Chapter 3

It has been more than a week since Daryl found out everything and found incredible sex. Every day they all play around as well, sometimes with Glen and Lance, other times just by themselves. Brook keeps asking for Jimmy to fuck him, and Luke keeps asking Daryl to fuck him, but both were still told they had to learn to stretch far more before they could, though they were both working very hard to be able to. Daryl and Glen had enjoyed each other a few times while the boys watched, but they enjoyed Lance and Jimmy far more, often trading boys back and forth until they were all worn out. It had been a good week to be sure. Daryl and his boys had just finished having a great morning session an hour or so before, they had went and had breakfast, and were now just sitting back and relaxing. Daryl, Jimmy and Brook were sitting watching TV, while Luke was on the computer.

“Hey Daddy, I'm on Craig's List and there's an ad in here, someone's giving away their horse, they can't afford him any more, says he's perfectly broken and great with children and adults, four years old, twenty hands high already and still growing, though probably done now, and he's so nice looking. Can we get him please?”

“Oh, I don't know Baby. I've never handled horses before, I don't know a thing about them.”

“Can't be that hard. He says if we want all the tack, we can have it all for a thousand dollars as well. We could probably ask the guy how best to take care of a horse, as well as how to saddle and ride him. Please?”

“Give me the phone number and I'll call.” Daryl sighed.

Luke gave it right away and Daryl called. The guy seemed really nice, but was very upset that he had to give up his dearly beloved horse, but that he had lost his job and could not afford to keep him, so wanted him to go to someone who could love him. Daryl promised that they would certainly love him, but that admittedly he had no idea how to care for a horse. The man told Daryl that he would be happy to teach him anything he needed to know. Daryl asked what all he had for the horse that he could buy, because he would need it all anyway. He had a trailer, saddle, bridle and reins, several blankets and many other things. Daryl offered him five thousand for the works, he accepted right away, thinking that he would get maybe four if he was lucky. Daryl made arrangements to come and do the deal later that morning.

“Thanks so much Daddy, I've always wanted a horse, they're so nice, and I loved riding them at the fair.”

“You're welcome.”

“While you were talking to the guy, I was looking to see if anyone else had horses, and there's another two for sale, one's five and the other's seven years old. They're both broken and friendly, one wants a thousand and the other wants fifteen hundred, but they both come with all their tack. Could we get them too Daddy?”

“Let's just start with one Baby, that'll be enough work for now, and we don't even have a barn for them.”

“What difference does it make, one or three?”

“You're good enough in math to know the difference is two.” Daryl said straight faced.

“You know that's not what I meant Daddy.” Luke sighed.

“I know. I'll think about it, okay. Let's deal with the one first, and then maybe tomorrow or the next day if they're still available, we'll think about it.”

“Okay, thanks Daddy.”

“Uncle Daryl, if you want a barn, you can get one built for real cheap. A guy I knew had one of those big metal ones installed and it only took a few days to do, and he said it was cheap too, at least compared to having a full wooden shop done. All you'd have to do is put the cement down.”

“I've seen them before, but not sure who does that sorta thing in town.”

“Ask at the ranch supply place, I bet they know. We'll have to go there anyway probably for food and stuff for the horse.”

“Good idea. Um, I hate to be the bearer of bad news though, but we only have a van and it doesn't have a trailer hitch on it, so how are we supposed to tow the horse trailer?”

“Oh, maybe the guy will deliver it out here for us and we can get a truck later?” Luke said hopefully.

“We'll have to wait and see. I suppose we could go there and talk to the guy. Luke, go over to Glen and Lance's and tell them what's happening and ask if they want to come with us?”


Luke took off right away in just his soggy diaper, not even putting on shoes, and headed over to the other house. He was back not even five minutes later.

“They said they'd love to come. Glen says he knows lots about horses, he grew up around them, so could probably teach us everything we need to know..” Luke said as he ran back in.

“Oh, that's good. Well boys, fresh diapers, diaper shirts and then dressed I guess.”

“Yippee.” They all called out and went and did just that.

They were out by the van waiting not even ten minutes later. Glen and lance were already in there waiting for them, they had just arrived seconds before. As soon as they were all piled in, they headed out. The boys put on a movie and watched it for the nearly hour and a half that it took them to make it to the guys house who had the horse. When they pulled in, a man came out and greeted them and introduced himself. The others all introduced themselves to him, and then they got about talking.

