matter though, what matters is that you really are as horrible a mother as you were a sister to me. Now, I'll be sending you some papers that you're to sign and send back to me, we'll just do it by fax, so that you don't get to see my new address. Oh, and don't ever come asking for money again, because I'll let the police know everything I know, and I know a lot more than you wish I did. The only reason I ever gave you money before was to help out Jimmy, but I have him now, so I no longer care about you.”

“Fine.” She snapped and hung up.

“Sounded like that went well.” Glen laughed when Daryl turned his phone off.

“You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that to her. She was horrible to me growing up, she's a couple years younger than me, but she's bigger than me, she had been from the time she was four, and she did everything in her power to torture and taunt me. When she got to school, it was her that spread the fact that I was a dirty filthy bed wetter, she hated me, well the feeling was mutual. She also tried spreading around that I was gay, how she knew I don't know, because before today, I'd never had sex with another guy, and I certainly never told anyone, that was kept very secret and only one person knew it, me.”

“Mind you, I guess she didn't have to know, she just said it, because she knew it'd hurt me. As she got older, she got worse with me, once in high school, oh she became right nasty with me, but I couldn't tell my parents, they always played it off as just sibling rivalry and told me to try and get along with her. By the time I was in high school, I didn't bother telling them anything any more, because they just didn't listen to me. The day I moved out though was the best day of my life, because I was finally free of her. She still tried to torment me though.”

“I hadn't actually heard a thing from her for several years when she called me and told me she was pregnant, that she didn't know who the father was. She asked me to take the baby, but I was just freshly married and my wife didn't want kids yet. I told her that she should keep the baby and at least try and raise him or her better than she treated me. She constantly called and asked for money after that though, but I'll be very surprised if any of that money ever found Jimmy. Now it doesn't matter though.”

“Wonder what could have caused her to be like that?”

“No clue, probably jealous of me I guess. Who knows what for though, she demanded far more attention of our parents and got far more than I ever did, because she nearly demanded it, whereas I never asked for much at all. When it came time for me to go to university, which was two years early, because I graduated high school that much early to escape her, she actually tried to tell my parents not to send me, that I was never gonna amount to anything anyway, that it was a waste of money. That was the first time my parents ever truly realized just what she was like. I said see, that's how she always is to me.”

“She never graduated, so the money that they had saved for her to go to university went unused, so they gave it to me, because I decided to stay and go for my masters, so I was there for seven years and graduated when I was twenty four. That was the year I got married as well and the year Jimmy was born. Boy was she pissed at my parents though when she found out that they gave her schooling money to me to stay longer and get even better, she accused them of not loving her, that they should've given the money to her, but they said that that money was for school, and for school only, that had she gone to university, that it would've been hers, but she didn't, and I needed it, so they gave it to me. She was furious and tried to destroy my relationship with them by saying all sorts of things, things they knew weren't true. The year after I graduated, they died, and all their money was left to me, because she'd tried everything to sabotage our relationship, and even stated in their will that they couldn't give her money that she didn't deserve. Boy was she furious. I ended up giving her a bunch of money, but nowhere near to what she would've otherwise, so that she could raise her new born son. But in that case, I actually went and bought everything that she would need, including dozens of cases of diapers and formula and stuff like that.”

“Wow, that's horrible. How did she manage to raise Jimmy at all then?”

“Not sure, but I know for a fact that he's never truly felt loved at home, he loved to come to our house as often as possible, where I was sure to show him as much love as I could, and he adored the boys. He cried so hard the day I told him we were moving, and that we were moving an hour away, I almost took him with me, and I probably should've, if I had've known what he was up to, but I had no idea. I didn't tell him where exactly we were moving, because I didn't want for him to tell his mom, I had vowed to never give her another penny.”

“Why didn't you just take him then?”