Daryl explained that his friend knew all about horses, so they were good there, and then he explained his dilemma about getting the horse home. He said he could drive them, but if they wanted to buy his truck, they could, because he was looking to sell it too, so that he only had the one car to worry about. He wanted another five for it, and Daryl felt it was fair, so gave the man a check for it. He had been smart enough to grab a couple insurance transfer papers on the way in, thankfully he grabbed a spare for just in case, because as it turned out, they needed it. They were there for only an hour and drove out with a new horse, trailer, truck and all the accessories.

Daryl had to hit an insurance place, because the truck and trailer now needed to be put fully into his name and insured, so that was taken care of quickly. Before too long, they were headed out again.

They then hit the ranch supply place, because while the guy had some grain for the horse, he had not much left, and horses liked grain as well as grass and hay, so they needed some more of that too. When they arrived, they looked around for a while and found lots of neat things. Daryl asked about anyone who could build a prefab metal barn. The guy he asked said they stocked two different sizes, and that all he needed was to have it delivered and that Daryl could either pay to have someone come out and install it or he could do it himself. Daryl figured it would not be that hard to do, so said to deliver it. All he had to do was figure out how to put the concrete down, but the guy told him all he needed was asphalt, so Daryl decided to do that instead, because it was cheaper and faster.

“We're gonna need fence material as well Daryl, so that we can fence in the horse for safety.” Glen pointed out.

“Ah, good point.” Daryl said, so they went and looked at the fencing options.

They ended up finding a thousand foot roll of wire grid fencing, so took that and all the posts for it. Daryl decided to buy the post hole digger to make their life easier, since they did not have a tractor, nor did he wish to buy one, even though the boys asked him if he could. They ended up leaving the store having spent several thousand dollars, like nearly fifty, but at least they had lots to show for it.

“Well boys, you realize we spent a huge amount of money today, money that we technically didn't have to spend?”

“We'll be fine daddy, if we have to, we can just stop feeding Brook.” Luke grinned.

“Hey.” Brook whined, smacking his big brother in the arm.

“Just teasing.” Luke grinned, ruffling his little brothers hair lovingly.

“If anyone were to stop being fed, it'd be you, this was your idea after all.” Daryl laughed.

“I know.” Luke smiled.

They all hopped in the truck and van and headed out. Daryl pointed them to a place that did paving and asked to have a truck come out and do what he wanted done. They agreed right away and said they would be there the next morning to get it done. Daryl made the payment, because they wanted it up front, and then they were gone. The barn was scheduled to be delivered the following afternoon, so that was perfect. From there they decided that since they were in town, that they should probably stock up on groceries and supplies, so they headed to the store and went shopping. They got all sorts of groceries and more diapers all around before heading home.

“Wow, it's almost dinner time, we sure were gone a long time, and boy am I ever hungry. You guys wanna stay for dinner tonight?” Daryl asked Glen.

“Sure, why not.” Glen smiled.

They all helped to bring everything in and get it put away, and then they all helped to cook their dinner and eat it. As soon as they were done cleaning that up, they felt that they should go get their new horse out of the trailer and get him learning everyone. His name is Lightening.

“Hey there Lightening, how are you?” Luke went up and asked him softly to calm him down.

He whinnied lightly and took the handful of oats that Luke offered to him, eating it happily.

“That's a good boy. For tonight you'll have to stay in the trailer, so that you're safe, but let's get you out and roaming around a bit so that you can move around some, would you like that?” Luke asked softly again, connecting a long lead to his bridle.

The back door of the trailer was opened for him as soon as Luke had Lightening connected, and Luke led him out. He was very gentle, so was Luke, and within a few minutes, Lightening was enjoying all the loving pats and rubs from all his new family. They each fed him a handful of oats, and Brook even had a carrot for him, and Lightening gladly took that and ate it all up. They all brushed him down and cleaned him up nicely, and Lightening sure seemed to enjoy it. Luke even led him around for a while to let him stretch his legs more and get some good movement, but before too long, Lightening was ushered back into the trailer for the night to keep him protected from wild animals.

“Okay boys, back inside for the night. Have a good night Glen and Lance.” Daryl said once Lightening was well secured.

“You too guys, see you in the morning.”

They all headed off in their own direction to their own house, and before too long, Daryl and his boys were back inside their house, stripped down to just their very wet diapers.

“What should we do boys?”

“Can we go to the bedroom and have some fun?” Brook asked.