“Not really sure, I suppose I should have, but now it doesn't matter. You know though, what's truly sad, is that I married someone who turned out to be just like her. I didn't see it at first of course, but after a few years, I knew she was only there for my money. At school, she knew what I was taking and what I was gonna do, and guessed that I'd probably do very well and make very good money. She was failing everything in school, why she was even there was beyond me, but when we married, she dropped out and left her parents with the debt, and just lived the easy life with me. She didn't even want kids, said they were too much money and trouble, but I made her, because I wanted kids, and it was me that was earning the money and it wasn't like she did anything else anyway, other than spend my hard earned money.”

“I threatened to divorce her and that I had put into the pre nuptial agreement that children were mandatory, that if she were frigid, she'd get nothing. She wasn't too terribly pleased with that I tell you. I'm surprised she didn't ask to see the agreement so that she could read it for herself, but she never did. That too ended up working out to my benefit though, because the day I caught her cheating on me, I nailed her to the wall, she got nothing if she were unfaithful, at all, no questions asked. She's actually in jail now for some of the things she tried to get my money, the only thing she wanted from me. She tried to accuse me of molesting the boys, of doing all sorts of other things, anything and everything she could to get my money. Of course there was simply no evidence at all of that, nothing, and the judge jailed her for two years for directly lying to him, because we ended up in court. As the police were dragging her out, she was screaming at me to beat a banshee, it was horrible. The judge even said, no wonder you divorced her. She's the last female I'll ever be with though.”

“Wow, that's horrible. Glad I never went through any of that.”

“Yeah, but whatever, what's done is done and I've learned my lesson. Oh, here comes Jimmy, don't tell him any of this though. I'm sure he knows some of it already, but what all, I don't know.” Daryl said. He was not worried about the boys in the back seat telling, because they were still enraptured with their movie, and with their headphones on, they would not have heard the quiet conversation.


Jimmy hopped in the van, and after a quick conversation, Daryl just making sure that Jimmy had everything he needed, they headed out. They hit the grocery store next and both men loaded up on plenty of groceries to last the next week or so. Once they were done there, they headed back toward home. Jimmy was in the back enjoying the movie with the younger boys.

The drive was pretty long and quiet, but eventually they made it home.

“Wow, you live so far away, but it's so nice out here.” Jimmy said as they hopped out of the van.

“No, we live so far away, but yeah, it is. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it, so I bought it instantly.”

“Cool, thanks.”

“So, is there a little baby boy who'd like to go get into a nice thick baby diaper?” Daryl asked.

“Oh, yes please.” Jimmy said happily.

“Then follow me.” Daryl said as he grabbed the bag that had Jimmy's diapers in it.

The funny thing was that not only did Jimmy follow Daryl, but so did Glen and all three of the other boys. They wished to enjoy the show as well, Jimmy thought that this was great. They headed inside and Daryl led them all to his bedroom, and as soon as they were all there, he stripped his young nephew right bare. He was as big and hard as a four inch long iron spike.

“You're a pretty respectable size for eleven already, that's a nice little mouth full.” Daryl sighed.

“Thanks. I haven't had anyone suck me in a while, could you?”

“For sure.”

Daryl picked Jimmy up and laid him on the bed and then got on as well and went straight for his target. He sucked Jimmy in to the root, taking his cute little balls and all and really giving him his all, sucking and playing with everything he had to make it incredible for Jimmy.

Jimmy lasted only thirty seconds for his first orgasm, but as soon as he was down, Daryl slipped out of position and urged Glen forth, who did the exact same thing to the little boy. This time Jimmy lasted almost two minutes before cumming. As soon as he was down, Luke was urged forth, who was only able to take Jimmy's dick, but he enjoyed it a great deal, and made Jimmy cum again in about three minutes. Brook came forth next to suck his cousin, and another three minutes later, he came, and finally Lance took up the final position and sucked Jimmy until he came, about five minutes later this time.

All the while that the others had been sucking him, Jimmy was moaning and sighing, loving every torturous second of it. After his third rapid fire orgasm, he was starting to really burn up, but it felt so good too, and he had no desire for it to ever end. Finally it did though, and as soon as Lance was out of the way, Daryl came back in, this time with a diaper and cream, and diapered Jimmy up nice and thick.