“Ah, a horny little baby boy this evening are we?” Daryl smiled.

“Unh huh.” He nodded happily.

“Okay boys, let's go then.”

“Goody.” All three boys called out happily. They all universally loved playing around, especially with Daryl.

“Jimmy, can you fuck me tonight please, I know I can take you now, you guys have all been fingering me lots, and I know I can take you?” Brook pleaded.

Jimmy just looked to Daryl.

“I don't know Brook, he's still gonna hurt you a bit I think if he puts his hot hard little baby cock in you.” Daryl said softly.

“Yeah, it might hurt a bit, but I don't care, I know I can take him.”

“And if Jimmy fucks Brook Daddy, I want you to fuck me, I know I can take you now too, Brook can almost fist me like he fists you and Jimmy?” Luke said.

“I don't know about this.” Daryl said.

Over the course of the past several days, they had all been playing around a lot, and Brook and Luke were both able to take more and more deep inside them, and Daryl was even convinced that Luke would be able to take his ample dick after seeing Brook nearly slip his entire hand inside his big brother the day before, but Brook was still so small, and he still cried out a bit if they added too much. Though it should be said that he absolutely loved his brothers dick as deep inside him as Luke could give it, as well he was very appreciative of Daryl fingering him, at least with one finger, Brook had yet to be able to take two of his fingers with ease. Brook could take two of Jimmy's fingers easily now though, but Daryl was still not convinced that this would be enough, but had to admit to himself that Jimmy really was not any larger than two fingers width anyway, so maybe Brook could do it. The boys just sat there watching Daryl as he thought it all out, trying to make the decision, all of them hoping that he would say yes. Finally he looked up.

“Okay, I'll allow it, only if both you boys promise that you say stop if it starts to hurt too much, okay.”

“Thank you Daddy.” They both said happily and flung themselves at Daryl and hugged him tightly.

A few minutes later, both boys were positioned on their backs with their legs up and out, spread out well for what was to come. Daryl and Jimmy both took plenty of lube and were starting to really work the boys who both very much wanted to go further and take more. It was going to take some time and patience though for the boys to able to take the dicks that they very much wanted to take.

Almost fifteen minutes later, both boys on the receiving end of the preparations could take no more. Not only were Daryl and Jimmy fingering the two little boys to open them up well, but they were very softly and slowly rubbing their hot little baby boners through their soggy baby diapers to make them feel even better. So with all this going on, it was no surprise that the two young boys would have a great baby boygasm before too long. Both Daryl and Jimmy knew that as soon as the boys came, they were ready. Both boys now had as much in them as they needed to take in order to take what they really wanted.

With a nod, Daryl told Jimmy that the boys were ready, so they both stood up, extracted their painfully hard erections from the front of their soggy diapers, and then inserted them into the holes in the boys' diapers, lining themselves up to the treasures buried inside. With another nod, Daryl told Jimmy to start gently pushing.

The moans that both boys had been giving off during the fingering, telling of their immense pleasure while being prepared, increased in not only volume, but in quantity as well while Jimmy and Daryl started pushing forth. Very slowly both Daryl and Jimmy slid in, both watching the boys' reactions very closely, to make sure they were not hurting the little boys beneath them, because they were almost certain that the boys would not say stop, no matter what they felt, both knew that the boys were far too stubborn for that. They wanted this a great deal, and they wanted it enough to accept any pain, but Daryl and Jimmy would not do that to the boys, they would back off if they saw any pain. They never saw it though. They both winced lightly from time to time if their fuckers pushed just a little too much or too hard, but for the most part, they only sighed as Daryl and Jimmy slid in them. Jimmy, of course being far smaller, bottomed out in Brook first, but Daryl was only a second behind him in Luke.

“Wow, he's so tight.” Jimmy sighed once they were both all the way in.

“Yeah, so's Luke. Just go slow and gentle now, both boys are gonna be in some serious pain tomorrow morning as it is, so we don't want to go too fast or hard and make it worse for them than it already will be.”

“I know, trust me, I remember my first time with an adult, and it wasn't anywhere near fun the next day, but I was about as prepared as Brook is, in other words, I would've only been able to take a cock in my ass my size easily, not an adults, but I was too horny and wanted it so bad that I put up with it. It really burned at first, but did feel really good too, but the next day was really bad. I had to stay home from school, I couldn't even walk.”

“Sorry to hear that.”