“Wow, that was so awesome, thanks, and thanks for the diaper as well, these are great.”

“You're welcome.” Everyone said together.

“I definitely think I'm gonna like living here.”

“And we'll enjoy you living here as well I think.” Daryl smiled.

With that taken care of, everyone felt that they were now very seriously over dressed, so they all stripped down to just their lightly soggy diapers. Jimmy thought that this was great, he loved seeing all the others in just their diapers as well. After that they all headed back out to the van and brought everything in, and took it to the two houses and got everything put away where it belonged.

After that they all sat around in the back yard for the next few hours, the boys playing together on the play ground or with toys, while the men just sat around talking more and more. Glen bade farewell to the others just before dinner time, beckoning Lance to come with him, of whom did not want to go of course, but finally they headed back over to their house. Daryl and his boys headed in as well to make and eat dinner, and as soon as that was done, they all sat down to watch TV together for the rest of the evening. Come bedtime though there was going to be some fun times had by all.

“Uncle Daryl, would you fuck me please?” Jimmy asked as they were heading to the bedroom.


“Jimmy, could you fuck me please?” Luke asked?”

“Okay.” He answered brightly.

“Could you fuck me please Luke?” Brook asked last.

“Okay.” He answered.

“Great, then Luke, you fuck Brook first, then Jimmy can fuck you, and then I'll fuck Jimmy, and then the three of you can play with me and we can go from there.” Daryl smiled brightly, thinking that this was going to be a great night.

“Okay.” All three boys said, all of them thinking the exact same thing.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, Brook got himself into position on his hands and knees in the center of the bed, and Luke pulled his soggy diaper down in the back enough to prepare his little brother. He started out by licking his brothers sweet tasty hole, and then took the lube his dad was passing him. They had just bought it that day. Luke took some and prepared his baby brothers little hole, and then a few moments later, he was ready, so Luke got up onto his knees and pulled the front of his diaper down to reveal that he was incredibly hard. He wasted no time at all in slipping his entire seven year old erection inside his little brother and then fucking him without mercy. Brook of course was loving it, it felt amazing after all.

“Oh god, here I cum, and I'm gonna piss in your pussy as well.”

“Ugh, me too, pee in me.” Brook cried out in his high squeaky little voice, sounding as if he were really enjoying himself. The sounds he was making almost made the others cum as well.

A few seconds later Daryl and Jimmy could see that both boys were done, but Luke was still peeing in his little brother, filling him up well. As soon as he was finished and down from his great orgasm, Luke pulled out and pulled up Brook's diaper. He then got onto his hands and knees, saying that he was ready for his turn now.

Jimmy took no time in taking up the offer that was presented to him and pulled his younger cousins diaper down in the back and showing Luke that his tongue was very talented, every bit as much as Lance's had been. Jimmy then took the offered lube and prepared Luke fully, and then slipped in. Jimmy was considerably larger than Lance was, so Daryl was worried that Jimmy would hurt Luke, but Luke sure did not sound in pain as his cousin slid deep inside. He moaned lowly the entire time, sighing out how good it felt even.

Jimmy was a right little pro though at fucking, and made slow love to his cousin, grinding his hips even as he went in, as well as changing pace and direction every few seconds, and from the sounds Luke was making as his cousin was fucking him, this would not be the last time. Even Brook was thinking that he wanted that very soon.

“God, I'm cumming, you're so good, piss in my pussy when you cum please?” Luke gasped out, but all the others could see and hear that he was definitely going to be cumming very soon.

“Okay.” Jimmy gasped out and kept right on going.

A few seconds later Luke entered his orgasm, which was clearly too much for Jimmy, because he followed suit less than a second later. They both squealed and quaked as they came, and then Jimmy peed deep inside Luke. Once he was done, Jimmy pulled out, pulled up Luke's diaper, and then got into position himself.