“Why, I'm not. One thing good about it was that I stayed stretched open like that, and every time after that it was far easier to take adults. But I do think that slowly doing it would've been better for me, and that's how we're gonna do it with Brook. Luke's already able to take an adult easily, he's stretched slow enough. Now, enough talk, let's do it.” Luke grinned, and with that, started a slow gentle extraction.

Luke, who had been about to say something, did not get the chance to, because as soon as Jimmy started pulling out, so did Daryl, and this caused both boys beneath them to moan in even more pleasure. Very slowly, both Daryl and Jimmy pulled out, and then even slower still slipped back in, both of them were giving the boys a very long slow ride, trying to make it the best possible for their first times with more girth the first time. Both boys though were thinking that there was no way that it could get any better than this.

Even though both Brook and Luke had cum not all that long ago, the sensations were just too much for them, it felt so good to be filled up so much, that they were ready to cum at just about the five minute mark. They were both squeaking and squealing so cutely as they always did, it was getting faster and higher pitched, telling both Daryl and Jimmy what was about to happen. As the boys were preparing to cum though, their anal walls were massaging Daryl and Jimmy more so too, and hearing and seeing the boys getting so close, was causing them to be nearly there as well.

Brook was the first to explode, followed less than a second later by Luke, and then both Daryl and Jimmy followed together almost at the same time half a second after that. It was a great orgasm to say the least, and it caused all four of them to slump down. None of them softened though, none of them were ready to stop, they just had to come down.

“Wow, so good. Can you fill me up real good Jimmy and piss fuck me now please?” Brook was the first to come down and ask.

“Okay.” Jimmy said happily, and with the main pressure relieved, he really did have to pee now too.

“Can you do the same for me please Daddy?” Luke asked hopefully as well.

“Sure Baby.” Daryl smiled brightly.

A second later, Daryl and Jimmy both let their loads go, and both Brook and Luke sighed deeply at being so fully filled. Jimmy, who was far more experienced at this, actually managed to start slowly fucking Brook as he was peeing inside him, whereas Daryl could not seem to do so, every time he started moving, he stopped peeing. So he would pee for a second, thrust a few times and pause, and then pee for a second, and he kept this up until he was drained. Of course this meant that he lasted far longer than Jimmy did too, and Luke did not see that as being a bad thing.

Both Daryl and Jimmy though, once they were finished filling the boys fully, started a nice slow and tender motion once again inside the boys' freshly filled bums, going long and slow once again. Brook and Luke were now moaning and sighing up a storm, saying all sorts of things, really saying how good they felt. This was probably the thing that was driving Daryl and Jimmy the most, hearing the boys enjoy themselves so fully, both literally and figuratively.

For ten minutes they managed to last this time, ten wondrous, glorious minutes they lasted, before it just became too much. At almost the exact same time this time, they all came, and it was strong. But that was also it, they all slumped down, they all softened almost completely, Brook passed out cold, and the others felt as if they might too, and soon.

“Wow, that was incredible.” Luke sighed out so deeply that it surprised the other two.

“Yeah.” Both Daryl and Jimmy had to agree, both with their own sighs of contentment.

“Could you double diaper me please Daddy, instead of taking this diaper off?” Luke asked.

“Sure Baby. Do the same for Brook, Jimmy, you know he'd be upset if his big baby brother was double diapered and he wasn't.” Daryl smiled.

“I was gonna anyway, and it's how I want it too.”

“Yeah, same here.”

Daryl slipped out of bed on legs that felt more jelly like than anything and went and grabbed all that they would be needing. He gave Jimmy a diaper for Brook, and then they both went about preparing the two little boys' inner diapers and applying their fresh new outer diapers. As soon as Luke and Brook were taken care of, Luke and Daryl took care of Jimmy's diaper, and then Jimmy and Luke took care of Daryl's.

“Ah, much better. Goodnight my little baby boys, have a good sleep.” Daryl smiled warmly to them, giving each of them a kiss before laying down. He even kissed Brook, but of course he was already fast asleep.

“Goodnight Daddy.” Both boys still awake said happily before also laying down fully and curling up to sleep.

The three of them fell asleep quickly and slept all the way through the night without any problems, and with hardly any moving about at all. They even managed to sleep in a bit for them before all waking up happy and fresh.

“Mmm, good morning my soggy baby boys. How did you sleep last night?” Daryl sighed as he was stretching, he was the last to wake up.

“Really good.” They all said as one.

“That's good. Well, should we get up boys?”


“And how do your bums feel this morning Luke and Brook?”

“Really good, not even sore.” Luke answered first.

“Same, I feel great.” Brook said happily.

“Do either of you need any healing cream on your little bum holes?”

“Don't think so.” They both answered.

“Okay, I'll check them after breakfast when we change our diapers.”


They all got up after a few more minutes of cuddling, a few kisses being handed out as well, and headed to the kitchen to get some much needed breakfast. As with every other morning after an evening of fun and games in the bedroom, they were always very hungry the next day. They made and ate a good hearty healthy breakfast, cleaned that all up, and then headed back to the bedroom to get changed and ready for the day.

“Well, you boys don't look as if you bruised too bad, but you are bruised, and it'll probably get a bit sore before the end of the day.” Daryl said after looking at both boys' bums closely during their diaper change.

“It's a little tender, but not bad Daddy.” Luke said.

“Same.” Brook added.

“That's good to hear. Nothing inside your bums at all today though, okay, let yourselves heal first, tomorrow might even still be out of the question, we'll have to wait and see. Just remember, it's better to go slow and work into it than to tear and have to deal with that.”

“We know, you've told us that enough already.” Luke sighed. He did not really care one way or the other, he just wanted sex.

Daryl and Jimmy creamed both boys up heavily and then diapered them up nice and thickly, and then traded places, and the younger boys changed their diapers as well. Once they were all diapered, they got dressed, because the paving crew would likely be there before too long, and they all felt it prudent to be dressed when they arrived. Once they were dressed, they headed outside to see where the best place to put their new barn would be. Not even five minutes after coming outside, Glen and Lance came out as well.

“So, how was it?” Lance asked Luke.

“How was what?”

“Don't give me that, I can tell from how you look this morning that you finally got your daddy last night, didn't you?” Lance grinned brightly. “That and we heard you through the baby monitor.”

“Oh, it was great. Brook even took Jimmy too, and we both loved it. They both came in us, and then pissed in us, and then fucked us again.” Luke answered happily.

The men both smiled brightly, because they were all standing there together, so they all heard the conversation.

“So, how was he, was he real tight?” Glen asked.

“Yes and no. He was real tight, but he took me easily.”

“And Brook took me easily too.” Jimmy added.

“Awesome.” Glen said.

“Yeah, wanna trade babies soon, or even better yet, come over for an orgy when the boys are both healed a bit?”

“Fuck yeah I do. Probably day after tomorrow would be best, let them heal real well. I also suggest you put butt plugs in them tonight once they've healed a bit, so that you don't hurt them, but so that they heal a bit more stretched out. It works great.”

“I don't have any, do you have any we could borrow?”

“Sure do.” Glen smiled.

“Great, we'll grab them later then. I think I'll have to go buy some before too long, because it sounds enjoyable.”

“They are. We don't have many, so you'll want to buy yourself some for sure, because we certainly don't wanna give up our toys. Granted, you can keep the smallest one we have for Brook, because we don't use it any more.”


“So, where should we put the barn then do you think?”

“We'll want a fair bit of space around it to be fenced in, as well we'll want it nice and flat, so I say right over there. It's nice and close to the house too, so that's good.” Glen answered, pointing over to a small clearing.

“That's where I was thinking as well. There's some shit in the way though, so we should go clear it out before the pavers get here. They can just pave right over top of the grass though, so that's fine.”

Glen nodded, and before the men could say anything, the boys were already heading over there to start cleaning up the area so that the pavers could do their work. As soon as they were finished that, Luke went to the trailer to get Lightening out, so that he could eat some nice fresh grass, as well as get some water. Jimmy went and grabbed a large bucket for the water and filled it up for Lightening, and Lance and Brook headed into the house to each grab some more breakfast for him, Brook grabbed an apple, and Lance grabbed a carrot.

Luke got Lightening out easily enough and and he seemed happy to be out where he could move around more. He enjoyed the apple and carrot, had a good long drink, and then Luke added a large length of rope to the lead and tied Lightening to a tree out of the area where the crew that had just arrived was to work. Luke and Lance both grabbed brushes and started brushing him down while the others all went to talk to the paving crew.

Daryl told the guys where the pad was to be laid and they got to work quickly setting up. Of course this did not take long, and before too long, they dumped a good portion of the asphalt out and were spreading it by hand. They dumped and spread a couple more times to make it the right size, until they used up all that they had, and then the roller was employed to finish off the job, to pack it all down and make it solid. It was actually quite quick to do, and in only a couple hours they were done the huge pad. Daryl thanked the men, and before too long, they were packed up and gone.