Daryl had never licked someone's asshole before, though he felt it could not be any worse than his ex demanding he do so to her nasty smelling cunt, so he too pulled down the back of Jimmy's diaper and went in face first. He had to admit the thought of it was nasty, but when he was in there, it was anything but. In fact, he loved it a great deal and really gave Jimmy some good oral anal action, and Jimmy was moaning a lot from it. Jimmy had had his asshole licked many times, but never this well, and it was usually followed very quickly by a large dick very quickly following it. Jimmy was feeling that he very well might cum just from this, something that he had never experienced before. Daryl was not stopping though, and only a minute later after thinking it, Jimmy did cum from just Daryl tonguing his hole.

Daryl got up smiling brightly, and then pulled Jimmy's diaper back up, poked a hole in it and his in the right places, and then lined up and sunk in balls deep in Jimmy's incredible little ass. He did not even lube Jimmy up any more than with his saliva, because he was so open and pulsing already that Daryl knew it was not necessary. As he sank in though, they both sighed deeply. Never before had Daryl experienced a hole so tight and hot, yet so soft and open all at the same time. Fucking Glen had been nearly as good, but Jimmy was just a bit tighter still. How it could feel good Daryl had no idea, but the sounds Jimmy was making sure were not pained sounds, they were definitely pleasure sounds.

Daryl started fucking Jimmy long and slow, really doing his best to make it last and to make it good, because it felt so good to him, and he wanted it to be more so for Jimmy. Jimmy thought that there was no way anything could be better than this, Daryl was fucking him so much nicer than any man or teen ever had before. It never even hurt the tiniest bit when Daryl entered him, and there was always at least a little pain, even with teens, but Daryl had prepared him very well.

Daryl was unfortunately unable to last more than five minutes, but when he came, it was huge. He really filled Jimmy up well, and then he let go with a large stream of pee and filled Jimmy even more so. He groaned lowly as he was being filled up.

“Oh god, that feels so weird, no one's ever pissed in me before, but I think I like it.”

“Good. Sorry I didn't ask, I figured that you pissed in Luke, so I could piss in you.” Daryl sighed as he was finishing off.

“That's okay, I wanted to feel it too.”

“I have to go pee Daddy, can I pee in your bum please?” Brook asked.

“Sure thing Baby. Why don't you boys finger me good, and then you can stick that hot little baby bone in my ass and fill me up as much as you can.” Daryl smiled.

“Okay.” He said brightly.

Daryl laid down on his stomach for the boys and they went to work right away. They did not bother to pull his diaper down, just three hands went right inside his diaper and started toying with his hot hole and big balls. It felt amazing Daryl thought. The boys fingered and toyed with his asshole for a good ten minutes before really inserting anything. Brook was the first to really insert more than just a finger though. He went straight to three fingers and really started fingering his daddy, then added a fourth and went to town, but then he slipped his entire hand deep inside his daddy and started really fisting him good and proper.

“My god, does one of you have his hand inside me, that's big?”

“Brook does Daddy, Jimmy and I just have a finger inside you.”

“Oh god, that's amazing.” Daryl moaned.

“Good Daddy.” Brook smiled brightly.

For more than ten minutes the boys played with Daryl like this before it became too much for him and he came again. As soon as he was down from his large orgasm, the boys pulled their hands out of his ass and or diaper and let him come down. As he was coming down though, Brook was busily removing his daddy's diaper, and then he pulled his off and climbed onto his dads back, lining up so that he could stick his little erection in his daddy's wide gaping hole. As soon as he was inserted, he started fucking his daddy, wanting one last cum himself, and it was quick, barely a minute later and he was cumming. As soon as he was able to, he jammed his little dick in as far as he could and started filling his dad up full of the pee he had stored. Daryl had not been filled with pee before either, and like Jimmy, he thought it felt weird but good.

“Wow, that was hot, thanks Baby. Luke, could you grab me a fresh diaper please and get me diapered. Grab diapers for the rest of you too though please and I'll change all of you too, because you're gonna need it.”

“Okay.” Luke said brightly and went and did just that.

Luke was back a moment later and Daryl was lovingly diapered. Daryl then got up and diapered all three boys nice and thick as well. As soon as they were all nice and thickly diapered, they all laid down and wished each other a good night, and then passed out.