Almost as soon as the one crew left, the next one was there to offload their new barn. It came on two trucks, and there were an awful lot of pieces that looked really big and heavy Daryl thought.

“You think we're gonna be able to do this?” Daryl asked Glen.

“Well, the guy who sold it to us said there wasn't really any real work involved, and most of the pieces are pretty light, so we should be fine.”

“I've never built anything like this though, I'm not exactly a builder type.”

“Good thing you have me here then huh?” Glen smiled,

“I'll say.”

It took almost an hour for the two trucks to be fully unloaded, and the final thing that was offloaded was a large box that Daryl was told had all the nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and most importantly, the instructions. As soon as they were gone, Daryl went and grabbed the box and opened it up. He pulled out the instructions, that were thankfully right on top, and opened them up to give them a quick read.

“Well, this looks simple enough.” Daryl said after a while, Glen had been there looking at the plans as well.

“Yeah, we should be able to get it done by tomorrow some time if we get to work on it right away and work hard at it.”

“Okay, well let's get er done then. Boys, you'll have to help where possible, but stay out of the way whenever we tell you, okay.”

“Okay.” They all called out.

They all got started right away by going and grabbing all the tools that the instructions said that they would be needing. After that they all worked hard to get the new barn all set up. They worked hard right through until bedtime, stopping only to have dinner, that Jimmy went in and made, while the rest worked. They were all so tired that night that they did not play. Glen had remembered the conversation from earlier though and had Lance grab the two butt plugs that Luke and Brook would be needing, so he ran and grabbed them. During diaper changes that night, Daryl and Jimmy took the honors of lubing up the little boys and inserting their toys for the night. Both boys sighed. They were all nice and thickly diapered up before long and asleep even sooner than that.

The next morning, they all had a good hearty breakfast, and then went and started working hard once again. The men of course had the bulk of the hard work, but the boys were also kept running almost the entire day, grabbing all sorts of things whenever they were needed. By the time bed time was rolling around again, they were almost complete, and they were certain that the following day, they would be done by noon.

They were completed at just a little after eleven the following morning, and it looked really good. It looked just like an old fashioned red roofed barn with wood siding, except it was all metal of course. It was forty feet wide and almost a hundred feet long, had a large door at either end, as well as smaller man door at the house end. All they would need to do now was to build some actual stalls, but that was going to wait a few days.

Luke and Brook both wore their borrowed butt plugs all day almost every chance they could during the next day and a bit, only taking them out to go to the bathroom, they both loved them and wanted to really stay open.

“Well guys, we did it, and it looks great. Thanks boys and Glen for all your help. I doubt I would've been able to do that myself.”

“No problem.” They all said.

“Now, I doubt I have to ask anyone here, but I'm getting horny and want some serious sex, anyone up for that?”

“Oh yeah.” Everyone called out.

“Thought so, so what are you waiting for, a written invitation, let's get to my bedroom.”

The boys of course led the pack to the bedroom, but Glen and Daryl brought up a close second in the race. As soon as they all made it there, they all stripped out of all their clothes, with of course the exception of their diapers, should you wish to call them clothing. They were all very wet, and even the two seven year olds were showing a lump where their hot little erections were hiding behind. Brook was just too small to see his lump, though they all knew he was every bit as hard as all the others were.

“Lance, I just gotta try out that hot little ass of yours, and Glen, Luke wants to try you out for size. Jimmy and Brook, go ahead and have some fun.”

“Okay.” Everyone said happily and they got into their couples.

At almost the exact same time, three eager faces were pressed firmly into three even more eager little bums, the diapers having been pulled aside for this, and they started licking and tonguing the hot wet holes deep inside. They did this for at most five minutes before adding a finger or two to the mix to open up the boys even more, and not even five minutes later, they were all ready.

Daryl, Glen and Jimmy all got up onto their knees, poked holes into the front of their diapers, and extracted their erections all at the same time. Once ready for the fun, they slid forth into place, burying themselves in the hot moist holes presented to them. They all slid in at the same slow pace, even though Lance could have taken Daryl far faster, but the other two could not, so they all went the same speed.

Jimmy set the pace for them all, he pulled all the way out until he popped out, and then slid all the way back in again. Brook only sighed deeply. Glen and Daryl both thought that this looked good, so they did the same thing, their two boys only sighed deeply as well.

Agonizingly slow was the pace they were all going, and they all loved each and every blissful second of it. It had been a good couple days for all of them without cumming, and they were all very horny now because of it, but they all wanted it to last as long as they could. Five minutes after starting, they were all starting to reach their peaks, but a grunted command from Brook, said hold it, so they all tried. They lasted only a minute more before Daryl had all he could stand and exploded inside Lance. Once he went off, the rest all followed suit within a second, they just could not hold it any more.

“Fuck me, that was awesome.” Daryl groaned a few minutes later.

“Oh yeah.” The others all said together.

“Let's trade places now.” Glen said.

“Goody.” Everyone else said.

They all traded places and the three younger boys started out by rimming their partner as well. Five minutes for just tongue, and then a further five minutes for tongue and fingers. Of course the three youngest boys could add a lot more to the others than they themselves were able to take, so by the time they were ready, the two older boys were very nearly fisting their partner, whereas Brook was fisting Jimmy, and Jimmy was just egging him on.

Finally they were all ready, so with a nod from Luke, all three boys removed their ruined diapers, pulled down the diapers of those they were about to fuck, and slipped in as far as they were able to in one little push. Brook of course had very little to offer, but he was enthusiastic and Jimmy loved it anyway, but the two seven year olds had not much more in comparison for the two adults, and they loved it too.

The boys lasted almost ten minutes for this round before they came, of course causing the three they were fucking to cum with them, and then they peed in their partners, hoping that in a few seconds, the tables would be turned. Brook had told the other two to go ahead and do so, so they all did.

“Mmm, that felt so nice.” Jimmy sighed deeply, very content.

“For sure, but you boys better get us some diapers and get us padded real quick, and then I think I speak for the three of us when I say we have at least two more loads for you boys as well, or at least us men have two, whereas Jimmy only has one I'm sure.” Daryl sighed deeply, Glen and Jimmy nodded.

“Okay.” The three youngest boys said happily.

They hopped out of bed and grabbed all the diapers that they would all be needing very soon, because they were going to need fresh diapers as well very soon. They diapered the men and Jimmy, and then they got back up on their hands and knees and waved their little bums to their partners. For this go round, the men took their sons again.

The three of them slipped back inside the holes that were still pretty much open, Luke groaning just a bit as his dad slipped back inside without opening him up again. Daryl did not stop though, he knew that Luke could take it, but that he had closed up a bit, so he would be a little uncomfortable. Within a couple seconds, all three boys were filled full once again, and the ones filling them started a little faster motion this time.

The two men and Jimmy lasted about ten minutes this time before cumming, of course the little boys they were filling also came a second later. As soon as they all came down from their orgasms though, they let go the second loads that they were all carrying, and filled all three of them up nicely as well. They pulled out, rolled the boys over and then diapered them up nice and snug.

“Ah, much better. Thanks boys, that was great.” Daryl sighed happily once they were all done and well satisfied.

“Thanks.” They sighed too.

“Let's go get some much needed lunch guys, we'll throw some burgers on the grill and eat outside today.”

“Okay.” They all said happily at that, they were all very hungry now.

Daryl led the others to the kitchen and they all loaded up with everything that they would be needing for their lunch, took it all outside, and they all helped to get their lunch ready. They were eating almost half an hour later, and they all enjoyed it a great deal. They cleaned up their mess quickly after that, getting everything put away.

“So, I guess we should probably head into town and get some supplies.” Daryl said.

“What for?” Luke asked curiously.

“We need to build stalls in the barn, and we somehow forgot fencing staples when we bought all the stuff for the fences, so we can't even do that.”

“Oh, okay. Can we stop at a toy store so that you can buy me and Brook some butt plugs as well?”

“Sure, I suppose we can do that. I wouldn't mind a few things myself, and I know Jimmy would be hugely upset if I didn't buy him some as well.”

“Um, yeah.” Jimmy said.

“Thought so. So we'll have to take two vehicles again, Glen, you wanna take my van so that the brats can watch a movie, I'll take the truck.”


“I'll come with you Daddy.” Luke said.

“Okay, thanks, less boring that way.” Daryl smiled warmly.

“We should load the trailer onto the truck as well, so that we can more easily get supplies, it's larger and will obviously hold more.” Luke said.

“Okay.” Daryl said, not even thinking anything of it, so they got it hitched up right away.